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Just One of Those Flings

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[A Private Residence, French Quarter, New Orleans]

Sarah heard Caitlin calling for them as soon as they appeared in Niall's entryway, swaying faintly in surprise at a small dizziness that teased her senses as the transportation spell dissipated. That's new? She thought briefly over the last few times they'd used the spell, wondering what caused the odd sensation this time, fighting the urge to fall flat on her face as her surroundings tilted wildly, closing her eyes tightly. Jareth kept his arms around her and seemed to sense her momentary tensing, running a soothing hand up and down her spine as the other gripped her waist tightly, the movements easing the jarring feeling somewhat.

"Whoa, steady there. You alright, love?" He murmured, resting his chin against the top of her head a moment, holding her to him. She grumbled something unintelligible even to her own ears, speaking once more when her head began to clear, both of them ignoring Caitlin's call for the moment.

"Yes, sorry. For some reason, that was a little jarring…." She whispered, her brows knitting in confusion as she kept her eyes closed to ease the dizziness, curling her arms around his waist. She felt him smile at the edge of her temple where his lips hovered against the delicate skin there.

"It's the wards. They're a little tougher to transport through. I am used to it by now but I forget how it might feel for you, I'm sorry. Can you walk?"

She nodded and he took her gently by the wrists and guided her towards Caitlin's voice. After a few moments, she felt recovered enough to open her eyes, briefly taking in the simple opulence of the creole-styled townhouse. The muted colors and refined furnishing left her temporarily speechless.

"Sarah? Jareth? Is that you?"

"Present," She called out, stepping through an archway into the kitchen proper with Jareth, momentarily admiring the white marble finishing of the room. "Wow, nice digs."

"Thank you, darling!" Niall called from the opposite end of the room, peering over the edge of the open refrigerator with a smile. Sarah chuckled as she noted his lean form wrapped in an apron. It tickled her how domestic the fae prince looked, despite his otherworldliness. He clearly wasn't joking about enjoying his time spent Aboveground. As amusing as he looked, it wasn't a look she could see Jareth sporting, glancing back at him. She swallowed faintly at the lustful images that filled her head, stuffing them into a dark corner of her mind when she heard Niall call for her again, dragging her attention back to his friend.

"Thank the gods you've arrived! I happened to learn what an absolute horrid cook your friend here is. She almost ruined the dough and that would have ended dinner plans fairly quickly."

"Oh, shut it. I warned you, not my fault you didn't believe me." Caitlin rolled her eyes and grinned sheepishly from where she sat on the countertop near the sink, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, a glass of red wine in her hand.

Sarah laughed as Jareth leaned against the kitchen island, studying the ingredients laid out by Niall. It seemed like pizza was on the menu, from what she could tell.

"If Caitlin is not cooking, then who is? You're not much better yourself, Niall…" Jareth offered, casting an amused smile Sarah's way. She fought a grin and Caitlin laughed and briefly leaned forward to give Jareth a high five. He returned it with a soft chuckle.

"He shoots, he scores! Nice one, Jareth. I knew it wasn't just me! He messed up the dough recipe about three times before he finally got it right, you know…" She whispered fiercely to them both, ignoring Niall's growled response.

Niall made a huffing noise from the refrigerator as Jareth and Caitlin exchanged grins. "You wound me, Jareth. At least I know my way around a kitchen, unlike a certain Goblin Monarch. Without cooks, you'd most likely starve to death." Sarah laughed faintly as Jareth rolled his eyes and Niall continued. "To answer your question, your lovely lady friend is. It seems we're the only civilized bunch out of the lot. Dearest Sarah, are you sure you're not interested in upgrading to a more worthwhile paramour?" He stepped back, the refrigerator swinging closed behind him as he directed a smirk and an eyebrow wiggle in Sarah's direction, teasing her. She laughed but didn't fail to notice the immediate glower on Jareth's expression, his grin fading fast. She did her best to ignore the look but felt her heart and libido slightly melt in response to the immediate annoyance written on Jareth's face.

"I'm good, thanks. He makes up for it in other ways…" She replied, yelping when Jareth slapped her on the ass as she stepped forward to help Niall with the additional ingredients in his hands that he'd taken from the refrigerator. "Jareth! Stop! Sheesh…" She glared at him over her shoulder, flushing faintly, helping Niall arrange a collection of herbs, vegetables and cured meats on the counter.

He flashed her a lascivious grin. "That's not what you were saying earlier…"

Caitlin made a gagging noise, setting her wineglass aside as Niall snickered, making Sarah close her eyes and want to die. "Ugh, you two make me sick. I'd say get a room, but you did that most of the day. You two need to stop, you're giving me hot flashes with all the pheromones flying around this place."

Hopping off the countertop, Caitlin grabbed hold of Jareth's elbow and steered him towards a back door. "Come on stud, come help me get some more wine. I think you've worn out Sarah enough for one afternoon. Let the two chefs do their thing before they poison our food. I want to see this concert."

