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Just One of Those Flings

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[Royal Sonesta Hotel, French Quarter, New Orleans]

The door to Room 347 slammed open as Jareth pulled the woman into the darkened hotel room with an urgency he could barely contain. The elevator ride had been painfully long in arriving on the third floor as other guests had hopped on and off in their ascent, forcing him to pull away from the woman when his body screamed for him not to. The guests for the most part appeared oblivious to the tension between them, all seeking various levels that didn't coincide with their destination, their lazy chatter and delay in pressing whatever damned level they needed to be on making him twitch with the urge to brush past them and simply take the stairs. When they finally arrived on their level, Jareth had practically dragged the woman clutching at his arm towards her room down the hall. He was half-wild with lust, praising all the deities he knew of that she hadn't pulled away in fear as they neared her room. He knew he must have appeared like a crazed man but he wanted her on a level that made his dick physically hurt. What the hell is wrong with me? I've got to calm down, I need to calm down…I need to…

Loosing track of his thoughts as soon as they were finally – finally – in her room, he locked the door quickly, turning and yanking her to him once more, feeling her trip slightly on her heels in his eagerness, his lips and tongue once more crashing down and aggressively demanding entry. Pinning her against the nearest wall with his hips, he jerked up on the back of her thighs and briskly removed her heels, using magic to loosen the clasps while he kept her mouth busy with his own. They thudded to the floor, completely forgotten.

Sweeping his hand up her thighs again, his hands grasped onto her hips under the silvery fabric of her dress and he let out a shuddering groan against her mouth when he felt her responding tremble. Oh, yes. She's as crazed as me. I need…

Pleasure exploded in the back of his head and drowned out his thoughts again as she responded with a cry when he bucked against her, thrusting his hips roughly against her core. He could feel her arousal in the way her body seared him through his pants where he rubbed against her slick opening, feeling a deep male satisfaction at the eager dampness branding him. He could hear her ragged panting as he moved again, pleased when her voice pitched up into a keening moan. Oh, yes. Just like that…

Her thighs clenched tightly, holding him in place as he bucked again, tearing his mouth away as he groaned and tried to ease his rough grip on her hips, worried he was hurting her in his urgency. Easy, easy, don't scare her away…it's been so long….

"I-I can't wait, I need you, I'm sorry…" He apologized hoarsely, struggling to form words as she wriggled against him, making him exhale harshly against her cheek while his cock painfully throbbed between his hips. She nipped at his jaw and nodded rapidly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he reached for the thin panties she was wearing and jerked roughly, ripping the thin material out of the way. He grit his teeth as his fingers felt her slickness and her soft moan was music to his ears. Just as quickly, he reached for the zipper of his pants, roughly freeing himself while she arched her hips upwards in invitation. He hadn't even bothered to remove their masks, his lust at a fever pitch. He needed to be in her now.

It felt like an agonizing eternity during the few seconds it took to wrestle his cock out of his clothes and grip himself to adjust his angle, positioning himself right at her core. She moaned again, panting, resting her head against his shoulder with soft plea of "Please!" and he was lost, thrusting hard and fast, slamming her hips against the wall. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes – fuck yes…I need…

"Ah, fuck…" He groaned aloud, felting her melting heat tug against him perfectly. His control snapped and he pounded into her, feeling himself climbing towards his peak with an embarrassing urgency but unable to stop himself. I can't stop, not now, please don't make me stop…

With alarm, he felt his body tighten, his orgasm tearing through him as he jerked faintly, pausing only for the briefest moment in his movements, attempting to stop but unable to. Hastily, he tried apologizing, but he was already lost in the beginning throes, feeling his body seize. "I-I can't…I'm sorry…I…fuck!"

By whatever mercy shown to him by the fates, he felt her stiffen and cry out loudly just as he began to crest, her channel clamping down in long, lingering spasms around his cock. Intense satisfaction briefly brought him out of his reverie but too soon he was swept up in the overwhelming feel of his own strong release. Throwing his head back, he pressed tightly into her as he embraced it, the magnitude of his climax almost blinding him with its intensity as his cock exploded and he poured himself into her.


