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Brewing Tempests

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It was a quiet night, dreary and dark. Clouds filled the sky, obscuring what little natural light would have been given off by the stars and moon. Snow fell softly on the ground. Maxwell felt as if the world itself was trying to drag him down; he could almost feel chains of exhaustion pulling him into a restless sleep. The guard was hunched over a desk in the top of the light tower, supporting the weight ofm his head on his hands. He rubbed his eyes, determined to stay awake. It was the fifth night in a row of this crap, but he'd be damned if he wasn't going to do his job. Maxwell prided himself on that. He knew Donny did too. The other guard, Maxwell's long time friend, had gone to the base of the tower for a routine system check, leaving Maxwell to operate the spotlight alone. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a quick flash of light. He yawned, then turned to move the spotlight across the courtyard, before his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening.

"Long night, huh?"

The guard sighed in response. "Man, I'm not even sure why they got us up here. Nothin' ever happens." He heard his friend grunt out a short chuckle.

"Well, I'm glad. Otherwise I'd be out of a job." He chuckled humorlessly. "You too."

"Hey, hey, hey," Maxwell interrupted, "you know that's not what I mean. I'm... I'm just spit-ballin' here. They got us like... sitting here for days watchin', waiting for God knows what so we can stop God knows who from getting God knows what. They got all this sci-fi crap, nukes that they feel to proud of themselves to call nukes or somethin', it just feels pointless sometimes, I mean..."

Maxwell rambled on for a bit in a exhaustion-induced stupor, complaining about problems he wasn't sure if even he really cared about. He did this often, but he knew Donny didn't mind. Anything to give them something to focus on on these long, still nights. They talked about how they could never stop the type of people who would ever get past the front gates, how their own sources' of income were pointless endeavors. They weren't too sincere about it, if it were anything more than an exercise to help keep themselves awake, it was misguided attempt to state their frustration with the hush-hush and confidentiality of the base they worked at. Years of work in the police force amounting to nothing but sitting in a top secret facility watching nothing to protect weapons and secrets that they weren't allowed to know even existed.

After a few minutes of circular and pointless ranting, Maxwell ended his speech with a rhetorical question. Seconds passed, and the air hung with the absence of his ally's compounded complaints and argument.

"Donny?" Maxwell turned around, and his partner was nowhere to be found. He noticed the snowstorm outside picking up. A sudden shiver ran through his body, an anxious quake. He shook the feeling off. Paranoia and nerves set in easily on nights like these. Donny had simply walked off. That's all it was. Paranoia and nerves.

Maxwell stood, stumbled, caught himself, and started off. After turning the corner into the hallway, another chill ran up his spine. He heard the night wind howling outside, wind speeds growing with the beating of his heart in his chest. He stopped himself. Breathe. Donny was okay. He was okay. He was imagining the drop in temperature, the howling of the winds. "You've been to through much to let nerves get you down, Maxy." He breathed out heavily. He felt better, awake. A rush of energy and optimism flooded through him, and he was nearly on top of the world right before he rounded the corner, right before he fell further than ever before.

The window in front of Maxwell was broken, curtains waving frantically in the wind, snowing pouring in, pudling into the sharp edges of the wall. Maxwell's heart stopped and leapt in the same moment. He nearly choked on his own breath. In that second, he felt nothing but pure terror, but in the seconds after, he felt nothing but emptiness. He fell into his trained response, chiseled in by years of police work. He forgot all his emotions and worries and became a detective. He noticed that there was no glass on the floor. So the culprit was already inside the facility. Then why break the glass? He inched closer. He saw blood on the edges of the glass. There had been a struggle. Someone had been smashed into the window. No, there was no glass on the inside of the room, and almost no glass left in the windowsill. They had thrown someone out the window. Donny. They threw Donny out the window. He snapped out of his calculated, detective mindset and strait back into the Maxwell full of terror. They had killed his best friend.

He ran to the open window and peered down into the ground. The storm had picked up, he couldn't see the ground.

"DONNY!" Maxwell screamed desperately. He was hoping, praying that his friend was still okay. Still alive. "Where are you?"

"Don't worry," a voice behind Maxwell said, in a cruel, mocking tone. He felt the cold metal press against the back of his skull. "You'll find your amigo soon enough." A single shot rang out, throughout the entire base. The storm itself seemed to subside for a moment, to commemorate one of the few men who had watched it night after night, who would have remembered those long, still nights. And so ended Maxwell.

Sombra chuckled. She had always been a bit theatric. She brought her hand up to her ear, turning on the communication channel. "Gaurds down."

"Move into position," a gruff, raspy voice growled in her ear, "We don't have much time."

"And please," a second, cold voice added, "Pay attention this time."

Sombra chuckled softly, and started off. "Its not my fault I was distracted by your staggering beauty." The other woman sighed, and began to retort before being interupted. "Widowmaker, Sombra, stop this. We have a mission. We have to recover the MEMP. And we all know Talon will be..." He paused significantly. "...upset, if we fail again."