"Quite right! Begone, savages!" Niall called from Sarah's side as they slipped past them and out the back door, beginning to dice the vegetables as Sarah tied an apron over her dress that she found hanging from the back wall, bringing the bowl of dough out from the corner of the kitchen. She smiled as she removed the damp cloth from the top of the bowl, nodding at the texture of the mix. "You did good, Niall. It's perfect."

"You're most welcome. I'm happy to oblige. Caitlin says you're famous for your pizza. I can't wait to try it."

Sarah laughed faintly. "Pizza and soup is about where my famous tendencies end. The rest is takeout. Where's your rolling pin?" She asked over her shoulder, feeling Niall come up beside her, tool in hand, as she sprinkled flour over the counter and began the process of rolling the dough. She felt Niall watch her, beginning to randomly interject directions for how she best liked to work the dough, even stepping back a few times to allow him to give it a try. She smiled when he correctly rolled the second crust all by himself, giving him a firm nod of approval.

"So, did you have a good time with Cait this afternoon?" She asked casually as she laid the crust out on a stone slab Niall already had waiting for her.

"I most certainly did. Your friend is lovely, she has a lot of spirit. I admire that in a woman."

She grinned faintly at the change of tone in Niall's voice. She knew that sound, she'd mastered it long ago. The art of sounding uninterested when you totally are. I see right through you, you know.

"She likes you, too." She couldn't help but add, waiting to hear his response as she tucked and rolled the edges of the crust on the stone slab. It didn't take long for him to reply.

"Oh?" Niall's voice waivered briefly as he brought over the cut-up toppings and popped a can of tomato sauce, leaning against the counter to watch Sarah made quick work of a few pizzas, one with vegetables and other with meat toppings. She nodded, looking over his way. He looked briefly pleased then masked it under an inquisitive look of his own, studying her now, directing the questions back towards her.

"And what of you and Jareth? Has your reunion been a pleasant one?" He asked casually, studying her.

She blushed, glancing back his way to meet his gaze, prepared for his line of questioning but still feeling shy about answering them. She nodded slowly, doing her best to mimic his aloof look and probably failing, unable to hide the small smile that sprung up on her lips. "Yes, it has. He's…not what I expected. Sweet, almost."

"I'm glad you see him beyond the villain role he played all those years ago. He hated doing that, you know. But rules are rules." She felt Niall's gaze on her and nodded, doing her best to ignore the probing curiosity of his gaze, knowing instinctively he was being kind and forthright with her.

"I don't, I haven't for a while. I figured that out several years ago." She offered, motioning when one pizza was ready to be placed in the oven. They paused their conversation while Niall placed the prepared pizza in the oven, studying each other closely with small smiles as they pondered what to say next.

I'm in love with your friend? Surprise? Sarah amusedly thought, watching as Niall briefly winced as he seemed to think of something and chuckled under his breath, casting her out of her thoughts. She frowned, confused what would bring on that kind of response. "What is it?"

"I have a confession…" He began, briefly looking troubled and apologetic as he watched her still, tilting her head back towards him with a frown. That sounds bad….

"What do you mean?" She asked, slightly wary. Fuck, this is what I get for trusting fae! What the hell is it now – before her thoughts could run away with her, he was talking again and she forced her attention back on him.

"Your meeting wasn't entirely accidental. It was mostly my doing, I admit. While I am fae, I don't normally manipulate events ruthlessly, so please don't think too negatively of me. Jareth picked up on it immediately and – before you think too harshly on him – it was all my doing and he most likely feared you would think he'd manipulated things to benefit him, which is why I waited until I was alone with you to admit my duplicity. He did not have anything to do with it." Niall paused to watch Sarah's reaction and she relaxed, accepting his answer, motioning for him to continue.

"I did promise a certain dwarf to look after you, so consider this as part of that passing gift to him. I have to say, I am very pleased to see how well you two do together. Jareth hasn't been like this since…well, since you ran the Labyrinth." Niall continued, shrugging a shoulder as he draped a towel across one arm.

Jareth...not the same since I ran the Labyrinth? What's he trying to say? Sarah did her best to keep her thoughts from betraying her in her facial expressions, giving him her full attention. When she heard mention of Hoggle, her eyebrows briefly raised in surprise.

"You see…the masks you wore… they were enchanted by a dear friend of mine who lives here. She's a lovely woman, you'd adore her if you met her, so I assure you the magic wasn't harmful. I was just worried that if you had known who one another were, you wouldn't have been so receptive to a reunion of sorts. It only shielded your identify from one another at the masquerade. I hadn't realized Jareth would respond so…deeply…to you, but…what's done is done." Niall paused and frowned, leaning forward to meet her gaze. "He does care for you, Sarah. He's kind of a Neanderthal when it comes to emotions, his father's doing you see, but he does."

