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Just One of Those Flings

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[Pirate's Alley, Faulker Books Used Bookstore, French Quarter, New Orleans]

"You enjoy the classics?"

Caitlin looked over her shoulder from where she'd been thumbing through a new edition of Twelfth Night to see Niall standing beside her, an amused smile on his face. She shrugged a shoulder and looked down to see what his own finds happened to be, smiling faintly at what she found. In his arms were several poetry books by some of her favorites.

"See, you liking poetry doesn't surprise me in the least. What's so shocking about me liking Shakespeare?"

Niall grinned, shaking his head as he moved toward the cashier, plucking the book she was holding from her fingers and setting it atop his pile. When she frowned and opened her mouth to protest, she felt her insides melt slightly when one of his fingers pressed against her mouth, effectively quieting her. Down, girl…

"I'll be paying for these," he told the cashier once he was sure she wouldn't object and removed his hand from her lips, the older woman looking amusedly between the two with a small knowing smile and a shake of her head to ring up the cost of the books.

Caitlin swallowed and stonily ignored Niall's amused glance her way as she did her best to pretend her body didn't betray her with the sudden bloom of arousal in her abdomen at feeling him touch her. Even now, her lips slightly tingled where his finger had pressed gently against the middle of her lips, making her nervously turn and head towards the entrance to the store, placing some distance between them. Get control of yourself! Sheesh! Think rational thoughts! Breathe, girl! Breathe!

Briefly, she peered over her shoulder at him to study his profile as he made casual conversation with the cashier and frowned faintly to herself. She still felt very uncomfortable with the past few days in general; these types of things simply did not happen to normal people – magical faerie men that looked like sex personified did not just waltz into a girl's life and act so damned charming. She kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and was growing impatient and anxious when it didn't. She knew better than to hope that there wasn't something horrible leering in the future waiting to pounce and shatter the past forty-eight hours but her common sense told her not to ignore the feeling. Steeling herself, deciding the moment they were out the door that she'd corner him and bluntly give him a piece of her mind, she found herself staring mutely as he turned with their purchases and made his way over to her, holding open the door for her to exit through like a perfect gentleman.

Following him out of the store, she inwardly cringed at her sudden shyness – that was Sarah's forte, not hers – but couldn't find something to say to break the silence between them. Any time now, Cait! Time's a-wastin'! Girl, come on! Where's that Irish temper? Oh, yeah, it's being suppressed under those 'fuck me' eyes this asshole keeps giving you! He knows exactly what he's doing and YOU WILL NOT GIVE IN! Right?

She was a little disgruntled when her conscience chose not to reply. Even her own thoughts were betraying her now. She was so fucked.

As they walked down the alley and window shopped briefly together in silence, she looked up from a window of masks as Niall handed her the book she wanted, too lost in her internal battle to notice he'd come up beside her. She smiled weakly and took the proffered book, tucking it against her chest. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," he smiled, his eyes gleaming faintly as he studied her for several moments, making her shift uneasily on her feet with how intensely his eyes seemed to watch her. When she was about to say something, he turned faintly and gestured for them to continue down the alley towards Royal Street.

Ask him why he's here! What the fuck is your problem!? Her mind all but screamed at her. She felt her conscience choose that moment to lay it all out in crystal clear terms in her head, making her wince. If you're worried confronting him will change his mind about fucking you – you know he's been watching you as much as you've been watching him. Ask now, bang it out later.

"I am so going to hell…." She muttered under her breath, shaking her head and closing her eyes as she followed him, just a few steps behind his own slow walk.

"What's that?" He asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Uh, nothing. Just…nothing." She plastered on a bright smile and watched the smirk appear in response on his handsome face. She sighed and rolled her eyes, knowing he was seeing through her bravado. "Ok, fine. It's not nothing. I…" Her voice died as she struggled, watching the way he turned fully to study her with a faint frown.

It's now or never! Just do it! Come on girl, out with it! This was the perfect opportunity. She steeled herself and blurt out her frustrations, waiting for him to respond.

"So, I find it kind of funny that…of all places you two could have been, you found yourselves here, in New Orleans, just when Sarah and I happened to be here. Care to elaborate on this odd coincidence? I mean, you explained Sarah's history to me but I'm still confused why you're here and what your aim is."

