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The last post was put down because somebody complained or something but I had talks with Aruna and other people in Ao3 and I proved them that I had permission to post this in ao3 and that Seth was OK with this so I posted it right back and all is fine now.

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The fics go from 2013 and goes up to this year so, you can actually see some actors in roles that are not playing right now and somethings that are different now know keep that in mind.

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Chapter Text

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki had come to a seedy motel. They arrived separately dressed in trench coats and hats, looking like they walked straight out of a 1930's private eye movie. Neither man wanted to be recognizable entering the motel. Once they were both alone in their room Jensen closed the curtains, locked the door, and tore off his coat and hat. He was wearing nothing but leather chaps, his strong broad chest heaved and his 9.5'' cut erection jutted out from his crotch. Jared removed his coat and hat as well, wearing nothing but a tight  leather harness that nicely showed off his defined pecs.

His 8.5'' cut dick fully hard at the sight of Jensen's larger manhood. Ackles simply said "Kneel slave" and Padalecki was on his knees in front of him, his face only a few inches from his co-star's cock.

Jensen then grabbed his dick and placed the head on Jared's lips. "Now lick." Obediently Jared flicked out his tongue and licked thoroughly, eliciting a moan from Jensen. "Good slave, now suck." Jensen placed his hands on his hips while Jared swallowed every thick inch of Jensen Ackles' impressive manhood. His nose pressed into his co-star's ample pubic bush, Jared breathed in the intoxicating scent of Jensen's sweaty crotch. This filled him with an uncontrollable lust and he began vigorously servicing his master, expertly licking and sucking his engorged member.

Jensen's hands moved from his hips to Jared's head. Nothing got him more excited than a hot guy with a cock smaller than his giving him a blowjob. Ackles pumped in and out of Padalecki's mouth, face-fucking his fellow "Supernatural" star. Abruptly Jensen stopped pumping and pulled Jared's head back. "That's enough cocksucking for now slave." He turned around and leaned over a bit. "Now service this."

Still on his knees Jared Padalecki was faced with Jensen's mouthwatering ass.

The buff asscheeks were dusted with light brown hair that turned darker as they got closer to Jensen's delicious asshole. Saliva filled Jared's mouth as his meticulously swept his tongue over every inch of his co-star's ass, licking each hair individually. Jared delighted in the musky smell and salty taste of ass sweat. That uncontrollable lust aroused again, he started licking Jensen's anus before savagely shoving his tongue in the hole.

"Good slave, veeery good slave." His lips pressed against the lips of Jensen's anus Jared swirled his tongue inside his master's rectum, savoring the taste of ass.

Jensen thrust back against Jared's face, fucking himself on his co-star's tongue. Then pulled away from his slave to give a new order. Ackles laid down on the bed with his hands behind his head, his dick pointing straight up into the air. "Sit on this." Like the obedient slave he was, Jared got up on the bed and eased his asshole down onto Jensen's cockhead. Then proceeded to press further down until his buttocks rested on his master's thighs.

Padalecki's ass somehow managed to stay tight after so many fuckings, tight enough to tease a deep moan out of Jensen. Hearing his master's sexy deep voice drove Jared wild. He began riding his co-star hard, thrusting up and down on the long, thick shaft, his own cock swinging with the rhythm. Jared reached over and pinched Jensen's tender nipples hoping to cause him to moan again. Jensen growled at him, "Lick my pits!". Jared eagerly obeyed, washing his sweaty armpits with his own tongue. Once again savoring the salty taste and musky smell of his hunky master.

Jensen's hands moved to Jared's hips as the two fucked like animals. Padalecki rode his co-star's nine and a half inches of meat while Ackles continuously pumped upwards. Jensen roared with his orgasm-inducingly sexy, deep voice. "Fuck yeah bitch! You fuckin' like feeling a real man up yer ass, don't ya slut?!" Jared howled in pain and delight in between bouts of begging to get fucked harder. "Ohh fuck YES! Pleeease fuck me HARDER!!" Jensen smacked his co-star's ass hard.

"Don't you fuckin' forget to call me master bitch!" Jared yelped from the pain. "Ohh yes master! Please master! PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!!" Jensen thrust up into him without mercy, slapping his ass and degrading him with insults. "YEAH you Fuckin' like feeling real Manhood up yer slutty ass, don't ya bitch?!! Don't Ya!!!" Jared pinched and twisted his own nipples while moaning like the bitch in heat he was, consumed by uncontrollable lust.

Grinding his ass down hard enough for Jensen's pubes to tickle his balls, Jared clenched his asshole as tight as he could. Jensen's balls tightened and he knew he was gonna cum. "FUCK SLUT I"M GONNA SHOOT!! I"M GONNA FIRE MY LOAD UP YER BITCH ASS!!!" Jared thrust down one last time and squeezed his asscheeks together, milking his master's cock. "OHHHH OHH AHHHHH Awwww FUCK YEAH!! FUCK YEAH!! FUCK YEEAAAHH!!!" Ackles' semen skyrocketed up Padalecki's rectum while the two howled in ecstasy. Jared laid down on top of his co-star and licked the sweat off his pecs. "Ohhh master I love it when you fire your load up my slutty ass." Jensen pushed him up off him.

"Yeah well master has a surprise treat for his good slave." Jared knelt on the bed and stroked himself while Jensen stood up and placed his cock on Jared's lips.

Anticipating his master's surprise treat Jared eagerly opened his mouth. Jensen placed the head of his dick on Jared's tongue and proceeded to piss down his throat. Padalecki expertly drank every last drop of Ackles' piss while he jacked himself to climax.

Having emptied his balls up Jared's ass and emptied his bladder down Jared's throat Jensen walked back over to his coat and hat and got ready to leave. Jared grunted and groaned like an animal while shooting his spunk on the sweat soaked sheets. "Wait master! Before you go can I get a kiss this time? I've been a good boy." Jensen looked back at his slave with a superior smirk. "All right slave, but only if you clean those dirty sheets first." Jared obediently started licking the sheets, licking up his own cum as well as sweat from Jensen's back and ass. "Good boy slave." Ackles said as he placed a quick kiss on Padalecki's lips. "See you next time."

After Jensen had left Jared stayed behind and laid naked on the bed. Groping himself he wished he could hear his master's seductive voice again. Next time he'd service master even better and master will kiss him with tongue. Jared laid there thinking about it while he played with himself. Next time.

Chapter Text

Kellan Lutz was alone in a hotel room anxiously awaiting a package. When he finally heard the knock at his door he immediately rushed to answer it.

A handsome young delivery boy was holding his package and instantly recognized Lutz. "Wow, hi!" Kellan smiled and quickly welcomed him in. "Hey man, come on in and let me take that off your hands. I'll go get your money."

Kellan took the package into the bedroom and tore it open. Inside was what he had been waiting so impatiently for; a 10'' realistically shaped dildo. Kellan walked back with cash in one hand and the dildo in the other. "Whoa!" The delivery boy was shocked that the actor was willing to let him see his new sex toy. Kellan just smiled and handed him the cash. "Chill out man. You can stick around and see this baby in action." The delivery boy stared at the hunky young actor in shock for a minute, but then grinned and said "For real?" Kellan grinned back at him. "For real." 

Wasting no time Kellan pulled off his shirt, revealing his broad sculpted chest.

His eyes roving over Kellan's powerful pecs and washboard abs, the delivery boy said, "My name's Mark by the way." "Well Mark, enjoy the show."

Kellan pulled down his pants and briefs together, exposing his strong legs and thick 9'' erection.  Trimmed blonde pubic hair and big hairy balls accompanied his cock. Mark gazed in lust at the actor's impressive genitals. Lutz's expression showed how pleased he was with Mark's reaction to his body. "Show's not over yet." The movie star turned around and then bent over, giving the delivery boy an eyeful of his taut, bulging bum and tight asshole. Kellan then faced Mark again, pressed the dildo's suction cup bottom down on the floor, and squatted on the plastic cockhead.

Mark stared dumbstruck as Kellan sat down on the dildo until his firm, smooth ass cheeks were resting on the floor. "Mmmmm, aww feels good." 

"Fuck man that's hot!" Mark was thoroughly enjoying the show Lutz was putting on and felt his pants start to tent at the crotch. Kellan began thrusting up and down on the faux cock, his own dick bobbing tantalizingly to the rhythm. Kellan's sinewy muscles danced as he fucked himself on the dildo. Drool was beginning to spill out of Mark's mouth when Kellan said, "Suck me off man." The horny delivery boy eagerly got down on all fours and swallowed the head of Kellan's dick. "Mmmmm that's it man, suck that bad boy." Mark slid his mouth halfway down the 9'' monster but couldn't manage any further.

Lutz just chuckled and said, "Don't feel bad man, no one's been able to swallow it all before." Kellan pressed his left hand on the floor behind him to help support his weight while he leaned back a bit and grabbed Mark's head. He continued to face-fuck Mark to the motion of riding the dildo.

After a few minutes passed Kellan felt his nuts begin to tighten. He straightened up on the dildo again and used both hands to fuck Mark's head. "Mmmmmmm awww yeah. Fuckin' feels good man. Feels really fuckin' good!" All Mark could do was moan and slurp on the movie star's meat.

"Aww mmmmm, awwww yes! Yes!!! Kellan started to cum now, firing hot bursts of semen down the delivery boy's tight throat. "FUCKIN' A THAT FEELS GOOD!!! FUCKIN' TASTE MY LOAD!!!!" Kellan pulled his dick out and soaked Mark's face in cum. "Ya like that hot spunk man?" Mark wiped up the ejaculate with his hands and ate it. "Mmm tastes awesome." Kellan laughed and then stood up off the dildo. "That was fun man, but I need some alone time now."

He pulled Mark up off the floor and hurriedly ushered him out of the room without putting his clothes back on. Mark could only quickly babble "Ohh uhh... ok, that was great man, so awesome." before he was back out in the hallway with a wet spot in his pants.

Still nude, Kellan picked up his dildo and laid down on the couch with his legs spread. He licked his left  middle and ring fingers then inserted them into his rectum. He finger-fucked himself while licking his new sex toy clean. "Mmmm mmm my ass tastes good." He slurped on the head and all the sides, savouring the taste his sweaty jock cunt left behind. "I need to find a man this big for real soon."

Kellan spent the next 10 minutes fingering himself and licking the 10 inches of plastic before falling asleep on the couch naked.
The End... for now.

Chapter Text

Chris Evans could hear his shower running. "Who's here?" He thought. Chris stepped into his bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain.

A jovial "Hey Chris!" was the response from the intruder. Ryan Reynolds turned off the shower and then faced Chris. This gave Evans a good look at Reynolds' hard bubble-butt, strong broad pecs, sculpted abs, thick 8'' erection and large low-hanging balls, complete with ample pubic hair. All dripping wet. Chris felt blood rush into his own manhood. "See something you like?" Ryan asked coyly. Chris gave him another look up and down. "Ohh yeah". Ryan smiled. "Go for it." Chris knelt down on the mat in front of the shower, opened his mouth, leaned forward and... heard his alarm clock go off.

"Ahhh come on!" He groaned.

Chris pulled the covers off him and looked down at his crotch. There was a very noticeable tent in the boxers he slept in. "Time for some fun." Chris quickly got out of bed, relieved himself, brushed his teeth and then jumped in the shower. He immediately soaked his body and then began stroking his cock. "Uhhhh ahhh yeaah"

He moaned while hot water poured onto his chest, ran down his stomach and across his impressive cut 10.5'' erection. "Huuhhhh ohhh yes, aww yeah, feels good". Chris gave himself powerful strokes from the head to his balls using body wash as lubricant. "Mmm uhh uhhhh ahh yeah, yeah, ohhh yeah!" He quickened his pace feeling pressure build up in his testicles.

"Ahhhhh ahh, yes aww yes! Yeah come on, yeah! Yeeahh! Yeah!!" The pressure reached it's full and Chris started climaxing, his sinewy wet muscles rippling. "Ohhhhh Fuck Yeah! Fuck uhhhh awwww Yes!! Fuck Yeah! FUCK YEAH!! FUCK YEAH!!! Ahhhh ahh aww yeah".

He let his cum fly up and then fall down into the bathtub to get washed away. He moved on to lathering himself, paying special attention to his nipples, armpits, ass and genitals.

After he finished showering Chris got out and stood in front of the full length mirror he had in his bathroom. He toweled himself slowly, admiring his gorgeous athletic physique.

Chris had shaved his facial and chest hair for his role in Captain America, but as soon as filming had ended he started allowing it to grow back. Right now a fine stubble was centered around his mouth and a light coverage of hair was focused around his nipples and down his abs. This led to a treasure trail that gradually branched into his pubes, which wrapped around his cock and balls. He turned around and started toweling his backside. A smile spread across his face as he dried his hairy ass crack.

"Ohh I love my hairy faggot ass." Chris touched his asshole and said "It's been too long since I've had something nice and hard up there." He was about to begin inserting his middle finger up there when his phone went off. Chris grabbed his phone off the nightstand and walked into his living room without dressing. Chris had a private house away from any neighbours so he wasn't afraid of anyone seeing him through his windows, and thus would often walk around his house in the nude.

Chris answered his phone. "Hi, it's Chris" ... "Ohh hey Ryan, good to here from you". Chris smiled and ran his fingers across his nipples. "Yeah, Of course I remember that little chat we had" ... "You wanna come over tonight?". His smile widened and his nipples erected. "Yeah that sounds great" ... "I'd love for you to come over". His smile widened further and he felt a jolt go to his privates.

"I'll see you tonight then, bye". After he hung up the phone he pinched his left nipple with his left thumb and index finger, and rubbed his asshole with his right thumb. Chris was grinning from ear to ear now. "Looks like I'm gonna get something nice and hard up there before long". And with that he walked back into his bedroom to pick out what he'd wear tonight.

Later that night Chris had a tight grey t-shirt and some blue jeans on, period. He wasn't wearing anything else, even underwear or deodorant.

Chris was excited about tonight and his excitement was evident from the sizeable bulge in his jeans. With his penis still straining against his fly, he went to answer the door when he heard knocking.

Opening the door with a smile Chris ushered his guest in. "Ryan, so glad to see ya, come on in".

Ryan Gosling stepped into the house and gave Chris a quick pat on the back. "Great to see you too man". Ryan was wearing a loose-fitting white t-shirt and faded jeans. Chris led him into the living room. "Why don't we make ourselves comfortable". Chris sat down on the couch and expected Ryan to sit next to him but instead he stood in front of him, his crotch at Chris' eye-level. Apparently Ryan wanted to skip the formalities and get down to brass tacks. "Why don't we pick up where our last conversation left off". He easily slipped his shirt off and tossed it to the side. Chris smirked.

"You mean when I said things would go a lot differently if I was sitting in front of you while you were naked?" Ryan pulled his jeans and bowers down together and threw them over to his shirt. "Yeah".

Chris and Ryan had met not too long ago at a Hollywood party, and the two hit it off right away. When they had a private moment together they discussed the scene in Ryan's new movie where he was standing naked in front of his co-star Steve Carell's head. Chris had said that things would go a lot differently then they had in the movie if he were sitting in front of Ryan's cock.

Now here Chris was, with Ryan standing there naked as the day he was born. Ryan had a tan athletic build, with a stubbly beard, and smooth defined pecs and abs. Ryan had trimmed pubic hair and his 8'' erection was pointing right at Chris' face. Chris looked him up and down a few times. "Show me the back". Ryan turned an presented his backside. Chris eyes immediately locked on to Ryan's smooth and extra-tight buns. Chris breathed out slowly. "Damn". Ryan turned again and put his right foot up on the couch next to Chris.

"I think it's time you showed me what you'd do to make that scene different". Chris looked up at him then down to his cock, and noticed a drop of pre-cum drip out and slide down the underside of the shaft. He looked back up at him. "I do too".

To be continued...

Chapter Text

Chris leaned in and and grabbed Ryan's right buttcheek while he licked the underside of his shaft. "Ohh fuck yes." Ryan sighed. Chris looked up at him and smiled before swallowing Gosling's cock to the balls.

Ryan's head tilted back and he breathed out a slow, "Shit!." Chris proceeded to bob on his guest's cock gently, taking it slow. His lips running across the shaft and his tongue teasingly licking the head. Ryan softly grabbed the back of Evan's head and watched him expertly suck his penis.

"I didn't realize you had such skill with your mouth Chris." Ryan said looking down at his host while grinning ear to ear. Chris just looked up at him and increased the pace.

Chris started bobbing faster, slurping on his cock. "SHIT!" Ryan tilted his head back again, immensely enjoying the blowjob. Chris grabbed both Ryan's buttcheeks and began squeezing them. While Ryan grabbed Chris' head with both hands and started pumping into his mouth, face-fucking him.

"Mmmmm mmm mmmm." Chris moaned his approval and teased Ryan's anus with his fingers. "Yeah tease my hole Chris!" Ryan started thrusting harder, his balls slapping Chris' chin. Evans' slowly inserted his right index and middle fingers into Gosling's ass.

"Ohh shit! Ohhhh yes, please keep doing that Chris!" The Captain America star added his left index and middle fingers and started swishing them around, playing with his asshole. "Ohh my God!" Ryan grabbed hold of Chris' jaws and pumped hard down his throat. Chris gagged on his cock but loved every second of it, still teasing his shaft with his tongue. Eventually Ryan pulled out of Chris' mouth and helped him up to his feet.

The two immediately wrapped their arms around each others toned bodies and started making out passionately.

Chris suddenly broke the kiss. "Now do me." He quickly pulled off his pants, throwing them onto Ryan's clothes.

Ryan smiled at him for not wearing any underwear and knelt in front of his more muscular companion. Gosling stared at the erect 10.5'' piece of meat and wondered if he could really take it all in. Evans placed his hands on his hips and shot Ryan an appropriately cocky smile. "Big isn't it?" Ryan eyed the entire length of it one more time before simply saying, "Yeah." He grabbed the base of it with his left hand and slowly began swallowing it.

He managed to take 8'' of it before gagging, unable to swallow it any further. "Don't sweat it man, few guys can fit it all down their throat." Ryan bobbed his head and rubbed Chris' big hairy balls, savoring the taste and feel of his huge manhood. After sucking for a while Chris pulled Ryan off him and said, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Both still buck naked Chris led Ryan to the bedroom. "There's something I wanna do with you Chris, lay down on the bed." Evans obliged, laying down on his back with his hands behind his head, wondering what Gosling wanted to do.

Ryan knelt at the foot of the bed and leaned his head over to Chris' right foot. Oh so slowly Ryan licked up from the bottom of his heel to his toes. Not stopping there Ryan continued, sweeping his tongue up along the length of Chris' foot, then calf, then thigh. Stopping at the hairy, sweaty spot in between his asshole and his balls, Ryan then moved upwards.

Licking all the way up his nutsac then his shaft and cockhead before moving back down again to the same spot beneath the balls. Continuing on, Ryan traced the same path with his tongue down Chris' left leg and foot ultimately finishing at the bottom of his left heel. Chris smiled down at Ryan. "I liked that." Ryan stoked Chris' inner thigh. "I thought you would."

Before either of them could perform another sex act, the sound of Chris' doorbell ringing sent a chill up the hunky actors' spines. Ryan got up and spun around, facing away from Chris. And although Chris was overtaken with the fear of being caught having sex with another man he couldn't help but stare at Ryan's scrumptious tight buns. At the sound of the doorbell ringing for a second time Chris jumped up off the bed.

"Uhh... just stay here, I'll go see who it is." Trotting downstairs in the nude with his large erection swinging in between his legs, Chris grabbed up Ryan's underwear and put it on. Then he picked up his jeans and struggled to get into them as quickly as possible. The doorbell rang again and Chris decided not to put a shirt on, he just stashed the remaining clothes under the couch and hurried over to the door. He made quite the sight answering the door. His ripped chest heaving, nipples erect, drops of sweat forming in the hair on his broad pecs, and his crotch bulging with an obviously large piece of wood.

Nervously waiting for Chris to get rid of whoever was at the door, Ryan was sitting on the bed when he heard Chris and someone else coming up the stairs. Panicking, Ryan hid in the closet next to the bed when Chris and another man came into the room. Peeking through the small gap between the closet door and the wall, Ryan was shocked to see Chris and the other guy already completely naked laying on the bed, groping each other and making out. When Ryan realized who the other guy was he was totally stunned. Dozens of thoughts flew through Gosling's head but soon all he could think was, "Shit! That is hot!".
To be continued...

Chapter Text

When Chris answered the door he found his younger brother Scott standing there. "Hey big bro..." Scott was clearly surprised to find his brother so excited, and he was clearly turned-on to find his brother so excited as well.

Chris immediately pulled Scott inside and closed the door before the two men threw their arms around each other and engaged in a deep incestuous kiss. Passionately making-out with his brother never failed to get Scott Evans dick rock-hard, and today was no exception. Scott's stiff prick strained the material of his pants and he had to break their kiss to start undressing.

Chris quickly pulled off his jeans, causing his massive ten and a half inch manhood to swing up and slap his hairy abs. Scott pulled of his shirt, revealing his beefy, hairy chest and then pulled his pants and briefs off together. Scott's thick 8'' cock stood at full erection above his hairy low-hangers, encompassed by a thick bush of pubic hair. "Come on up to the bedroom bro." Chris led his hunky younger brother up the stairs, while giving him an eyeful of his hairy, muscular bubble-butt.

The Evans brothers wasted no time getting on the bed and getting down to business. They resumed their intense make-out session while groping all over each other's bodies.

Ryan Gosling watched in shock and delight from his hiding place in the closet, and stroked his rigid cock to the amazing display of brotherly love. Chris began kissing Scott's neck, while Scott moaned and gripped his brother's ass. "Ahhh fuck Chris, I've missed the feeling of your hot body against mine." Chris looked at his brother with a devilish grin.

"Is that so?" Chris climbed on top of Scott, their hard erections pressed together between their abs. "You've missed feeling this?" Chris started pumping into Scott, causing their dicks to rub together and their buff, hairy chests to grind against each other's.

Scott moaned as waves of pleasure washed over his body. "Ohh fuck yeah. Just like this, this is what I've been missing." The two men launched into another round of incestuous tongue wrestling.

Ryan quietly nudged the closet door open further, giving him a better view of the brothers. He bent his knees and massaged his cock with both hands, thoroughly enjoying himself in horny voyeur heaven.

The two brothers sweaty, hairy, muscular bodies entwined and grinding into each other as they made out was hands-down the hottest sight Ryan Gosling had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Ryan grinned from ear-to-ear as he listened to them moan like two horndogs in heat. He started pinching his nipples with one hand while using the other to deliver long, slow strokes to his eight inches of Canadian cock. Ryan watched as Scott moved his right hand down to Chris' ass and started to finger his brother's tight anus. Chris moaned even louder and thrust into Scott harder. Beads of sweat started pouring down from Ryan's forehead and armpits as he beat-off more vigorously.

Scott reluctantly broke their kiss to talk.

"I need to fuck your ass Chris, but I want to eat it first." Chris got off him, turned around and got on all fours with his ass pointed at Scott's face.

"It's all your's little brother." Scott knelt behind him and swept his tongue over his hairy, muscular buttocks. He smacked his older brother's bubble-butt a few times. "I fuckin' missed this tight ass too." Scott then eagerly buried his face in between Chris' asscheeks and licked his asshole like there was no tomorrow.

Chris cried out in ecstasy. "Ahhhh! Aww fuck yeah bro! I missed feeling your tongue on my hole." Chris looked over to the closet where he assumed Ryan was hiding and could see enough through the gap between the door and the wall to know that Ryan was both watching them and enjoying what he saw. "Yeah, ya' fuckin love it don't ya'?" Chris said. Scott stopped eating him out for a second to say, "Fuck yeah I do." Meanwhile Ryan nodded and grinned at Chris.

Chris felt an amazing mix of emotions as he watched Ryan masturbate. Knowing that another hot guy was seeing him and and his brother having sex and getting off on it turned out to be an insanely strong turn-on for Chris. But Chris' thoughts about Ryan's voyeurism were suddenly swept away when he was overcome by the sensation of his brother's tongue plunging into his anus.

"Fuck that feels good. I forgot how good that feels." Scott swirled his tongue around inside his brother repeatedly, while Chris panted in lust.

Scott continued for a while and then finished rimming him and straightened up on his knees. "All right, I'm ready to ream your ass. Get on your back." Chris quickly complied, laying on his back and placing his calves on Scott's shoulders.

Scott lined his cockhead up with his brother's asshole and said, "It's been too long since I felt your ass wrapped around my dick." And then plunged his rigid member inside his brother. "Mmmmm! Ohh fuck yeah Scott! FUCK ME HARD BRO!" Scott didn't waste any time gaining momentum, he was soon slamming into Chris as hard as he could.

The sound of their muscular bodies slapping against each other, the smell of their sweat in the air, the sight of their hot incestuous sex all combined to drive Ryan Gosling wild with lust. As he uncontrollably jerked his cock his balls tightened with the anticipation of blowing his load. Scott kept plowing into his brother with an equal amount of lust-crazed enthusiasm.

With every thrust sweat flew off of Scott and onto Chris' hairy, muscular torso, which was already drenched in his own sweat.

Chris groaned from the pain of his brother's cock invading his asshole but moaned from the sheer delight of his brother's cock rubbing his prostate. Chris' huge, hard cock throbbed while laying on top of his abs. Chris groped Scott's hairy chest, squeezing his pecs, pinching his nipples, feeling his armpits, and then licking the sweat from his fingers.

"Mmmm, you taste so good bro. I missed your flavour." Scott grinned down at him. "Is that so? Let me remind myself how you taste." Scott reached down, felt his brother's sculpted hairy chest and then licked his hand clean.

"Mmm yeah. Nothing like the taste of incest." This latest display threw Ryan over the edge. In his mind he thought, "So wrong, but so hot," and the next thing he knew he was firing off ropes of cum. His semen splattered against the inside of Chris' closet door, and Ryan had to struggle not to shout as his orgasm washed over him. Chris suspected he heard Ryan cum in his hiding spot and decided to speed things up.

"Come on bro, seed my asshole. I need your cum in me." Scott started thrusting in more rapidly. "Yeah? Ya' need little bro's spunk?" Chris smiled up at his younger brother. "Fuck yeah little bro! Cream in my hairy faggot ass!" Scott threw his head back and yelled as his balls unleashed his hot, creamy jizz into his brother.

"FUCK YEAH SCOTT!! SEED MY ASS!!!" Chris jerked off his own cock, spilling his load onto his hairy, sweat-drenched pecs. Scott continued to shout as his balls emptied into Chris. The younger Evans brother collapsed onto his sibling as he panted heavily while recovering from his amazing orgasm.

Ryan Gosling felt his cock start to harden as he watched the Evans studs' hairy, muscular bodies entwine again, this time soaked in their sweat.

The brothers began deeply kissing again while gently feeling each others' body. Ryan smiled broadly and gave his growing member some long, slow strokes.

Scott then licked Chris' cum of his pecs and proceeded to lick the sweat from every inch of his brother's body.

Ryan watched in absolute bliss as the two siblings spent the next several minutes licking their sweat off each other. They spent the most amount of time swiping their tongues through they're hairiest areas. Their armpits, chest hair, pubic bushes and ass hair got the most attention from their insatiable mouths. When the two finally finished they gave each other a long French kiss.

"All right bro, why don't you get in the shower. I gotta' go back downstairs and collect up our clothes. I'll join you for some wet fun soon." Chris kissed his brother softly. "All right, sounds good. I'll see ya' soon." Scott got up, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Chris went over to the closet as soon as he heard the water running. Ryan stepped out of the closet with a mischievous smirk on his face.

"You sure know how to entertain a guest Evans." Chris smiled right back at him and pointed at his stiff dick.

"I see you enjoyed the show, allow me to take care of that." Chris got down on his knees and sucked Ryan's cockhead into his mouth. Ryan tilted his head back and sighed with pleasure as Chris began sucking his cock deep into his throat. Chris expertly serviced Ryan and soon his balls tightened up, ready to spill his seed.

"Ohh shit yeah!" Ryan cursed as he came and Chris hungrily swallowed all of his cum. When Chris stood back up Ryan gave him a passionate kiss.

"Thanks for the good time. I'll collect your clothes and leave them on the couch, you go have fun with your brother." This time Chris gave Ryan a passionate kiss.

"Thanks man, let's get together again sometime." Ryan walked towards the stairs and turned to say goodbye before heading down. Chris eagerly went into the bathroom to join Scott in the shower.

Downstairs Ryan got dressed and left the Evans brothers' discarded clothes on Chris' couch. As he opened the door to leave he could hear what sounded like loud moans coming from upstairs. Ryan grinned as he closed the door and walked over to his car. "Oh I'll definitely be calling you again soon."

Chapter Text

Taylor Lautner was alone in a hotel room with his co-star from the Twilight movies; Kellan Lutz. They were both sitting on the couch shirtless while Lautner was busy licking his fellow actor's washboard abs.

Occasionally he reached up and squeezed Kellan's pecs and tweaked his nipples. Kellan showed his appreciation by letting out deep moans while running his fingers through Taylor's hair.

When Taylor suddenly stopped licking, Lutz looked down at him quizzically. "Kellan take off your pants." Taylor rubbed his thigh and pouted his lips. "All right, all right, you greedy cocksucker." Kellan stood up and undid his fly while Taylor got naked and knelt in front of him. As he pulled down his pants and boxers, his beautiful 9'' erection sprung up and nearly hit Taylor in the face.

And like the greedy cocksucker he was accused of being Taylor immediately inhaled half of his friend's dick. Expertly he licked the shaft and sucked the head while he played with Lutz's big hairy balls.

"Mmmmmm, damn you can give head." Kellan placed his hand on the back of Lautner's head and pushed him down further on his manhood. Taylor obligingly sucked further, stretching his well-used throat until his nose rested in Kellan's blonde pubes. "Fuck man, you took the whole thing this time!" Lutz forcefully patted the back of his head in congratulations.

Taylor began bobbing his head, servicing every thick delicious inch of Kellan's cock. Kellan put one foot up on the couch and started pumping with the rhythm of Taylor's blowjob. His big dick being massaged by his co-star's warm, inviting throat was sending waves of pleasure throughout his body.

Lutz pinched and twisted his sensitive nipples while moaning. "Mmmmmmmm. Ohhh fuck yeah Lautner! Man can you give head!"  Taylor would've smiled if his lips weren't stretched over the wide girth of Kellan's thick penis. Pumping harder while holding the sides of Lautner's head, Kellan face-fucked his fellow movie star. Taylor gagged while Lutz's dick thrust in and out of his throat.

Kellan continued to pump, loving the sound of Taylor gagging on his big fuckstick. Clearly enjoying it as well, Taylor ran his fingers over Kellan's smooth six-pack. Suddenly Kellan pulled out of Lautner's mouth. "All right that's good." Lutz turned around and presented his buff ass. "Now service this." Taylor grabbed hold of Kellan's big smooth asscheeks and stuck his face in between. "God you've got a nice, tight jock cunt!"

Lautner gorged himself on Lutz's ass, his tongue roaming across his muscular buttocks. Taylor swept up and down Kellan's delicious crack, licking over his sensitive rosebud. "Mmmmm, aww fuck yes Taylor! Fuck can you service a man!" Encouraged by his friend's compliments, Taylor inserted the tip of his tongue into Kellan's asshole. "Mmmmmmmm! Aww fuck baby, slip me some more of that tongue." Taylor pressed his lips against the sweaty anal ring and shoved his tongue in as far as he could.

"Fuck yeah baby! That's the stuff! Tongue that hole!!" Lautner proceeded to squeeze Lutz's bum while swirling his tongue around in his co-star's ass. Kellan bucked against Taylor, pressing down on him harder. "Mmmmmm, keep it up man. Feels so fuckin' good." The two continued like this until Kellan stood up off of Taylor and said, "All right, now I'm gonna plow you."

"Get your ass up in the air." Kellan commanded his friend. Taylor instead stood up and put his arms around Lutz's broad shoulders. "I've got a better idea. Did you see me riding that mechanical bull?" Kellan grinned while Lautner felt up his muscular back.

"That is a better idea." Kellan sat down on the couch with his legs spread while Taylor got up and squatted over over his rigid cock. Slowly Lautner lowered himself. His tight ass swallowing first the head, then half of Lutz's thick member.

"Gonna' take it all fag?" Kellan said. "Yeah, I'm gonna' milk your dick." Taylor responded. The two had hooked up with each other enough to know how to push each others' buttons in just the right way.

Taylor managed to sink all the way down on Kellan's erection. He squeezed his buttocks and clenched his asshole, applying a tremendous amount of pressure on Lutz's thick cock. "Mmmmmmmm, attaboy Lautner. Now ride my monster!" Taylor began thrusting up and down, effectively jacking Kellan with his anus.

Kellan leaned back and put his hands behind his head, nicely showing off his big biceps. Taylor vigorously rode him while reaching down and groping his muscular arms and chest.

Kellan Lutz seemed like a perfectly nice, polite young man most of the time. But when it came to sex, Kellan was a horny, greedy, self-centered jerk. Exactly the kind of guy Taylor Lautner loved to get screwed by.

Lautner rode cock like a pro, grinding his ass down onto Lutz's bull balls and feeling Kellan's pubes tickle his own nuts. Taylor grunted and moaned while riding the thick member, feeling it graze his prostate with almost every thrust.

Kellan continued to sit back and enjoy it, occasionally throwing in a degrading remark. "You better fuckin' milk my cock, fag." Taylor pumped his ass up and down faster, putting effort into clenching his asshole tightly. "Ohhhh fuck Kellan. Jesus Christ you're HUNG!" Lutz laughed and removed his right hand from behind his head to slap Lautner on the buttcheek. "Ahhhhh yeah, slap me like a bitch." Kellan slapped again, with much more force. "Yeah, ya' like that, don't ya' fag? You fuckin' love it when a real man treats you like a bitch." He slapped him a few more times, reddening his ass. "Ohhh, ohhhhhh fuck yeah. I fuckin' love it!" Taylor moaned and breathed heavily, his toned chest heaving. Kellan reached up and mercilessly twisted his nipples. "You better fucking squeal for me bitch!"

Taylor kept riding Kellan's cock as hard as he could. All the while grunting, moaning, and panting like the bitch in heat he was. Ohhhhh yeah man. Ohhhhhh FUCK your cock is big! You're such a fucking hot hung stud, man!" Lutz had a cocky grin stretched across his face while he was brutally tweaking and twisting Lautner's nipples, and slapping and smacking his ass cheeks 'til it they looked like huge red tomatoes.

Taylor loved being used and abused like this and began stroking his hard 8'' erection. "Ohhhhh Kellan, I want you to blow your load right up my ass man!" Kellan felt his big balls tighten and knew he'd be doing just that real soon. "You better beg for my load better than that bitch!" Taylor continued to ride harder then he ever had before, causing waves of pleasure to shoot through his co-star's body. "Ohhhhhhhh pleeeeeease Kellan. PLEASE!! I fucking need your hot load up my fag ass!!!" Lutz felt the pressure in his ball reach it's limit and  his entire muscular body convulsed in orgasm. "Mmmmmmm Ohhh FUCK YEAH!! FUCK YEEAAAHH!!!"

Kellan fired a hot load of jizz up Taylor's ass, coating the walls of his rectum. The sensation of Lutz's buff, sweaty frame pulsating beneath him while he filled his insides with creamy jism sent Lautner over the edge.

He squealed like an animal and jerked his cock off, spurting his own hot load onto both his and Kellan's defined abs. "Mmmmmmm, Ohhh fuck yeah fag! You fuckin' milked my cock nice!" Kellan returned his hands to behind his head while his friend's spent body collapsed on top of him. Taylor then got off and sat down on the couch next to Lutz and started spooning both of their cum into his mouth with his fingers. "I love it when a real stud like you breeds my fag ass." Kellan laughed again and said, "Yeah, I bet you do." before closing his eyes and nodding off. When he awoke he found a note Taylor left behind simply saying that he was looking forward to the next time they got together. Grinning from ear to ear Kellan got up and started to put his clothes back on.

Chapter Text

Actor Bradley Cooper finished toweling off after a shower at his favourite gym. The place was pretty much deserted at the moment and he was the only guy in the shower/changing room.

He thought this was pretty weird, he expected a lot of people to be following him everywhere he went after being named "People's Sexiest Man Alive" 2011.

He slipped on his underwear and was about to start putting the rest of his clothes back on when he heard someone enter the room behind him. Turning around he came face to face with last year's "Sexiest Man Alive", Ryan Reynolds. "Oh hey Ryan, funny bumping in to you." Bradley was surprised to see Ryan and even more surprised to see him wearing nothing but very snug white briefs.

"Hey Brad, great to see you." Ryan beamed at him with more than just a look of friendly welcome in his eyes. Cooper felt his dick start to grow, the two men were standing a few inches from each other, clad only in their tighty whiteys. Both men were hunks; Ryan with his rippling, muscular physique and gorgeous good looks, and Bradley with his hairy, toned body and handsome features. Ryan's underwear left little to the imagination, there was a significant bulge that made it pretty clear what was on his mind. Reynolds caressed the sides of Bradley's torso.

"I'm glad I finally caught you, I've been trying to be alone with you ever since I heard you'll be the one I'm passing the torch to." Bradley looked at him quizzically, "Passing the torch?" Ryan smiled, "Yeah, I decided to start a tradition where the previous 'Sexiest Man Alive' passes the torch on to the new 'Sexiest Man Alive'. So I'll be 'passing it' to you." His smile widened and his nipples erected when saying "passing it to you", and Bradley was pretty sure knew what he was in for.

Ryan started running his fingers through the hair on Bradley's abs, moving down towards the waistband of his briefs. Cooper stopped him, "Shouldn't we go somewhere private? What if someone walks in on us?" Reynolds simply flashed him his gorgeous smile again and said, "That's half the fun." Ryan leaned in and pressed his lips against Bradley's before slipping his tongue in. Bradley kissed back, he opened his mouth and the two men began swirling their tongues around in each other's mouths.

Making out sent both actors over the edge. They threw their arms around each other, grinding their bulging crotches together and groping their tight butts. Ryan was the first to pull his own underwear off, his 8'' erection springing up above his large balls. Bradley quickly followed suit, throwing off his briefs, his member also standing up at a full length of 8''. Bradley's balls and pubes were much furrier than his fellow actor's though.

Reynolds grabbed both their dicks by the base and started rubbing them together, the pleasure inducing friction driving Cooper mad with lust. Bradley used one hand to grip his own cock so Ryan wouldn't have to, and used the other to pull Ryan's head closer. Ryan followed Bradley's lead and used one of his hands to hold Bradley's head close, while the other gripped his cock. The two men stood there kissing passionately while holding each other and frotting. Their hands eventually began to roam all over each other while they simply ground their hips into one another. The actors carried on in this manner for a few minutes until Ryan reluctantly broke away.

"All right turn all the way around, slowly." Reynolds asked.

Cooper complied, giving Ryan an excellent look at Bradley's entire sexy body. Ryan was especially impressed with his hairy ass, he shot him a mischievous look and said, "Why don't you bend over and let me eat that sweet ass of yours?" Bradley smiled back at him and again complied with his request. Bradley spread his feet wide and leaned over, presenting his furry, buff rear end to his fellow actor. Ryan eagerly knelt down and immediately gripped and spread Cooper's asscheeks before shoving his face in between.

Reynolds hungrily licked up from the bottom of Bradley's nuts, over his sensitive anus, up to the top of his butt repeatedly, savoring the taste and feel of his hairy asscrack. Ryan briefly stopped licking to say, "Jesus Brad you've got a hot fuckin' ass." before plunging his tongue into his asshole.

Cooper closed his eyes and howled in ecstasy, the sensation of Reynold's tongue swirling in his ass sent ripples of pleasure all throughout his body. When he opened his eyes again another man had entered the changing room. Bradley's face went bright red as he saw the man stare silently in shock. Unaware that they were being watched Ryan continued to uninhibitedly eat Bradley's asshole.

A million different thoughts raced through Cooper's mind and all he could do was sheepishly smile at the man. The sensation of Reynolds rimming him was amazing and he couldn't bring himself to stop Ryan, even though he didn't want to be caught having gay sex in public. Deciding that the pleasure was just too damned good Cooper let Reynolds continue without alerting him to their new audience.

Bradley started stroking his cock, having sex in public while someone watched was turning out to be an insanely arousing experience for the star of "The Hangover" movies.

Bradley now understood why Ryan said that someone walking in on them was "half the fun". Just as the man who first walked in on them dropped his towel and started to rub his semi-hard dick two more men walked in together. "Whoa!", "What the fuck?", the new spectators said as they laid eyes on the actors' public sex show. Hearing these two men Ryan stopped rimming and stood up behind Cooper. Flashing the three men a devilish smile he immediately plunged his hard cock into Bradley's asshole.

Bradley yelped in pain as Reynolds' 8'' fuckstick plowed into him, and the three guys watching just stared dumbstruck. "I love fucking with an audience," Ryan whispered in his ear.

Bradley felt exhilarated being fucked by this awesome stud while three other men watched. The men continued to stare silently while they slowly stroked their growing erections. Cooper was really having fun now, he started bucking his hips backwards into Reynolds' strong thrusts. The sound of Ryan's balls slapping Bradley's ass as the two grunted like animals filled the room.

Bradley gripped his cock with both hands and jacked himself when he felt Ryan's dick become absolutely rigid in his ass, a sign he was going to cum soon. Reynolds' grabbed Cooper's shoulders and slammed into him as hard as he could, feeling his orgasm wash over his entire body as his jism flooded Bradley's insides. Cooper's own dick went off and shot several ropes of cum onto his furry pecs and abs.

After their orgasms subsided the two actors faced each other and passionately embraced as they began making out, their chests rubbing together, spreading Bradley's semen over both of them. The three spectators soon dispersed, going to showers far apart, trying to hide their erections. Ryan eventually broke their kiss, and the two rinsed the cum off their torsos and dried each other's bodies.

Ryan gave Bradley a kiss before putting his clothes back on. "That was a lot of fun man, but I've got to get going. Let's have an encore performance sometime." Bradley quickly got dressed. "Uhh yeah, sometime soon hopefully." "Sure thing sexy." Reynold's winked at him before exiting the room. Cooper looked at the three other men one last time, they were all facing straight ahead at the wall while they showered. As Bradley left he couldn't help but wonder who he'd be "passing the torch" to next year.

Chapter Text

Ryan Kwanten had been waiting naked in his hotel room for fifteen minutes before Joe Manganiello knocked on the door. The Australian-born actor greeted his "True Blood" co-star with a smile and an 8" hard-on. Kwanten quickly ushered him in and closed the door.

"Hey Joe, God am I glad to see you." Joe looked down Ryan's toned, defined body to his erection and then back up at his handsome face and smiled. "Really? I would never have guessed." Ryan smiled back. "I can't turn on the tv without seeing your six-pack in a commercial for 'Magic Mike' and getting excited." Joe grinned from ear-to-ear. "Yeah, I've been hearin' that a lot lately.

There's plenty of horny faggots out there beggin' to feel my cock up their ass right now." Ryan's dick throbbed when Joe used the word "faggots" and Joe's grin managed to widen even further. "And I've been real busy lately tryin' to supply for so many demands." To Ryan's delight Joe started to unbutton his shirt. "Lucky for you; you've got a real tight ass."

After taking off his shirt Joe started to undo his belt and fly. Ryan gazed at Manganiello's immaculate torso, his beautifully sculpted muscles flexing as he removed his clothes.

Joe pulled off his jeans and boxers and tossed them aside, standing there in all his nude glory. Ryan took in a deep breath when his eyes landed on Joe's huge genitals. His thick cock had already filled to it's enormous 12 inch length and stood above his big, hairy, low-hanging balls. A trimmed patch of dark pubic hair tapered up towards his navel.

Joe stood still, letting Ryan admire his manhood. "Fuck, every time I see it I'm blown away by just how big it is." Ryan breathed out softly. Joe then turned around, looked back at Ryan over his shoulder and said, "And how about this side?" Kwanten's cock throbbed again as he took in the sight of Joe's naked ass. The smooth, buff buttocks stood out below his rippling, muscular back. Ryan licked his lips as he stared at the dark hairs peeking out from between the cheeks. Joe turned back around and looked Ryan in the eyes. "You wanna' lick my hole, you gotta' suck my pole."

Ryan immediately knelt down in front of Joe and grabbed the base of his cock. He licked along the underside of the shaft twice before sucking the cockhead into his mouth.

Manganiello let out a low moan and gripped the back of Ryan's head with one hand. "You're one of the few fags that can swallow all my meat Kwanten. I appreciate a man with skill." Ryan started to go down further, gagging as his throat stretched to accommodate the girth of Joe's cock. "Mmmmm, music to my ears." Joe chuckled. When Ryan's nose reached Joe's pubes he took in a whiff of the sweaty scent, enjoying his manly musk. Ryan began bobbing his head as he orally serviced his fellow actor.

Joe started pumping his hips, driving his prick back and forth in Ryan's throat. Tears slid down Ryan's face as he struggled to keep deepthroating Joe while being face-fucked. Joe increased his pace and soon his low-hangers were slapping Kwanten's stubbled chin. Manganiello continued to fuck Ryan's throat for a few more minutes before he pulled out. "All right cocksucker, you did a good job blowin' me. He turned around and put one foot up on the couch, spreading his asscheeks. "Now here's your reward."

As fast as Ryan had got down on his knees to suck Joe's cock he moved even faster to eat his ass. Ryan tightly grabbed each buttock and plunged his face in between. He vigorously licked Manganiello's hairy asscrack, savoring the flavour of his sweat. "Ahhh fuck! You've got such a fuckin' tasty arse!" Ryan soon moved onto Joe's tight anus, rapidly licking it before sticking his tongue inside.

Joe grunted and pinched his hard nipples when he felt Ryan's tongue penetrate him. "Ahh fuck yeah! I've never fucked a fag who can eat ass better than you Kwanten." Ryan swirled his tongue around in Joe's anus, causing him to moan in pleasure. The stubble on Ryan's chin and around his lips tickled Joe's taint. Joe tweaked and twisted his sensitive nipples while Ryan expertly ate his hole, they continued like this for a few more minutes until Joe was ready to move on to the main event. "All right Kwanten get on the couch."

Ryan laid back on the couch with his ass at the edge and his legs in the air. Joe grabbed Ryan's legs and placed his calves on his shoulders and then  planted his feet apart so his massive cock was lined up with Ryan's asshole. Ryan lustfully gazed up at Joe's face. "Fuck me raw." Manganiello grinned down at him.

Joe wasted no time getting started; he thrust his hips forward, sliding all 12 thick inches of his manhood into Ryan's tight ass. Ryan threw his head back and moaned. "OHH FUCK! God I missed having your cock in my arse!" Manganiello chuckled and began pumping his hips and buff ass, driving his fat cock back and forth in Kwanten's rectum. The friction of his cock sliding against Ryan's tight anus sent shivers of pleasure throughout Joe's muscular frame. Joe started to quicken his pace, forcefully ramming his prick into Ryan repeatedly, causing his low-hangers to slap against Ryan's ass to the rhythm of his fucking. Joe began to sweat, beads of perspiration slowly slid down his ripped chest. Ryan reached up and collected drops of Joe's sweat on his fingers and then brought them to his mouth and licked them.

Ryan then started to pinch Joe's nipples, causing him to moan and increase the strength of his thrusts. "Mmmmm yeah, keep that up Kwanten. God you've got a tight ass, tighter than that stoner Matthew McConaughey's or that homo Matt Bomer's." Ryan smiled up at him proud of how tight his ass has remained, despite all the rough fuckings he's received from his various "True Blood" co-stars. Joe began plowing him faster than ever. "Nothing gets me hotter than a tight ass wrapped around my fat cock."

As Joe kept driving his huge prick back and forth in Ryan's ass he felt an orgasm quickly approaching. "I'm gonna' seed your ass soon Kwanten." Manganiello started breathing more heavily, his balls tightening up in anticipation of blowing his load. Ryan continued to play with Joe's nipples, knowing how much he loved to feel them being pinched and twisted. Joe howled in pleasure as his balls unleashed a hot flood of cum into Ryan's eager ass.

"OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH!!! Damn you know how to milk a cumshot outta' me!" Joe kept thrusting into Ryan as he rode out the remainder of his orgasm. Ryan looked up at Joe with a dirty grin as he pulled out his softening cock.

"Fuck that was fun, but now it's my turn." Joe looked down at Ryan's sore asshole and then back up to his face. "Yeah, I guess you earned it." Ryan got up and stood behind him, his 8'' dick rock-hard and ready.  Joe put one foot up on the couch as he had when he offered his ass to be eaten, except this time he leaned forward giving Ryan better access to his seldom-fucked hole. Kwanten knelt down and gave one wet kiss to Manganiello's tight anus before standing back up and pressing his cockhead against it. Joe looked over his shoulder at Ryan. "I hardly ever let fags fuck me, make it count."

Ryan grinned from ear-to-ear as he slid his 8 inches into Joe's ass. After he felt his balls touch Joe's buttocks he started thrusting back and forth, building up a rhythm. Joe looked over his shoulder at Ryan again.

"You better pick up the pace Kwanten." Ryan didn't answer him, he just increased the speed and force of his thrusts. Occasionally Ryan leaned over and licked the sweat off of Manganiello's rippling back. Joe started pushing back against Ryan whenever he thrust forward, causing their bodies to slam together with a sweaty thud each time. Joe gave a low moan of pleasure every time Ryan's dick rubbed his prostate. Standing there drenched in sweat, shoving his cock up a hung muscle-stud's ass while hearing him moan sent a surge of testosterone throughout Ryan's body.

He gripped Joe's shoulders as he plowed into him again and again, feeling the sweat fly off of him and his balls tighten up. Feeling another man's cock up his ass was a rare pleasure for Joe Manganiello and it was quickly getting him hard again. He pinched and twisted his nipples and stroked his growing shaft.

When he felt Kwanten's balls tighten up as they bounced off his buttcheeks he knew Ryan was going to blow his load soon.

Ryan shouted at the top of his lungs as he came. "OHHHHHH!!! OHH FUCK YES!! Fuckin' hell that was good!!!" Ryan's hot spunk filled his ass as Joe jerked his cock faster. Once his orgasm finished Ryan pulled out his dick, sat down on the floor and tried to catch his breath.

Joe stood over him masturbating, his huge cock right in front of Ryan's face. Joe kept stroking himself until he came again, firing a few spurts of jism onto Ryan's face. "Thanks mate," Ryan said grinning up at him. Joe started putting his clothes back on while Ryan licked up all the cum on his face. As soon as he was fully dressed again Joe headed for the door.

Ryan stood back up, still licking the taste of spunk of his lips. "I was hoping you might want to take a shower with me while you're here." Joe looked back at him. "I'm a busy man these days. Like I said earlier; there's plenty of horny faggots out there beggin' to feel my cock up their ass right now. And the next horny faggot I'm headed to specifically asked for me to show up sweaty." Ryan felt disappointed that Joe was leaving so soon and jealous that the next guy was getting Joe drenched in sweat from the beginning. "All right man, see you another time." Before he walked out Joe looked back at Ryan one last time and said. " I think I could find time for us to get together again soon." As the door closed Ryan smiled.

Chapter Text


Actor Ryan Reynolds steps into his bathroom and takes off all his clothes for a shower. He lives alone in his large private residence, and never bothers to close the blinds on his bathroom windows or even close the door. He often enjoys being naked in the privacy of his own home, so with the door behind him wide open he strips completely nude.

As Ryan starts to wash himself he looks in the mirror at his gorgeous face with it's 5 o' clock shadow, and his toned body with his ripped build, well developed pecs and abs with a light coverage of hair on them, strong arms and legs, ample armpit hair, and a fantastic butt. He considers his hot, muscular body to be perfect, especially with his furry pubes, 8 inch, cut cock, and big hairy balls.

Ryan rubs soap over his chest, playing with his erect nipples as he smiles at his reflection, (Looking amazing as always sexy). He really admires his body, and starts to get a hard-on while he watches himself shower. Little does he know another man is admiring his body and getting an erection as he watches Ryan shower.

Ryan turns away from the mirror, but then looks back over his shoulder at the reflection of his beautiful ass. He spends a while washing it, rubbing a lot of soap into his slightly hairy ass crack. When finished cleaning his bum Ryan says aloud to himself "Well I guess it's time to wash my dick for the next half-hour," and without knowing what was happening a blindfold is put over his eyes and tied before two big arms are thrown around him, hugging him up against a large, naked, muscular and hairy man.

"Fuck yeah! Am I gonna' have fun with you!" The man says in a low, husky voice. Ryan can't help but feel that the voice is familiar, as if it was someone he knew trying to disguise their voice. Ryan's thoughts are distracted by the man dragging him out of the shower and throwing him onto his bed, before he ties his hands behind his back. The man flips Ryan over so he's laying on his back with his still hard cock sticking up in the air.

Over the sound of the shower running in the other room Ryan can hear the man say to himself, "The fucker must like this kinky shit." Ryan feels sure he has heard this voice before and believes he could hear an accent in it, (but what accent exactly?) The man leans over him and brings their faces close together. Ryan can feel his balls tighten, (In fear or arousal?) as the man whispers in his ear, "Ever been raped Reynolds?" Ryan barely manages to squeak out a hardly audible "No". "Well I guess I'm gonna' have to change that."

The man begins to french kiss Ryan, forcing his way into Ryan's mouth with his tongue. Ryan thinks to himself about why he didn't resist this man. (This guy's going to rape me and 'm just laying here takin' it? Do I want him to fuck me? No!... right? Is it because I might know him?) Ryan's thoughts are interrupted by the man ending the kiss and beginning to lick his chest. The unknown man swirls his tongue through Ryan's chest hair, going over every inch of his big pecs, stopping only to suck on his nipples. (God this feels good... wait... what am I thinking?)

The man slides his tongue down Ryan's abs, enjoying his wet body hair. The man spends a while licking Ryan's nice cockbush, taking the time to get every last one of his pubic hairs in his mouth. (Oh god, he's going to suck my cock.) The man sucks on Ryan's nuts first, again licking every last hair. Ryan can't help but moan in pleasure a little, his balls have never felt so good. "Like that eh?" the man says as he stops sucking on him and leans over him again.

"I've gotta' say I like it too. Your body's so hot, I like 'em muscular with body hair. But not more muscular or hairier than me." The man lowers himself onto Ryan, grinding their naked bodies together. Ryan's erection gets even harder as he feels the other man's 10 inch cock rubbing against it.

Ryan can feel that the man is bigger, and as he said more muscular and hairier. (I probably couldn't get away, even if I wanted too. What!?... I mean I don't want this... right?) Ryan can't tell what he wants anymore, he's never felt like this before. (God this guy's body feels good, but whose is it?). The man starts going down on Ryan, sucking on his cock up to the balls.

"Ohhhhh Fuck yeah. Fuuuck yeahhhh!" Ryan cries out in pleasure, no longer telling himself that he doesn't enjoy what this man is doing to him.

The man continues to blow Ryan for a while, stopping before he has an orgasm. "Now I'm gonna' do something that I've been waiting a helluva long time for," the man says eagerly. He abandons trying to hide his voice, but Ryan is too caught up in the moment to realize who his "rapist" is. The man flips Ryan over onto his front and grabs his legs, placing Ryan's feet on his shoulders.

The man then grabs Ryan's waist and drives his huge cock all the way up Ryan's ass. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck! Ryan shouts as he's fucked for the first time.

The man pounds Ryan's ass insanely, hitting him in the sweet spot almost every time. "Ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaahhhh! Rape me! Raaaaape meeeeeeeee!" Ryan hollers, loving his first-ever ass fucking. "Yeaahhh! Ohhh yeahhhh! I'll rape you good boy!" The man hollers back at Ryan. Eventually both men shoot huge loads, Ryan all over his bed, and the other man all inside Ryan's hole.

After they both finish cumming the man takes off the blindfold and flips Ryan back over, so that he can finally see his "rapist". Ryan smiles as he sees his good friend Hugh Jackman. "I've been lusting after you since we first started working together in "Wolverine", Hugh says. "Well I'm glad you did something about it," Ryan replies with a lusty smile. "So am I," Hugh tells him before they start to make out.

Chapter Text

Actor Ryan Reynolds came back home from a jog drenched in sweat from head to toe. As soon as he gets back inside his private residence he strips off all his sweaty clothes, throws them on the floor, and lays down face-up on his couch completely nude. Ryan loves having a private home where he can walk around naked whenever he wants.

(Man, did I work up a sweat) Ryan thinks as he wipes his hand over his strong, slightly hairy pecs. His nipples go erect when his hand passes over them and Ryan notices his dick is starting to get hard.

(I never did get to masturbate in the shower) Ryan still remembers vividly what happened almost a month ago, when right before he began to jack-off in the shower he was blindfolded from behind, grabbed and thrown onto his bed, and had his hands tied behind his back by a large, muscular, hairy man, who then raped him.

Instead of it being a horrible, degrading experience the sensation of being fucked by a man for the first time, (especially an unknown man who was doing it without Ryan's consent) turned-out to be the most intense, and pleasurable sex of Ryan's life. Ryan was shocked at how aroused he felt and how great it felt to fuck with another man. He was also shocked when he discovered that his then more than welcome rapist was his good friend and fellow actor Hugh Jackman.

Ever since then Ryan hasn't been able to get the thought of hot guys out of his head. He's began masturbating four times a day (Two more than usual) and every time now he imagines hot studs fucking each other. Often the men Ryan imagines are buff, hairy guys, similar to Hugh and himself, and he often involves both Hugh and himself in his sexual fantasies now. Ryan also realized that he considers himself to be basically perfect when it comes to sexy men.

Still laying on the couch Ryan feels himself up, running his hands over his ripped pecs and abs, enjoying the feeling of his sweat-dripping chest hair. He then put his hands behind his head and proceeds to smell and then lick each armpit, savouring his manly odour and loving the feeling of caressing his pit hair with his tongue. (God I love the smell of guy sweat) He then reaches down and runs his fingers through his ample pubic hair, (Man, I've got a nice cockbush too) before massaging his big, furry balls.

"And now on to the main event" Ryan says aloud as he grasps his 8" cut cock with both hands. His right hand strokes up and down the shaft and head, while his left hand keeps a hold on the base and occasionally rubs his nutsac.

"Aaahhh Aaaaahhhhhh, Ohhhhhh yeaaahhhh, Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Ryan begins moaning softly as he imagines a lockeroom filled with the smell of sweat and semen, and the sound of two horny studs in the middle of a good fucking.

("Ohhhhhhhhh yeeaaaaahhhhhhh! Fuck yeaah! Fuuuck yeaah!" a man shouts-out, overcome with lust. "Ohhh yeah! Ya like that! Ya like that, ya horny fucker!" There was Hugh Jackman in all his naked glory, bigger and hairier than Ryan. Hugh was plowing a guy's ass from behind, a look of concentration, anger, and sheer pleasure on his face. "Ohhhhh yesss! Yesssssss! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me like when you raped me!" The man Hugh was fucking was Ryan of course, beating his meat with one hand and feeling his pecs with the other.

Meanwhile Hugh held him by the waist and shoved his 10' cock up Ryan's ass over and over again. "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck that feels good! Fuck it feels sooooooooo good!" "Ohhhhhh yeaaah fucker! Yer ass is sooooooooo tight, ya horny fucker!")

"Ohhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ryan hollers at the top of his lungs as he blows his load all over his crotch and hands. As Ryan started licking cum off his fingers he sighed and said to himself "I'm going to have to go out and fuck with a guy for real soon."

The End... For now

Chapter Text

Actors Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten were all together in a hotel room. A week before, Ryan Reynolds had the idea that the three of them should get together to have some ‘fun’.

He contacted the other two, who were both excited at the idea, and arranged for them to meet. They all arrived at the hotel, keeping a low profile, and gathered in Reynolds’ suite.

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten walked into the room together and found Reynolds completely nude waiting for them. His chiseled body on full display was a welcoming sight for the other two actors, and as he walked over to greet them, his semi-hard dick wagged from side-to-side a little.

He had a short beard and a light coating of hair on his upper chest that spread down to his abs and into his treasure trail, which led into his pubic bush. “Hey guys, glad you could make it. Just leave your shoes by the door and your clothes on that chair.”

“Thanks mate. Glad to be here.” Kwanten said as he took off his jacket.“I’d never miss an opportunity like this.” Gosling said as he eyed Reynolds’ pecs and then reached over and pinched his left nipple, feeling how hard it was.Reynolds sighed with pleasure at the sensation, which shot a jolt through his penis. “Mmmm, thanks. Can I get you guys some drinks?”“Yeah, just some water for me, thanks.” The True Blood star answered, while peeling his shirt off.

“No thanks, I’m good.” Gosling responded, now giving Kwanten’s torso a look-over. Kwanten had a small amount of chest hair that started on his upper chest and continued down to circle his nipples.

“All right, just wait a sec.” Reynolds turned and walked over to the mini-bar, giving the other Ryans a great look at his smooth, hard buttocks in motion. After opening up the small fridge he bent over to look inside, giving his guests an eye-full of his tight, pink pucker and the coarse, sweaty patch of hair that surrounded it.Gosling turned toward Kwanten and flicked his tongue at him suggestively. Kwanten grinned back mischievously, then quickly took off his belt and pulled down his jeans.

The hot Aussie wasted no time getting his briefs off and leaving all his clothes in a pile on the chair Reynolds pointed out. Gosling watched with silent enjoyment as the Australian actor’s toned body was exposed. Kwanten had a slim treasure trail that connected to a very bushy set of pubes. He walked over to Reynolds while Gosling’s eyes were glued to his tight butt.

As Reynolds grabbed a bottle of water and stood back up, he felt a hand squeeze his left butt cheek. He turned around to find Kwanten standing there naked, with his 8 inch dick pointing at his chin.“Nice arse.” The Aussie commented, grinning from ear-to-ear.“Thanks,” Reynolds looked Kwanten in the eye, and then down at his erection, then back up again, “I’m glad to see you like it.” He said, with an appreciative smile. He handed him the bottle. “Here you go.”Kwanten took it and said; “Thanks.” He opened it up and took a swig.

Reynolds led him over to the couch and sat down in the middle, and Kwanten sat next to him on the left. Reynolds put his arm around the Aussie and then looked over at his fellow Canadian actor. Gosling had stripped down to his boxers, which had a noticeable bulge in the crotch.

As he pulled them down his hard 8 inches swung up and slapped his abs. He then stepped out of his boxers and threw them on top of the clothes pile. Gosling’s chest was smooth and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed.

He walked over to the couch and took the remaining seat next to Reynolds, who immediately put his other arm around him. In between the other two studs Reynolds’ semi-hard penis quickly stiffened to full erection, rounding the trio out with another 8 inch dick.Kwanten took another gulp of water and then set the bottle down on the coffee table.

“So Reynolds, did ya’ really come up with the idea for us to get together just because we all have the same name?”Reynolds looked at him and rubbed his shoulder. “Yes I did, and why not? I think the three of us will have a lot of fun together.” He rubbed both their shoulders.