Sarah swallowed, staring at Niall, thinking back over the past few days. Her pulse roared in her ears as she absorbed what he said. That night, the night I invited Jareth to my room…. Her mind wandered back to that night and she flushed hotly in both arousal and embarrassment, remembering the way Jareth acted, the fierce look of unfiltered desire on his face as they came together before he knew who she was. "Are you..sure it didn't affect us? We were…" She trailed off, pinkening, too embarrassed to voice what her thoughts were asking. Was this some product of the spell? He was…and I was…it was…WOW, it was…

"Oh no, dear. That was all you two. Frankly, I was a little surprised you both took it that far that night but I let it happen. I imagine if Caitlin or I interrupted that, Jareth would have murdered us. He was very…determined. Am I wrong to assume you both enjoyed yourselves?" He smiled slowly but not in a teasing way, letting her know that Jareth's response to her and hers to him was entirely of their own doing.

"No, no…" She blushed again, lowering her gaze, too embarrassed to meet his. She did lean forward and patted his forearm reassuringly, however, feeling the tension leaving his frame. "I'm not upset with you, Niall. I've…I've thought of Jareth before we reunited, you know. A lot of 'what-ifs' running through my head. I was just too scared to act on any of them, since I didn't know if he'd really…" She trailed off, remembering Jareth's offer. She decided to not continue that thought out loud, unsure if he had told his friend how her run had ended. "Anyways…" she continued with a smile, finally meeting his gaze. "Thanks for telling me."

"Keep faith, Sarah. I'm not sure what Jareth has said to you, but if body language tells me anything, he cares for you more than he has for anyone. He had a very cold father. Most fae are that way. In fact, I'm very unlike the average fae. He'll come around to telling you where you stand with his feelings."

Sarah nervously twisted her fingers together in front of her. She cleared her throat and smiled, hoping to change the subject but appreciating his honesty with her. "You're really an amazing friend, Niall. I feel like I can trust you. I hope I can call you my friend, too?"

"I thought we already were?" He smiled, looking relieved she seemed to be taking the story of their initial encounter in stride.

She grinned faintly in response and they both turned to watch the pizza cook.


Caitlin tugged Jareth down the steps of the wine cellar, looking around the small arsenal of bottles lining several walls once they were properly underground. "You fae sure like your booze…" She commented, moving towards the far wall. "Niall already told me to avoid the bottles by the door, something about the wine being too strong for us mere mortals…"

Jareth eyed the bottles in question, nodding once he read the labels. "He's correct. We do want you ladies to be able to walk tonight, after all."

She smirked at him over her shoulder as she stilled in front of the section marked for blended reds. "What's your favorite?" She asked, waiting for him to catch up to where she stood. She moved back and let him inspect the bottles.

"This one is rather delicious and fits in with what the chefs are making," he commented, selecting a bottle of Sangiovese blend. "Fruity, slightly sweet, not too dry, just perfect."

"I can't even pronounce this, I'll take your word for it." She took the bottle from him as he grabbed one more, shrugging her shoulders as she read the label. "So…how's things with you and Sarah?"

He raised an eyebrow as he glanced back at her, a cool expression melting over his features, keeping his voice even. He knew an inquisition when he heard one and her friend was making no measures to hide her dig at his intentions towards Sarah. "Very well, why do you ask?"

"Call me curious." She shrugged again, watching him with eyes that bored into his, inwardly setting him on edge. He remembered Niall saying she was a seer but kept her gaze steady with his own. "What's your intentions with her?" Caitlin asked bluntly, watching him steadily as she took the other bottle from his hand.

Jareth felt his mouth thin into a displeased line and abruptly abandoned her glare, glancing back to the wine rack before him, keeping his expression mostly schooled, not raising to the bait. "Why the concern?" He asked after several seconds, studying what other wines Niall had squirreled away in his cellar. He heard Caitlin's huff of annoyance, knowing he was evading her questions.

"She's my best friend, I get a little protective." She replied with a shrug, stepping forward and sliding between him and his view of the wine selection, forcing his gaze to meet hers again. "And quit dodging the questions, fairy boy. Explain to me what is so great? Are you planning to see her more? Are you here for the sex? Give me some solid answers, Jareth. You're being a little vague on the answers, bud."

Jareth glared briefly at Caitlin in irritation but noted that despite the brief flinch in her frame, she didn't back down. He shrugged a shoulder, schooling his features once more. "I keep my affairs private. What goes on between Sarah and I will remain between Sarah and I. Shall we go see how they're doing?" He didn't like her aggressiveness and was not going to discuss how he felt with Sarah's friend, regardless of how tempting, feeling his temper rise. Why is everyone determined to be in my damned business with Sarah? Can't a man figure this shit out for himself without a crowd of 'do-gooders' trying to sabotage it every step of the way?

