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I Know What You Are Thinking

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Out of all the kids possible to choose to represent U.A.’s Hero Course in the international heroes summit Iida Tenya had been the one they chose. Not a third year, nor a second year but a mere freshmen. Iida was deeply honored.


Truely, or so he thought.


When his name was announced over the loudspeaker in front of the whole student body he was elated to say the least. His friends had all given him radiant smiles and even his reputably stoic peers cracked their facade for him. Well, he guessed it really was a big deal. The granting of the position to him seemed almost like an act of sympathy. His older brother Tensei had always attended the summit, not as a representative of a school of course, but as one of the most influential heroes. Iida really did not want sympathy in the least. All of the congratulations had gone through one ear and out of the next. No amount of felicitations really sunk into his conscious.


Deep down he still harbored resentment toward his own weakness. And along with it denial to his own skill. He didn’t deserve such recognition so why would he have it granted to him? No matter how he really felt he still accepted the title with a huge smile. A smile that was so convincing not even he believed it was forced. When he stood up to talk to Mr. Aizawa after class about travel arrangements and such all his friends gave him reassuring pats on the back and gratifying smiles. Even Yaoyorozu who had coveted the position herself made sure to wish him good luck with all the details. He made sure to return her kind gesture with an offer of a weekend coffee shop trip. She accepted with a smile. Iida did not feel his mood change once during the whole encounter. When he turned away from her he swore he saw a frown materialize on Todoroki’s face. He thought nothing of it until he parted ways with Mr. Aizawa after their meeting.


As he left the main school building with the paperwork for his plane flight in his hand he found his mind trailing back to the odd change in Todoroki’s mood. Iida knew well that he was a little naive at times, but the fact that Todoroki was jealous had been blatantly obvious. The reason of his jealousy was unknown to Iida at this point. He ran through the possibilities in his mind.


Could it have been because of his invitation to the meeting in Sapporo? Todoroki wasn’t one to welcome the attention of others and definitely not one to invite it so it seemed like this was out  of the question. Was it because of the benefits of the nomination? Free plane tickets and a complimentary medal seemed like a lot that was true. Though Todoroki had never been materialistic. Plus the household he came from was already wealthy enough. That option was also crossed off his list. The final solution Iida came up with was the attention from Yaoyorozu and the opportunity to have a social outing with her later. Yaoyorozu was one of Todoroki’s closest friends that was a fact, but she was also one of Iida’s. A simple excursion was no reason to be envious….That was if they really were truly just friends.


Iida never understood the concept of so called “crushes.” In fact they seemed silly to him. Why secretly admire someone when you could be bold? And it even further surprised him that Todoroki was the one who was plagued with this “crush.” Of course when he mindlessly continued his walk all the pieces fit into place. If it hadn’t been for this most recent interaction Iida never would’ve guessed Todoroki was nothing slight from in love with Yaoyorozu. It was really the only plausible explanation for his actions. For all of the weeks posterior to the final exam he had been admiring her discreetly. Iida should’ve been happy for his friend but he could only mutter a scornful phrase under his breath.


“How ridiculous.”



The week of the trip creeped up on Iida way faster than expected. Nothing to worry about though as he had prepared his speech and a list of what he would take the night of receiving the news. It really wasn’t an urgent matter but he had wanted to get it done and out of his mind. When he read over his hand written elaborate script that morning he noticed a few mistakes, but was too lazy to care. It was very odd that he, the number two student of Class 1-A would do such a thing. No one was around to comment on his behavior so it didn’t matter anyway. A speech about the values of a aspiring hero was nothing to fret over anyway.


He shoved some last minute necessities in his bag and made for the train station at breakneck speed. It was much better to be early than late. Being punctual was key to show that he was deserving of this position. A subconscious thought gave him a reminder that it wasn’t all that important, and that he’d be early nonetheless, but he dismissed it quickly. There was no point in allowing unimportant thoughts to intrude on the task at hand. With that he continued running to the station.


As expected Iida arrived a good hour before his train was scheduled to leave. He even made it early enough to catch the train before hand and opted to leave then. His brain was clouded with some sort of giddy antsy-ness which prompted him to keep checking his watch every two minutes. Finally he sorted out his options. Either Iida could leave or he could wait for he scheduled departure. It actual didn´t matter that much to him during the moment. He weighed the benefits and repercussions of the choice quickly and stepped on the bullet train even before he reached any sort of a conclusion. His brain had decided to become a man of action and so be it. He was too tired to be his usual self anyway and decided to go with the flow, settling into a seat and preparing for a long train ride.