“I was just asking, didn’t mean anything by it. It just seemed kinda’ strange asking two other guys to hook-up with ya’, just because we all have the same name.”“Well I’ve been lusting after the two of you for a while now. So it seemed like a good idea to schedule a ‘Ryans only night’.”“You could’ve invited Ryan Phillipe too.” Gosling chimed in.

“Yeah,” Reynolds responded, “but I couldn’t get in contact with him.”Kwanten reached over and lightly stroked Reynolds’ cock. “I bet you’d love to get in contactwith him.”Reynolds chuckled at his comment and continued rubbing his shoulder.

“So in the next season of True Blood do we finally get to see you suck Joe Manganiello’s horsecock?”“Nope, sorry mate, you’d have to stop by Joe’s dressing room to see that.”Gosling chimed in again; “How about seeing you suck Green Lantern’s cock?”Kwanten looked over at him with a big smile.

“That you can see right now.” He got down on his knees in front of Reynolds and expertly swallowed his dick down to his balls. Kwanten started bobbing his head, deepthroating him, while sweeping his tongue along the underside of his shaft.Reynolds gripped Goslings’ shoulder tightly with his right hand let out a deep moan.Gosling licked the side of Reynolds’ face and whispered in his ear; “I heard he’s a great cocksucker. And judging by the sound you just made, I heard right.”Reynolds turned his head and kissed Gosling; he kissed him back and they began exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Kwanten looked up as he kept sucking, and seeing the other two making out turned him on even more. He started jerking his stiff prick and deepthroated with more energy.

Gosling and Reynolds continued making out for a couple minutes, and then Gosling started kissing his chin and neck, eventually working his way down to his chest. Gosling kissed and licked both of Reynolds’ hard, sensitive nipples before gently nibbling on them.Reynolds let out deep groans; letting his guests know that he was enjoying the service he was receiving from them. His rigid cock leaked pre-cum into Kwanten’s mouth; which he eagerly swallowed.“Ahhh yeah. Fuck yeah guys, work me over.” Reynolds put his hands behind his head and relaxed as the other Ryans kept pleasuring him.Gosling switched from his nipples to his armpits; licking all the tangy sweat out of his pit hair.

Kwanten stopped jerking himself, and began rubbing Reynolds’ balls with one hand and using the other to pinch his own small, taut nipples.“Holy fuck, you boys sure know how to please a guy. I should’ve arranged a ‘Ryans only night’ a long time ago.”

Reynolds kept enjoying his guest’s generous attention for several more minutes, before he felt his balls tighten up in anticipation to ejaculate. “All right, I’m gonna’ fuckin’ cum soon.”Gosling looked down at Kwanten; still bobbing on Reynolds’ cock, when suddenly Kwanten pulled off as hot ropes of jizz came spewing out.“Ohhh Fuck yeah!” Reynolds shouted, while his muscles convulsed and his balls were releasing a torrent of cum.

They all watched as Reynolds soaked his abs with his own semen.“Why didn’t you swallow his load?” Gosling asked with a puzzled expression on his face.“Yeah, why not? …I know from plenty of… personal experience… that my cum tastes great.” Reynolds asked between deep breaths, still recovering from his orgasm.“I don’t know how you ‘Canucks’ do it up north, but ‘Down Under’ we like to share.” Kwanten responded while a bead of jizz dripped down his chin; Reynolds’ first shot of cum had hit his lips.“Thanks.” Gosling said before licking up the drop of seed and giving the Aussie a soft open-mouth kiss and a hard pinch on his left nipple. Then he looked over at his fellow countryman and said, “And here I thought we Canadians were so generous and polite.”Kwanten smiled up at the two. “Don’t worry mates; I was just taking the piss out of you.”They all began eating Reynolds’ cum.

Gosling and Kwanten spooned it off his abs with their fingers and then licked it up. And every now and then they reached over to Reynolds’ face so he could suck their finger into his mouth and eat his own spunk.“Mmm. You were right man; you’re cum tastes great.” Gosling said after swallowing the last drop.
Reynolds was intrigued by Kwanten’s last comment and his right eyebrow arched up as he got an idea.

“So guys, how about we head into the bathroom and we’ll get some more piss ‘taken out’?”In response the other two stood up; both their hard cocks standing straight up with a trail of pre-cum leaking down their shafts. Their gracious host licked the pre-cum off and then stood up with them; his dick soft at the moment, and led them to the bathroom, again giving them a great view of his ass.

After Reynolds led his guests into the bathroom he stepped in the large shower, got down on his knees and licked up more of their pre-cum. “All right guys, how about you give me a golden shower?”Gosling and Kwanten smiled at each other before simultaneously; grabbing their erections, pointing them at Reynolds and unleashing a stream of piss on him.The man who played the superhero who’s weakened by the colour yellow was now delighted as two ribbons of yellow water sprayed his face and chest. “Mmmmm, yeah.” Reynolds moaned before he stuck his tongue out to lick up some of their tasty urine.

He raised his arms and placed his hands behind his head.Gosling and Kwanten continued soaking his bearded face, furry armpits and hairy pecs with their warm piss. Gosling put his left arm around Kwanten’s waist and pulled him close, then reached over with his right hand and started pinching and twisting his nipples.Kwanten followed Gosling’s actions; the two of them soon had their arms around each other’s waists while they were playing with each other’s nipples, and continued to drench Reynolds’ body.

He watched the two as they hosed him and his dick began getting hard again. “Yeah that’s it guys, work each other over. So fuckin’ hot. Now kiss.”His guests obliged him and they launched into a hot make-out session.

Reynolds had to grab their dicks to keep them on target as they passionately kissed. And as their bladders began to empty out Reynolds licked at their cockheads, lapping the remaining few drops out of their piss-slits. After the other two were finished relieving themselves Reynolds started jacking their cocks and kept watching as they made out.

“Mmm yeah, that’s so hot guys.”They kept kissing for a bit longer before pausing and inviting Reynolds to join them.He stood up, still dripping with piss, and engaged with them in a three-way make out session.The trio wrapped their arms around each other; groping their companion’s backs and asses while also rubbing their stiff pricks together.

They continued like that for a while before stopping to take a break.“I’ve never made out with a fella’ and tasted mine and another bloke’s piss on his tongue.” Kwanten said, while catching his breath.

Reynolds reached over and groped the Aussie’s pecs, collecting his sweat, and said; “I’m always happy to introduce guys to new experiences.” before licking his hand clean.Gosling looked at Kwanten and asked; “Have you ever been in the middle of a ‘Canuck sandwich’?”“No, but that definitely sounds like something new I’d like to experience.” He responded, with an eager grin.

Reynolds really liked where this was going and looked over at Gosling approvingly. “Well guys, first things first, you’ll have to clean me up.”Gosling and Kwanten immediately set to work; licking the remaining drops of their urine off of Reynolds’ body.Gosling began by sweeping his tongue over Reynolds’ right pec, while Kwanten did the same to his left. The taste of their piss blended nicely with Reynolds’ sweat, and the two studs enthusiastically slurped up the erotic mixture. They licked every inch of his solid pectoral muscles, and simultaneously sucked on his hard nipples.“Mmmmm, ohh yeah. Jesus Christ you guys know how to work a man over.”

Reynolds moaned breathily.The two then began licking his armpits, vigorously eating them out. They guzzled every drop of sweat and piss and bathed each hair in his pits with their saliva.After that the pair moved south, kneeling as they tongue-swabbed his hairy washboard abs, until they eventually worked their way down to his thatch of pubic fur.

They washed each follicle clean of their piss and his sweat, and once finished; they straightened back up and each gave Reynolds a wet kiss.“There you go mate, nice and clean.” Kwanten said.“Thank you very much. Now let’s get started on that sandwich.” Reynolds replied. He then led his guests into the bedroom and sat down on the bed.

“So we’ve already designated ‘Mr. Stackhouse’ as the meat in our sandwich; but which slice of bread do I get to be? Top or bottom?”“Well how about we let the ‘meat’ decide. Which of us do you want to fuck and get fucked by?” Gosling asked.Kwanten smiled broadly at the two studs. “Let me see… I think I’ll fuck Green Lantern, since he’s been parading his arse in front of us all night, while Gosling gets my rear-end.”Reynolds sighed. “I wish you two would stop reminding me of my box office flop.”The Aussie looked at him sympathetically.

“Sorry mate, didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way you.” Then his lips curved into a smile. “I like rubbing you the right way.”Gosling grinned at him slyly. “Yeah, but stick to playing superheroes who take their shirt off, actually just stick to any roles where you take your shirt off. Watching you undress is so much better than watching you try to act.”Reynolds pointed at him and gave him a devious look. “Just for that; I’m gonna’ pound your ass after he’s through with mine.’ He said, jerking his thumb in Kwanten’s direction.“All right, enough talk. I’m expecting a sandwich, and I sure am hungry.” Kwanten exclaimed as he got up on the bed. 

Reynolds got on all fours with his bare ass pointed at the sexy star from ‘Down Under’.

Kwanten knelt behind him; smacked his left buttock hard enough to leave a red hand print, bent over and placed a kiss on it. “Nice mate, love your fine arse.”Standing behind him, Gosling leaned over and kissed both cheeks of Kwanten’s ass. He then gripped the two mounds of muscle firmly with each hand, spreading them, while he stuck his face in between.

And as Gosling started licking his taint, Kwanten did the same to Reynolds; working their tongues over every hairy, sweaty, sensitive inch of skin.Reynolds groaned in enjoyment as the Aussie pleasured him.

“Ohhhhh fuck. Damn you’ve got a hot mouth; it feels almost as good on my ass as it did on my cock.”Gosling kneaded Kwanten’s taut buttocks with his hands, while his lips latched onto his asshole. His head shook from side-to-side as he forced his tongue past the tight ring of muscle.The sudden invasion into his rectum caused Kwanten to gasp in ecstasy.Reynolds laughed. “Sounds like you’re havin’ fun back there. Did he find the sweet spot?”In response; Kwanten licked Reynolds’ balls and kept his tongue moving; along his scrotum, across his taint, over his anus and up to the top of his asscrack.

He then repeated this several more times.“Mmmmm. Goddamn you know what you’re doing.” Reynolds breathed heavily as his ass was groped by the Aussie’s tongue.Kwanten then focused on his asshole. He used his fingertips to hold the lips of Reynolds’ anus wide open while he inserted his tongue deep inside. He could feel Gosling’s tongue moving in a clockwise motion as he swirled it around inside him, while he was swirling his own tongue in a counter-clockwise motion inside Reynolds.

With his tongue buried inside one man and another man’s tongue buried in his own ass, Ryan Kwanten was in 7th heaven.The three men continued in that position for a few minutes longer until Gosling finished his rimjob. “Mmm mmm, you’ve got one delicious bunghole bro.” He declared, slapping Kwanten’s butt with approval.Kwanten then stopped slurping Reynolds’ asshole and stood up on the bed.

“All right now mates, I’m gonna’ show ya’ what Aussie hard-fucking is.”Reynolds perked up when he heard this and said, “Really? ‘Cause I heard Hugh Jackman mention it a couple of times before, when we were shooting the first ‘Wolverine’ movie together, but he never demonstrated it for me.” He sounded both disappointed that Jackman never tried it out on him and excited that Kwanten was about to.

“Trust me mate, you’ll love it. You’re already in the right position, so just stay down on all fours like that.” Kwanten placed his feet above Reynolds’ knees, squatted and lowered his body. He gripped Reynolds’ shoulders tightly with his hands and slid his prick down in between Reynolds’ asscheeks.Reynolds flexed his buttocks, squeezing Kwanten’s dick.Gosling was quiet while watching in delight as Kwanten mounted Reynolds like an animal, but he broke his silence to ask, “Can I have the honor of shoving your dick inside him?”Kwanten looked back over his shoulder at him with a huge grin and said, “Sure, I’d greatly appreciate it mate.”

Gosling gripped Kwanten’s cock, and sucked both his balls into his mouth before he forced the head in past Reynolds’ tight anus and then slowly pushed about third of it in.Reynolds let out a low groan as he was penetrated.“Thanks mate, I’ll take it from here.” Kwanten said before he began thrusting his hips, driving his cock all the way inside Reynolds, pulling back until only the head was still inside and then plunging in again. Repeating this procedure, Kwanten soon had a rhythm going, which he improved upon; increasing the force of his thrusts and decreasing the time in between them.Gosling watched Kwanten’s tight, pink asshole wink at him as he fucked Reynolds.

“Ready to get it on your end buddy?” He asked while patting Kwanten’s bum.“Not yet mate, I’ll let ya’ know when.” The Aussie hottie kept pounding into Reynolds, harder than before, while gripping his shoulders tightly. As his fucking became more frenzied Kwanten and Reynolds’ balls would slap together; not causing either man pain, but instead eliciting an erotic, tingling sensation in their scrotums.“Ohh yes, I do love Aussie hard-fucking!” Reynolds moaned out loud as the True Blood star continued his vigorous anal assault.“Uhhhnn! Fuck yeah ya’ do!” Kwanten grunted. He then looked back over his shoulder at Gosling with a determined grin.

“My arse is all yours; I want a hot ‘Canuck sandwich’ right now!”Gosling licked a long trail over Kwanten’s body; starting at his asshole and ending at his shoulders, happily slurping up all the sweat on his tongue’s journey. He then quickly jabbed his cock into the Australian’s tight anus and slid his shaft all the way in.“Mmmm! Yeah, give it to me!” Kwanten shouted.Gosling began thrusting into Kwanten, shoving into him every time he pulled back from Reynolds.Kwanten was definitely enjoying being the meat in the sandwich; he swung his hips back and forth, ramming into Reynolds’ succulent ass, then getting stabbed by Gosling’s hot rod, while his balls slapped against one and then the other man’s balls.

“Ahhhhhh YEAH!! I think I love Canuck sandwiches!”“Kwanten, if you’ve been getting fucked by ‘horsecock’ Manganiello, how is your asshole still so damn tight!” Gosling asked in a ragged breath as sweat poured down off of his forehead and chest.“We Aussies have special arse-tightening exercises that can keep our buttholes tight even after getting fisted!” Kwanten answered before leaning his head down and licking up the sweat collecting between Reynolds’ shoulder blades.

“What do you think Jason Stackhouse would say if he was in your position right now?” Reynolds asked, gleefully taking pleasure in the rough fucking he was receiving.Kwanten let out a loud whoop of enjoyment and shouted in his character’s American southern accent; “Holy shit! I had no idea faggot sex would be so damn good!”The trio of heartthrob actors kept this up for a while; the three of them moaning, panting, and sweating all over each other as they fucked hard.

Kwanten felt his balls tighten up as they slapped against the other guys’ and knew he was going to cum soon.

“I’m ‘bout to bust my nuts in your ass!” He hollered, still using that good ‘ole boy accent.“Jesus fuck!! SEED MY FAGGOT ASS!!!” Reynolds screamed out in ecstasy, his asshole clenching tightly on Kwanten’s dick.“Ahhhhh!! Ahh fuck yeah mate! Your arse feels so fuckin’ good!!” The Aussie shouted in his native accent while his came, and sent a flood of sperm into Reynolds’ raw hole. Kwanten’s body spasmed in orgasm; pouring sweat off him and tightening his anus even further around Gosling’s shaft.The tense sensation sent Gosling over the edge and his testicles erupted.

“Shit! Ohh shit!!!” As hot ropes of his cum spurted into Kwanten’s ass, Gosling wrapped his arms around Kwanten’s chest and rode-out the rest of his orgasm clinging to the Aussie’s sweat slick body and panting heavily.As soon as the last shot of Kwanten’s cum fired into Reynolds’ soaked hole he got out from under the Australian stud and moved behind Gosling. “Remember what I said earlier? I’m gonna’ pound your ass.” His cock was solid as steel from being on the tail-end of that scorching hot fuck, and he quickly shoved it up Gosling’s ass. Reynolds spanked his fellow Canadian actor’s buttocks while ramming his prick deep inside him.

“Yeah! Fuckin’ take my cock!”Gosling pushed his ass back against Reynolds’ hips and squeezed his ass around Reynolds’ prick.“Ohhh yeah! Fuck yeah!! You love my fuckin’ cock, don’t ya’?!!” Reynolds shouted, thrusting his body even harder than before.Gosling yelled back at him, goading him to fuck harder.

“Fuck yeah I do! Give me that fuckin’ hard cock! Pound my ass like you mean it!!”Kwanten laid back on the bed with his hands behind his head and enjoyed the show.Seeing Kwanten watching them definitely got Reynolds’ motor running and the horny exhibitionist in him really let loose on Gosling’s rear-end. Reynolds burst into a frenzy of rough-fucking and hard smacks to Gosling’s tender buttcheeks.Wincing at the pain, Gosling fully submitted to his role as bottom-bitch. “Shit! Ohh fuck man, drill my ass!!” Lying on the bed with his ass in the air he could feel his dick underneath him getting hard again.

“Jesus Gosling, you are such a fag!! Inhibitions completely gone, Reynolds plowed into the other Canadian with abandon, and with his dominant side on full display; he swore like a lumberjack while sweat flew off of his convulsing, sinewy muscles.Kwanten’s cock went stiff as he watched what seemed like live porn, live porn with a Hollywood A-list cast.“You think I’m just eye-candy Gosling? Think I’m just a pretty-boy with a hot bod? You might think you’re a hot-shot actor, but you’re just another piece of ass. Though I’ll admit…” Reynolds drove his cock in deep before pulling back and then slamming in harder than ever. “You’re one fine piece of ass.”

Kwanten began stroking his shaft as the two Canucks continued fucking like animals.Reynolds felt his body tense and let out a howl of ecstasy as his balls unloaded. “JESUS CHRIST!! OHH FUCK YEAH!!!”“Shit yeah! That’s feels so awesome!” Feeling his sore asshole overflow with cum got Gosling off, and he saturated the bed sheets with his spunk.When the two finally calmed down they noticed Kwanten had also busted a nut and was rubbing his load into his abs.The three actors laid together in a sweat-drenched, sperm-soaked heap; kissing and licking each other before they all eventually fell asleep.Hours later Ryan Reynolds awoke to find himself alone in bed.

A handwritten note by his cell phone read;“Last night was amazing, feel free to invite me to any future ‘Ryans only nights’, or any other get-togethers you’ll be having. -- Ryan K.”Smiling at the note, Reynolds heard his phone go off; picking it up off the nightstand he saw it was a text from Gosling.“Sorry I didn’t stick around longer. Call me again sometime.”Hopping up out of bed, Ryan headed into the shower.

Standing under the hot stream of water and lathering his body with soap he tried to think about when he should schedule the next ‘Ryans only night’. But memories of last night flooded his mind and drowned-out his train of thought. Feeling his cock swell with arousal, he started reliving last night in his head. As he spent an unnecessarily long time lathering his now rigid manhood he knew that whenever he scheduled the next ‘Ryans only night’ it would have to be sometime soon.

Chapter Text

‘The Celebrity Challenge’, a reality competition like never before. The idea of it sounded like nothing more than a jack-off fantasy of a horny gay guy. It started off as exactly that, but the horny gay guy in question also happened to be a rich and well-connected Hollywood director/producer. A Hollywood producer with more than just an interest in hot and heavy man on man action, he had a full-blown obsession with it. And so he not only devised ‘The Celebrity Challenge’, he made it happen.

He convinced other gay Hollywood power-players to help him and together they created a celebrity gay sex competition. The fourteen celebs involved in the competition were promised not only monetary incentive for participation, but also something that they all could greatly profit from; the assurance that their private sex lives would be kept exactly that; private. Each of the competitors was considered straight to the media and public, but in reality all of them were having almost constant wild gay sex in their private lives.

So the competitors all agreed to the conditions of the challenge, which included being filmed by cameras almost 24/7, everyone was confident the footage wouldn’t be viewed by anyone other than the men running the challenge. And all of them were quite aware – and excited – that they’d be having a lot of sex with their fellow competitors. The unknown Hollywood producer would be personally monitoring the competition alongside a staff of trustworthy assistants. The challenge was fairly simple in principle; the fourteen men would live together in an undisclosed location on the California coast with no communication with the outside world, where nearly all of their daily life would be caught on camera, and they would engage in weekly competitions that would gradually whittle their number down to one final winner.

Unlike televised reality programming however, the competitions these men would be engaging in were sexual – as in graphic, gratuitous gay sex.

The creator of the challenge picked out each of the guys based on nothing other than his desire for them. One by one the men were taken to the enormous mansion where the challenge was to take place.

Assistants for the man behind the challenge led each competitor to his own private quarters before he could even see any of the other contestants. They didn’t know who else was competing and were only going to find out once everyone was ready.

Each man was shown his luxurious bedroom and two bathrooms. The first bathrooms were private with no cameras; they were the only rooms in the house with no cameras.

The other bathrooms contained only a shower – with no curtains – and a urinal. These second bathrooms, like the bedrooms, had many cameras. Each guy was left alone in their new residence to unpack what few things they were allowed to bring with them and wait for further instructions. The men were told to bring only one change of clothes, but were free to bring as many sex toys as they liked.

After all of the guys got settled in, a voice came over the loudspeaker in each room.“Now that everyone has arrived, I’d like to officially welcome you all to ‘The Celebrity Challenge’.

Each of you has been selected to compete for the opportunity to be set for life in Hollywood, and I wish each of you the best of luck. Today you will meet with the other men participating in the challenge and get acquainted with this impressive estate and the adjacent secluded beach. You’ll also meet the man who will be briefing you on the rules of the competition and conducting the weekly challenges. You are all now free to leave your rooms; an assistant will escort you to the assembly room.”

Each man left his bedroom and followed one of the handsome male assistants downstairs to a large, spacious room with fourteen chairs in a semicircle facing a small stage. Once the men entered, their guides discreetly left them.

The first man to arrive was ‘Captain America’ himself; Chris Evans, followed by his ‘Avengers’ co-star Chris Hemsworth, who had cut his hair short again after filming ‘Thor 2’. They quickly embraced each other and shared a deep kiss. ‘True Blood’ and ‘Magic Mike’ star Joe Manganiello walked in next and found the two making out.

“Get a room.” Joe said and then chuckled lightheartedly.The superheroes broke their kiss and smiled cheerfully at him. Next came ‘Hercules’ hunk Kellan Lutz, who sized up the other guys with a hungry leer.“Nice, this is definitely gonna’ be a fun time.” Kellan stated as he flashed a cocky grin at them.The other actors grinned mischievously at Kellan’s overt lust.

Then ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell walked in beside another ‘True Blood’ actor; Ryan Kwanten. Kwanten immediately went over to Manganiello to shake hands with his friend and co-star while Amell said hello to the assembled men and stood nearby the two ‘Avengers’.

‘R.I.P.D.’ star Ryan Reynolds was the next one to walk in; greeting each of the other actors with a smile – and a wink for those of them who he had already spent time with.

‘Spartacus’ himself arrived next; Liam McIntyre, followed by ‘Being Human’ star Sam Witwer, both of whom instantly felt intimidated by the A-list crowd. But the more famous men didn’t look at them with disdain; instead they looked with obvious interest at the gorgeous actors. ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul was the next to arrive, delighted to see so many hot guys already waiting, even more delighted than they were to see the stunning television star. After that, the ‘Man Of Steel’ Henry Cavill walked in, turning everyone’s heads.

Then ‘Paranoia’ star Liam Hemsworth came in, and immediately went to greet his older brother Chris.

The Hemsworth brother’s incestuous proclivities weren’t a big secret to most of Australia and Hollywood’s gay celebrity society, so few of the competitors were surprised to see that the siblings would be in a sex competition together.  

Next came another ‘Spartacus’ actor, the Australian hunk Dan Feuerriegel, who quickly caught up with his co-star. Last, though certainly not least, came the ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ actor Bradley Cooper.

The handsome movie star walked in with a wide grin as he laid eyes on the amazing group of men gathered together and thought of how incredible this experience was going to be.

After all the guys exchanged pleasantries with each other, a door at the back of the stage opened and to their surprise CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper walked out wearing a tight blue t-shirt and jeans.

“Good evening gentlemen, as I assume you already know; I’m Anderson Cooper. And as I’m sure you didn’t know; I am the host of ‘The Celebrity Challenge’.”

“You’re the one who’ll be telling us the rules and conducting the challenges?” Ryan Reynolds asked aloud.

“Yes, exactly.” Anderson answered.

“You the one that set this whole thing up?” Joe Manganiello asked.

“No, I just jumped at the chance to help out with it.” Anderson replied with a smile. “Please gentlemen, take a seat.”

The group sat down in the chairs facing the stage.

“As you heard earlier over the loudspeaker; today you’ll meet with each other, me, and get familiar with this estate. After today’s assembly you’ll be free to explore the mansion and it’s surrounding grounds, including the beach, but you’re forbidden to leave the gated perimeter or stray too far off the beach. Only contestants who have been eliminated from the competition are allowed to leave.Wednesday at 3 pm you’ll all gather here again for the first weekly challenge. Some of the challenges will be team based, while others are individual. You’ve already been divided into two teams. ‘Team Film’ is Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Kellan Lutz, Liam Hemsworth, Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper. ‘Team Television’ is Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Amell, Joe Manganiello, Liam McIntyre, Dan Feuerriegel, Sam Witwer and Aaron Paul. The first challenge will be a team challenge.”

The competitors looked around at their new teammates.

“Are there any questions?”“Yeah; what are the rules regarding sex?” Kellan Lutz brazenly inquired.The other guys chuckled, finding Kellan’s obvious and unabashed attitude charming.Anderson smiled brightly at them and replied; “When not competing in challenges everyone is free – and encouraged – to have sex with each other as often as possible, wherever and whenever they like.”

“And what about you, are you gonna’ join the fun?” Ryan Reynolds asked.More chuckles from the guys, this time with a few lusty glances at Anderson’s fit body in his tight clothes.Anderson grinned from ear-to-ear, enjoying the attention he was receiving. “You’ll find out more about that later.” He answered vaguely.

“And the guys who led us here?” Ryan asked again.“No, unfortunately you won’t be having sex with any of them.” Anderson replied. “I only have one more piece of information for you tonight. You’re to strip off all your clothes and remain nude until you’re told to get dressed again for tomorrow’s meeting.”

Some of the guys chuckled again, while all of them stood up and began undressing. Most of the guys were clearly eager to show off their bodies. Anderson stayed standing on the stage, watching with anticipation as the contestants shed their clothes.

Kellan Lutz was the first one to get completely bare; he practically tore his clothes off. After he stepped out of his Calvin Klein briefs he stood up and stretched; showing off his strong, muscled arms and legs and his smooth, sculpted chest. His thick, semi-hard dick and sweaty, hair-covered balls were nicely framed by his trimmed, dark blonde pubic hair. Some of the men hadn’t even bothered to wear underwear that day, like Dan Feuerriegel. After fully revealing his broad, beefy body, he shamelessly scratched his low-hanging balls to relieve himself of an itch and then licked the sweat off his fingers.

Also going commando that day was Aaron Paul, the lean actor thought that bringing underwear to this competition was a waste of time.

Anderson could hardly keep himself from drooling as he watched this gay wet dream unfold. The image of the hottest guys of film and television exposing their muscular, sinewy bodies and big, thick genitals, coupled with the tantalizing, manly aroma of their sweaty musk was destined to be burned into his memory for the rest of his life.

Chris Evans pulled off his boxers and then held them up to his face and sniffed the crotch. “So what, do we just leave our clothes here?” Evans asked.“No, the assistants will take them back up to your rooms.” Anderson answered after barely tearing his eyes off of Evans’ huge, semi-hard penis and wild pubic bush.As the men who had guided the actors to the assembly room returned they immediately picked up the discarded clothes and took them up to the bedrooms. Anderson was left in a room full of the most gorgeous hunks, all of whom were both totally nude and at least halfway to a hard-on. The silver-haired news anchor surveyed each competitor’s manhood.

Cleary Joe Manganiello was the most well-endowed of the group. His enormous shaft and low-hangers earned him the deserved nickname; Joe “Horsecock” Manganiello. Anderson also enjoyed noting the different amounts of body hair on the men.

Some of the guys like Chris Evans, Bradley Cooper and Henry Cavill were especially hirsute, while others like Kellan Lutz, Aaron Paul, and Stephen Amell were fairly smooth. And while most of them like Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, Kellan Lutz and Dan Feuerriegel were muscle-bound, others like Ryan Kwanten, Liam McIntyre and Aaron Paul were leaner.

All twelve competitors stood around appraising each other’s bodies almost oblivious to the fact that Anderson was still there, basking in their nudity.“All right gentlemen, I have to leave now, but I’ll see you all again tomorrow. Have a great evening.”The guys all waved while saying either; ‘goodbye’ or ‘see ya’ later’.Anderson waved back to the crowd of hunks before exiting through the door on the stage, which locked behind him.The men were now free to explore the mansion – and each other.

The guys collectively walked out of the assembly room and began familiarizing themselves with the larger rooms in the house. There was a living room with comfortable chairs and couches with an enormous plasma screen TV and a huge kitchen area with a table big enough for all the guys to sit down together. They were security-style cameras everywhere, always pointed toward whoever was in the room. As they continued exploring eventually the guys branched out, breaking off into small groups or couplings.

Most of the Australian actors; Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Kwanten, Liam McIntyre and Dan Feuerriegel headed out onto the beach. Even out there, there were cameras mounted on tall poles to survey the entire beach. There were also lights on the poles that illuminate the beach at night.“Think we’ll be able to go surfing?” Kwanten asked aloud.“I sure hope so. Ever surf bare-arsed mates?” Feuerriegel chimed in.“Not on purpose, but my shorts have fallen down by accident a few times.” Hemsworth responded.

The quartet of Aussie’s all had a good laugh and shared similar experiences about surfing as they waded into the warm water and let the waves caress their genitals.Meanwhile back in the house Chris Evans and Stephen Amell sat side-by-side on a couch facing one of the widescreen TVs.“How many channels do you think this place gets?” Amell asked his companion.“Hey, as long as it gets a few gay porn channels I’m good.” Evans replied.Amell laughed cheerfully at Hollywood hunk’s unabashed statement.“Id love to see you jack-off to some hot guys fucking each other.” Chris said.

Stephen gave him a sexy grin, but before he could say anything someone else spoke out.“Then how about we show him some hot guys fucking each other right now?” Kellan Lutz exclaimed as he walked in front of the two.

Behind the house is a nice, large patio overlooking the beach and Aaron Paul was sitting there watching the four studs from ‘Down Under’ frolic in the surf. They were all in the water up to their waists, laughing and hollering as they splashed each other’s bare chests, grabbed each other’s asses and exchanged quick kisses.

The sight made Aaron’s dick rigid.

As a drop of pre-cum leaked out his piss slit, Aaron scooped it up with his finger and licked it.“Nice view, huh?” Joe Manganiello said as he walked up next to him.“Ohh – uhh, yeah.” Aaron breathed out as he turned his head and found Manganiello’s giant 12’’ erection in front of his face.

He slowly tilted his head up and let his eyes wander over the man’s impressive build. Joe’s trimmed pubes connected to his slim treasure trail, which led up to his navel, which sat below his powerful abs, and above which were his huge, beefcake pecs. “You startled me.” Aaron said while dragging his eyes up from Joe’s big nipples to look at his handsome, lightly bearded face.Joe smirked at him before sitting down next to him in a lounge chair and spreading his legs.

“This spot has a better view.” Joe spoke softly in his deep, husky voice while gently stroking his engorged member.

“Wanna’ sit here?” He asked, making it quite obvious where he wanted Aaron to sit.Aaron stared at Manganiello’s legendary horsecock and simply muttered; “Fuck yeah.”

In another part of the house Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill had found a rec room filled with all the necessary equipment to play pool, darts and other games. Ryan leaned over the pool table, intentionally presenting his smooth, buff buttocks to Cavill.

“You interested in pool Henry?” He asked coyly.The Superman stud stood behind the Canadian-born actor and checked out his ass.

“Right now all I’m interested in is this.” He said before gripping Ryan’s left buttock and feeling how firm it is.“I was hoping you’d take an interest in it.” Ryan said, looking over his shoulder at Cavill with an arrogant smirk.Henry had re-grown his short ‘Clark Kent’ beard and as he leaned over to kiss Ryan, his beard rubbed against Ryan’s heavy, unchecked stubble as their mouths came together.

The two men brought their tongues together and kissed passionately. Henry stepped closer to Ryan, placing his hard 10’’ prick along the length in between Reynolds’ asscheeks. It felt great to grind the underside of his shaft into the coarse patch of ass hair surrounding Ryan’s anus and Cavill broke their kiss as he began humping him. “Love your hairy taint mate, I’ll wager it tastes amazing.” Henry breathed into Reynolds ear with his sexy British accent.

“Thank you. And yeah, I’ve tasted my taint on plenty of guys’ tongues and you’re completely right; it tastes amazing.” Ryan bragged as he flexed his butt, squeezing Henry’s cock.Henry let out a low, devious chuckle.

“I love shagging the hell out of conceited arsehole’s like you.” He grunted.“And I’m more than glad to be of service.” Reynolds remarked.

Cavill gripped the back of Ryan’s head with his right hand, his left knee with his left hand and lifted Ryan’s legs and ass up in the air while shoving his head and chest down onto the pool table.

“No more talking out of you, you’re going to lay there and take it.” Henry stated while pulling his hips back enough to line his cockhead up with Reynolds’ tight pucker.Back in the living room Chris Evans stood up from the couch and faced Kellan Lutz with an ecstatic look on his gorgeous face. “You really want to give Stephen here a show?” He asked eagerly.“Fuck yeah I do.”Kellan replied, grabbing his stiff 9 inches.

“Looks like you do too.” Kellan said pointing at Chris’ now rock-hard cock.Evans’ thick manhood was 10 and a half inches long and surrounded by a wild and perpetually sweaty bush of pubic fur. After looking down at his erection he turned to Stephen and asked; “You ready to watch us go at it?”Amell couldn’t even speak; he just nodded his head vigorously and mumbled something that sounded like “Yeah”.Chris turned back to Kellan and looked his bare, sculpted chest up and down with an excited grin.“Like what ya’ see Captain?” Kellan asked, grinning back at him.“Ohh fuck yeah,” Chris replied, “I’m just wondering where I should start.”

Lutz flexed his big, beefcake pecs and winked at Chris. “Just a suggestion,” he said.Evans smiled and raised his eyebrows before saying, “A very good suggestion.” Chris leaned over and placed his mouth on Kellan’s left nipple, pressing his lips against the swell of pectoral muscle and lightly sucking on the nipple while teasing it with his tongue. Chris then did the same to the right one.

As he straightened back up he gave Kellan a soft kiss on the lips and whispered; “Nice tits.” The two men laughed and then Chris lifted up his arms and placed his hands behind his head, showing off his hairy, sweaty armpits and said; “Here’s where I suggest you start.”Kellan smiled blissfully before he dove his head into Chris’ left pit, hungrily slurping up all the sweat. After giving one armpit a thorough washing with his tongue Kellan lifted his head up and exclaimed; “Tastes fucking delicious.”Chris chuckled as Kellan proceeded to eat out his right pit.On the couch Stephen lightly stroked his now throbbing cock as he took in the show.

Meanwhile Liam Hemsworth and Sam Witwer had discovered a few indoor Jacuzzis. One was already bubbling so the two stepped and started talking for a bit, getting to know each other better.“Damn this feels good.” Sam said, sitting in the water up to his nipples.“Hell yeah mate.” Liam agreed before plunging fully into the water and then coming back up again. “Feels great.”

“I’m thrilled to be in this competition, I’ve never seen so many wicked hot guys in one place before.”“I know, this is gonna’ be unreal.

”After a while Witwer finally worked up the nerve to address the elephant in the room. “So… your brother’s here too. I’ve heard things about you guys before, but I always assumed they were rumours.”Liam smiled at him with a rascally look on his handsome, bearded face. “Well they’re all true mate.”

“Wow, that’s… That’s so fuckin’ hot.” Sam said with a nervous laugh. “And you two are ok with us other guys knowing?”Hemsworth grinned at him shamelessly. “We’re proud of our ‘brotherly love’ and we trust that whatever goes on at this competition is gonna’ stay at this competition.”

“That’s awesome man; I can’t wait to see you and your bro going at it hot and heavy.”Liam laughed bashfully. “Thanks mate. Hey, you know Chris Evans’ brother Scott?”“Yeah why, do they have sex too?” Sam asked excitedly.“Fuck yeah they do.”

“How did you find out?”“Apparently those Avengers guys tell each other all their naughty secrets and Chris always likes to share sexy pieces of gossip with me.”“Damn that’s hot; too bad he’s not here too, I’d love to see them fuck.”

“Yeah me too, now how about we fuck?” Liam said with a sexy smirk.“You read my mind.” Sam grabbed the back of Liam’s head and pulled him in for a deep kiss.The two launched into a hot make-out session and started groping each other.

Out on the patio, Aaron Paul was riding the true ‘Italian Stallion’; Joe Manganiello. Aaron faced the beach with his feet on Joe’s knees and his hands behind his head as Joe held him by the waist and repeatedly raised and lowered him, roughly forcing him up and down on Manganiello’s massive prick. The two of them were still watching the Aussie’s nude cavorting on the beach.

The four were only in the water up to their knees now and had moved on from splashing and playing grab-ass to total groping and kissing each other’s bodies. Ryan Kwanten had his arms around Liam McIntyre. He was squeezing Liam’s taut, hairy buttocks while rubbing their hard cocks together.The combined sensations stirred up McIntyre’s kinky side and he leaned his head down to bite Ryan’s nipples.“Ahhh that feels nice! Before today I never would’ve guessed ‘Spartacus’ himself would be nibbling on my nipples.” Kwanten remarked.

Liam kept gnawing on the ‘True Blood’ stud’s small nubs, getting them hard and tender.Nearby Chris Hemsworth and Dan Feuerriegel were practically engaged in a wrestling match.

Their mouths were pushed together as each man tried to force his tongue down the other’s throat and they pawed at each other, trying to hold the other man still and dominate him. Eventually Hemsworth managed to grab onto the sides of Dan’s torso and shove him down onto his back. Chris threw himself onto his downed companion and held his arms above his head.

“All right ‘Thor’, you’ve got me, now what are ya’ gonna’ do about it?” Feuerriegel challenged the Superhero star.In response Chris thrust his body into the other man; their smooth, broad, muscular chests grinding together, their big, hard erections rubbing against each other. The friction sent waves of pleasure through both men’s bodies, causing them both to moan.

“Looks like they’re having a good time, eh mate?” Liam said after looking over at the other two.Ryan was still giddy from the pleasure of Liam’s rough treatment of his nipples. “Sure does.” He murmured almost in a daze.Meanwhile Ryan Reynolds was experiencing some rough and forceful treatment himself; Henry Cavill still had him pinned onto the pool table and had shoved half of his 10 inch truncheon past Ryan’s tight, sweaty anal ring.“Good to know your arse is still tight. After I heard you spent some time as Hugh Jackman’s personal fuck-slut, I assumed you’d have a loose hole.” Henry arrogantly taunted him.“Glad you like it.” Reynolds retorted.“I said; no more talking!” Cavill barked as he rammed the rest of his cock in, causing his hairy balls to smack against Ryan’s.

“Feel the Man Of Steel’s manhood!” Henry exclaimed as he started thrusting into Ryan again and again.

The Canadian actor groaned and panted as the erotic mixture of pain and pleasure swept over him. His eyes shut tight as his prostate was grazed and he rested the side of his face against the smooth felt of the pool table. When he opened his eyes again he immediately noticed something Cavill didn’t realize yet; Bradley Cooper was standing off to the side, watching them. Their eyes met simultaneously and they shared knowing expressions, Bradley was quite aware that Reynolds loved having sex with an audience.

Elsewhere, in the living room, Stephen Amell was also a spectator to an insanely hot scene of man-on-man action.After slobbering all over each other’s chests and armpits, the two studs launched into a bout of 69ing. Chris was on his back while Kellan was lying on top of him.

They each had the other guy’s cock fully down their throat. Lutz’s sweaty balls rested on Chris’s nose and he was loving the smell of them. Kellan’s head bobbed up and down as he expertly deepthroated Evans’ 10.5’’ fuckstick.Stephen enthusiastically pumped his meat while taking in the incredible display of cock-sucking prowess. “Holy shit, this is so hot!” Amell cried out after a deep breath.Chris pulled Kellan’s dick out of his mouth. “I think Stephen’s ready for us to move on to the main event.” He said while kneading Kellan’s tight buttocks.

“I think you’re right dude.” Lutz replied after pulling off the Avenger’s cock. The two got back up and Kellan looked at Stephen. “So who do you wanna’ see bottom first?”“Chris fucks you.” He responded instantly, Amell was beyond thrilled to see these two hotties fuck.Chris and Kellan couldn’t help but chuckle at how anxious the Canadian-born actor was to watch them have sex.

“Well Lutz, are you ready to take the Captain’s flagpole?” Evans asked before reaching over and spanking Kellan’s ass.“Sir, yes sir!” The young stud shouted in jest while giving the older man a military salute.Chris held back a laugh. “Good, now get down on all fours!”Kellan got down on his hands and knees, arched his back and pointed his ass at Evans.Chris knelt down and probed Kellan’s asshole with two fingers. “Very nice Lutz, very tight.” He leaned over and licked the warm, sweaty pucker.

“Very tasty as well.”“Mmmmm, thank you sir.” The ‘Twilight’ hunk moaned as Chris continued prodding and tongueing the sensitive ring of muscle.Stephen moaned as well while jacking his stiff prick.Evans turned his head and smiled at Amell before squatting behind Kellan, lining his thick cockhead up with the wet rim, and forcing his shaft deep inside.“Mmmmmm! Aww FUCK YEAH!!” Lutz grunted and hollered as Chris plowed into him.“How’ do ya’ like that ‘hot beef injection’?” Chris asked with an appropriately ‘cocky’ edge to his voice.“Fuckin’ love it.” Kellan answered back.“Fuckin’ love it, what?” Chris asked with a hard spank to Kellan’s ass.“Fuckin’ love it, sir.” He corrected himself.“That’s better, make sure to address the Captain with respect Lutz.”

Stephen’s head was almost dizzy with lust as he viewed this hot-as-hell exchange between the two men. He wiped his fingers in his armpits to collect sweat and then licked it up, savouring the taste as he watched Evans start to thrust back and forth into Kellan.

Back out on the patio, the sight of the Australian foursome’s intensified activity got Aaron Paul and Joe Manganiello even hornier. Aaron was really getting it rough now; Joe kept bouncing the much smaller man up and down on his cock, harder and faster, using him as a human sex toy.

Aaron winced at the pain as his asshole was stretched like never before, but the pleasure of getting his prostate rubbed by Manganiello’s horsecock was absolutely incredible.“Fuck yeah man! Make me your bitch!” Aaron shouted while he began thrusting down onto Joe, showing off his power-bottoming talents. He rode the ‘True Blood’ star’s cock like a mechanical bull.

“Yeah, that’s it! Ride my fat cock!” Joe moved his hands up to Aaron’s nipples and started pinching and twisting them hard, sending even more jolts of pain and pleasure through his body.“HOLY FUCK!!!” Aaron bellowed as he shoved his ass down on Manganiello’s colossal cock.Down on the beach Chris Hemsworth and Dan Feuerriegel were preoccupied with each other.

Dan was still on his back with Chris lying on top of him, but now Hemsworth’s hammer was buried deep inside Feuerriegel’s ass. The two made out with passion as Chris fucked Dan with a smooth rhythm.The other Aussie pair however could hear Aaron and Joe carrying on. Ryan Kwanten and Liam McIntyre held each other close and frotted. The friction of their throbbing erections against each other, trapped between their toned abs was radiating pleasure throughout their bodies.

“Mind if I take a

piss mate?” Liam whispered into Ryan’s ear, arousing him further with his deep, sexy voice.“Sure, go ahead.” Kwanten answered.McIntyre let out a low groan and tilted his head back as he began pissing.

The warm liquid sprayed up and soaked both their chests.Ryan listened to the sounds of rough-fucking coming down from the patio while Liam finished relieving himself.

“I think it’s about time we started fucking too mate.”“Want me to plow ya’?” Liam inquired.“Yes I do.” Ryan answered and then looked over at the pair rooting in the sand. “I’ve got an idea.”Hemsworth and Feuerriegel were still making out like it was their last day on Earth. They were almost totally oblivious to what their fellow Aussie actors were up to until they noticed something was close to their heads. The two managed to pull their mouths away from each other and look up, only to see Liam’s hairy ass and balls as he squatted above them.Ryan was down in the doggy position as McIntyre forced in his 8 inches.“How’s the view from down there mates?” Liam asked over his shoulder with a smirk across his gorgeous, heavily stubbled face.The two laughed and Chris said; “Where’s your arsehole? I can’t see it through that forest”

“You’d love to lick your way through that forest after I’ve had a workout.” McIntyre retorted.“He’s right about that; trust me.” Dan said licking his lips obscenely.Liam began thrusting into Ryan, causing his balls to temptingly sway back and forth above Chris and Dan’s faces.Hemsworth and Feuerriegel smiled at each other conspiratorially and Hemsworth said; “I’ve got the left one, you’ve got the right.”

Meanwhile in the Jacuzzi things were getting even hotter between Liam Hemsworth and Sam Witwer.

Sam was gripping the rim of the hot tub tightly with his back arched and Liam was behind him, drilling his cock into his ass underneath the swirling water.“Your pale arse is nice and tight mate.” Hemsworth grunted as he propelled his hips while playing with his nipples.“I can make it tighter.” Witwer said before clenching his anus with precise control.

“AHHH!! Ohh yeah! That feels great!” Liam moaned in ecstasy.“How about you seed my ass and then I’ll take a crack at yours?”“Sounds good to me.” Liam held Sam by the waist and pistoned into him harder than ever, splashing hot water everywhere. “I’m about to blow my load!”“Yeah man! Come on, seed my fag ass!” Witwer shouted as he pushed back into Hemsworth’s thrusts and milked his cock with his tight hole.“AHHHH!! AHH YEAH!!!” Liam howled with delight as he emptied his balls into the American stud.

The young Aussie leaned back, panting while he recovered from his orgasm.“That was awesome man; you filled me up with your spunk.” Sam pressed up against Liam and kissed him.“My pleasure mate.” Hemsworth said practically out of breath.“Damn that accent’s sexy.” Witwer whispered while nibbling his neck. “It’s got me so turned on.” He rubbed his 8’’ dick against Liam’s abs.

“You gonna’ keep your end of the deal?”“Of course.” Liam turned around and presented his rear-end. “It’s all yours.”Sam suddenly rammed his entire cock into Liam, causing him to groan in pain and then he softly breathed into his ear; “I’m gonna’ plow your hot Aussie ass.” He then began powering into Hemsworth again and again, his ball’s continually smacking Liam’s ass.Liam felt lightheaded after that, as the sensations of pain and pleasure mounted and built a sense of euphoria.

In the rec room, as Henry Cavill mercilessly pounded Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper watched the action with a throbbing hard-on.Cavill was letting loose a stream of dirty talk; “Ya’ know the best part about bulking up to play Superman? It’s being able to fuck the hell out of other guys.

I always used to be the one getting taken for a ride, but now I can give it twice as hard as I take it.”Reynolds grunted as he endured each of Henry’s hard thrusts, and he didn’t react when he noticed Bradley sneak behind Cavill.C

ooper quietly knelt down and inspected the British stud’s powerful ass. The buttocks were smooth but in between was a substantial thatch of sweat-drenched hair, the sight and smell of which make Bradley drool. He suddenly plunged his face in and started feasting on his taint.“HEY!!” Henry cried out, shocked and aroused by the unexpected incursion.Bradley didn’t even stop; he just kept on eating Cavill’s ass, ravenously slurping up every single drop of sweat.

Ryan laughed. “Was Superman caught off guard?”“Shut up.” Henry growled as he pushed Reynolds’ face down on the pool table again. He tried looking over his shoulder at whoever was behind him, but could only see the top of his head. He was pretty sure it was Bradley Cooper, and he was doing an amazing job on his ass.

“Keep sucking my arse, I’ll tell ya’ when to stop.” Henry then resumed his rough abuse of Ryan’s hole.Reynolds head swam with bliss, his anus was stretched hard by Cavill’s force-of-nature fuck, but the intense pleasure was well worth it.Sweat poured down almost every inch on Henry’s ripped body, soaking his pubes and the hair in his armpits and around his pecs.

Many drops fell off him and spattered Ryan’s back.

Bradley had gulped down just about every drop of sweat between Henry’s buttocks, so he moved on to his balls. Cooper sucked each one into his mouth and licked it clean.The extra sensation on his testicles drove Cavill closer to orgasm. He growled with lust. “Stick your cock up my arse!”“What was that?” Bradley asked surprised.

“You heard me; stick your cock up my arse!!” Henry barked in frustration.Bradley stood up and pushed his stiff dick into Henry’s pulsating asshole.Cavill shuddered with pleasure as Cooper’s shaft slid in all the way and brushed against his prostate. “OHHH!! OHH! OHHHHHH!!!” That was the last straw, Henry’s cock detonated in Ryan’s ass, flooding his rectum with hot cum.

After his orgasm subsided he let go of Ryan.Reynolds placed his feet back on the ground and turned to face Henry. “That was almost as good as when Hugh used to fuck me.”Cavill rolled his eyes. “Yeah sure.” He lifted his arms up and put his hands behind his head, showing off his sopping wet pits. “Now clean me up. And you back there… start fucking me.”

Back in the living room Chris Evans was pounding Kellan Lutz’s ass. His feet planted wide apart, Chris thrust again and again, his hairy low-hangers smacking Kellan to the rhythm of his fucking.Evan’s spanked his ass hard; a tender red spot had formed on his right buttock. “I bet you love the Captain’s cock, don’t ya’ Lutz?”

“Yes I do sir!” Kellan shouted in response.

“You love getting’ fucked in front of Stephen don’t ya’?!” Chris asked.Kellan turned his head to the side and looked into Amell’s awe-filled eyes. “Fuck yes I do sir!”“And how are you enjoying your live porn?” Chris asked as he smirked at Stephen.

“Ohh, I’m fuckin’ lovin’ it. I’m gonna’ bust a nut soon.”“You want us to switch things up?” Evans inquired.“Yeah, I want Kellan to fuck you while I lick the sweat off you.” Stephen spoke almost in a trance as he watched sweat drip down Chris’ rippling chest.

“Nice.” Chris said as he pulled out of Kellan and then sat to the right of Stephen with his hands behind his head and his legs in the air.Kellan got up, squatted in front of Chris, grabbed his legs and placed his calves on his shoulders. “Now the Captain’s gonna’ feel what it’s like to get plowed by Hercules.”“Bring it.” Evans replied.

Lutz stabbed his prick into the superhero stud’s furry, sweaty ass. Sliding Chris’ anal lips open and gliding his thick tube of flesh in up to his balls.Chris pursed his lips and moaned.

“Damn, that feels great.”

“You haven’t felt anything yet.” Kellan bragged before pulling back and then slamming forward again. Soon the hot young actor had a powerful rhythm going as he plowed away at Evans’ hairy muscle-ass.

Stephen leaned his head over and buried his face in Chris’ left armpit. Voraciously he licked them clean, relishing the opportunity to taste the superhero stud’s tangy sweat.

After finishing the left pit he made his way across Chris’ pecs, slowly licking a trail over ever hairy, sweaty inch of hard muscle until he reach the right armpit and ate that one out just as enthusiastically. Once he brought his head back up from Evan’s chest he locked eyes with the smokin’ hot movie star.“I love tasting my sweat on other guy’s mouths.” Chris whispered seductively.Amell immediately kissed him and the two began heatedly making-out.

Kellan continued fucking with a passion, causing Chris to groan as he kept kissing Stephen, but he felt jealous that the TV heartthrob was more attracted to Evans than him.

He focused that jealousy into energy and started fucking Chris possibly harder than he had ever fucked anyone before.“Ohhhh Fuck Yeah Kellan!!” Chris broke his kiss with Stephen to shout and moan as Lutz nailed his prostate with almost every thrust.

“Ohh yeah man! Ohh fuck yeah! Jack me off!”Stephen began stroking Chris’ huge prick with his right hand while beating his own with his left.Soon all three studs were moaning and shouting and swearing and sweating as they reached their climax. First Kellan’s dick went off, filling Evan’s rectum with a deluge of spunk.

Feeling his ass overflow with the hot white stuff set Chris off and he coated his chest and abs with his spunk. The sight and sound of the other two cumming sent Amell over the edge and his cock spurted his seed all over himself.After a few moments of recovering, Chris and Stephen launched into another deep kiss, wrapping their arms around each other and rubbing, their sweat and cum soaked bodies together.

Feeling ignored and a bit annoyed that the two were so much more interested in each other him, he said, “Whatever, I gotta’ go take a piss,” and then turned and walked away.

On the patio, Joe Manganiello was just about through with Aaron Paul’s tight ass. Joe was standing up, gripping Aaron’s sides tightly and pushing him up and down on his gigantic fuckstick.

Being used as a fleshjack had Aaron’s cock rigid but he couldn’t touch himself; it was all he could do to hold on to Joe’s arms and enjoy the ride.“I’m about to bust my nuts, so be ready to get filled.” Manganiello grunted.

“Ohh I’m fuckin’ ready. Seed my ass like a bitch!!” Aaron hollered.“HERE IT CUMS!!!” Joe bellowed as his balls exploded and his hot jizz surged out like a flood. Having crammed Aaron’s ass full of spunk, Joe pulled his cock out, set Aaron on his feet and sat back down.

Aaron reached back and touched his aching hole, Joe’s massive load was gushing out. He inserted a few fingers inside and spooned out a big helping of ‘Italian Stallion’ sauce, which he delighted in gulping down. He went back for another scoop, which this time he used to lube his dick as he started jerking off.“Dump yer balls right here man.” Manganiello said, patting his abs.Aaron stood beside Joe and unloaded his cum all over Joe’s abs with a long, loud moan of ecstasy.

Joe leaned his head over and kissed Aaron. “Thanks for the fuck man.”The short stud sat down next to him, his ass still leaking semen. “Sure thing man, but I’m gonna’ need a day or two to recover before we can do it again.”“Yeah I know, you ain’t the first guy I’ve given a ride.” Joe said with a smug look on his rugged face.

The two TV stars resumed watching the Aussie group.Down on the beach the entire foursome could hear Joe and Aaron’s orgasms and it drove them even wilder with lust.

Chris Hemsworth was hammering into Dan Feuerriegels’ ass while the two sucked on Liam McIntyre’s balls, who was in turn fucking Ryan Kwanten.“Damn these are good bollocks.” Chris said before he moved onto Liam’s asshole.

Hemsworth energetically licked his hairy, sweaty taint before plunging his tongue into McIntyre’s tight anus.

“Ahhh yeah mate, fuck my arse with your tongue.” Liam moaned, that deep, sexy voice sending a shiver through the other guys bodies.Dan reached around and stuck two of his fingers into Chris’ hole.

Ryan was panting and grunting as Liam thrust into him without restraint. He began stroking his throbbing cock and felt his balls tighten up in anticipation of cumming.McIntyre was the first one to blow his load, hollering at the top of his lungs as he spunked Kwanten’s ass.Hemsworth’s tongue felt Liam’s anus pulsate as he climaxed and soon his own asshole was clenching down on Dan’s probing fingers. Chris emptied his balls into Feuerriegel, who shouted as he covered both their abs with his jism.

Ryan came last; groaning while his ejaculate spattered down on the sand.After a moment the four hunks got up and headed back up towards the house. They walked up to the patio and greeted Joe and Aaron.

“Where’s the baby?” Joe asked.“What?” The Aussies said, almost in unison.

“There was so much grunting and groaning I thought someone was giving birth down there.” Joe answered.Everyone had a good laugh and the Australians sat down with the other two.

Meanwhile in the Jacuzzi Sam Witwer was finishing up with Liam Hemsworth.

Witwer’s tight, pale ass flexed as he slammed into the youngest Hemsworth brother for the last few times, his balls emptying a full load of hot sperm into him. “Ohh fuck yeah! Fuck your ass is hot!” Sam moaned while the last few drops of cum spurted out of his dick.

“Thanks mate, your arse was quite good too.” Liam said jovially, enjoying having his ass filled.The two relaxed in the hot tub for a few more minutes before getting out and drying themselves with nearby towels.

“Since we’re supposed to stay naked until tomorrow I guess we’re not supposed to walk around the house with towels wrapped around our waists, huh?” Sam said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Liam agreed and after drying himself he tossed the towel into a hamper.“Well I’m gonna’ go find my brother and see what – or rather who, he’s doing. I’ll see ya’ around mate.” Liam said.

Witwer smiled at Hemsworth’s comment. “Yeah man I’ll see ya’ later, and remember, I’m gonna’ want a front-row seat to see you and brother goin’ at it.”Liam smiled back at him brightly.

“Don’t worry, me and him are going to fuck in front of everyone here and when that happens I’ll make sure you’re front-row centre.”The two shared a quick kiss before Liam left the room.

A moment later after Sam threw his towel in the hamper he heard footsteps coming in the room behind him. Thinking it was Liam coming back early for some reason he turned and said; “Back so soon – ohh, hey.” He stopped himself when he saw it was actually Kellan Lutz.

“Sorry man, I thought you were Liam.”“Which Liam?” Lutz asked while sizing up the handsome man.“Hemsworth.” Sam answered.“You two bang in here?” Kellan asked, a smirk spreading across his face.“Yeah, we flip-flopped.” Witwer replied.“Hot, I just got through flip-flopping with Chris Evans.” Kellan stated with a smug look.

“Awesome!” Sam exclaimed, walking over to Kellan and patting him on the shoulder. “So what are you up to now?”“Looking for a place to take a piss man, have you seen any bathrooms, aside from the ones in our rooms?” Lutz looked over at the Jacuzzi. “Or do you think anyone would care if I pissed in the hot tub?”Sam chuckled.

“Honestly I don’t think anyone would care if you did, but I’m pretty sure I saw one near here and I have to piss too.”Witwer led Kellan to a bathroom close by, which gave Kellan a bit of time to check out Witwer’s hot ass.

“Here it is.” Sam said walking up to a door marked; shower/urinal. He opened the door into a long tiled room outfitted with showerheads, urinals and a few sinks.

“Thanks.” Lutz said, wrapping his arm around the other stud’s waist as they walked up to the closest urinal.

Kellan grabbed his penis with his free hand and let loose a stream of golden liquid into the urinal.

Sam grabbed his own dick and followed suit.“I think we’re all gonna’ have a lot of fun at this competition, don’t you?” Kellan said to his companion.“Definitely.” Sam responded.As the two hot young actors stood there relieving themselves they leaned their heads together and began making-out.

In the rec room Ryan Reynolds was gobbling down every single drop of sweat in the hair covering Henry Cavill’s armpits and pecs while rubbing his erection against his abs. Meanwhile Bradley Cooper was giving Henry’s ass a vigorous fucking.

“Ohh! Ohh shit man, I’m gonna’ cum!” Bradley moaned.“Yeah that’s it; spill your seed in my arse!” Cavill encouraged him.“Ohhh! OHHHHHHH YEAH!!!” Bradley shouted out as his rigid cock started pouring jizz into the British hunk’s asshole.

“Yes that’s it, feels sooo good.” Henry sighed as he took pleasure in the combined sensations of having his ass flooded with cum and his nipples sucked and pinched by Ryan.

As soon as Bradley was done ejaculating Henry pushed him back and turned to face him.“Now I’m gonna’ lick you while Reynolds eats you’re cum out of my arse.” Henry stated.

Without a word Ryan squatted down and stuck his tongue in Henry’s anus. He started swirling it around and slurping up Cooper’s spunk.Henry began licking Bradley’s hairy chest and armpits, working his tongue through every inch of sweat-soaked fur on the man’s upper body. After cleaning the sweat off of every follicle of hair, he nibbled on Bradley’s small, taut nipples.

“I love this hairy chest.” Henry grunted before sucking on Bradley’s pecs.

“Right back at ya’.” Bradley said as he groped Cavill’s hairy pectorals.Reynolds had eaten just about every drop of cum out of the Superman stud’s ass and was now fingering him and licking his balls.

“Like my arsehole Reynolds?” Henry asked.

“Hell yeah.” The Canadian star responded while inserting three of his fingers in up to the knuckle.“Then give me something bigger to feel up there, if you’ve got anything bigger.” Henry taunted him.

Ryan stood up and roughly shoved his 8’’ pole up Cavill’s ass.

Bradley stepped back from Henry and then stood beside the two to watch Ryan fuck him. “The ‘Man Of Steel’ has a tight little cunt, doesn’t he Ryan?” Cooper exclaimed.

“Ohh yeah he does.” Reynolds replied thrusting into the muscle-bound hunk. “And with buns of steel to go with it.” He added, with a slap to Henry’s right buttock.

Ryan drove his hips into Henry’s body again and again, without letting up for a second. He was giving the same kind of mercilessly hard fuck that he had received earlier from this man.

Being watched by Bradley was an extra pleasure and soon Ryan’s cock was ready to blow.Henry could feel Reynolds’ balls tighten up as they smacked against him. “You ready to cum in my arse?”Ryan gripped Cavill tightly. “Fuck yeah I am!” He shouted.

“Seed his ass Ryan!” Bradley yelled in encouragement.“Jesus! FUCK!! OHH FUCK!!!” Reynolds moaned and grunted as his balls emptied his load into Henry.After Ryan finished cumming and pulled his dick out, Henry turned around and faced him.

“Not bad I guess.” He said before kissing Ryan and then Bradley and exiting the room.As soon as Cavill left Bradley looked at Ryan and said; “That guy needs to lighten up.” The two laughed and then embraced each other and began making-out.

The top floor of the mansion was off-limits to the competitors.

It’s where the various assistants, Anderson and the man who created the challenge were staying.

One of the rooms on the top floor was the camera control room, where dozens of monitors showed what each of the competitors were up to.Anderson was sitting naked in a chair facing these monitors and masturbating; he had watched what all the celebs had been doing this evening and had already cum three times. He pumped his fist up and down his 8’’ dick as he approached his fourth orgasm of the day. “Ohhhh yes!” He moaned while releasing another load onto his abs and pecs. His entire chest was sticky from cum both old and fresh.

Anderson stood up and stretched before leaving the control room, a few assistants were still in the room; monitoring the fourteen competitors and jacking their own cocks. Anderson walked into the master bedroom of the challenge’s creator.Bryan Singer was lying on the bed totally nude with one of the handsome young assistants mouth wrapped around his hard-on.

Singer’s room was also outfitted with multiple big screen TVs that showed what each of the celebs were currently doing. “Looks like you had a fun time in the control room.” Bryan said when he saw Anderson’s cum-spattered chest.

“Yes I did, sir.” Cooper responded while wiping his semen off his chest with his thumbs and then licking them clean. “Are you satisfied with how the challenge has started Mr. Singer?”“Yes.” Bryan grunted as he came in the assistant’s mouth.

“Thank you Cody, I’ll see you later.”The nude young man got up and started to leave. He couldn’t have been a day over 19 and had an athletic body. He winked seductively at Anderson before he left the room.“I almost forgot; my friend called and said he’d be here tomorrow night.” Bryan said.