"Not so fast..." Her arm shot out and blocked him from moving past her. He cast an angry glare down at her, towering over the little waifish woman but inwardly respecting that she didn't back down, meeting his gaze with a flinty one of her own. "I want to make something perfectly clear, Goblin King. Sarah likes you, really likes you. She's not the rough and tumble kind of gal. I care about her and don't want her hurt. If you aren't serious about her, let her down gently. If I see that woman shed one tear for you when you break it off, I'll castrate you and feed your dangly bits to my dog. I don't give a damn that you're a fae. Where there's a will there's a way and I can be a very determined woman when my friends get hurt. Especially Sarah."

Jareth studied her stiff posture and his respect for her grew, cooling his sudden ire. He placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her gently back, letting her know it wasn't a brush off but a gesture to tell her to let down her guard. "Relax, woman. I have no intention of hurting Sarah. I have no intention of ending this affair, either."

Caitlin stared at him with a brief look of surprise. She nodded and let him move past her. As he began climbing the stairs, he heard her call out after him just as he was leaving the cellar. "Do you love her?"

He paused briefly on the stairs, the wood creaking underneath his feet, then continued to climb, leaving her in the cellar with two bottles of wine in her hands.

Caitlin grinned faintly and rolled her eyes. "No answer is the same as an answer, fairy boy. I'll take that as a yes. Your dangly bits are safe…for now."


"Holy fuck, girl. This pizza rocks." Caitlin moaned around her third mouthful, closing her eyes in pleasure as she swallowed a large piece of cheese and dough. Niall snorted and she blew him a raspberry. "And the dough is good too, sweetcakes. Relax."

Jareth seemed to also enjoy the pizza, having devoured almost half of one on his own. Sarah laughed as he inhaled another slice in two seconds flat. She was glad she pushed to make four pies, watching the others devour the pizza like it was their last meal. She smiled, watching them eat enthusiastically and tease one another as they stuffed their faces.

"I'm still in shock you two have never had pizza before…" Sarah started, watching Jareth and Niall swallow down two slices in mere seconds, washing down the contents of their dinner with a glass of wine.

"Smelled it, but never ate it," Niall confirmed, sighing faintly with a grin. "You humans invent the most marvelous things."

"You don't have pizza where you come from?" She snorted in amusement at the idea. "I find that hard to believe."

"Not like that, no." Jareth replied, licking his fingers clean. Sarah tried not to stare but failed. He noticed her watching him and smirked faintly, tugging her chair closer to lick her lips, tasting the remnants of her own dinner. She laughed and shoved him playfully away.

"Oh, will you look at the time!" Caitlin exclaimed dramatically, dragging Sarah from Jareth, who was slowly tugging her into his lap. Jareth scowled but let her go, watching as Caitlin tug her friend down the hall. "Sooooo sorry to interrupt, but we've gotta get ready. You boys stay out of trouble, alright?"

"No, you're really not…" Jareth muttered under his breath as the women disappeared around the corner, faint laughter echoing down the hall, letting him know they heard his reply.

"She's marvelous, Jareth. Please tell me you'll spare me the agony of waiting and admitted to her how you feel." Niall suddenly whispered, leaning forward. "She can even cook! If you weren't so taken with her, I might fancy her myself."

Jareth thrust a narrowed gaze Niall's way, clenching his fingers tightly around his wineglass. "Back off, Niall. I mean it. Don't joke about her like that. She's mine."

Niall chuckled and waved a hand. "I'm just pressuring you to talk to her. You're not your father, you have nothing to prove. You have a secure seat at court. She's a champion of the Labyrinth, the Underground magic marked her when she won, if that's what has you worried? The courts will agree to the match and father and I will back it. It shouldn't be a concern. You have nothing to lose, my friend." Niall stared at Jareth with barely suppressed annoyance.

Jareth frowned but waved a hand at the mention of the courts. "It's not that. I planned to the last day of the trip. I'm just not in the mood to spoil what we have now, not yet. I will tell her, just not today. What if she doesn't feel the same way just yet? I need more time, to cement her feelings towards me."

Niall rolled his eyes but conceded with a raise of both hands as Jareth scowled at him.

"You're wasting time, my friend, using excuses when there is none. Just saying…" He smiled and pulled away from the table.

"I proposed to her once," He blurted out, admitting it finally to Niall. Niall stilled, turning to look at Jareth with a look of shock. "When she beat the Labyrinth. I poured my heart out to her and she refused me. She practically looked disgusted, Niall. That's a hard feeling to shake. What if she does it again?"

"She was fifteen, Jareth. Surely you understand she didn't know the concepts of romantic love at that time…." Niall began gently, only for Jareth to cut him off with a wave of his hand.

Niall frowned but dropped it. "She's not the same person she was ten years ago, Jareth. Neither are you. Remember that."

When Jareth didn't reply, Niall sighed and turned to head towards his master suite. "I'm going to dress. Do try and keep Sarah out at a decent hour, you're going to wear the poor woman out. I know how you feel around her, but enjoy each other for other reasons too, you know. I know how the bonding ritual tugs at your senses, but until you two have a chat about your feelings towards one another, all it will do is distract you from learning more about one another. Learn more about the woman you love, Jareth, besides how she sounds underneath the sheets."

