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Hotshot - A Star Wars Story

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Several Months Later...

"Jaycob, you reading me?"

Poe asked over comms.

"Loud and clear."

Jaycob replied.

"Alright, now I know this means a lot to you. But when you get back, there’s plenty of work to be done."

"Copy, I won’t take long."

Jaycob terminated the transmission and disengaged his hyperspace engines. Fortunately, Jaycob was granted a new RZ-2 A-Wing for his "personal trip". The destination was Pippip 3, to fulfill his promise to Tallie. As he entered the atmosphere he punched in Lintra Farm into his NavComputer “planet points-of-interest”. He followed the coordinates until he arrived at a small farm consisting of a small-ish two-story house, a barn, and a large field that lay barren with colorful flowers and crops. It made sense that the farm was in such bad condition, Tallie told him that she had left her father to tend to it when she joined the Resistance. Sadly, her father died while she was away and the farm was left unoccupied.

Jaycob landed his interceptor and hopped onto the dirt. The air smelled of flowers and rain, droplets occasionally landing on Jaycob's head. He approached the house first, inspecting how his late-wife spent her childhood. The front door was cracked open and inside was the kitchen floor littered with leaves. Pots and pans lay rusting on their racks and the various electronic appliances were eroded. Jaycob tread carefully through the Lintra household until he reached a door with a paper sign taped to it saying, Tallie's Room, Knock first! Jaycob laughed at the sight of this and ran his fingers from the sign to the door knob, twisting ever so slightly.

The first thing that stuck out from the room, was a tall Resistance propaganda poster plastered to her wall, a nameless pilot looking up into the skies while X-Wings flew overhead. Next to it, was a walk-in closet that housed a variety of pants and shirts and shoes, all of which have collected a great amount of dust over time. On her bed lay a notebook with a pen holstered in the spiral. Jaycob investigated this too and flipped through some of the pages, revealing miscellaneous sketches and notes. But what really stood out to him was a surprisingly-detailed drawing of an A-Wing, flying through what looked like some type of field, and into the sunset. It looked like paradise. It also reminded him to take a look at the converted crop-dusting A-Wing that Tallie frequently practiced with. So, he stepped out of the house and toward the barn, keeping the notebook with him.

Opening the main gates, inside the barn was a beat-up RZ-1 A-Wing tucked underneath a tarp sheet. Jaycob pulled off the cover and patted the former-interceptor's hull. Everything about the starfighter was the same, except that the laser cannons were stripped from the body. The A-Wing, like many of Tallie's other belongings, was covered in grime and dust. But inside the cockpit, Jaycob spotted something ever so valuable to him. A physical picture of Tallie in her Resistance recruitment fatigues, smiling back at him. The backside of the photo was marked with handwriting, assumed to be her fathers, which read, 31 ABY/My little comet. Jaycob smiled affectionately at both the note and the picture. This was definitely going with him. Unstrapping his wrist-mounted computer, he slid the picture on the cover flap so he would see it every time he opened the device.

The last stop was the field. Seemingly the most beautiful part of the tour, Jaycob looked forward to this the most. Walking past the plant life, Jaycob took off his gloves and ran his bare hands through the crops and flowers, a practice that Tallie did often when she was smaller.

"I always liked running through the fields and chasing our animals around. My father would sometimes get worried when he couldn't find me, since some of the crops were taller than me..."

Jaycob remembered what she told him on D'Qar,

"...I miss home, a lot. Hopefully, after we're done dealing with the First Order, I'll be able to visit."

She looked up at Jaycob from his shoulder, smiling thoughtfully.

"That sounds really nice, actually."

Jaycob had complimented. Tallie closed her eyes, as exhaustion began to take it's toll.

"Yeah...m-maybe I could...take you...with m-..."

She drifted off, leaning against him, not able to finish her thought. But Jaycob already knew what she wanted. And he wanted it too.

"I'd love to."

Jaycob said, snapping back to reality. He was left staring at Tallie's father's makeshift grave, in the center of the field. Even though he's never seen the man, he admired him, for raising such a beautiful daughter. Jaycob held Tallie's scarf piece in his hand, and kneeled next to where the old man lay. Being his father-in-law and everything, Jaycob felt the need to say something...anything.

"Mr. Lintra, I'm sorry. I couldn't protect her. I know it must've been hard to let her go, thinking you'd be able to see her again in no time. Then realizing that you'd never get to see her face again. I felt the exact same way when she died. After all of this, I was going to propose to her, but I never got the chance. I loved her, dearly, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. If you see her up there, tell Tallie I miss goddamn much. I will avenge her, sir, I swear my life on it. Kylo will pay for what he's done, and I'll see to that."

Jaycob teared throughout his speech, but he didn't weep. He got what he came for. It was time to leave.

"General, this is Jaycob. I'm returning to base."

He reported through his wrist computer.

"Good to hear buddy. Are you ok?"

Poe replied back, sensing the shakiness in Jaycob's voice. Jaycob nodded even though Poe couldn't see him and simply replied,

"Yeah, I'll be home soon."


 As Jaycob exited the planet's atmosphere, he wrapped the scarf piece around his control yoke. Some might think it's crazy, the whole "love at first sight" thing, but to Jaycob it really wasn't. Especially in times like these, where friends and family were getting killed left and right before you could even have the chance to say goodbye. What made Tallie different, in his eyes, was that right when their eyes met for the first time, Jaycob didn't want to look away. There was some sort of connection the pilots had together from that point onward, and he couldn't deny it. Whether their connection was forged by the Force or not, he didn't know. Tallie made him act in ways he never had before, making him see the bigger picture. That they were fighting for something way bigger than they originally thought. They both knew the risks of starting a relationship at the time, but they did it anyways. Sadly, they just never took much thought at the consequences. Jaycob had lost his other half when Kylo attacked that hangar, and he'd never be the same person he was ever again. But, no matter how short they'd been together, he was proud to call Tallie his. He just wished they had more time. More time to explore a relationship that never got to see it's full potential. This is what Poe had warned him about since the beginning, Jaycob was just too blind to see it.

"Relationships and the Resistance don't mix."

He remembered Poe say. Jaycob wished he could've proved Poe wrong, but he was so right. It's devastating to both partners and gets in the way of their work. But, that's what they signed up for, right?

The End 

 Jaycob will return in Episode IX