“Really? But we’ve already started the challenge, isn’t it too late for him to join?” Anderson asked.

“He won’t be competing, but I’ve got some other things in mind for him.” Bryan answered with a lustful smile.“Sounds good, I assume I won’t be revealing the identity of our guest to the competitors yet.” Cooper stated.

“Right, don’t even tell them someone’s coming. He’s going to be a surprise for the winner of the first challenge.”

Singer glanced over at a TV that showed Liam Hemsworth joining the men out on the patio.

“So what have you all been up to out here?” Liam asked as he sat down.The other men chuckled as they began telling the younger Hemsworth about all the dirty details of the Aussie’s sexcapades on the beach.

“Did you hear Liam Hemsworth and Sam Witwer’s conversation in the Jacuzzi?” Bryan asked.

“Yes sir I did.” Anderson’s soft cock twitched at the memory and the images it stirred up.“Sounds like our info on the Evans brothers was correct.” Singer reached down and stroked his penis, which was starting to get hard again.

“Yeah, and what about Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie?” Anderson inquired.“I have someone following that lead, but we’ll probably find out if it’s true or not from Stephen soon enough, especially if he keeps spending time with Chris Evans.” Bryan’s dick became fully hard again.“Is that all for tonight Mr. Singer?” Cooper asked.“Just one more thing Anderson; when the Hemsworth brothers start having sex, come watch it in here.” Bryan said while jerking his erection.

“Yes sir.” Anderson replied with a grin before he turned and walked out, giving Singer an eye-full of his bare ass.Bryan turned his attention back to the TV screens and beat his meat with force, after all that had happened on this first day he knew that ‘The Celebrity Challenge’ was just heating up.

Chapter Text

After the first official day of the challenge all fourteen competitors retired to their separate bedrooms. Each man slept nude that night as they had all been instructed to remain undressed until the next meeting.

Most of the men took a shower the next morning, knowing full-well that they were being watched as they washed themselves.Ryan Reynolds unabashedly masturbated while showering; he winked at the camera mounted on the showerhead as he soaped and stroked his 8 inches.A few of the men like Chris Evans and Kellan Lutz pissed while they showered; lathering their broad chests and playing with their nipples while relieving themselves.

As soon as he was finished toweling himself off Ryan Reynolds headed downstairs for the kitchen. He could hear someone moaning and the first thing he saw as he stepped into the large room was Stephen Amell’s back and ass as he sat on the far-side of the kitchen table.

Reynolds took a moment to enjoy the sight of Amell’s bare backside before he walked around to his side. Aaron Paul was sitting in front of Stephen, sucking on his dick down to his balls. “Giving shorty a protein bar for breakfast?” Ryan asked humourously.“Ohh hey Ryan!” Stephen exclaimed a bit startled. “Yeah we were feeling hungry and… well, Aaron found something to eat.”Aaron ignored Reynolds and continued deepthroating while jerking himself.Ryan reached over and pinched Stephen’s nipples.

“I was glad to see you in this competition Stephen; it’s nice to have another Canadian stud around.”Amell groaned in pleasure at the combined stimulation on his nipples and cock. “Ohh yeah Ryan, I definitely agree.” Reynolds leaned over and brought their stubbly faces together.

Their lips met and almost immediately they were exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.Aaron Paul started to bob his head and suck on Stephen’s cock harder as the two made-out.

It wasn’t long before Amell was ready to cum and Aaron prepared himself to swallow his load.Stephen held Ryan tight and moaned as they kissed while his balls unleashed a hot torrent of cum down Aaron’s throat.

The two Canadians then broke their kiss and looked down at the ‘Breaking Bad’ star.Aaron had also cum, and was licking his spunk off his fingers. “Thanks for the tasty breakfast man. You want me to take care of that?” He said pointing at Ryan’s hard-on.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll let ‘Arrow’ here take care of it.” Reynolds replied.

“Cool, I’ll see you guys later.” Aaron got up and left, giving them a great view of his tight ass.

After ogling the short stud’s butt Stephen sat in the chair while Ryan perched himself in front of him on the table.Amell soon had Reynolds’ entire shaft lodged in his throat and Ryan began pinching and twisting his own nipples.

“Green Arrow sucking Green Lantern’s cock, cool!” Chris Evans exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen followed by Kellan Lutz and Henry Cavill.The three newcomers made themselves breakfast and sat down at the table and ate while watching Ryan blow his load down Stephen’s cock.

The two Canadians ate some cereal and then left and most of the guys in the competition came into the kitchen at one point or another to have a quick breakfast and shoot the shit with the other guys.

But eventually Evans, Lutz and Cavill were left alone together.

“You two superheroes interested in some lip service?” Kellan asked before finishing his glass of orange juice.Cavill looked over at him with a smirk. “You’re just dying to wrap your lips around our cocks, aren’t you?”

“He already wrapped his lips around mine yesterday, guess he needs more.” Chris chuckled.

“Actually I meant; are you two interested in performing some lip service.” Kellan retorted while standing up and pointing at his veiny erection.Chris chuckled again. “

Yeah sure man, I’m game.”

“Yeah all right.” Henry said.The two superhero studs got down on their knees and started licking Kellan’s cock.Evans sucked both of Kellan’s balls into his mouth, swirled his tongue over them and then spat them out.

“Nice nuts Lutz.”

“Thanks Evans, nice face.” Kellan replied as he smacked Chris’ face with his dick, leaving drops of saliva and pre-cum in his facial hair.

Henry suddenly swallowed Lutz’s shaft down to the base and vibrated his throat.“Ahh fuck yeah.” Kellan moaned and began rubbing his nipples with one hand and fingering his asshole with the other.

Cavill spit out the 9 inch dick, but left a strand of spittle connecting the top of the piss slit to Henry’s bottom lip.

“Goes down smooth.” He declared.

Chris leaned his head over and kissed Henry, sucking up his spit and swapping it for some of his own.Henry kissed back and the two would’ve started making out if Kellan hadn’t slapped both their faces with his wet prick.

“You’re supposed to be givin’ me lip, not each other.” Lutz rebuked them.

The two went back to servicing the ‘Hercules’ heartthrob.Sam Witwer walked by the kitchen and found the three hunks in their erotic tableau.

When Kellan noticed Witwer staring he flashed him a naughty grin and then pulled his hand away from his ass and licked his fingers.Sam’s eyes widened as he watched the guys carry on.When they became aware Sam was watching; Chris and Henry started flicking their tongues against Lutz’s piss slit while Kellan lifted his arms up and flexed in a muscleman pose.

Witwer laughed, gave the guys two thumbs up and then started jerking his now raging-hard cock

Evans and Cavill kept licking and sucking Kellan’s prick until his balls tensed up.

“All right boys, I’m gonna’ bust my nuts, so get ready for a facial.” Lutz grunted.

The two superheroes looked up at Kellan while he plastered both their faces with jizz.

Seeing the two smoking hot actors with cum all over their faces quickly sent Witwer over the edge and he collected up his spunk and rubbed it into the hair on his pecs.

“Thanks for the lip service boys, let’s do it again sometime.” Kellan said before casually leaving the room.

Chris and Henry stood back up and kissed. They made-out with passion causing their semen-soaked facial hair to rub together.Chris broke their kiss for a second and beckoned at Sam.

“Get over here bro.” Witwer walked over and as he approached they grabbed him and pulled him into a threeway-kiss.

The trio of men kissed and groped each other’s muscular backs and asses. Evans and Cavill’s still-hard cocks grinded against each other’s and Sam’s now-soft dick.

Henry broke their kiss, leaned his head down and started licking the cum off Sam’s right pec.

Chris quickly followed suit on Sam’s left.The two hunks sucked and nibbled on Witwer’s pecs while rubbing their erections against his abs until they came and re-coated his chest with spunk.

They finished eating each other’s cum before heading out of the kitchen and heading their own ways.Meanwhile Bradley Cooper had stepped out onto the patio to take in the beautiful morning vista of the beach and found Ryan Kwanten and Liam McIntyre already outside.

The Aussies were sitting together but they weren’t enjoying the ocean view, they were making-out and feeling-up each other’s chests.

When Bradley sat down they broke their and turned towards him.“Ohh hi there, mate.” Kwanten said, smiling at him sheepishly.“Hey don’t mind me guys, feel free to carry on.” Bradley gave them both a big grin.

“Well feel free to join in anytime.” McIntyre declared.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Bradley said before leaning in and joining them in the second threeway-kiss of the morning.After going at it for a while the three guy’s dicks were hard and in need of attention.Ryan got an idea and pulled out of the kiss.

“Hey guys, how about we spread a blanket out on the beach, lie down and suck each other off?” He asked.

“Hell yeah.” Liam said.

“Sounds good.” Bradley agreed.

Down in the rec room Joe Manganiello was checking out the pool table. He was just about to leave and look for someone interested in playing when he turned and saw Chris Hemsworth enter the room. Joe looked at Chris’ meaty hard-on and smirked.

“Looking to knock a few balls around?”Hemsworth walked up next to him, grabbed Joe’s huge, soft cock and rubbed it against his erection. “I’m more interested in this pool cue between your legs.”Manganiello’s prick quickly got hard.

“Does that feel like a pool cue to you?” He growled at him.“No, feels more like a log, or a telephone pole.” Chris answered.

The two hung muscle-men had a good laugh before bringing their mouths together in a deep kiss.

“At first I was a bit jealous there was someone here with a bigger dick than me.”Hemsworth thrust his hips a little, their cocks rubbing together while trapped between their abs.

“But now I just want to feel your big fuckstick.”

They held each other close and began making-out, groping each other’s big pecs and buttocks while grunting and groaning like two animals in heat.

“Here’s the rec room and it’s very sturdy pool table – Holy shit!” Ryan Reynolds exclaimed as he and Stephen Amell walked into the room and were greeted with the sight of the two biggest, muscularest and hungest hunks in the competition going at it like their plane was going down.

Chris and Joe hadn’t even noticed that anyone else was there.The Canadians looked at each other with wide-eyes and even wider grins before they grabbed their dicks and resumed watching the show.

Back out on the patio Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth, Sam Witwer and Dan Feuerriegel were watching the trio on the beach suck each other’s cocks daisy chain style.Ryan Kwanten was sucking Liam McIntyre, and McIntyre was sucking Bradley Cooper who was in turn sucking Ryan.

“God that’s fuckin’ hot.” Witwer muttered as he stared at the circle of interwoven flesh.

“You ever been in a daisy chain before man?” Chris asked.

“No, you?” Sam responded.

“Yep, with the Hemsworth boys.” Evans said.

“Really?” Sam looked at Liam.

“Yeah, it was pretty good.” Hemsworth stated.

“Best blowjob of your life.” Chris said chidingly.

“Naw mate, that was Josh Hutcherson.” Liam gave Chris a smug grin.

“Damn,” Evans looked a bit jealous, “I haven’t had the pleasure of fucking his face yet.”

In the rec room Reynolds and Amell were really pumping their meat hard watching the two muscle-stallions mate.Manganiello and the older Hemsworth started grunting like beasts as their cocks went off and sprayed hot jets of spunk all over their chests.

Ryan and Stephen started climaxing too.

“Save your cum in your hand and then we’ll share.” Ryan breathed out deeply as his hand overflowed with his semen.

When the two Canadians’ orgasms finished they ate each other’s cum and then started kissing, swirling the remaining cum into each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Joe and Chris turned their heads and realized that the two had been there watching them, now they had the pleasure of watching the other two snowball.

Suddenly a voice came over the P.A. system throughout the house.“Good morning gentlemen. We’d like you all to gather in the assembly room again for another meeting with Anderson.”

The men on the beach finished getting each other off and had just joined the other guys on the patio when the announcement came.

Eventually all the competitors made their way to the assembly room where Anderson was already standing on the stage waiting for them. Today he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and looked rather out of place in a room filled with so many buck naked men.

As soon as all the guys were seated Anderson addressed the crowd.“Good morning gentleman, I’ve been monitoring your activity on the cameras but it’s great to see you all again in the flesh.”

The guys all chuckled and a few winked at Anderson or flexed their muscles.“Today I’ll be letting you all know what the schedule is for the week. Wednesday, that is tomorrow, we’ll hold the first challenge.

Every Wednesday will be the ‘Hump Day’ challenge and on Fridays will be the weekend challenge. Sundays will be the last day for eliminated contestants. Every Monday the week starts fresh with only the remaining competitors in the house. Are there any questions so far?”

Kellan spoke out “Yeah, what do ya’ get for winning a challenge?”

“Winning any challenge will increase your standing in the competition and help keep you safe from elimination. The rewards for winning challenges are kept secret until the last minute; however I can tell you that the winner of an individual challenge will receive significant advantages going into the next stage of the competition. Any more questions?”

“What happens to the guys who get eliminated?” Ryan Reynolds asked.

“All eliminated competitors will be taken to another location we have set up, where they’ll remain until the reunion at the end of the competition. Now if there are no more questions, that wraps up today’s meeting. You’re all free to get dressed again, if you want to.”

With the assembly over, the guys started to get up from their chairs when Chris Hemsworth suddenly made an announcement.“If I could have your attention guys, there’s something me and my brother would like to say.”The Hemsworth brothers stood in front of the crowd, while Anderson looked at them from the stage with both surprise and interest.

“As I’m sure you all know by now, me and my brother have an incestuous relationship.”All the naked celeb hunks sat back down, they had a good idea where this was going and they were excited in more than one sense of the word.The older Hemsworth kept addressing the crowd.

“And since me and my brother are in this competition together, it goes without saying that we’ll be having sex with each other in front of all of you.”Liam put his arm around his brother and gave him a dirty smile.

Chris smiled back at him and then continued addressing the crowd. “Liam and I have talked it over and we feel its best that the first time we have sex in this competition should be when everyone is present to watch it.”All the men started cheering and clapping and there were a few shouts of; “All right!” and “Fuck yeah!” All of the competitors were hard at this point; Chris Evans’ cock was already leaking pre-cum, he had seen the Hemsworth brothers in action before and knew how hot it was to watch.

Assistants came out of the door at the back of the stage and quickly set out a large mattress near the edge of the stage and a chair for Anderson to sit in.

The assistants then reluctantly left through the same door they had come in through, looking quite disappointed that they didn’t have front-row tickets.Chris and Liam came up on stage and knelt on the mattress.

They put their arms around each other’s shoulders and kissed, their stiff erections rubbing together.The other competitors hollered and cheered as they took in the sight of the two gorgeous, naked brothers making-out.

The stage wasn’t very high so they had a great view even while sitting in their chairs.Anderson sat down in his chair behind the mattress. He opened up his fly and stuck his right hand into his boxers.

Chris Hemsworth’s hands roved over his younger brother’s backside as they made-out.Liam gripped his older sibling’s big pecs and pinched and played with his taut nipples.

All the competitors sat silently in their seats; their eyes glued to the incredible scene of incestuous foreplay and their hands fastened around their engorged sex organs.

Sam Witwer was sitting next to Chris Evans and he reached over and swiped his index finger over Evan’s cockhead, collecting up some pre-cum which he immediately sucked into his mouth.

Evans briefly looked over at Witwer, their eyes met and he gave him a wide grin before turning his attention back to the Hemsworths.
Liam had ended their kissing and moved his mouth down to his brothers’ nipples, which he sucked on as if he were drinking milk out of Chris’ pecs.Chris let out a deep, sexy moan and spanked Liam’s tight butt.

Anderson Cooper was sitting in his chair with his 8 inch erection sticking out of his pants. He was jacking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls with the other.Liam had progressed down to Chris’ prick.

The younger Hemsworth had been sucking his older brother since they were teenagers and he could expertly deepthroat all eleven thick inches of Chris’ shaft. Liam was on all fours and had quickly swallowed Chris’ cock, his nose buried in his brother’s wild bush of pubic hair.

Chris looked at the other competitor’s faces; they were all rapt with lust as they masturbated. The older Hemsworth couldn’t help but smile with both pride and arrogance.

Chris lifted his brother’s head up off his cock and kissed him, swirling his tongue around Liam’s mouth and enjoying the taste of his own penis.Some of the guys whistled or shouted obscene compliments.

Liam turned around so that his ass was facing his brother.Chris grabbed the base of his dick and smacked his cockhead against Liam’s asshole. “You guys ready to see me fuck my little bro?!” He taunted his audience.

The celeb men whooped and hollered; shouting things like; “Fuck yeah!” and “Let’s see some action!”Chris shoved his hips forward and pierced his brother’s ass with his thick manhood.

“Mmmm, ohh yeah bro! It’s been too long since you last reamed me out!” Liam moaned out loud.The audience started getting rowdier; they were cheering and jerking their cocks with twice the vigour.

Chris began fucking Liam’s tight ass, thrusting his hips with an even rhythm while holding Liam’s waist with one hand and twisting his nipples with the other.

Everyone in the room was sweating and Anderson, who was still wearing his clothes, was perspiring the most. Large pit stains had formed on his t-shirt.Up in his top-floor master bedroom Bryan Singer was immensely enjoying the Hemsworth’s incest display on his widescreen TV, while the nubile, young assistant named Cody had Singer’s cock lodged in his throat.

“Ahhh fuck yes!” Chris Hemsworth cursed and groaned as he powered into his brother again and again.

“I swear to God I’m never going to go a whole month with fucking your tight arse ever again!”Chris Evans leaned his head over to Sam Witwer and whispered; “This is making me miss my brother,” in his ear.

Sam turned his head and gave Evans a quick kiss before they once again returned their attention to the Hemsworths.

The older Hemsworth had laid Liam on his back now.

Chris was holding Liam’s legs apart as he hammered his ass with his rigid prick.Liam was moaning and panting and stroking his hard-on as the pain and pleasure overwhelmed him.

Chris grunted and groaned as he plowed his own brother without restraint.All the other competitors had gotten up out of their seats and stood right in front of the stage.

Some of them like; Joe Manganiello, Henry Cavill, Dan Feuerriegel and Kellan Lutz were urging Chris to fuck harder, while others like; Stephen Amell, Liam McIntyre, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Kwanten were cheering for the younger Hemsworth to ‘take it like a champ’.

Anderson remained silent as he worked himself close to orgasm. He was sweating bullets and was even wiping his sweat off his forehead with his palms and then using that as lube for his dick.

The men were shouting their encouragements even louder now, as they were getting closer to their climax.

Anderson noticed the older brother’s balls tense up and then Chris was hollering at the top of his lungs as he started unloading his hot cum into Liam’s ass.

Anderson came with him.The younger Hemsworth jerked his cock off, moaning as he ejaculated all over his abs.

The crowd of horny celeb men started busting their nuts and the room was filled with the sound of men shouting and swearing.

Upstairs Bryan Singer spewed his jizz down Cody’s throat.As Anderson’s orgasm subsided he watched the sweaty, muscular, naked hunks spray their semen all over themselves while moaning and cursing at the top of their lungs.

His mind was blown away by the fact that another unforgettable moment had gone by in the Celebrity Challenge and it was only the second day of the challenge!

Chapter Text

After the Hemsworth brothers put on a display for everyone the competitors got dressed and spent the rest of the day together hanging-out and having fun, when not sneaking off in pairs or small groups to have a different kind of fun. During breakfast the next day the guys debated how they should pass the time before the first ‘Hump Day’ challenge. They eventually decided to hang-out on the beach, in the nude. So the men stripped down to their birthday suits for some fun in the sun. The mansion was equipped with plenty of beach supplies, so while some of the guys set up a volleyball net the Aussies grabbed surfboards and headed into the water. Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds paired-up against Joe Manganiello and Kellan Lutz for the first game. The rest of the non-Australians sat nearby in a row of beach chairs and watched; whistling and shouting lewd remarks whenever one of the buff hunks jumped up to spike the ball.

Joe leapt up in the air to block a spike from Chris and as he did his huge, semi-hard cock swung up and smacked against his abs. His block was unsuccessful and Chris and Ryan gave each other a quick kiss in celebration.

Kellan slapped Joe’s bare, sweaty buttocks and said; “Don’t worry, we’ll hammer their asses.”

Bradley Cooper yelled out; “Don’t get too turned on Joe, or you’ll poke your eye out next time!”

Everyone, including Joe, had a good laugh at the joke before they resumed the game.

Out in the water the two Liams; Hemsworth and McIntyre were waiting to catch the next wave.

“So did you enjoy the performance last night?” Hemsworth asked.

McIntyre grinned at him. “Fuck yeah mate, you and your brother sure know how to put on a show for a room full of horny bastards.”

The two chuckled and Hemsworth leaned his head over and slipped his tongue into McIntyre’s mouth.

Back by the volleyball players Aaron Paul was conversing with his fellow spectators. “Look at them sweat.” He said before taking a drink from a can of coke.
“I’ve never seen Chris look so fuckin’ sexy.” Stephen said almost absentmindedly as he stared at Chris Evans.

All of Evans’ body hair was on full display and all of it was damp with sweat and clinging to his sinewy muscles. The wet fur spread over his pecs and down his abs, leading into the broad treasure trail that was connected to his forest of pubic hair. His armpits and ass also had plenty of sweat-soaked fur. As he dashed across the sand and leapt into the air his muscles flexed, his pecs bounced, and his cock and balls swayed; he looked like a hairy Adonis.

Stephen swallowed to keep from drooling all over himself. His dick was rigid and already leaking pre-cum onto his abs.

Aaron looked over at Stephen and smiled at him. “You’ve got a big thing for Evans, huh?”

“Ohh yeah.” Amell breathed out softly as he watched Chris spank Reynolds on the ass after they scored another point.

Up in the camera monitor room Anderson Cooper was watching the volleyball play out while jerking his prick. He was shirtless with his fly wide open and his erection sticking out of his boxers as he stood in front of a large monitor. Behind him the young assistant Cody walked into the room.
“Mr. Singer and his guest would like to see you.” He said.

“Thanks Cody.” Anderson started to leave but turned back and said; “Cody, how old are you?”

“I’m almost 19.” The young stud answered with a smile.

“Interesting,” He murmured. “Have fun watching the game.” After that, Anderson turned and left.

Cody grinned and whipped out his dick as he sat in a chair and started watching the volleyball match.

The other night after the competitors retired to their bedrooms Bryan Singer’s friend had arrived at the mansion and was given access to the private top floor. The mystery guest had spent the night with Bryan and Anderson hadn’t even met him yet. Cooper had his suspicions about who the guest was and they were confirmed as soon as he opened the door to Singer’s master bedroom.

Hugh Jackman was standing beside Bryan’s bed, his enormous cock still leaking cum onto an exhausted Bryan Singer.

“Hello Mr. Singer, Mr. Jackman.” Anderson said with a smile.

“Hi there mate.” Hugh responded with a smirk as he glanced down at Anderson’s exposed hard-on.

Back out on the beach as the game continued Evans and Reynolds were winning, but Manganiello and Lutz weren’t far beyond in points.
Joe jumped up and spiked the ball, and his cock smacked his abs again.

“Fuckin’ look at that thing.” Bradley said. “And you sat on it?” He asked looking at Aaron.

“Yeah.” Aaron answered with a cocky expression on his face. “Practically tore me a new asshole, but it was worth it.” He added while rubbing his taint.
Out in the water Ryan Kwanten and Dan Feuerriegel decided to take a break from surfing and came back to shore.

“I’ve seen hot hunks playing volleyball before, but this is beyond sexy.” Ryan declared.

“I’ll say.” Dan replied while reaching down and feeling his quickly growing erection.

Kwanten eyed Dan’s impressive 10’’ piece of meat. “Wanna’ rub our dicks together?” He asked.

Feuerriegel turned to him with a wide grin. “Ohh yeah.”

The two Aussie hotties embraced each other; making out and grinding their hard shafts together.

Meanwhile in the house, Singer let Hugh leave to speak with Anderson in his room. As soon as the two men were in Cooper’s bedroom Hugh grabbed Anderson and gave him a passionate kiss.

After Jackman finished sucking on his tongue Anderson let out a deep sigh and tried not to swoon, being French kissed by the manly muscle-god left him light-headed. “Wow.” Anderson murmured.

Hugh chuckled. “You sure know how to make a guy feel appreciated.”

Anderson snapped back into the moment. “Ohh uhh, yeah. Sorry, I got a little distracted Mr. Jackman.”

“Come on mate, you can just call me Hugh.”

“Right, all right Hugh; you can fill me in on what your role in the competition is.”

“Right, I’m going to have sex with each of the losing contestants. Every Sunday night the eliminated competitors will be taken to a room for a romp in the sack with me – and you. Bryan says you’ll be joining in the fun each week.”

“Damn! As much as I want to watch each of the guys having fun for as long as possible I’m now looking forward to the elimination nights.” Anderson’s cock throbbed.

“Oh don’t worry; Bryan also said I’ll be spending the nights in your room for the length of the competition.”

Cooper grinned from ear-to-ear. “I didn’t think this gig could get any better, never have I been so glad to be proven wrong.”

Hugh swiftly yanked down Anderson’s pants, picked him up and tossed him on the bed.

Back out on the beach the volleyball game had gotten close but Evans and Reynolds eventually scored the winning point. In celebrating their victory Chris and Ryan wrapped their arms around each other’s sweat-soaked bodies and started making out.

Watching this Stephen felt a bit jealous and a lot aroused, and couldn’t help but reach down and give his hard-on a few tugs.

Kellan and Joe were rather disappointed in losing but they gave each other what started out as a small kiss, but quickly turned into a larger kiss with some groping.
Bradley Cooper licked his lips and stared at Lutz’s tight, sweaty, bulging buttocks while Manganiello gave them a good squeeze.

A second volleyball match started with Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper playing together against Stephen Amell and Sam Witwer. All the Aussies came back from surfing and joined the other guys in watching the nude sports display. Unfortunately the match was cut short when an announcement came over the loudspeakers for the men to gather in the assembly room. All the guys excitedly headed into the house, eager to experience the first challenge.

The guys didn’t bother getting dressed, the knew the challenges were going to be sex-based anyways, so they all sat their bare, sweaty asses down in the chairs set up for them. The door at the back of the assembly room stage opened up and Anderson Cooper once again walked out, but this time he was shirtless and his short hair was a bit messed-up, it was obvious to the competitors that he had just finished having a quickie.

They were a few whistles as Anderson reached the end of the stage.

“Hello again boys, it’s great to see you all can take the initiative to get naked and have fun without any prompting on our part.”

The guys all smiled and fondled themselves; some of the guys like Stephen Amell were still fully erect.

Anderson continued addressing the men. “The first challenge is all set up and ready to go. It’s going to take place down in the basement level of the mansion so follow me.” Anderson stepped down off the stage and began leading the competitors. The very bottom floor of the house had remained off-limits until now. The basement was a very large room underneath the mansion, divided into two areas by a wall, and like everywhere else in the estate; there were several cameras mounted on the walls and ceiling. After everyone filed down the stairs from the rec room Anderson turned to the guys and started explaining the challenge.

“Behind me are two doors, each one leads into one of the two separate sections of the basement and over a hundred sex toys have been hidden in each section. The first challenge is going to be a Sex Toy Scavenger Hunt.”

The competitors all clapped and laughed or cheered.

Anderson smiled at their enthusiasm. “There is a list posted on the back of each door outlining all the sex toys that need to be found AND used by at least one member of the team. The first team to find and use everything on the list is the winner.” Anderson opened both doors. “Team Film is on the left and Team Television is on the right. I’ll count to three and then you’ll start.”

The men separated into their teams and formed lines ready to rush into the rooms on Anderson’s signal.

“I wish all of you good luck, and now; one… two… three!”

All fourteen of the naked hunks dashed through their respective door. Once every member of a team was inside, the door was slammed shut and the men started reading the list.

- 1 Set of nipple clamps (for one man)
- 1 Double-ended dildo (for two men)
- 2 Ball gags
- 2 Pairs of handcuffs (for one or two men each)
- 1 String of anal beads (for one man)
- 1 Pink buttplug
- 2 Black ribbed dildos
- 1 Vibrator
- 1 Fleshjack
- 3 Cockrings

After reading the list the men all rushed to start looking for the designated items. There were several different kinds of boxes and containers scattered around the place that had sex toys in them, in addition to various pieces of furniture where extra sex toys had been hidden.

There were dressers, desks, and cabinets as well as chairs and couches. All the guys on both teams spread out and began searching independently. Some quickly started looking through the boxes, looking for anything that matched the list. Meanwhile others checked-out the various pieces of furniture. It wasn’t long before the competitors began finding items on the list. On Team Film both Ryan Reynolds and Kellan Lutz quickly found cockrings and slipped them onto their dicks. While on Team Television, Stephen Amell stumbled onto the nipple clamps in a desk drawer and immediately pinched his nips to get them hard and then fastened on the clamps.

Anderson had rushed back up to his room, which was now his and Hugh’s room. He was naked on all fours on top of the bed, while Jackman was naked kneeling behind him and slowly inserting his hard-on up Cooper’s ass. In front of them were two large TVs; one for the members of Team Film, while the other focused on Team Television. The screens of both TVs were divided into four squares; each square showed what one or two members of the teams were doing.

Chris Evans had found the pink buttplug for his team. It was shaped like a cone, thin at the top, but very thick at the base with a little handle at the bottom so it could be pulled out afterwards, and it was coloured a very effeminate hot pink. Evans set the sex toy down on a chair and squatted above it, his puckered anus right above the tip of the cone.

Chris steadily lowered himself down onto it and his cock got harder with every increasingly thicker inch of the sex toy getting squeezed past the tight ring of muscle.

Everybody watching upstairs couldn’t help but hold in their breath as they watched the movie star stud grin as his rectum became filled.

Eventually the entire plug was inside him with only the little pink handle sticking out between his asscheeks.

The men upstairs let out their breath and resumed masturbating with increased vigour.

Evans stood back up with the buttplug inside him and continued looking for more sex toys on the list.

The competitors started to find items on the list at a quicker pace. Ryan Kwanten found a ball gag and never having the opportunity to use one before, he eagerly strapped it on.

Aaron Paul came across one of the black ribbed dildos; the bulky sex toy was about 8 inches long, but that didn’t pose a threat to a man who had recently sat on Joe Manganiello’s horsecock. Aaron slipped it up his asshole with a satisfied moan.

Meanwhile Joe got his hands on one of the cockrings and lucky for him it could fit on his manhood. With the ring on, Manganiello’s huge erection was almost literally rock-hard, and walking around with his giant prick sticking out like that got the rest of Team Television hot and bothered.

When Sam Witwer saw Joe’s cock he swore he could feel his asshole quiver in excitement.

On the Team Film side Henry Cavill located the anal beads; they were the kind made up of sizeable plastic spheres on a flexible plastic cord, as opposed to the small beads on a string. “More like anal balls.” He murmured to himself. Henry spread his legs and began pushing the beads into his ass, one-by-one they slid past his anus until all five were in his ass. “Fuck that’s good.” He groaned. The next box Cavill looked through had the last cockring his team needed. He quickly got it on and kept looking for more stuff.

Meanwhile Liam Hemsworth had discovered the two ball gags and wanted to share them with his brother, but when he found Chris he was surprised to see the older Hemsworth also had something he wanted to share; the double-ended dildo. They kissed each other before they both put their gags on, Chris inserted one end of the long dildo into his ass and then they both got down on all fours.

Liam had his rear-end pointed at the schlong jutting out from his older brother and proceeded to move backwards until his hole was penetrated by that same shaft. The Hemsworths began thrusting backwards onto the dildo; building a rhythm where as soon as one brother had just finished pushing back on the sex toy the other shoved his ass in reverse, this way they were constantly fucking themselves and their brother at the same time. The incestuous duo jerked their cocks and rode the double-ended dildo together unaware that one of their teammates was currently having a great time watching them.
Bradley Cooper was standing not far from where the Hemsworth brothers were,

with a lustful grin spread across his face. He had the vibrator in his left hand, it was set to max and he was swirling the first few inches of it around in his anus. In his right hand he had the fleshjack and was pumping it on his 8’’ prick.

On the Television side Sam Witwer got the vibrator for his team as well as another cockring. The sexy TV stud put the cockring on and then used the vibrator to massage the underside of his hard shaft before he began using the pulsating sex toy to play with his ass.

Meanwhile Stephen Amell had found a black dildo, but was unsure if it was one of the items on the list. He noticed Aaron Paul bending over to look in a box and saw the base of something black sticking out from between his buttocks. “Hey Aaron, is this one of the black dildos we’re supposed to find?”

Aaron looked back over his shoulder at what Amell had in his hand. “No, that’s not one of the ribbed ones. This is what you’re lookin’ for.” He pulled out a few inches of the thick sex toy.

Stephen almost drooled as he stared at the big black tube stretching his teammate’s hole. “Uhh… thanks, I’ll go find it.” He said snapping back to reality.
“No problem dude.” Aaron said with a cheerful smirk on his face

On the other side Chris Evans found the nipple clamps for Team Film. Chris started playing with his soft, pliable nubs.

Henry Cavill watched Evans pinch and twist his two supple, pink knobs of skin until they stood out from his swirls of chest hair.

Henry had found both pairs of handcuffs, he placed one pair on himself and as soon as Chris had the clamps fastened on, Cavill walked up to him and clapped the other pair on Evans’ wrists. Chris flashed Henry a sexy grin, but before he could say anything, the British hunk leaned forward and stuck his tongue in his mouth for a few seconds before kneeling down and swallowing the first half of his erection.

Chris chuckled in amusement before placing his hands behind his head and moaning in appreciation of Cavill’s blowjob.

Henry bobbed his head up and down on Evans’ impressive member, gradually working his way down on him until his lips reached Chris’ sweaty pubes and balls. Henry tried to stroke his engorged cock with both hands and initially found it awkward with his hands cuffed, but soon managed to find a comfortable rhythm.

Meanwhile on Team Television Liam McIntyre had found the pink buttplug and the last cockring. He wasted no time getting the ring on his cock and then shoving the plug in his hairy Aussie arsehole. McIntyre spotted his friend and fellow ‘Spartacus’ alum, Dan Feuerriegel nearby.

Dan had one of the ball gags on and when his saw his buddy Liam he could only make a grunting noise that sounded like; “Hey!”

Soon Liam had his more muscular friend bent over while he plundered his tight arse with his rigid prick.

Aaron Paul watched the two Australian studs fuck while he pleasured himself with the fleshjack. Suddenly Aaron felt someone tap his shoulder and he turned around to find Sam Witwer behind him.

Witwer had one of the pairs of handcuffs clasped on his right wrist. “Wanna’ share?” He asked with a devious smile.

“Hell yeah.” Aaron said. He then attached the other cuff to his left wrist. Shackled together; Aaron masturbated himself with the fleshjack using his right hand, Sam used the vibrator to play with his asshole with his left hand, and they both massaged Sam’s dick with their cuffed hands.

Stephen Amell discovered the black ribbed dildo he was looking for. Delighted to have found the bulky sex toy, Stephen placed it on the floor and slowly sat on it. Amell grimaced as the mixture of pain and pleasure gradually flow through his ass. The television star sat there on the floor with his feet planted wide apart, the thick dildo stuffed up his hole, his hands working his clamped nipples, his manhood sticking out like a truncheon from between his thighs, and his head tilted back with an expression of insatiable craving on his face.

Up on the top floor of the mansion, Hugh Jackman was laying on the bed he now shared with Anderson Cooper, naked on his back with his long shaft resting on his abs. The legendarily hung, hairy hunk had just finished firing another load of spunk into Anderson’s abused anus, and was enjoying the sexual display going on down in the basement level while taking a break from his own sexual activity.

Anderson had left to take a piss, leaving Hugh alone until Cody; the sexy young assistant walked into the room.

A smile spread across Jackman’s face as the naked teenager climbed into the bed and straddled his waist.

The soon-to-be 19 year-old Cody was an athletic young man; he had the taut, sinewy musculature of a boy who had recently transitioned into full manhood. He laid his semi-hard dick on top of Hugh’s recovering penis and felt the sides of his torso. “I’m a big fan of yours Mr. Jackman; I’ve seen all the X-Men and Wolverine movies.”

The older Aussie male gave the naïve, young guy a gruff, no-nonsense look. “Yeah? Ya’ like seeing me with my shirt off? Ya’ like these big pecs?” Hugh grabbed Cody’s hands and placed them on his two huge, hairy slabs of pectoral muscle.

The young assistant breathed out slowly. “Y-yes sir.” He stammered.

“Ya’ like my great big cock?” Hugh maintained eye-contact with Cody while twitching his quickly growing prick, letting the boy feel just how much more well-endowed he is.

Cody swallowed and started breathing more heavily. “Yes sir, very much.”

“Yes what?” Jackman asked pointedly.

“Yes I like your great big cock, sir.”

“No, try again.”

“Yes I like your great big cock, Mr. Jackman.”

“No, try again.”

“Yes I like your great big cock… Wolverine?”

Hugh sneered at him. “Nice try kid. Give it one more shot.”

Cody thought for a moment before a wicked grin came over his face. “Yes I like your great big cock, daddy.”

“Attaboy!” Hugh exclaimed, the magic word flicking his horny switch to max. The Australian stallion sat up, lifting the younger man in the process, and shoved his ass down onto his now rigid member.

Cody cried out in shock and pain as his rectum was suddenly filled with all eleven inches of Jackman’s hot beef injection. His hands gripped tightly to Hugh’s pecs while he was being bounced up and down on the magnificent Aussie cock. He could feel his prostate getting massaged by the engorged shaft, radiating pleasure throughout his body. Cody’s eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned like a bitch.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP FAGGOT!” Jackman barked at the teenager. “I’m fucking trying to watch the challenge!” Hugh looked over the boy’s shoulder at the TV displaying the on-going scavenger hunt.

Cody recoiled in embarrassment and muttered; “Sorry daddy.”

Hugh smirked at him with self-satisfaction and grabbed his throat. “Just keep your mouth shut and your legs spread.”

The young assistant blushed and tried not to pant too loudly while he continued to receive a rough fucking.

Down in the basement level both teams only needed a few more items to win. For Team Television; Joe Manganiello found the second pair of handcuffs, but instead of using them on himself he went over to his ‘True Blood’ co-star Ryan Kwanten. Joe grabbed Ryan’s arms and pulled them behind him, cuffing his wrists together behind his back.

Already wearing a ball gag and now having his hands cuffed together behind him; Kwanten was really starting to enjoy the feeling of being bound and helpless, his eight inches stood up straight at full erection. Ryan then grunted and motioned with his head at a nearby box.
Manganiello looked inside and saw the double-ended dildo.

Grinning like the Cheshire cat Joe grabbed the long dildo and shoved half of it up Kwanten’s ass.
The sexy Aussie stud’s eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a long muffled moan of pleasure. With his hands cuffed behind him there was nothing Ryan could do at the moment to masturbate his throbbing dick, and he was surprised by how much he enjoyed the sensation of desperately needing to be gratified.
Joe turned around planted his feet apart and began to back his ass onto the other end of the dildo. It slipped past his asshole and Joe pushed back until his buttocks pressed against Ryan’s.

Stephen Amell watched the ‘True Blood’ stars start to thrust their hips, fucking each other on the double-ended shaft. Horny as a bitch in heat, Stephen walked over to the two with the thick black dildo sticking out of his ass.

As soon as Amell came up to him Joe grabbed his shoulders, forced him down onto his knees and growled; “SUCK MY COCK!”

Intimidated by the massive size of Manganiello’s manhood, Stephen nervously opened his mouth and began to swallow the Italian horsecock. The head stretched Stephen’s lips, and as he continued going down on the engorged shaft he started gagging.

Joe grabbed Amell’s head with both hands and fucked his throat without mercy, watching in satisfaction as his teammate’s eyes began to water involuntarily. “Yeah! You love my fat cock, don’t you?!”

Stephen could barely moan in the affirmative as Joe unrelentingly assaulted his throat. The Canadian-born actor used one hand to play with his nipples, the other to stroke his prick, and clenched his anus tight around the ribbed dildo, while he took pleasure in being skull-fucked by Manganiello’s twelve inches.
The rhythm of Joe’s thrusting caused Ryan’s stiff erection to repeatedly smack against his abs; spattering his washboard stomach with the copious amount of pre-cum leaking out of his piss slit and driving him wild with pent-up lust.

All the men on Team were caught having sex with each other, unaware that they only needed the anal beads to win. Meanwhile on Team Film the competitors still needed both of the black ribbed dildos to finish the list. Most of the Film guys were also distracted by sex, but Kellan Lutz and Ryan Reynolds continued to search for the two dildos to fill their assholes with.

Reynolds grabbed a box full of sex toys and dumped it on a nearby couch. He immediately spotted one of the black ribbed dildos, but before he could pick it up he suddenly felt someone’s hands on his shoulders before being turned around to face who it was.

Kellan Lutz pressed his body up against Ryan; bringing their mouths together in a deep kiss, reaching around and groping his tight butt, and grinding their rigid, cock-ringed dicks together.

Overwhelmed by Kellan’s unexpected gesture, Ryan slipped into a daze for a minute. When he snapped back to reality he realized Kellan had now stepped behind him, but when he turned back around he found that his teammate had stolen the dildo while he was distracted. Ryan couldn’t help but laugh in amusement. “Dick move, asshole.” He said jokingly.

Kellan smirked at Reynolds before pointing his ass at him, bending over and spreading his cheeks.

Ryan stared at Lutz’s exposed anus and could barely help himself from slobbering.

“Wanna’ shove this bad-boy up there?” Kellan asked, looking back at Ryan smugly.

Reynolds grabbed the big dildo out of Kellan’s hand as soon as he was finished talking and immediately started pushing the black shaft into the muscle-bound heartthrob’s asshole.

“Mmmmmmm.” Lutz shamelessly moaned and groaned as his teammate filled him with the ribbed sex toy. “Thanks dude, that feels fucking amazing! Now go find the other one and I’ll return the favour.”

Ryan instantly took off to hunt for the other black ribbed dildo and the only thing that would’ve made him look for it faster was if he realized that it was the last thing his team needed to win the challenge.

Kellan watched Ryan with a very self-satisfied grin while pinching his nipples.

It didn’t take Reynolds long to find it, and then quickly return to Kellan. After handing him the dildo Ryan turned around, bent over and pointed his ass at his teammate. “I believe you said you’d return the favour.” The Canadian-born stud flexed his buttocks suggestively.

Lutz eyed Ryan’s ass lustfully and licked his lips. Kellan used to of his fingers to play with Ryan’s asshole and then brought them to his mouth and licked them clean. “Mmmmm, that’s good pussy.” He then rammed the black ribbed dildo deep into Reynolds’ ass.

Ryan yelped in pain and pleasure and then faced his teammate with a wide grin. “Thanks buddy.”

Kellan just smirked and said, “Anytime.” before he wrapped his arms around Ryan. The two men once again pressed their bodies together; kissing and groping each other while grinding their rigid, cock-ringed dicks together.

Suddenly Anderson Cooper’s voice came over the loudspeakers. “Congratulations Team Film you have found and utilized every item on the list, you win the first challenge!”

All the men on Team Film let out a triumphant cheer; and although the Hemsworth brothers were gagged, they let out as loud a moan as they could. Even with the challenge officially over, all the competitors were still in engaged in a frenzy of lust that needed to be appeased.

The men of Team Film were energized by their victory; Chris Evans fucked Henry Cavill’s throat with abandon while he stroked himself, Ryan Reynolds and Kellan Lutz humped their cocks together, driven wild by the pleasurable friction, Chris and Liam Hemsworth desperately fucked themselves on the double-ended dildo while jacking their cocks, and Bradley Cooper worked himself with the fleshjack on his cock and vibrator in his ass.

Meanwhile on Team Television the men were angered by their loss and instantly vented their frustrations on both each other and themselves; Joe Manganiello mercilessly skull-fucked Stephen Amell, while also powering his ass onto the double-ended dildo, ravaging both his and Ryan Kwanten’s asshole, Aaron Paul pleasured himself with the fleshjack while helping to jerk off Sam Witwer, who was screwing himself with the vibrator, and Liam McIntyre rough-fucked his friend Dan Feuerriegel’s ass.

All the guys in the competition had descended into a state of pure lust; nothing mattered to them for the next few minutes except getting their rocks off. One-by-one the men started to cum, orgasms rippling through their muscular, sweat-drenched bodies. The rooms became filled with the sounds of shouting, moaning and cursing while their balls emptied their hot semen up asses, down throats, or all over themselves and each other.

Chapter Text

After Team Film won the first challenge they celebrated that night in the shower/urinal room.

After a lengthy group piss the movie hunks crammed together under the showerheads and started soaping each other up.

Lathering their broad chests and backs; spending time washing every single muscle. The men then moved on, washing abs, armpits and asses; leaving no crevice unwashed, no matter how private and sensitive. As they cleaned their fellow teammates thoroughly, Team Film’s manhood was put on full display.

Each man’s penis grew completely erect and they polished each other’s to a shine. With their dicks pointing north and the joy of victory running through them it didn’t take long for lust to take over. They quickly descended into a frenzy of groping and making-out.

Chris Hemsworth grabbed his younger brother from behind and held him against his body; pressing his hard-on into Liam’s asscrack and tilting his head back so he could stick his tongue in his brother’s mouth.

Henry Cavill had one hand wrapped around Kellan Lutz’s dick and the other reached around and fingered his asshole.

Kellan reciprocated by using one hand to play with Cavill’s nipples while the other gripped his cock. The two studs deeply kissed while pumping each other’s meat.

As for Ryan Reynolds, he became squeezed in between Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper; Bradley rubbed up against Ryan’s backside; kneading his shoulders and grinding his prick against the Canadian’s asscheeks, and meanwhile Evans massaged Reynolds’ pecs while humping their cocks together. Ryan’s eyes rolled back in his head as he couldn’t believe his good luck in getting trapped between these two hairy hunks.
Liam flexed his buttocks repeatedly, squeezing his big brother’s big dick. His older sibling’s hands were stroking his 9 inches, so Liam’s hands were free to pinch and play with his nipples.

Henry stirred Kellan’s ass with three of his fingers up to the knuckle.

Lutz pushed his ass backwards onto Cavill’s fingers and then thrust forward so that his shaft slid forward in Cavill’s fist. He soon built up an even rhythm, driving his hips back and forth to maximize the pleasure from his ass and cock.

Chris Evans knelt down and began sucking on Reynolds while on the other side Bradley went down and started licking his asshole.

Ryan couldn’t help but moan out loud as he was caught in the ecstasy of a spectacular blowjob/rimjob.

The men carried on like this for a while; operating on pure, lustful instinct. They eventually started switching up partners, everyone congratulating their teammates by making out with them, licking their sensitive parts, sucking their hard dicks, and fingering their tight assholes until they got close to orgasm and shot their cum all over each other.

But the guys on Team Television were not so blissful that night.

The losing team only needed the anal beads to win and Dan Fueurriegel was the only member of the team who didn’t have his ass filled by one of the sex toys. Because Dan was getting fucked by his buddy Liam McIntyre instead of looking for another toy, Joe Manganiello blamed the two Spartacus actors for their loss. After he found the anal beads he roughly shoved them up Dan’s ass and made Liam gag on his cock. At Manganiello’s urging the other guys joined in the “punishment” of their teammates.

Ryan Kwanten stuck his dick down Dan’s throat, Stephen Amell and Sam Witwer took turns fucking Liam, and Aaron Paul played with the anal beads in Dan’s ass; slowly pulling them out and shoving them back in. The horny Aussie actors moaned and squirmed through their sexual torments. All the other men shot their loads in or on the two, before they were allowed to get off.

Afterwards Joe sternly addressed his teammates; “I’m not gonna’ let anyone fuck up like that again next time, so everyone better bring their A-game for the next team challenge.” He stormed off to his room to take a shower.

Ryan Kwanten followed Manganiello up to his room and found him standing under the showerhead, soaking wet.

“I came up here to be alone.” Joe said gruffly.

“Yeah I know.” Ryan said standing in the bathroom doorway, still nude and sweating. “But I couldn’t help but follow you; you were sending off such an ‘Alpha Male’ vibe, I thought you were gonna’ start pounding your chest like a gorilla.” Kwanten chuckled.

The big, muscle-bound actor smirked at his True Blood co-star and then thumped his fists against his huge pecs and bellowed like an animal.

The two men shared a good laugh before Joe grabbed Ryan and pulled him under the shower. They began making-out heavily and groped each other’s bodies.

Kwanten broke their kiss to ask a question; “Hey Joe, remember that thing I wanted you to do with me that one time? But we didn’t have enough time for it”
Manganiello grinned from ear-to-ear. “Yeah, we got enough time now.”

Ryan turned around, spread his feet apart and bent over, presenting his exposed asshole to Joe.

Joe quickly turned off the showerhead and grabbed a bottle of lube of a shelf next to the shower. He wasted no time slathering his entire right hand with the lubricant.

“Yeah come on man, I’m ready for it.” Ryan panted.

Joe quickly inserted two of his slick fingers into Kwanten’s tight Aussie arsehole. He soon added his other fingers and was working on getting his thumb past the firm ring of anal muscle.

Ryan started breathing heavily and groaned as his fuck-buddy gradually slipped his whole hand inside him. Looking back, Ryan saw Manganiello flash him a big, naughty grin.

Joe clenched his hand into a fist and started rubbing his knuckles against Ryan’s prostate.

The sensations of pleasure drove the Australian-born actor wild and the sounds of him moaning filled the room.

As the men from Team Film were retiring to their rooms for the night, Chris Evans and Hemsworth were walking together down the hallway when they heard they sound of someone shouting coming out of Joe Manganiello’s bedroom. The two stopped by his open door and listened.

“Ohh fuck yeah! FUCK YEAH! Fist my tight faggot ass!” Ryan Kwanten was using his character Jason Stackhouse’s American Southern accent.

“Yeah! That’s it, beg for it!” Joe was growling in his deep, rumbling voice.

The two Chrises smiled at each other as the dirty talk got their dicks hard.

“Should we join them?” Hemsworth asked.

“Naw, let them have their fun together.” Evans suddenly wrapped his arms around his friend’s shoulders and kissed him. “Take me to my room; Kwanten isn’t the only one who needs his tight faggot ass fisted.”

Hemsworth smirked at Evans. “Sure thing Captain.” The two men chuckled as they hurried to Evans’ bedroom.

Meanwhile when Aaron Paul walked into the shower/urinal room after Team Film was finished he found Ryan Reynolds was still inside.

“You missed the celebration.” Reynolds said with a conceited tone.

“Yeah well, us Television guys were busy.” Aaron stated as he stood in front of one of the urinals and started to piss in front of his fellow competitor.
“Busy crying? Complaining? Making excuses? Trying to figure out why you suck?” Ryan asked, trying to get under his competitors skin.
“Huh, Cavill said he fucked the smug right out of your bitch ass.” Aaron said.

Ryan laughed genuinely. “It would take a horse’s cock, a real horse’s cock, to fuck the smug out of me.”

Aaron chuckled. “Well at least you’re straight-up about it.” The short actor continued to relieve himself.

Reynolds placed a hand on Aaron’s smooth ass. “Well I was hoping to spend some alone time with you; and since your team is already losing, we better spend some time together sooner rather than later.” Ryan’s fingers slipped in between Aaron’s tight buttocks and felt his sweaty taint. “Ohh, I can see your pussy is already wet. Excited about something?”

Aaron looked at Reynolds. “Yeah I’m excited about you shutting up and licking my cunt, bitch.”

Without making any other snide comments, Ryan quickly knelt down and stuck his face in between Aaron’s asscheeks; hungrily slurping up his taint sweat.

Upstairs Bradley Cooper was in voyeur heaven, watching Chris Hemsworth fist Chris Evans. Evans was on his bed, lying on his back with his legs in the air while Hemsworth was on his knees in front of the bed with his lubed-up fist inside Evans’ ass.

Evans panted and moaned as his fellow ‘Avenger’ worked his hole. His chest heaved and sweat moistened the hair on his pecs and abs.

Bradley moved over to him and started licking his muscles clean.

“There’s more down here on his balls, mate.” Hemsworth playfully stated while he continued the anal assault.

Bradley hurriedly went down on Chris; sucking each ball into his mouth and savouring the manly taste.

Evans cried out in ecstasy as the multiple pleasures overwhelmed him. His cock fired off several spurts of hot cum, coating his washboard stomach.
Hemsworth pulled his fist out, stood up and started jacking-off.

Bradley followed suit, and it wasn’t long before they added their own cream to the load on Evans’ abs.

The three men ate their combined cum together, making sure they each got an even share.

On the top floor Anderson Cooper was in the camera control room; watching the competitors on multiple monitors. Aaron Paul was still eating out Ryan Reynolds’ ass while they jerked themselves off. Bradley Cooper and Chris Evans and Hemsworth were sleeping together; their naked bodies forming a heap of sweaty, hairy muscles. Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello had also gone to bed together and most of the other men had already settled into bed for the night. Anderson noticed the young intern Cody enter the room behind him. “Shouldn’t you be getting some sleep young man?”

Cody was still nude and smirked at him. “Don’t you want to come tuck me into bed Mr. Cooper?”

Anderson smiled at him knowingly. “I think I better give you some time to recover, I heard you had a rough day.”

Cody was disappointed but turned and left anyway, and Anderson could see the teen’s asshole was still recuperating from the savage fucking he got from Hugh Jackman earlier. Anderson returned to the room he was now sharing with Hugh and found him lying naked on their bed. He quickly stripped his clothes off and crawled into bed with Hugh. “I heard you gave that horny, young Cody a real pounding.”

Hugh chuckled. “He’ll think twice before jumping into bed with a real man.” The two older men kissed each other and cuddled together as they went to sleep for the night.

The competitors had the next day off, they were free to enjoy themselves and pass the time however they wanted until the next challenge tomorrow. The men looked forward to spending the day getting to know each other better; which meant exploring each other sexually.

Chris Evans was walking to the Jacuzzi room wearing nothing but a pair of shorts when he bumped into Stephen Amell. “Hey man, me and the Hemsworth bros are gonna’ spend some time in the hot tub, you should join us.”

Stephen smiled brightly at the invitation. “That sounds awesome; do I need swim trunks or something?”

“Naw man, we’re gonna’ freeball it.” The two headed into the Jacuzzi room and found Chris and Liam Hemworth waiting for them along with Ryan Reynolds and Sam Witwer.

“Perfect timing mates; the water just getting hot.” Chris Hemsworth said as he pulled off his jeans and underwear.
All the men quickly stripped off what little clothes they had on and got into one of the two bubbling hot tubs. The Hemsworths, Evans and Stephen were in one and Ryan and Sam in the other.

“So boys…” Evans said putting one arm around Amell and the other around Chris Hemsworth. “Who’s got a dirty story they’d like to share?”

Stephen blushed. “Well, uh… I’ve got one I’d think you’d like.”

Everyone looked at him. “Yeah man, let’s hear it.” Witwer said.

“So uh, you all know my cousin Robbie right?”

All the other guys grinned; immediately liking where this story was headed. They nodded in answer to his question.

“Anyways a couple months back Robbie visited me on set after I finished shooting an episode of Arrow, and as you guys probably already guessed; he and I have a “close” relationship.”

The guys all shared a naughty laugh.

“That’s one way of putting it!” Liam exclaimed and then gave his brother a wet kiss.

Stephen smiled; he was starting to enjoy being the centre of attention. “Neither of us can wait to get back to my place, we’re so impatient we end up making-out in a fucking utility closet. We’re going to town on each other; swapping spit, pulling off clothes, groping muscles, licking the sweat from each other’s armpits.”

Everyone’s dick was getting hard and the other guys were hanging on Stephen’s every word.

“Then all of a sudden we hear a knock on the door. Of course we both almost shit ourselves.” Stephen stopped for a moment as they all shared a good-natured laugh. “I mean me and Robbie pretty much look like brothers, and I’m thinking; no matter who opens this door they’re gonna’ know we’re having incestuous gay sex. We’re standing there buck-ass nude with our cocks nice and hard when the door opens and that sneaky little shit Colton Haynes is standing there with a smirk on his face.”

Upstairs Anderson Cooper was standing in the camera monitor room with his pants around his ankles and his dick in cock in his hand. As Anderson was distracted by Stephen’s dirty story, he didn’t notice what was going on elsewhere in the house.

Ryan Kwanten and Liam McIntyre had found a room used for leather BDSM activities. Kwanten had really enjoyed being handcuffed during the first challenge and he was eager to explore his new interest in bondage play.

“You wanna’ tie me up and fuck me mate?” Ryan asked his fellow Aussie.

“I’d love to plow your helpless arse.” Liam responded before kissing him passionately. As the two kissed they heard someone enter the room behind them.
“Looks like you two are ready to have some fun.” Joe Manganiello said. He and Henry Cavill had followed the Aussies into the room and they were already naked and erect.

The leaner men gulped as they were confronted by the two ripped hunks and their engorged pricks.


“Which one do you want?” Cavill asked looking at Joe with a devious grin.

“Actually I had something else in mind Henry.” Manganiello looked from Ryan to Liam and then back again. “How about the three of us tie this horny bastard up and give his ass a much-needed plowing?”

“What!?” Henry barked. “I thought we were gonna’ fuck them.”

Joe grabbed Cavill by the shoulders. “Change of plans man, I’d really like to see you bound for our pleasure.” Joe kissed him roughly; their short beards scraping together as their tongues wrestled.

“…All right.” Henry agreed reluctantly.”

Soon the other men had him lying spread-eagle in a sling with his wrists and ankles bound. The other guys had also put on some leather fetish gear; McIntyre had on a vest and some boots, Kwanten was in a pair of ass-less and crotch-less chaps, and Manganiello was wearing nothing but a harness that nicely framed his pecs. The men soon got to work enjoying every sweaty, muscle-bound inch of Cavill’s helpless body.

Ryan and Liam plunged their faces into each of Henry’s furry armpits and were noisily feasting on his pit sweat.

Joe on the other hand was focusing on his plump, muscular buttocks. He went over each smooth cheek with long licks of his wet tongue, and then he bit them and kneaded them with his hands. Finally he stuck his mouth in-between and slurped up all the sweat off his hairy taint.

Henry groaned and squirmed as the others worked his sensitive crevices with their hungry tongues.

Next the Aussies turned their attention to his pecs; licking the hairy muscles before sucking and biting his hardened nipples.

Joe sucked Cavill’s balls into his mouth one at a time before deepthroating his 10’’ slab of meat.

Henry could do nothing but moan as the others took their time servicing every part of his body.

Meanwhile back in the hot tub Stephen Amell was continuing his story. “Colton’s standing there gawking at us and says; ‘Fuck! Why didn’t you invite me to watch?’ So I grabbed him, pulled him in and shut the door behind him.”

By this point in the story Ryan Reynolds and Sam Witwer were stroking each other’s erections and Chris Hemsworth was fingering his younger brother’s ass.
“Now Colton whips out his dick and starts jerking-off as I bend over and Robbie slides his prick up my ass.”

Chris Evans groaned. “Ohh fuck that’s hot!” He leaned his head over and licked Amell’s chin and lips.

Stephen stuck his tongue out and their tongues slid over each other slowly before coming together in a deep kiss.

Ryan whistled as all the other guys leered at them.

Stephen took a moment to catch his breath. “Uhh… yeah, so Robbie’s fucking me and then Colton takes all his clothes off and I start blowing him.”

As Stephen began to carry on with his story Bradley Cooper walked by the door to the Jacuzzi room. He stopped and looked inside at the naked men soaking in the hot tubs, he was about to join them when he noticed Kellan Lutz and Dan Fueurriegel walk into the shower/urinal room together.

After catching a glimpse of their beefy asses Bradley couldn’t help but go after them. Once inside he found Aaron Paul had just finished relieving himself and he, along with Kellan and Dan all turned to face him with their cocks already semi-hard. “So what are you guys up to?” Bradley asked smiling

“Well I need to take a piss.” Kellan said.

“And I need to take a piss and then shove my cock up someone’s arse.” Dan crassly remarked.

“Well I’m a bit thirsty…” Aaron reached over and felt Lutz and Feuerriegel’s shafts. “…You big boys wanna’ give me a drink?”

They grinned at him and Kellan said; “Sure, kneel down.”

“And open wide.” Dan added.

Aaron knelt in front of Herculean hunk and the Aussie gladiator.

Kellan let out a sigh as he released a hot stream aimed down Aaron’s throat. Standing next to him, Dan soon followed suit.

Driven by his own erotic thirst; Bradley Cooper got down behind Kellan and Dan and started licking their asses. He was now in ass-eater heaven; licking each of the men’s muscular buttocks, slurping their sweaty taint, and tonguing their tight assholes, in addition to sucking on their balls.

Back in the bondage playroom Joe Manganiello was slowly sliding every thick inch of his foot-long cock into Henry Cavill’s ass.

Ryan Kwanten and Liam McIntyre stood next to either side of Cavill’s head with their stiff erections right in his face.

Henry took turns sucking on them while the two Aussies made-out and groped each other’s chests.

Joe had lodged his entire horsecock into Henry’s ass and held it there while his pinched and played with his own nipples. “Ya’ like my fat cock up yer ass Cavill?”

Henry could only moan as he was currently slobbering on Ryan’s dick.

Joe pulled his hips back and then thrust forward hard; plowing the British stud with his enormous member and bouncing his hairy balls off his tight ass. “I can’t hear you.”

Henry spat Kwanten’s dick out of his mouth. “Yes I like your fat cock up my arse!”


“Good.” Manganiello grunted as he began fucking Cavill.

The Aussies changed positions; Liam was now straddling Henry’s face and fucking his throat, while Ryan straddled his waist and sat down with Henry’s 10’’ prick up his ass.

Ryan and Joe wrapped their arms around each other and started kissing. They continued exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues while Joe fucked Cavill’s ass and Ryan rode Cavill’s cock.

In the camera monitor room Anderson Cooper was trying to was as much of everything going on as he could. He was quite grateful that the cameras were recording everything. But while he was trying to watch the uninhibited sexcapades that were happening throughout the house he couldn’t help but get distracted by the sound of moaning coming from the room he was sharing with Hugh Jackman.

Anderson walked into the room to find Hugh kneeling on the bed facing the widescreen TV that was currently showing what was going on in the leather room.

Hugh was also fucking the young Cody again; he held the young man by the waist and was repeatedly ramming his cock into the 19 year-old’s ass without mercy.

The sexy teenager was panting and moaning while his hard dick leaked pre-cum onto the bed.

“Anderson! Come fuck my arse mate!” Jackman growled.

Anderson wasn’t going to pass-up the opportunity to fuck Wolverine himself. He quickly got into position behind Hugh and shoved his 8’’ cock up his hairy Australian ass. Anderson groped Jackman’s body while fucking him; running his fingers through his sweaty chest hair and pubic bush.

The men continued to fuck while watching what was happening in the leather room.

At the moment in the hot tub Stephen Amell was finishing-up his story. So Robbie’s pounding away at my ass and Colton’s fucking my throat – and I swear to God – they both came at the same time!”

The guys all cheered and applauded, Chris Evans slapped Stephen on the back and said; “That was fucking hot dude, thanks for giving us all a boner!”
“Now we need to do something about these boners.” Chris Hemsworth said before wrapping his arms around his younger brother, kissing him on the mouth and grinding their hard cocks together.