Jareth glared at his friend but ended up snorting at his lecture, sipping at his wine as he leaned back in his seat. "Sure thing, dad. I do find this funny, though, coming from the man attempting to seduce her best friend…" He grinned faintly towards Niall as he drained the last of his wine.

Niall glared at him but eventually the frown transformed into a suggestive grin, a gleam in his eyes. "Oh, fine. I admit, I'm hoping end the night earlier than planned. You shouldn't be the only one having all the fun. That one looks to be for the record books, if I manage to survive the experience."

Jareth laughed softly into his cup as Niall moved towards his quarters to dress.


"Caitlin, holy shit. You look amazing."

Sarah stared at Caitlin as she emerged from the bathroom, dressed in the smallest, tightest, sparkling ombre dress she'd ever seen. Caitlin's legs glowed from the spray of highlighting powder she'd dusted over her thighs, the dress a mixture of champagne gold and light silver sequins, reflecting the highlights of her red hair. Caitlin blew Sarah a kiss then tugged a coat on over the dress.

She grinned faintly, crossing her arms over her chest as she moved to the dressing mirror, fluffing her own hair and making sure she had not remnants of cooking on her clothes. Turning to look over her own velvet dress, she smiled in satisfaction. Eat your heart out, boys. We look amazing.

"Hoping to catch the eye of a certain fae prince?" She inquired gently, glancing back to watch Caitlin stiffen as she touched up her makeup in the mirror. She glared over at Sarah and Sarah waggled her brows.

Rolling her eyes and grinning as she looked back over her makeup in the mirror, she shrugged one shoulder. "Maaaaaybe."

Sarah laughed, tugging Caitlin towards the hall when she was done, coat settled over her dress, hiding it from prying eyes. "Come on, I am sure the guys are wondering what happened to us."

They met them halfway down the hall, both women stilling as they stared at the sight before them. Glancing at one another with a faint smirk, they shared a brief thought by the looks on their faces. Goddamn, those two are hot as hell and they're ours.

Unbeknownst to them, both men were thinking the same thing as they stared at the women hungrily while their gazes were distracted.


[House of Blues, Decatur Street, French Quarter, New Orleans]

The women leaned against the two men as they transported across the quarter into a shadowed alley a block away from the club, the thumping bass of the club already heard in the street as they walked towards it. Sarah briefly stilled as she caught the familiar thump of a song in the distance, reading the headliner's name and gasping faintly as they walked toward the entrance. The crowd alone told her it was a large name occupying the stage but she almost tripped on her heels when she read the name out loud. "Damn, Martin Garrix?! Niall, you have good taste."

Niall grinned and the four of them were led inside once he leaned forward and spoke to one of the suits barricading the door, having already been waved through the line that crowed the curb around the building.

"Enjoy your evening, Mr. Prince," One of the men said as they walked through the door. Sarah cast Jareth an amused smile as he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Cover names. Prince, King…seemed fitting. Come on, I've got us a private balcony…"

Grabbing ahold of her hand, Jareth tugged her away from Caitlin and Niall who moved towards the coat check spot. They nodded as Sarah tugged on Niall's sleeve and pointed at where they were heading, soon after getting lost in the crowd of swaying bodies that littered the floor, the music soon drowning out all thought except for the soft vibrating thrum rising up through the crowd as the patrons screamed and cheered at the man on stage.

Jareth tugged her close to him, his arm gripping her tightly around the waist as they swayed with the crowd towards a set of stairs on the far side of the ballroom. Sarah gave in briefly, swaying and dancing with the crowd, seeing Jareth smile as he led her towards their destination. Soon, he was leaning forward, speaking with another unnamed security personnel and they were being led away from the crowd and up a flight of stairs, shown to a door. As they stepped through, Sarah saw an unoccupied bar at the back, the room cast in shadow, a railing against the far wall that let her lean out to watch the pulsing movements of the crowd over a small balcony, the rest of the room secluding them from the chaos downstairs. Soon, Jareth joined her, pressing up against her back, and they swayed to the music from their perch to watch the crowd going wild below.


Caitlin studied Niall as he turned in his coat, looking over at her with a smile as he extended his hand for hers. You're really going to do this, aren't you? Seduce an immortal fae high prince? You're either brave or completely insane. Alright, here goes nothing. Fuck it, let's do this.

She gathered all her courage and tugged off her coat, handing it over with a flash of a smile as his eyes widened, looking over her form with a possessive sweep. "What the hell are you wearing?" He hissed, reaching out to grab her and drag her against him. She easily evaded his grip and did a little swirl a few feet away.

"A dress, don't you like it?" He opened his mouth to reply, his eyes narrowing at the sight of her cleavage, but she didn't give him a chance to respond. Turning, she raised her arms and moved towards the crowd with a suggestive sway of her hips to the beat of the music, leaving Niall to gather the tickets for their coats. She grinned faintly as he glared at her, his jaw ticking as he waited with impatience for the man behind the counter to give him their stubs and she took the opportunity to get lost in the crowd. Oh boy, he's pissed. That's good, right?

