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Worlds Collide

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            Kelley tried to slow down her quickened pace as she led Hilary down the quiet hotel hallway to her room, keycard in hand. Hilary walked just slightly behind her, allowing her to take the lead. Kelley wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but her heart was racing. At her side, Kelley fidgeted with the keycard in an attempt to stop the unwanted, yet unwavering, shaking. She hadn’t done this in a really long time and she was worried it showed. Kelley was great at flirting and being playful, but there was always a moment when it became a little too real, when she started to worry about where the relationship might go and if it was just fun, or if expectations were involved. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at once. She found herself surprised at how nervous she was as they neared her door. Somehow, she had let herself really like Hilary, perhaps more than she’d wanted to.

            Adrenaline had gotten the best of her when, while waiting for their Uber, Hilary had pulled her close by her waist and kissed her deeply. She had been caught off guard and surprised herself by kissing the hockey player back instead of pulling away and looking around, afraid to be seen on the street in full view of the public. Hilary’s hands had worked her way up Kelley’s waist to her face, where she gently but expertly used her thumb to pull down on her bottom lip, opening her mouth a little more. Kelley could taste cranberries and vodka on her tongue. Kelley found herself lost in the kiss until Hilary reluctantly pulled away when the sound of a car pulling up beside them registered. Kelley blinked and cleared her throat in an attempt to bring herself back to the moment.

            “Don’t worry, that was just an appetizer,” Hilary mumbled into Kelley’s ear, with a small chuckle. A tiny moan betrayed her, which she covered up with a not so subtle cough and stepped away from Hilary, grateful that the shadows cast by the streetlights would hide the blush creeping up to her cheeks. Hilary smirked, and opened the door for the other woman to slide in. It was at that moment that Kelley realized she was screwed. All of Hilary’s fangirl nervousness was gone and Kelley knew she was finally getting to see Hilary for who she really was. She tried to steady her heart as Hilary closed the car door behind her and turned to Kelley, sliding an appreciative look over her body and meeting her eyes. She tried to put a lock on her attraction to Hilary, or at least stop thinking of their proximity in the small space and how very much she wanted rip all her clothes off. Preferably with her teeth.

            Finally, at her room’s door, Kelley slid the card into the slot, only to be met with a blinking red light. “Dammit,” she mumbled before she tried again. More blinking red. Anticipation and panic took over her senses. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath, willing herself to calm down and keep her hand steady.

            Kelley felt the warmth of Hilary’s body behind her a split second before her muscular arms entrapped the smaller woman.  “Am I making you nervous?” she whispered, brushing her lips on Kelley’s neck.

            “Mmm,” Kelley pushed her body back into Hilary’s embrace. “Nope.”

            “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that...did you say no? I disagree with that assessment,” she nibbled lightly on the soft skin along the soccer player’s ear. Her breath made Kelley shudder. Hilary held her tighter.

            “Ok, maybe… yes,” Kelley moaned. Hilary smoothly turned the smaller woman around in her arms and pinned her to the door in one easy movement. Their eyes locked, both of them almost panting. Hilary moved closer to her, their lips almost touching. Hilary slowly took the key card from Kelley as her lips brushed against Kelley’s teasingly.

            “Do you want me?” Hilary whispered, pulling back slightly, her eyes alight with mischief. Her sweet breath tickled Kelley’s lips, making her mind swim and her body respond in ways it never had before. She felt as if every inch of her body was ignited. It took every bit of her willpower not to crash her lips into Hilary’s.

            “Yes,” Kelley whispered the word almost into Hilary’s mouth. She was rewarded with a nip on her lower lip, which shattered the shredded pieces of Kelley’s restraint.

            Moments later, both women stumbled into the hotel room. Hilary tossed the keycard to the floor the moment they entered, having opened the door easily from behind Kelley. Kelley pushed her against the door as it crashed closed, her fingers tangled in her hair. Hilary’s body made a satisfying thud as it hit the door. Kelley’s hands immediately reached for the zipper on her dress only to be stopped by Hilary, who took control of the zipper and tugged at it slowly. Kelley held her breath as Hilary disrobed her with one well-placed tug on her dress.

            “Damn, O’Hara,” Hilary said, taking in Kelley’s body hungrily with her eyes.

            “Yeah, so I work out occasionally,” Kelley responded with a playful shrug before stepping out of her shoes and pulling the other woman toward the bed.

            “Mmmm, yeah you do,” Hilary let herself be pulled along, stopping in front of Kelley who sat on the bed, Hilary standing between her knees.

            “Take your clothes off,” Kelley said, biting her bottom lip. Hilary smirked before obliging, piling her dress and shoes beside her unceremoniously. Kelley stared at the naked woman in front of her. She stood and ran her hands appreciatively around Hilary’s abs and pulled the taller woman against her. She reached up on her tiptoes, first kissing Hilary’s clavicle and then making her way up to her lips. Hilary shuddered slightly as Kelley whispered against her lips, “You’re pretty fucking hot yourself, Miss Knight.”

            “Um, I know,” Hilary breathed thickly and then chuckled, “It’s cuz I work out.” Kelley laughed and fell back onto the bed, pulling Hilary on top of her body. She let all of her other thoughts fall away as Hilary pinned her to the bed and kissed her deeply.