In the adjacent Jacuzzi, Ryan Reynolds and Sam Witwer were making out and groping each other’s chests.

Suddenly Chris Evans whispered in Stephen’s ear; “Looks like you’re stuck with me buddy.”

Amell had only a second to think about how glad he was to be ‘stuck’ with Captain America himself before Evans grabbed him around the waist and stuck his tongue in his mouth. Stephen spread his legs apart as Chris lifted him up enough to shove his engorged prick in between Stephen’s smooth, muscular buttocks and pierce his tight asshole. He let out a long, satisfied groan as Chris continued to slide his entire thick shaft up his ass.

Chris started thrusting his hips when he felt someone else’s hard dick poke between his hairy asscheeks. He looked back over his shoulder and saw the older Hemsworth brother smiling as he mounted him. The horny Boston boy thrust hips back and forth harder; fucking Stephen’s ass while getting fucked by Thor’s big hammer.

Meanwhile Liam Hemsworth was now on all-fours next to the hot tub getting spitroasted by Ryan and Sam. Reynolds was plowing the young Aussie’s arse and Witwer was stretching his throat while the two leaned their heads together and made-out.

Stephen watched the younger Hemsworth get fucked for a while before diving into another make-out session with Evans.

Meanwhile in the urinal room Kellan Lutz and Dan Feuerriegel had finished emptying their bladders down Aaron Paul’s throat. Kellan was now fucking Aaron in the ass, Bradley Cooper had his tongue lodged in Kellan’s anus, and Dan was sliding his thick gladiator dick in and out of Bradley’s hairy butt. Aaron and Bradley were jerking their cocks as the more muscular men fucked them senseless. The men continued their obscene fuck-train while grunting and moaning like animals.
Upstairs in his bedroom, Anderson and Hugh were still fucking savagely; letting loose while building up to a wild climax.

All throughout the house the men had cast aside all inhibitions and shame. Sweat poured off of muscles, blood engorged their manhood and testosterone coursed through their bodies and they fucked, kissed, groped and licked each other into a frenzy of hot flesh.

It wasn’t long before orgasm pulsated through the first of them, causing loads of ejaculate to gush from their cocks. Soon the others followed suit and the mansion was filled with the sound of men at the pinnacle of pleasure until every man in the house had spilled his seed all over himself and/or another man or two.

Anderson removed his softening dick from Hugh’s ass and looked at the TV; all the competitors were slowly recovering from their ecstasy. He swiped some perspiration from his forehead and collapsed against Jackman’s rippling back. Anderson had already lost count of how many times he thanked his luck for being apart of this amazing sexual experience and he knew he’d praise his good fortune countless times more.

Chapter Text

After they met at a Hollywood party Chris Evans invited Ryan Kwanten back to his private hotel room to hang out. "Come on in Ryan and make yourself comfortable." Chris is wearing a tight white t-shirt, leather jacket and jeans.

"Thanks, man." The hot Aussie actor says, grinning at Chris as he comes in, kicking his shoes off. "Man, I'm glad to get away from there, it was pretty crowded."

"Yeah I know, you thirsty? I can get us drinks." Chris asks politely.

"That would be awesome, thanks." Ryan walks in; kicking back on the couch, legs spread, loosening his tie and buttons.

Evans walks over to the mini-bar and bends over looking inside, showing off his buff ass in his tight jeans. "Looks like I've just got beer and coke right now."

"A beer would be great," Kwanten says, looking his ass over. Biting his lip before adding; "We should go to the gym sometime, man. You'll have to show me what you do to get glutes like that."

Chris walks back over with two cans of beer, smiles at Ryan and hands him one. "You noticed? I was working out earlier today with my brother Scott actually." He takes a drink of his beer. "Ahh, that hit the spot. It's kinda hot in here, don't ya' think?"

"Yeah. I thought it was just me." Ryan answers, looking around for an A/C unit as he pulls at his collar. "Might have to step out on the balcony for a moment." He says, good-naturedly.

"Yeah the A/C in this place has been busted for a while. Sometimes I walk around here bareass." Chris chuckles and takes off his leather jacket; revealing large sweat stains on his t-shirt, across his pecs and on his pits.

Kwanten licks his lips just thinking about it. "Well hell, hope you don't mind if I do the same, haha." Slipping his shirt and tie off, just wearing a sleeveless undershirt and pants now.

Evans laughs as well. "We might have to, I'm pretty sure it's gonna' be another hot night. Mind if I take my shirt off?" He asks, pulling at his sweaty t-shirt.

"No, dude, that's fine." Ryan replies.

"Thanks." Chris peels off his t-shirt and tosses it aside; revealing his hairy, sculpted chest, slick with sweat. “There, that’s better.”

Ryan watches closely as Chris slips his shirt off. Not wanting to feel overdressed, he does the same, walking over and putting his clothes by the door, on top of his shoes. "Much better." Kwanten walks back over. His body pretty toned and sweaty, his chest just a little fuzzy, nowhere near Evans'.

Chris sniffs the air and then lifts up his arm, revealing his hairy, sweaty armpit and sniffs again. "Sorry man, when I was workin' out with my brother earlier today we skipped the shower. I hope you don't mind the smell."

Ryan shakes his head. "Please, I practically live at the gym. Besides, you wouldn't believe how sweaty we get shooting True Blood." Taking a sip of the beer, wiping some sweat off his brow.

Chris chuckles again. "Yeah that's true, it reminds me of that gay dream scene you did with Robert Kazinsky; my brother couldn't stop talking about it."

Kwanten laughs, scratching the back of his head, his fuzzy pit exposed. "Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Rob's a great guy. We actually got a little more hands-on, but they cut some of it out. Go figure." Shrugging a little and smiling.

"Really?" Chris says, his eyebrow raised in surprise. "That scene got Scott so hot and bothered, I can't imagine what it would've been like if he saw you two get 'hands-on' with each other."

"Oh, he was a fan, was he?" Ryan asks, smiling. "Man, he would have loved it. It involved Rob shaving, uh...other parts of me, other than my face." Ryan winks at him.

Chris looks at Ryan knowingly. "Wow, well we prefer our men hairy anyways." Chris casually takes another drink.

Ryan almost asks about the word "we", but decides to drop it. "Hey, you mind if I use your bathroom?" He asks, finishing off his drink.

"Naw man, go ahead." Chris leads him to the bathroom. "Knock yourself out bro."

"Oh, I plan on it." Ryan steps inside, pushing the door closed, but it stays open a crack. He pulls his dick out and start pissing like a horse.

Evans takes a peek through the crack and watches Ryan whip out his dick and start pissing, and then he gets out his cell phone and quietly calls his brother.

Kwanten has a nice average Australian dick: uncut, just a bit above average in length and girth. Nice but not too impressive. After what seems like forever, he finishes up, washes his hands and face, and comes back out.

Chris waits for him in the living room. "Hey Ryan, I hope you don't mind but I called Scott. He's such a big fan of yours I thought I'd ask him to drop by so he could meet you."

"Oh no, of course not, the more the merrier!" Ryan exclaims, bending over to get a beer, his ass looking so tight and muscular in his pants.

Chris grins when he sees Ryan’s fine ass bent over and suppresses the urge to walk over to him and rip his pants off. "Looks like you don't need much help on how to work on your glutes man."

Ryan blushes a little. "Oh, thanks man. That's flattering coming from you." He says, popping the top on his beer and coming to sit on the couch.

After a few more minutes there's a knock on the door and Chris goes to let Scott in. "Hey little bro, glad you could make it." Scott's wearing a tight blue v-neck t-shirt and jeans. The brothers hug each other, getting the sweat from Chris' bare chest on Scott's shirt. "Hi Ryan, I'm so excited to meet you." Scott says eagerly.

"Great meeting you too, Scott, right?" Kwanten responds, giving him a firm handshake and smiling at him.

"Yeah." Scott looks up and down Ryan's bare chest; eyeing his sweaty, toned muscles. "Damn you're even hotter in person." He laughs. "I should've warned you Ryan; my brother's a real horndog." Chris says. Scott rolls his eyes at him and adds; "Look who's talking."

Ryan laughs. "Fellow horndog here, so it's all good." He admits, feeling Scott's eyes on his pecs and abs.

Scott pulls off his shirt, showing off his hairy, buff chest. Chris stands beside him and places his arm around his shoulder. "Guess we're all horny bastards." The hunky Evans brothers laugh and look at each other knowingly.

"I'll drink to that!" Ryan says, raising his beer and taking a sip. "Uh... can we get some fresh air?"

"Sure let's get some air." Chris says in agreement. They all head out onto the balcony and take a seat. Chris still has his arm around Scott and Ryan notices that their nipples have gotten hard and their crotches are bulging a bit.

Kwanten throws their groins a look, but doesn't think too much of it. He puts his hands on the back of his head, closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. "Man, I needed this. It's hot as balls in there."

"Speaking of hot balls; I think I'm gonna' have to get my pants off before my nuts get roasted." Chris laughs, stands up and pulls off his jeans; revealing that he's wearing a sweat-soaked jockstrap.

Ryan's eyebrows shoot up as he sees how packed that jockstrap is. "Damn, Chris. Just letting it all hang out, huh?" He comments, laughing as he sits down in a chair.

The older Evans brother grins at him. "Ohh, you noticed?" He responds before sitting his hairy, sweaty muscle-ass down. "We always work out in our jockstraps." Scott says while taking his jeans off too, revealing his jock. "Keeps your ass from getting overheated."

Ryan looks away to keep from gaping at their hairy, tight asses. "Well shit, guys. I feel overdressed." He laughs. Ryan stands and drops his jeans, wearing just tight briefs. Folding his pants up and putting them on the table.

When Ryan looks away Chris and Scott exchange a knowing look. "So Ryan are you gonna' crash here for the night?" Chris asks.

Kwanten sighs. "Shit, I don't know. I don't really have a hotel room anywhere near here. Wasn't really planning on getting plastered, but..." He shrugs, laughing.

The brothers laugh too. "It's cool dude, you can spend the night." Scott smiles at him. "I'm spending the night too, I guess it's gonna' be a sleepover."

"Sounds like fun, been years since I've had one. Well, you know, one that wasn't me and a chick that I kicked out the next morning." He says, laughing as he takes a sip.

"Yeah, this is gonna' be a different kind of sleepover." Chris says before giving Scott a conspiratorial wink. "I gotta' take a piss." He gets up and heads for the bathroom, giving the other two an eye-full of his ass and leaving Ryan alone with Scott.

Kwanten stares at Chris' ass just a bit too long, and when he looks back over at Scott, he's looking right back at him. He blushes and looks away. "So, and your brother are pretty close, huh?"

Scott grins from ear-to-ear. "That's one way of putting it." He looks up and down the Aussie's hot, toned chest. "I was so glad when Chris invited me over here to hang out with you. I've wanted to meet you for a while now."

Ryan smiles, nodding. "Thanks mate. That means a lot. Chris tells me you're a huge fan." He says, clapping Scott on the shoulder. "I was just telling him earlier about that gay dream Jason had, the one with Rob Kazinsky, about how it was a little dirtier in the original version."

Scott raises an eyebrow. "Ohh I've got to hear this. What happened?"

"Well, he shaved my pubes--like, in real life. And then he pretended to blow me."

Scott bites his lip. "Damn! Me and Chris like our men hairy, but him blowing you? That's so hot!"

Ryan smirks. "That part didn't happen for real, remember. But damn, he was inches from my junk. The way they shot it I couldn't wear anything to cover my dick or anything."

Scott licks his lips shamelessly. "How did you manage not to shove your dick down his throat?"

Ryan laughs. "He's...he's a handsome guy, for sure. I definitely popped a few boners during the shoot."

"I remember the night me and Chris watched that scene. Whew! Talk about a work out!"

" guys went to the gym, huh?" Kwanten asks, knowing that's not what he meant.

Scott smiles at him. "This coy thing really turns me on Ryan; I can't believe Chris hasn't bent you over the couch already."

"I-I...I..." Ryan sputters, looking at Scott and blushing crimson.

"Believe me, I want to." Chris says coming back from the bathroom. As he steps back onto the balcony Ryan can see he's taken off his jockstrap; his thick, 10.5'' cock, sweaty pubic bush and hairy, low-hanging balls all on full display.

"Jesus! Chris, what the fuck?!" Kwanten looks taken aback, looking up at him. His eyes taking in the glorious beauty of that hung stud cock.

"Come on Ryan, me and Scott have been waiting to hook-up with you." Scott stands up and pulls off his jock, exposing his hard 8'' cock, and sweaty bush and balls. The brothers hug and give each other a wet kiss on the mouth.

Ryan pops an instantaneous boner, throbbing and leaking inside his briefs while watching Chris and his younger brother making out, hard-ons rubbing together. "Damn." He pants, unable to stop himself.

Chris and Scott stand side-to-side with their arms around each other's waists. "Come on Ryan, get naked and get over here." Chris says. "Yeah man, it's time for the real fun to begin." Scott adds.

"Well, I'm not...I mean, I don't..." Blushing, Ryan sighs, pushing his briefs down. His solid 8" cock that he always thought was so impressive looking short next to Chris Evan's intimidating manhood.

Scott licks his lips and says; "Can't wait to wrap my lips around that." Chris winks at Ryan and adds; "You're gonna' love it when he does; trust me."

"I...I'm sure." Ryan replies stuttering a little, covering himself a bit, feeling very exposed.

Chris reaches over and pulls Kwanten's hand away from his cock. "No need to get shy man, you wanna' take this back inside?"

"Yes, please." Ryan answers, stepping inside, his juicy, uncut Australian cock bouncing as he walks back in.

The brothers follow him back inside, checking out his hot, tight ass. "So where should we fuck, the couch or the bed?" Chris asks.

"Where should we do what?" Ryan asks shyly, covering himself up again.

Chris and Scott stand next to Ryan on each side; sandwiching him between them. "Come on Ryan, we're all horny bastards, remember?" They both reach down and cup one of his muscular buttocks and squeeze.

Kwanten groans. "Yeah, we are...and I haven't been laid in so long..."

Scott slides his hand under Ryan's balls and feels his sweaty taint. "Damn, you must have one hell of a load of hot cum built up."

"Fucking huge. Gonna' spray this place down." Ryan says, laughing nervously.

Chris massages Ryan's shoulders. "He still seems pretty tense little bro. Maybe a private performance will loosen him up." Scott grins at his older brother. "That sounds like a great idea."

"Private performance?" Ryan asks, his shoulders loosening a little as Chris massages him, looking between the two brothers.

"Yeah, me and my 'lil bro show you some of our 'Brotherly Love'. Sound good to you?"

"Fuck yeah, that sounds good!" Kwanten exclaims, practically panting.

The Evans brothers chuckle at Ryan's enthusiasm and then head over to the couch. They kneel on the couch, wrap their arms around each and start making out hard. They grope each other's hairy, sweaty muscles while grinding their hard cocks together, moaning as they explore each other's mouths with their tongues.

"Shit." Ryan groans, sitting down on the bed. Stroking himself without even realizing it as he watches the two brothers, mouths and hands and cocks all over each other.

The brothers continue their insanely hot display of hardcore gay incestuous action. Sweat drips down their hard bodies, getting all their body hair wet. The manly musk fills the room.

Kwanten watches; pulling at his dick, foreskin sliding up and down his fat head, making him moan. He can smell them both, their scent so similar, but distinct from each other. Ryan bites his lip.

The Evans bros keep rubbing their cocks together and look over at the horny Aussie. "Let us know when you're ready to join in."

"Please let me join in." Ryan says breathlessly, leaking pre-cum all down his shaft and fingers.

Chris beckons him over. "Come on Ryan, get in here!"

Ryan grins, coming over and sitting on the couch between the two hunky brothers, his cock eagerly pointing up at the ceiling.

Chris and Scott kiss the sides of Ryan's face; their beards tickling him. "So Ryan, what do you want to do? Do you want to get fucked by me or Scott, or fuck me or Scott?"

"Shit, let's all fuck each other!" Kwanten shouts, laughing, reaching over and gripping both the brother's huge cocks, swelling as he feels them, hard as steel.

They laugh along with him. "Sounds like a plan." Chris says before leaning over and kissing Ryan while Scott goes down on the Aussie's uncut cock.

Ryan melts into Chris' arms, against his fuzzy kiss, as the older Evans bro kisses him with those big soft lips. Ryan tenses up and groans into Chris' mouth as Scott sucks Ryan's cock into his mouth, down to the base.

Scott quickly proves he's an expert cocksucker while Chris and Ryan's tongues wrestle with each other. Chris gropes Ryan's toned chest, feeling his pecs and pinching his nipples.

Kwanten's kisses get weaker and weaker as the pleasure overwhelms him, his mouth and tongue and lips everywhere at once.

Scott comes up off Ryan's cock for a second. "Fuck I wish we had uncut pricks like yours." He looks up at him and smiles. "Pinch his nips Ryan, they're REALLY sensitive."

Ryan smiles down at Scott, and then up at Chris, his spit-covered cock throbbing in Scott's hand. Ryan pinches Chris' nips, massaging them between his finger tips.

The older brother throws his head back and moans out loud. "Ohh fuck yeah, work my nubs!" Chris' pink nipples get very hard and stiff.

Ryan groans in satisfaction as Scott starts to stroke him up and down, just right. He leans in to suck on one nipple as he works the other with his hand.

"Yeah that's it! Fuckin' suck my tits!" Chris shouts while Scott sucks on Ryan's balls.

Kwanten starts to whimper gently against Chris' fuzzy pecs as Scott works the Aussie's low, big, smooth nuts.

Chris suddenlt bellows out loud; "Fuck that's it! I need to ram my cock into someone, who's it gonna' be Kwanten!?"

Ryan pulls the younger brother's head off his dick and straddles Chris' lap. "That enough of an answer for you?" He asks, smirking, grinding back on him.

Chris grips his body tightly. "You can ride my prick while my brother shoves his cock down your throat."

"Sounds like a plan." Ryan replies, smiling up at Scott. "You guys got any lube in here?"

"Naw man, we use spit as lube. Wanna' try sucking on the Captain's flagpole?" Chris asks Ryan and Scott looks at his older brother with concern. "I don't know big bro; it takes years of practice to swallow your shaft."

"Bullshit, it's not that big." Kwanten bluffs, getting down on his knees, instantly intimidated as he looks up at Chris enormous prick. He licks up the bottom and sucks the fat head into his mouth, sliding down on the thick shaft.

"Don't come crying to me when you have major jaw-ache." Scott chuckles. Chris grins down at Ryan. "Only a few guys have ever swallowed my monster, I hope you're up to the task."

Ryan flips Chris off as he wraps his lips around Chris' massive monster cock, pushing down and down. The older Evans brother's cock hitting the back Kwanten's throat and making him gag before he's even 2/3 of the way down.

Chris smirks at Ryan when he gives him the finger and laughs when he starts to gag. "We fuckin' warned you."

"Oh, go fuck yourself," Ryan says, laughing, pulling up off his dick for a second. "That was just my warm up, alright?"

Both brothers laugh. "All right, all right. We'll see how round two goes." Chris says. "You should’ve seen Josh Hutcherson try to swallow his dick; I fuckin' thought his jaw was going to snap off!" Scott comments, laughing hard and Chris adds; "Yeah but it was so sweet to fuck his face."

"Wait, wait. You fucked Josh fucking Hutcherson?!" Ryan exclaims gaping up at the two, stroking Chris' massive dick, obviously a fan.

"Yeah the Hemsworth bros had been plowing him for a while so they invited us over to gangbang his tight cunt, excuse me -- his formerly tight cunt." Chris boasts proudly while playing with his nipples.

"Fuck!" Ryan groans, licking his lips and going back down on Chris' cock; bobbing up and down, working his way further and further down, getting to about 8" before he chokes and has to come back up for air.

"Come on Kwanten, if you don't deepthroat me on your own I might have to force my cock down your throat, that's what I did to Hutcherson." Chris warns him with a threatening tone.

"I'm trying, man! It's just...shit, you're fucking huge!" Ryan shouts, going down for another round, opening his throat up, and making it just a bit further this time.

The older Evans grins down at Ryan. "Yeah I know; I'm really fucking hung." Chris brags, his ego on full display. Scott leans over and kisses his brother, turned on by Chris' masculinity.

"Much bigger than me I must admit." Ryan says, lovingly kneeling before Chris and his massive cock, his and his brother's.

Chris places his hand on the back of Kwanten's head and gently pushes it down; reminding him that he wants Ryan's nose buried in his sweaty pubic bush.

Ryan loosens up his throat and tries to take it, but struggles. Ryan's cock throbs and leaks pre-cum as Chris keeps pushing him anyways.

Chris grips Ryan's head tight and forces him down, his throat bulging obscenely.

The horny Aussie starts gagging and choking, but takes it obediently.

Chris holds his head down, Ryan's bottom lip on his balls and Ryan's nose in his bush; all he can breathe in is the sweaty scent of Chris' manhood.

Smelling Chris' ripe body; his American cock scent filling Ryan's nostrils, so foreign and intoxicating.

The older brother suddenly breaks his kiss with his younger brother and pulls Kwanten off his erection. "All right, you've lubed me up enough, ready to sit on the Captain's flagpole?"

"Fuck, I don't know. You're gonna' tear me open!" Ryan responds, cupping Chris' nuts, feeling how big and heavy they are.

Chris grins at him. "Fuck yeah! I can't wait!" Scott rubs Ryan's shoulders. "Don't worry; it hurts like hell but it's SOOOOO worth it."

"I hope so." Ryan says looking worried as he gets back up in Chris' lap, rubbing Chris' spitty cockhead against his tight, fuzzy hole.

Chris lines his cockhead up with Kwanten's anus. "I'm gonna' let you tell me when to start, but after that I won't stop until I cum; no matter how hard it hurts you."

Ryan gulps, looking down at him. "Take me." He groans.

The Captain America stud grips the True Blood hunk's body tightly and shoves him down on his engorged prick; impaling Ryan's tight ass with his massive cock. "How's that feel!?"

Ryan screams, his nails digging into Chris. "Oh fuck! Fuck!"

Chris starts bouncing him up and down on his cock while Scott gets up on the couch with his hard-on in front of Ryan's face and his ass in front of his brother's.

Kwanten's still crying out, panting on the younger brother's nuts, his eyes squeezed shut tight in pain, forced up and down Chris' horse hung cock.

Scott grabs Ryan's head and shoves his dick in his mouth while Chris sticks his face in between his brother's hairy buttocks and starts licking his sweaty taint.

Ryan's hard as steel, throbbing and leaking against Chris' fuzzy abs. Being taken forcefully from both ends, moaning, his body tense and jerking gently with the pain of the older Evans bro's cock in him.

"Hey Ryan, want me to ride your cock?" Scott asks.

Ryan nods, mumbling something incoherent and too quiet to hear. Needing a distraction from having his ass ripped open by the Captain's gorgeous hot beef injection.

Scott squats down and slides his ass onto his uncut Aussie dick. Chris smiles at Ryan, his beard wet with his own brother's taint sweat. "How are you enjoying the Evans brother's hospitality Kwanten?"

Ryan struggles to speak. He clears his throat and tries again. "I'm loving it." He says, his voice tense and rough with the pleasure. Ryan on Chris' prick, Scott on Ryan's prick. "It's amazing."

Scott and Chris smile at each other. "Another satisfied customer." They laugh.

Ryan laughs along with the brothers, more weakly though.

Chris feels his balls tighten up in anticipation of cumming. "Mmmmm fuck! I'm gonna' blow my load soon." He grunts. "Ahh yeah, me too." Scott moans.

Kwanten reaches out and grabs the back of the couch. Bouncing up and down, harder and harder; riding Chris' cock and Scott's ass, his mind swimming with pleasure.

Both Evans brothers start howling at the top of their lungs as their balls unleash hot torrents of cum. Chris' load seeds Ryan's abused ass while Scott's spatters all over Ryan's chest.

Hearing and feeling them both, brothers, coming together. "Oh, fuck, guys...I'm...I'm..." Ryan cries out as he collapses onto Chris, grinding back against his monster cock as he shoots a big load up into Scott.

Scott groans as he feels Ryan's hot flood of cum fill his ass. "Fuck yeah Ryan!" He leans over and kisses the Aussie passionately.

Ryan moans and kisses Scott back, all of their bodies convulsing as they orgasm.

Eventually all their orgasms fade and they collapse into a heap of sweat-soaked muscle and body hair. "Fuck! What a night!" Chris shouts.

"You can say that again." Ryan mutters faintly.

The three men kiss together; their tongues all exploring each other as they settled in together for the night.

-- The End --

Chapter Text

Actor Chris Pratt has gone through some major changes after becoming the latest star of one Marvel comic’s blockbuster movies. He’s gone from being “that guy from Parks and Recreation”, to “that guy in The Guardians of the Galaxy”. And along with the boost in his status as a celebrity has come a boost in his physical form. Needing the build of a superhero to play one on the big screen Pratt put his body through a major workout and emerged with strong shoulders, big biceps, a set of pecs and washboard abs.

During the filming of “Guardians of the Galaxy” Pratt was introduced to another side of Hollywood; its lust-filled, gay sex underground. Where the hottest actors hook-up and enjoy the sheer thrill of hot man-on-man pleasure. Bradley Cooper, who voiced the CGI “Rocket Raccoon” character in Guardians, took a liking to Chris’ beefy new body and introduced him to the sex-crazed world of male celebrity hook-ups.

After a few good romps in the sack Bradley got Chris acquainted with some places in L. A. where famous guys could have fun with male models, athletes and other actors all in the most secure privacy.

Pratt was new to this world but he was taking to it like a fish to water; his rising celebrity status and sexy new physique was opening all kinds of doors for him. Getting ready for the premiere of Guardians Chris found himself invited to meet two of Marvel’s other superhero stars; Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. Pratt was more than excited to spend some time with the hunky, A-list guys.

He had heard plenty of stories about their prowess in bed and more than a few rumours about their relationship with their brother’s that got him super-horny. Meeting the two actors while they were on a break from shooting the second Avengers movie, the three Chris(es) assembled at a private California beach house Hemsworth owned.

Pratt was nervous to meet the other two, but their warm and friendly nature as they welcomed him to the luxurious house put him at ease. He was wearing a pair of red shorts, and a white t-shirt, nicely highlighting his new muscular figure. But he felt inadequate standing next to Chris Hemsworth; clad in tight, dark blue swimming trunks and a white wifebeater that barely stretched over his God-like shoulders and pecs.

And not to mention Chris Evans, who having already taken a swim, was wearing nothing but a Speedo with a stars and stripes motif. The man looked like a wet-dream come to life with his dripping, hairy, sculpted torso on full display and his crotch bulging obscenely.

Both Evans and Hemsworth had let the hair go back to its natural colour while on break, Evans also wasn’t shaving his chest and all three had ample stubble on their faces. Chris Pratt couldn’t believe his good fortune as he sat down with the other guys in some comfortable chairs on the beach.

“So how’s the Hollywood life treating you so far mate?” Hemsworth asked in his sexy Australian accent.

Pratt chuckled. “I’d say it’s been pretty damn good so far.”

“Yeah, and I’d bet you’d say it’s gonna’ get real better, real soon, huh?” Evans commented with a flash of his grin towards Pratt.

Pratt could feel his own smile widen in response.

“Ohh yeah, if you told me five years ago I’d be a superhero movie star rubbing elbows with other superhero movie stars I’d have said you were full of shit.”

“Well we’re not rubbing anything... yet.” Hemsworth said coyly while removing his shirt; revealing his smooth, bulky upper body.

Pratt could feel his mouth water as he caught sight of the Aussie stud’s bare chest and he took a sip from his cold beer to keep from drooling.

Evans watched him slide his lips over the mouth of his beer bottle and drink down the liquid. “So I hear Bradley Cooper’s been showing you the ropes.”

Pratt’s smile widened again “Yeah he’s been a really good tour guide. Showed me the best places to have fun, although sometimes he just wants to watch and jack-off while you have fun. And that ass! You almost need a weed-whacker to find his asshole!” The three guys shared a big laugh.
“Reminds me of someone else…” Hemsworth remarked looking over at Evans.

“Yeah it does.” Evans smirked at his Avengers co-star. “And you love it!” He looked over at the newest hunk of Marvel beefcake. “And you’re gonna’ love it.”
“So mate, do you have any good stories about Bradley?” The Aussie inquired.

“Yeah, talk dirty to us man.” Evans added.

Pratt grinned. “Well there was this one time where we put on a show for Vin Diesel and Dave Bautista. We’re in Vin’s hotel room and me and Bradley are really going at it; we stripped each other’s clothes off and we were licking all over each other. I swear Bradley took almost a half-an-hour just eating out my ass and sucking on my balls.”

Hemsworth stuck a hand down his swim trunks and played with himself. “Yeah, he’s got quite the appetite.”
Pratt took a long drink from his beer. “Ohh yeah, me and the hairy bastard ended up fucking each other all night. And Vin and Dave jacked-off three times watching us.”

Chris Evans stood up. “Well now I’m all hot and bothered. Think I’ll take another swim to cool off.” He pulled his Speedo off; exposing his own hairy, muscular ass.

Pratt’s eyes bulged as he took in the sight of the Captain America star’s furry bubble-butt and stared at it in motion as Evans jogged into the surf.
“He’s got a lovely arse, doesn’t he?” Hemsworth said as he also stood up and removed his trunks, now giving the new guy an eye-full of meaty Australian asscheeks.

Watching the other stud join his Avengers co-star in the water, Pratt once again thanked his amazingly good fortune. He got up and pulled off his t-shirt and shorts; revealing his brawny, slightly hairy chest, his thick 8’’ erection, bushy pubes, and big, hairy balls. He quickly jumped into the water with the other two and joined in their nude roughhousing. The water was nice and warm and all three men were sporting throbbing hard-ons as they playfully splashed and shoved each other.

Eventually Hemsworth grabbed the others and put them both in a headlock. “I’m the strongest superhero here mates.”

Evans and Pratt could smell the musky scent of Hemsworth’s armpit sweat and Evans started tickling underneath Hemsworth’s balls.

The Aussie began laughing. “Hey, no fair!” He shouted and let go of the other two.

“You should know better than to try that on me.” Evans said before grabbing Hemsworth’s face and bringing their mouths together in a deep kiss.

“Whoa.” Pratt breathed out slowly as he watched the two super-hot superheroes make out. Eventually they broke their kiss and both guys moved to either side of him and took turns slipping their tongues into his mouth. Before long all three guys were laying on the beach together in a tangled heap of muscles; groping, licking and kissing each other all while rubbing their cocks against each other. Pratt could feel Hemsworth fingering his asshole and Evans playing with his nipples.

“Ohh fuck guys, this is incredible!” He moaned out loud.

“You ready to get fucked mate?” Hemsworth asked.

“God yes!” Pratt cried out.

Hemsworth got on his knees behind Pratt and lined up his cockhead with Pratt’s anus. “Tell me when.”

“Wait.” Evans said before getting underneath Pratt. “I want you to fuck me while he fucks you.”

A look of sheer delight came over the Parks & Rec actor’s face. “Awesome!”

Hemsworth thrust his hips forward; shoving his engorged manhood up Pratt’s ass and simultaneously forcing Pratt’s cock deep into Evans.

All three let out a noisy groan as pleasure and/or pain swept through their bodies. Soon they had a rhythm going as they forcefully plowed each other. Balls smacked against ass, muscles rubbed together, sweat dripped from one man to the next.

Pratt licked and nibbled on Evans nipples before they began making out. He could feel the cock of Captain America himself stroke against his abs and leak pre-cum on him.

Hemsworth kissed and massaged Pratt’s shoulders. “How are you enjoying your stay with us so far?”

“I’m enjoying it so much. Your big hammer’s really doing a number on my ass. And your furry cunt feels sooooo good to fuck!” Pratt grunted while looking Evans in the eye and thrusting deep into him.

The guys increased the pace of their fucking, working themselves close to their climax.

The actors all shouted and cursed as they reached orgasm. Hemsworth was the first to cum; ramming his prick into Pratt at full-force and unleashing a hot flood of spunk. Feeling Thor blow his load in his ass caused Pratt jizz inside Evans, who in turn ejaculated all over both of their abs. They collapsed onto each other in a heap of muscles again, this time glistening with sweat and semen.

After taking some time to cool down the guys headed into the water once more. This time they were more relaxed as they swam to clean off their bodies.

Eventually they returned to the beach chairs and sat down while still buck naked

“So mate, how about you stay with us for the weekend?” Hemsworth asked smiling at Pratt.

“Yeah, we’ve only scratched the surface of how much fun we could have together.” Evans added while reaching over and pinching one of his nipples.

“Hey guys, you don’t have to ask me twice, didn’t have to ask once really.” All three shared a good-natured laugh at Pratt’s enthusiasm.

That night the guys all slept together on a single king-size bed. Before going to sleep though Pratt wanted to try a new sex position. He asked his new fuck-buds if they’d like to shove both their cocks up his ass at the same time.

Hemsworth rubbed Evans’ hairy chest. “What do you think Cap, wanna’ give our new friend the old 2-for-1 special?”

Evans furrowed his brow in mock contemplation. “I don’t know Thor, do you really think his ass can take it?”

Pratt chuckled and then stood on the bed with his feet planted apart in a squatting position. “Come on boys, I want both your superhero cocks right now!”

Evans and Hemsworth obligingly got underneath him with their throbbing erections pressed together.

Pratt slowly lowered himself down onto them, their combined cockheads stretching open his tight hole. He grunted and groaned as his anus opened up and the two pricks filled him. Pratt began thrusting himself up and down, feeling their rigid shafts grind against his prostate. “Ohhhhhh Holy shit! Fuck that feels awesome!”

The other two studs groped him while he rode them; squeezing his muscles, pinching his nipples, and stroking his cock.

“How do you like getting stuffed?” Evans asked.

“Ohh, I love it so much! Don’t know why I didn’t ask for this sooner.” Pratt replied, his chest heaving while pleasure washed over him.

“Wait ‘till you feel us both cum inside you mate.” Hemsworth added.

Pratt kept thrusting his body faster and clenching his anus to milk the pre-cum from their cocks. “So guys there’s been something I’ve wanted ask you all day…”

“What is it?” The other two said simultaneously.

“Is it true about you guys and your brothers?” Pratt asked in between heavy breaths.

They both grinned at him. “Let’s just say you’re not the only guy we’ve given the 2-for-1 special.” Evans answered.

Pratt’s head swam with pleasure as he imagined the hunks plowing their own hot younger brothers and shoving both their cocks up their asses, all the while feeling his prostate get worked over by Evans and Hemsworth’s combined hot beef injection.

“Ohhhh yeah! Right there! FUCK YESSSS!!” His body erupted in orgasm; his dick shot hot spurts of cum all over himself and the bed and his ass tightened as much as it could around the massive shafts lodged inside him.

Feeling Pratt’s cunt grip their cocks tight sent both Evans and Hemsworth over the edge. They shouted and moaned as their hot spunk flooded Pratt’s ass and started leaking out of him as soon as they eventually pulled their dicks out.

The three men once again collapsed into a pile of heaving muscles dripping with sweat and cum.

And for the last time that day Chris Pratt thanked his good fortune at getting to hook-up with these superhero studs.

They all kissed each other goodnight before they drifted off to sleep, still laying together with their naked bodies intertwined.

Chapter Text

After actors Chris Evans and Kellan Lutz met at a Hollywood party Chris invited Kellan back to his private hotel room to hang out. "Come on in Kellan and make yourself comfortable." Chris is wearing a tight white t-shirt, leather jacket and jeans.

"Hey Chris, fun party eh?" Kellan is dressed more formally, in a grey suit with a white shirt and tie.

"Yeah it was, I'm glad to unwind now. So are you thirsty? I can get us drinks."

"I'll get a jack and coke, thanks."

Chris walks over to the mini-bar and bends over looking inside, showing off his buff ass in his tight jeans. He fixes a couple drinks.

Meanwhile, Kellan takes the opportunity to have a glance around the room. His exploration is cut short as he catches sight of Evans bending down into the mini-bar. His eyes widen noticeably at the sight, and without realizing what he's doing, his hands immediately start to re-adjust his pants and he hastily tries to look away.

Chris walks back over with their drinks and hands one to Kellan. "Here you go." He takes a sip of his drink. "Ahh, that hit the spot. It's kinda hot in here, don't ya' think?"

"Thanks." Kellan murmurs quietly, taking the drink and immediately sipping thirstily from the glass. At his words, he starts to notice the heat and nods in agreement. "Hey man, you mind if I take off this jacket?"

"Not at all, the A/C in here sucks; I have to walk around here bare-ass half the time." Chris laughs and takes off his leather jacket; revealing large sweat stains on his t-shirt, across his pecs and on his pits. "Mind if I take my shirt off?"

Lutz matches his laugh with a nervous one of his own. "Feel free." He replies, again feeling the stir in his pants and trying desperately to look disinterested.

"Thanks." Evans says before peeling off his t-shirt and tossing it aside; revealing his hairy, sculpted chest, slick with sweat. "There, that's better."

Feeling his mouth go dry, Kellan takes another long swig of his drink and takes in the sight of the Captain America stud. "Lookin' good man, seriously."

Chris smiles. "Well you know, Captain America's gotta' be ripped, right?" He flexes his arms and chest showing off his big biceps and hairy, beefcake pecs. "Of course you're no stranger to the gym either Lutz. Why don't you take your shirt off too?"

Kellan flashes his best grin, "Sure man, why not?" He responds, and unfastens his tie slowly and starts to unbutton his shirt, revealing a golden six pack beneath. He tosses his shirt aside and smiles smugly.

"See man, you're just as fuckin' ripped as me." Chris reaches over and pats one of Lutz' huge pecs with the back of his hand. "You're just missing some fur." He chuckles.

"Never had a lady complain about any bit of me, if you know what I mean." Kellan responds with a wink.

"Yeah I hear that." Chris winks back. He then sniffs the air and lifts up his arm; revealing his hairy, sweaty armpit and sniffs again. "Sorry man, I was workin' out with my brother earlier today and we skipped the shower."

The blonde hunk takes a deep breath through his nose, taking in the smell. He gives a barely noticeable shudder and says; "No worries man, you smell fine...kinda' manly actually."

"Thanks man." Evans punches his shoulder playfully. "I love being all sweaty, makes me feel manly. And when we're workin' out, my brother can't get enough of my stink." He chuckles again casually and takes another sip of his drink.

"Dude." Kellan replies instantly, a mixture of shock and delight on his face. "Your smell turns your brother on?"

Chris grins. "Well if by 'turn on' you mean it drives him wild, then yeah."

At these words, Kellan noticeably shifts his hands to his pants. He pauses for several moments, clearly unsure what to say. Finally, laughing, he says; "Your bro is hot for you. That's pretty interesting dude."

Chris raises an eyebrow in curiosity. "I'm glad you find it interesting Kellan. Would you like to hear more about me and my bro?"

"Yes." Lutz finds himself saying before he's even thought about the question. By this point he's practically groping himself through his pants, still trying to be discreet and failing miserably. "Tell me some more, Chris."

Chris chuckles at his excitement. "Well me and Scott have been fucking each other since we were teenagers and he can't get enough of my pit sweat. To be fair, I can't get enough of his either."

Kellan stares at Chris with a look of unmistakable delight. "I would never have guessed."

"Well now you know." Chris smiles at him and then leans his head over and kisses his lips.

Kellan's hand immediately goes to the back of Chris' head, drawing his mouth closer and turning the sweet kiss into one of passion and lust.

Evans wraps his arms around Kellan; his beard tickling Lutz' clean-shaven face as they kiss and his sweaty, hairy chest rubbing against Kellan's smooth body as they make out.

Kellan's hands go to Chris' back as they kiss; tongues clashing furiously. He tries to take deep breaths through his nose to inhale Evans' musky stink, and it's as if the smell goes directly to his ever-hardening dick.

Chris breaks their kiss suddenly and undoes his jeans. "Fuck Kellan, you've got me so horny!" He pulls down his jeans and boxers; releasing his thick, 10.5'' cock, sweaty pubic bush and hairy, low-hanging balls.

"That is a fucking monster dude!" Lutz exclaims, an obvious bulge in his own pants now. "Why don't you undress me?" He says playfully with a wink.

"Yeah, guys are always shocked when they first see the Captain's flagpole." Chris grins at him, his ego on full display. He kneels down and undoes Kellan's jeans. "Now let's see what you're packing."

Kellan shudders at the feel of Chris' hands on his crotch and suddenly his dick spills out of his boxers; 9" but very, very thick, veiny and completely hairless.

"Nice Kellan! I see you're not into fur though." Evans laughs. "Hope you don't mind it on me."

Kellan's hand goes to Chris' low-hung hairy nuts and strokes over them casually. "I don't mind it at all, Chris." He replies, his voice guttural and low.

"Good to hear. Now you wanna' suck me or should I suck you first?"

Lutz doesn't immediately reply, instead he steps closer to Chris, his hands still cupping his nuts and, dropping to his knees says; "I wanna' taste of the Captain." Before lapping his tongue across Chris' cockhead.

"Mmmm! Fuck that feels good!" Chris runs his fingers through Kellan's short, dark-blonde hair.

Lutz' hands go to Evans' ass where they grip tightly to his firm glutes as he pulls Captain America's cock further into his mouth, his tongue drapes slowly over Chris' cockhead and flicks lightly at the shaft. Kellan's head dips, more of Chris' dick entering his mouth slowly as he begins to close his lips around it and suck in earnest. Before long, he can feel the head of it pressing against the back of his throat. He's managed to take about 7 of Evans' 10 inches inside him and for now, this is where he stops, bobbing up and down, feeling Chris' throbbing head rubbing against his throat and feeling Chris shudder as he works on his huge cock.

"Mmmm! Ohh fuck yeah!" Chris flexes his hairy, sweaty buttocks when Lutz gropes his ass and he can't help but thrust forward a little while Kellan goes down on him.

Kellan uses his hands to massage Evans' sweaty glutes, never stopping the work he's doing with his mouth. He licks along every bit of cock that he can get in his mouth and slowly starts to work more inside. Taking a deep breath and breathing mainly through his nose, Kellan opens his mouth somehow even wider and slides another inch and a half into his throat. Chris' cockhead is now stuck in the back of his throat, pulsing erotically while his tongue massages Evans' shaft furiously.

Chris grips the back of Lutz' head with one hand and thrusts his hips forward, forcing the last inch of his thick cock down the blonde stud's throat. "How does my cock taste Kellan?" Lutz' nose buried in his pubic bush; all he can breathe in is Evans' sweaty musk.

Kellan takes a massive breath at the sudden, final intrusion into his mouth, and takes several seconds to adjust to the extra inch of hard cock that's now inside it. He replies, but his mouth is so full of dick it comes out as a loud groan. His lips are now at the base of Chris' dick and he can feel the brush of the Marvel hunk's pubes against his face.

Kellan's dick is still throbbing obscenely in Chris' throat and his tongue works furiously up and down as much of the shaft as he can get to while Evans' cockhead is still buried in the back of his throat.

Chris starts to thrust his hips back and forth, face-fucking Kellan; his sweaty, hairy balls slapping against Kellan's chin. "Goddamn you've got a tight throat!"

Lutz' hands grip tighter to Chris' firm buttcheeks and in a moment of daring, he spreads Evans' cheeks apart and brushes a finger against his hole. Kellan feels him twitch as the finger presses against his hole and Chris' dick suddenly seems to get even harder in Kellan's mouth, his heavy, low nuts slapping loudly against Lutz' chin as Kellan breathes deeply to take in Chris' musky scent.

"Yeah that's it, finger my musclecunt!" Chris moans and keeps fucking Kellan's handsome face. Evans starts pinching and twisting his own nipples, the pink nubs of flesh sticking out from the sweaty swirls of hair on his beefcake pecs.

At Chris' words, Kellan's finger teasing his pussy slips all the way into Evans' hole, pressing against his sweet spot. Chris bucks his hips and somehow his dick slips even further into Lutz' mouth. Kellan pulls his mouth off Chris' cock and takes a gigantic breath before his lips move to Chris' nuts, he takes each one in his mouth one at a time and tastes the sweat; the wiry hair rough against his tongue, Kellan rolls Evans' balls around in his mouth while his other hand jerks Chris' meat, his hand looks tiny against Captain America's massive cock but he knows from Evans' shudders that it's working.

"Holy shit Kellan! I need to fuck you, but let me eat your cunt first!"

At first Kellan doesn't hear Chris' words and continues happily pleasuring his pussy and cock, hands working hard and tongue licking everything it can get to. He feels a firm hand on his head, pulling him away from Chris' meat and dragging him towards the bed. Immediately he rolls onto his back, legs in the air, his head searching for more of Captain America's body to taste.

Evans gets on top of him, his head in between Kellan's legs, he starts licking Kellan's balls. "Mmmm, nice nuts Lutz."

Kellan's head rolls back on the bed at the feel of Chris' tongue on his balls. "Oh god Chris, that feels so good."

Chris works his tongue down to Lutz' sweet, pink anus and swirls his tongue around it. "Mmmmm, you have a lovely, tasty pussy Kellan."

Instantly Kellan starts to moan; loud and manly. His entire body shudders as if electrified and his already hard dick begins to drip gobs of pre-cum. Lutz lifts his legs into the air, pushing his hole closer to Evans' mouth and his breath is short and shallow as he literally writhes in pleasure. "Eat me!" He starts to shout. "Lick my cunt dry Captain!"

The superhero star shoves his giant cock in Kellan's face while he slips his wet tongue past Kellan's tight ring of anal muscle.

Lutz' entire body is pulsing with pleasure as he feels Chris' tongue fully enter his asshole. Seeing Evans' dick in front of him, Kellan takes it back into his mouth like a hungry slut. This time, he can take the whole throbbing flagpole in one go, and Chris' cockhead slides back to his throat where he nurses the shaft lovingly with his tongue. Lutz' moans get louder as Evans' tongue works his pussy, Kellan's mouth sucking on the massive cock like a flesh lollipop while Chris' heavy nuts rest on his chin.

After giving Kellan's asshole a thorough licking Chris moves his head back, grabs Kellan's prick and deepthroats his cock. He lays on top of Lutz while they 69, his hairy body sweating onto the blonde stud's smooth body.

Evans' hair feels rough against Kellan's smooth torso and their manly sweat has them almost stuck together. The instant Chris' tongue touches his meat Lutz lets out the biggest moan yet; his throat tightening against the massive length of cock in his mouth. He bucks his hips even more, trying to fuck Evans' mouth while Chris fucks his, the smell of sweat and sex and cock in the air is almost intoxicating.

The Captain America hunk suddenly stops sucking Lutz' cock and pulls his manhood out of his mouth. Chris repositions himself so they're lying together face-to-face and he kisses Kellan, shoving his tongue past Kellan's lips.

Lutz groans as Evans' tongue enters his mouth and he can taste pre-cum -- his own pre-cum -- on Chris' lips as their mouths kiss furiously. His hand gropes for Chris' cock and wraps around the shaft tightly. Kellan pulls away from the kiss. "I want this in me. Now."

Chris grinds their rigid cocks together; sending waves of pleasure through both stud's heaving, muscular bodies. "You want this inside you Kellan?" He asks with a grin.

"Please." Lutz says softly, almost in a whimper while his hand continues to massage Evans' shaft. "In me. Now."

Chris chuckles. "Mmmm, big, strong Kellan Lutz wants Captain America's cock!" He gets up on his knees and places his hands behind his head, showing off his bulging biceps and sweat-soaked armpit bushes. "I want you to beg and eat out my pits before I shove my flagpole up your ass!"

Kellan matches Evans' gesture; coming to his knees as well and darting immediately toward Chris' armpits. He takes a moment to inhale the superhero's musk which goes instantly to his dick.

"I'm starting to think you enjoy my stink as much as my brother!" Chris grins at Lutz.

Kellan dips his head to Chris' right-armpit and immediately starts licking. Between breaths Lutz whimpers; "I need it Chris. Please Chris." He licks deeper; cleaning out Evans' filthy pits with his slutty tongue. "Need it in me Chris." He moves to the other pit, which is just as ripe as the first. "Please." His tongue loses no time and starts cleaning it out hungrily. A mixture of hair and sweat on his mouth and his prick has never been harder. He's on his knees eating out Chris' pit and it's obvious that he loves every moment of it. Kellan looks up toward Chris with puppy-dog hungry eyes and says; "Please fuck me, Captain America."

Evans grabs Kellan's face and shoves his tongue in his mouth; tasting his own ripe musk. Then he shoves Lutz down on his back, grips his legs and lines his cockhead up with Kellan's asshole. "I'm gonna' let you tell me when to start, but after I start I won't stop until I cum; no matter how hard it hurts you."

"Fuck me. Now. Not asking. Need Captain's cock."

Chris grins from ear-to-ear. "I love it when they're desperate." He growls and suddenly forces every thick inch of his cock into Lutz' tight ass. "How's that feel?!"

A moan like a howling wolf leaves Kellan's lips and every fiber of his body feels like it's on fire, but beneath the shock and the pain, there's something else. This... sensation of feeling full. His virgin cunt stretched to fit a superhero's massive, hard, throbbing piece of meat. Lutz' groan suddenly becomes a sigh and he screams; "Yes! Captain America, fuck me now!"

I thrust my hips; driving my cock back and forth in your tight ass. "Holy fuckin' shit you're tight! Have you ever been fucked before Kellan?!"

As soon as the fucking starts, Lutz falls to pieces. Whimpering, moaning, writhing, and screaming. The feel of Evans' monster cock inside his pussy is like nothing he's ever felt before. "Never....been...fucked....before..." He manages to say in between thrusts. "Oh God yes Chris. Feels so good. Fuck me Chris! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Goddamn your muscle-cunt is tight! Tighter than my brother when he was a virgin!" Chris keeps thrusting into Kellan; his balls smacking against Kellan's ass repeatedly and sweat flying off his hairy chest and spattering onto Lutz.

Kellan's eyes roll back in his head and his breathing gets faster, more shallow and quick. He does his best to push back against the cock invading him, but every thrust sends a wave of pleasure through his cunt. He can feel every inch of Evans inside him, and every long thrust presses Captain America's meat against that sweet spot in his pussy, making him shudder and yell out.

Chris grips Kellan's arms and lifts them up, then he leans his head over and eats out Lutz' pits while he continues fucking the blonde beefcake.

Kellan's prick is hard as a rock, pre-cum spewing from it like a faucet but he can't get his hands to it as he struggles to keep himself level.

"Faster" Lutz demands incessantly. "Fuck me like a fucking bitch slut who loves dick in his cunt! Harder!" He screams. "Make me Captain America's bitchboy!!"

Evans kisses Kellan's mouth and lets him taste his own pit sweat as Chris straightens his body back up and starts fucking Lutz harder and faster than ever before.

Once more Kellan loses any sense of composure and writhes on the bed at the feel of Chris' throbbing pole inside him. His eyes are now completely glazed, small tears of delight appearing at their corners as his whole body spasms with pleasure.

Sweat is practically pouring down Chris' furry, sculpted body. He can feel his balls tighten-up in anticipation of cumming. "Fuck! I'm gonna' bust my nuts in your ass soon!"

At these words, Lutz' own cock swells impressively, though he still can't free his hands to touch it. "Oh God yes Chris! Please Chris, shoot your load inside me!" From nowhere, my dick erupts in a shower of hot Kellan-jizz, spewing all over the shaft and balls. "Breed me Chris; make me your slut boy! Pleeeeeease shoot in me! I NEED IT!! I WANT IT!!!"

Evans body convulses and he throws his head back and howls at the top of his lungs while his prick unleashes a hot torrent of cum into Kellan's abused ass. "Ohhhh FUCK YEAH!!!"

Kellan lets out a scream as he feels Captain America's boiling hot load blast into his muscle-cunt, those heavy, hairy nuts emptying themselves inside him.

"Ohhhhhh God!!" Chris moans and pants as he rides out the rest of his orgasm.

"Yes, give it to me Captain! Let me have that hot superhero seed!"

"Fuck Kellan that was insane." Chris mutters before collapsing on top of Kellan. Before long the two hunks drift into sleep, still lying together; their muscular bodies practically glued together by sweat and cum.

Chapter Text

It was day 5 of the Celebrity Challenge, a Friday, and the second challenge was going to happen that afternoon.
Chris Evans woke up early and decided to take a shower, his asshole was still a bit sore from getting fisted by Hemsworth a couple days ago.
Anderson Cooper was also awake; he lay in bed playing with himself while watching his TV show Evans washing himself. Meanwhile Hugh was laying next to him, still asleep.

Chris looked at the camera mounted against the wall opposite his shower and smiled at it. “I bet you’re still wondering how my ass is doing after big-boy Thor shoved his fist up there, huh?”

Anderson couldn’t help but smirk as he listened to Evans tease the camera.

The Captain America stud turned around and arched his back so the camera had a perfect view of his ass. “Don’t worry about my hole though.”
Upstairs Anderson stroked his cock with one hand and played with his nipples with the other as he watched Evans expose his (somehow) still tight, pink anus.
Chris flexed his hairy buttocks and then stuck two fingers up his ass. “I guess I just have a gift for keeping my cunt tight.” He moaned while swirling his fingers around inside himself.

The silver-haired newscaster brought himself close to orgasm as he continued to observe the movie star shamelessly exploiting his ass. Seeing Chris jack his cock off while pressing on his prostate sent Anderson over the edge and his spunk coated his flat stomach.
Evans stepped out of the shower and toweled himself off. The men were free to wear clothes today until it was time for the challenge, but Chris decided to free-ball it and walk around nude.

Meanwhile Anderson had just finished eating his own cum when Hugh started to wake up.

The Aussie daddy turned over and looked at his roommate. “Good morning, did I miss anything?” He asked, rubbing his eyes.

Anderson chuckled. “Nothing you can’t get caught up on later.” He replied.

Downstairs Chris Evans found Kellan Lutz in the kitchen. The studly young actor was wearing nothing but a pair of CK briefs, which perfectly hugged his ass and cupped his crotch.

Kellan turned around and saw Chris standing there in the buff. “Hey there man, good to see you’re not feeling shy today.” He eyed Chris’ superb body up and down.

“Thanks. We’ve all seen each other’s birthday suits right? So I figure we shouldn’t have to cover-up the goods. What are you doing in your skivvies anyway?” Evans responded while apparently trying to x-ray Kellan’s groin.

Lutz smirked. “Hey I’m not shy either, and I definitely don’t mind showing you other guys my goods. But sometimes my boys need a home you know?” He answered, grabbing his sizeable bulge and giving it a shake. “And don’t forget I get paid to model these skivvies.” He added.

“Ohh yeah, what did you have to do to get that contract?” Chris asked with grin.

Kellan laughed. “Don’t ask bro.”

Elsewhere in the house Ryan Kwanten headed towards Liam McIntyre’s room. The two sexy Australian actors had hit it off and Kwanten felt like having some morning sex with his new fuckbuddy. He found the door to Liam’s bedroom already open and peering inside he saw McIntyre naked in bed with his friend and fellow Aussie Dan Feuerriegel. The two had their arms around each other and were making-out; their heavy stubble rubbing together as their lips clasped repeatedly and their tongues slid over each other. Ryan could see Dan’s impressive 10’’manhood rub against Liam’s prick and felt his own cock grow hard. “Good morning boys, room for one more?” He asked aloud.

Liam and Dan turned their heads towards him and smiled. “Always room for another mate.” McIntyre said in his deep sexy voice.

“You certainly won’t hear any complaints from me.” Feuerriegel added.

Kwanten quickly hopped into bed with the two.

Liam got on all fours while Ryan and Dan ate his hairy ass together. Eventually he felt Kwanten’s tongue slip up his ass while Feuerriegel used his to wash almost every sweaty hair on McIntyre’s taint. Liam breathed heavily while his companions continued to slurp his rear-end.

“Fuck! Your tight arse always tastes so damn good mate!” Dan exclaimed.

“Mmmmm, that it does!” Ryan agreed after removing his tongue from Liam’s anus.

“Well you two certainly know how to give a guy a rimjob, but I’m in the mood for something rougher now mates.” McIntyre stated.

“Well how about a good old-fashioned spit-roasting?” Dan said while he and Ryan grinned at each other.

“Sounds good to me.” Liam replied.

Dan knelt behind Liam while Ryan got in front of him. The brawny actor shoved his thick erection into his former ‘Spartacus’ co-star.

McIntyre barely had time to moan at the sudden anal invasion before Kwanten stuck 8 inches of meat down his throat.

Ryan and Dan grunted and high-fived each other as they began thrusting into Liam over and over again. They continued ram their fuckbuddy in the middle when suddenly Anderson Cooper’s voice came on over the loudspeakers and announced that all the competitors were to gather in the assembly room in 10 minutes. The trio of horny Aussies decided to take their time; Feuerriegel and Kwanten gave both of McIntyre’s holes a thorough plowing before they shot their loads inside him and Liam spilled his seed on the bed. By the time the three got down to the assembly room they were the last to arrive.

Most of the guys were naked as they sat waiting for Anderson to explain today’s challenge. Some of the guys had been woken up by the announcement and only had enough time to take a piss and brush their teeth before getting down here. As the last three guys showed up, clearly having just fucked, they were greeted with a lot of knowing smiles and a few whistles. Anderson stood on the stage wearing just a pair of boxers and once everyone was seated he began speaking. “Good morning gentlemen, I hope you’re all ready for today’s challenge.”

The men all said something in the affirmative.

“As I’m sure you realize this is the last challenge before the first elimination, where two competitors will be leaving us.” Cooper continued.

None of the guys wanted to leave this sexual paradise so soon; they were all hoping to last as long as possible, if not win the entire competition.

“For this next challenge you’ll be divided into your teams again and each team will select one of their own to be gangbanged by the opposing team.”

There was plenty of whistling, clapping and shouting after this news. All the guys were clearly excited by the very idea of this challenge.

“The objective of the challenge is to get the competitor you’ll be gangbanging to cum, but you won’t be allowed to touch their penis at all. The first team to make the opposing player cum wins. You have ten minutes to discuss this with your teammates, then the two selected competitors will head back down to the basement area and the rest of you will be called down soon after. I’ll see you later gentlemen.” Anderson stated before turning and exiting, leaving the challengers to begin their planning.

Team Television crowded together in the living room to start their discussion while Team Film went outside onto the patio.

Anderson headed back up to the camera monitor room and found Hugh already there; naked and sitting in a chair watching the two groups of men on various screens. He slipped his boxers off and began playing with himself. “So who do you think they’re gonna’ pick?” He asked his hunky companion.

“I’m not sure, but I know who I’d like to see getting their arse gang-fucked.” Hugh said while playing with his nipples.

Anderson noticed the teenage assistant Cody was on his knees sucking Hugh’s cock. He popped his head up for a moment to say; “I know which guys I’d like to see get gangbanged too.”

Jackman grabbed Cody’s head and shoved him back down on his 11’’ prick. “Nobody asked you, boy.” He growled.

Anderson watched the teams and sat next to Hugh while stroking his own 8 inches of meat.


“I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I want to be the one who gets fucked by the other team.” Stephen Amell said as Team television sat in the living room.
“Yeah, I’d definitely like to volunteer for it too.” Sam Witwer added.

Joe Manganiello looked at both of them. “But do you think you two could keep from cumming long enough?” He asked, challenging them.

Stephen and Sam looked at each other and playfully grinned. “Maybe not.” Stephen admitted.

“I think I’ll do it.” Joe said. “I can handle the big boys on their team without blowing my load too early.”

“Shouldn’t we have both of our ‘big boys’ fucking the guy they send us.” Liam McIntyre said while giving Dan Feuerriegel a pat on the shoulder.
“Oh so I’m one of the big boys, eh mate?” Dan said, giving Liam a kiss.

Aaron Paul spoke up; “He’s got a point though, shouldn’t we have our two biggest, hungest guys fucking whoever they choose?”
“I still wouldn’t trust any of you guys to hold out better than me.” Joe stated bluntly.

The other teammates found it hard to argue against Manganiello, especially considering he was giving off his ‘Alpha Male’ vibe again.
Ryan Kwanten felt his dick get hard. “Alright, so any ideas on what the rest of us should be doing while we gangbang whoever they choose?”
“Anderson said we’re not supposed to touch the guy’s dick, but maybe we can still suck on his balls and stuff.” Aaron laughed.
“Or chew on his nipples.” Liam added.

“Yeah whoever they choose the rest of you work him over, make sure he blows his load as soon as possible.” Joe stroked his own fat cock. “And you guys should suck me off before it’s time to get the challenge started.”

Both Liam McIntyre and Aaron Paul knelt down in front of Manganiello, eager to taste a load of his cum. They both licked his long 12’’ shaft and took turns fitting as much of it down their throat as they could.

Watching the two service Joe’s cock made the other teammates horny, but as they began to jack their own pricks Joe growled at them; “Don’t get yourselves off now idiots, save it for whoever you’re gonna’ be gangbangin’!”

Team Film had an easier time selecting which competitor to offer-up to the other team.

Chris Evans spoke confidently to his teammates. “I’ll be the one to get gangbanged and don’t worry boys; I can handle it.”

Chris Hemsworth gave Evans a hard spank. “Think your arse can handle it after I fisted it a couple days ago?”

“Holy shit, you took big Hemsworth’s fist up there? How are you still walking around?” Kellan Lutz asked with a smirk.

“My ass can take a pounding you wouldn’t believe and still perform at top quality.” Evans turned around, bent over and placed his hands on one of the patio chairs, giving his teammates to thoroughly examine his gorgeous, hairy, muscular buttocks.

“Well I can vouch for that.” The older Hemsworth brother said while leaning over to grip both glutes and slightly pry them apart; letting everyone look at Evans’ furry taint and sweet, pink pucker.

The hunky Boston-boy looked over his shoulder and grinned as he saw the other guys’ mouths watering as they stared at his cunt.

“Alright so you’re going to bottom for them, any ideas on how the rest of us should go about fucking their guy?” Henry Cavil asked, barely able to pull his eyes away from Evans’ anus.

“I’ve got an idea for something we should do to make whoever they choose cum faster.” Bradley Cooper spoke up. “I was thinking the Hemsworths could put on another ‘show’. Seeing the brothers going at it will definitely make their man get off quicker.”

“Yeah, that’s a fuckin’ great idea.” Ryan Reynolds slapped Bradley on the back in congratulations. “Good to know you’re not just a pretty face.”

“Yeah, too bad we can’t say the same for you Ryan.” Cooper replied. They all laughed before Bradley and Ryan shared a kiss.

Liam Hemsworth rubbed a hand over his big brother’s back. “I do like his idea.” He murmured, moving his hand lower.

“As do I.” The older Hemsworth said, turning to his brother and pulling him in for a deep kiss.

Now the team was staring at the two Aussie siblings as they made-out and felt each other up. Everyone felt their cocks get hard.

Evans stood back up and massaged his throbbing prick. “I think I should rub one out before the challenge starts.”

“I’ll do something better for ya’.” Reynolds said before kneeling down in front of Evans and slurping on his cockhead.

Bradley got down on all fours beside Ryan and started sucking on Evans’ balls.