Either way, she'd made an impression, good or bad. It was just a matter of time to see which one it was. She swayed and rocked her hips playfully as men and women came up to her and began to dance with her, tugging her towards the stage. Laughing faintly, she let a few swirl her around on the dance floor and steadily made her way towards the front of the ballroom, where the crowd gyrated at the sounds blasting out of the speakers near the stage like a single throbbing unit. She closed her eyes and danced, loosing herself to the beat. A few men grabbed for her and she ignored their brief grabs only to yelp as she was jerked back into the arms of another.

"If you need to dance, you'll do it with me," a familiar baritone voice hissed in her ear. She swallowed, feeling Niall's control snap as his arousal ground tightly against her ass, his hands roaming possessively over her hips, dragging her tightly against his frame. He snagged the tender spot below her ear and bit down gently, warning her she better not attempt to pull away, he wasn't in a giving mood, not after her earlier display. One of his hands snaked forward and cupped her left breast. The other men turned away, taking the hint.

She shuddered and turned angrily once his teeth let go, wanting to tell him he couldn't demand anything from her, she was her own woman – but all that was lost when he grabbed the back of her head and dragged his mouth across hers, drying her protests in her mouth as he sucked and bit down on her mouth with his teeth and lips and tongue. Mine, he all but screamed at her with the way he ground his hips against hers and took possession of her mouth. She melted, moaning faintly as he gripped her tightly and roughly thrust his tongue inside her mouth, demanding obedience. When you put it that way….she thought with a hum of pleasure as he hungrily escalated the kisses, feeling their noses bump against each other as he tilted her head to the side, looking to deepen the kisses. She tugged him closer, sliding her hands down the front lapels of his shirt, enjoying the play of muscle that tensed under her explorations, skirting his belt with her fingertips.

He aggressively thrust against her in tune with the beat, pulling her away from the crowd. Caitlin moaned with abandon, having lost all sense of shame and pride when she felt that grinding against her. Oh yes, give me all you got. I can handle it. I can take you on.

"I am going to fuck you until you can't walk…" He raggedly whispered in her ear. "You did that on purpose, you evil wench…" His hands were under her skirt, gripping her ass once more and tugging her against him as he yanked them into an abandoned stairwell, groaning against her mouth as she found him and cupped him through his pants. "You don't need those boys, not when you have me. I'll make sure you're fully satisfied. Don't you ever do that again…"

"Yes and yes. Less talk, more sex…" She whispered against his lips between biting kisses from his demanding mouth, her tongue thrusting up against his as she slipped her fingers into his pants, having safely maneuvered his belt and tugged the first two buttons of his pants loose. He groaned as her fingertips teased against the heavy warm tip of his cock, making her smile against his mouth when her hand reached in further, fully grasping him.

"Oohhhh my godddd. You do live up to the hype…" She huskily whispered against his mouth. "I wonder what it'll feel like inside me….will you be gentle? Or will you be rough? Will you make me scream?"

"You're about to find out, love…." With a growl, he tugged her to him and transported them away from the club.


"Can I make you a drink?" Jareth murmured against Sarah's temple as he held her close. She smiled, tipping her head back against his shoulder as she continued to dance, suggestively teasing her hips against his for a moment. He let her know he liked what she was doing, briefly gripping her hips with his hands and pulling her up against him. She chuckled and pulled away, looking back at the bar.

"Sure, a gin tonic please. Heavy on the tonic, I had a lot of wine at dinner. Make it with Bombay if they have it?"

He nipped at her ear and rubbed his hand over her ass, making her shiver and eventually moved towards the bar, watching Sarah as she danced briefly to the sway of the music against the railing of the balcony, her hips swaying slightly in a slow circle to the fast-paced rhythm. Watching her dance, the dress she wore flirting around her hips, each sway teasing the curve of her thighs and backside, made the familiar tug of arousal pull at him and his cock once more surged to life, branding his gut like a hot brand.

He swallowed, studying her for several moments, entertaining the idea of forgetting her drink and leaning her over the balcony to slide into her but forced his gaze away, doing as she asked and mixing her a drink, moving towards her once he found the proper ingredients and tasted it to make sure he hadn't been too heavy handed with the gin. She smiled back at him once he came back to stand at her side, handing her the drink as he hungrily watched her dance. His eyebrows raised in amusement as she tossed back the contents of the drink quickly, licking her lips as she turned to move towards him. He reached for her but she shoved him playfully back, surprising him with the force of the action, stumbling back into a chair with a look of amusement.