She frowned, looking over at him with a narrowed gaze as she continued. She went there, might as well get it all out in the open. "I really need to know what's at play here. I'm worried for Sarah. You've been nothing but nice to us and I hate to sound like I'm being a distrustful twat but…you're not even human. That makes me extremely nervous, Niall. How do I know you'll have human responses to things? What if you're just biding your time to drag us away like the bogeyman who has found its latest toy? Sarah's way too caught up in Jareth's razzle dazzle and you're…" She let her voice waiver off for a moment, waving a hand over towards him when his eyebrows rose with amusement as she continued on, "…well, you. Are you two playing nice now and only to drag us off to some alternate world where we become your slaves or something when we let down our guard?"

Niall stopped against the side of a building, blinking and looking at her with an incredulous expression on his face at her bald-faced accusations. Slowly, he started to laugh, shaking his head. "You really don't trust easily, do you?"

"Can you blame me?" She hissed, crossing her arms over her chest as she stared at Niall with a frown. She hesitated a moment but added when his laughter slowly died into a small sigh and his hand scrubbed at his eyes, wanting to put him at ease. "It's not that I don't want to, because I do. It's just…this seems a little too good to be true for us mere mortals. I trust myself enough to know I can force myself to resist your weird voodoo sex magic you got going on…but Sarah? She looks completely taken with Jareth and don't play stupid, I know you saw it at brunch. I'm serious…I've never seen that girl lose it like that over a guy. And he's not even human! He can hurt her in ways a normal guy can't, Niall. I'm worried."

Niall raised a hand to silence her tirade and she quieted, watching him nervously. He offered her a faint smile but it looked tired. She frowned at the discomfort she felt knowing her concern was the cause.

"First, I understand. I am not angry, please don't think it. I've been in your shoes before and it is an uncomfortable position. Just, please understand where I am coming from as well. I am very tired of constantly telling people I am simply here to enjoy this wonderous town. It just so happened that the fates brought you ladies here as well. I've known Jareth a very long time, Caitlin. Whether or not the two of them admit it now, there is something there between them. Jareth has not been the same since Sarah ran his Labyrinth. He's restless and unhappy and I assumed – correctly, it seems – that Sarah had something to do with it. The only duplicitous activity I've done is omit that you ladies would be here when we were, otherwise Jareth would not have joined me and it would have spoiled my plans to reunite them. I really, truly do not have some ulterior motive other than to see my best friend happy."

Caitlin frowned, listening to the tiredness in Niall's voice as his eyes slid closed and he frowned. She suddenly felt guilty for all but accusing him of something awful, quickly stepping forward to fill the gap between them and cup his cheek. His eyes opened to look down at her and she offered him a faint smile.

"I believe you," she murmured. His eyebrows rose slowly when she repeated it. "I do believe you, Niall. I'm just worried about Sarah. She's more fragile than I am."

"I know," he murmured, reaching up to cup the back of her hand where it pressed against his cheek. "Would it put you at ease to know that I have planned for that, in the event he does hurt her?"

Caitlin nodded, her shoulders relaxing. Her eyes dropped to his mouth and several seconds passed before she heard his intake of air and the tension in his jaw as it flexed under her fingers. Her eyes snapped up to his and Caitlin dropped her hand from his cheek as if she'd been scalded when his gaze stared back, his eyes glinting darkly with hunger.

Caitlin plastered another friendly smile on her face and looked around, forcing past the sudden awkwardness she felt. "So…what's next?"

He grinned faintly at her side, letting out a soft laugh, letting her know he knew she was ignoring the attraction for now – but he'd noticed she hadn't recoiled in horror. He shifted, lightly brushing his fingers through her flyaway hair that was still a mess from last night, making her bite her lip, only to tuck her arm into his elbow as he turned, tugging her along with him. "How about some galleries? I do love paintings..."

She nodded and they proceeded down the street, both choosing not to address the sudden unanswered attraction between them as they distracted themselves with shopping.


[Royal Sonesta Hotel, Sarah's Suite, French Quarter, New Orleans]

Sarah studied Jareth's sleeping profile from where she laid against his side in the bed, shivering as his fingertips lightly tickled against her backbone from where they had loosened from her hip in his sleep. They had stripped each other of their clothing over an hour ago and had fallen into a lazy doze after a few more quick couplings, tangled up in one another but refusing to let go. Sarah had napped briefly with Jareth but soon found herself awake, studying the beautiful male beside her. She was initially surprised the night they'd found themselves in each other's arms at his appetite but eventually decided it must be his fae heritage. She couldn't remember any other man she'd been with being so insatiable. She blushed faintly, remembering the way he brought out her wantonness – she'd never been the kind to be so hungry - but staring over his naked form, she realized it was him that brought this side of her out.