After both Chris Evans and Joe Manganiello had an orgasm and painted a few of their teammate’s faces with their spunk another announcement called them down to the basement.

Chris Hemsworth gave Evans another spank on the ass as he walked off.

Downstairs the two men were taken into the two separate sections again, but this time Chris was in the Team Television side and Joe was in the Team Film side. Poles had been set up with enough space in between them that the men could stand with their arms and legs spread out and their wrists and ankles cuffed to the poles. After assistants bound their limbs to the poles they put modesty pouches, or ‘cock-socks’ over their dicks before leaving. Then the rest of the competitors were called and when they gathered downstairs they found Anderson waiting for them in his birthday suit.

The men competing in the Celebrity Challenge weren’t the only ones whose inhibitions were loosening. Anderson happily stood before the two teams completely naked with his cock hard.

“I’m happy to see you’re happy to see us.” Ryan Reynolds joked.

“I’m always happy to see you guys.” Anderson responded with a wide grin. “Now for today’s challenge; your chosen teammates are already waiting, you will be allowed to do almost anything you want to make the opposing player cum, but just remember not to touch their penis.”

“Are their nuts off-limits too?” Aaron Paul asked aloud.

“No, you’re only restricted from touching their shaft. You can stimulate absolutely any other part of their body.” Anderson clarified. “Once again I’ll count to three and then you’ll be free to begin; one… two… three!”

All the men rushed into their respective team’s section of the basement and found either Chris or Joe bound, standing spread-eagle for them.
Anderson rushed back up to the camera monitor room, not wanting to miss a single second more than he had to. Arriving out of breath he sat back down next to Hugh and they jerked their cocks watching the action unfold.

Both teams huddled around the man they’d be gangbanging, taking in the sight of his nude, vulnerable body.

Chris smirked at the Team Television guys. “Like what ya’ see, boys?”

“Fuck yeah, man.” Stephen Amell muttered before leaning his head over and kissing Evans’ mouth.

On the Team Film side Joe was giving his rival competitors a smug grin. “So what’d ya’ got in store for me?”

Team Television began stimulating Evans’ body in multiple places; Dan got behind him and slid his thick 10 inches up his ass, Liam and Stephen licked his armpits and pecs while occasionally biting and sucking on his nipples, Aaron and Sam were down on their knees sucking and nibbling his balls, and Ryan stood back for the moment, staring Evans in the eyes.

“Bet that feels good don’t it?” Kwanten asked the bound man in his ‘Jason Stackhouse’ Southern accent.

Chris could barely keep his eyes from rolling back in his head from all the combined pleasure. “Uh-huh.” He moaned.

“All them mouths on you, that big cock up your ass.” Ryan continued, goading him.

“Ohhh yeah.” Chris breathed out slowly. Evans’ manhood was starting to fill up the sock.

Ryan glanced down at Chris’ hardening shaft and then back up at his gorgeous face. “Tell me how good it feels.”

“Feels so fucking amazing!” Chris exclaimed. “I don’t want it to stop.”

Feuerriegel started thrusting into Evans harder; forcing his cock deeper into him and pushing against his prostate with more pressure.

Chris began to pant. His chest was heaving while McIntyre and Amell chewed on his small, sensitive nipples.

Kwanten stood closer to Evans and whispered in his ear; “Even after you cum we’re gonna’ keep workin’ you over until we’ve all shot our spunk up yer ass.”
Chris turned his head, kissed Ryan’s mouth and slipped his tongue in.

Ryan gladly accepted Chris’ tongue and the two began passionately and noisily making-out.

As Dan was pounding Evans’ ass he felt himself getting close to orgasm. “Hey Captain America, are you ready to feel the first load up your arse?!” He grunted.
“Ohh fuck yeah I am!” Chris groaned.

“Fuck! Yeah, feel my cum fill your horny arse!” Feuerriegel grunted out loud as he emptied his big nuts into Evans.

Chris panted while feeling Dan orgasm inside him and he could feel his own cock stiffen even more so but he wasn’t about to cum yet.

Dan pulled out of Evans’ ass and joined his buddy Liam McIntyre in working over the movie star’s chest, while Stephen Amell got behind and eagerly inserted his own 9’’ prick into Chris’ hole.

Meanwhile Team Film was going through some Alpha Male posturing with an almost entirely helpless Joe Manganiello. They decided to start off with Chris Hemsworth ramming all eleven of his thick inches of manhood into Joe’s ass, while Kellan Lutz was behind Chris fucking him too; driving Hemsworth’s big fuckstick into Joe even harder. Chris gripped Manganiello’s shoulders tightly while Kellan did the same to him and with their muscular bodies thrusting in unison their cocks acted like a piston that worked like magic on the ‘Magic Mike’ stud’s prostate.

The other guys watching cheered and hollered at the sight of the hot fuck-train.

“I’m gonna’ guess that feels really fucking good on your sweet spot, eh Joe?” Ryan Reynolds teased.

“Why don’t you hop on my cock and find out?” Manganiello retorted as he prick swelled, reminding everyone just how large it is.

“Wish I could, but I have to play by the rules today.” Ryan said while giving him a sad puppy face.

“I feel sorry for Evans right now.” Henry Cavill spoke out. “Your team sent the only real stud you have over here so he’s getting fucked by the weakest lads.”
“I don’t know man, that Dan Fueri—whatever looks pretty studly to me.” Bradley Cooper said.

“He might look studly to you but he’s not on the same level as some of the men on this team.” Lutz grunted while slamming into the older Hemsworth particularly hard.

“He’s got a bigger dick than you Kellan!” Ryan chuckled.

“Doesn’t matter how big your prick is if you don’t know how to use it; I just happen to be blessed with a foot-long schlong and I definitely know how to use it!” Joe bragged.

“That’s enough talk.” Henry growled before grabbing Chris and pulling him back from Manganiello. “Let me show him how the ‘Man of Steel’ uses his cock.” Cavill forced his 10’’ slab of beef up Joe’s ass. “Kellan, get your cock in my arse now!”

Lutz complied, slipping his dick into his former ‘Immortals’ co-star. They resumed pulling a train on Manganiello’s ass while the older Hemsworth grabbed his brother and decided to put their plan into action.

“So Joe, did you enjoy the show me and my big bro put on a few days back.” Liam Hemsworth chuckled while he and Chris stood in front of the bound man.
Joe wanted to roll his eyes at the younger man’s rhyming question but the memory of the two brothers’ incestuous display made him feel another surge of pleasure run through his body and stiffen his cock.

The hunky Aussies glanced down at Manganiello’s now rigid erection. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Chris declared with a smug grin.


Back on the other side Stephen Amell was having a blast – almost literally – while fucking Chris Evans. “Holy shit! Your cunt feels so fuckin’ good! You fuckin’ sexy-ass hunk!” Stephen panted, thrusting into Chris repeatedly while kissing and licking his sweaty neck and shoulders.

“You guys got me so hot.” Evans moaned. “I wanna’ feel all your loads up my ass!”

“And we want you to cum with us Chris.” Ryan Kwanten said, still using that Southern accent. “Think how good it’ll feel to get off at the same time as Stephen.”
“I’m getting close...” Amell whispered in Evans’ ear.

“Ohh fuck.” Chris breathed out heavily, feeling his body awash with ecstasy.

“Cum on Captain America!” Ryan exclaimed before kissing Chris and slipping him some tongue.

“Fuck YES!” Stephen gasped when his cock went off; flooding Evans’ ass with another hot batch of jizz.

Chris moaned into Kwanten’s mouth as they continued kissing.

After Stephen finished cumming and pulled out of Chris, Ryan broke their kiss and said; “Now it’s my turn.” As Kwanten got behind Evans he whispered into his ear; “You like getting’ fisted, don’t ya’?”

Chris let out a soft, desperate whimper.

Ryan grinned and then knelt down behind Evans and felched some cum out of his ass before working a few fingers into him. “Ya’ love how that feels, don’t ya’ faggot?”

“Ohh yeah, you know I do.” Chris muttered.

“I didn’t hear that, speak up!” Kwanten ordered, suddenly shoving more of his fingers up Chris’ anus.

“I love it! I love how that feels!” Evans shouted.

Ryan jerked his own cock with his free hand while gradually inserting his other one into the Marvel hunk’s rectum. “Ya’ want more, don’t ya’?!”


“Yes! Yes I want more! I want to feel your forearm invade my horny slut of an asshole!” Chris barked out.

Sam Witwer got up from chewing on Evans’ sweaty nutsac and licked along Evans’ stubbly jaw line. When Witwer’s mouth reached Chris’ ear he whispered; “I had no idea you could be such a whore.”

Chris chuckled and then looked Sam in the eyes. “Get to know me, handsome.” He whispered back before they started making-out.

Meanwhile Joe Manganiello was now right in front of another performance of hot ‘n horny ‘Hemcest’.

Chris Hemsworth was lying on his back with his legs on his younger brother’s shoulders and his engorged dick leaking pre-cum on his abs.

Liam was slowly sliding his 9’’ cock into his older brother’s ass. He looked over at Joe and grinned. “You’ve already seen him fuck me; it’s time you saw me take care of his arse.”

Manganiello nodded at him. “Let’s see big brother take it like a bitch!”

Chris put his hands behind his head; showing off his huge biceps and hairy, sweaty pits. He smirked up at his brother.

Liam began thrusting his hips, trying to match the rhythm of Cavill fucking Joe’s ass.

Joe felt his cock throb and leak pre-cum while he watched Chris get repeatedly pounded by his own brother. The taboo nature of the sexy pairing was an unbelievable aphrodisiac.

Henry brought his mouth close to Manganiello’s ear and whispered to him; “Remember the other day when you said me and you were going to fuck Kwanten and McIntyre, but then you turned the tables on me and had me bound for your pleasure?”

Joe grunted out a; “Yeah.”

“Well now you’re bound for my pleasure.” Cavill growled. He immediately increased the pace of his thrusts; his hard, sweaty muscles smacking against Joe’s body with loud thuds.

Manganiello could feel the sweet spot in his ass getting rubbed hard by the Man of Steel’s rigid prick and his ass was getting rugburn from Henry’s bush.
Liam Hemsworth leaned over his big brother and brought their tongues together while he pounded into him.

Ryan and Bradley continued to stand nearby and watch. Bradley was happy to indulge his voyeurism fetish on the sideline but Ryan was feeling left out, he knelt behind Kellan and stuck his lightly bearded face in between Lutz’s smooth asscheeks.

Kellan gasped feeling Reynolds sudden rimjob and it spurred him on to fuck Cavill harder and by extension fuck Joe harder.

Henry reached around and gripped Manganiello’s huge pecs, he twisted the nipples while biting Joe’s hard shoulder and grunting out loud as he orgasmed. The British stud unloaded a copious amount of seed into Manganiello and his anus clenched tight in the process; milking the cum out of Kellan.

Feeling and hearing the two men behind him orgasm and seeing the white-hot display of Aussie incest right in front of him overwhelmed Joe and a long, rapturous moan erupted from him as his tender manhood gushed forth hot globs of semen.

On the other side Chris Evans was still getting fisted by Ryan Kwanten while making-out with Sam Witwer when a message came over the speakers.
“Congratulations Team Film you have won the challenge!” Anderson announced.

Evans let out a satisfied sigh while the Team television men grumbled in disappointment.

In the other section Manganiello felt his temper rise even as he continued to cum, his spunk easily soaking through the cock-sock and spilling on the floor as the men of Team Film celebrated around him.

“You are now free to remove the cock-socks from the bound men and enjoy yourselves for the time being until a new meeting later today.” Anderson stated.

“I’ve been waiting to do this.” Witwer said before pulling the cover off Evans’ prick, getting down on his knees and swallowing the impressive slab of meat.

Chris moaned in satisfaction as Kwanten fisted him, Sam’s warm, wet throat enveloped his cock and Liam McIntyre and Aaron Paul chewed on his hard nipples.

Chris finally let loose; arching his back while he came and his dick coated Witwer’s gullet with his creamy spunk.

Sam along with Liam and Aaron got to have their turns fucking Evans before he was released from his restraints.

Whereas on the other side Ryan fucked Joe while they watched Liam Hemsworth bust his nuts in his brother before Chris flipped him over and did the same to him. Bradley Cooper jacked-off watching them and shot his cum onto the older Hemsworth’s back and ass as he fucked his younger bro.

Before Joe was released from bondage his competitors gave him a good spanking and his ass was red as he exited the basement in a bad mood.

After getting released Chris Evans immediately headed into the opposite section of the basement to meet up with his team. He was greeted with cheers and some sloppy kisses from the still horny Hemsworth bros. Chris kissed them back and gave the rest of his teammates a kiss and a pat on the butt.

All the competitors were free to do as they wanted for awhile until they were called again to gather in the assembly room. Anderson greeted them in the nude once again as they all sat in their chairs. “Congratulations again to Team Film for winning today’s challenge.” He said

There was another cheer from the men of Team Film.
“And congratulations especially to Chris Evans for winning a particular honour today. For holding out during the gangbang and claiming victory for your team you will be awarded the title of ‘the Alpha of the House’.” Anderson stated.

Chris could feel his testosterone rising at this news; his dick and his ego swelled.

An assistant came out and handed something to Anderson.

“Mr. Evans please come forward and receive your prize.” The silver daddy beckoned to the hunky movie star.

Evans got up and walked over to the stage proudly.

Anderson knelt and slipped a military-style dogtag around Chris’ neck that read; Alpha. “As the Alpha of the house all other competitors will obey your every command until a new Alpha is awarded after the second challenge of next week – that is unless you successfully defend your title. And there’s a few more perks to this title…”

Another handsome young assistant came out carrying a black leather dog-collar large enough for a full grown man.

“The Alpha will also choose one competitor who will be the ‘Bitch of the House’. The Bitch will obey the commands of everyone else competing in the Celebrity Challenge, not just the current Alpha. And every time an Alpha is awarded or re-awarded with the honour he will select or re-select a Bitch.” Anderson explained. “You may now make your decision.”

Evans grinned at this latest development, there were some guys who would like to be the Bitch, and some who would definitely not. Chris didn’t take much time to decide, he sauntered over to Joe Mangainello.

Joe stood up and glared at Evans. “You’re choosing me?!” He growled.

“Well you did lose today’s challenge Joe, it just seems fair.” Chris responded.

Manganiello felt his temper flair but kept his mouth shut while Evans fitted the collar on him. The large black band wasn’t too tight around the neck but it had a silver heart-shaped tag that read; Bitch.

Chris cupped Joe’s face with both hands and brought their mouths together in a wet, noisy kiss.

Anderson waited until the kiss was finished before he announced the last piece of news.

“And the final perk of being the Alpha, Mr. Evans, is that you will choose what – if anything – all the members of the competition will be allowed to wear until the next time an Alpha is awarded. You will have a wide variety of clothing to choose from and you can choose as much or as little as you want for a competitor to wear, so if you desire, a competitor might not have anything to wear at all.”

Chris Evans grinned from ear-to-ear, the Celebrity Challenge had entered a new phase and he was in the top spot.

Chapter Text

Chris can feel the sweat dripping down his hairy, sculpted body. He always feels an unbelievable rush of testosterone when he has sex with Scott. The guilty, incestuous pleasure drives him into a frenzy of lust and tonight is going to be the first night where someone else discovers their dirty little secret.

Scott reaches up, running his hands through Chris’ fuzzy, wet chest hair as Chris pushes his familiar cock inside of him. "Ohhhh yes Chris... God you’re so aggressive tonight!" He says recalling how his older brother barged in and started tugging off his clothes.

Chris thrusts his hips into Scott’s furry, beefy body; impaling his younger brother’s ass with his thick, 10.5'' cock. "I missed your tight ass, lil' bro!" He growls in his deep, sexy voice.

Everyone knows Scott’s a fag but no one knows that Chris is the one stuffing him full of the largest alpha cock he’s ever had. "God I love when you get wild like this."

Chris smirks at his brother and places his hands behind his head; showing off his bulging biceps, and hairy, sweat-soaked armpit bushes. He grunts and pistons his cock into Scott again and again, his hairy low-hangers bouncing off Scott’s ass.

The younger Evans brother sits up, licking over Chris’ hairy chest, up into his pit, taking a deep whiff of his masculine scent. Scott’s dick swelling, dripping pre-cum onto Chris’ furry trail as he destroys Scott’s ass.

Chris’ chest heaves as he fucks Scott; his beefcake pecs flexing and his pink nipples standing out hard from the sweaty swirls of chest hair.

Scott groans out; "Mmm fuck, you know you’ve always had a great cock, but your body has gotten insane since the first time we did this Chris!"

The superhero hunk grins at his bro. "Who would've guessed, my baby brother Scott getting plowed by Captain America himself!" He grunt shard as he thrusts into him deeper than before.

Scott flips over so he’s on top of Chris. "Mmm riding you... just like the first time." He smirks, hands on Chris’ fuzzy chest for leverage as he pumps his juicy ass up and down his older bro’s meaty shaft.

Chris reaches up and pinches Scott’s nipples while he rides his cock like a professional bull rider. "I always love fucking you little brother." Chris starts thinking about what happened to him earlier today; he met the famous British diver Tom Daley when he was working out at his favourite gym. They hit it off and Chris invited Tom to come to his hotel room, even though he knew he’d be with Scott tonight.

Daley approaches the door; getting ready to knock and come in, thinking about the hung, hairy, alpha Chris talking to him in the locker room, hanging out totally naked so confidently, enticing him and handing him this hotel room number. Tom realizes the door is open as he tries the handle and walks in

"Looks like we have company lil' bro!" Chris says, looking at Daley with a big grin as he walks into the room.

Daley’s eyes widen with surprise, Scott’s too as they look at each other shocked with Chris impaled inside of him. "What?!" Scott exclaims in surprise.

"Come on Scott, haven't you ever wanted a threesome?" Chris asks, rubbing his brother’s pecs reassuringly.

"He doesn't look like he’s up to the challenge" Scott remarks, smirking as he sees Daley looking terrified.

"Come on Tom, don't you wanna' fuck with me and my bro? Might wanna' close that door first, we don't need the paparazzi getting in." Chris says.

Tom stands there staring at the Evans brothers having sweaty, incestuous sex. His mind walking on the fine line between disgust and arousal until arousal wins and Tom nods, shuts the door and locks it, walking in towards them just watching for a bit as Scott keeps riding Chris.

Chris sits up as Scott keeps thrusting up and down on his prick and he leans his head over to his and kisses his brother deeply.

The two hot, hung, hairy, muscled brothers fucking right in front of the fit twink Daley, he just stands there mesmerized.

Daley peels off his shirt and shorts standing there in his tight briefs with his young cock straining to get out.

Scott reaches over and pulls him towards them. "Oh come on already, its obvious you want in." He laughs.

"Uhh, ok." Daley mutters still in shock. Chris grabs his underwear and rips it off; exposing his stiff 8'' dick, and smooth balls and ass. "It's such a shame swimmers and divers shave off their fur." Chris remarks.

Scott takes Tom’s hand and puts it on his ass; feeling Chris’ cock slide in against his fuzzy hole. "See Tom, this is what Chris likes." He says smirking.

Chris grips Daley by the waist and positions him above him so that Daley’s tight, young ass is in his face. He immediately goes to town on his taint; his hungry tongue slurping up his sweat, causing Tom to cry out in pleasure.

Daley looks at Scott who in return gives him an angry glare as his older brother eats out his smooth boycunt. Scott pulls Tom towards him so that he’s laying on his back on top of Chris’ chest, his ass just in front of Scott’s dick as he starts pushing the head against it.

Chris plays with Tom's nipples as he watches Scott start to fuck him. "Looks like my brother's a bit jealous, he likes to hear about all the other guys I've been with though." Chris chuckles.

Scott angrily pushes more and more of his thick, veiny, throbbing 8'' already leaking pre-cum as he pushes into his pink, smooth pussy. He smirks. "At the end of the day, I’m the one who he comes home to though."

Daley moans as Scott forces his cock up his boycunt and Chris gropes his toned chest. "I've fucked plenty of other guys though Tom, been fucked by a few of them too."

"Exactly - Chris is a little manwhore, so you shouldn’t feel special." Scott grunts as he pumps himself balls deep into the young athlete.

Daley pants and moans as Scott hatefucks him. Chris reaches down and strokes his rigid cock. "I'm not a 'little' manwhore, I'm a HUGE manwhore. I've been with all the hottest guys in Hollywood."

The younger Evans brother smirks again. "Tell him who your #1 is though, bro." Scott says thrusting into Tom, making his own ass push back deeper onto his brother’s shaft as he does.

Chris closes his eyes for a moment and lets out a deep, loud moan. "Mmmmmm! Nothing beats a hardcore incestuous fuck with my little brother!"

Scott twists Daley around on his dick so he’s lying chest to chest with Chris. "Now fucking worship my big bro!"

Tom licks the Marvel hunk’s pecs; sweeping his tongue over every sweaty, hairy inch of the slabs of muscle. He sucks on Chris’ nipples and gently bites them, causing Chris to swear and shout as he nibbles the sensitive flesh. Finally Tom plunges his face into Evans’ armpits and eats both of them clean of the musky sweat.

Scott keeps fucking him; plunging his big Evans cock deep into Daley’s bare pussy, watching it squeeze tight as he enters roughly over and over.

Chris grabs Tom's head and they kiss; Chris can taste his own sweat on Tom’s tongue and it drives him wild. Chris thrusts his hips upward; making sure his cock rubs his brother’s prostate.

"Careful or you’re going to make me breed our little friend." Scott teases.

"I think he wants you to breed him." Chris says after he ends the kiss.

"Ohh yes please! Please mate, cum in my arse!" Tom begs in his cute British accent.

Scott pulls off Chris’ dick "Then get behind me and really fuck me!" He smirks at his older bro, twisting Tom around his cock so he’s fucking him missionary.

Chris gets behind Scott and rams his massive prick up his ass. "Come on Scott! Show him how an Evans brother seeds an asshole!"

With his brother thrusting into his cunt, pushing him deeper into Daley, his face next to young twink, Scott is in heaven. "You want it don’t you nasty, little faggot slut!" Scott growls and nibbles Tom’s ear, licks his smooth, hot, toned body.

"Ohh God! Ohh fuck yes! Please cum in my arse!" Tom begs and moans as Chris’ rough fucking plows Scott into him even harder.

Scott screams out as he erupts into Daley; Chris’ dick shoving against his prostate, his own hitting Tom’s. The younger Evans coats Daley’s insides with jizz.

"FUCK YEAH!!!" Chris hollers at the top of his lungs as his balls empty a huge load of spunk inside his brother’s ass.

Tom cries out as his cock sprays his young seed all over himself. He lays on the bed panting, covered in his own sweat and semen. "Is it always like this with you two?" he asks.

"It sure is." Chris answers before he and Scott lay down with Daley in between them.

"Thanks again for the invite." Tom pants.

"Yeah big bro, this was a genius idea." Scott remarks.

"No problem boys." Chris grins smugly. "But next time I’ll be in the middle."

Chapter Text

A gay Hollywood movie producer was throwing a private Halloween party at his L.A. mansion for a bunch of hot celeb guys and everyone invited was asked to come wearing sexy costumes.

Chris Evans arrived dressed as a sexy farm boy; he was wearing blue denim overalls, cowboy boots and a stetson hat. He didn’t have a shirt on underneath so his broad shoulders and sinewy arms were visible, and he left one overall strap undone so his left pec was on display. He sauntered in, looking around at all the hot guys before he headed to where the bar was set-up to order a drink. As he stood by the bar and took a swig of his drink he could tell someone walked up next to him.

“Well... helloooo cowboy!” The man exclaimed.

“Actually, I’m a farm boy.” Evans replied. He then turned his head and realized the man was Ryan Reynolds. “Hey, uhhh…” Chris saw that Ryan wasn’t wearing anything but orange underwear with a jack-o’-lantern face over the front.

Reynolds’ crotch was bulging obscenely, obviously stuffed with something.

“So uhh… what are you supposed to be?” Evans asked, laughing.

“I’m a trick ‘r treat basket. Go ahead, reach inside and grab something nice.” Ryan teased as he stood there with his hands on his hips and a smirk on his face.
Chris stuck his hand down Ryan’s bulge and felt that his crotch had been stuffed with candy. “Ohh I definitely feel something I like.” He chuckled as he groped Reynolds’ cock and balls.

“Now, now… just take one.” Ryan said grinning, clearly enjoying it.

Evans removed his hand, pulling out a piece of candy that he popped in his mouth. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to go share with everyone.” The Canadian actor winked before he left to mingle with other guys at the party.

As Chris continued to stand by the bar and finish his drink he noticed his friend and fellow Marvel superhero actor Chris Pratt walk in dressed as Indiana Jones. He motioned for Pratt to come join him at the bar. “How’s it goin’, buddy?” Evans asked as he embraced his friend and patted him on the back.

“Pretty good, cowboy. But I thought we were supposed to dress sexy, not slutty.” Pratt replied as he grabbed Evans’ exposed left pec and gave his nipple a pinch.

“I’ll have you know I’m a sexy farm boy, and you should see some of the sluts around here. Speaking of…” The Captain America star trailed off as he pointed out another man at the party.

Kellan Lutz was walking around dressed as Tarzan, which is to say that he was wearing nothing but a tiny leopard-print loincloth; it was just a string around his waist with two pieces of fabric, one in the front which only covered his genitals and one in the back which only covered about half of his muscular ass. Lutz had also slicked his smooth muscles with oil so they looked even more defined. He was strutting around with his bare chest puffed-out as he mingled with different guys.

“Damn, now I feel overdressed.” Pratt said as he admired Kellan’s beefy pecs from afar.

“Don’t worry about that, bro.” Evans put an arm around his friend’s shoulder. “I have no doubt someone’s gonna’ get you out of that costume tonight.” He said before ordering them shots.

Pratt chuckled and then sniffed the air. “You’re not wearin’ deodorant, are you?” He asked.

Evans lifted his arm up, showing off his hairy, sweaty armpit. “Nope. Farm boys like it dirty.” He laughed before he grabbed their drinks and handed over one. “To gettin’ laid!” He toasted.

“I’ll drink to that.” Pratt replied as they knocked-back their shots.

Meanwhile at the party Kellan Lutz kept walking around flirting with guys, enjoying all the attention he was getting. Guys kept staring at his glistening, beefcake pecs and it was giving him a big ego boost. His cock was already semi-hard and it lifted up the front of his loincloth a bit, which meant that his balls were visible from the sides.

Joe Manganiello was there dressed as a sexy cop; he was wearing tight, dark blue pants, a belt with handcuffs and a nightstick attached, aviator sunglasses and a police officer’s hat, but he was totally bare-chested. The tall Italian stud started checking-out Lutz. He looked at him from behind, appreciating his ass which was mostly exposed and when Kellan turned to the side he saw his big balls. Joe walked up behind him and cleared his throat. “Son, I’m gonna’ have to have a word with you.” He declared.

Lutz turned around and looked at looked at Manganiello. He recognized that this was a challenge from another Alpha-Male. “Me Tarzan.” He replied stoically, embracing his manly character. The two men were standing right in front of each other, their nipples were almost touching each other’s chests.

Joe smirked at the other man cockily. “Like I said; I’m gonna’ have to have a word with you. Let’s take this somewhere more private and deal with this one-on-one.” Manganiello turned and headed for the stairs that led up to the private bedrooms.

Kellan didn’t like that someone else was calling the shots but his masculine pride demanded that he rise to Manganiello’s challenge and he followed him upstairs.

Some of the bedrooms were already in use, they could hear moaning and shouting coming from behind the closed doors. It was obvious that some guys were using this costume party as an opportunity to roleplay. Joe opened the door to one of the unoccupied rooms and once they stepped inside, he locked the door behind them.

Manganiello stood with his feet planted apart and grinned at Lutz. “Well now, son… I’m afraid you’re under arrest for indecent exposure, I could see your nutsack hangin’ out a mile away.” He chuckled arrogantly. “But I think we can work out an arrangement…” He added.

Kellan scowled back him, not liking the scenario Joe was leading him into. “Me Tarzan…” He thumped his fists against his pectorals like an ape. “You bottom.” The younger actor grunted.

Manganiello just laughed. “Well son, if you don’t want to make a deal…” He grabbed his handcuffs. “Then you’re gonna’ do hard time!” He exclaimed. Joe suddenly forced himself on the other man and even though Lutz fought back Joe overpowered him and shoved him down onto the bed. Manganiello gripped Kellan’s arms tightly and shackled his wrists together behind his back like a prisoner.

Lutz was groaning angrily as he tried to push back against Joe but it was no use, with his hands cuffed he was powerless to stop the other man from having his way with him.

“Now we’re gonna’ have some fun!” Manganiello shouted as he grabbed Kellan’s loincloth and tore it off his body.

“Shit!” Lutz cursed. He hadn’t brought anything else to wear so he was now stuck at the party in the nude.

Joe chuckled again as he spanked Kellan’s muscular glutes, leaving big, red handprints on those firm buttocks. He then took the nightstick off his belt and swatted his prisoner’s ass with it hard.

Lutz could hear him slurping on the end of the nightstick and he knew what was coming next.

Manganiello rubbed the tip of the nightstick against Kellan’s asshole. “This is to get you ready for the main event.” He taunted the helpless man.

Lutz could feel that the end of the baton was slicked with Joe’s saliva, but knew it wouldn’t be enough lube to make this comfortable. He braced himself but couldn’t help but howl when Manganiello plunged the stick up his ass.

“If ya’ can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!” Joe bellowed, laughing as he fucked Kellan with the rod using a twisting motion.

Lutz bit the sheets beneath him as he panted and endured the hot pain in his ass.

Eventually Manganiello stopped and pulled the nightstick out. “Alright, now you’re good and ready.” He declared menacingly as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect manhood. Joe started sliding all 12 inches of his fat Italian sausage up Kellan’s already abused ass.

Lutz let out a long, deep groan as Manganiello filled him with cock.

Joe began thrusting into him and each time his hips slammed into the other man’s body he gave him a hard smack on the ass with the police baton.
Kellan was panting as his ass was pounded and smacked repeatedly. He hated being dominated by another man but his own cock inevitably got hard underneath him as Manganiello’s massive prick stretched his hole and rubbed his prostate.

Joe kept plowing hard and eventually felt his balls tighten-up. “Ohhhh yeah! Fuck, your ass is good!” He yelled out loud as he came, firing his hot load.

“Shiiiiiit! That was some damn good pussy!” He laughed heartily, looking down at Lutz’s buttocks covered in red bruises.

Manganiello was riding high on the surge of testosterone and bravado that comes from making another cocky muscle-stud your bitch. He kept laughing as he stepped back to catch his breath.

Laying there with his hands cuffed behind his back Kellan tried to get up on his knees which raised his ass up in front of Joe.

Manganiello looked at Lutz’s big balls dangling below his aching hole. “Let this be a lesson, son; you don’t wanna’ get arrested for indecent exposure? Cover those nuts!” He shouted and then swatted Kellan’s testicles with the nightstick. Not too hard but enough to cause the vulnerable man to collapse back down on the bed, groaning in pain.

“FUCK YOU!” Lutz growled angrily.

“Not tonight, Tarzan.” Joe scoffed as he headed over to the door and unlocked it. “Try to stay outta’ trouble.” He said before he left, leaving Kellan lying there naked and helpless. He walked back down the hall with his fly wide open with his trimmed bush and his now soft, but still huge cock on full display.

Manganiello’s former “True Blood” co-star Ryan Kwanten had just come up the stairs and they met-up in the hallway.

“Hey there, mate. Good to see you again.” Kwanten said in his natural Australian accent as he smiled at his friend’s exposed genitals.

“Hey buddy, good to see you too.” Joe replied as he adjusted his aviator sunglasses, looking the hot Aussie actor over. He was a sexy angel with fluffy white wings strapped to his back and nothing but white briefs on, showing off his tight body. “If you’re lookin’ to have fun there’s a nice surprise in the room back there.” He told his friend with a sly grin.

“Thanks, mate.” Ryan replied as they parted ways. Kwanten stepped over to the doorway and saw Kellan on the bed. “Let me guess; you fought the law, and the law won.” He chuckled.

Downstairs by the bar Chris Pratt had left Chris Evans to mingle with some other guys. Evans was still standing by the bar when he noticed the quite tall and handsome actor Armie Hammer walk up to him.

Hammer was dressed as a construction worker. He was wearing a yellow hard hat, an orange safety vest with nothing underneath and blue jeans with work boots. He grew out his facial hair and there was a swath of body hair over his upper chest.

“Howdy, cowboy. How’s it goin’?” He asked, smiling at Evans.
Chris was starting to think he should’ve been more straight-forward with his costume. “It’s goin’ pretty good so far.” He answered before finishing his drink. “And I’m a farm boy.” He added.

“That’s hot…” Armie replied as he looked over the other man, appreciating his left pectoral hanging out. “You know, Henry Cavill brags about having sex with you a lot.” He said as he reached over and felt Evans’ exposed pec, squeezing the firm, hairy muscle.


“I’ll bet he does…” Chris said, raising his eyebrows and grinning smugly as he looked up at Hammer’s light blue eyes.

Armie was excited to hook-up with the Captain America star. “I hope your ass is as good as he says it is.” He muttered, still playing with Evans’ pec.

“Ohh it is, I’m just hoping you can give me a good ride.” Chris responded, grabbing Hammer by the crotch and feeling the bulge in his jeans.

Armie stared him in the eyes. “Don’t worry… It’s big and long like I am.” He told him, leaning his tall frame over him to help illustrate his point.

“I can’t wait.” Evans whispered before tilting his head up and kissing the other man on the lips.

After sharing a quick kiss by the bar Chris led Armie over to the stairs.

Joe Manganiello came walking down with his cock still hanging out. “Hey there, fellas. Have a good evening.” He said as he walked past them, unashamed of his manhood being on display.

Evans and Hammer shared a chuckle before they headed upstairs. As they stepped into the hallway one of the doors opened and two men walked out; Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

Anthony was dressed as a boxer, wearing boxing gloves and loose-fitting blue shorts. Sebastian also happened to be dressed as a construction worker, wearing a hard hat and safety vest with no shirt like Armie was, except his jeans had been cut to make them short shorts. The two men smiled and laughed as they saw their Captain America co-star approach.

“Looks like you two have been busy already.” Chris said as he walked up and gave them both a hug and a quick open-mouthed kiss.

“You know it. Got the room nice and ready for you.” Mackie replied, winking at Evans.

“Hey man, we’re twins!” Stan exclaimed, grinning over at Hammer.

“Great minds think alike.” Armie commented as he looked at the other man’s mostly bare legs and noticed there was still a bit of cum smeared across Sebastian’s inner thighs.

“We’ll leave you to have fun with this tall drink of water, cowboy.” Anthony whispered in Chris’ ear.

As the other guys went to leave Mackie stopped to fist-bump with Hammer while Stan gave him a high-five and a slap on the butt.

“I like your friends.” Armie chuckled as he walked into the room.

Evans looked at the two, there were at the end of the hall facing him and acting like they were riding a bucking bronco. “Me too.” Chris said, giving them a thumbs-up before stepping inside.

Once they were alone together in the room Armie sniffed the air. “Smells like your buddies got the room all sweaty.” He chuckled.

“Yep, they know I like it like that.” Chris replied before they eagerly embraced each other and started making out. Evans reached down and unzipped Hammer’s fly. He started kissing down the man’s body, swiping his tongue through Armie’s chest hair and giving each nipple a quick suck. He then bent down as he licked along his abs before kneeling in front of the taller man and grinning up at his face. “Time to see what you’re workin’ with.” Chris said before he pulled down Hammer’s jeans and underwear.

The 6’5’’ actor was endowed with a mouth-watering 12 inch long penis. “I hope you can handle it.” Armie teased, smirking down at the Captain America star.
“Don’t worry, I’m used to screwing around with guys who are… gifted.” Evans replied, grinning at the long shaft hungrily. “Just watch.” He declared before opening wide and swallowing Hammer’s cockhead.

Armie watched in awe as Chris went down on him, deepthroating his entire prick.

Evans slobbered on the massive shaft before he stood back up and kissed Hammer again. “I need that big thing up my ass. Right now!” He exclaimed, unable to restrain his lust.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Armie muttered as he grabbed Chris and bent him over the bed. Evans’ overalls had a flap over the ass, held up by two buttons. Hammer opened it and let it fall, exposing his hairy, muscular ass. Armie couldn’t help but squat behind him, stick his face between Chris’ sweaty buttcheeks and kiss his asshole before he stood back up and started rubbing his cockhead against it.

“I’ve been looking forward to this…” Hammer breathed out slowly.

“Good. Don’t hold back.” Evans told him.

Armie used his right hand to grip the one strap that was still holding up Chris’ overalls and with his left hand he held him by the waist. The tall stud then thrust forward, driving his manhood deep into the farm boy hunk.

“Ohhh fuck yeah! That’s it, keep going!” Evans moaned and begged.

Hammer began thrusting repeatedly, sliding his long shaft back and forth in his companion’s ass and feeling his anus grip him tightly.

“Ohhhhh yeah!” Armie groaned happily as he kept plowing into Chris, feeling his low-hanging balls sway back and forth.

Evans grunted and pushed his ass back to meet Hammer’s thrusts.

“Goddamn! Now I know what Cavill’s been bragging about!” Armie moaned out loud.

“Yeah… so how about I do something for you that’ll make him jealous?” Chris grinned as he made his proposition.

“Ohh hell yes, what are we gonna’ do?” Hammer asked excitedly.

The two men stopped fucking for a moment and Chris stripped out of his overalls, wearing nothing but the cowboy boots and stetson hat. He had Armie lay on his back on the bed wearing only his safety vest, hard hat and work boots, his cock still rigid. Evans got on the bed and squatted over Hammer’s waist. He reached down and grabbed the other man’s prick, guiding it to his asshole.

“Oh my God… Fuck. Yes.” Armie muttered as he watched this superhero movie sex symbol mount his erection like it was a mechanical bull.

Chris just winked at him before he slid down on his shaft and then started thrusting his hips up and down.

Evans rode Hammer’s cock with passion, clinching his anus when he lifted himself up and then squeezing his buttocks when he shoved himself back down.

Armie was in ecstasy as he laid there and watched Chris ride him, focusing on his beefcake pecs as they bounced.

He was practically hypnotized as he stared at Evans’ hairy slabs of muscle rise and fall.

“Hey, my eyes are up here!” Chris joked, laughing. He kept bouncing up and down and his pectorals were dripping with sweat now.

“I know where your eyes are.” Hammer replied before he leaned up and sucked on Evans sensitive left nipple.

“Aww yeah, that’s it!” Chris moaned as he started to really grind his ass down on Armie’s prick.

His own hard cock was rubbing against the other man’s abs.

The tall stud sucked and licked all over Evans’ pecs before he turned his attention to his armpits.

Hammer eagerly ate-out both of his pits, lapping up all the tangy sweat.

The two men were panting and moaning as they felt themselves get closer to orgasm.

Chris tightened his ass even more as he thrust up and down harder than ever.

Armie’s eyes rolled back when he reached climax and he couldn’t help but bite down on Evans’ shoulder as he flooded his insides with hot cum.
Chris grabbed his hat and started waving it in the air as if he really was riding a bull. “YEEHAW!!!” He bellowed at the top of his lungs while spraying Hammer’s abs with his load.

Armie laid back on the bed and tried to catch his breath. “God… damn…” He panted.

“Don’t forget to tell the ‘Man of Steel’ all about it next time ya’ see him.” Evans said as he got off the bed and started putting his overalls back on.

“He’ll want to give you a ride… next time he sees you.” Hammer replied.

“Ohh… I’m countin’ on it, partner.” Chris chuckled, smirking as he tipped his hat and winked at Armie before he left the room.

Hammer laughed when Evans closed the door behind him, he had put his overalls back on but left the butt-flap open; his ass was hanging out with a bit of cum dripping out his hole.

Out in the hallway Ryan Kwanten was coming out of one of the rooms at the same time Chris walked out. “Well look at you; big sexy farm boy!” Ryan exclaimed.

Evans grinned at him, he was naked except for the angel wings strapped to his back. “Yeah, nice angel costume.”

“I had some underwear, but uhh… angels are supposed to be naked anyway, right?” Kwanten replied with a shrug.

“Good call.” Chris said as he motioned for Ryan to come walk with him.

The Aussie actor came up beside him. “Sounds like you had a good time.” He whispered in Evans’ ear before giving him a slap on his bare ass.
“Heard that, huh?” Chris laughed.

“Ohh yeah, not to mention you stink to high-heaven and you’ve got spunk leaking out your backdoor.” Kwanten stuck a couple fingers in Evans’ anus and scooped out some cum. He raised his fingers to his lips and ate it.

“Hey man, farm boys put in a hard day’s work.” Chris clapped Ryan on the back as he put an arm around him. “And we like it dirty.” They shared a laugh as they headed back downstairs together.

Meanwhile at the party Ryan Reynolds had bumped into Chris Pratt and offered him some candy from his underwear.

Pratt was feeling around his crotch but couldn’t find any candy. “Are you sure you have any left?” He asked, smirking at him.

“Ohh I’m sure. Keep looking, maybe it’s tucked under my balls.” Reynolds replied.

Chris reached his fingers underneath Ryan’s testicles and felt his taint. “Yeah there’s something there. I think I got it. Wait it kinda feels like…” He trailed off and looked at Reynolds quizzically. “Dude, do you have a candy necklace shoved up your ass like anal beads?” Pratt stifled a laugh.

Ryan leaned in and whispered in his ear; “Happy Halloween.”

Chris grabbed the back of his head with one hand and pulled him into a deep kiss. With his other hand he pulled down Reynolds’ jack-o’-lantern underwear, reached around and started slowly pulling the candy necklace out.

Some other guys at the party laughed or whistled at the sight.

They continued making-out until Pratt pulled out the entire necklace. “Want to head upstairs with me?” He propositioned the other man.

“I’ve got a better idea; let’s go downstairs, I heard there’s something really naughty going on down in the basement.” Ryan explained, pulling off his underwear.

“Alright, I’m game.” Chris replied.

“And bring the ass-candy.” Reynolds added before they headed downstairs.

The basement of the mansion was usually just a spacious storage area, but for tonight they brought down a large inflatable pool for some Halloween mud wrestling.

Except instead of mud the pool was filled with chocolate syrup, whip-cream and gummy worms.
“Holy shit!” Pratt exclaimed when he saw two naked men grappling with each other slathered in chocolate and whip-cream. “That’s nasty… but kinda hot too, yeah.”

The two guys currently wrestling were Chris and Liam Hemsworth. The older Hemsworth brother had the upper hand and pinned Liam’s arms behind his back. “Thought you could take on your big bro, didn’t ya?” He taunted his sibling. “Think again!” He shouted as he pushed Liam onto the edge of the pool and spanked him. “Get your chocolate-covered arse out of here!” He laughed.

Liam laughed along with his older brother as they shared a quick kiss before he exited the pool in defeat. He went to go stand next to Ryan.
“Still undefeated!” Chris Hemsworth yelled, raising his arms and flexing his biceps in triumph.

The crowd of men watching cheered and clapped for Hemsworth.

“Who’s next?” The ripped Aussie asked aloud.

“I think you’re up.” Reynolds whispered in Pratt’s ear.

“I’ll take a crack at it.” Pratt declared as he took off his hat and started undressing. “I’ll probably be cleaning chocolate out of my crack for a week afterwards though.” He added, chuckling.

“Ohh don’t worry about that, I’ll lick you clean.” Ryan said, smirking at him.

Hemsworth watched his fellow Marvel superhero actor strip nude; Pratt had recently bulked-up for the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Hemsworth was eager to get his hands all over his firm, muscular body.

Pratt stepped in the pool and as he sank into the sweet and sticky mire he gasped out loud as his genitals were submersed in the gooey liquid. “Cold! Cold! Cold!” He shouted.

Hemsworth waded over to the other man. “You ready, mate?” He asked.

“Yep, just… didn’t realize this would feel so weird.” Pratt answered. “So you’ve been in here long?” He gave the Australian stud a perplexed look.

“I may or may not have a gummy worm in my arse.” Hemsworth shook his butt a little. “I think I like it.” He replied with a goofy grin.

“Ohh yeah? Well you should’a seen…” Pratt trailed off as he looked over at Ryan and Liam. Reynolds was on his knees sucking Liam’s chocolate-glazed cock while the younger Hemsworth brother was eating the candy necklace that had been up Ryan’s ass.

“Uhh, nevermind. I’m ready when you are.” Pratt said.

“Alright. Let’s rumble.” Hemsworth declared.

The two men gripped each other’s bodies and started grappling, each man trying to push the other over.

Pratt had to widen his stance and step back as Hemsworth exerted his strength on him. “Ohhhh boy, my junk and my crank are never gonna’ be clean again after this.” He moaned.

“Ohh come on, get into it! Don’t ya’ love feelin’ all this goop on your cock… and in between your bum… and all around the family jewels?” The horny Aussie rambled, swiveling his hips.

“Dude you’re freaky. But it’s a sexy kind of freaky.” Pratt muttered as he started to get hornier and felt his dick stiffen.

“I’ll show ya’ freaky!” Hemsworth yelled as he shoved Pratt down into the muck on his back.

The crowd cheered as Hemsworth mounted the other man. He started humping him, rubbing their erections together. “Like it now, don’t ya’?” He taunted him.
“Yeah! Now I like it.” Pratt replied with a big grin.

Hemsworth groped Pratt’s beefy body as he kept grinding their cocks against each other.

Ryan was now slobbering all over Liam’s shaft while jerking himself off and most of the men watching had started masturbating too.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star was moaning out loud as the huge Australian hunk treated him to the best frottage of his life, the chocolate and whip-cream serving as lubrication.

Hemsworth growled aggressively as he reached orgasm, adding his spunk to the mixture.

That set off Pratt who bucked his hips upward into Hemsworth as he shot his load.

Reynolds had sucked-off Liam and swallowed all his cum while spraying his own on the floor.

The other satisfied men in the room whistled and cheered when Hemsworth and Pratt got out of the pool together.

“I’m not taking any more challengers tonight. I’m making sure I go out on top.” The older Hemsworth brother announced.

“And what a top.” Pratt joked, giving the other man a hard, wet slap on the ass..

The men laughed and everyone gathered around the two actors named Chris.

“You guys still need to get cleaned up…” Ryan said, licking his lips.

Hemsworth and Pratt grinned at each other as the group started licking all over their nude bodies.

Liam got down on his knees behind his brother and began eating-out his ass. “You were right, Chris; there was a gummy worm up your fanny!” He declared, pulling it out of his big brother’s asshole and then eating it.

The older Hemsworth laughed out loud. “Best Halloween ever!”

Chapter Text

Chris Evans is working out at his favourite gym in L.A. staying in shape for the next Avengers movie. He's wearing a black tank-top that barely stretches across his muscular chest and a pair of red athletic shorts.


Matt Bomer walks in, wearing a blue tank top and grey shorts. He walks over to the treadmill and starts warming up.


Chris is sitting at a bench with a dumbbell in each hand, working his biceps when he notices the sexy Magic Mike actor. He watches Matt start to jog on the treadmill and judging by the way his crotch is bouncing it looks like Bomer's not wearing any underwear.


Matt jogs a little faster, cock continuing to bounce. As suspected, he's going commando under his shorts.


Evans puts the weights down and walks over to him. "Hey man, never seen you in here before." He says with a smile.


Bomer stops the machine and turns to him. "Oh, hey man. I'm Matt." He smiles, offering his hand to Chris.


The Captain America star chuckles as he shakes Matt's hand. "Yeah I know who you are, I saw you in Magic Mike. This your first time at this gym?"


"Nah man, I've been coming for a few months but I've been shooting a new movie so I'm only able to make it here late."


"Oh, I see. This is a pretty good gym, it's where I come to bulk-up to play Captain America." Chris replies as he lifts up an arm to scratch the back of his head; showing off his bulging bicep and hairy, sweaty armpit as he does so.


Matt glances over, admiring his huge arm and hairy pit. "Must be good, those arms look dangerous man!" Bomer laughs.


Evans laughs with him. "Thanks man. Captain America's gotta' be ripped, right?" Chris flexes his arms and chest; showing off both biceps and pits as well as the pecs stuffed in his shirt.


"Definitely man." Matt says with a laugh, reaching out and giving Chris' arm a gentle squeeze.


"You're lookin' pretty good yourself, dude." Chris replies, reaching over and feeling one of Bomer's pecs through his shirt.


Matt lifts up his shirt to expose his rock hard six-pack, giving it a gentle slap. "Thanks man, it's been exhausting keeping this up."


"Nice." Chris says, feeling his abs. "Check out mine." Evans peels off his shirt; revealing his hairy, sculpted chest.


Matt reaches out and feels Chris' abs "Woah, feels like a brick wall man!" He says chuckling.


"Like I said; Captain America's gotta' be ripped, right?" Evans replies with a wink as he grins at Bomer.


Matt grins back "Sure does..." He says, looking over his fellow actor's amazing body, his cock semi-hard at the sight, tenting his shorts a little more than before. "So, you live near here man?"


"I got a hotel room on permanent reservation that me and my brother use for hook-ups but I was thinking we'd do it in the locker room." Chris replies, unashamedly.


Matt looks a bit taken aback, but he's also turned on. "In the Lockerroom? What sort of guy do you think I am?" He laughs.


"Don't worry, I have an agreement with this place. Nobody will know and that includes your husband." Chris says, winking at him again.


Matt smirks. "Well, what Simon won't know won't hurt him."


"I bet Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello have heard that a few times." Evans says, chuckling.


Bomer laughs. "A few more than either of them would care to admit." He replies.


"Hot. Let's go." Chris says before heading into the locker room and then stripping off his shorts; revealing that he's wearing a sweat-soaked jockstrap that perfectly frames his buff, hairy ass.


"Fuck!" Matt exclaims, stripping his shirt off quickly followed by his shorts; exposing his thick cock with his pubes neatly trimmed.


"Like the jockstrap? It's my brother's favourite." Evans says before he checks out Bomer's smooth, toned body and rigid erection.


"I can see why. Fuck, he bought it for you?" Matt says, walking closer to Evans.


"Yeah he did. He likes it when I give him a show." Chris replies as he turns and flexes his ass, bouncing his beefy, hairy buttocks for Bomer.


"What a show it is!" Matt says, walking over and giving Chris' hairy ass a feel, rubbing between the cheeks, his own cock rock hard and pointing straight up.


Evans looks back at him over his shoulder with a smirk. "Glad you don't mind me and Scott's 'brotherly love' it freaks some guys out."


Matt smirks. "Don't worry bro, if you guys were my brothers I wouldn't be able to help myself ether!" He says, reaching around and giving Chris' big bulge a squeeze.


"Nice, so... You want a crack at my ass? Or am I gonna' plow you?" Evans asks, matter-of-factly.


"I need a cock in me, Simon hasn't fucked me for a week!" Bomer says, bending over the bench and presenting his perfectly smooth ass to the superhero stud.


"I guess that's the downside of marrying your sugar daddy; they can't always get it up." Chris chuckles before he slips off his jockstrap; exposing his thick 10'' cock, big hairy balls and furry pubic bush.


Matt looks around, eyes wide at the huge prick. "Now THAT'S a cock!" Matt shouts, spreading his legs and exposing his pink asshole.


Evans laughs. "Damn you need to get laid." He grins down at Bomer as he slaps his cock against Matt's hole and then plunges in, impaling him with every thick inch of his erection.


Matt moans out loudly. "Ohh fuuuck" He pushes back on Chris' cock, his ass hungrily taking every inch.


Chris starts thrusting his hips, driving his thick cock back and forth in Matt's tight ass. "Your husband's cock must not be very big, 'cause your pussy is fuckin' TIGHT!"


In between moaning Bomer manages to pant; "He's only...5"...oh fuck!" Matt's cock is dripping pre-cum onto the bench.


Evans laughs. "That's so sad. What about you though, did you get much action when filming Magic Mike?" He asks.


"Me and Channing... fucked a few times… oh God… and lets just say I didn't miss Simon with Joe around." Bomer moans, slamming back on Chris' cock as he reaches down and strokes his own dick.


"Nice! I hope they're at least hung." Chris replies as he slams into Matt hard, again and again. His hairy balls bouncing off of Bomer's smooth nuts.


Matt keeps panting. "Oh shit… Fuck… Channing's packing a good 7''... oh yeah, harder!... and I couldn't even tell how big Joe's was!"


"Ha! Good to know! And did you fuck their cunts too?" Evans asks while he continues to plow the Magic Mike stud.


Matt forces his ass back pulling Chris' cock deeper into his tight hole. "Ohh yeah… I fucked Channing a couple times… but Joe wouldn't let me near his ass… He says he only lets a few guys fuck him."


"Too bad, he must have a wicked tight pussy!" Evans growls. He keeps fucking Matt harder and faster. "I'm gonna' bust my nuts soon!"


"Fuck man, your cock feels sooo goood!" Bomer moans in ecstasy. "Oh fuck, make sure you get it in my ass!" He says, pushing back against Chris' cock with every thrust.


"Fuck yeah!" Evans shouts as he rams into Matt full-force when he blows his load. Chris' balls unleash a hot flood of cum into Bomer's abused ass while sweat drips off his chest hair onto the other man's back.


Matt's cock explodes as he feels hot cum fill his hole, spraying his own semen all over his chest and the bench. "Ohhhh FUCK!"


Chris laughs again. "Bet your husband can't do that." He breathes deeply as his cock slips out of Matt's hole and his cum dribbles out.


Bomer rolls over, laying on his back on the bench breathing hard. "He fucking can't. That was amazing man!"


"No problem stud, you've got a damn good pussy." Evans replies as he reaches down and pinches Matt's nipples.


Matt laughs. "It's yours when you want it with a cock like that!"


Chris grins down at Matt cockily. "If I had a dime for very time I heard that..."


Bomer sits up and wipes a drop off cum off his face "I have no doubt. So how long you and Scott been having fun?" He asks, getting to his feet.


"Since we were teens, but it really intensified when we got older and developed our bodies. He can't get enough of my muscles." Evans replies, flexing for him again; his nude muscles covered in a sheen of sweat that glistens on his body hair.


Matt reaches out and runs his hands over Chris' glistening chest. "Can't say I blame him!" He says with a grin.


Chris feels Matt's smooth, sweaty chest with both hands and rubs their soft cocks together as he stands over his sexual conquest. "You'd be surprised how common it is, the Hemsworth bros do it too."


"Really? Me and my brother Neill jerked off a few times when we were younger, but that was it." Bomer replies, reaching down to play with Evans' huge cock.


"Hot, you should call him up to have some more fun sometime. Me and Scott have had some fun together with my buddy Chris Hemsworth and his bro Liam."


"For real? How do I get in on that action!" Matt says with a grin, imaging the four of them fucking.


Chris grins back at him. "I'll invite you next time if you think your cunt can take it. How's your cock skills by the way?"


"You mean sucking?" Matt says, rubbing a big glob of his own cum off his chest and then licking it up.


"I was thinking more along the lines of how good can you use that pole of yours, but I'd love to know what your cocksucking skills are too." Chris replies with a chuckle.


"I can assure you I'm very skilled with cocks, both mine and other guys'. Not to mention that Joe Manganiello could testify that my ass can take a lot of punishment." Bomer says.

Evans raises his eyebrows at that last comment. "Well then, it's a date." Chris says before leaning down and sharing a deep kiss with Matt.

Chapter Text

Chris Evans is always happy to go to Comic-Con and meet his fans, getting to bask in their excitement is just one of the perks of starring in a superhero movie. Of course there are many other perks to being superhero movie stud.
Chris had just finished a Q&A session and was ready for the next event this evening. He was led by an assistant into a large private room that sloped down towards a stage at one end. There were several rows of seats like in a movie theater for an audience to watch whatever happens on stage. When they got inside Chris could see that the seats were empty and a king-sized bed was already set up on the stage.

“You gonna’ be in the audience?” Chris asked the assistant.

“Yes sir, Mr. Evans.” The assistant replied, grinning from ear-to-ear.

“Enjoy the show, buddy.” Chris said, flashing the guy a smile.

Evans headed down to a door leading to the backstage room where he’s supposed to wait until things are ready. Inside Chris found his fellow superhero stud Henry Cavill was already there.

“You ready for this, mate?” Henry said, smirking at Evans.

“You better believe it.” The Captain America hunk replied, moving over to him and pulling him into an eager kiss. Their trimmed beards rubbed together as they began making-out.

“Whoa guys, as much as I’d like a private show you’re gonna’ have to save it for later.” A voice said behind them.

They stopped kissing and Evans looked over to see comedian Chris Hardwick watching them.

“Sorry man. Guess you’re excited to host this thing, huh?” Evans asked.

“Fuck yeah, this is gonna’ be awesome!” Hardwick responded enthusiastically while rubbing his hands together.

“It’ll be quite the spectacle.” Cavill said, putting an arm around Evans.

20 minutes later the theater was full of people, most of them were fans who had connections with the right people to be able to pay to see an event like this but there were a few lucky staff members present as well. The comedian Chris Hardwick was on stage addressing the crowd.

“Are ya’ll ready for what fans really want to see?” He asked aloud.

The audience roared with cheers in response.

“Alright, here’s the guys you paid to see; Captain America and the Man of Steel!” Hardwick announced.

Evans and Cavill both emerged from from backstage, each of them were at one end of the stage and they were both completely nude.

The audience exploded with approval; cheering and hollering at the nude studs.

Chris and Henry walked towards each other with their sculpted, hairy, muscle-bound bodies and thick cocks on full display. They came together at the centre of the stage in front of the large bed set up for them. The two men grabbed each other and kissed, making the crowd go wild.

Chris Hardwick sat in a seat near the bed and whipped his own dick out of his pants. “Alright guys, let’s see some action!” Hardwick exclaimed as he started stroking his cock.

Evans and Cavill got on the bed, kneeling in front of each other as they began groping their bodies, rubbing their cocks together and making-out. Soon both of their shafts were at full erection.

The two studs were going at it hard; Chris started sucking on Henry’s hirsute pecs while they groped each other’s beefy asses to the audience’s delight.

Chris Hardwick watched the two immaculate superhero hunks and felt his own cock stiffen quickly. “Ohh man, Captain America and Superman going to town on each other. I don’t know which is harder; my nerd-boner or my boner-boner.” He quipped to the audience.

Some in the crowd chuckled at his lame joke but most people were entirely focused on the insanely-hot erotic display in front of them.

Henry Cavill was now the one sucking on Evans’ hairy slabs of pectoral muscle.

Chris could feel Henry’s teeth nibbling on his sensitive nipples. “That’s it, work my nubs.” He breathed into Cavill’s ear. Chris looked over in the audience’s direction but with the spotlights illuminating the stage he couldn’t get a good look at the crowd.

He could definitely hear them though; voicing their approval of Chris and Henry’s bodies and breathing heavily as they masturbated at the sight. Evans whispered to his companion; “Let’s 69.” Chris laid on the bed while Henry got on top of him and they both started sucking cock.

The two men heard some more cheering and whistling from their audience at the sight of these studs giving each other blowjobs. As they were 69ing they kept rolling over so that the other man was on top, thus flashing their asses at the audience repeatedly.

Chris Hardwick jacked his cock vigorously, enjoying the wild sexual display. “How about we take things to the next level?” He said aloud.

The crowd cheered, wanting to see the hunky stars go even further.

Chris and Henry went back to kneeling in front of each other and shared a deep kiss; savouring the taste of their own manhood on the other’s tongue.
“We asked everyone in the audience what you most wanted to see tonight and it’s time for the guys to hear what your number one answer was.” Hardwick announced.

The crowd cheered, and the anticipation in the room was palpable.

Chris and Henry grinned at each other, they were just as eager to hear what the audience had decided for them.

“Well it turns out almost everyone in this room wants to see the same thing; ya’ll want to see Captain America get fucked!” Hardwick exclaimed.

The audience erupted with raucous cheers.

Evans smiled and was blushing beneath his beard. “Ya’ll want to see this ass get pounded?” He asked as he turned and presented his hairy, muscular buttocks to the crowd.

“The Captain’s going to learn why they call me ‘The Man of Steel’.” Cavill declared, giving the American actor’s ass a hard spank.

The crowd cheered and hollered even louder.

Chris got on all fours with his side facing the audience so they could still see most of his body.

Henry knelt behind him and lined his throbbing erection up with Evans’ asshole.

The audience whistled and cheered as Cavill’s cock slid inside Chris’ ass.

Henry gripped his fellow actor by the waist and began thrusting his hips; driving his cock back and forth in Chris’ tight ass and banging their balls together.
Evans pushed his hips back to meet Henry’s thrusts, feeling his cock penetrate him deeper and hit the sweet spot. “Ohhh fuck yeah!” He shouted and flashed a grin towards the audience.

The crowd was in Heaven watching these two superhero muscle-studs fucking for their enjoyment.

While he kept plowing Evans’ ass Henry moved his hands up his body and gave his meaty pecs a good squeeze and rubbed his nipples a bit.

Many in the audience watched, practically drooling as Cavill played with his pecs.

Henry then grabbed Chris, flipped him over onto his back and grabbed his legs before renewing his assault on the other man’s anus.

Chris smiled at Henry and then reached up to give the Superman stud’s hairy muscle-tits a groping of his own.

Chris Hardwick was watching everything with wide-eyed awe, jacking his cock furiously as he watched the hottest men he’d ever seen go at it.

Cavill kept ramming into Evans harder and faster and was breathing heavily. It was obvious he was going to cum soon and when he did he let out a deep, manly growl.

Evans watched in delight as Henry’s body tightened up as he fired his hot load and could still hear him growling over the roar of the crowd.

Cavill kept thrusting as his orgasm washed over him and didn’t stop until he had emptied his balls into his companion’s ass.

“Well how was that?” Hardwick said aloud. He had beat-off and shot his entire load into his hand and was licking it up.

The audience cheered and applauded in response to his question and Chris and Henry both gave the crowd two thumbs-up.

“Well we’ve got a special surprise for ya’ll that even our stars don’t know about.” Hardwick continued, with a wide grin on his face.

Evans had gotten back up on his knees next to Cavill and was planning on returning the favour to his fellow actor but was intrigued by Hardwick’s announcement.
“We knew you wanted to see Captain America getting fucked, so we thought; why have just one other superhero fuck him?” Hardwick declared.

On cue two more superhero stars entered the stage and everyone looked to see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman walk in nude, just like Chris and Henry did.
The audience exploded with more cheers and applause and Ryan and Hugh basked in their adulation as they stood in front of the bed together.

Chris Evans was blushing again under his beard. He looked at the two studs whose cocks were already throbbing; Hugh Jackman’s thick, 11 inch long manhood was particularly intimidating.

“Ohh man, first Superman now Deadpool and Wolverine too? I think Captain America’s gonna’ be able to sit on his flagpole after this.” Hardwick taunted with a cheeky smirk.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Evans said with an embarrassed smile.

Henry got off the bed and made room for Ryan and Hugh to get on and kneel beside Chris.

“I’m up next, buddy. Can’t wait to have fun with that powerful ass of yours.” Reynolds said, spanking Chris before sharing a wet kiss with him.