Holy fuck, that was…

Sarah's mind sluggishly tried to register the fact that what had just happened was possibly the most mind-blowing sex she had ever had. Ever. The man sagged against her, panting and periodically groaning against her neck as he trembled violently, still lost in the throes of his orgasm. She could still feel him throbbing inside her and it made her swallow at the fierce ache that settled once more in her core, despite just having found her own extremely satisfying climax.

On impulse, she turned her head and lightly bit against the soft line of skin under his ear. A harsh choked sound escaped his mouth and he jerked faintly, the movement echoing all the way through his frame, his cock twitching inside her as he pressed into her and ground against her hips almost to the point of pain. Just as quickly, she felt the tension in his frame ease away slowly as he sagged against her once more, finally sated, letting out a soft sigh and smoothing a hand over her cheek. Still, he didn't move.

Resting limply from where she was pinned between the hard surface of the wall and the man pressed against her, Sarah tried to calm her rioting senses as she listened to the pair of ragged breathing coming from the two of them.

Slowly, a dumb grin curled at the edges of her mouth as she tilted her head back, her fingers smoothing over his shoulders. She knew she looked like a fool, but luckily the room was still dark and he couldn't see the silly grin on her face. I can't believe I just fucked a total stranger and it was amazing.

"Did I hurt you?"

His voice interrupted her thoughts and Sarah instantly felt shy. She shook her head quickly, unable to find her voice, feeling foolish at her sudden bashfulness. Forcing herself to speak, she licked her lips and replied, wincing at the timid sound of her voice. "N-No, I'm ok…"

"Did you…enjoy it?"

She relaxed when she heard an echoing hesitancy in his voice, now that their lust had been temporarily sated. She grinned faintly and leaned forward, curling her arms tighter around his shoulders, pressing her mouth against his ear. "Oh yeah." Just to tease him, she ran a hand down his back and gripped his ass, squeezing gently.

She felt him chuckle softly and he thrust against her gently, making her moan. He laughed and growled softly in appreciation against her neck when she nipped at his ear but relaxed once more. "So did I. A little too much. I was worried I frightened you. I haven't been that randy since I was a kid."

Sarah grinned faintly and pressed a kiss to his jaw. When his hand reached up and cupped her breast and stayed there, she didn't complain. "It was great. I don't really do this kind of thing, either. It's been…an embarrassingly long time since I…" She flushed and briefly lost her voice but cleared it and forced herself to continue. Really, Sarah? You want to tell him that it was mind blowing just because you haven't been laid in…years? Nice going. "Anyway, I…didn't know what to expect but you made it lovely."

"Hey," He reached for her chin, tilting her head up and kissing her softly on the mouth. "It's been a while for me, too. I'm glad I broke my dry spell with you. I'll be gentler next time."

She grinned against his mouth and found his mouth echoing a smile against her lips and couldn't resist teasing him again. "Oh? Next time, huh?"

He chuckled again, lowering his head to kiss her throat. "You didn't think we were done, did you? Oh, little mouse, I've got plenty more where that came from. Besides, I want to see the rest of you. That damned dress is driving me crazy. You're way too sexy to fuck in the dark all night."

Sarah shivered, feeling her body respond to his teasing but he eased back and gently pulled his hands from her hips to help bring her legs back down to the ground. As soon as her feet felt the ground, he pulled away from her, making her wince as he withdrew from her body.

"Come on," he whispered, tugging gently on her wrist to pull her deeper into her room, towards the bed. She smiled and followed, reaching up and loosening straps of her gown, letting it flutter to the floor as she moved with him. He dropped her hand briefly to wrestle out of his own clothes, making her bite back a giggle from the sounds of how hastily he was doing so, reaching out to blindly find him in the darkness when she didn't hear any other sounds coming from him. She jerked in surprise when his hands wrapped around her waist and tugged her close, enjoying the warm feeling of his bare chest pressing against her naked breasts. He was already hard again, making her blush.

"I want you again," He murmured softly, nipping at her neck.

She chuckled softly, sweeping her hands up his back. "I can tell," she teased, nudging her hips against his erection. She smiled at his shudder.

Reaching up, she tugged off his mask and pulled at the tie that bound his hair, sinking her fingers into the silky lengths as he did the same, knocking loose her mask and leaning down to kiss her as it fell to the floor. Suddenly, her ears popped and she swayed briefly, stilling the movements of her fingers in his hair.

