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Worlds Collide

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            “How did I get talked into this again?” Kelley whined as Allie dragged her by the hand toward the waiting town car.

            “I bet they suckered you just like they suckered me,” Servando laughed, which was rewarded with a punch in the arm from his wife.

            “Exactly zero people in this group were suckered into this. You wanted to get out and have some fun and this provided you with the perfect opportunity,” Alex responded, jabbing her index finger in Kelley’s direction.

            “You did say that,” Allie added, eyebrows raised with an accompanying smirk.

            “You did,” Servando agreed, nodding sympathetically.

            “You weren’t even there!” Kelley exclaimed at Servando, who laughed in response. “And no fair with the Alexandras ganging up on me. I’m out numbered!”

            “Oh, come on Worms, this is fun. When do we ever get to go to lavish parties? Only Alex ever gets to go! I for one am super excited to be here as a part of the great Alex Morgan’s entourage. Servando’s excited too, aren’t you Serv?” Allie replied as they got to the car and squeezed into the back.

            “I’m always excited to follow my very famous and beautiful wife around, even though I am a soccer star in my own right,” Servando stated, before getting into the front seat with the driver.

            “See? My wonderful husband is happy to be here and so should you! Quit acting like you’re middle aged. Just because you’ve started to go to bed early because you live in BFE Utah doesn’t mean that you’re actually old,” Alex told her as they settled into the back seat.

            “I am going to point out for the record that you said we were going to LA early to go to the ESPY’s. That’s what I agreed to. You did not add anything about going to like seven parties the night before,” Kelley shot back, eyebrow raised in defiance.

            “I told you we should have brought Harry and Press,” Allie muttered, the corners of her lips upturned in a teasing smile.

            “You wouldn’t have all fit in the car!” Kelley replied.

            “We would have just gotten a bigger car Kell,” Alex said, rolling her eyes. “For real though, what’s up with you? You love parties. You hardly talked to anybody back there. Last time we came to the ESPYs you were like the life of the party. I thought you’d be stoked. That’s why I asked you to come.”

            “Nothing. Just out of practice with the whole crazy party scene. I hang out all day with Becky and Arod remember? I’m fine. I will be fine. I just need more booze,” Kelley responded, shaking her hands out and cracking her neck.

            “Don’t worry, I gotchu boo,” Allie said, pulling a tiny flask out of her purse and handing it to Kelley.

            “Uh, why is this so warm Allie?” Kelley asked, holding it out in front of her gingerly.

            “Oh, it was in between my boobs for a while for easy access,” Allie replied casually.

            Alex sputtered a laugh at Kelley’s horrified face. “Oh my god Kell, drink it. Your mouth has been in worse places.”

            Servando snorted from the front seat as Kelley shook her head and downed the rest of the contents of the flask. “That was a low blow Alexandra,” Kelley retorted, handing the flask back to Allie.

            “Is blowing really what you were doing?” Allie asked nonchalantly as she put the flask back into her purse.

            “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Kelley shot back.

            “Are you flirting with me Worms? I feel like you are flirting with me. If I wasn’t a married woman I’d be into it,” Allie replied, batting her eyes at Kelley, who blew her a kiss.

            “I hate to get in the middle of this, but we’re almost there,” Alex said, before they could really get going.

            “Which party is this again?” Allie asked, craning her neck to see the downtown hotel they were arriving at. “I want to be sure I’m mentally prepared for the appropriate level of fabulousness.

            “This is my agency’s party so don’t embarrass me,” Alex told her, as she reapplied her lipstick.

            “I would never! You know I was trying to get a Body Issue invite at the last party, but they only care about you. The world should see this glorious body. It’s a travesty that only my babe and my teammates get to appreciate it,” Allie said, checking her hair in her compact mirror, before snapping it closed with authority.

            “Wow,” Servando muttered with a huffed laugh from the front seat as the car pulled into the circular driveway of the hotel.

            “Wow indeed Mr. Morgan. You’ve seen it. You know it’s true,” Allie said calmly as the car came to a stop and an attendant opened the door.

            “Please don’t call me Mr. Morgan,” Servando replied as he exited the car. “I prefer ‘Alex Morgan’s Husband.’”

            “That’s fair. I like the sound of that,” Alex agreed as she gracefully pulled herself from the car.