"Understood, Reaper," both women answered. Sombra smirked. They're going to be upset all right. She jumped from a lower window, down into the courtyard. The spotlights were contnuing their default sweeps across the area. No one would notice a single thing out of place until the MEMP was under Talon's control. She would remotely disable the alarms, Widowmaker would assasinate the few scientists and diplomats allowed so deep into the facility, and Reaper would grap the MEMP. If, everything went according to plan.

She turned to her left, intending to find the access panel, but was stopped when her foot hit something. It was the gaurd she had thrown out the window earlier. She had almost forgotten about that. She bent down, and inspected his remains. A quick check revealed he had no pulse. Form the looks of it, he had broken his neck upon impact and died instanly, at least she hoped so. She thought for a second. She could of sworn the other gaurd had said his name. What was it? Oh yes, Donny. What a cliche name. It reminded her of the side-character of a bad sitcom, the one who sat at the bar and provided well meaning, but misleading, advice. She smiled at that. He seemed to be a normal enough person, he had listened to his friend, done his job, and... and she had killed him. Their was a sudden shift in her stomach. She felt herself getting dizzy. She put her hand on the ground. Now was not the time for these thoughts. She would have time for guilt later.

Sombra ran off. She ran faster than was probably nescary, but it didn't matter. As long as she got away from the man, as long as she wasn't around him, she could do what was necessary. She could finish her work.

She found the access pannel a few minutes later. It was in a control room, in a hallway on the east side of the facility. She had found the map of the facility ages ago, and they had all been forced to memorize it. With such high stakes, Talon couldn't afford any mistakes. The control operators had been lured away earlier by a camera glitch she had caused, and killed by Widowmaker. Or at least she assumed, as otherwise she could never have gotten into the door. Sombra flicked through the cameras in the observatory, finding Widowmaker and Reaper quickly. She had a good view of the other woman's back, and thought about contacting her in the communicator to annoy her. She never seriously considered it as an option, but the idea did make her chuckle.

Suddenly, Reaper's voice rang in her ears. "Are you in position?"

Sombra purposefully turned on her communicator before sighing, "Yes. I'm not a child anymore, Reaper."

"That's not the point. You know how time sensitive this mission is."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It'll work out fine."

She heard Reaper huff through the voice channel. She chuckled. Turning to the screens, she saw that the moment they were waiting for was almost upon them. All personell where almost about to reach a position where Widowmaker could quickly take them out. Once the few gaurds had turned and ran to help the dead scientists, she would drop the defensive wall around the MEMP and Reaper would slip in, and recover it. Then Talon would have the gretest weapon in the looming crisis gripping the nation.

Sombra flicked open her holographic screens, eyeing lines of code. She easily dismantled all the alarms and what were laughably called safety precautions, giving her control over the entire facility. Her finger hovered over the button, and she waited for the signal...

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Widowmaker rattled off a few rounds, each finding a place in its targets' head. As predicted, the gaurds ran out, and Reaper slipped next to the MEMP. There was commotion. Alarms rang out, people hollered all throughout the lowest parts of the base. The defensive walls around the MEMP did not rise.

"Dammit, Sombra, what happened!?" Reaper yelled through the communciator.

Sombra laughed. "Oh, it's nothing, Reaper. Just a quick change of plans." She removed the commucicator from her ear, and then pressed the button.

In the next second, the entire facility was coated in blackness, then a large explosion filled the observation room. The room Sombra was in lurched and shaked, and she was taken off her feet. She quickly ran back to the access panel. She downloaded a few files, then took off.

She checked to see if any of the cameras were still operational. Three were. She almost couldn't believe it. Sneaking a bomb into the facility was so much easier than she expected. Of course, the US was to cautious to inspect the MEMP up close. In fact, they hadn't once physically inspected it since they were so lucky as to find it in a desolated Russian Convoy ship after a distress signal had rung out. No one knew what had happend to the crew or who had set the ship out to sea. Well, one person knew.

She checked the cameras. All she could see was rubble. Then, a shadowy figure rose from the darkness, he looked around, screamed and the slunk under the rubble. A few seconds later, Reaper emerged with a bloody Widowmaker in his arms. Sombra couldn't believe it. They had survived. Reaper held up his gun, and pointed it strait at Sombra. He fired, and the camera's feed cut out. She checked the others. She only recieved static in response. Sombra sighed. Just as well. She didn't care anyway. Once her plan was in motion, they would both be insignificant.

She entered the courtyard. As with the observation deeck, alarms were blaring, but few men were able to heed the warning. Talon had seen to that. Somra glanced frantically around. Where was her escape vehicle? It should have been here by now. She had paid some of the best mercenaries in the world to pick her up, what could have possibly happened...

"Don't worry, luv, Cavalry's here!" a jolly voice rang out.

No. They couldn't possibly have known. Both she and Talon had covered their tracks so well. She activated her cloak, and inspected the area where the voice had rang out, outside of the facility's walls. A large stealth chopper was flaming on the ground, and a large gorilla was holding the pilot high above the ground while a woman was running around the area, blinking back between injured survivors and a large ship.

"Okay," the gorilla boomed at the mercenary,"who hired you?"