What was that? Sarah blinked as an odd tingling sensation creeped up behind her eyes and gently snapped, making her stumble slightly in surprise. She felt a similar jerk in his frame and opened her mouth to ask if he'd felt it but the questions died in her mouth as his lips found hers and he growled, rubbing his erection in small thrusts against her stomach. Sarah felt her insides clinch, a warm ache once again settling through her body.

His hair is so soft, like feathers… Sarah briefly thought, startling herself with the random memory of him: pressed against a stone wall, shadows cast over his face, pale blonde hair blowing across his face as he held an outstretched crystal towards her. Unnerved, she forced it out of her head. Of all the fucking times to be thinking about him! Really!?

Thankfully, the thought dissolved once more under the growing onslaught of his kisses, his hands softly kneading her breasts, fingers plucking at the nipples while his erection pressed enticingly against her stomach.

"Oh…" She sighed softly against his mouth, barely recognizing her own voice in her need, shivering as he played with her breasts.

He felt her response and groaned sharply, shuddering as he moved with her towards the bed. "Like that, do you?" He huskily whispered, suddenly lifting her and carrying her towards the bed as he if couldn't be patient enough for the time it would take her to walk towards it.

"Yes…" She murmured again in that needy, wanton voice that sounded alien to her own ears, crying out sharply when his mouth found her breast and his teeth slightly tugged at the hardened peaks, feeling the softness of the bed against the back of her thighs. She closed her eyes and shuddered as his mouth switched between the two.

Pulling her down onto the bed, he pinned her beneath him and nudged her legs open, settling between them, pressing his erection gently at her opening once more. She arched upwards, her body hoping to finish the penetration but he held her in place, groaning harshly as her slickness and the remnants of their earlier bout coated him.

Finding her mouth as he groped for the lamp beside the bed, he shifted on the bed as his hips gently pressed forward, eliciting another moan from her as he slid inside her once more. She trembled at his gentleness and smiled, closing her eyes again, waiting for him to move as he found the light switch and flipped it on.

Almost immediately, she heard his sharp intake of air and he stilled, going rigid atop her.

"What…" Frowning, her eyes fluttered open to meet his, wondering what made him stop the delicious movements he started, her body instantly protesting the sudden stillness. As soon as her gaze clashed with a set of mismatched eyes, she trembled out of sudden painful awareness. Jareth. Oh god…

Immediately, she blanched, feeling her voice wither in her mouth, staring at the beautiful sharp angles of a very familiar face. Oh no…no, no, no, no, no! This isn't happening! This can't be…

In mounting horror, she checked off all that she realized she remembered with painful detail: The wild silver-gold hair, mismatched eyes, hawkish nose and hollow cheeks, lean muscled frame – now vibrating with lust instead of power. She licked her lips, feeling her desire spiral out of control, trying to regain control of her senses and watched as his eyes narrowed on her mouth, gleaming with a predatorial glint. It faintly registered that after he'd initially froze, he'd started to pant raggedly from where he pressed her into the mattress.

Swallowing her own response to him, her heart clamoring in her chest, she finally seemed to find her voice and stuttered a mixture of rushed words underneath him, desperate to soothe whatever horrible assumptions he might be thinking regardless of how her body was responding to him. "I didn't know! I didn't know, Jareth, please believe me…I didn't know! I'd have never….I didn't know!"

Something in her tone made his eyes soften even though his ragged breathing made him hard to understand, his voice turning gravelly and hoarse. "I believe you…" He rasped, making her jerk back in surprise, his grip slowly turning painful as his chest heaved with her brief movement. She swallowed, afraid to move again, when she realized – is he trembling?

"I…" She started, squirming underneath his weight again, swallowing as her body clenched painfully, her arousal returning tenfold. He was above her, buried in her, and he wasn't moving. All her sexual fantasies, her frustrated nights dreaming about him – and he was here. And he wanted her, from the look of his face and the way his body reacted. She moaned softly, realizing in humiliating clarify that she didn't want him to stop. I just fucked the Goblin King and… - the part that really unsettled her was what followed - …and I'm going to do it again.

His hands clamped down on her hips and he squeezed his eyes shut, a tortured expression sweeping over his face as she moved. "Sarah…I…" He hoarsely groaned through gritted teeth, not moving despite the effort it seemed to cost him.