She tossed her head back and swung her hair to the sound of the animalistic pounding of rave music thumping out of the speakers below, placed her legs on either side of his hips, dancing in tune with the music as she straddled him. Jareth wasn't sure what brought on this playful side but wasn't about to complain, sliding his hands up her legs as she danced over him, grabbing onto his shoulders as leverage as she ground against him suggestively, her perfume teasing his nostrils. He grit his teeth as his arousal spiked again, making his stomach tense as she undulated above him, mimicking in slow erotic detail both the act of suggestive dancing and outright fucking, making his blood pool hotly in his groin.

He swallowed roughly, adjusting his posture as his cock pressed painfully against his pants. Gods, she's amazing. She grinned and dipped low, grinding her softness down on him, making him groan faintly and reach for her but she pulled back when he tried to reach for her to keep her in place. His cock protested the movement but he allowed her the freedom she asked for. He chuckled and kept his fingers loosely curled around her knees, not letting her totally escape but giving her the room to do as she pleased. He realized this was the first time she'd initiated sexual play between them and watched her with hooded eyes, wanting to see what she did next. His dick throbbed in his pants as he felt her teasingly drop down again, straddling his lap and rolling her hips suggestively. What are you up to, precious? God, I want to bury myself in that sweet little…

His thoughts drifted away as she ground down on him again, making him hiss and toss his head back briefly, grunting at the feel of her against him. She set aside her cup after grabbing an ice cube with two fingers, briefly placing it against his mouth and waiting for him to open his lips. He opened his mouth as she asked, his tongue darting out to feel her press the ice cube against his mouth. She pulled her fingers back, kissing him slowly, enjoying the coolness of his mouth meeting the warmth of hers. He jerked as he felt her lightly tease the ice cube down his throat, letting it sit against the hollow of his throat, feeling the cube melt against his skin and dampen his shirt. The thrumming base from below vibrated in tandem with his pulse, making him shudder briefly.

Her mouth moved down his jawline despite his need to keep kissing her, her fingers deftly lifting his chin back to gain better access to his throat. She moaned softly and nipped gently against the hollow of his throat with her teeth, making his fingers sweep up her thighs and flex against her hips, his cock rearing gently against her mound with the actions. A wild cheer went up through the crowd, balloons raining from the ceiling in the ballroom below, as another fast-paced song spilled out over the speakers.

"Gods, Sarah. Love, you're going to make me spill…" He hoarsely whispered, swallowing thickly as she reached down between them and began unfastening his belt and the zipper to his pants. His body thrummed happily as she tugged his stiff length loose from his clothes and gently pumped him between her fingers.

"Not yet," She whispered, tipping her head back to kiss him, pulling herself forward, her fingers still wrapped around him as she teased her hips against the hard length of him in her hands. "You'll hold on for me, won't you? Now don't move, I don't want you to miss out on the fun."

He laughed weakly but did his best to nod, shuddering as he felt the dampness of her panties against the tip of his cock, her soft grip making him throb painfully with the need to come. "I'll do my best, love. But no promises."

She grinned against his mouth as one hand gently stroked him, enough of a grip to her movements to make his dick demand more but not enough to near anything he'd consider completion. She tightened her knees and untied the fastenings of her underwear with the other hand, laying them against his shoulder when they were completely loose. He groaned, bucking against her, looking heatedly into her eyes before his eyes drifted down, staring where she'd kept the front of her skirt hitched up, seeing both of them so close to penetration but not quite close enough to complete the act. He swallowed, wanting desperately for her to raise her hips and nudge his cock down just enough to watch her sink down onto him. He stared as she pressed herself against him and began to stroke him once more, watching the way her hands idly pumped him against the wet folds of her sex. Goddamn, this woman is going to kill me. She leaned up, making his breath hitch in his throat, hissing softly as he watched her merely rub his length back and forth against her, teasing him enough to set his nerves on fire but not bringing herself down enough to allow him the satisfaction of feeling her capture him in her heat.

"Fuck, Sarah. You're killing me…" He groaned softly, thanking the gods the music was loud enough to drown out his embarrassingly loud initial cry as she coated the tip of him in her eagerness. He trembled, gripping the back of her knees tightly, fighting the urge to grab ahold of her hips and shove her down onto his cock. Fuck, woman. I need to be inside you!

"Not yet, no…" She grinned faintly against his mouth, pulling back to slide down between his knees, swallowing him with one smooth motion of her mouth. He did buck upwards then, the slippery warmth of her mouth too much for him to handle, barking out a faint cry of surprise, grasping the loose ends of her hair to move them out of the way as her tongue teased him while she moved, feeling a perverse need to watch her take him.

His hips tensed as his eyes watched her mouth envelope him, taking him over and over smoothly and without issue. He nervously shifted, drawing closer as she bobbed her head between his knees, sucking and swallowing almost every inch of him. He tensed, panting, tugging on her shoulders as he felt his peak coming hard and fast, almost unable to stop her in time, his dick throbbing, swelling with that familiar rush that preceded his orgasm. She seemed to sense his desperation and stopped, knowing how much he enjoyed spilling inside her. His head leaned back and his eyes closed tightly as she crawled back up into his lap, his cock painfully sitting on the edge, rearing up proudly between the two of them.