Of cousre. The damn mercenaries had attracted Overwatch's attention. Sombra ducked back into the doorway. So, new escape route. She could stow away on the Overwatch ship, no, they would find her. She could fix the chopper, no, she couldn't. She could... Sombra could..., DAMMIT! She couldn't think of a way out. She ran back into the facility, sprinting as fast as she could, not caring where she would end up. She would have to wait. Overwatch didn't have many members at the moment. Surely they would only send the gorilla and, what was her name, Tracer after a random mercenary helicopter. Of course, the chopper in question was right next to one of the US's most "high security" bases, right after it had recieved a top secret shipment. Shit. Okay, she would hope it was only the two of them. She would slip out when they weren't paying attention, and leg it to the nearest town. She could still intitate her plan. She could run that far.

She stopped to catch her breath. Okay, now to find a-

"Hands up." An all to familiar voice coldly growled. Seconds later, Sombra felt the all-to familiar sensation of a gun against the back of her head. She heard a thump, presumebly Widowmaker's limp body being dropped. "Drop you weapon." Sombra threw her gun to the side.

Sombra raised her hands. "Reaper, I know you're angry," she began, trembling.

"Shut the hell up." Reaper yelled. "You tried to kill us. I should splatter your brains all over the wall."

"Reaper please," Sombra pleaded in a shaky voice. She cursed at herself for letting him break her guard so easily. For being so stupid as to not remember he and Widowmaker were still here. "If you just give me a second to explain-"

"I don't want to hear your damn explanations!" Reaper interrupted. He pushed the muzzle of his gun against her head. "You're gonna pay for what you did." Sombra heard him rack his shotgun.

Sombra did everything she could to stay composed. She knew Reaper. She knew things about the situation Reaper didn't. She could find a way out. Then, she gave off a cocky laugh, or at least one she hoped would come off as cocky. "Oh please. If you wanted to kill me, you would have shot me before saying even one word." She said each of the last words slowly, and with as much articulation as possible. She could feel Reaper's gun shrink back. She let out a quiet sigh of relief.

"See, you're really just a big softie. Now, would you drop that gun so we could talk this out like normal people?"


Sombra rolled her eyes, along with her head, and sighed dramatically. "Oh, come on. Reaper, please?" Sombra said with her best bratty teenager impression.

"I wouldn't be joking around if I were you. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions, and if I don't get answers I like, you don't get to live, got it?"

Sombra smiled to herself. "Shoot." She had to stop herself from laughing when she heard Reaper's sigh. It was working.

"Okay, first, how in the hell did you do that?" Reaper asked.

Sombra let out another cocky laugh, this time she knew it would land right. "Oh Reaper, haven't you ever heard that a magician never reveals his secrets?" She cocked her head to the side. "Well, her secrets."

Reaper huffed. "I'm not in the mood for your games. I always knew that you've had tricks up your sleeves, but this is different."

"Silly Reaper, tricks are for kids!" Sombra laughed. "You really are walking right into these."

"Strike two." Sombra briefly felt the gun leave the side of her head, then a loud shot rang out. Reaper cocked his gun again and returned it to its former position. "Answer."

"Okay, fine," Sombra huffed. "But I've got to warn you, it's a long story. You might want to sit down. Let go of any heavy objects. Cough-gun-cough."

"I'm not dropping my gun, Sombra."

"It was worth a shot. Anyway, don't you think the way the US got the MEMP was a bit suspicious? A Russian convoy, completely taken out, holding one of the most dangerous weapons known to man? That almost the entire ship was in rubble, but the MEMP remained completely functional? Doesn't that sound like some sort of, oh I don't know, a setup?" Sombra walked as she spoke, Reaper tracking her with his gun the hole time. He stood in place; he thought for a short while.

"So you got on the Russian convoy, then you killed everyone, then blew it up, then sent the distress signal, then planted a bomb on the MEMP, then leaked the information to Talon, and then feigned ignorance to the entire situation the entire time?" Reaper asked.

"Bingo!" Sombra exclamiamed.

"But why? Why didn't you take the MEMP for yourself? If you wanted it destroyed, why not blow it up on the ship?" Reaper asked, completely perplexed.

"Well, my interests aren't in such shallow things like power. I have more foresight than that." She paused, "But in your case, I would recommend hindsight."

"What the fu-" Reaper began before a large blue explosion rang throughout the area. Reaper and Widowmaker were blown across the room, while Sombra took the opportunity to dive to her weapon. She grabbed the gun and spun around the room, firing at Reaper. He turned to shadow and slunk over Widowmaker, picking her up and falling down a nearby elevator shaft.

Sombra sighed with relief. "Finally, this godforsaken day can end. I can't wait to get out of this damn place."

"Aren't you forgetting something, luv?" the same cheery voice from before sung from behind, and Sombra nearly choked on the irony as Tracer pushed one of her two guns against the back of her skull. "I don't think you'll be going anywhere, right Winston?."

"Yes, I think you'll be coming with us." Winston remarked, "Here, I'll take that off your hands." Winston disarmed her, and Sombra once again raised her hands in defeat.