"Don't stop…" She interrupted him, the words tumbling out of her mouth before she thought about it in too much detail, watching his eyes snap open. "Don't stop…" She said again, this time more urgently, making sure he understood what she was saying. Don't stop, please don't stop….please don't stop

He stared at her for a few seconds as an odd shift of emotions skirted across his face, too fast for her to read them all. She licked her lips to ask again but before she could, he was hunched over her and thrusting, roughly finding her mouth. Sarah burned against him, her lust reaching new heights as he claimed her, her nails clawing down his back. She barely registered the grunt of pleasure as his body made hers soar.

The last thing she remembered hearing before being blinded by her own pleasure was his echoing roar of completion.


[A Private Residence, French Quarter, New Orleans]

"Let me out! Help! LET ME OUT! SOMEONE HELP ME!"

Caitlin pounded on the door, finally giving up after twenty minutes of shouting until her voice grew hoarse. She'd been trying to escape since she woke to no use. It was like the doors and windows were sealed shut with the most powerful glue ever. Desperate, she looked wildly around the room and picked up a chair, slamming it against the thick wood door that wouldn't budge, no matter how hard she tried.

Sobbing in frustration, she fell to the floor on her knees, realizing she was well and truly trapped.

"Gods almighty, woman! What is your malfunction?" A growl came from across the room behind her, making her jerk to a stand and whirl around.

Standing a few feet away was the mysterious beautiful stranger from last night. How the fuck did he get in the room? Doggedly ignoring her inner response to his attractiveness, Caitlin narrowed her eyes and gave him a death glare as she stepped back warily. "You. Let me out, you son of a bitch!"

"Now why would I want to do that?" He glared, running a hand through his hair as he stretched, looking disgruntled and half-asleep. She realized she must have interrupted him from a nap. Well, too fucking bad asshole. You can't keep me here!

When his stomach tensed while he yawned, Caitlin swallowed and willed herself not to stare. He was shirtless and his sleep pants left little to the imagination. He caught her look as she swallowed and he grinned. "Besides, I promised a friend a little fun and I'm sure he's having a lot of that right now. It would be rude to let you interrupt that, it's been years for them and they both needed it."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Caitlin glared, staunchly ignoring his teasing. Don't you dare let your guard down, Cait! I don't care if he looks like sex personified. He fucking kidnapped you! Have some self-respect girl!

Unable to help herself, her eyes flickered down to his chest and lower. Dear god…is that…oh my… Jerking her gaze back up to his face, she narrowed her eyes at his cheeky grin.

"See something you like?" He purred, opening his arms in invitation. Caitlin saw red, balling her hands into fists at her sides.

"Of all the arrogant, piece of shit moves….go fuck yourself, you jackass. I am not touching you! What the hell gives you the right to snatch me away like that? Where's my friend?"

He frowned and stepped forward, a flash of dismay fluttering across his features as she backed up hastily and slammed into the opposite wall. He raised his hands in an act of surrender.

"Please, lady. I will not hurt you." She frowned, not liking the sincere look of discomfort on his face.

"And I should believe you because..?" She sarcastically retorted, glaring at him and crossing her arms over her chest, albeit beginning to relax as he stared at her with concern.

"Because if I wanted to, I already would have. My kind isn't exactly known for their patience." He replied gently, keeping his hands up in a position of surrender while he gestured to the shattered chair. "Allow me to fix this and we can talk?"

Caitlin stared, frowning, twisting her hands in front of her. Finally, realizing what little choice she had, she nodded tightly and relaxed at his gentle smile.

"Thank you." He waved a hand and within a second, the chair – and the rest of the room she'd managed to roughen up – instantly corrected itself. A small sheen of glitter appeared on the surface of the things she'd tossed around.

She sucked in a sharp breath. "What the hell was that?"

"Magic," he replied politely, settling into a seat and producing a shirt over his torso, which made Caitlin relax even further. When he gestured to the seat across from him, she cast him a frown but settled into the seat, snatching a quilt from the bed to wrap around her legs, covering up what she could of her risqué dress. For the first time in her life, she regretted her attire.

The man smiled, a soft glint in his eyes, but he didn't tease her or say anything. "Now, shall I begin?"

Caitlin nodded and listened to the man who began to talk in earnest, her eyebrows raising slowly as she listened.