He opened his mouth to warn her how close he was but she had already straddled him and thrust herself down onto him and he tumbled over the edge with a sharp groan, making him grip her hips tightly and hold her in place, spasming in long, deep spurts inside her the second she was seated firmly on him. He felt her gently comb her fingers through his hair as he tried to regain his senses but this time, skating so long along the edge of release, it took him several minutes to recover, simply holding her in place while he convulsed beneath her.


Sarah smiled smugly atop Jareth, feeling him tremble violently and lose himself inside her. She softened against his harsh grip, feeling his breath whistle softly through his clenched teeth as he moaned brokenly, periodically calling out her name while his cock spasmed deliciously inside her, his head canted back and face a myriad of rapture and utter release. That's what it's like for me, too.

She couldn't help but stare, loving the expressions and noises he made when he came, feeling him throb inside her.

Finally, he seemed to sag underneath her, blinking slowly as he tipped his head forward, resting it against her shoulder. His fingers began to make small circles against the bones of her hips and she smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Liked that, did you?" She whispered, grinning against the faint huff of laughter muffled against her shoulder.

"This time, you almost killed me, I was sure of it for a few seconds there." He purred, tipping his head to the side. "When I have the energy, I'll make it up to you, love. I swear it."

She'd noticed over dinner he'd begun to use the term 'love' and every time she heard it, her heart gave a little tug inside her ribs. She grinned faintly and smoothed her hands over his shoulders. "That was my treat to you."

He tipped her head back as another fast beat came over the speakers, kissing her slowly and winding his hands through her hair, cradling her head like it was the most fragile thing. Her heart tugged again in that tell-tale beneath her breast and she smiled against his mouth, feeling herself grow more and more comfortable to be herself around him – and show him her playful side, which he'd clearly enjoyed.

"Is it terribly rude of me to say I'm hungry again?" He mused after they eventually broke their kiss, their foreheads pressed together. She stilled. "For food," he clarified with a grin. "I'm fae, not a god. Even I need a break after something like that."

She laughed faintly and began to stand. "Then let's go eat."


[Café du Monde, Decatur Street, French Quarter, New Orleans]

"How many calories are in these?" She muttered as she stuffed another bite of fried bread drenched in heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar into her mouth, washing it away with a swallow of sweetened chicory coffee, sighing both out of contentment and an annoying urge to find the gym at her hotel when they returned to the Sonesta. They hadn't found Niall and Caitlin when they left their private booth but didn't expect to. The sparks those two were giving off told them both they'd quickly outgrew the public party and had taken things back to his place for a more private type of entertainment.

"Shhh," he hushed her, leaning forward to lick his thumb and drag it across her upper lip with a smile. He slipped the digit back into his mouth once he removed the coating of powered snow from Sarah's mouth. "You're beautiful. A few sweets won't change that."

She smiled slowly, watching him devour three full orders with a weird fascination. "You really like your sweets, I see. Where does it go?" She gestured over his form and almost rolled her eyes as he ate two beignets in one swallow. "That's sick."

He wiped his mouth with a napkin and winked at her, bringing his own coffee cup to his mouth. "What? It's delicious. As to where it goes…why…to pleasing the lady, of course."

She slapped a hand across her face with an embarrassed groan, hearing his small chuckle. "I'm fae, comes with the territory."

She peaked at him from between her fingers and watched him finish off her own order with a shake of her head. "That's just not fair, I tell you. And don't say it - I know it sounds familiar. But really, it's not. I so much as look at food like this and I gain ten pounds."

"From where I'm siting, that doesn't sound like a bad thing…" He murmured suggestively, leaning forward to peer lewdly down the front of her dress. She laughed and playfully slapped at him.

Once they left their tip, they stood and moved to cross the street. A tour vendor called out to them, motioning to his empty carriage. "Care for a stroll through the quarter? I've just the streets to take two love birds such as yourselves! Come on, I'll only charge half!"

Jareth looked over at Sarah who had leaned against his side, raising an eyebrow in her direction. She shrugged with a grin. "Why not?"

He smiled and pulled her towards the carriage. "The lady says yes." He paid the man and together they piled into the back of the carriage, Sarah snuggling against Jareth's side as the man nudged the mule forward and began to tell them about the quarter and its history.

"Jareth?" Sarah looked over towards him from where she'd been looking across Jackson Square. He canted his head towards her with a small smile.

"Yes, love?" He murmured, smoothing her hair away from her forehead.

"In case I forget, I had a really good night tonight. I really like this…thing…going on between us." She whispered, closing her eyes and yawning softly, suddenly fatigued.

She felt him still, his arm wrapping around her. "Me too, love…" He whispered softly against her forehead. "Me too."

Sarah smiled and fell asleep to the lull of the carriage ride and the clopping sound of hooves hitting pavement.