Lordy, what am I going to do with you, Jareth? What is going on between us? Lust? Something more?

Her heart tugged painfully in her chest as she watched him doze, knowing with a sharp sadness that she could easily fall in love with him, if she hadn't already. She refused to think on the subject in detail, fearing she'd already know the answer to that question. Stupid, stupid! Why are you doing this to yourself, Williams? Can't you just enjoy it for what it is? What's an immortal fae king going to do with the love of some ordinary human?

Sighing softly and watching him, she inwardly made peace with deciding to ignore anything to do with feelings, knowing instinctually it would somehow change things between them – and she couldn't determine if it would be for the better. The thought of him looking at her with pity made her cringe. She wouldn't be able to stand it, wouldn't be able to offer herself to him again if he only wanted sex but nothing more. It would ruin this strange armistice between them and sour the rest of her trip. The thought of that occurring had her making her choice: There would be no discussion about feelings with him.

Stop thinking. Stop thinking at all! Just enjoy this! You've only known this side of him for two days. Ten years of fantasy-filled dreams, unanswered what-ifs and several rounds of mind-blowing sex do not a relationship make! Admit it, even if this is just a fling, it's worth every minute of it.

Feeling him stir against her, she forced her morose thoughts away and smiled when his eyes opened as his head turned slightly, meeting her gaze. His own seemed soft and flinty, the very epitome of a satisfied male. She chuckled faintly as he leaned down with a smile and kissed her jawline, relaxing once more against the sheets as he nuzzled the side of her head with his nose.

"Someone is awake," he murmured huskily in a muddled tone laced with amusement. She nodded and shivered as his hands tightened around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Yes…" She whispered, enjoying his kisses, but relieved when he didn't push for sex. Her head was already stuffed to capacity with her rioting emotions as it stood and she was afraid if he drove her body towards another mind-shattering release, she'd end up saying things she regretted later. Determined to end the silence, she tipped her head back and brushed the hair out of his eyes. He smiled, turning his head towards her and closing his own eyes for a moment, seemingly enjoying the way she touched him freely.

"So…what's it like? Ruling over the Labyrinth?" She asked curiously, voicing several of her unanswered questions that had come to her over the years, never having the chance before to ask them. "I didn't get to see as much as I'd have liked, time constraints and all." She grinned faintly at his small chuckle.

"Beautiful. Frustrating. Tiring….but you saw more than you think. They adored you, by the way, the denizens of the Labyrinth. After you left, they wouldn't stop talking about you for weeks, despite my threats. They thought I didn't know, but I could hear them whispering about you when I left the room. They've never had a champion before."

Sarah stilled, her eyes going wide. "Never?" She asked, her voice wavering in disbelief.

He nodded, his eyes meeting hers as he touched the side of her face, dragging a finger across her cheek. "Yes, you are the first." She decided to ignore the soft look that entered his eyes at his admission.

She gave him her most disbelieving look, making him laugh. "Alright, I admit I made it a little easier for you than others. Besides, I couldn't get the denizens or the Labyrinth itself to be too hard on you. You kept making friends out of everything that set eyes on you. You have this uncanny ability to inspire loyalty in the oddest of creatures. It was immensely frustrating, I'll have you know. It made it very difficult for someone to be threatening when their subjects wish to befriend the runner instead of frighten them."

She actually smiled at that, resting her head against his chest, her fingers idly tracing the pattern on the emblem that hung from his neck. "I liked being their friend, it made me feel less lonely for the first time since my parents split. It was all really quite wonderful, when I wasn't worried about Toby."

He frowned, listening to her talk about her life. "Do you talk much with your mother? I remember you were very fond of her, from the photos in your room."

Her eyes snapped up to his and went round. "How'd you know about that? When were you in my room?"

He shrugged a shoulder faintly with a small smile. "I saw them before you summoned me. Why so surprised, precious? Yes, I spied on you before you called me. So what? You put on such lovely plays in the park, by the way. I couldn't help but be a little interested in what it was about my book that captivated such a high-spirited girl. Where'd you even find it? There are not many copies left."

