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Let Me Be The Wallpaper That Papers Up Your Room OVAs

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Tamaki was depressed. He’d gotten yet another D on an Astrology assignment, even though it was on his own zodiac sign. He’d thought he’d known the position of Mars, and the angle at which Saturn’s ring was, very well. In fact he’d never felt more confident about a coursework piece he was submitting.

“You know, “ said Dazai, his bffl (though he didn’t allow Tamaki to call him that -at least in front of other people), “I found out Professor Shanks doesn’t necessarily read the papers, sometimes he just guesses grades.”

“Is that allowed of a university professor?” inquired Haruhi. Dazai just shrugged.

“Kyoya! Kyoya!” called Tamaki, “we must test whether or not that’s true! We shall switch papers and if we do still get the same grades we usually do, clearly he doesn’t properly mark them.”

“Yeah… no,” answered Kyoya, “I’m not risking getting a bad grade just for your sake.”

“But Kyoyaaaa! “ whined Tamaki, “Mummy please!”

“Sorry Daddy.”

“I’ll do it,” offered Dazai, mainly to stop those two from using those terms of affection. It was cringy (and also made him feel more than a little jealous).

“You will?? “ Tamaki's eyes shone. “You really are my best friend for –“

“What did I tell you about saying that in public?” hissed Dazai. “Now I’ll write your name on my coursework and you write my name on yours. We’ll see if Shanks really reads them or not.”

. . .

A week later, at the end of a seminar on horoscopes, the class got their grades back. Kyoya of course got an A*, as did Ranpo and, to everyone’s surprise, Tamaki. When he got 'his' essay back, he was elated, proud of himself, validated now that his efforts were acknowledged. But then he remembered it was actually Dazai's. He turned around and saw his bestie looking white-faced, and more than a little horrified, at the piece of paper on his desk.

“I was really pleased with most of your work,” announced Shanks to the class. “Ranpo, glad to see you found your glasses. Zoro, I was very impressed by your insight on the bow and arrow of the Sagittarius archer! Tamaki… yours was thoughtful and reflective, very well done. However there was one assignment that was shockingly bad. Dazai I’m disappointed. I didn’t expect you, of all students, to get an E. You’ll redo the whole assignment and submit it by Monday.”

With that, he left the class to run into Hawkeye in the hallway.

“Did you manage to mark the papers?” questioned the music teacher.

While looking for his bitch, Shanks had overheard his students' plan. Since he was babysitting his nephew (Luffy) and looking after his puppy (Luffy), he hadn’t been going drinking as much, and to take them by surprise, had decided he might as well actually mark them that time.

“Yeah I didn’t realise marking takes so long, “ mused Shanks. “No wonder I don’t do it much. “