            “Ok Miss America, what should we expect? I didn’t come with you guys last time,” Kelley pointed out, as she slipped out behind her. They thanked the driver and Alex led them into the lobby.

            “You should expect everybody who is repped by Wasserman and their whole entourage flirting with everyone in a massive hotel suite. But really, you need to talk to people. You need a new agent,” Alex informed her as they made their way to the elevator.

            “Gotcha,” Kelley said. “And I like my agent thank you very much.”

            “Kell you could have gotten Nike, but you got Under Armour. You need a new agent,” Alex persisted, hitting the up button and then raising her eyebrows at Kelley.

            “Hey! I also need a new agent!” Allie interjected. “Where’s the love Janice?”

            “First of all, you do need a new agent, but I have full faith that you will get up there and totally sell the room. Second of all, Kelley is actually more famous than you. She should be endorsing more than compression shorts and chocolate milk,” Alex shrugged as they entered the elevator.

            “Can you believe your wife?” Allie asked Servando as she stared down Alex.

            “I can. She also thinks I need a new agent. It’s her favorite phrase. What I keep telling her is that I’m good with her bringing home the bacon,” Servando replied with a smile.

            “Yeah until you get traded to LA and abandon our dog,” Alex muttered.

            “I love you too babe,” Servando said as he kissed Alex on the cheek.

            “You know I take issue with your issue with Under Armour. My ads are everywhere, k thanks. And I always look hella good. They take care of me,” Kelley retorted as the elevator slowly made its way to the top floor.

            “Not gonna lie Kell, if you move to Nike, I will legit take your Under Armour deal. I can rock those compression pants. And my abs are tight. They’d sell some workout clothes,” Allie stated as the elevator doors opened into the very short hallway.

            “So, you keep telling us,” Servando joked as they made their way toward the door of the suite. Two bouncers stood in front of the door and one smiled as they approached. He touched the tablet in his hand as they approached.

            “Hello Ms. Morgan, thank you for coming. I see you’ve brought Mr. Carrasco, Ms. O’Hara, and…” the doorman trailed off.

            “Allie Long,” Allie said, stepping in front of the group. “Don’t worry you’ll know my name soon enough.”

            “Apologies Ms. Long, please enjoy the party,” the doorman said gracefully as he opened the door into the suite.

            Kelley wasn’t sure what struck her first, the magnitude of the room or the magnitude of the stars in it. She could hear the beat of music underneath the sounds of laughter and polite conversation. Alex steered them toward the bar first and quickly armed them with drinks. Kelley was a little overwhelmed as she took in everyone around her. The ESPN Body party they were just at had been invite only, but not like this. This was the place to be.

            Kelley turned back toward the bar to ask Alex what she was drinking and found herself alone. She looked around wildly and saw that Alex and Servando had made their way across the room, talking to someone Kelley didn’t know in a power suit, who was probably her agent. She snorted when she saw Allie laughing spiritedly at something someone else in a power suit had said. She shook her head at her friends and made her way toward the bar tables next to the windows across the room.

            She took a sip from her drink, which was most likely a vodka tonic because she trusted Alex to know she hated gin. She laughed to herself as she heard Allie’s distinct cackle from across the room and turned her head to find her friends as she walked up the three steps that led to the bar tables. She smiled at Allie, who was indeed working the room, when suddenly she clipped someone’s arm and stumbled up the last step. She fought to hold her balance and then slammed into a brick wall. A brick wall who caught her before she took a massive tumble.

            Kelley lifted her head to thank her savior and froze, all words lost on her lips. She looked into the concerned chocolate brown eyes of the women who was holding her gingerly and forgot to breathe.

            “You ok?” the woman asked, a shy smile lighting up her features.

            “Yeah, totally, thanks, thank you,” Kelley sputtered, delicately extricating herself from the woman’s embrace.

            “No problem, glad I could break your fall,” she said with a laugh. “Hi, I’m Hilary.”

            “Yeah, I know,” Kelley answered automatically. And then recovered, “I mean I know who you are, you’re Hilary Knight, but it’s, like, nice to meet you. I’m Kelley.”

            “Yeah, I know,” Hilary said, her smile widening and a slight blush filling her cheeks.