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“I told you I wasn’t going to miss this.”
He bent down beside her, cupping her face.
“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here now. Let’s meet our baby.”

“Doctor, I don’t know what I’m doing but everything seems to be going well.”
“Reassuring words Lieutenant. I’ll take it from here.”

“Breathe honey, it’s okay, I’m right here.”
Kathryn squeezed Chakotay’s hand.
“That’s good Kathryn. Keep going pushing through the contraction, your baby’s head is almost fully delivered.”

Breathless, Kathryn whispered, “I can’t.”
“Yes you can Kathryn, you're almost done.”
“Your baby’s head is here, a few more pushes left.”

Chakotay smiled at the sight of his baby’s head.
“Here, give me your hand.”
Chakotay took Kathryn’s hand, so she could touch the baby’s head.
Her head collapsed into Chakotay’s shoulder in delight that their baby was almost here.

“Big push now, okay, good, we’ve got the shoulders.”

B’Elanna had set up towels, ready for the baby.

Chakotay kissed the top of Kathryn’s head. “You're doing so well.”
“Last big push, that’s it! Keep it going.”

With relief, scream’s of a newborn baby filled the bathroom.
“Congratulations, it’s a girl.”
“Girl! it’s a girl Chakotay.”

The Doctor placed the baby girl in Kathryn's arms, as she fell back into Chakotay’s.
“Bellatrix Kathryn Gretchen Janeway.”
“I’m so proud of you.”
The baby wailed.
“Admiral, I think she’s hungry.”
Like a duck to water, Kathryn moved the baby in and she began to suckle away.
“She’s perfect, just like her mother.”
“And her father.”

After 7 longs weeks, their lips finally fell back to where they belonged.

“Thank you for staying with her B’Elanna.”
“No problem.”




“Alright, that’s it! Storytime is over. You two need to get some sleep.”
“But Mom! I want Dad."
"Bellatrix Kathryn Gretchen Janeway, how many times do I need to tell you, he will be back next week.”
“But we want him now!
“Orion Kolopak Edward Janeway, get to sleep now.”

Footsteps entered through the door.

Chakotay embraced his wife, as he was nearly toppled over by his children.
“You not supposed to be back until next week!”
“Just pulled a Kathryn Janeway, and got the crew home a little earlier.”
“I’m glad, your three children have been driving me insane!”
“Is that so.”
“Yes! Bellatrix and Orion won’t go to bed without hearing the story of how you got home just in time for Bellatrix's birth, and this little one won’t stop kicking me in the ribs every time I finally get to sleep!”
“Three stubborn little things. Remind you of some you know?!”
“I don’t know who you are talking about! Anyway, I was starting to worry you were going to miss the birth of your third child!”
“I made a promise to you years ago that I would never miss the birth of any of our children.”
“You make too many promises!”
“At Least you will never be alone.”