Evans got down on all fours again except this time he was facing the audience so they could see his face clearly while Ryan shoved his Canadian cock into him.

Reynolds began fucking Chris in earnest when he suddenly felt Henry slide his rejuvenated erection up his asshole.

“That’s it mates, run a train on him!” Hugh guffawed as he gave Cavill’s ass a firm smack.

Ryan thrust his hips back and forth in rhythm with Chris and Henry’s bodies; when Chris pushed back, Ryan’s prick plunged into his prostate and when Ryan pulled back, Henry’s cock went deep and nailed his sweet spot too. A look of sheer bliss came over Reynolds’ face as his body acted like a piston between these two hunks.

While kneeling beside the other men Hugh grabbed Henry’s face and pulled him into a deep kiss. Their handsome, bearded faces locked together in a wet, noisy make-out session.

The audience thought they were in Heaven before but this new display of scorching hot stud-on-stud action was on a whole other level.

Reynolds pinched and twisted his nipples while he was enjoying being sandwiched between the other men and with the added stimulation of getting fucked while fucking he was getting close to orgasm soon. His eyes rolled back in his head and his body clenched as he started firing his spunk into Evans. “Jesus... fuck!” Ryan moaned, panting as his body pulsated with pleasure.

Feeling the sexy Canadian’s anus tighten around his cock sent Henry over the edge. He grunted and bit Ryan’s shoulder as he blew his second load.
The audience cheered watching the two men orgasm and then pull back from Chris.

Hugh Jackman took their place behind Evans and he grabbed the American hunk’s ass with both hands and squeezed his buff buttocks.

“Quite the arse you have, mate.” The Aussie daddy growled. “I can’t wait to give it a good ride.” Jackman gripped his body and then flipped him over onto his back and held him down.

The crowd watched in awe as the tall, muscular, hairy, alpha male mounted the younger stud.

Chris moaned out loud as Hugh slowly slid his entire 11’’ prick deep into Evans’ already well-fucked and cum-slicked ass.

Everyone could tell exactly when Jackman’s cock pushed against Chris’ prostate by the way his eyes rolled back in his head.

Hugh leaned down over the other man and brought their mouths together in a kiss. The Wolverine hunk held Evans tight with their hairy chests pressed against each other while they engaged in a wet, smacking kiss.

As their kiss ended and Jackman straightened back up, a look of sheer ecstasy was on Chris’ face. He reached his hands up and felt Hugh’s chest, running his fingers over the firm, hairy muscles and kneading those mouth-watering pecs.

Hugh began moving his hips; fucking Evans with slow, powerful thrusts that he gradually increased in speed.

Chris panted as each plunge of Jackman’s cock came faster and more forceful than the last. “Own my ass, man.” He breathed out, staring up at Hugh’s stern, handsome face.

The Aussie daddy held Chris’ legs while delivering thrust after thrust.

Evans gripped the bed tightly as he panted, feeling Hugh ram his sweet spot again and again. His own cock laid stiff and throbbing on his abs.

Jackman felt his balls tense and he roared with pleasure as he busted his nut deep within the Captain America stud’s abused ass.

Chris Hardwick impulsively rushed over to the bed and went down on Evans’ cock.

Feeling his engorged shaft lodged in the comedian’s warm, wet throat while Hugh flooded his ass with spunk sent Evans over the edge. He shouted; “Ohhhhh FUCK YEAH!!!” as he blew his load.

Hardwick eagerly swallowed every drop of Chris Evans’ semen while rubbing-out another wad of his own cum into his hand, which he then ate after he finished drinking from Evans’ erection. The comedian then stood back up and addressed the audience again. “Let’s give it up for these superhero studs!” He declared with a wide grin.

The crowd erupted with cheers and vulgar praise.

The four stars stood together in front of the bed and basked in the appreciation of their horny fans. Their nude bodies were glistening with a sheen of sweat, their faces were still a bit flushed and their cocks hung plump between their thighs as they recovered from their intense orgasms.

Hugh Jackman slapped Evans on the back. “Another round of applause for this fella takin’ it like a champ!” He bellowed.

The crowd hollered once again and the other actors smirked at Chris deviously as they clapped along.

“I’m not gonna’ be bottoming again for a month.” Evans said in response as he reached back and rubbed his buttocks.

The guys waved to the audience before they filed off stage, drawing whistles from the crowd as their muscular asses flexed while walking away.

“I hope you all enjoyed that performance.” Hardwick said to the audience. “I know I did.” he added, licking his lips.

Backstage the guys were already teasing Chris. “I’m surprised you could walk off the stage after all that.” Cavill said, reaching over and squeezing one of Evan’s buff glutes.

“Sorry there, ‘Man of Steel’, but you don’t fuck half as hard as you think you do.” Chris replied, making Ryan and Hugh laugh.

“Oh is that so? Maybe I should show you how hard I can fuck when I’m not concerned with damaging a man’s arsehole beyond repair.” The sexy British stud countered while he stepped close to Chris.

“Get a room, mates.” Jackman said as he walked past them and smacked Henry’s ass.

“Only if I can come too and watch.” Reynolds added.

“Fuck, you guys were epic!” Chris Hardwick suddenly exclaimed as he walked into the room. “That display is gonna’ be in everyone’s spank-bank for the rest of their lives!”

“I assume that includes you.” Evans responded, looking at the comedian with a cheeky grin.

“Fuck yeah, man. Thanks for the protein shake, maybe I’ll get ripped like a superhero now.” Hardwick joked, flexing his arms.

“No problem, dude. Glad you had fun.” Evans replied.

“To getting cock at Comic-Con, huh guys?” Hardwick said, holding out his hand for a high-five.

“TO GETTING COCK AT COCK COMIC-CON!” The guys all cheered as they slapped each other high-fives.

Chapter Text

After a long mission with the Avengers Wolverine headed into the men's locker room on the Helicarrier. He stripped out of his costume and as Captain America walked in he found Wolverine with his hairy, muscular body completely exposed.

"Tough mission, eh boy-scout?" Wolverine says with a grin to Cap.

"Yeah, it sure was." Steve says, trying not to stare at Wolverine's thick cock or naked body.

Thor enters the locker room following Captain America laughing friendly at the two others. "Barely broke a sweat myself." He says, standing opposite from Cap. He doesn't try to avoid looking at Wolverine's naked body.

"See anything ya' like, Goldilocks?" Wolverine smirks at Thor.

Cap starts nervously taking off his costume; revealing his smooth, sculpted chest.

"Not much friend, your muscles are mostly covered in fur." Thor smirks back at Wolverine and puts down his hammer. He loosens up his cape and glances at Cap's smooth chest. "Over there we have a fine specimen, Logan." Thor nods at Cap, who let out a nervous laugh.

"Oh yeah? Is this what you like?" Wolverine says stepping over to Cap and groping his smooth pecs.

"Wolverine!" Steve gasps in surprise.

Thor walks up to the others and places himself behind Cap putting his hands on his shoulders. "You have to admit that you would not mind a piece of our Captain here." He says with a smirk.

Wolverine feels up Cap's broad pecs. "Yeah, I think what Steve's All-American ass could use right now is some prime Canadian beef." He replies smugly.
Steve swallows nervously.

Thor laughs like rolling thunder. "Leave it to a God to finish the job. You will enjoy my hammer." Thor says, massaging Steve's shoulders.
Steve blushes.

"I think I'd like both actually."

Wolverine smiles deviously. "How about me and Goldilocks shove both our cocks up your ass then?"

"My furry friend that sound like a great idea. Let us give him a good pounding and let us see who will get him to moan the loudest." Thor places his hands on Steve's buttocks and starts massaging them hard.

Wolverine strips off the rest of Cap's costume; exposing Steve's erection. "Looks like he's excited." Logan says before grabbing Steve's face and kissing him hard on the mouth, their tongues wrestle in their wet mouths.

"I've seen him glancing at the both of us in the shower, this must be the Captain's dream come true." Thor reaches around Cap's waist with his thick arm and grabs his cock in his hand, stroking him as Wolverine and Steve kiss.

Cap and Wolverine start making-out, groping each other's bodies and rubbing their erections together. Their strong hands grip and squeeze each other's tight muscles as their throbbing cocks grind together.

Thor starts rubbing up Cap's back while kissing Steve's neck. He let his armour fall off, freeing his hard bulging cock that keeps rubbing Cap's ass. "You like this? Two men rubbing you?"

"Ohh, yes I do!" Cap moans once he and Wolverine end their kiss.

Logan leans his head over and kisses Thor on the mouth.

Thor kisses Logan back fiercely and aggressively, pressing Cap between their bodies as they kiss.

"Ohh God, I need you two to fuck me." Steve moans.

"You ready to give it to him, big boy?" Logan asks.

"Perhaps we should just play with each other and let him beg." Thor laughs as he gently caresses Steve's neck.

"Maybe we should..." Wolverine moves Cap aside and starts licking Thor's huge pecs. "Tastes like you did break a sweat." He mumbles.

Thor chuckles. "Who should go first?" He asks, smiling as he looks down at Logan sucking on one of his nipples.

"We'll shove our cocks in him together." Logan growls.

Thor shoves himself closer to Wolverine, moaning as he gets his pecs licked. He pulls his hand through Wolverine's dark, messy hair as he smiles towards Cap, teasing him. "Jealous Captain?" Thor asks as he watches Steve stroke his cock, at the same time Thor reaches for his own now rock hard cock and starts to play with it.

"Yes..." Steve moans as he keeps stroking his prick with one hand and starts pinching his nipples with the other.

"Get over here and get down on your knees, Captain. Put that mouth to good use." Thor winks towards Steve and tilts his cock towards him.

Cap kneels in front of them and grabs their cocks with both hands. He immediately starts licking Thor's cockhead.

Logan puts his hands behind his head; showing off his hairy, sweaty armpits.

Thor moans as he feel the tip of Steve's tongue on his cock. "Who knew the Captain was so good with his tongue?" He smirks at Wolverine, impressed by his hairy pits while at the same time leaning in for a kiss above Steve's head

Steve slurps the pre-cum from Thor's cock.

Wolverine kisses Thor back and then grins at him and says; "Wanna' eat-out my pits?"

"You read my mind, Logan." He leans in; pushing his head deep down into Wolverine's hairy and sweaty armpits. His face almost disappearing and letting out a muffled moan as he drinks the tangy sweat.

"That's it, eat up." Wolverine chuckles.

Cap starts to go down on Thor's cock while stroking Wolverine's.

Thor lets out a loud moan in Wolverine's pit as he feels Steve's warm mouth sliding down his cock. While licking his armpits Thor also starts playing with Wolverine's nipples, starting softly but applying more pressure as he pinches and twists them.

Steve goes down on Thor all the way, his nose buried in the Asgardian's golden pubic bush. "How's that throat feel?" Logan asks, grinning at the blonde God.
Thor pulls his face out of Logan's pit. "That is real All-American quality throat, you should try it." Thor grabs Steve's head, pushing him further down on his cock and making him gag before he let him go.

"Let me give it a try." Wolverine says before grabbing Cap's head, pulling him off Thor's cock and shoving his own prick down Steve's throat. "Mmmm, yeah!" Logan grunts.

"I told you, he is amazing!" Thor kneels down and reaches for Steve's ass squeezing it before he licks one of his fingers and starts playing with the tight hole.

"Get him ready for our cocks." Wolverine growls while holding Cap's head and skull-fucking him.

"You are so tight, Captain. Do you really think you can handle us both?" As Thor finishes the sentence he pushes his finger quickly but carefully, deep into Cap's ass

Steve can only moan as his throat is filled with Logan's thick shaft. Wolverine's big, hairy balls repeatedly smack Cap's chin.

Thor gives Cap's round ass a slap with his other hand. "I'll take that as a ‘yes’." He responds as he grins at Logan.

"Let me know when you've got him ready and we'll pick him up and plunge in together, buddy." Logan says,winking at Thor.

Thor leans down to lick Steve's asshole pushing his tongue in deep before standing up, giving him another slap. "He is ready! I cannot wait much longer to fuck our Captain!"

Wolverine and Thor both grip Steve's body and lift him up. "Count us in and we'll fuck him together!" Logan growls.

Thor laughs but then he gently looks at Steve. "Ready for this Captain?" He asks softly.

Steve smiles at his teammate. "Ohh yeah, go for it guys."

Wolverine and Thor grin at each other.

"What are we waiting for then? Let us dig in, Logan!" Thor lines up his cock with Logan's and aims them towards Steve's hole, ready to push in at any moment.

They count down together. "1... 2... 3!" Wolverine and Thor thrust their throbbing pricks into Captain America's ass at the same time. Steve howls in pain.

Thor moans loudly "Ahhh yes! Logan that feels good, you and me deep up the Captain's ass. How is it going Steve, ready to get fucked for real?" Thor's cock is pressing hard against Logan's inside Steve's ass. Their balls tight together. Logan's dark pubic hair mixing with Thor's golden bush.

Cap moans out loud as Wolverine and Thor began thrusting into him; their pricks rubbing together as they stretch his ass. "Ohhhh fuck yes!" Steve hollers as an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure courses through his body.

"Mmmm!" Thor starts to moan loudly together with Cap, fucking faster. Thor whispers in Steve's ear; "Stroke yourself and enjoy the ride."
Steve starts jerking his cock and pants as Wolverine and Thor's pricks rub his prostate, driving him wild.

"I gotta' admit Cap; I wasn't sure that your boy-scout ass could take our combined pricks." Wolverine growls as he keeps thrusting into Steve's abused ass, feeling his cock grind against Thor's.

"Ohhhhh God, it feels sooooo good with both of you inside me!" Steve moans and whimpers as his ass is used as a sex toy by his two best friends.
After minutes of roughly fucking Cap’s ass, their engorged pricks grinding together, Thor grunts; "Ohhhh Logan, I do not think I can hold back much longer!"
Their hairy balls press together and Wolverine growls; "Same here! Let's flood his ass!" As he starts to cum. "Fuck yeeeeahhhh!" Logan howls as he empties his balls.

"Ohhhh yes Logan!" As Thor feels the first drops of Wolverine's cum he himself let's go and unleashes his cum into Steve's already filled asshole. Thor moans loud and deep like thunder, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

Cap breathes uncontrollably as he jerks off and shoots his load all over his washboard abs and beefcake pecs while the other two studs fill him with their seed.

"Mmmmm that's good! You could not hold it back anymore Captain, could you?" Thor takes a deep breath and nods at Logan, letting him know that he is done.
Wolverine and Thor slip their cocks out of Cap's ass after their orgasms finish..

"Goddamn, that was amazing!" Steve groans, trying to catch his breath.

Thor gives Steve a light kiss on the neck and says; "I am glad you enjoyed it because I certainly did. How does it feel to be filled with all our seed?" He gently kneads Steve's pecs with both hands.

Cap clenches his ass, keeping their cum inside him. "Feels fucking great!" He says, laughing with a big grin.
"Attaboy!" Wolverine bellows and slaps him hard on the back.

The three superhero studs sit their sweaty asses down on the locker room bench together as they share a good laugh.

"Shall we repeat this after the next mission?" Thor asks with a smirk.

"Sure... but maybe someone else will take it up the ass next time?" Cap replies with a sheepish smile.

"I'll be more than happy to give up my hairy muscle-cunt next time." Logan says.

"Sounds like a plan, then." Thor responds, rubbing his friends' shoulders.

"Yeah... sounds great." Cap says.

Chapter Text

Director Zack Snyder watched the two men with a horny grin on his face. “Come on guys, really get into it.” He instructed. In front of him Ben Affleck was laying on his back on a bed while Henry Cavill was on top of him, pinning him down.

Both men were completely nude and Henry had his erect cock shoved up Ben’s ass.

Cavill gripped Affleck’s wrists and held his arms down on the bed while using his thighs to keep his co-star’s legs spread. The ripped Superman stud was hammering his manhood into the Batman actor repeatedly.

Snyder was sitting in his director chair watching the man-on-man action intently. He had his shirt off and his fly open with his dick pulled out. He stroked himself as he looked over at the screen set up next to him, showing exactly what the cameras filming this were capturing.

Zack’s new assistant was staring at the screen, watching the different shots and angles that the cameras were getting of these two men going at it. “So umm… do these kinds of scenes get filmed a lot?” He asked.

“Yeah man, all the superhero movies these days have hardcore man-on-man sex scenes. But only select audiences get to watch ‘em.” Snyder replied, flashing a dirty grin to his assistant. “Alright, let’s avoid getting Ben’s cock in too many of the shots so we don’t see he’s got a hard-on. That’ll help make it look more like a rape scene. Try not to look like you’re enjoying it Ben... as hard as that must be.” Zack added with a smirk.

Affleck was struggling to keep himself from throwing his head back and moaning at the top of his lungs. He was breathing heavily and grunting, his hairy, beefy chest heaving.

Henry thrust his rigid shaft into his co-star again and again. He could tell that he was grinding his thick slab of meat against Affleck’s prostate.


Snyder licked his lips as he watched Cavill’s body flex; sweat was dripping off of his hairy, sculpted muscles. “Let’s get a good shot of Henry’s ass while he’s plowing him.”

One of the cameramen quickly got into position behind the actors.

Zack and his assistant watched the screen as they got a great look at Henry’s buff glutes in action. Cavill’s big hairy balls slapped against Affleck and his buttocks tensed with every thrust; constantly flashing his hairy, sweaty taint and tight asshole to the camera.

“Henry’s low-hangers are blocking the shot of his cock going back and forth in Ben’s ass, but we got what I wanted to see.” Snyder said while smiling at the view of Cavill’s anus. “Now let’s get some close-ups of their faces.” He instructed.

Ben was gritting his teeth and was trying to look like he hated having Superman’s cock in him, which was extremely difficult considering how great it felt every time Cavill’s prick nailed his sweet spot. He glared up at Henry’s gorgeous face.

Cavill furrowed his brow and had a smug grin plastered on his face as he kept pumping into his co-star mercilessly.

“Yeah, that’s it Superman. Make it look like you love putting this asshole in his place.” Zack said.

Henry chuckled and thrust in harder while Affleck groaned.

“Alright, now let’s get the money-shot!” Snyder exclaimed.

The cameras quickly got in position as Cavill started plowing harder and faster than ever.

Henry threw his head back and howled in ecstasy as he seeded Ben’s expertly-fucked ass.

Affleck screwed his eyes shut and tried to sell that he hated being bred like a bitch.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the Superman stud as he pulled out of Ben and stood above him on the bed.

Affleck laid there with cum dripping out of his asshole and a shadow cast over him as Cavill’s ripped, manly body loomed over him.

Henry’s chest was heaving as he recovered from his orgasm, his hairy, sweaty pecs rising and falling with his breath. “Don’t fuck with the Man of Steel.” He said, calmly and coldly before he got off the bed and left the room.

One of the cameras captured a great shot of Cavill’s ass as he walked away.

“Fuck yeah! Perfect!” Snyder grunted as he jacked himself off, shooting his load over his abs.

Henry came back into the room, still nude with his dick now soft.

“Alright everyone, that’s a wrap for today. Good job everybody.” Zack said aloud. “Especially you, Superman.” He added with a wink to Cavill.

An member of the crew walked over to the actors and handed a robe to Henry, he took it and slipped it on, covering himself.

Ben was sitting on the bed soaked in a combination of his own sweat and his co-star's. His cock was still hard and pointing out stiffly from his pubes. The assistant handed him another robe and he took it, stood up and put it on, but left the front open with his erection sticking out. “Anybody gonna’ take care of this?” He asked, nodding down to his exposed manhood.

“Go have fun, dude.” Snyder said, looking at his new assistant and then nodding his head over towards Affleck.


The young man eagerly went over to movie star playing Batman and knelt in front of him. “I’m a really big fan of yours, I--” He was cut off as Ben shoved his cock into his open mouth.

“Thanks kid, but hurry it up.” Affleck said as he gripped the young man’s head and started fucking his throat.

The assistant stared up at Ben’s handsome face as he used him like a sex toy.

Zack watched, snickering to himself as he zipped up his fly and put on a t-shirt.

Cavill left for his dressing room and most of the crew were closing down the set for the day.

Affleck kept thrusting his hips back and forth. “Reach around…and stick a couple fingers in my ass.” He groaned.

The assistant reached his hand into Ben’s robe, reached around and grabbed one of the actor’s meaty, hairy buttocks before sliding two fingers into his cum-slicked asshole. He then started swirling them around, feeling how sensitive Affleck’s asshole was.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Ben grunted. He started pinching and pulling his nipples while the young man deepthroated his cock and fingered his ass. “Ohhhh fuck yeah!” Affleck moaned as he climaxed and shot his load down the assistant’s throat.

The young man hungrily swallowed all of the actor’s cum and when he pulled his hand back there was some of Cavill’s spunk on his fingers.

“Thanks, kid. You can keep that.” Ben said, chuckling as he looked down at the cum from Henry that the assistant scooped out of his ass.

“Thanks, Mr. Affleck.” He replied before sucking his fingers into his mouth and happily slurping the cum down his throat.

“See ya’ tomorrow.” Ben said before leaving for his dressing room.

Henry Cavill was currently showering in his dressing room. There was a small shower, only big enough for one person set up in the corner of the room. The British stud was rinsing off the sweat from shooting today’s scenes. He grabbed the soap and started lathering his sinewy torso.

Zack Snyder suddenly walked into the room without knocking.

Henry instinctively covered his genitals with his hands. “Whoa! Ohh it’s you, Zack. You startled me.” He said when he saw it was the director who entered the room.

Snyder grinned at Cavill’s nude, glistening figure. “Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your performance today, buddy.” He said, as his eyes roamed up and down the actor’s wet, soapy muscles.

“Yeah… you kinda’ already said that earlier.” Henry replied as he moved his hands and resumed washing himself.

Zack was staring at Cavill’s exposed cock and balls. “Well it’s worth repeating.” He responded. Ever since Henry had been cast in Man of Steel Snyder took a strong interest in him. He was often present while Cavill was working out to achieve his Superman physique.

Henry spent long, hard hours in the gym wearing barely any clothes and sculpting his body to perfection under Snyder’s lustful gaze. Even now Zack was licking his lips as he appraised his star’s body.

“There’s uh… only room for one. Sorry mate.” Henry said. He still wasn’t fully comfortable with the way Snyder always looked at him like a piece of meat.

“No problem, dude. Just put on a good show.” Zack chuckled as he grabbed a chair and sat down to watch.


Cavill just kept washing himself, running his soapy hands over every muscle. He turned and presented his ass to Snyder as he lathered his buttocks and rubbed soap along his taint.

“Ohhh yeah.” Zack moaned as he whipped out his cock again and started stroking himself.

“Hey Zack, look in that drawer over there.” Henry said.

The director quickly looked in the drawer to his side and found a vibrator. “Ohhh you naughty boy.” He laughed before turning it to max and suddenly shoving it in Cavill’s ass.

“FUCK! For Christ’s sake man, I thought you’d want to use it on yourself!” Henry shouted.

“Ohh come on, you can take it.” Snyder said as he fucked him with the pulsating sex toy.

Henry turned off the water and then pressed his hands against the wall, arching his back and sticking out his ass.

“That’s my man... my Man of Steel!” Zack growled as he fucked Cavill with the vibrator hard with one hand while jacking his own cock with the other.
Henry kept his eyes closed and pushed his hips back repeatedly to take the sex toy deep in his ass every time Snyder thrust it forward. Cavill breathed heavily as he felt his cock throb from the stimulation to his prostate. He reached a hand down and masturbated while Zack continued assaulting his ass.

The director felt himself getting close to orgasm again so he fucked Cavill even harder and faster with the vibrator, while jerking himself off and shooting his load on the actor’s buttocks.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Henry cursed under his breath as he felt his balls tighten up. His head tilted back and he moaned out loud as Snyder forced the vibrator all the way to the base and rubbed it against his sweet spot. “Ohhhhh fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” His body shook with pleasure as he sprayed his seed along the shower wall.

Snyder left Cavill with the vibrator still lodged in his ass and returned to his office. His personal assistant was in there waiting for him. “You’re still here, you want something?” Zack asked.

“Umm… I just wanted to ask you some questions, sir.” The young man replied.

“Yeah, about what?” Snyder said in response.

“Well, uhh… I was looking through the script and I was wondering why the movie has to be so… dark.”

“What? What do you mean?” The director questioned.

“Well I mean, it’s really dark and grim and there’s the nightmare scenes. Like the scene where Bruce Wayne dreams that Superman rapes him in the sexy version of the movie. I was just wondering why the movie isn’t more, umm… fun.” The assistant explained.

“Let me tell you something kid; ‘dark’ movies are cool, this isn’t one of those Marvel movies, this isn’t Captain America breaks up with Iron Man to go back to his ex-boyfriend…” Snyder started explaining.

“Wait, is that what the Civil War movie is about?” The assistant asked confused.

“Listen; this is my movie and I’m making it the way I want to, understand?” Zack finished.
“Uhh, yes sir. Sorry.” The assistant replied sheepishly.

“Good, now get lost. I have work to do.” Snyder declared.

The young man quickly left the director’s office.


The next day the director told both Cavill and Affleck to meet with him before shooting their next scenes.

The actors found Snyder waiting for them at the bedroom set and he had already stripped nude; his toned, lightly hairy body was on full display. “Great, now that you’re both here we can get started.” Zack said, rubbing his hands together with a smirk on his face.


“How come you’re naked?” Ben asked, confused.

“We’re shooting this scene just for me. Now get undressed and join me.” Snyder said as got on his knees on the bed. “One on each side of me.” The director’s rugged, scruffy face grinned at them.

The actors did as they were told and removed all their clothes before they knelt on the bed on either side of Snyder.

Zack smiled as he looked at each man’s handsome face before he placed his hands behind his head, showing off his hairy, sweaty armpits. “Get to work, boys.” He instructed.

Cavill and Affleck obediently started licking his pits, tasting the byproduct of Snyder’s morning workout session.

The director grinned at one of the cameras as the crew began filming his personal fantasy.

After the actors licked his pits clean Snyder grabbed them by the backs of their heads and lowered their faces to his nipples. “You’re gonna’ keep working south.” He chuckled.

As Ben started sucking on Zack’s left nip Henry nibbled on the right, tugging on it with his teeth.

“Ha ha, yeah. Get rough like that.” Snyder groaned.

Affleck followed his co-star’s example and they both chewed on his hard nips.

The director’s cock throbbed, jutting out from his bush. His manhood was just as engorged as his ego as he had these two hunky actors obey his every command. He ordered them to lick down his body and then take turns sucking his cock. It wasn’t long before Zack was ready to move on to anal sex.

“Henry, lay on your back.” He instructed, grinning down at him.

Cavill submissively laid back and spread his legs.

Snyder wasted no time getting into position and sliding his shaft deep into the Superman stud’s ass. Zack started thrusting his hips while gripping Henry’s brawny pecs. “Stick your cock in my ass.” He grunted over his shoulder to Affleck.

Ben mounted the director as he continued to fuck his co-star and slipped his prick past Snyder’s tight asshole.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Zack groaned as he thrust his body fast and hard, plowing Cavill while riding Affleck’s erection. The three men were pumping their bodies; shoving forward to fuck the man in front of them and/or pushing back to get fucked by the man behind them.

Cavill tilted his head back and moaned, he could feel the pressure from the two men forcing Snyder’s cock against his prostate repeatedly.

Zack laughed as he groped Henry’s body and watched his reaction as his sweet spot was pounded over and over again.

Ben held onto the director’s shoulders as he kept plowing into him, his balls swinging back and forth.

The cameras were capturing every second of the action from different angles. Snyder had instructed the camera operators on exactly how he wanted them to film this moment.
All three of the men were breathing heavily, their muscles were taut and sweat clung to their body hair.


Snyder was the first one to reach orgasm; the combined pleasures of fucking Cavill’s while taking it up the ass himself drove him over the edge. He leaned over and swept his tongue over Henry’s hairy slabs of pectoral muscle, savouring his tangy sweat.

Affleck came next; grunting loudly while he emptied his balls into the director. Once he was finished shooting his load he collapsed back onto the bed.

Zack helped Henry reach his climax, he licked down the actor’s body until he swallowed the British hunk’s cock.

Cavill moaned out loud as he shot his load down the horny director’s throat. He continued to lie on the bed panting after his orgasm subsided.

Snyder got up off the bed and clapped his hands together. “Good job guys, now go take a shower before we shoot your next scenes.” He declared before he left the actors on the bed.

Henry and Ben both sat up and looked at each other.

“What a slavedriver.” Affleck said, still catching his breath.

“You have no idea...” Cavill replied, shaking his head.

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman was already nude and waiting for the young man to arrive.

Taron Egerton, Jackman’s co-star in his new movie “Eddie the Eagle”, walked into the hotel room. “Have you been waiting long?” He asked, taking in the sight of Hugh’s hairy, muscle-bound body.

“Nah mate, don’t worry about it. Just take your clothes off.” Jackman responded, grinning at him as his huge cock grew towards full erection.

Taron stripped and exposed his body; he was fit and toned but paled in comparison to the older man.

Hugh had been working out to maintain his superhero physique for the final “Wolverine” movie. He quickly strode over to Egerton, kissed him quickly on the lips, picked him up and tossed him on the bed.

Taron laid on his back and watched Hugh grab his legs and pull his ass to the edge of the bed.

Jackman loved being aggressive during sex, especially with younger men. He held Taron’s legs apart and thrust his hips forward, rubbing their cocks together.
The up-and-coming British actor looked down at their manhoods grinding together. Even at full erection Taron’s 7’’ cock and closely trimmed pubes looked so inferior next to Hugh’s massive 11’’ prick and wild bush.

“You ready to get fucked?” Jackman growled down at the lad. An arrogant smirk plastered on the manly Aussie’s bearded face.

Egerton offered up a sheepish grin in reply. Hugh had been fucking him regularly ever since they’d started working together but taking that huge cock up the ass or down the throat never got any easier.

Hugh pressed his cock against Taron’s ass and then sunk it in deep.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuck!” Egerton moaned, breathing slowly.

“Yer arse is gonna’ take you places in this business, boy.” Jackman said.

“Not if you split my arse in half… I’m surprised you haven’t already.” Taron replied.

“Not for lack of trying, right mate?” Hugh chuckled before suddenly thrusting his hips hard and driving his cock against the younger man’s prostate.
“Ohh God!” Taron yelped, feeling his sweet spot get rammed.

“That mouth will take you places too. How about you put it to good use?” Hugh said, flexing his mouth-watering pecs.

Egerton took the hint and leaned his head up. He licked both of his co-star’s hairy pectoral muscles, tasting how sweaty they were before he latched his mouth onto one of the nipples.

“‘Attaboy, suckle on Daddy’s nips.” Jackman whispered into the younger man’s ear.

Taron continued sucking for a while before switching to the other pec, all while Hugh kept fucking his ass.

Once Hugh was satisfied with the oral servicing of his nipples he gripped Taron by the shoulders and forced him down flat on his back. “Enough lovemaking, time to breed your arse.” The Aussie stud grinned down at the young guy.

Egerton gripped the bedsheets tightly as Hugh’s thrusts came harder and faster. His eyes rolled back in his head and his chest heaved as he panted.

Jackman leaned over Taron as he plowed into him again and again. Some drops of sweat fell from his armpits onto his sexual conquest as he dominated him.

Taron could feel his cock rubbing against Hugh’s hairy, washboard stomach and Hugh’s long, rigid cock was grinding against his prostate. Tears welled-up in his eyes at the pleasure and he knew he was close to cumming. “Ohhhhh God, I’m so close!” He moaned.

“So am I!” Jackman grunted, his lust driving him into a frenzy. “Errrrhhhhh!!” He growled out loud as he began to orgasm. His muscular body shook in the throes of ecstasy and sweat spattered down onto Taron’s face and torso..

“Ohhhh yes!... Ohhhhh fuck!” Egerton panted as his cock went off and sprayed his load against Hugh’s furry six-pack.

Jackman let out a long, loud groan as he emptied his balls into the younger man. Once he was finished he collapsed next to him on the bed and laid with his hands behind his head. “Whew! That was one hell of a quickie!” Hugh exclaimed and then bellowed with laughter.

“Yeah… that was… wow.” Taron replied, trying to catch his breath.

“You better get used to it if you want to make it in Hollywood, mate.” Hugh said, chuckling again.

“I’ll… keep that in mind.” Egerton answered. He slowly got up from the bed. “I’m gonna’ take a piss.” He said as he walked to the bathroom, still nude.

“Sure, I’m done with you… for now.” Jackman responded, grinning devilishly as he watched Taron’s tight ass walk away.

The young actor stood in front of the toilet taking a long piss and when he looked in the mirror he saw his and Hugh’s sweat glistened in a sheen over his face and body. When he finished relieving himself he stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water.

While the water cascaded down his toned body he began lathering himself with soap, feeling his firm body.Taron started thinking about his experiences with Hugh Jackman; the successful Australian actor had a well-deserved reputation in Hollywood’s world of man-on-man action as a beast with a near-insatiable appetite for sex. Egerton had learned the truth behind that reputation the hard way.

Literally the hard way, Taron thought as he felt the soothing water slide down his ass and over his sore anus. He started rubbing his buttocks, getting them nice and soapy and then carefully washed his tender ass. Once he was finished showering Taron dried himself off with a towel and wrapped it around his waist.
As he stepped out of the bathroom he saw Hugh was now laying on his front on the bed and appeared to be asleep. Egerton stopped and looked at Jackman’s ass. The muscular mounds of flesh were lightly hairy and he caught a peek at Hugh’s asshole between the cheeks.

In all their time together it was always Hugh fucking Taron; either down the throat or up the ass. The younger man would’ve loved to take a crack at Jackman’s hole.

He walked over to the bed. “Hugh?” He said, not too loudly. “You awake?” He asked. There was no response from him and he seemed deep in sleep. Taron felt a surge of nervous excitement as he took off the towel.

Egerton got on the bed, planted a foot on each side of Jackman’s thighs and squatted. He grabbed his cock and stroked it, with the thrill of this naughty idea it wasn’t long before he was rock-hard. He slipped his erection between Hugh’s taut buttocks and gradually slid it past his tight anal sphincter.

Taron grinned like he won the lottery and leaned over and placed his hands on the bed as he began slowly and carefully fucking his Aussie daddy’s ass. His stiff cock slid back and forth in Jackman’s rarely fucked asshole.

Taron was eagerly humping Hugh when suddenly the older man let out a growl. Startled, Egerton jumped up and stumbled back off the bed. He fell onto the floor and laid there on his back, frozen in fear as Jackman got up and stood over him.

Hugh’s enormous cock was fully hard again and it loomed over Taron, throbbing as he stood above him. “Who exactly did you think you were fucking with?” The mature hunk asked.

Taron stared up at him with a wide-eyed expression of fear. “I-I can explain, really.” He stuttered.

“Look kid, I like that you have balls.” Hugh said, prodding the younger man’s testicles with his toes as he laid there. “But you’re fucking with the Wolverine.” Jackman reached down and grabbed Taron.

“No-no-no! Please, my arse hasn’t recovered from the last time!” Egerton begged.

“Don’t care.” Hugh grunted as he dragged Taron up and bent him over the bed.

“Ohhh fuck no! Please stop!” The handsome young Brit pleaded.

The manly, ripped superhero star held the lad down and forced his prick back into Taron’s sore ass. Hugh thrust in hard and his balls bounced off of Egerton.
“FUCK! Ohhhh God!” Taron cursed and groaned as Jackman drove in deep.

The mix of pain and pleasure was dizzying and he could only lay there and take it.

“This is what happens to naughty boys who try to fuck around with the Wolverine.” Hugh laughed callously as he fucked Taron hard and fast and listened to him whimper and moan.

“You’re gonna’ need to toughen that arse up, ‘cause everyone in Hollywood’s gonna’ want a piece of you.” Jackman wouldn’t let up, he kept plowing the younger man mercilessly.

Egerton felt his asshole burn and his prostate tingle as eleven inches of prime Australian meat was rammed into him again and again and again.

When Jackman felt his balls quiver he thrust in one last time harder than ever before, making Taron howl, then he bellowed himself as he breed that abused ass.
Taron laid there panting as he felt another hot load of daddy cum fill him. “Ohhhhh shit…” He breathed out heavily.

Hugh just chuckled as he pulled his cock out slowly. “You’re gonna’ do just fine, mate. Soon as you learn your place.” He patted the younger man’s ass before heading into the bathroom.

Taron got up and looked around for where he left his clothes.

“Yer not goin’ anywhere.” Jackman said. He left the door to the bathroom open and watched the younger man as he stood there pissing. “You can leave when I say you can.” He added.

“Yes sir.” Taron replied sheepishly as he sat back down on the bed.

“Yes, what?” Hugh said.

“Umm, yes… Wolverine?” Egerton responded, looking confused.

“Try again.” Jackman replied, shaking the last drops of piss from his cock.

“Uhhhh.... Yes… Daddy?” Taron answered.

“Good boy.” Hugh walked back over with a mischievous grin on his face as he grabbed his young co-star by the face and dove into a deep kiss. The older man held his lover tight against his body and pulled him into bed with him.

They continued making-out for a while until they fell asleep with Taron still being held in Hugh’s muscular embra

Chapter Text

Paul Rudd walked into the lobby of one of Los Angeles’ most private and luxurious hotels. It was a hotel that especially caters to Hollywood’s most popular actors and a place where they could be comfortable knowing that their entire time spent there would be kept private -- no matter what they were doing.

Rudd checked in with receptionist and then immediately headed to the elevator with his bag. His fellow cast member from Captain America: Civil War, Frank Grillo, was already in the elevator.

“Hey man, good to see you’re here already.” Grillo said.

“Yeah, same to you. I can’t wait to get started.” Paul replied, smiling at the handsome older stud.

The elevator doors closed and they started going up.

Frank grabbed the bottom of his shirt and then pulled it up off his body; revealing his muscular torso. The hot Italian daddy’s chest was mostly smooth except
for a swath of short hair on each pectoral that starts at his nipples and trail over the swell of the muscle to the centre of his chest.

“Wow. We’re not even in Chris’ room yet, man.” Rudd said, grinning at his companion’s body.

“Didn’t you hear? Evans reserved the whole fucking top floor for this weekend. There’s no need to be shy.” Grillo replied as he dropped his pants and boxers and stepped out of them; exposing his modest bush and his hung cock and balls. He tossed his underwear at the Ant-Man star with a wink and a chuckle.

Paul caught them and took a sniff of the crotch. “I can’t wait to get started.” He said as he quickly pulled off his own shirt and got on his knees in front of Frank.

Rudd immediately began sucking on Grillo’s dick, getting it nice and stiff.

“Fuck yeah, you know how to work a cock!” Frank groaned, grabbing the back of Paul’s head.

Even when they reached the top floor and the elevator doors opened, Rudd kept sliding his mouth up and down on his companion’s tasty Italian sausage.
The two men heard chuckling and they both looked over and saw Sebastian Stan and Daniel Bruhl standing in the hallway as they watched the cocksucking action. Both Sebastian and Daniel were already nude; their toned bodies and thick cocks on display.

“Couldn’t even wait through the elevator ride?” Bruhl said, smirking at them.

“Can’t say I blame you.” Stan added with a grin.

Paul removed his lips from Frank’s shaft and stood back up. “Guess this’ll be one helluva weekend, huh guys?” He said as he stripped out of his pants and underwear too.

“We were just about to head into Chris’ room and see what he’s up to.” Daniel explained as he checked out the older man’s lean body and furry genitals.
“Hurry up and get your bags in your rooms and the four of us can go greet our generous host together.” Sebastian added, still grinning at the men in the elevator.

Rudd and Grillo quickly placed their luggage in their respective hotel rooms and then the four actors regrouped in front of the door to Evans’ room.
“Wait up guys, before we go in let me ask you something... am I overdressed?” Stan joked.

The guys all shared a good laugh and Frank slapped Sebastian on the ass before Daniel knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Chris’ voice called out from inside.

“A bunch of horny guys!” Paul exclaimed in response.

“Oh, well come on in!” Evans replied.

Daniel Bruhl opened the door and the four men in the hallway stepped into the room and cheered at the sight they found.

Chris Evans was already joined by his Civil War co-stars Anthony Mackie and Chadwick Boseman. The trio of men were completely naked and erect. The Captain America star had let his naturally-coloured facial and body hair grow back. He was standing with his arms raised and his hands behind his head while the two black studs were on each side of him, feasting on his hairy armpits. “Thanks for coming to my little get-together this weekend.” Chris said with a sultry and somewhat arrogant look on his face, knowing full-well how hot he looked sandwiched between these sexy men. “We’re gonna’ have a lot of fun.” He added while the two men servicing him moved their mouths down to his hirsute pecs and sucked on his nipples.

The four other actors were mesmerized by this erotic display and they walked further into the room almost as if they were in a trance.

“Come here, boys.” Evans coaxed with his deep voice, grinning from ear-to-ear. They gathered in front of him and then Chris gave each of them a deep, wet kiss.
After that all the men started kissing and groping each other. Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Chadwick Boseman, Sebastian Stan, Paul Rudd, Frank Grillo and Daniel Bruhl, all seven handsome men were grouped together; hands all over each other’s muscular bodies, stiff erections and tight asses, while taking turns making-out with each other. The room became filled with the aroma of manly sweat as the actors worked each other into a horny fever.

The men started breaking into smaller groups; Anthony sat back in a cushioned chair while Chadwick straddled his lap and mounted his cock, Frank grabbed Paul and pulled him down onto the floor with him to start 69ing, and Chris took Sebastian and Daniel by the hand and lead them to the nearby king-sized bed.
Evans held Stan down on the bed while rubbing their pricks together.

The two men chuckled excitedly before plunging into another hot make-out session.

Bruhl knelt behind the Captain America star and leaned over to kiss and lick his buff, hairy ass and then feast on his sweaty taint.

The handsome German actor’s scruffy facial hair felt great between his meaty buns and Chris broke his kiss with Sebastian to let out a long, emphatic moan of
approval. As Daniel’s tongue penetrated his anus it spurred Evans to hump Stan with more force, really grinding their cocks against each other.

After probing Chris’ asshole with his tongue Bruhl straightened back up and started sliding his manhood deep into his co-star. He grunted as he began thrusting, his hips smacking against the superhero stud’s legendary ass.

Sebastian moved his body down so that his erection was in position to stick it up Evans’ anus too.

Daniel grabbed his co-star’s shaft and inserted it in Chris alongside his own.

The two men began pumping their hips in unison; filling the hunky leading man’s ass with their combined cocks.

Stan was now suckling on one of Evans’ pecs as he laid underneath him, his mouth latched onto the hairy swell of muscle with his teeth gently nipping and the sensitive nub of pink flesh.

Chris had his eyes shut tight and was moaning loudly as pleasure overwhelmed him. The two men continuing to plow his ass together while Sebastian got rougher sucking on his nips.

Meanwhile Chadwick Boseman had his arms raised with his hands behind his head as he thrust his body up and down on Anthony Mackie’s cock.

Anthony had his arms wrapped around Chadwick while he buried his face in his studly co-star’s armpits, slurping up all the tangy sweat.

Eventually the two men decided to switch things up and Boseman got off Mackie’s prick and stood in front of the chair.

Anthony leaned his body back and pulled up his legs; presenting his ass to the other man.

Chadwick squatted and plunged his thick, black manhood into the exposed asshole. He thrusted his hips hard and fast, pounding his buddy’s ass full-force while leaning over to make-out with him again. Their tongues wrestled together in their mouths.

Mackie groped Boseman’s ass and felt the firm muscles flexing as his co-star drove his cock into him again and again.

When they were finished kissing the two men looked each other in the eyes and grinned.

Chadwick’s low-hanging balls were bouncing off of Anthony’s ass repeatedly.

Mackie reached a hand between Boseman’s glutes and stuck a couple fingers in his anus while maintaining eye contact with his companion.

Chadwick then groaned and fucked his fellow actor with more force as he felt Anthony swirl his fingers around inside him. His body was dripping with sweat as his muscles tensed and flexed while plowing his co-star and listening to the sounds coming from the other men in the room.

Down on the floor Frank Grillo and Paul Rudd were engrossed in an intense 69 session. Both men were sucking the other man’s cock down to the balls while laying there groping each other’s asses.

Paul was gently kneading Grillo’s buttocks, massaging the firm muscles.

Frank on the other hand was really squeezing Rudd’s asscheeks, playing rough with his tight ass.

Both men were moaning as they sucked each other’s cocks, moving their heads up and down while sliding their tongues all over the rigid shafts.
Eventually Grillo ended their 69 and flipped Rudd over so he could give him a rimjob.

Paul chuckled happily as he felt the stronger, more dominant man shove his face in his ass and then moaned out loud as Frank began slurping on his taint.
Grillo vigorously ate-out his companion’s asshole, shoving his tongue in deep.

Paul laid there groaning from the pleasure while tugging and playing with his nipples.

Suddenly the room was filled with the sound of Sebastian Stan and Daniel Bruhl shouting obscenities as they climaxed. The two men shot their loads into Chris Evans together and the Captain America stud was panting as he was filled with a double load of cum.

When Sebastian and Daniel’s orgasms subsided they both pulled their dicks out of Chris’ hole and the three actors laid on the bed next to each other, breathing heavily.

Evans got up off the bed and looked over at the other guys. “It felt so good getting double-stuffed that I want to do it again -- twice. Which two of you want to be up next?” He asked, giving his guests a naughty smirk.

Chadwick Boseman and Frank Grillo immediately stopped what they were doing, got up and stepped forward. Their throbbing pricks were jutting out in front of them.

“Awesome, let’s do this!” Chris said, clapping his hands together.

Sebastian Stan and Daniel Bruhl positioned themselves on the bed to watch the action unfolding with the other men.
Evans got down on all fours on the floor.

Chadwick mounted him; shoving his cock into Chris’ ass and then leaning over his body while gripping him by the shoulders.

Frank knelt behind Evans and forced his shaft in beside Boseman’s. The two men then began fucking their host.

Paul Rudd and Anthony Mackie stood by watching, they gave each other a grin before their eyes were glued to the scene in front of them.

Chris was moaning deep and loud as he was plowed hard by these two stud’s big cocks.

Grillo had his hands behind his head as he rammed his hips forward repeatedly.

Chadwick was enjoying the feeling of his balls rubbing against Frank’s cock as he slid his dick back and forth in Evans’ ass.

Sweat was pouring down all three of them as their bodies thrust and flexed, reveling in rough sex without any inhibitions.
With the scent of sweat and testosterone heavy in the air soon all the guys were swept up in a frenzy of lust. The four others crowded around the three men who were currently fucking; Paul and Daniel dropped to their knees on either side of Grillo and started eating-out his armpits, Sebastian grabbed Chadwick’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss, while Anthony got down and started making-out with Chris.

As the men were all fucking and kissing and groping each other, Chadwick and Frank could feel themselves getting close to orgasm.
Grillo let out a deep groan as Rudd and Bruhl licked his pits clean and he started firing his load in Evans’ double-stuffed ass.
Boseman felt his companion start to cum and it triggered his own climax. He moaned into Stan’s mouth as they kept making-out while emptying his balls into their host.

After Frank and Chadwick finished cumming Anthony and Paul were up next to fill Evans’ hole.

Mackie and Rudd sat on the ground facing each other with their legs spread wide and they pressed their cocks together.

Chris squatted above them and slowly lowered himself down onto their combined pricks. The cocks entered his asshole and the Captain America stud groaned as he felt the sensation of having his anus filled with two men’s shafts for the third time that day. He began thrusting his body up and down, riding his fellow actors hard.

Anthony and Paul moaned as they felt their manhood lubricated by the semen of four other men while their host was jacking them off together with his asshole.
Sebastian Stan started making-out with Anthony Mackie and Daniel Bruhl began doing the same with Paul Rudd.

Meanwhile Frank Grillo and Chadwick Boseman suckled on Chris Evans’ hairy, sweat-drenched pecs.

All the men were so caught up in lust that they didn’t notice that someone was in front of the doorway they left open, watching them.

“Wow…” Tom Holland breathed out slowly, standing there and taking in the sight in front of him.

The other men looked over to the door and grinned when they saw the 20 year-old actor standing there mesmerized.

“I’m glad you came, buddy. Come on in.” Chris said to his new guest.

Tom eagerly stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He was still wearing clothes but he quickly stripped nude; exposing his toned young body and excited 6’’ cock. “So… where do you want me?” He asked, trying to sound confident.

“Just wait a minute… your turn’s comin’!” Evans growled sexily as he started bouncing up and down on Mackie and Rudd’s cocks faster.

Holland was staring at Chris’ prick which had become rock-hard again and was swinging freely as he rode the other men.

It wasn’t long before Anthony and Paul were moaning out loud and adding a fifth and sixth load of cum to Evans’ ass.

The young Spider-Man star watched in awe as Chris milked the other guy’s cocks. He blushed when he realized it was his turn to participate in the orgy.

“It’s time to welcome you to the superhero community…” The Captain America star said as he stood up. The other guys could see that he had his buttcheeks clenched to keep the cum from dripping out of his asshole. “Lay on your back, right there on the floor.” He instructed the young man.

Tom obediently laid down, his dick was sticking straight up in the air.

Chris squatted over him and lowered his ass down to Holland’s face. “Eat-up!” He exclaimed.

Tom couldn’t believe how lucky he was as this gorgeous superhero sex-symbol placed his asshole on Tom’s eager mouth and let him slurp the combined jism of six other hunks out his ass.

“Ooooohh! You’re a hungry boy!” Evans chuckled as he felt Holland’s tongue vigorously scooping spunk right out of his anus.

The other men laughed and cheered their young co-star on.

The Spider-Man actor was in Heaven as he felched Chris and reached down to stroke himself.

Evans also began jacking his rigid cock, loving the feeling of the younger actor licking cum right out of his well-fucked ass.

The other guys whistled and hollered at the sight and Sebastian Stan couldn’t help but kneel down next to them and start sucking Chris’ cock for him.
As Tom was eating the last drops of semen he felt his balls tighten-up and soon he was moaning out loud and shooting his load all over his stomach.
The Captain America star was pinching his nipples and started grunting and panting as he achieved a mind-blowing orgasm. He fired his load directly down Sebastian’s eager throat.

When the two actors finally stopped cumming Evans and Stan stood back up.

“Thanks, Buck.” Chris said to his co-star, using his character’s nickname. They then shared a deep, long kiss and Chris savoured the taste of his cum in Sebastian’s mouth. When their kiss ended he grinned down at Holland. “Welcome to the club, Tommy Boy!” He exclaimed.

The other men clapped and cheered for their young co-star.

“Thanks…” Tom replied breathlessly, staring up at his fellow actors and giving them a thumbs-up.

The group of superhero-studs were more than happy to accept this younger guy into their weekend celebration of sex.

Chapter Text

Chris Evans had the two men standing in front of him. “So boys, ready to show me who’s better?” He asked, clapping his hands and rubbing them together. He sat in front of them fully clothed, his handsome bearded face grinning at them.

Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin stood there; the current Superman of the big and small screens. They were both wearing t-shirts and jeans.

“I’m ready to have my cake and eat it too...” Evans said, looking up at the two sexy actors in front of him.

Henry and Tyler turned around and then simultaneously dropped their pants and underwear; exposing their beautiful behinds to their excited host.

Chris let out a sigh of pure joy, staring at the two mouth-watering asses in front of him.

Cavill’s ass was a muscular masterpiece; the broad-backed British hunk had a great set of muscular glutes, he had built his body to perfection becoming the Man of Steel and his beefy, hairy ass was a sight to behold.

Hoechlin on the other hand was an athletic young stud gifted with a bubble-butt that went viral on the internet when someone took pics of his ass in his Superman suit. His smooth, round buttocks proved even more tantalizing in the flesh.

The Captain America star groaned as his eyes roamed over every inch of their naked posteriors and he kissed his fingers like a chef inspecting a delicious meal.

Eventually Chris reached out with both hands and started feeling them. At first he caressed their buttocks gently but gradually turned to groping them, kneading those firm muscles.

Henry and Tyler looked at each other, smirking. Both of them proud of their asses. They moved their faces together and started kissing.

Chris leaned his head over and began planting kisses and soft bites all over their buttocks. Then he took turns sticking his nose between their cheeks and breathing in their sweaty, manly musk. He could hear them making-out, their lips smacking together wetly. He decided it was time to taste what his companions had to offer. He started with Henry, shoving his bearded face between the Man of Steel’s glutes and licking that hairy taint.

Cavill grunted and bit Hoechlin’s lip as they continued going at it.

Evans licked Henry clean before slipping his tongue up his asshole.

The British actor stopped the make-out session to moan out loud as Chris swirled his tongue around inside him.

Tyler watched the look of ecstasy on Henry’s face in envy but it wasn’t too long before their host was ready to move on to his ass. Hoechlin’s eyes rolled back in his head as he felt Evans’ beard rub his smooth undercarriage as the Captain America stud ate him out and fucked his tight hole with his tongue.

After Chris was finished slurping on their asses he stood up and told them both to go to his bedroom.

The guys took off their shirts and eagerly headed into the bedroom while Chris removed all his clothes.

Evans walked into the room and found Henry and Tyler kneeling on the bed facing each other, rubbing their hard cocks together and making-out again. He chuckled happily before he joined them on the bed.

Chris grabbed both their heads and pulled Henry and then Tyler into a deep wet kiss, letting them both taste the combined flavour of their sweaty asses while reminding them of who’s in charge. “Now get your head down and your ass up, guys.” He instructed them with a grin.

Cavill and Hoechlin obediently got into position; down on all fours with their rear-ends pointed up towards Evans.

Chris knelt behind them and fingered them both, testing out how firm their muscle-cunts are. “You two have a couple of nice, tight puckers…” He growled to them. “Can’t wait to tear you guys a new one.” He gave them both a hard smack on the ass before he got ready to fuck Henry.

Tyler turned his head and looked over at his companion nervously but the British hunk just flashed him a smile in response.

Evans pressed the head of his massive prick against Cavill’s anus and then shoved his thick shaft in, pushing forward until his hips touched the man’s buttocks. Chris then pulled his hips back before thrusting back in forcefully.

“Ughhh, fuck!” Henry grunted.

“What’s the matter, ‘Man of Steel’? Don’t ya’ like it?” Evans asked cockily.

“I do... Keep it up.” Cavill replied.

Chris continued to thrust his hips back and forth; fucking his fellow superhero star harder each time he slammed forward, their balls slapping together.

Tyler kept watching Henry’s face as the other man groaned every time his prostate was hit.

Evans reached down and grabbed the back of Cavill’s head, gripping him tightly by the hair as he kept plowing his ass.

Hoechlin could see Henry’s eyes roll back as he moaned out loud, feeling Chris repeatedly nail his sweet spot. Tyler then looked up at their host and saw the Captain America stud wink at him with an arrogant smirk.

Suddenly Cavill started grunting and cursing as he jacked himself off, shooting his load all over the bed beneath him.

Evans shoved him down onto the cum-stained sheets and pulled his throbbing cock out. “Time to give your ass a ride, Hoechlin.” He said as he moved behind the television actor.

Tyler braced himself as Chris forced his prick deep inside him. “Ohhhh Christ! Holy shit you’re hung!” He groaned, feeling Evans’ thick shaft stretch his hole.
“Fuck yeah, Superman!” Chris hollered and laughed as he powerfully hammered into him. He kept ramming into Hoechlin while once again reaching down to grip his sexual conquest by the back of the head.

Tyler winced at the pain and gritted his teeth, his body tense from the violent fucking.

“Goddamn you have a sweet ass!” Chris moaned as he used his free hand to slap the younger man’s buttocks.

“Ohhh shit! Can you ease up?” Hoechlin asked, getting nervous.

Evans laughed out loud. “I don’t take it easy, buddy. Especially not with asses like yours…” He replied as he continued to plow Tyler and reached over to stick a few fingers up Henry’s abused anus while he laid there breathing heavily.

“It’s… too hard!” The television actor panted, his voice raspy.

Chris reached under Hoechlin and grabbed his hard cock. “Feels like you enjoy it.” He taunted.

Tyler felt humiliated as the movie star stud masturbated him while enthusiastically violating his ass. “Ohh fuck! Ohhhh fuck! FUCK!” He moaned and panted as Evans forced him to orgasm, spilling his seed beneath him just like Cavill did.

“Good boy. Both your asses are so sweet.” Chris purred to the other men as he pulled his cock out and started stroking himself. “Both of you were so good…” He let out a deep sigh as he brought himself to climax and started shooting his semen all over Hoechlin and Cavill’s buttocks. “Ohhh yeah, thanks for serving up your grade-A cunts!” Evans exclaimed as he gave them both one last spank and then got off the bed.

Henry turned and looked up at Chris. “So… which one of us has the better arse?” He asked.

Tyler looked back at Evans as well but avoided making eye-contact with him.

The Captain America star just laughed to himself. “That’s the thing, boys…” He turned away from them, letting them get a good look at his backside. “Neither of you two has the best ass… ‘Cause I’ve got the best ass!” He replied, giving his hips a shake from side-to-side so his guests could admire his perfect butt.

“You can show yourselves out…” He said before he headed into the bathroom to take a shower, leaving the other two men there laying on his bed naked and worn-out.

“Well…” Cavill turned to the other man. “Now that it’s just us...” He said, reaching over to him.

Tyler just brushed him off and quickly got up and left. He was eager to leave and get some rest for his sore ass.

“Fuckin’ lightweight.” Henry cursed under his breath angrily as the younger man left him.

After his shower Chris walked out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist and found Cavill was still there getting dressed.

“Gave it to him pretty hard, didn’t ya’?” Henry said as he slipped his shirt back on. “He high-tailed it out of here without even giving me a kiss goodnight.”

“I guess he still needs to learn a thing or two about getting fucked by a superhero, huh?” Evans replied, smirking.

“He may be Superman, but he’s no ‘Man of Steel’.” The British actor chuckled at his own corny response. Henry then walked up to Chris and placed a hand on his chest; feeling those hairy pecs, still wet. “Goodnight.” He whispered before placing a kiss on Evans’ lips.

Chris reached up and grabbed the back of Henry’s head as he slipped him some tongue.

The two gorgeous men kissed deeply. “Goodnight, ‘Man of Steel’.” He replied.

As Cavill turned to leave he felt a hard smack against his ass. He looked back and realized Evans had given him a snap with his towel. The sight of the All-American hunk’s mouth-watering bare ass as he walked back into his bedroom was the last Henry saw of Chris that night. As he stepped out of the house he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself again. “What an arse…”

Chapter Text

Channing Tatum was just starting to wake up. His eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light in the room. The first thing he became aware of was that he was hungover, he must have had a lot to drink last night. He was laying sprawled out on his back and lifted his head to look down at his body; he was stark naked, covered in a sheen of sweat and his soft cock was sticky with sexual fluids. Channing recognized that he was in his own bedroom and then rubbed his forehead as he tried to remember what happened. All of last night was a blank to him, the only thing he knew for sure was that he passed-out nude in his own bed.

As he sat up on the edge of the bed he felt a familiar warm pain between his buttocks. He had gotten fucked last night; hard, by someone who was well-hung. Tatum stood up, slowly walked out of his room and headed downstairs to his living room. It was obvious he had hosted a party last night, a pretty wild one by the looks of it. Furniture had been moved around, there were empty glasses everywhere and more than a few pieces of clothing had been left on the floor.

Suddenly Channing had a flash of memory from last night. He remembered standing on his couch to get people’s attention then he peeled off his shirt, tossed it to the crowd and started dancing to music while people cheered for him. Channing tried to focus but couldn’t recall anything else yet. He then walked out to his patio.

Matt Bomer was laying nude on a lounge chair by Tatum’s pool.

He had his legs spread wide, one foot planted on each side of the chair. Bomer’s toned body and exposed cock were slick and sticky like Channing was. He had sunglasses on so it wasn’t possible to tell if he was asleep or not until he turned his head towards his friend. “Dude, how are you able to walk around?” He grumbled.

Channing slowly sat down in the chair next to his Magic Mike co-star. “What the fuck happened last night, man?” He asked, laughing a bit.

“You got wasted, that’s what.” Matt answered with a smirk. “You threw a hell of a party, buddy. And since I’m guessing you don’t remember... I’ll let you know that you and I put on quite the show.” He said, placing his hands behind his head.

“Is that so?” Tatum remarked as he started to get another memory. He recalled dancing with Bomer, both of them shirtless and putting their sinewy bodies to good use while a crowd gathered around them. He then remembered the two men leaned into each other and started making-out while the crowd went wild. “I think we were popular last night.” He chuckled.

“Ohhh yeah, we were very... very... very... popular.” Matt replied, grinning as his raised his hips up to simulate humping repeatedly to punctuate his comment.
Tatum leaned over and brought his head down to his Bomer’s crotch.

He opened his mouth and slurped all the various fluids off of his friend’s shaft. “Tastes pretty damn popular.” He gave his friend a knowing wink. “But there’s something else I need help remembering.” Channing said as he sat back up.
“And what would that be?” Matt asked, still grinning at his fellow actor.

“Why does my ass feel like I sat on a baseball bat last night?” Tatum laughed while rubbing one of his sore buttocks. “Did I sit on a baseball bat last night?”
Bomer laughed with his friend. “Well uhh… the last time I saw you, you were headed up to your bedroom with a certain horse-hung buddy of ours.” He explained.
“Ohh shit! The ‘Italian Stallion’? I never thought I’d let his cock near my ass.” Channing replied.

“Yeah? Well I did things last night I hadn’t done since college, man. Like I said; you threw a hell of a party. For all I know you did sit on a baseball bat.” Matt teased.

Suddenly another man came streaking out of the house and shouted; “Cannonball!”, before he leapt into the pool.

When Channing and Matt turned and looked they only got a brief glimpse of the large, muscular man’s nudity before he jumped in the pool, causing a huge splash. When he came up to the surface they saw it was their Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello.

“Surprised to see you two up this early.” Manganiello laughed.

“Surprised you’re not as hungover as us.” Tatum replied, smiling at his friend.

“You two are lightweights. But don’t worry, I made sure everyone left your party with a safe ride home. You’re welcome for that.” Joe explained smugly as he got up out of the pool. He stood in front of them with his hands on his hips, letting them get a good look at his wet, naked body. “You two look like you could use a nice, hot shower.” He said, grinning at them.

“That does sound good… What do you think?” Channing asked, looking over at Bomer.

“Well…” Matt took of his sunglasses. “I guess a shower does sound pretty good.”

The three men headed back into the house. Manganiello put an arm around both of them as he walked with them and helped their tired bodies get to the bathroom quicker. After they all stepped into the shower together Joe turned on the hot water and grabbed a bar of soap. “I wouldn’t drop this if I were you; especially after last night.” He joked, giving Tatum a hard smack on the ass.

Channing took the bar of soap and rubbed it over Joe’s brawny pecs. “I won’t be bending over around you for a long time.” He laughed.

“Don’t worry, Joe; I’ll still bend over for you.” Bomer said, giving Manganiello a kiss on the lips.

The three men began washing each other, lathering each other’s sinewy bodies with soap. Their limbs became intertwined as they caressed every supple inch of their physiques. The hot water felt great cascading over their muscles and each man quickly had a full erection. They started rubbing all three of their hard cocks together while Channing and Matt began making-out.