"My grandmother found it on vacation in Ireland….oh, you didn'tOh dear god…" She whispered weakly, plastering her hands over her face as her face turned crimson, remembering how ridiculously over the top she was during those reenactments. She even remembered with a cringe the dress she'd insisted her grandmother make for her so when she recited the words it would be perfect in her mind's eye. How embarrassing! "Please tell me you didn't watch all of it!"

"Oh, I most certainly did…" He chuckled, hearing her moan of dismay and tugging her hands away from her face, tipping her chin back with his fingers to meet her gaze, his own amused and kind. "You were adorable, by the way. Relax, Sarah. You were young. Even I was young once and did foolish things."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head from where she could between his fingers gripping her chin, wrinkling her nose. His head rolled to the side as he laughed, dropping his hand from her face. "You don't believe me! Fine, I suppose that's deserved."

He paused and seemed to calm himself from laughing, looking back at her with a faint grin. "How about I tell you something embarrassing about my past, then, to even the odds? When I was about the equivalent of your age, I once tried to woo a girl to a dance by sneaking into her room. I had prepared a song for her, as you know I like to sing. Only it was her father in the room, not her! And I was wearing this gods-awful violet color, as I was told that was her favorite. Even worse, her brother was in the room and told the entire household, guests and all, the following morning. It was quite possibly the worst night of my young adult life. They teased me needlessly for weeks – and I did not get the girl. She wouldn't even look at me after that."

Sarah's jaw dropped open, a belt of laughter pouring out of her before she could stop herself, staring at him in disbelief, having a hard time imaging anyone turning him down. "Oh noooooo…." She moaned softly, chuckling with a wince, feeling instantly defensive for the vision of a besotted young Jareth being humiliated in front of his crush's family that popped into her head.

"Oh yes, I'm afraid." He nodded sagely with a sigh, rubbing a hand across his forehead. "That little stunt got me not only in trouble with my father, the girl's father, but my poor ego was crushed to dust for a good century afterwards."

Sarah smiled faintly and patted his chest gently, letting him know she sympathized with his plight. He glanced down at her with a smirk.

Sarah cleared her throat, ignoring the brief heated look at entered his eyes, not wanting to ruin their conversation. Her eyes lowered to trace along the planes of his chest, lightly touching the pendant on his chest once more. "Does it get lonely ruling the Labyrinth? It sounds like from what Niall said most at your court avoid you. It sounds to me like they're all a bunch of snobs, but I imagine you'd still get lonesome after a while with no close friends…"

He stilled and she knew he watched her intently for several minutes from the way she felt his gaze on her but she refused to look up from where her fingers traced his pendant, afraid at what she'd see there. Eventually he shrugged and answered her question. "It does, yes. I don't have many friends, not that I've really cared for them much. Niall is the closest I'd call to a friend. I have alliances, counselors, but I am not used to letting people get too comfortable around me. I have too much of my father's lessons ingrained in me, I suppose. He was not a warm man but his shrewdness allowed him to make serious gains in powers before he passed. Between his work and my own tutelage, I gained the seat of the Labyrinth. It's a low court but a very powerful one. Court functions are usually dull and rather strained because of my heritage but they're too cowardly or comfortable in their own stations to challenge me outright."

Sarah lifted her gaze and the hidden pride in his voice as his eyes shifted away from her and stared at the ceiling, swallowing as she saw what she remembered of him from his first entrance into her bedroom. This was the cool and calculated face of the Goblin King and he was frightening, even if she didn't want to admit it.

"Have you had to fight anyone to maintain your position as Goblin King?" She murmured, watching his gaze tear from the ceiling to look back at her. The glint and impassive face of his Goblin King visage never left his face and she felt a sense of internal pride herself that she steadily held his gaze. Eventually, he smiled.

"Not so often now, but at first yes."

"Have you ever killed someone?" She whispered, suddenly curious.

He studied her for several minutes before replying, his expression never changing. "Yes."

She watched him then nodded, lowering her gaze. "I figured as much. They deserved it?" She looked back at him, her hand stilling against his chest.

"Yes, Sarah. I do not kill for pleasure. Only when I have to and only to maintain my seat or stop a threat against the Labyrinth or a court alliance. I've killed many times but I take no enjoyment out of it."

She nodded and smiled faintly at him, letting him know she didn't judge him for it. He relaxed under her and brushed a strand of her hand behind her right ear. "I'm glad you understand some of what the world I come from is like. I've had my share of broken alliances, jilted lovers…but not anything like true companionship, not like mortals."

