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Just One of Those Flings

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[A Private Residence, French Quarter, New Orleans]

The first thing Caitlin felt against her back was the rough slam of the wall as they transported into the hallway outside of Niall's master suite. She mewled faintly at the crisp moment of dizziness that followed the transport, closing her eyes as she struggled to catch her breath, Niall lowering his abusive exploration of her mouth to her throat, his tongue trailing along her jawline until his teeth found that sensitive spot he'd nipped earlier, biting down again and sending an echoing spasm along Caitlin's body, the sensation making warmth pool between her legs and her nipples tighten in excitement.

She tried to reach for him to grasp his shoulders and pull him closer but he mistook it as a sign she wanted to shove him away. He yanked her arms away from him, his grip on her wrists tight enough that she couldn't move as he pinned her arms against the wall and pulled back, his face a mask of lust, eyes glittering with intent. She swallowed, panting faintly as he held her gaze while he thrust a knee between her legs, grinding his thigh against her mound. "Too late now," he rasped and lunged forward once more, aggressively biting down on that sensitive spot on her neck again. Caitlin moaned loudly in response and bucked softly against his leg as her head tilted, giving him better access.

Sweet Baby Jesus, I don't want you to stop! Go faster! As much as she wanted to scream out for him to take her, a part of her was excited at this dominate change in Niall. She liked bringing out the animalistic side of his nature, fighting his instinct to claim her even if her body betrayed her actions. She whimpered but weakly attempted to pull back, shivering in ecstasy at his snarl as he pressed forward and found her mouth again, pillaging past her lips to find her tongue and coax it roughly with his own. Growling softly when he succeeded in doing just that, his hands released her wrists and gripped either side of her face, pinning her to the wall as he ground his hips down against hers.

By then, she gave up all pretense of fighting him, moaning and circling her arms around his neck. "Christ Niall, fuck me already," she whispered as he once more dropped his mouth to slowly lower his attention to the décolletage of her dress, his hands reaching and squeezing both breasts gently, kneading them tightly in his palms.

He let out a soft groan at her words, tearing his mouth away from her breasts to grasp her arms and yank her into his darkened bedroom, shoving her towards the bed.

"Five seconds. Either take the dress off or I'm ripping it off," he savagely whispered, pacing towards her, jerking his own clothes off in the process, the snapping of buttons heard over his words as he neared her.

Caitlin swallowed and peeled out of the dress, lowering her eyes over his form that she was still able to see outlined from the light in the hallway, the thick ridge of his erection evident even in the poor lighting.

It didn't escape his notice she wore no bra, only a thin pair of panties that she quickly wiggled out of. They hadn't even completely slid off her thighs when he was on her, one of his hands crudely thrusting up between her legs to comb through the folds of her sex and plunge inside. She moaned and her knees gave way, sagging against him as his fingers gently pumped her arousal to a fever pitch.

"You're soaked," he breathed harshly against her mouth as she gripped his shoulders, her nipples tightening to aching buds as they rubbed against the warm tense wall of his chest. "Tell me you want me. I want to hear you say it." He pushed her down on the bed, his fingers escalating their movements, making her arch upwards with her knees bent, giving him room to settle between them.

"I want you! I want you, Niall. Oh goddddd, please! I need you inside me! Please! Please, oh goddd – please! Oh!" Caitlin sobbed, her hips rocking faintly against his hand, her channel clenching against the teasing of his fingers – god, she needed him to keep going – and then he was pushing her legs open and pressing the back of her thighs down with his hands, splaying her wide open to him and he canted his hips at just the right angle to thrust inside in one deep penetrating movement, ending her plea with a startled cry as he pounded hard into her with deep-seated strokes.

She screamed.

"Yesssss," he groaned, leaning roughly over her as he took her with force, keeping her open and pinned under him, his gaze lowering to watch the way they meshed together perfectly, gritting his teeth and rolling his head back as her fingers gripped the sheets like a lifeline.

Fuck, oh god, I'm going to come. Her climax was coming quickly and there wasn't any stopping it. "Niall, I'm going to –" She started, feeling the tell-tale tightening of her body around the punishing thrusts of his cock, only to seize and scream again in the middle of her warning. Her head fell back as her body jerked roughly underneath his, her mouth opening wide as her head fell back and she spasmed, the orgasm all-consuming and blotting out all other sensations but the exquisite rioting of her body's peak.

"Fuck! Cait - Gods!" She felt the brief hitch in his pace as he hissed her name before shouting out a satisfying cry of his own, his hips slowing into a series of pronounced thrusts as she felt him spurt inside her, heat and warmth accompanying the languished jerks of his cock.

He fell atop her then, crushing his slick body against hers, his skin warm and slightly salty-scented from the exertions of their coupling. She loved the sensation, holding onto him with her arms when he tried to move, keeping his heaviness on top of her.

Briefly, he tipped her head towards his and found her mouth with his, kissing her in slow deliberate movements for several seconds.

Eventually, she moaned softly, feeling him stiffen inside her, and he moved slowly within her for several minutes, the action almost too easy with the traces of their earlier climaxes. Together, within seconds of one another, they mutually peaked again, this time in a slow plunging poignancy. He shuddered and spilled inside her as she milked him in a gentle, pulsing climax that echoed his own ecstasy.

This time, he eased himself off her, gently pulling from her body. She stretched against him as he pulled her against his body and settled into a sated sleepiness as he murmured something under his breath that left them clean and comfortable.

"Sleep," he murmured against her temple. "We'll talk in the morning."

She nodded and snuggled closer against him, her head resting against his chest. His arms settled around her and they both fell asleep, drifting easily off into a dreamless satisfied slumber.