“You boys put on a good performance last night. I think I’ll join you this time.” Joe whispered to them before he leaned his head over and they engaged in a three-way kiss.

The men continued like that for some time; kissing and frotting while groping each other.

“Goddamn, I need to fuck someone!” Manganiello grunted. He could feel his massive prick throbbing, begging to be satisfied.

Without saying a word Bomer turned around, arched his back and rubbed his shapely ass against his co-star’s manhood.

Joe eagerly penetrated his fellow actor, forcing all 12 inches of his thick shaft up that tight ass.

Seeing Matt take Manganiello’s cock brought back another memory for Channing and he recalled bouncing up and down on the tall stud last night. His asshole ached just from remembering it and he was glad his friend was the one getting fucked this time. Tatum stood in front of Bomer and gave him another kiss before pushing his head down, encouraging him to give a blowjob.

Matt happily complied; leaning over and going down on Channing while getting plowed hard by Joe from behind. He was pushed back and forth between the two men as they thrust into him repeatedly, spit-roasting him with their cocks.

Manganiello and Tatum grinned at each other and slapped a high-five as they continued fucking their friend in both ends, working-up a good rhythm.
Bomer was in heaven as he was stuffed and gagged with their manhood.

After carrying on like that for a while Joe was the first to cum. He gripped both his nipples between his fingers and pinched and twisted them roughly as he climaxed. He let out a long growl as he fired his load deep inside Matt.

Channing came next and he kept thrusting his hips as he sprayed his spunk down Bomer’s throat.

Matt eagerly swallowed every last drop of the Magic Mike star’s cum. As he straightened back up Tatum knelt in front of him and started sucking his cock in return. Bomer grabbed the back of Channing’s head as he moaned at the expert oral service.

Manganiello pulled Matt into a kiss and felt his body quiver as he came in their friend’s mouth.

After the three men recovered from their orgasms they dried themselves off and headed into the living room. They all sat down on the couch together, still completely nude.

“So, uhhh… is my underwear around here somewhere?” Bomer asked as he looked around at all the discarded clothes laying on the floor. “Did I wear underwear yesterday?”

“I can’t recall if you did.” Joe chuckled.

“Well I’ve got to be getting home before Simon gets suspicious.” Matt said as he stood up and grabbed a pair of swim trunks. He stepped into the trunks and pulled them up his body but they were too big and slid right back down when he let go. “Shit, there’s gotta’ be something that’ll fit me here.” He tried on a thong that was too small and barely contained his soft cock.

“Hey, you look good in that.” Tatum remarked as he and Manganiello shared a dirty grin. They both got an eye-full of Bomer from behind as that tiny thong was flossing his round ass.

“It’ll do.” Matt replied, as he quickly slipped on a cropped t-shirt that hugged his body.

Channing and Joe looked up at Matt incredulously. “Are you seriously gonna’ leave dressed like that?” The Magic Mike star asked.

“Don’t worry; Simon loves it when I dress like a slut. He’ll be so distracted he won’t even think to ask me what I’ve been up to.” Bomer explained, smirking at them.

“Yeah, you definitely look… distracting.” Manganiello said as he eyed Matt up and down, taking in the sight of all that exposed, sinewy flesh.

“See ya’ later, guys. Make sure to invite me to your next little ‘get-together’.” Bomer said, winking at Tatum before he turned to leave.

Channing and Joe stared at his ass as he left, watching it bounce as he walked away.

“Next time that bubble-butt is all mine.” Tatum said after Matt left.

“Not unless you’re willing to give up your pussy in exchange.” Manganiello laughed.

“No way, man. You’re not putting that thing inside me ever again.” Channing replied as he playfully swatted Joe’s cock with the back of his hand.

Manganiello chuckled and stood up. “You say that now but when you remember how much you enjoyed it last night you’ll come crawling back for more.” He said shaking his hips a bit, wagging his manhood in front of Tatum. Even while flaccid his shaft was still long and thick.

“Judging by the ache in my ass I’m glad I can’t remember what happened.” Channing replied.

Joe grabbed the pair of swim trunks that were too big for Bomer and slipped them on. “I gotta’ get headin’ out too.” He declared. “But thanks for having me.” He added with a sly grin.

The Magic Mike star stood up and the two men clapped each other on the back.

“Trust me buddy; just remember last night.” Manganiello whispered in his ear.

Tatum laughed as his friend spanked his sore ass before leaving.

Once he was alone in the house Channing headed back up to his bedroom to put on some fresh clothes.

But when he stood in front of the open doorway to his room and saw his bed he started to recall what happened last night. He remembered Joe sitting on the bed while he straddled his co-star’s lap. His legs were spread wide when he pushed himself down on Manganiello’s engorged erection. The pain was intense at first; it felt like his ass was going to be split in two, but Tatum was drunk and determined to take the whole thing up his ass.

“I don’t know if you’re man enough for this.” Joe taunted him with a smug grin.

“Just you watch…” Channing had responded, his speech slurring. He kept forcing his body down until the entire length of his friend’s massive cock was lodged in his ass. “Ha ha!” He then shouted before he dove into a sloppy make-out session with Manganiello. The two explored each other’s mouths with their tongues while Tatum started bouncing his body up and down, riding Joe’s prick.

Eventually Manganiello grabbed Channing by the waist and began a rhythm of thrusting his hips up into the smaller man while pulling him down onto his throbbing cock.

Feeling his anus stuffed and his prostate rubbed by his friend’s thick Italian sausage had driven the Magic Mike star wild and he leaned his head down to suck and bite Joe’s nipples.

“Yeah! That’s it, chew on ‘em!” Manganiello growled with enthusiasm when he felt Tatum nibbling on his sensitive nipples and it prompted him to fuck his co-star even harder.


Channing was moaning out loud by this time and everyone in the living room heard the two men carrying on like that.

When Joe reached orgasm he let out a deep, loud roar while he filled Tatum with his hot spunk. Channing howled with pleasure when he felt his buddy’s cum spurting against his prostate and his own cock sprayed his load all over Manganiello’s ripped torso.

The Magic Mike star was shocked by the memory of how intense the pleasure was and felt thankful he hadn’t completely forgotten it after he passed-out last night. While getting dressed he chuckled. “Damn! Joe was right.” He said to himself. Now that he remembered just how good the sex was, Tatum was prepared to come crawling back to Manganiello for more.

Chapter Text

Chris Evans had decided to host a special get-together during the holiday season, he got the idea to have a “Christmas” party for him and some other actors named Chris. He invited his friends and fellow Marvel superhero movie stars Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt as well as the handsome actor Chris Pine.
Hemsworth and Pratt drove to Evans’ house together and as they pulled up to the driveway they saw that Pine had just arrived as well. The three men got out of their vehicles and greeted each other.

“Looks like I’m the only one who dressed for the occasion.” Pratt chuckled. He was wearing a red and green holiday sweater while the other guys we wearing plain winter clothes.

“I uhh… don’t think we’ll be wearing much during this party anyway.” Pine replied smirking.

“Might as well get started now!” Hemsworth declared as he peeled off his sweater, feeling the cold air on his bare chest. “Feels good on my nips!” He laughed as his large nipples went stiff.

“Damn Hemsworth, you’re such a freak.” Pratt joked.

The three men shared a laugh before they headed into Evans’ house.

“So where is our gracious host?” Hemsworth asked aloud, looking around the living room and seeing a large blanket set on the floor but not the Captain America star there to greet them.

“Well hello boys…” Evans suddenly said as he stepped into the room. He was completely nude but with whip-cream sprayed on his body; one patch covering his genitals and pubic hair and two smaller patches on his pectorals, with red gumdrops over his nipples. “What do you guys think of my holiday outfit?” Evans asked mischievously as he turned around and showed them his backside.

There was another patch of whip-cream covering his ass with a candy cane sticking out.

The other three actors stood staring at their host. His Christmas themed version of the infamous ‘whip-cream bikini’ from one of his early movies had the trio instantly horny.

“I think it’s time to get out of this crappy sweater.” Pratt said almost absent-mindedly as he quickly pulled it up over his head.

“Ohh nice, looks like you really bulked-up for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.” Evans remarked as he stepped up to Pratt. “Nice and beefy.” He said, grabbing the other man’s pecs and groping them.

Pratt grinned at him before he leaned in and the two men immediately began kissing.

Pine started to undress in a hurry, while Hemsworth was already ahead of him and dropping his pants. It wasn’t long before the two men were nude with their dicks were eagerly pointing out stiff in front of them.

Pratt also dropped his pants and underwear while making out with Evans.

The Captain America star pulled back from the kiss and looked at his three guests and their throbbing erections. “Looks like you guys are ready to get started. Who’s in the mood for some tasty treats?” He asked, flexing his pecs.

The other men crowded around him and got to work licking the whip-cream off his chest. Hemsworth and Pratt ate the gumdrops and it wasn’t long until the three actors were licking Evans’ bare hairy pectoral muscles and suckling on his pink nipples.

“Ahhhh yeah! That’s it boys!” Evans’ moaned, raising his arms to let them lick his hairy armpits too. “Time to head down to the south pole now.” He chuckled, shaking his hips a bit.

The other guys laughed as they knelt in front of him and licked up the whip-cream from his crotch.

Soon Hemsworth was sucking his cock while Pratt and Pine sucked on his balls.

Evans reached down and grabbed the back of Hemsworth’s head, pushing the Thor star further down on his prick. “Good job guys. Now how about you two get to work on my ass?” He smirked down at Pratt and Pine.

The two other men obediently followed their hosts’ direction and happily ate the whip-cream off his buttocks.

The Captain America stud reached behind him and pulled the candy cane out from his anus. He licked it, savouring the taste of his own ass while Pratt and Pine lapped their tongues at his now minty-flavoured hole. Evans let Hemsworth slurp on the candy cane too before he sucked it back into his mouth and ate it.
Pratt and Pine continued to take turns inserting their tongue into Evans’ asshole.

“Damn, I need to fuck. I wanna’ try you out, Pine.” Evans declared as he pulled him up onto his feet. The two men instantly began kissing and rubbing their cocks together.

“You got more whip-cream, mate?” Hemsworth asked as he stood back up.

Evans just pointed to the kitchen as he and Pine kept making-out.

The horny Aussie quickly fetched the bottle of whip-cream and came back into the room grinning at Pratt. “You and me are gonna’ have some fun.” He said as he laid on his back on the blanket. He lifted his legs up, reached down and pressed the whip-cream bottle’s nozzle into his anus and then started spraying it in his ass.

“Fuck, man! That Halloween party changed you…” The Guardians of the Galaxy star groaned as he watched in disbelief.

“Yes it did… I’m kinkier than I’ve ever been… I love my new kinky sex life.” Hemsworth replied.

Evans and Pine temporarily paused their kissing and frotting to watch the scene unfold.

“I have no idea what the hell is going on.” Pine stated.

“I don’t have a fuckin’ clue, but I like it anyway.” Evans chuckled.

“Get on top of me.” The Australian hunk said, still grinning at Pratt.

Pratt didn’t waste time mounting his fellow superhero star. He drove his throbbing cock deep into Hemsworth, feeling the cream lubricate his manhood as he began fucking him with long, forceful strokes of his hips.

“Mmmmmm! Ohhh yes! Feels soooo good…” Hemsworth moaned.

Pratt loomed over the other man, his pecs heaving right above his face as he plowed him.

“You love it, don’t you? Admit it.” Hemsworth teased.

Pratt blushed and smirked down at him. “Fine, I’ll admit I like it.” He replied, increasing the pace of his thrusts.

“Damn, I need to get fucked!” Pine exclaimed as he got down on all fours.

Evans knelt down behind him and started running his hands over the other man’s firm body and supple buttocks. “I’m definitely gonna’ enjoy this…” He murmured as he pushed his hips forward and slid his thick cock into Pine’s oh-so tight ass.

All four Chris(es) were moaning and breathing heavily now as they let go of their inhibitions and let the pleasures of anal sex wash over them.

Pratt was giving it to Hemsworth hard while the Aussie was sucking and nibbling on his nipples.

Evans was driving his hips back and forth while Pine was repeatedly shoving his ass back.

The room was filled with the sounds of deep grunting and muscular flesh smacking together.

The four hunky actors kept fucking until they worked themselves to climax.

“Ahhhhh yeeeah!” Pratt bellowed out loud as he started shooting his load, his semen mixing with Hemsworth’s cream filling.

Evans threw his head back and shouted as he pinched his own nipples while spraying his hot spunk up Pine’s ass.

When they were finished cumming Evans and Pratt laid back on the floor catching their breath.

Pine looked over at Hemsworth. “I think it’s our turn on top…” He said with a wink.

“I like the way you think.” Hemsworth replied, grinning before they mounted the men who had just fucked them.

Evans and Pratt just looked at each other and smiled as the other two forced their cocks in them.

Hemsworth was thrusting with quick, powerful swings of his hips, making Pratt really feel it.

Pine was moving his body with slow but firm strokes, letting his shaft glide up Evans’ ass.

“Oooohh boy! You can stuff my stocking anytime, good-lookin’.” The Captain America star moaned, winking up at his fellow actor.

Pine let out a quick laugh before he leaned over and the two men resumed making-out just as passionately as they were earlier.

Pratt was panting and grunting while Hemsworth was giving him a good pounding and the two were groping each other’s beefy muscles.

After a few more minutes Hemsworth and Pine were ready to blow their loads.

The Aussie stud howled with pleasure while pumping cum into his buddy.

Pine and Evans just kept deeply kissing while he shot his seed up his ass.

Eventually the four men named Chris were all lying sprawled out on the blanket.

Evans was laying with his hands behind his head when suddenly Hemsworth got up and squatted over his face. “Damn! There’s a sight!” He laughed as he looked up at his fellow superhero star’s asshole with whip-cream leaking out.

“Thought you’d enjoy a real ‘creampie’!” Hemsworth joked.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Evans said before he leaned his head up and started felching the Australian’s ass, hungrily slurping the mixture of whip-cream and Pratt’s semen.

“You guys are nasty… but I’m glad you invited me.” Pine chuckled watching Evans eat Hemsworth’s ass.

The Captain America star scooped a glob of cream and cum out of Hemsworth with his tongue and swallowed before he turned his head toward Pine and grinned at him. “Merry Christmas.” He said, emphasizing the ‘Chris’ part.

“Oh my God, I’m just getting that!” Pratt laughed out loud.

Hemsworth felt Evans slide his tongue back up his hole and moaned. “Mmmmmm, merry Christmas everyone!”

Chapter Text

There are many places in Hollywood where male celebrities can hook-up with each other discretely and have the most mind-blowing sex of their lives. Some of these places are more popular and more kinky than others. One such location is most-commonly known simply as; “The Dungeon”.

To most people the building appears to be just an expensive fitness centre for an exclusive client list of men in L.A., but in reality it’s just the main floor of Hollywood’s favourite hook-up spot. There’s an underground section that serves as a sex club catering to a wide range of famous men; actors, athletes, models, and more.

On this particular day actor Chris Pratt came to the fitness centre for a workout and then a post-workout romp down in The Dungeon. He had been doing some squats, working on his legs and buttocks, and considering that he was just wearing a tank top and some shorts he was attracting a lot of attention from the other men in the gym.

One of those men was Joe Manganiello. He was there with a dumbbell in each hand doing curls, working on his biceps while he watched Pratt’s beefy ass and thick thighs flex.

Chris had just finished his routine of squats when he noticed the other actor walking up to him.

Manganiello leaned his head over and whispered in his ear; “Meet me downstairs in five minutes. Do not shower.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy star grinned in response and watched as the other man headed off to get ready for some action downstairs. Pratt made his way down into The Dungeon and stripped out of his clothes, completely exposing his brawny, sweat-slicked body before he started looking for Joe.

The lower level had dimly lit hallways leading to different rooms and areas. Chris was walking down one of the halls and could hear all kinds of noises coming from behind closed doors; grunting, moaning, panting, cursing, begging, and sounds which suggested that The Dungeon had a wide variety of sex toys to offer its patrons.

He was getting hard just listening to other men having sex and his cock stiffened-up and was soon jutting out in front of him. Eventually Pratt saw light shining out of an open doorway at the end of one of the halls. He stepped up to it and found Manganiello waiting inside.

“Good, didn’t take too long for ya’ to find me.” Joe said as he looked up and down the other man’s body. “Nice birthday suit. I can’t wait to try out that ass of yours.” He growled, flashing a sleazy grin. Manganiello was in the buff himself as well and his legendary cock was already throbbing.

“I can’t wait to get better acquainted with the infamous ‘Italian Stallion’.” Chris said as he stared at the 12 inch long slab of manhood between the stud’s legs. His eyes then wandered over the rest of the Magic Mike actor’s body, appreciating all that tan, sinewy muscle.

The two men couldn’t hold back any longer and they eagerly embraced one another; their ripped bodies pressed together and their cocks frotting as they began making-out. They groped each other; exploring their sweaty, bulging flesh with their strong hands while their tongues wrestled.

Joe eventually broke their kiss so he could use his mouth on other parts of Pratt’s body. He licked the sheen of sweat off his pecs before diving his tongue into both armpits and hungrily slurping the tangy perspiration.

Chris returned the favour; eagerly lapping the sweat off of Manganiello’s impressive pectorals before eating-out his pits.

The two men then shared another kiss, this one flavoured with the taste of a good workout.

Joe desperately wanted to get at Pratt’s ass. He had him bend over the large, rectangular ottoman in the centre of the room.

Chris pressed his hands down against the cushioned piece of furniture while arching his back; presenting his fulsome ass to his companion.

Manganiello squatted down behind him and grabbed both buttocks. He bit each cheek, squeezing that beefy flesh with his teeth.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star groaned and then chuckled. “Dig in, man.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Joe growled before plunging his face in between Chris’ buns and going to town on his asshole.

“Ohhh fuck yeah!” Pratt shouted as he felt Manganiello vigorously slurp his sweaty taint.

Joe licked every drop of sweat from Chris’ ass before he shoved his tongue up his anus.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star moaned out loud and his eyes rolled back in his head as he felt the other man’s tongue swirling around inside him.

“Well, well, well… isn’t this quite a show?” A cocky voice came from behind them.

Manganiello stopped his annilingus and the two turned around to see who it was.

Joe’s former True Blood co-star, the tall Swedish stud, Alexander Skarsgard was standing in the doorway they left open. “I bumped into this handsome fellow upstairs and we thought we’d come down here for some fun.” Alexander explained.

Television actor Jack Falahee from the series How To Get Away With Murder was standing next to Skarsgard and both men were completely nude. “Mind if we share the room?” Jack asked.

Chris and Joe grinned at the two other men as they stood there exposed.

Skarsgard’s tall body was chiseled and his long, uncircumcised penis was jutting out stiffly from his Apollo’s belt, the glans peeking out from the foreskin.
Falahee’s toned body looked short in comparison to the statuesque Swede but his cock was fully erect and sticking straight up, throbbing with excitement.
“Well don’t just stand there, come on in.” Manganiello replied with a smirk.

The two men walked into the room and closed the door behind them. “Where do you want us?” Alexander asked his friend.

“Get him down on his back.” Joe said, pointing to Jack and then the ottoman.

“Good, I can’t wait to fuck his pretty face.” Skarsgard chuckled, rubbing his fingers against Falahee’s goatee.

“I can’t wait to wrap my lips around that big, uncut piece… and I’d love to suck all your cocks.” Jack said, giving the other three guys a sexy smile. The tv heartthrob then laid on his back on the large ottoman with his legs raised and spread.

“You’re up first, man.” Manganiello said, looking at Pratt. “I’m gonna’ need to get in your ass while you’re fuckin’ him.” He added, smacking Chris’ bubble-butt hard.

“Hell yeah, run a fuckin’ train on me!” Jack proclaimed enthusiastically.

Alexander stood by Falahee’s head and started sliding his schlong into the younger man’s mouth.

Pratt got in position, grabbed Jack’s legs and thrust his hips in, shoving his thick cock deep into the other man’s ass.

Falahee was moaning as he played with Skarsgard’s foreskin with his tongue.

Joe had a wide grin on his face as he watched the other guys before getting in place behind Chris.

Pratt let out a long, slow breath as he felt Manganiello’s enormous cock stretch his asshole. “Woah! That’s… that’s big!” He chuckled nervously when he felt the other man’s balls touch his ass. The manly superhero stud had never been stuffed by such a hung specimen of manhood.

Joe thrust his hips once, fast and powerfully, giving his companion a taste of his hard fucking.

Chris moaned deeply and Jack yelped as the other man’s cock was rubbed along his prostate.

Alexander laughed. “Ohhh they liked that. Keep it up, buddy.” He said to Joe.

Manganiello began thrusting repeatedly, bouncing his balls off of Pratt’s beefy flesh while driving him deeper into Falahee.

Jack started moaning but was quickly gagged by Skarsgard’s uncut prick.

Chris’ eyes rolled back in his head as he let out a long; “Fuuuuuuuck yeah!” He moved his hips in rhythm with Joe and then turned his head and leaned back to share another kiss.

Falahee was laying there in whore Heaven, deepthroating a long shaft while his ass was fucked hard by the thrusts of two muscular hunks.

Skarsgard leaned over and reached out with his hands; using one to grope Jack’s body while using the other to squeeze Pratt’s pecs.

Chris then broke his kiss with Manganiello to start making-out with the sexy Swede.

All four men were moaning and grunting and sweating as they fucked each other into a lustful, musk-scented haze.

Pratt was the first to reach orgasm, pistoning his body between the two men until his cock started spraying his jizz inside Falahee. Reaching climax made his asshole clench even tighter around Joe’s massive prick.

Manganiello kept ramming into Pratt’s beefy ass as his tight hole milked the cum right out of him.

When Alexander felt himself getting close to shooting down Jack’s throat he started jerking him off as well. Soon they were cumming at the same time, Falahee drinking every drop of Skarsgard’s seed while he blew his load all over his own abs.

The four men took their time recovering from their orgasms; there was plenty of kissing and massaging each other’s muscles.

Eventually Jack asked Chris and Joe to stand in front of him so he could lick their cocks clean of any leftover cum. They happily obliged him and the young television star took turns sweeping his tongue over their manhood.

“So you really like gettin’ your mouth on another guy’s dick, huh?” Pratt asked as he looked down at Falahee.

Jack swallowed Chris’ shaft, gave it a long slurp and winked up at him in response.

“Good to know…” The Guardians of the Galaxy hunk replied with a smirk.

“Was this your first time in The Dungeon?” Manganiello asked the younger man.

“Yes it was, sir.” Falahee obediently answered before he sucked the tall stud’s cock all the way to his low-hanging balls.

Joe grinned down at him, impressed he was able to deepthroat all of his hung slab of meat in just one go. “Look for me whenever you’re here. I’ll be glad to let you lick my pole again.” He said.

“Fuck yeah…” Jack replied after he slowly pulled back from Manganiello’s prick.

Alexander chuckled to himself as he watched this exchange, he knew it was just another day in The Dungeon.

Chapter Text

Chris Hardwick couldn’t wait for tonight’s main event to start. After hosting a similar performance for a very lucky private audience at Comic-Con he was asked to host this new event which was guaranteed to be bigger and better than the previous one. He had finished getting ready and the show was set to begin soon.
The crowd was all in their seats and eager for the fun to begin.

Hardwick emerged from backstage and was greeted with plenty of cheers and whistling from the audience. The handsome comedian was completely nude and holding a microphone.

“Good evening, everyone!” Chris declared to the audience with a wide grin. He was pleased to hear the crowd cheer as they took in the sight of his bare body. “As you can tell, I’m excited for tonight’s big show!” He exclaimed with a naughty chuckle as he used his free hand to flick his stiff nipples.

Then he shook his hips, wagging his plump erection at the audience and said; “I’ve already got a hard-wick!”

The crowd laughed at his play on words and there was more whistling from his excited fans.

“Are ya’ll ready to see your favourite superhero studs?” Chris asked the audience.

More raucous cheering was their response.

“Good, ‘cause they’re here in the flesh… and nothing else.” Hardwick said with a teasing grin.

The crowd was going wild with anticipation.

“Doesn’t sound like you can wait any longer, we better tell them to get their asses out here! It’s time to meet the stars of the Superhero Sex Battle!” Chris shouted to the cheering audience.

“Our first team are the biggest, the most muscular… the most hung stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, please welcome; Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt!” Hardwick announced.

The crowd erupted with cheering as the three hunks emerged from backstage totally nude.

They stood together on one side of the stage and let the audience take in the sight of their rippling naked physiques and erect cocks.
Hemsworth raised his arms up and flexed his bulging upper body, causing plenty of whistling from his many admirers.

Evans noticed what his buddy was doing and flashed a naughty grin while placing his hands on his hips and flexing his gorgeous pectorals.
Pratt played along and curled his arms, really showing off his huge biceps and thick forearms.

“Yup, us Chrises sure are ripped!” Hardwick declared in a fake tough-guy voice as he stepped over to the actors and posed along with them.
There was more good-natured laughing from the audience as they watched the comedian flex his much-less muscular but still tight and toned body.
“That we are!” Hemsworth chuckled before he suddenly grabbed Hardwick and put him in a headlock.

The comedian pretended like he was struggling to get out of the other man’s hold but really he was enjoying the feel of the Aussie stud’s powerful muscles against his bare skin. Once he was let go Hardwick rubbed his neck and then flicked his now throbbing erection. “Well it’s official; I’m into choke-sex now.” He quipped to the audience.

The crowd once again laughed at his sexual humour.

“Give it up for team MCU!” Hardwick shouted, which elicited another round of applause.

“Now let’s bring out the second team, none other than the Justice League! Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa!” Hardwick announced.
The three stars of DC superhero movies walked out, they were also in their birthday suits. All three were tall, beefy men with thick cocks. They stood on the opposite side of the other team.

The crowd whistled and hollered at their girthy, throbbing erections.

“Looks like you guys are ready to rumble.” Hardwick said as he moved over towards them. “Well I guess everyone knows why you got cast as the ‘Man of Steel’...” The comedian said as he reached over and flicked Cavill’s stiff prick.

“You have no idea…” Henry replied coyly with his sexy British accent.

The audience snickered deviously and whistled again as their imaginations ran wild.

“Damn… I wish I was a fly on the wall for that audition...” Hardwick replied with a smirk.

The crowd enthusiastically cheered at his remark to show that they shared his sentiment.

Cavill looked over at Chris Evans and gave him a wink.

The Captain America stud responded by discretely licking his lips. These two men had been enjoying a passionate sexual rivalry between them and they planned on continuing it tonight.

Pratt noticed their exchange and nudged Evans with his elbow.

“I’ll bet you guys had a lot of fun filming Justice League together.” Hardwick said.

“That’s one way of putting it.” Momoa replied with a grin. The Hawaiian hunk clapped a hand on Ben and Henry’s shoulders.

“Alright! We’ve got one more team to bring out. Say hello to the stars from the X-Men movies; Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Michael Fassbender!” Hardwick announced.

The audience cheered as the final team came out, just as nude as the others with their long cocks already stiff. They stood in between the other teams.

“Goddamn! All you guys are raring to go, aren’t you?” Hardwick exclaimed as he approached them. He was staring at their erections, particularly Jackman’s infamously hung piece of meat.

The three men stood together with Hugh in the middle. Ryan and Michael each had a hand on one of the massive Aussie’s buttocks.

“You know it, mate. Time to teach these younger men who their Daddy is…” Hugh replied.

“I know who my Daddy is.” Ryan said as he slipped his fingers between the Wolverine star’s firm glutes and lightly touched his asshole.

“That’s right. We just call him; ‘Daddy Logan’.” Fassbender added with a naughty grin as he squeezed the older man’s asscheek.
The audience was whistling and hollering as usual.

Meanwhile Hardwick was practically drooling as his eyes kept roaming over Jackman’s incredible body and huge erection. A drop of pre-cum leaked out of the comedian’s cockhead and slid down his shaft. “Don’t have to tell me who my Daddy is.” He breathed out slowly.

Hugh let out an arrogant chuckle as he looked down at the host of tonight’s show. “How about we get started then? Like you said; we’re rarin’ to go.”
“Sounds good to me, I’m pretty sure the other teams are ready too.” Hardwick replied.

The other men voiced their agreement. Every actor was extremely horny.

The crowd was cheering as stagehands brought out an enormous bed to the centre of the stage. The actors gathered around it and sized each other up.

“Alright guys, the goal of tonight’s event is to see which team can fuck their competitors the most. So try to watch your back…” Hardwick instructed the men.
All the actors got on their knees on the mattress.

Some cameramen got in position around the stage to film the action from all angles. There were large screens set up so everyone in the audience, even if they were seated in the back, could see the performance.

The footage was also being recorded for some movie producers and other Hollywood insiders to enjoy.

“We won’t keep you waiting any longer.” Hardwick announced to the crowd. “It’s time for the Superhero Sex Battle to begin!” He shouted excitedly.
The audience roared with applause as the actors moved to each other and started going at it.

The tallest men from each team; Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and Hugh Jackman all met up right in the middle of the bed. The three huge hunks were grappling with each other, trying to assert their dominance over the others; their hands groping and pressing their hard muscles and their cocks rubbing and slapping together.

Chris Evans and Henry Cavill immediately went to each other and started making-out hot and heavy. Their hairy, sculpted chests were pressed together as they felt-up each other’s rippling backs and buff asses.

“I’m going to plow your fine arse…” Henry whispered in Chris’ ear as he squeezed the other man’s buttocks.

Evans breathed out slowly. “‘Fraid not, buddy. Not tonight… can’t let my team down.” He whispered back.

All of the men were now going at it with each other; groping and licking their muscles, making-out, rubbing cocks together. It was obvious to everyone watching that these guys were almost delirious with lust. They were already moaning and panting as they worked each other over in a lewd, sex-induced craze.
“I want you... to ride my cock… like a cowboy.” Cavill whispered to Evans. He was breathing heavy, his chest pushing against the other man’s.

“I do want to ride you… but I don’t know…” Chris trailed off, unsure of himself.

There was some shuffling around as a few of the guys were crawling around the bed, positioning themselves behind other actors.

Henry was looking the Captain America star in the eyes when suddenly he let out a deep gasp.

Chris Pratt had gotten behind him and slipped his cock between the Man of Steel’s impressive glutes. Pratt chuckled naughtily as he penetrated the Superman stud and buried his shaft all the way up his ass.

“Looks like we have cock in ass! Repeat; cock in ass, folks!” Hardwick excitedly announced to the cheering audience. “Score one point for team MCU.” The comedian continued to leer at the tantalizing display of man-on-man action.

Pratt and Evans looked at each other over Cavill’s shoulder grinning and the Guardians of the Galaxy star gave his friend a wink.

Evans decided to give in to Henry and moved his body so that he could mount his throbbing prick.

“That’s it, get on my cock!” The handsome British actor grunted.

“Fuck yeah…!” Evans let out a long moan as he slid his ass down on the other man’s dick.

Hardwick was jerking his cock with one hand as he surveyed the orgy. “Looks like Captain America is sliding down on someone else’s flagpole.” He quipped to the audience.

The crowd cheered as one of the cameramen got a great shot of Evans’ ass swallowing Cavill’s thick shaft.

“Score a point for the Justice League.” The host announced.

The three biggest men from each team were still grappling with each other when Ryan Reynolds got down underneath Hugh Jackman and started sucking his massive prick.

“Uhh, Ryan… you’re not supposed to--” Hardwick started talking but abruptly stopped when Chris Hemsworth managed to force Jason Momoa down on his back.
Hemsworth mounted the hunky Hawaiian and shoved his cock deep into his ass.

“Ahhhhh yeah! Feels good!” Jason moaned. A look of ecstasy came over his face as he was filled with Chris’ manhood.

The Aussie stud leaned down and started kissing the other man, their short beards rubbing together.

“Goddamn that is hot…” Hardwick said, trailing off as he stared at them.

Jackman decided to grab Reynolds and reposition him so he could fuck him in the ass instead of his throat.

“No guys, you’re supposed to fuck the other teams!” Hardwick called out to them, but the two men seemed to ignore him and Hugh began thrusting into Ryan.

Meanwhile Michael Fassbender was making-out with Ben Affleck and had allowed the larger man to penetrate him without a struggle.

Chris Hardwick looked around at all the actors; each one was completely focused on their current sexual activity and none of them seemed to be interested in how their team was doing in this game.

All of the men were sweating profusely as they groped each other’s glistening muscles and they were all panting and moaning as they pleasured each other.

Hardwick noticed that there was something different about Ryan Reynolds though. All the guys were horny and fucking their hearts out, but Ryan wasn’t breathing as heavily as the others.

Reynolds was certainly horny and eager to get fucked but he also seemed to be the most clear-headed, unlike the others who were practically in a lustful frenzy.
The host watched as Fassbender and Affleck stopped kissing and Ben turned the other man around and bent him over so Michael could suck Ryan’s cock while he fucked him.

Now Reynolds and Fassbender were 69ing while Hugh fucked Ryan and Ben fucked Michael.

Hardwick kept jerking his cock until he came in his hand. A few in the crowd noticed him orgasm and watched him eat-up his own cum.

Jackman and Affleck leaned their heads together and were making-out as they kept plowing the other men. Their large, muscular bodies were dripping with
sweat and drops repeatedly fell down onto Michael’s back.

Reynolds and Fassbender were deepthroating each other, eagerly gagging on cock while their asses were stuffed. Eventually they made each other cum and both actors gladly swallowed every drop of semen.

It wasn’t long before Hugh and Ben were shooting their loads inside the other men either.

Meanwhile Henry Cavill was enjoying being sandwiched between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. When he swung his hips forward he drove hard into Evans’ exquisite ass, and when he swung back he got an ass-full of Pratt’s rigid prick. He kept moving his hips; savouring the pleasure of both men’s bodies.

Evans took turns kissing Henry or leaning his head over to kiss with Pratt over Cavill’s shoulder.

“Ohhhh yes! God this feels soooo good!” The Superman stud moaned as the dual sensations overwhelmed him. He gasped out loud as he climaxed and his hot seed flooded the Captain America star’s ass. Cavill’s own hole clenched around Pratt and started to milk his cock.

Pratt closed his eyes and grunted as he busted his nuts into the gorgeous British actor.

The three men collapsed together into a pile of sweaty muscles and Evans stroked his cock as he watched his buddy Chris Hemsworth fuck Jason Momoa.
Hemsworth was really thrusting hard; his balls were smacking against the other man’s tight flesh and his prick repeatedly pummeled Jason’s sweet spot.
Momoa grinned up at the Australian stud and squeezed his meaty pectorals while he appreciated this rough fucking. He used his thumbs to rub Chris’ nipples.
Eventually Hemsworth started moaning out loud as he came. His warm seed filling Jason’s ass.

“Looks like we’re the only ones who haven’t cum yet.” Evans said to Momoa.

“You’re right. I guess that means it’s our turn on top…” Jason replied coyly.

Hugh Jackman grinned at the two men. “I could use a cock up my arse…” He declared.

“Hey guys, you’re supposed to-- ohh, never mind…” Hardwick said.

Hugh got on all fours with his muscular ass pointed towards Chris Evans.

Evans quickly got into position behind him and slid his shaft into the mature Aussie.

Momoa got on his knees and whispered in Hemsworth’s ear; “You gave me a great fuck, man. How about I return the favour?”

“Sounds good to me.” Hemsworth murmured before he too got down on all fours with his ass raised in the air.

Soon Jason had his long dick stuffed up the other man’s rear-end. He and Evans grinned at each other and slapped high-five as they began thrusting their hips.

“Hey, I wanna’ get fucked too!” Ben Affleck exclaimed as he laid on his back.

“Yeah, me too.” Chris Pratt added, laying beside Affleck.

Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender decided they also wanted to top the men that had just plowed them; so Henry mounted Chris and Michael mounted Ben.

Ryan Reynolds was laying in the middle of the bed watching all the other actors fuck and make-out. “So this is Heaven? Not bad.” He joked as he played with his nipples.

“Ohhh yeah, this is Heaven…” Hardwick said as he watched the guys continue ramming their cocks into each other.

Most of the audience had already cum as they masturbated to this performance but as the stars just kept going the crowd just kept pleasuring themselves.

The men were just as passionate as before; grunting and moaning, their sinewy bodies drenched with sweat as their muscles flexed.

Hardwick licked his lips as he stared at their slick, glistening physiques. His cock started to get hard again and he resumed stroking his shaft.

Ryan Reynolds looked all around and watched his fellow superhero actors fuck like animals.

Chris Evans, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender were all grunting and panting as they slammed their bodies forward again and again, drops of sweat flying off from them.

Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman were thrusting their hips back, showing off their power-bottom skills while they took a hard pounding.
Chris Pratt and Ben Affleck kissed each other as they laid side-by-side.

They all kept going at it intensely, like they were unable to control themselves and eventually the tops started to feel themselves get close to orgasm.

Hardwick listened to them moan out loud as they reached climax and he worked himself over the edge, spraying his cum all over the floor while he knew the stars were shooting their loads up each other’s asses.

Reynolds also jerked-off as he watched; coating his abs with his warm spunk.

All the men laid together on the bed, their chests heaving as they tried to catch their breath.

“Well… I guess the winners are… all of us!” Hardwick announced to the crowd. “The Superhero Sex Battle turned out to be a great big Superhero Fuckfest!” He shouted.

The audience roared with cheering and applause, by this point everyone had cum at least once.

After the audience left the actors slowly got up off the bed and shuffled backstage. They were still exhausted and most of them sat down in chairs provided for them.

“Holy shit you guys, that was insane!” Hardwick exclaimed as he walked over toward the actors.

“I don’t know what came over me…” Evans groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“I almost blacked out the second time I came.” Henry admitted.

Pratt had his eyes closed and rubbed his temples. “I feel like my cock just ran a marathon… does that make sense?” He sighed.

“No.” Jackman stated matter-of-factly as he stood by a table with some water bottles on it. “But I don’t know what the hell happened.” He grabbed one of the bottles and poured it over his face and chest, the cool water sliding down his beard and hairy pecs.

“Yeah, about that… I kinda’ know what happened…” Ryan confessed with a sly grin on his face.

“What did you do?” Hardwick asked. His own lips curled in a smirk.

“Well before the show started we were all here, having a drink…” Reynolds started explaining.

“Yeah, we all know that. What did you do?” Hugh demanded, taking a no-nonsense tone.

“I made sure I got here first so I could spike your drinks with a little… aphrodisiac.” The Deadpool star explained.

“You drugged us? Why? You should’ve known we were all eager to have fun.” Jason asked.

“Ohh I know, but I wanted you all to be… extra fun.” Ryan answered. “And you were, it was sooo worth it!” He laughed.

“It totally was.” Hardwick added snickering.

“I agree, that was a lot of fun…” Hemsworth chuckled, stepping up behind the comedian and slapping him on the back. “I can tell you enjoyed it!” He suddenly put Hardwick in a headlock again and flexed his huge bicep, the taut muscle pressing against the smaller man’s neck.

After being released Hardwick had the Aussie stud’s armpit sweat smeared all over his face. “Yeah, I’m totally into choke-sex now. I’m not joking this time.” He said, licking his lips.

The guys shared a laugh, knowing everyone had equally enjoyed this Superhero Fuckfest.

Chapter Text

Chris Pratt had just finished shooting some action scenes for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and he headed back to his trailer to relax. The first thing he did once he was alone in his trailer was strip off his shirt.

He had worked up a good sweat during today’s filming and his armpits were damp and musky. He lifted an arm and took a sniff of his pit.

“Damn, I am ripe!” He exclaimed, chuckling to himself.

“I need a drink.” He grabbed a can of beer and then sat down in a comfortable chair. He popped the top and took a big swig. “Ahh yeah… needed that.” He turned on the tv in his trailer and started watching a football game. Chris unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off, sitting there in just his boxers as he watched the game.

He took another sip of beer when suddenly his phone started ringing, he grabbed it and saw it was his buddy Chris Evans. “Hey man.” He said as he answered it.

“How’s it goin’? You watchin’ the game?” Evans asked.

“Yup. I’m in my trailer right now, shooting’s done for the day.” He replied before taking another sip.

“You drinking?” Evans inquired.

“Just a beer.” Pratt replied.

“You know you’re not supposed to be drinking...” Evans said tauntingly.

“Just one beer.” Pratt remarked before he let out a belch.

Evans laughed out loud.

“Calm down! It’s just one beer, keep your shirt on…” Pratt chided him.

“Ohh, I don’t have a shirt on…” Evans replied coyly.

“Is that so?” Pratt said, raising an eyebrow.

“So what are you wearing?” The Guardians of the Galaxy star asked his fellow superhero actor.

“Not a damn thing, I’m completely nude…” Evans answered.

Pratt smirked as he listened to his friend. “Is that why you called me? So you could think about my dick while you touched yourself?” He took another sip.

“Actually it was so I could think about your ass. That big... beefy... bubble-butt of yours…” Evans spoke slowly, teasing his buddy.

“Been thinking about my ass lately, huh? I’ll bet you miss it.” Pratt replied.

“Ohh yeah. I can’t wait to shove my big, throbbing cock up your hole again.” Evans boldly responded. “I bet you can’t either.”

Pratt chuckled. “Maybe. I guess that’d be alright.” He joked.

Evans chuckled too. “So… what are you wearing?”

“Just sittin’ here in my boxers dude. It was a long day of shooting, I really need to unwind.” Pratt replied. He took another big swig of his beer.

“Work up a good sweat today?” Evans asked.

“You know it.” Pratt replied with a mischievous laugh.

Evans moaned. “Mmmm, I’ll bet you smell great.”

“I sure do…” Pratt admitted.

“I’ll bet you taste great too…” Evans added.

Pratt raised his arm and licked his sore bicep. “Yup.” He said, smacking his lips so Evans would know he just licked himself.

Evans laughed again. “Come on bro, that’s disgusting!” He said sarcastically.

“Come on now, bro. I know you’re a dirty bastard.You’re probably touching yourself right now.”

Pratt finished off his beer and set his can aside.

“Would you believer I’m not?” Evans inquired.

“What?” Pratt asked, confused.

“I’m not touching myself.” The Captain America star declared.

Pratt scoffed incredulously. “Yeah right, you’re probably spankin’ it right now.”

“Nope. I’m just sittin’ here, watching the game, keeping my hands to myself.” Evans replied.

“But you’re thinking about my ass…” Pratt said.

“I am, and yet I’m not touching myself.” Evans stated.

“You trying to insult me?” Pratt asked. He stood up and slipped off his boxers. His thick cock was already semi-hard.

“I’m just being honest, dude. Can you handle the thought of someone thinking about your ass without playing with themself?” Evans asked teasingly.

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard of anyone taking the time to think about my big ass without going to town on themself…” Pratt got out the large didldo he kept hidden in his trailer.

“Well then I guess this is the first time…” Evans said, letting out a sigh of pleasure.

“You lyin’ asshole.” Pratt laughed. “I can hear you’re havin’ fun…”

“Ohh I’m havin’ fun, but I’m not touching myself…” Evans replied coyly.

Pratt was pretty sure he could hear the sound of someone slurping on the other man’s cock over the phone. “Who ya’ got there with you?” He asked.
Evans just chuckled; “Don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah well, you’re not the only one who wants to have fun.” Pratt said as he lubed-up the dildo.

“But you’re all alone right now, aren’t you?” Evans asked.

“Don’t worry about me, buddy…” Pratt replied as he placed the dildo on the chair. “I can have fun all by myself....” He moaned as he slid his ass down onto the thick sex-toy.

“I’ll bet you wish I was there to have fun with you right now.” Evans said.

“Maybe.” Pratt laughed. He started to slowly thrust his hips up and down, riding the dildo.

“I bet you wish my cock was in your ass…” Evans added.

“Yeah. That sounds pretty good.” Pratt remarked.

“My big… thick… long… Captain America cock sliding back and forth in your ass…” Evans teased him slowly.

“Yeah… Yeah I like the sound of that…” Pratt breathed heavily in response. He grabbed his own prick and stroked himself, imagining his buddy Evans fucking him.

“That would feel so good. Your ass is always amazing.” Evans said, licking his lips. It definitely sounded like he was on the receiving end of a great blowjob.

“And your cock is always so hard…” The Guardians of the Galaxy star replied. His eyes were on the football game but his thoughts were focused on his superhero fuckbuddy.

The two men could hear each other breathing heavily; Pratt was jerking his stiff cock as he continued thrusting his ass on his dildo, while Evans was getting his flagpole polished by a skilled cocksucker. Both guys enjoyed hearing the other man panting.

“You gettin’ close?’ Evans asked.

“Yeah… I’m starting to get close.” Pratt answered.

“Good, so am I.” The Captain America star admitted.

“I can’t stop thinking about you plowing me, bro.” Pratt groaned as he kept jacking his cock.

“I can’t stop thinking about plowing your ass.” Evans chuckled. “That big... beefy… bubble-butt! I love smacking my balls against you while I tap that ass…” He was on the verge of climax.

“Fuck yeah! Pratt grunted, shoving his ass down hard so the dildo pressed against his prostate just right. “I love it too!” He growled as he brought himself to orgasm, his cock shooting ropes of cum onto the floor.

“Ohhh yeah!” Evans moaned as he went over the edge too. Whoever was sucking him must have got a mouth-full of seed.

“Thanks man, I really needed to ‘unwind’.” Pratt chuckled, still catching his breath.

“My pleasure, little bro. Love you too.” Evans said.

“What?” Pratt asked, surprised.

“Not you. I’m talkin’ to Scott.” Evans replied.

Pratt laughed. “You dirty brotherfucker!”

“Hey, like I said; I wasn’t touching myself.” Evans laughed in response.

“Talk to you later, buddy.” Pratt said.

“Yeah, we’ll talk after your team loses!” Evans taunted him.

“We’ll see about that.” Pratt chuckled before he ended the call. With a great, big contented grin on his face Chris Pratt continued to watch the football game… with the dildo still buried in his ass.

Chapter Text

There are many places in Hollywood where male celebrities can hook-up with each other discretely and have the most mind-blowing sex of their lives. Some of these places are more popular and more kinky than others. One such location is most-commonly known simply as; “The Dungeon”.

To most people the building appears to be just an expensive fitness centre for an exclusive client list of men in L.A., but in reality it’s just the main floor of Hollywood’s favourite hook-up spot. There’s an underground section that serves as a sex club catering to a wide range of famous men; actors, athletes, models, and more.

On this particular day actor Kellan Lutz was working-out there to attract some attention. He was in the main weight room, holding a dumbbell in each hand. He was wearing a red tank top that hugged his muscular torso, his bare arms on display as he lifted the weights.

Lots of guys were watching his huge biceps flex with each arm curl.

Kellan was hoping to catch the eye of a horny director or movie producer who would want to showcase his beefcake body for their next project, but he was having no such luck so far.

Suddenly one of the other guys working-out stepped over to Lutz. “Hey bro, how’s it goin’?” He asked with a confident smile.

Alright I guess…” Kellan replied nonchalantly. He looked at him and took a moment to recognize him. “You’re the dude with the big Superman booty, right?” He asked.

“Yup, that’s me. Tyler Hoechlin.” The other man answered.

Kellan set down the weights and held out his hand to shake. “Nice to meet you. I’m guessing you already know who I am.” He smirked at him.

Tyler shook hands with Kellan and felt how strong his grip is. “Yeah I know who you are, man. I was wonderin’ if you’d like to have some fun?” He looked Lutz right in the eye and grinned at him.

Kellan raised an eyebrow as he stared back at Hoechlin. “What kinda’ fun you have in mind?” He asked, licking his lips.

“I was thinking you might like to get more acquainted with my booty…” Tyler whispered.

Lutz reached around and grabbed the other man’s ass, feeling those meaty buttocks through his gym shorts. “Yeah… I think I’d like that.” He replied.

All the other guys in the room were watching them intently, getting turned-on by their exchange.

“Alright bro, let’s head down to The Dungeon and get busy.” Hoechlin said, getting excited.

Kellan laughed. “We’re already in The Dungeon, dude…”

“Yeah, but… y’know we’re supposed to go downstairs, right?” Tyler asked, confused.

“Fuck that! I’m ready to go right now!” Lutz exclaimed. He grabbed the television actor and pushed him down onto a bench.

Hoechlin placed his palms flat against the bench to brace himself but Kellan suddenly pulled down his shorts; exposing his ass and genitals. “Dude, what the fuck!?” He shouted in dismay.

All the other guys gasped or laughed as they watched Lutz publicly humiliate the other man.

“Calm down, you’re gonna’ enjoy this!” Kellan declared before giving Tyler a hard spank. He then knelt behind him, gripped his bare cheeks and motorboated his plump ass.

The crowd of guys watching cheered and hollered for Kellan.

Hoechlin blushed as the group of men gathered around and watched as Lutz began sloppily eating his butthole.

Most of the guys whistled or made lewd remarks.

After slurping on Tyler’s taint and tongueing his anus Kellan stood back up and dropped his own gym shorts; exposing his throbbing 9’’ cock. “I think it’s about time I give this super-booty the pounding it deserves, huh?” He asked aloud to the cluster of men grouped around them.

They enthusiastically cheered him on. Most of them were groping their own bulging crotches.

Lutz gripped Hoechlin’s body with one hand on his shoulder and the other on his waist and then lined his cockhead up with the other man’s asshole.

Tyler nervously arched his back, hoping that getting into the ‘bottom-boy” position would make this fuck less painful.

Kellan thrust his hips forward; using the full strength of his muscular body to impale Tyler with his prick. “Ahhhhhh yes!” He moaned.

Hoechlin winced with pain as his anus was stretched to accommodate Lutz’s girth.

Kellan peeled off his tank top and started to really thrust his body to plow Tyler hard.

The horny crowd continued to leer at this white-hot display of exhibitionism.

The cocky young stud lifted his arms and placed his hands behind his head as he swung his hips back and forth; really showing off his big biceps, blonde armpits and shredded abs. Lutz noticed some older men at the back of the crowd checking him out. He assumed they were probably movie producers scouting for hot actors and he immediately wanted to impress them. “Aww fuck yeah, man! I’m gonna’ nut in yer ass soon!” He shouted out loud.

Tyler was still blushing, he wasn’t comfortable with all these guys watching him get fucked. He was feeling hot and tried to take his shirt off but was unable to while getting rammed so hard.

“What’s the matter, bro? Need to cool off?” Lutz taunted him before he grabbed Hoechlin’s shirt and ripped it off his body.

“That better?” He grabbed the other man by the shoulders and forced his head down onto the bench while fucking him rougher and faster than before.

The crowd was really cheering Kellan on now, most of the guys had whipped their cocks out and were jerking off.

“Aww yeah! This ass definitely lives up to the hype!” Kellan yelled as he spanked Tyler a few more times, leaving a large red handprint on his butt. “Fuuuuuck yeeeeeahhhhh!” He threw his head back and let out a long moan as he reached orgasm.

Without touching himself Hoechlin’s dick had gone hard just from being fucked and humiliated in public. As he felt his ass get filled with Lutz’s seed and watched the other men blow their loads all over the floor, Tyler started to cum as well and shot his spunk beneath him.

After Kellan’s orgam subsided he was still breathing heavily, his chest heaving. He stepped back, sliding his softening cock out of Tyler’s hole and letting his semen slowly drip out.

One of the older men came up beside Lutz while he was slapping high-fives with some guys from the crowd and whispered an offer in his ear.

“Sure, that sounds great.” Kellan replied with a smirk. He simply draped his gym shorts on his shoulder and left with the man, totally unashamed to be strutting around buck naked.

Hoechlin stood up and quickly pulled his shorts back on. As he left, a lot of the men in the gym laughed at the large wet spot that formed over his ass.

It wasn’t until he left The Dungeon that Hoechlin began to fully process what happened. The handsome young actor realized that he enjoyed being violated and humiliated in public. Tyler knew this wouldn’t be his last time visiting The Dungeon for some public action.

Chapter Text

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt were all on vacation and decided to meet-up for another weekend at Hemsworth’s private California beach house. After they all arrived they spent a good amount of time on the beach throwing a football around and roughhousing with each other, all while only wearing their swimming trunks. Their sweaty muscles were glistening in the summer heat as they ran and jumped across the sand.

Once they were done Hemsworth clapped his hands together and addressed the other two. “Alright boys that’s enough fun in the sun, time to show you the latest addition to my little getaway.” He said, his bare chest heaving as he was still catching his breath. Drops of sweat slid down his beefcake pecs. He lead them to a large outdoor shower that had been recently constructed near the house.

“Nice… pretty big.” Evans said, looking it over.

“Had to make sure it was big enough for me and my best mates.” The Australian hunk replied, grinning at the other two.

“Time to get outta’ these trunks then, huh?” Pratt chuckled as he stepped out of his swimwear; exposing his big, hairy cock and balls.

“Got that right…” Hemsworth replied as he and Evans stripped nude as well. They gathered under the showerhead and Hemsworth turned on the hot water. The warm liquid sprayed down on them and Hemsworth passed the other guys some soap.

The three men began lathering their bodies but it wasn’t long until their hands turned to each other.

As the water cascaded over their firm, brawny physiques the trio of superhero studs moved their soapy hands over each other, cleaning their hot muscles. Their fingers tracing along the definition of their sculpted flesh.

“Thanks for inviting me to another one of these weekend get-togethers, buddy.” Pratt said as he trailed a hand down Hemsworth’s abs.
“It’s my pleasure, mate.” The Aussie replied coyly.
“You can say that again. This needs to be a summer tradition for us from now on.” Evans added while squeezing one of Pratt’s buttocks in the palm of his hand.
“Definitely.” Pratt remarked, groping one of Evans’ hirsute pecs with his other hand and then pinching the nipple hard.

“Sounds like a plan then!” Hemsworth declared with a wide grin.

All three men felt of rush of blood to their manhood as they washed each other, their shafts going stiff and sticking out from their now sudsy pubic bushes.
“Should tossing around that football be a part of our tradition as well?” Hemsworth asked.

“As long as you wear those loose trunks, yeah. I thought for sure they were gonna’ fall off ya’ a few times.” Evans laughs.

“Yeah, I was ready for the full moon.” Pratt added, joining in the laughter.

“Is that so? Well you got the full moon now boys!” Hemsworth said as he turned and shook his ass at the other men, showing off his taut buttocks.
The other two laughed and spanked their host.

“How about I regale my guests with an erotic tale about my rear-end?” Hemsworth asked.

Evans and Pratt gave each other an intrigued look before nodding their heads in response.

Hemsworth chuckled naughtily and he grinned at the other men as he turned off the water to start his story. “While we were growing up in Australia me and my brothers were always playin’ pranks on each other and gettin’ into trouble with our rowdy behaviour…” He began explaining.

The other two actors gave him their full attention, they were eager to hear about some hot incestuous action between the three Hemsworth brothers and enjoyed listening to his sexy Australian accent.

“Once while me and Luke were teens I decided to play a prank on his birthday. I went into his room while he was still sleepin’ that mornin’ and I pulled down my pants and squatted my bare arse right above his face so the first thing he’d see when he woke up was my full moon.” Hemsworth said, laughing.

Evans and Pratt laughed along with him.

“So I shouted for him to wake up and he pops his eyes open to be greeted with sight of my fanny and the family jewels hanging above his face!” Hemsworth couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“What a way to wake up!” Pratt shouted.

“Yeah, so what did he do?” Evans asked.

“Well boys he decided to surprise me and stuck his tongue right up my arsehole!” Hemsworth replied. “I didn’t know what the hell to do so I just stayed there while he slobbered on my hole and licked my balls. And that’s how I found out my older brother loves to eat arse.” Hemsworth recounted.

Evans and Pratt flashed their host a couple of dirty grins. “I’m guessing he’s spent a lot of time eating your ass, huh?” Evans remarked.

“Ohh yes… Once Liam got older, Luke taught him how to give rimjobs by practicing on my arse. Luke’s quite talented with his tongue and we gave him the nickname; ‘Luke the arse-licker’.” Hemsworth replied.

“Yeah? I’ll bet he loves your new fetish for filling your asshole with whip-cream.” Pratt said, winking at the Aussie stud.

Hemsworth chuckled again. “That he does! He can’t get enough of my creampies…”

The three men shared a bawdy laugh.

“Me and the brothers christened this new shower actually.” Hemsworth admitted.

“Damn! I’d have loved to watch that!” Pratt exclaimed.

“Hell yeah, nothing like some ‘brotherly love’...” Evans added in a naughty tone.

“You know all about that…” Hemsworth remarked coyly, referencing Evans’ incestuous relationship with his brother Scott.

“You know what they say; ‘incest is best, put your brother to the test’,” Evans said shamelessly.

“Who says that?!” Pratt blurted out laughing.

“Guys whose brother has a tight ass, that’s who!” Evans shouted. He and Hemsworth shared another dirty laugh and high-fived each other.

“Alright, alright pervs… How about I tell a story now, huh?” Pratt asked.

“Ok! Go ahead, Mr. I-don’t-fuck-my-own-brother!” Evans taunted him.

“Yeah. Let’s hear what you’ve got, mate.” Hemsworth replied.

“I’ll tell ya’ a dirty fuckin’ story, boys. This is something that happened while I was filming Jurassic World.” Pratt declared.

Pratt began telling his story. “So one day after filming I’m in my trailer and I hear a knock on the door. I open it and it’s Nick Robinson, the young guy who played the teen my character had to protect in that movie.

Anyway, he says he wants to hang out with me so I let him in. I can tell right away that this kid is hungry for cock, I mean he wants it bad.” He explained.

Evans and Hemsworth smirked as they listened.

“So after a couple of minutes of listenin’ to him try act casual and make small talk I just tell him; ‘Hey kid, I know you want the D’.” Pratt said.
The other two laughed.

“Did ya’ really say it like that?” Evans asked.

“Who gives a shit how I said it, the point is; I let him know that I knew he was lookin’ to get laid.” Pratt replied before continuing with the story. “So he gets all nervous and says; ‘Actually there’s something else I want, Mr. Pratt’. So I look at him and say; ‘What is it ya’ want?’ And this twink tells me he wants me to put my fist right up his ass!” Pratt recounted.

“Ohhh shit! He wanted you to fist him?” Evans exclaimed.

“Now that’s a dirty boy…” Hemsworth chuckled naughtily.

“Yep. I told him I’d never fisted anyone before but I was willin’ to give it a try. So next thing ya’ know he’s naked on all fours with his tight little ass in the air for me...” Pratt continued.

Evans and Hemsworth grinned at their fellow superhero sex-symbol, eager to hear more.

“So I greased up my hand with lube and started to slip my fingers in Nick’s asshole.” Pratt made the motion of sliding his fingers forward while telling his story. “I manage to get my knuckles and most of my thumb in when it hits me; this ain’t his first time takin’ a guy’s whole hand up his ass. I ask him if this is his special kink and he tells me he’s been dreamin’ about riding my forearm.” Pratt explained.

“Woooahhh!” Evans and Hemsworth exclaimed simultaneously.

“Ohh yeah, boys. Robinson is a real fist slut. So after I push into him up to my wrist he starts moaning and begging me to fuck him with my arm. I start thrustin’ my arm and I’m basically punchin’ this twink in the prostate!” Pratt laughed.

“Jesus Christ…” Evans chuckled.

“Yeah. I guess I fisted him good ‘cause he blew his load without even touchin’ his dick. I ended-up jerkin’ off on his face too.” Pratt concluded.
“Damn mate, that was a good story.” Hemsworth said and he and Evans clapped.

“Yeah, but now it’s my turn to tell a story.” Evans declared. “And I think it’s time we got back to the subject of brother-fucking.” He added with a naughty smirk.
“Sounds good to me…” Hemsworth replied.

“Alright. Let’s hear what ya’ got, brother-fucker.” Pratt joked.

“This is the story of a very special birthday for Scott Evans…” The Captain America star began. “I surprised Scott at his place wearing nothing but my infamous ‘whip-cream bikini’ from Not Another Teen Movie.” Evans described.

“Mmmmm yeah! When you had the whip-cream all over your arse and the banana between your cheeks.” Hemsworth recalled, getting excited as it appealed to his particular fetish.

“That’s right, except this time ‘Happy Birthday Scott’ was spelled out over my abs in frosting. Needless to say, Scott was thrilled with this surprise.” Evans continued with a cocky smirk.

“So I’m standing in front of him with my hands on my hips and he quickly strips nude, comes up to me and we kiss...” Evans recounted, raising his eyebrow in a seductive way for his friends.

Both Pratt and Hemsworth were getting really hot at the mental image.

“Scott licked all the whip-cream and frosting off my naked body; his tongue all over my pecs, my six-pack, my crotch…” Evans described sensuously. “It all felt so good, especially when he swiped his tongue along my cock...” He moaned.

The other two men couldn’t help but gently stroke their own erections. They were getting really horny listening to this incestuous experience.

Evans was really painting a vivid picture with his story. “Then I turned around for him so he could get at my ass, he licked me clean and ate my banana. And then I let him fuck me in the ass. I don’t usually bottom for him but hey... it was his birthday, least I could do.” Evans said, shrugging his shoulders casually. He knew the other guys were enraptured listening to his erotic memory. “Course I fucked him too after that. Gave it to him wicked hard!” He exclaimed using his Boston accent and thrusting his hips forward in an obscene gesture.

“Fuck… I uhh… think I need to take it up the ass myself…” Pratt admitted.

“How about I help you with that, buddy?” Evans asked, slyly reaching around to grope the Guardian of the Galaxy star’s beefy buttocks.

“How about I help you with that too?” Hemsworth added, getting a kinky idea.

“So you guys wanna’ take turns with me, huh?” Pratt said, smirking arrogantly at his buddies.

“That’s not what I had in mind.” Hemsworth replied.

“Ohh? What do you have planned?” Evans inquired, looking at the Aussie.

Hemsworth chuckled deviously. “How about we fuck him together… at the same time… Catch my drift?” He teased, smirking at the other two actors.

Pratt’s eyes widen in realization. “You mean double-stuff my ass again? Nuh-uh! No way! Negative good buddies! Not doin’ that again!” He protested.

“What? Come on bro, you loved it last time!” Evans replied, confused.

“Ohh yeah, I loved it while your cocks were in my ass… the next few days after was a different story. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again no matter how much you tempted me.” Pratt explained, crossing his arms over his chest.

Evans and Hemsworth laughed out loud.

“Ohh yeah! Now I remember, he couldn’t walk straight for a whole week!” Evans bellowed, slapping Pratt on the back.

“I loved watching his ass wobble when he tried to walk away from the bed that night.” Hemsworth added, pinching one of Pratt’s buttocks.
“Yeah well it’s not happenin’ again, guys.” Pratt declared in defiance.

“You’re really telling us you don’t want another ‘2-for-1’ special?” Evans teased.

“But you know we do it so well…” Hemsworth said. He and Evans stepped in front of each other and started rubbing their cocks together.

“Sure ya’ don’t want this, bro?” Evans asked before he and Hemsworth started making-out while they kept frotting.

Pratt stared at them longingly. “Shit… I’m gonna’ hate myself tomorrow.” He cursed.