Sarah felt herself briefly tense at that, her eyes dropping to study the pendant against his chest once more. Christ, he all but told me fae don't love. Thank god I didn't say anything. This would be over before it even started.

"It's not to say it doesn't occur, I just have not experienced something like it." He murmured, turning her head up to meet his. She braced herself against what she' see but was surprised to see the softening of his eyes as he smiled. "I'm rather jealous of you mortals. You love so deeply and so freely. What's it like?"

"Um…" She blinked, laughing faintly with a hint of a blush. That was not what I was expecting…

"I can't speak for romantic love but...I love Toby with all my heart. If he was gone, it'd be like a piece of me was missing. I'd do anything for him, even fight a Goblin King." She grinned faintly, watching him smile in response as she struggled to describe love. "He brings out something in me I didn't know I had, you know? If he was ever gone, I'd have a hole here…" She stroked her fingers against her chest. "I'm not sure when you lose something like that, you're ever able to fill it again. You just learn to live with it."

Jareth remained silent for several moments after that, watching her. Once again, she felt nervous about meeting his gaze, instead moving to stare over at the clock. When she read the time, she bolted upright.

"Crap! It's almost five thirty! Come on, we need to get dressed, Niall and Cait are expecting us. Tomorrow, you're taking me shopping. No more sexual distractions during the day. While I'm certainly not complaining, I would like to grab a few things while I'm here, if you don't mind. I promised Toby and Karen a few things."

He grinned faintly and sat up, turning her head as she was about to scoot off the edge and head to the shower. He studied her, tilting his head to the side, and she couldn't help but swallow at the intense look in his eyes. He leaned over and kissed her softly, his tongue teasing her lower lip into pulling down, her mouth opening to his, and soon she found herself breathless.

"Jareth, we need to…" She murmured between moans as his hands lowered from her face to cup her breasts and knead faintly.

"Why not knock out two birds with one stone? Let me shower with you? I'll make it worth your while…" He grinned against her mouth, bringing her hand to cup him underneath the sheets. She shuddered as her hand connected with the hard length of him, gently grasping and tugging. This time, it was him that moaned.

He is going to kill me…how can I be this constantly horny? Jesus, it must be something with fae hormones. I want him inside me  right now .

"Alright…" She whispered, giving into the spiraling desire inside her with a moan, feeling her body almost painfully jerk into full-blown arousal as his fingers glided across her breasts and tugged, sending sparks straight into her womb. Already she was slick, willing, ready. "But you have five minutes and then we're showering for real. You can make up the time to me after the concert."

"Deal…" He whispered, flicking a wrist to transport them into the shower – that was mysteriously already on and running pleasantly warm water over them both, steaming the bathroom mirrors with a soft coating of mist – and he was already on her, pressing her against the shower wall as he opened her legs and thrust gently into her as he anchored her against his tall form with his hands at the back of her knees.

"I will never get enough of this…" He panted against the side of her neck as his hips ground against hers, his cock tugging deliciously inside her, making her moan. She squeezed down on him, making him groan and throw his head back in response as her own hips wiggled against his to keep up with his thrusts, her hands grasping at his shoulders, occasionally slipping against the wet skin of his back from the showerhead that pulsed warm water over the two of them.

"I will never get tired of spilling inside you…" He groaned sharply, whispering huskily in her ear and making her moan, thrusting for several moments in long, hard, punishing strokes while his tongue teased the shell of her ear. "Do you like that?"

She moaned in response.

He panted and groaned again, biting down briefly on her ear. "You do, don't you? Sweet Sarah, so wet, aroused at the thought of me unable to stand the warm, wet feel of you. You feel so good, wet…." He briefly stilled in his punishing thrusts to grip the back of her knees for a moment, letting out a strangled groan against the side of her neck. "I…fuck….I'm close Sarah…"

So am I! Harder! Now! Now, now, nowShe moaned loudly, gripping his ass with her hands, urging him to take her faster. "Keep going…harder…" She pleaded brokenly and he obliged, his grip returning as his hips pounded her against the tile in deep rhythmic thrusts.

He let out a loud groan and she screamed, both climaxing in hard spasming jerks against each other at the same moment. It took them both several moments to settle their nerves after that, even longer for Jareth to pull himself out of her and settle her gently back on the floor of the shower.

Turning, they quietly bathed each other, comfortable with the silence that followed.

When they left the shower, he smiled faintly at her and she smiled in return, kissing him gently on the cheek. "Go, let me finish getting ready."

He left the bathroom and she shut the door, sagging against the frame a moment. "Dear god, that was…."

She swallowed and stood, moving to the mirror to start drying her hair and putting on her makeup.


Jareth leaned against the other side of the door, pressing his forehead against the frame as he closed his eyes, his hands on either side of the wall to the bathroom. His cock still throbbed, slightly sore from the abuse he'd put it through the past few days, but he didn't care. He was insatiable when it came to her and he briefly thought for a terrifying moment that he didn't know when – or if – the feeling would ever cease when it came to Sarah Williams, Champion of the Labyrinth. The thought of bonding with her, her body rounding with his child, made him instantly hard.

You are powerless against her. Admit it, you love her. You love everything about her. She is kind, sweet, willing to deal with your mood swings, has seen you at your worst in the Labyrinth all those years ago, doesn't care about marrying into a low court and considers creatures like goblins and trolls and dwarves as friends. What other woman can make such statements? Claim her!

Wiping a hand over his face, he stood and moved away from the bathroom door when he heard the noise of the now-familiar hair dryer at work, chuckling at the idea that he was jealous of a hair dryer, already wanting her close despite only being separated by a few minutes.

I am acting like a fool, he grimaced, moving to the double doors that led out onto the balcony. He suddenly saw a flash of his father in his mind's eye, scowling and shaking his head at his antics, opening his mouth to admonish how silly he'd become over a mortal.

Waving a hand viciously at the image to banish it from his mind, he frowned, wholly uncomfortable with the feelings Sarah rose inside him. With his internal admission also came the anxiety, remembering the last time she'd turned him away. Granted, this time he was able to thoroughly seduce her and show her exactly how perfectly they fit together – but would it be enough? Did he have the courage to tell her how he really felt?

"Not now," he replied, slowly nodding his head in agreement with his words. "Not yet." She is still here a few more days. Don't ruin it, not yet. Not yet. Not when you've reached a level of bliss with her you never thought you would have in a lifetime. Not yet, not yet.

Waving a hand over his form, he dried his hair and donned his familiar human glamour, removing the coloring around his eyes and the arch in his eyebrows, shortening his hair, turning it a slightly darker blond. Looking over at himself in the mirror, he waved a hand and donned the comfortable colors he always reached for, dark leather pants and boots and a tight PVC coat, buttoned up to his throat in a fashioned military collar.

The door to the bathroom opened and Sarah emerged wrapped in a towel, her face beautifully done up with a hint of smokiness around her eyes. She smiled and turned, dropping the towel and slipping into black lacy undergarments, his eyes sharply watching every facet of her movements, itching once more to touch her, despite the soreness still present in his body, especially his cock.

"You are beautiful," he murmured as she slipped into a burgundy velvet dress that flirted around her hips and pulled knee high boots over each calf, trying them in place across her knees. She smiled faintly and blushed, coming up beside him and tugging him down to her face, kissing him gently. He smiled faintly at the act, ignoring his body's demand to grab at her.

"Mind if I do something?" She asked, making him tilt his head curiously to the side. She grinned and tugged him back into the bathroom, instructing him to sit on the closed toilet lid. Chuckling, he did as she asked.

She reached for something in her cosmetics bag and turned back to him with a kohl liner in her hand. She grinned faintly. "May I?"

He chuckled and nodded and stilled as she slowly lined both his eyes. "Perfection," she grinned, kissing him faintly again. "You rock the guyliner so hard. I miss those marks of yours in glamour. Figured I'd make up for them somehow. Besides, you'll fit in with the music crowd tonight anyways."

He stood and leaned over the bathroom counter, inspecting her work. He smiled faintly, noting it enhanced the color of his mismatched eyes. Glancing back at her, he kissed her cheek. "I like it."

"Me too. You're welcome." She grinned and tugged him towards the door, grabbing for her purse and slinging it over her shoulder. "Now come on, we're going to be late."

He chuckled and pulled her against him, her mouth opening in protest as she'd been heading towards the door to the hotel room. "You forget, we have magic."

Leaning down to pull her closer, inhaling the scent of her as her arms wrapped around him, he transported them away from the hotel towards their dinner date with friends.