The Captain America and Thor stars continued to kiss, their beards rubbing together while they grinded their throbbing erections against each other.
“Fuck! Come on guys, you’re not playin’ fair…” Pratt groaned, stroking his cock as he watched his fuckbuds go at it.

Evans and Hemsworth moaned and began groping each other’s arms and chests as they kept their hot and heavy make-out/frottage session going.
“Alright I give in! I give in! 2-for-1 special my ass! You guys suck!” Pratt babbled as his will crumbled to his libido.

The other two men broke their kiss and laughed deviously.

“Just couldn’t resist us, ya’ dumbass!” Evans taunted his friend.

“Yeah, yeah. Less talk, more cock!” Pratt replied. Hemsworth got behind Pratt while Evans got in front of him and they both squatted while he planted his feet wide apart.

The two men pushed their cockheads against Pratt’s asshole and then slid in, their rigid shafts pressed together as they double-penetrated their buddy’s ass.

“Ohhhh God, I regret this already!” Pratt shouted, wincing. “Chris you stupid whore…” He muttered to himself.

Evans and Hemsworth just chuckled as they stuffed the beefy hunk’s ass with their combined manhood and began fucking him together.

“Ohh yeah! Holy shit… I remember why I loved this the first time!” Pratt moaned. He couldn’t help but start thrusting his hips up and down, bouncing his big ass on their cocks.

“Everyone always comes back for the 2-for-1 special…” Evans sighed, loving the sensation of his cock frotting with Hemsworth’s while gripped by Pratt’s ass.
Pratt kissed Evans on the mouth and they licked each other’s tongues a bit before Hemsworth poked his head around and joined them for a 3-way kiss. The three men were kissing together while groping each other’s slick muscles, all while giving Pratt an expert double-fucking.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star couldn’t help but start panting as he was sandwiched by the other two superhero studs and plowed by their thick poles. Evans played with his pecs while Hemsworth stroked his arms. Pratt was in Heaven with these two men.

Evans and Hemsworth picked up their pace, their balls smacking together as they thrust their hips.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhhh!” Pratt moaned, tilting his head back and shutting his eyes. He grabbed his own prick and jacked himself with a firm grip.

“That’s it bro, get ready to cum…” Evans breathed out slowly.

“We’re gonna’ fill your arse with our seed.” Hemsworth whispered in Pratt’s ear.

“Fuck yeah boys! I want it! I need it bad! Ohhhhh God…” Pratt moaned.

“Ohh yeah, we can feel your ass squeezing our pricks!” Evans grunted through gritted teeth.

“Yesss! Milk our cocks, mate…” Hemsworth panted.

Pratt jerked his cock and brought himself to the edge. “Fuck!” He growled out loud as he bust his nuts, his cum spurting out all over his and Evans’ abs.
“Ohhhhh shit!” Evans hollered, feeling Pratt’s anus clench around their shafts as his body tightened in orgasm.

“Yeeeeeahhhh!” Hemsworth bellowed as he and Evans shot their hot loads deep into Pratt’s stretched ass.

The trio of men held each other as they came, their bodies flexing and pulsing in ecstasy. They were all breathing heavy, their chests heaving as they panted. Eventually Evans and Hemsworth pulled their softening dicks out of Pratt’s ass.

“Ok… that was totally worth it… but…” Pratt started to say.

“But what, dude?” Evans asked, smirking at his buddy.

Pratt shook his head. “But that was the last time you’re gonna’ do that to me. Owww!” He groaned, rubbing his ass.

Evans and Hemsworth laughed again.

“How about we carry this poor boy back to the house?” Hemsworth asked.

“Yeah! I’m gonna’ need that…” Pratt replied.

“Ok, but I’m gonna’ carry him by the ass!” Evans teased.

The guys rinsed off in the shower one last time before Evans and Hemsworth grabbed Pratt; Hemsworth held him around the torso while Evans held him by the hips.

Pratt closed his eyes and leaned his head back against Hemsworth’s chest as they lifted him up. “Thanks for this guys. I think my ass might actually be more sore than last time… didn’t think that was possible…” Pratt opened his eyes and saw the guys were carrying him back across the beach “Hey! What are ya’ doin’?” He exclaimed as they brought him to the shore.

“We thought your sore ass would like to go for a swim!” Evans shouted before they tossed him into the water.

Evans and Hemsworth laughed with delight as Pratt scrambled up out of the waves.

“Ohhh you fuckers! Wait till I get my hands on you!” Pratt shouted before he started to run after them. “Ohh shit!” He cursed as his asshole stung, causing him to stop mid-run.

Evans and Hemsworth nearly toppled over laughing. “Catch us if ya’ can, buddy!” Evans teased Pratt before he and Hemsworth dashed towards the house.
Pratt could only watch their round, muscular asses bounce as they sprinted in front of him. He limped after them.

“Chris you stupid whore…” He growled to himself, but he couldn’t help but smirk. “Totally worth it though…” He chuckled feeling his buddies cum dripping down his meaty thighs. As he walked up onto the porch his saw Evans and Hemsworth were inside making-out again in front of the sliding glass door.

The two gorgeous men stopped their kiss when they suddenly heard a wet smack. They looked over and saw Pratt’s ass pressed against the glass, smearing it with their cum.

“How’s that for a full moon!” Pratt taunted.

“That is one hell of a pressed-ham...” Evans said, staring at his ass.

“So the 2-for-1 special is gonna’ be apart of our summer tradition, right?” Hemsworth asked, staring at their friend’s bare butt as well.

“Stupid fuckers!” Pratt shouted, laughing as he flipped them the bird with each hand while he kept rubbing his ass and balls on the glass.

Evans licked his lips. “Ohhh yeah… definitely.” He replied.

Chapter Text

Tom Holland was spending the weekend in an expensive L.A. hotel courtesy of Marvel studios. He had already checked-in at the front desk and was in the elevator heading up to his luxury suite. Tom had packed light, carrying only a single bag with him. He had been guaranteed that everything was paid for and prepared for him as a congratulatory favour for his first superhero movie soon premiering. The young actor stepped up to the door to his suite, opened it and stepped inside.

“SURPRISE!” Three men shouted as Holland walked through the door.

Tom froze in place and dropped his bag on the floor in shock. His eyes bulged and his mouth gaped as he took in the sight before him.
Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt were all standing in his hotel suite completely nude. They laughed at the comical expression on his face.
“Congratulations dude!” Pratt cheered as the three men started clapping.

“We’re here to celebrate your first Marvel superhero movie!” Evans said, grinning at Tom.

“Consider us your reward for a job well done…” Hemsworth added in a seductive tone.

“Hooooooly shit!” Holland exclaimed. “This is one hell of a surprise boys!”

The trio of superhero studs laughed again.

“We knew you’d like it.” Evans replied.

“But the real fun is about to begin.” Hemsworth stated.

“Yeah boy, get yer clothes off!” Pratt urged him with a naughty grin.

Tom didn’t need to be asked twice to get nude. He quickly stripped out of clothes and walked over to the older men. “So how do we start?” He asked, almost bouncing with excitement.

The other guys chuckled mischievously.

“That’s all up to you, buddy.” Pratt replied.

“Yeah, we’re here for your pleasure.” Evans stated.

“You can enjoy us however you want.” Hemsworth added.

“Wow…” Holland breathed out slowly. He was shorter than these older men and he stood in front of them staring at their pecs.

Evans was in the centre, his large pecs were hirsute with his small pink nipples peeking through his chest hair.

Pratt was on Tom’s left, his firm pectorals had a light coverage of hair and tiny nipples.

Hemsworth was to the right and his swole pecs were smooth with large red nips.

The younger actor took turns exploring each man’s muscular breasts with his mouth; his tongue sweeping over their brawny flesh, sometimes stopping on their nipples to gently nibble with his teeth or suckle on them.

“Damn this boy is thirsty!” Pratt joked as Holland sucked on one of his nips, making the other guys laugh again.

“Ouch!” Evans exclaimed after Tom clamped his teeth on his nipple harder than the young man intended. “You bit me…”

“Ohh sorry man, it was an accident.” The Spider-Man star apologized.

“Don’t be sorry bro, it felt good.” Evans replied with a wink.

“Don’t be afraid to chew on mine....” Hemsworth purred when Tom turned his attention to him.

Holland eagerly gnawed on the Aussie hunk’s tough nips.

After feasting on their pecs Tom got down on his knees and focused on these studly actors’ impressive manhood. He licked their thick, veiny shafts and slobbered on their big, hairy balls.

The older men moaned with pleasure whenever their cock was getting licked and sucked and they ran their fingers through the younger man’s hair as he serviced them.

It wasn’t long before Tom had them all hard and throbbing. “Ok, now turn around guys.” He asked them, eager to get at their asses next.

The Chrises turned and presented their beefy rear-ends.

Pratt’s buff buttocks had a nice amount of short hair between the cheeks.

Evans’ legendary Captain America bubble-butt had a hairy taint as well.

And Hemsworth’s muscular Aussie arse was smooth but still sweaty.

Holland wasted no time getting his tongue acquainted with their delicious man-cunts. He ate them out vigorously, slurping up every drop of sweat. “Why does your arse taste… sugary?” He asked after he finished tongue-fucking Hemsworth’s butthole.

“Don’t ask!” Evans and Pratt simultaneously exclaimed in response.

The Thor star just chuckled in amusement.

“Ok… well I think I’m ready to start getting fucked.” Tom said as he stood up. “I want you all to have a turn with me.” He quickly laid back on the bed with his legs spread wide.

The three Chrises stood at the foot of the bed waiting to see who was up first.

“You first Pratt.” Holland said, smiling at the Guardians of the galaxy hunk.

Pratt got on the bed on his hands and knees and smirked down at Tom. “This is gonna’ hurt little man, but you’re gonna’ love it…” He mounted the younger man, sliding his girthy prick deep inside him until his balls pressed against Holland’s ass.

“Ohhhhhh shit!” Tom cursed as his tight ass was filled by this beefy fucker.

Pratt didn’t hold back as he began fucking the lad. His thick manhood stretched Holland’s anus as he rocked his hips back and forth.

Evans and Hemsworth whistled and clapped as they watched their buddy show off his impressive skill as a top.

Pratt chuckled, enjoying the attention and increasing the speed of his thrusts. His balls were already slapping against the young man’s ass.

Tom’s mouth was wide open as he moaned and panted. “Ohhhh god...! Ohhhh fuck this is good...!” He gripped the older man tightly, feeling his firm, muscular arms.

Sweat dripped off of Pratt’s chest and armpits as he kept thrusting harder. “You’re lovin’ it! Aren’t ya’ boy?” He asked with a naughty grin.

“Yes! Ohhhh God yes, I love it!” Holland moaned in response.

“Ya’ want my cum inside you, don’t ya’ boy?” Pratt laughed arrogantly.

“Yes! Give it to me! Seed my hole... please!” Tom begged.

“Here it CUMS!” Pratt shouted. His balls tightened-up and he began shooting his load into the young actor. He grunted like a wild animal as his body flexed in orgasm, sweat dripping all over him. “Ahhh yeah…” He groaned in satisfaction.

“Wow… ohh wow…” Holland breathed out heavily.

Pratt pulled his softening dick out and then moved aside. “Who’s up next?” He asked.

“He… Hemsworth.” Tom replied, still trying to catch his breath.

The tall Aussie stud knelt on the bed and lifted up the young Spider-Man star’s waist to meet his crotch. “Just let me know when you’re ready.” He said, smiling down at him reassuringly.

“Yeah, I’m ready now. Go for it.” Tom replied.

Hemsworth slowly pushed forward, sliding that long cock of his into Holland’s already well-fucked asshole. The Australian heartthrob used his strength to hold the younger man still while he slid his shaft back and forth.

“Oooohhh that feels good!” Tom purred happily.

“I know how to fuck an arse that’s already taken a good pounding. Just ask my brothers…” Hemsworth proudly explained.

“Fuck that’s hot.” Holland replied, getting really turned on by the thought of the hunky Thor actor fucking both his older and younger brother.

Hemsworth flashed a wide smile down at Tom. “Me and my brothers really know how to push each other’s buttons…”

“And by ‘buttons’ he means prostates.” Evans joked, causing everyone to laugh.

“I won’t deny that…” Hemsworth replied. He started to speed-up the rhythm of his thrusts; pushing his cock against Holland’s sweet spot repeatedly.
“Ohhhh fuck that feels amazing!” Tom moaned as his asshole clenched around the Aussie’s throbbing shaft.

“Mmmmmmm yes!” Hemsworth tossed his head back as ecstasy washed over his body and he emptied his balls into the younger man’s ass.

After Hemsworth finished and moved aside Evans got up on the bed. “It’s just you and me now, buddy.” He said, smirking at Holland seductively. “You were smart to save the best for laugh.”

Pratt and Hemsworth both grunted in response to that remark, but they weren’t really offended by their friend’s cocky attitude.

“I’m gonna’ ask you to get on all fours for this.” Evans said, winking at Tom.

The younger man obediently complied; rolling over and then getting on his hands and knees with his ass raised in the air.

The Captain America stud looked at the cum dripping out of Holland’s poor asshole and plugged it with his cockhead. “I like it when a guy is all lubed all-up for me with other men’s spunk.” He said before he suddenly slammed his hips forward, driving his entire cock into Tom.

“Ohhhh shiiiiit!” The Spider-Man actor yelled in pain.

Evans smiled. “Don’t worry; it’s been a while since I fucked a twink like you, but I know what you boys like...” He reassured him before he started swinging his hips.
Pratt and Hemsworth were lying on either side of the Spider-Man star, watching him get drilled.

“Goddamn dude! Your ass is still a lot tighter than I thought it’d be!” Evans groaned as he kept plowing the younger man, his low-hangers smacking against Holland’s balls.

Tom was panting heavily as he took this expert pounding from this superhero sex symbol. “Ohhh God…! Ohhhhh fuck yes…! I think I’m finally going to cum!” He moaned.

“Yeah, cum for me! Cum for Captain America!” Evans shouted excitedly.

“OHHHH GOD!!!” The young man howled as Evans’ cock rammed into him just right. Without even touching himself his cock sprayed his jizz all over the bed beneath him.

“YEEEAHHH!!!” Evans roared, feeling Tom’s ass clench and milk his own manhood.

All four actors were now laying in a pile on the hotel bed, soaking in their combined sweat.

“Ohhh shit!” Tom suddenly cursed.

“What is it, dude?” Evans asked, confused.

“How am I going to explain this to my boyfriend, Harrison?” The young man replied.

The trio of Chrises laughed as they continued to cuddle with Holland.

“You’re afraid he’s gonna’ be jealous?” Hemsworth asked.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Pratt added.

“No! He’s gonna’ be so upset if he finds out I got gangbanged by you guys and he didn’t get to watch!” Tom exclaimed, feeling guilty.
The three older men laughed again, even harder this time.

“Don’t worry buddy, we already got you covered. There are cameras in this room that are recording everything that’s gonna’ happen this weekend.” Evans explained pointing up to one of the security cameras mounted on the wall.

Tom gasped. “Whoa! Didn’t notice those...” He then started to laugh. “Well... now I know what I’m giving Harrison for his next birthday!”

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman had Taron Egerton wrapped around his finger, actually it would be more accurate to say wrapped around his cock. That’s what Taron spent most of his time with Hugh doing, riding his massive cock. Ever since they had done a movie together Hugh had been fucking Taron and Taron became obsessed with Hugh’s cock. Like every young man who had the pleasure of being one of Jackman’s bottom-boys the sexy British lad couldn’t get enough of that thick slab of Australian meat.

Hugh had a private house in L.A. where he liked to take his sexual conquests and Taron had been spending a lot of time there lately. They were there today, in the bedroom as usual. Both men were already nude; Hugh was sitting on the edge of the bed with his cock stiff and throbbing, while Taron was on his hands and knees beneath him.

“Are you hungry, boy?” Jackman asked, smirking down at the younger man.

“Yes sir! I’m very hungry for your cock, Daddy!” Egerton replied enthusiastically. He was staring up at the older man’s prick lovingly, licking his lips in anticipation.

“Beg for Daddy’s cock, boy…” Hugh said sternly, enjoying his power over the young stud.

“Please, Daddy… I really need your cock, sir…” Taron moaned desperately. He had abstained from any sex for over a month at Hugh’s request and he was craving for release like never before.

The Aussie hunk grinned down at the young man. “Ok boy, put your mouth on my cock.” He said, finally giving him permission.

Egerton immediately rose up to a kneeling position and grabbed Jackman’s erection.

Hugh slapped his hands away. “I said; put your mouth on my cock, not your hands!” He chuckled as he corrected him.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry daddy…” Taron apologised before he placed his hands on Hugh’s thighs and then swallowed his cockhead. He could taste the older man’s pre-cum before he closed his eyes and slowly went down on the girthy shaft.

Jackman groaned and ran his fingers through Egerton’s hair as he swallowed his manhood. “Good boy…” He sighed peacefully, Hugh had trained Taron to overcome his gag reflex.

The young British actor went down on Jackman all the way; his cock lodged in his throat while his nose was buried in sweaty pubes. Taron inhaled deeply, loving the scent of Hugh’s musk while he coated the older man’s shaft with his saliva.

“Yeah! That’s it… good boy. Good boy…” Jackman moaned to himself.

Egerton pulled back and started really sucking on Hugh’s cock, his head bobbing up and down as he serviced his dominant lover.

“Ohhhh yes! You’re one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever had!” Jackman exclaimed, chuckling naughtily. “You’re gonna’ make Daddy cum!”

Taron kept sucking on that massive Aussie prick, licking the underside of the shaft and using lots of saliva. He savoured the taste of his manhood.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!” Hugh growled, puffing out his chest. His eyes closed as orgasm gripped his body. He shot multiple ropes of spunk into Egerton’s mouth.
Taron happily drank Jackman’s semen, not wasting a single drop.

“Fuck yeah! I missed your mouth.” Hugh said as he pulled the younger man off his cock.

“I missed your cock, Daddy!” Egerton replied, brightly smiling up at him.

Jackman pulled him into a deep kiss.

The two men made-out hot and heavy, both of them enjoying the taste of Hugh’s cum in Taron’s mouth. The younger man always loved kissing with the Wolverine star and feeling his beard tickle his skin.

Jackman pulled Egerton up off the floor into a tight embrace.

Taron mounted Hugh’s lap and started to rub his hard cock against the older man’s still semi-hard penis. Soon the two men were engaged in an intense frottage session, grinding their manhood together and feeling the pleasure radiate through their hips.

The Aussie stud threw the younger man down onto the bed and then laid on top of him, humping their cocks against each other.

Taron reached around and groped Hugh’s hairy, muscular ass.

“Are you ready to feel my cock inside you again, boy?” Jackman asked, grinning at Egerton.

“Ohhhh God yes, Daddy! I need it so bad!” The handsome British lad begged.

Hugh repositioned himself and pressed his cockhead against Taron’s asshole. “Feels nice and tight again, looks like you followed my orders…” He groaned.
“Of course Daddy, I didn’t let anyone else fuck me. I’d never disobey you.” Egerton replied.

“Good. I’m gonna’ stretch your hole back out now.” Jackman chuckled wickedly before ramming his massive cock inside the young man.

“Ohhhh God! Ohhhh fuck my arse!” Taron moaned out loud.

Hugh started to laugh, always amused at how the pain of being fucked by his thick, 11’’ cock turned his fuckboys on. Every one of them loved getting their twinky asses split in half by his huge Australian manhood. Jackman had fucked all of the young men who had been in the X-Men franchise, but Shawn Ashmore, Nicholas Hoult and Ben Hardy had the best asses and mouths. And although he hadn’t admitted to him, Taron had become Hugh’s all-time favourite twink.
“Ohhhhh God yes! Fuck my arse Daddy, fuck me hard!” Egerton pleaded to the older man.

Jackman obliged him; thrusting his hips with long, powerful strokes, sliding his long shaft back and forth over his prostate.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Taron panted, loving every second of having Hugh inside him again.

Jackman grinned as he maintained eye-contact with Egerton and kept slamming his hips into him. “You really missed my cock, didn’t you?” He teased the young man.

“Ohhh yes, Daddy! Your cock is the best I’ve ever had!” Taron replied like a lovestruck puppy.

Hugh laughed again. “That’s what I like to hear!” He exclaimed, driving his cock into the lad even harder. “You want me to cum in your arse?”

“Yes! Ohh please, Daddy! I need to feel your cum inside me again...” Egerton begged desperately, staring into his eyes.

“You’ve been a good boy… and I’m gonna’ reward you with what good boys love the most… their Daddy’s cum!” Jackman said, grinning from ear-to-ear. The two men moaned and panted together until Hugh started to bust his nuts for the second time. “AHHHHHHH YESSS!!!” The mature hunk howled with pleasure.
Taron’s cock was rubbing against Hugh’s abs and he simply whimpered as he began to cum, spraying his load against his lover’s hairy six-pack.

Jackman kept moaning and growling as he emptied his balls into Egerton. “Fuck boy… God your arse is good…” Sweat slid off his ripped chest onto the lad.

“Dad… that was… great.” Taron panted as he smiled up at Hugh dreamily.

“Yes it was…” Jackman chuckled contentedly.

The two men laid there cuddling together for a while, soaking in sweat and cum.

“God I love playing father and son with you.” Egerton says, stroking one of Hugh’s muscular arms that he wrapped around him.

“The feeling’s mutual. I’m glad I came up with the idea for you to go without sex for a while but I never thought you’d actually do it!” Jackman laughed.
“It wasn’t easy but it was worth it in the end…” Taron replies.

“Yes it was. Thanks for being such a good son.” The Aussie stud whispered before leaning his head over and kissing the younger man on the lips.
Egerton kissed him back. “Anything to make you happy, Daddy…”

Chapter Text

Stephen Amell was doing what he does best, showing off at the gym. Of course this wasn’t just any normal gym, this was “The Dungeon” the notorious fitness centre/sex club frequented by some of the sexiest men in the entertainment industry. Amell was currently climbing the “salmon ladder” a piece of athletic training equipment he uses on his television show Arrow. He was thrusting his body, using his impressive core strength and all while wearing nothing but a pair of gym shorts. Stephen’s cock swung freely each time he went up a rung on the ladder.

The Canadian-born actor loved flaunting his body like this and there were plenty of guys around to admire his chiseled physique.

Most of the guys working out had slowed down, taking it easy so they could spare plenty of glances at Amell. Some had stopped their workout routines entirely so they could sit and watch the sexy tv star.

Stephen could feel sweat running down his skin; drops of perspiration slid from his armpits, over his pecs, down his abs. He wasn’t wearing any deodorant, very few guys who work out at The Dungeon ever do. The masculine scent in the air helps cultivate the raunchy, sexual atmosphere that keeps men coming back.

Two of the other guys working out at The Dungeon that day were Grant Gustin and Wentworth Miller, the handsome actors also starred in tv series based on DC comics superheroes. Both Gustin and Miller were watching Amell and getting horny.

After Stephen was finished on the “salmon ladder” he did some stretching, raising his arms and arching his back, really showing off his armpits and chest.

Grant and Wentworth walked over to him. “Hey man, what’s up?” The Flash star asked.

“Ohh you know, not much. Just gettin’ in a good workout.” Amell replied, placing his hands on his hips and smiling at them. His chest was heaving as he was still catching his breath.

The two other guys made no secret of checking out his sweaty pecs.

“So are you headed for the showers… or downstairs?” Wentworth asked with a smirk.

Stephen gave them both a seductive look. “I figured the four of us were heading downstairs together.” He answered.

“Four of us?” Grant replied in confusion.

“Hey!” A voice came from behind them.

Gustin and Miller turned to see stephen’s younger cousin Robbie walk up behind them.

“The room’s ready.” Robbie said, winking at his older family member. “You guys ready?” He asked, looking at the other two.

Grant and Wentworth smiled at each other excitedly.

“Fuck yeah, let’s do this.” Miller replied.

“Lead the way.” Gustin said.

The Amell cousins lead the other two men down to the leather sex club section, the part of the building that earned it’s nickname; The Dungeon.
Stephen and Robbie headed into a room that had plenty shelves with fetish gear and sex toys.

Grant looked around like a kid in a candy store. “I don’t know what half of this stuff is for.” He said.

“Don’t worry… we’ll ease you in.” Stephen whispered in his ear.

“How about we put you in the sling?” Robbie asked, smiling at the Flash star.

Gustin blushed. “Ok…” He replied with a sheepish grin.

Everyone stripped nude; exposing their toned bodies and firm cocks.

Stephen put on a leather harness and nothing else while Robbie got into some crotchless chaps.

Wentworth and Grant looked around but didn’t know what to try on.

“It’s ok boys, you can be fully nude this time.” The older Amell cousin said. “Let’s start by getting Grant in the sling.”

“Are you sure this is ‘easing me into it’?” The Flash star asked as he was laying in the sling and looking up at the Amells.

The cousins laughed. “Relax, we know what we’re doing.” Stephen replied.

“You guys do this a lot?” Miller inquired while watching the two flirtatious family members.

“Hey man, you know what they say; the family that plays together, stays together…” The older Amell answered with a sly grin.

“And I love playing with you, Stephen...” Robbie chuckled before the two cousins leaned their heads together for a kiss. Their lips smacked together wetly and they both moaned softly.

Wentworth and Grant watched in awe and felt their cocks go rigid.

“Right back at you…” Stephen murmured as he and his cousin stopped kissing.

The Amell cousins looked over at the two men practically drooling as they stared at them and chuckled.

“Enjoying the show?” Robbie asked, grinning at them.

Miller and gustin both nodded their heads.

“Alright boys, let’s get this show on the road!” Stephen said, clapping his hands together.

The older Amell cousin got in position in front of Grant’s exposed ass and slowly shoved his cock into the smaller man.

“Ooohh! That feels good.” The Flash star moaned.

“I love the feel of your twinky ass wrapped around my cock!” Stephen grunted. “Wentworth, shove your cock in his mouth!” He instructed the other man.
Miller got in position by Gustin’s head and slid his shaft past his lips.

Grant tilted his head back and opened his mouth wide to accept the cock down his throat.

“You know what to do, Robbie.” Stephen said with a smirk.

The younger Amell got behind his cousin and thrust his cock up the older man’s ass.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah!” The Arrow star moaned. He began to swing his hips back and forth, plowing Grant while feeling Robbie fuck him.

Gustin laid in the sling enjoying getting stuffed with cock in both ends.

Stephen leaned over and licked some sweat off of Grant’s chest.

Robbie used the opportunity to grip his cousin’s leather harness and really slam into him hard, repeatedly smacking his balls against him. “Like that, Stephen?” The younger Amell taunted.

“Ahhhh yeah! Fuck me hard!” Stephen moaned in response.

Wentworth watched the cousins fucking while Grant slobbered all over his prick. “Am I gonna’ get fucked tonight?” He asked aloud.

Robbie looked over at the former Prison break star at grinned deviously at him. “Yeah, you are…” He pulled out of his cousin, grabbed a large dildo off one of the shelves and thrust it into Stephen’s ass. Robbie smiled at the sounds of his older cousin’s cries of pleasure as he made his way over to Miller. “So you need to get fucked, eh?” He whispered in the older man’s ear.

Stephen straightened back up as he watched his cousin with the other man while continuing to fuck Grant.

“I was watching you fuck your own cousin and it gave me a real strong urge to get fucked myself.” Wentworth said; speaking to Robbie but maintaining eye-contact with Stephen.

“Guys always get so horny watching me and Stephen go at it.” Robbie replied with a naughty chuckle.

“Fuck yeah. You guys look just like brothers… it’s so hot.” Miller breathed out slowly while keeping his gaze locked with the older Amell cousin.

“Well allow me to help you get off.” Robbie said politely before he suddenly forced his cock up Wentworth’s ass.

The older man closed his eyes and let out a long moan as the younger Amell cousin began thrusting his hips.

Grant was now stroking his erection while gagging as he was spitroasted on the two other men’s throbbing pricks.

Stephen plowed Grant’s tight ass while Wentworth fucked his throat and Robbie fucked Wentworth; all four men were sweating and moaning as they gave in to their libido. The room was filled with the smell of their masculine scent and the sound of their heavy breathing.

Grant came first, he jerked himself off and sprayed his cum all over his abs.

Stephen reached orgasm next, panting as he played with his nipples and shot his load into the younger man.

Robbie and Wentworth climaxed at the same time; Wentworth ejaculated in Grant’s mouth, giving him a taste of his tangy cum while Robbie seeded the older man’s ass.
The four actors took a few minutes to recover from their orgasm, eventually they helped Grant get out of the sling.

“Holy shit guys, that was intense.” The Flash star said, laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I really needed that…” Miller added, enjoying the feel of cum dripping from his anus.

“We know how to show some guys a good time!” Robbie boasted, laughing as he raised a hand and shared a high-five with his cousin.
“Fuck yeah we do.” Stephen agreed.

“I gotta’ take a shower. Anybody comin’ with?” Grant asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Wentworth replied. The two men said their goodbyes to the cousins and then left them in the room together.

“I could use a shower too… I’m all sweaty.” Stephen said as he lifted his arms up and placed his hands behind his head, showing off his sweat-drenched armpits.
“Let me clean you up.” Robbie replied, grinning at his cousin naughtily before he shoved his face into his armpits and vigorously swept his tongue over the moist and sticky pit hair. The younger Amell eagerly licked both of his older cousin’s underarms clean.

Stephen then gladly repaid the favour; licking up every drop of perspiration from Robbie’s pits. The two men then shared a long kiss flavoured with the musk they accumulated from their workout and fuck session. Stephen leaned his head back and kissed his cousin’s lips. “I love you, Robbie.” He whispered before finally removing the dildo from his ass.

“I love you too, Stephen.” The younger cousin replied before they resumed their incestuous kiss.

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman had spent years playing Wolverine, one of the sexiest and manliest fictional characters of all time, in 9 different X-Men movies for 17 years and had the pleasure of some amazing sexual experiences throughout that time.

Hugh had now retired from the character with the final Wolverine movie “Logan”, but he still stayed in touch with some of his fuckbuddies from the X-Men franchise.

He was spending this weekend at his private house with three of those fuckbuddies; Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Ryan Reynolds.

All four men were naked and in Hugh’s bed already. Hugh was laying next to Michael, Ryan was giving Hugh a blowjob while James was doing the same to Michael.
Jackman and Fassbender had an arm around each other’s shoulders and were making-out deeply while listening to the other two suck their cocks.

Reynolds and McAvoy were really slurping on those hard pricks, exploring every inch of their manhood with their eager tongues.

“It’s going to suck making another X-Men movie without your cock and arse on set, Daddy Logan.” Michael said, chuckling as he used Hugh’s nickname.

“Don’t worry, mate; I’ll make sure you and the rest of the guys get plenty of my cock still.” Jackman replied, kissing Fassbender’s lips.

“And what about your arse?” Michael added with a naughty grin.

“We’ll see…” Hugh answered with a coy wink.

“I hate that I’m the only one here who says ass instead of ‘arse’.” Ryan said, playfully mocking the way they pronounced the word.

“Who said you could stop suckin’ my cock?” Hugh replied, playfully scolding the Canadian actor and pushing his head back down.

James looked up towards Hugh as he continued to lick Michael’s shaft. “Daddy Logan, how about you tell us a story?” He asked.

“Yes, tell us a dirty story.” Fassbender added, smirking at Jackman.

Reynolds looked up but continued obediently sucking cock.

“Alright mates, I’ll tell ya’ a dirty story. This is something that happened while filming a scene for the second X-Men movie.” Hugh grinned as he began recounting this experience. “While we were filming Bryan wanted to shoot an extra, alternate version of the scene between Wolverine and Iceman.

The alternate scene is only included in a private version of the movie, which has only been seen by Hollywood insiders.” The Australian explained.
“I haven’t seen it… what’s it like?” Michael asked as he leaned his head over and began gently kissing one of Hugh’s nipples.

“It’s the part where they’re alone in the mansion at night, Logan hands Bobby a bottle of soda and he blows on it to make it cold.” Jackman continued to explain.
“That scene’s hot.” Ryan spoke up.

“Don’t interrupt!” Hugh grunted, smacking Reynolds in the back of the head.

The Canadian actor returned to giving head.

“As I was about to say; Bryan wanted to film a dirty scene between me and Shawn Ashmore, so after we shot the normal scene we did the sexy version. Shawn was just as excited as Bryan that day, he was eager to wrap his lips around my meat.” Jackman chuckled wickedly as he reminisced. “I’ll tell ya’ all about it mates…”


“Anybody sleep around here?” Hugh said as he walked into the kitchen, his character Logan was wearing a wifebeater and jeans.

Shawn was sitting at the counter acting like he was eating ice-cream, his character Bobby was only wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts. “Apparently not.” He replied.

Hugh walked over to the fridge and opened it. “Got any beer?” He asked.

“This is a school…” Shawn’s character said in response.

“So that’s a no?” Hugh replied, looking back at him over his shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s a no.” Shawn quickly retorted.

“Got anything other than chocolate milk?” Hugh asked as he closed the refrigerator.

“There should be some soda in the small cupboard.” Shawn answered him, pointing with his spoon. The young twink watched the tall stud walk across the room, admiring his bare, muscular arms.

Hugh walked over to his co-star with a glass bottle of Dr. Pepper and opened it, but hesitated before he took a drink. He handed it to Ashmore.

Shawn grabbed the bottle and blew on it, post-production would later add an icy chill sound and CGI frost on the bottle. In the regular scene Bobby gives the bottle a quick blow and then hands it back to Logan but this time he pursed his lips in a suggestive way and breathed on it slowly.

“Thanks kid...” Hugh said with a sly grin as he took the bottle back.

“No problem.” Shawn replied, blushing. It was easy for him to act like a shy, horny teen while performing with this hunk of Aussie beefcake.

Jackman sat at the counter across from Ashmore and took a swig from the bottle. He then grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and set it aside. He let out a groan as he stretched; really showing off his bulging biceps, hairy pits and large, hirsute pectorals. Hugh looked at Shawn trying to check out his chest discretely. “Mind if I get comfortable?” He asked.

Shawn looked down at the ice-cream. “No…” He replied meekly. His cock went hard as he tried not to stare at Hugh’s chest.

Jackman grinned, knowing that even beyond acting for this scene Ashmore was overwhelmed by his attraction. “You know, I can hear your heart beating faster…” Hugh’s line referenced Wolverine’s ‘heightened senses’.

“Yeah, so?” Shawn replied, his voice sounding authentically nervous as his heart really was beating faster. It was taking all his willpower not to stare at his co-star’s pecs and drool.

“So you can stop trying to check me out like I don’t know what you’re doing. ‘Cause I know exactly what you’re doing...” Jackman replied, smirking at the younger man.

“What am I doing?” Ashmore asked, looking up at Hugh’s face.

“Come on kid…” The Aussie hunk raised his arms and put his hands behind his head. His biceps bulged and his hairy armpits were on full display as he held that pose. “Let’s keep putting that mouth of yours to good use…” He chuckled deviously.

Shawn was so relieved that they were finally at the point in the script to start having sex. He hurried over to the other side of the counter and immediately started sucking on Hugh’s nipples. The script called for them to act like Bobby was using his icy breath to play with Logan’s nipples.

“Ahhh fuck yeah! That’s it!” Jackman growled, enjoying the attention to his small nips. “I’m gonna’ teach you to use that mouth right, boy…”

After suckling on both of Hugh’s muscular tits Shawn then moved to his pits, licking them clean of any trace of perspiration.

Jackman then removed his belt and undid his fly. “I’ve got something bigger for you to wrap your lips around.” He said as he pulled his thick cock out.

“Holy shit!” Ashmore gasped. That line was in the script but he delivered it with full sincerity. The young Canadian actor had never seen the Aussie’s manhood before and he was shocked at the sight of how large it was.

“Damn right!” Hugh laughed arrogantly. “Now get to work, son…” He demanded as he pushed his co-star down onto his knees.

Shawn grabbed the huge shaft and began sucking on the cockhead. His jaw stretched as he tried to go down further.

The stud playing Wolverine grabbed the back of the younger man’s head and forced him down all the way on his cock. The sound of him gagging was music to Jackman’s ears.

Ashmore could barely fit the entire prick down his throat but he savoured the smell of his co-star’s pubes.

Hugh grinned down at Shawn as he bobbed his head, sucking on the massive shaft. “Yeah boy, that’s it… You’re gonna’ want it as slick as possible for where it’s goin’ next…” He chuckled knowingly at the dirty thought.

Jackman grabbed the young man and bent him over the counter. “You’re not gonna’ enjoy this at first but you’ll end up lovin’ it.” He warned him.

Ashmore was breathing heavily, trying to stay calm and keep from hyperventilating.

Hugh pulled down the boy’s boxers and pressed his spit-slicked cock between his tight buttocks.

“Ohh God…!” Shawn moan, as scared as he was excited.

The Wolverine actor gripped him tightly and growled like an animal as he thrust forward and sank his entire cock into the boy’s ass.

“Fuck!” Ashmore cursed out loud, closing his eyes as they started to tear-up.

The older man swung his hips back and forth, grunting each time he drove his manhood deep into his co-star.

Shawn tried to brace himself against the counter but could only stay still and endure the savage pounding. The pain of feeling his asshole stretched by the thick, Alpha-Male cock was intense but it felt like Heaven whenever his prostate was hit.

Hugh kept fucking him hard, his heavy balls slapping against the younger man’s ass. “Fuck, yer ass is tight!” He groaned, his pecs bouncing as he continuously plowed into Ashmore.

Shawn looked over at the camera from the corner of his eye and noticed the director Bryan Singer was masturbating as he watched the scene play out.

Jackman growled again as his balls tightened-up. “I’m gonna’ seed you, boy!”

“Ohhhh yes please!” The younger actor moaned in reply.

“Ahhhhh yeah!” Hugh shouted as he brought himself to climax. He fired his hot load deep into his co-star’s ass.

Ashmore came as well, shooting his spunk onto the counter.

“You’ve got one hell of an ass, son…” Jackman chuckled as he caught his breath.


“Thank… thank you, sir…” Shawn panted.


“And that’s how I deflowered Shawn Ashmore.” Hugh said to the others with a smirk.

“So he was a virgin before that?” Michael inquired.

“He claims he wasn’t, but… judging by how tight his arse was and how badly I tore it open...” The Aussie laughed. “I’m pretty sure he was lying.”
“Wish I lost my virginity like that.” Ryan declared.

“What; do you mean by getting your arsehole torn open by Daddy Logan or just while being recorded on camera?” James asked, chuckling.
“Both.” Reynolds replied.

The four men all shared a laugh at the Canadian actor’s slutty attitude.

“Must’ve been one hell of a show though, bet Bryan loved it.” Fassbender said.

“Ohhh yeah, I’ll bet he’s watched that scene a thousand times… at least. He shot his cum right there as he watched us.” Jackman responded.

McAvoy grinned as he looked up at Hugh. “I’ll bet you’ve got more stories like that, don’t you?” He asked.

The Australian stud grinned back at him. “As a matter of fact, mates… I do.”

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman was still enjoying the company of his former X-Men co-stars Ryan Reynolds, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy at his private L.A. house. The four men were still completely nude but they were now relaxing in patio lounge chairs by the pool.

“Enjoyin’ the sun, mates?” Hugh asked as he came out of the house with some cold beer cans. His flaccid cock was swinging between his thighs as he walked over and handed them each a beer.

“Enjoying it more now, thanks.” Michael replied as he took the can and opened it, taking a swig of the refreshingly cold drink.

All of their bare bodies had been slathered all over with suntan oil, their muscles were glistening in the sunlight.

James noticed that ryan didn’t open his beer and instead rubbed the cold can across his pecs to cool down, getting his nipples hard.

“I’m sorry, is something wrong?” Reynolds asked, feigning innocence as he looked over at McAvoy staring at his chest.

“Nothing. Just noticed how perky your nipples are.” James answered with a chuckle.

“Oh my goodness! How inappropriate of me!” Ryan exclaimed with sarcastic modesty as he covered his pecs with his hands. “It’s just that I’m so happy to see you!” He joked.

The other guys laughed as they looked at him covering his nips while his growing cock was on full display.

“Reynolds; of all the stupid sluts I’ve fucked, you are the stupidest and sluttiest.” Jackman remarked.

The other guys laughed and Ryan grinned. “I just can’t help it. It’s like I’ve got these urges… deep… deep inside of me… just aching for release.” As he spoke he grabbed his beer can with one hand and rubbed his slick pecs with the other. “And it builds up all this sexual pressure, until…” He trailed off as he opened the can and let it spray on his face while he opened his mouth wide.

The other men started hooting and hollering at Reynolds like horny fratboys as they watched him pour the beer over his chest.

Ryan let the cool liquid slide over his firm body while he smiled at his fellow actors. “Oooohh, just like that boys. I really can’t help it.” He said as he reached a hand down and grabbed his now hard cock.

“So we see…” McAvoy replied as he and the others felt their cocks grow hard too.

“That was fucking imported beer, mate.” Hugh chuckled.

“Oops. Sorry Daddy Logan, guess I made a mess.” Reynolds quipped playfully.

“Well it doesn’t have to go to waste.” Michael suddenly stated as he got up and went over to Ryan’s chair. He leaned his head down and licked a long trail up the Canadian's body from his pubic hair to his collarbone.

James got really hot watching them and started stroking his cock.

“How did that taste?” Reynolds asked, smirking at him.

“A bit… oily.” Fassbender laughed. “Because of the suntan oil. But not too bad, I could still taste your sweat...” His face was inches from the other man’s.

James grinned as he watched the two men lean their heads together and share a deep kiss.

Michael and Ryan continued to make out and began rubbing their cocks together.

“Fuck that’s hot…” McAvoy groaned as he pleasured himself, watching them frot.

“Jimmy…” Hugh called to the horny Scotsman.

James looked back over at the Australian and saw him stroking his massive cock.

“Come sit in my lap.” Jackman said with a sultry grin.

“Yes sir!” McAvoy exclaimed happily as he hurried over and mounted the older man’s crotch. He spread his legs and gradually lowered his ass down onto Hugh’s throbbing manhood, breathing out slowly as he was penetrated by the thick shaft. He looked back at his buddy Fassbender and gave him a thumbs up.

“Want to sit on my cock like that?” Michael asked the Deadpool star as he kept grinding their hips together, both their cocks stiff from the frottage.

“Mmmm, yes please.” Reynolds replied. The two men quickly switched positions so that Fassbender was laying on his back. Ryan quickly slid his ass down on Michael’s shaft.

Soon both James and Ryan were riding cock while Hugh and Michael laid back.

“Now this is what I call ‘fun in the sun’!” The Canadian actor exclaimed as he bounced up and down on Fassbender’s prick.

“Reynolds, you’ve been making an arse of yourself ever since we did the first Wolverine movie together.” Jackman said.

“Ohhh, I’ve been making an ass of myself long before that!” Ryan laughed.

“What was it like shooting the first Wolverine movie?” McAvoy asked, grinning down at Hugh as he continued thrusting up and down on his shaft.

“I took so much cock during that movie…” Reynolds moaned as he clenched his ass and pushed down on Michael’s cock.

Fassbender groaned and maintained eye contact with Ryan. “How much cock?” He inquired.

“A helluva’ lot. Me and Liev Schreiber really put him and Taylor Kitsch to good use…” Jackman chuckled and placed his hands behind his head.

“I think I want to hear more about that.” James said, his rigid cock swinging as he kept riding the Australian stud.

“Sounds like it’s time for another edition of ‘story-time with Daddy Logan’.” Reynolds joked.

“Yeah!” Michael and James voiced their enthusiasm together.

“Alright then, calm down. I’ll tell ya’ what went on behind the scenes on that set. Me and Liev were going at it all the time, you couldn’t pry us off of each other.” Hugh began to explain.

“Ohh yeah I remember that, it was so fuckin’ hot watching the two of you together.” Ryan interrupted. He was stroking himself at the memory.

“Keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking.” Jackman replied gruffly. “Now as I was saying; we were fucking all the time, pretty much every day after shooting our scenes we’d immediately strip nude and head to my trailer for some fun. Some of the more… needy bottoms on set felt like we weren't sharing our cocks enough though.”

“He means me and Taylor Kitsch.” The Deadpool star whispered to Fassbender.

“Yeah, some of the needy, slutty, attention-seeking whores on set apparently needed their arseholes filled more often.” Hugh continued.

“Now he’s mostly talking about me.” Reynolds added.


Hugh and Liev had just finished filming a fight scene together and they were both horny and eager to start fucking. As soon as they finished shooting the scene the two men immediately headed off to Jackman’s trailer, which had quickly become their favourite hook-up spot. They were literally stripping their clothes off as they jogged to the trailer, unashamed that people would see their hairy, beefcake bodies in the nude.

“I’m on top tonight!” Schreiber exclaimed as they came up to the door.

“We’ll see about that!” Hugh chuckled in retort.

The two actors barged into the trailer to find that two other nude men were already on Hugh’s bed. Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Kitsch were on all fours with their asses pointed towards the door. They were also making-out as they waited for others to arrive.

“What the fuck is this?” The Aussie stud asked, surprised to see them.

“What does it look like?” Ryan replied as he and Taylor looked back at them.

“Time to spread the love, guys.” Kitsch added with a smirk.

“How did you even get in here?” Jackman asked, laughing.

“You left the door unlocked. Guess you couldn’t wait, eh Wolverine?” Reynolds teased.

“So are you guys gonna’ fuck us, or what?” Taylor challenged them.

Liev clapped Hugh on the back. “Sounds good to me!” He exclaimed, laughing.

The two horny actors decided to take their co-stars up on their offer and joined them on the bed.

Jackman and Schreiber buried their faces in the other men’s asses; Hugh was eating Ryan’s hole while Liev licked Taylor. Their scruffy facial hair was really stimulating the other guys’ firm, sweaty asses.

Reynolds and Kitsch looked at each other and moaned as their co-stars went to town on them.

Hugh and Liev’s probing tongues pleasured their tight and tasty assholes. Before long they got on their knees behind them and started rubbing their throbbing cocks against their asses.

“You boys ready to get fucked by Wolverine and Sabretooth?” Jackman chuckled deviously.

“We don’t hold back…” Schreiber added with a naughty grin.

“Fuck yeah!” Ryan panted.

“Come on, give it to us!” Taylor begged.

Hugh looked at his fuckbuddy with fiendish glee. “You heard ‘em.”

The two alpha-males thrust forward, slamming their pricks in hard.

The bottoms howled as the pain soon gave way to pleasure.

Hugh and Liev began pumping their hips, fucking with fast, powerful strokes. Their balls were swinging back and forth and slapping the other men. The alpha-males grinned at each other and started passionately making-out as they continued to fuck the other two.

The Wolverine star’s trailer became filled with the sounds of grunting and growling from the men on top and moaning and panting from the men on bottom, all while the masculine scent of musky sweat filled the air.

Reynolds and Kitsch were really breathing heavily, both their prostates were getting mercilessly pounded by thick cock.

Jackman and Schreiber didn’t hold anything back and ravaged the men with all the ferocity of their superhero characters.

Ryan and Taylor collapsed next to each other as they shot their loads on the bed beneath them.

After the two desperate bottoms had recovered from their orgasm Hugh promptly kicked them out of his trailer. He turned back around to find Liev laying on the bed stroking his still rigid manhood.

“Get over here and cum on my chest, Logan.” He said, smirking at his fuckbuddy.

The tall Aussie beefcake eagerly knelt on the bed and jacked his cock above the other man’s chest.

Soon both men were growling deeply like animals as they sprayed their seed all over Schreiber’s hirsute pecs.

Jackman laid next to his co-star and licked some of their combined cum off his nipple.

“Next time though… I’m fuckin’ yer ass.” Liev said as he put his arm around Hugh.

The Wolverine star chuckled. “Alright, mate. You got a deal.”

The two men began kissing once again as they laid together on the cum and sweat stained bed.

What the two men didn’t realize though was that Dominic Monaghan was outside the trailer peeping in at them the whole time. “Holy shit…” He muttered to himself in awe of what he had just witnessed. He was glad he had finally worked up the nerve to indulge in his fantasy of spying on the other guys' sexual encounters.


Michael and James laughed as Hugh concluded his story.

“I can totally see Ryan waiting for you with his bare arse in the air!” Fassbender exclaimed as he smirked at the horny Canadian actor.

“But how did you know that Dominic was watching you?” McAvoy asked.

“I found him peeping and the horny little bastard confessed what he’d been doing.” Reynolds answered.

“I always perform better with an audience anyway.” Jackman said with an arrogant smirk.

While telling his story Hugh and Michael had deposited a load inside Ryan and James as they rode their cocks and they in return had plastered the other men’s chests with their cum.

“You’ve had quite the sexual history with the X-Men movies. Haven’t you, Daddy Logan?” Fassbender said, smiling at the older man.

Hugh grinned back at him. “Yes I have, mates. Of course the biggest milestone in my sex life with the X-Men movies was when we shot First Class together.”
“You were barely in that one!” Reynolds interrupted him.

“But it was quite the experience…” Jackman replied, chuckling.

“It’s quite the fond memory for us too…” McAvoy added with a wink.

“We’ll have to tell Ryan all about it sometime.” Michael said, rubbing the Deadpool star’s ass.

“Yeah, we’ll let him know the whole story.” Hugh replied.

Chapter Text

Chris Hemsworth loved being the alpha-male among his brothers. All three of the three horny Australian actors had a great sexual chemistry with each other, but it was the middle son Chris who rose to international fame as the superhero “Thor” that was the undisputed top dog in the family.

Chris’ private beach house in California had become his favourite spot for hook-ups with his mates and brothers, but it was a rare occasion that all three siblings were gathered there. Fortunately this was one of those occasions.

“And Pratt was just rubbin’ his bare arse right on the glass!” Chris laughed as he told his brothers about the last time he had his mates Chris Evans and Chris Pratt over.

“Remind me later to lick the glass right where he did that.” Older brother Luke commented with a chuckle.

“Of course you’d want to get your tongue on there…” Liam the youngest brother said, rolling his eyes at Luke’s unabashed kink.

The three men were completely nude and sprawled out on a large beach blanket they had laid down not too far from the water. They had already finished skinny-dipping in the waves and were relaxing from rough-housing each other.

“So who’s arse tastes better? Evans’ or Pratt’s?” Luke asked, looking over at Chris with a smirk.

Chris laughed. “Too hard to say; they both taste so good.” He replied.

Luke laughed along with him. “You lucky bastard…”

“Enough about those two…” Liam interrupted. “How about we focus on us?” He said as he rolled over onto his side, facing Chris and started stroking his chest.
“Sounds good to me little brother…” The Thor star replied before kissing his younger relative.

At first Luke watched his siblings lock lips but then he too moved closer to Chris in the middle and began kissing his chest.

Chris finished his kiss with Liam and looked at Luke. “Need some brotherly lovin’ too?” He chuckled before the two older men also started making-out.

Liam licked Chris’ nipple and reached down to lightly stroke his cock.

After tongue-wrestling with Luke, Chris looked at both his siblings and laughed. “I remember Evans said; incest is best, put your brother to the test… well both my brothers pass the test and then some!” He boasted.

The three brothers shared a good laugh together, getting excited from their incestuous camaraderie. All of their cocks were now fully erect. Despite their height and build differences each Hemsworth brother was endowed with a long and veiny manhood. They were all now pleasuring themselves, gently rubbing their shafts. As they laid together they took turns kissing each other, enjoying the familiar taste of their brother’s mouths.

Chris put an arm around each sibling and massaged their shoulders. “How about we get to fuckin’? Some good old-fashioned ‘Hemscest’.” He said.

Hemscest was the term the three brothers made-up to affectionately describe the very taboo experiences they’ve been having with each other since they were teens.

“You read my mind.” Liam replied with a sly grin.

“You know I’m always ready to fuck.” Luke added.

The three brothers got on their knees on the beach blanket.

Chris clapped his hands together. “What positions do ya’ want?” He asked.

“I need to get fucked boys.” Luke told his younger siblings. Despite being the oldest of the Hemsworth trio Luke always enjoyed taking a submissive role with his brothers. He was much less famous as an actor and shorter than the other two but this never seemed to bother him. He was almost constantly prepared to get fucked or give a blowjob or especially a rimjob.

Luke had often been spit-roasted between his two tall brothers and their long cocks. The eldest Hemsworth’s passion for annilingus had earned him the well-deserved nickname ‘Luke the arse-licker’ from his siblings and he never turned down an offer to eat-out their holes. He could spend half an hour suckling on the sweaty pucker of their anus if left uninterrupted, but his brothers would usually get impatient and move on to fucking.

Ever since working on the HBO series Westworld, actor James Marsden had learned firsthand of Luke’s skill with his tongue. James developed quite the appreciation for Hemsworth’s rimjobs. After having once been savagely fucked by Hugh Jackman, Marsden became obsessed with Aussie cock and insisted Luke fuck him, even though the oldest Hemsworth brother was usually a bottom.

Luke can fuck with the best of them though and was happy to oblige James, giving him multiple expert Australian poundings which left Marsden with quite the appreciation for Luke’s cock as well as his tongue. He got down on all fours on the beach blanket and raised his ass in the air. “I need one of ya’ in my arse.” He said with a playful smirk.

“Sounds like a job for Thor!” Chris shouted, giving his older brother a hard spank on the ass. Chris’ life was never the same after he landed the role of Marvel comic’s most Godly superhero. He had become a worldwide sex symbol for playing the hammer-wielding and often bare-chested embodiment of heroic manliness. His superhero fame had lead to him getting to swing the sizeable hammer in his pants with some of the hottest men in Hollywood. Chris would often hook-up with his fellow superhero actors, especially his fellow Marvel Chris(es); Evans and Pratt. Of course they weren’t the only hunks from the Marvel franchise that Chris was hooking-up with on a regular basis.

Idris Elba used to be a complete top but Chris had managed to take his anal virginity. Now Idris can’t get enough of the Aussie’s long prick and has begged Hemsworth many times to slide it up his beefy British ass.

Chris has always been a skilled, attentive lover, capable of bringing men to a mind-blowing orgasm whether he’s giving or taking the fucking. As a top Chris’ muscular physique makes him a powerful force during sex and while bottoming his endurance allows him to take even the roughest plowings with ease.
Evans, Pratt, Elba and plenty others, including of course his own brothers have experienced firsthand what a proficient cocksman the Thor star is.
“I’ll be more than happy to give ya’ what ya’ need, big brother…” Chris said as he gently rubbed Luke’s buttocks. “I’ll just slip the old hammer in ya’.” He chuckled as he rubbed his cockhead against his brother’s anus and then pushed forward.

The older brother groaned in satisfaction as his ass was filled the superhero actor’s manhood.

“God I love fuckin’ your arse, big bro.” Chris moaned as he started to thrust his hips, sliding his shaft back and forth. “How about you fill his throat, eh Liam?” He asked his younger sibling. Chris’ balls were already swaying freely as he swung his hips.

“Actually Chris, I was thinking I’d do you.” Liam replied confidently as he slapped his older brother’s flexing buttocks. The youngest Hemsworth then grabbed his dick and started frotting with Chris’ asscrack.

“Is that so…” The middle sibling said in response, looking over his shoulder to give Liam a smirk. “Go for it.”

Liam’s most famous movies had been the Hunger Games franchise and during filming that series Liam had met the most insatiable power-bottom he had ever met in his life; Josh Hutcherson.

Hutcherson’s firm bubble-butt was almost perfectly made for getting fucked and the young man was a skilled cocksucker too. Josh loved to service other men in every way during sex and enjoyed nothing more than bouncing his perky ass up and down on a guy’s prick.

The youngest Hemsworth brother had also fucked some of the other hunks of the Hunger Games franchise, Alexander Ludwig and Sam Claflin, and while neither of their asses compared to Hutcherson’s, Liam still took great pleasure dominating their tight bodies. Liam had always idolized his older brothers as he grew up a rowdy young boy in Australia but he had also developed a sibling rivalry with Chris.

Luke and Chris had taken each other’s anal virginity as teens and Chris deflowered Liam when he came of age, but never having gotten to take a brother’s virginity made Liam feel left-out. The youngest Hemsworth now slid his cock up Chris’ ass. “How’s that feel, Thor?” He asked with a wry smile.

“Feels damn good, little brother.” Chris replied, looking back at Liam. The two men pressed their mouths together and shared a deep kiss.

Luke listened to their lips smacking together wetly as he pushed his ass back repeatedly to meet his brother’s thrusts. The oldest Hemsworth was well aware of the rivalry between his younger siblings and he found it incredibly sexy to watch. That tension between them made for some scorching hot sex and Luke was often caught up in the middle of it, literally in the middle sometimes.

Both Liam and Chris had auditioned for the role of Thor but it was Chris who succeeded in getting the part.

Liam has always felt a bit envious ever since, knowing that he missed out on a great opportunity and he loves to channel that frustration whenever he fucks Chris. The young stud swung his hips hard, really driving his cock deep into the superhero star. “The mighty Thor needs to get his arse plowed just like any other horny bastard, eh?” Liam said with a somewhat taunting tone in his voice.

“Indeed he does, little brother!” Chris exclaimed in response. He was thrusting his body back and forth between his brothers, ramming into Luke and getting rammed by Liam. “Nothing like a hot Hemscestuous fuck on the BEACH!!!” He hollered out loud and let out a cheer at the top of his lungs. He knew there was no one else around to hear them and he loved getting loud while getting it on with his brothers.

All three of them howled like horny animals as they fucked, each of their cocks rock hard and throbbing as they gave-in to their lustful frenzy. Their muscles were glistening in the summer sun as sweat dripped down their brawny physiques.

Chris raised a hand to wipe some sweat off his forehead and Liam grabbed his arm and pulled his torso so he could stick his face into Chris’ armpit.

Liam eagerly licked his brother’s pit, savouring the taste of perspiration as he washed each hair clean of sweat before moving onto his other armpit.

As his younger sibling ate-out his armpits Chris continued to fuck Luke, bouncing his balls off him. He could feel his older bro’s anus tighten around his thick shaft.

Luke was grunting as he kept backing his ass up and jerked his cock with one hand.

All three of the men soon felt themselves get close to orgasm. Their grunts and moans swelled together in volume as they fucked each other to climax.

The beach echoed with their cries of pleasure as the trio of Aussie bros came together; Liam filling Chris’ ass with seed while he did the same to Luke, who shot his load on the blanket beneath them. They collapsed into one big pile of sweaty muscles.

“Hemscest is best… my brothers passed the test.” Chris chuckled to himself as he caught his breath.

Liam and Luke groaned at his lame rhyme and both playfully punched Chris.

“Don’t ever change boys.” Chris laughed, putting an arm around each sibling once again and pulling one and then the other into a kiss.

The three men laid there on the beach, basking in the satisfaction of their incestuous bliss.

Chapter Text

harles and Erik walked into the bar together, the man they were looking for was sitting in front of the bartender with a lit cigar in the ashtray next to him and a glass of whiskey in front of him. They approached the man from behind, Erik stood on the man’s left side while Charles leaned over on his right.

The man grabbed his cigar and brought it towards his lips.

“Excuse me, I’m Erik Lensherr.” Erik said.

“Charles Xavier.” Charles added.

“Go fuck yourself.” The man immediately replied, ignoring them and taking a puff of his cigar.

Erik furrowed his brow, offended by the rude attitude, he looked over at Charles who had an exasperated expression on his face. “We came to talk to you.” Erik stated firmly, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder.

The stranger turned his head and glared at him. “And I said; go fuck yourself.” He responded, taking the cigar out of his mouth and blowing smoke right in Erik’s face.

Erik glared back him and leaned his head down, staring the man in the eyes. “We can force you if we want...” He warned him.

“That so?” The stranger countered, staring back at him.

“What if I did?” Charles suddenly interrupted.

“What?” The man asked, looking over at him annoyed.

“What if I did fuck myself?” Charles clarified.


The man noticed the bartender wasn’t moving and he looked around and saw that all the men in the bar were frozen in place. He realized these two men who came to talk to him must be mutants like him. “Look bub…” He said, speaking to Erik. “I don’t give a shit what you want, but you and your ‘girlfriend’ better get out of here before things get messy.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” Charles said.

“You two are on my last nerve…” The man growled.

“What if I fuck myself? Will that change your mind about talking with us?” Charles asked.

“Are you fuckin’ serious?” The stranger replied.

Charles smiled at him and undid his belt.

“We told you our names. What’s yours?” Erik inquired as he and the other man watched Charles remove his belt and start to pull down his waistband.
“Logan...” The man replied as Charles pulled his trousers and boxer shorts to the ground; exposing his genitals and pubic bush. Logan took another drag off his cigar, he then reached into his back pocket to pull something out.

“Here. Fuck yourself.” He stated bluntly as he handed over another one of his cigars.

The well-mannered British gentleman took the phallic object and smiled at Logan. “Alright then. Good thing this one isn’t lit, eh…?” He replied with a meek chuckle. Charles was quite intimidated this rugged, manly stranger’s confidence. He turned around, presenting his tight bum before he leaned over and began pressing the cigar against his anus.

Both Logan and Erik watched closely as Charles slipped it past his asshole.

Charles grunted softly and gently bit his bottom lip as he slid the cigar forward into his ass. “Well that wasn’t so hard…” He panted to himself.

“Yes. He’s used to taking something much bigger up there.” Erik admitted.

Logan knocked back his whiskey and then looked up at Erik. “Am I supposed to be impressed?” He asked with contempt.

“No. You’re supposed to be aroused.” Erik replied, bring his face close to Logan’s. “I know I am.” He said before leaning in and kissing him on the mouth.
Charles watched from over his shoulder and was shocked at his friend’s bold act.

Logan kissed Erik back and then quickly pulled his face back, dropped his cigar into the ashtray and grabbed Erik by his leather jacket. The two men stared each other in the eye as Logan stood up, lifted Erik into the air and then slammed him down onto his back on an empty table.

“Hey!” Charles gasped in concern.

“It’s alright, Charles!” Erik immediately replied. He looked up at Logan with a wicked grin. “This is between us…” He said as he removed his belt.

Logan grabbed Erik’s waistband and forcefully pulled his blue jeans and boxers off before pulling his own pants down, going commando underneath.

Charles watched as both men’s genitals and asses were exposed. “Oh my God…” He muttered.

Logan was exceptionally endowed; his thick, uncut cock was long and veiny, his large testicles were hairy and hanging low beneath his shaft, and he had a wild, untamed bush of pubic hair.

Erik laid on the table unbuttoning his shirt while he grinned at Logan’s manhood. “Now that’s impressive.” He said.

“I know.” Logan replied nonchalantly before he spread Erik’s legs and plunged his cock into him.

“Yessss!” Erik hissed as he moaned, loving being filled by this alpha-male.

Charles watched as Logan began fucking Erik and felt a swell of jealousy. Erik had fucked him many times before but never allowed Charles to be on top, seeing his best friend loving getting fucked by this other man stung.

Logan pulled off his t-shirt and undershirt, baring his hairy, ripped chest.

Erik opened his shirt, revealing his smooth and toned chest.

Logan quickly leaned down and brought his mouth to Erik’s. The two men kissed again, this time Logan reciprocated and stuck his tongue in the other man’s mouth.

Once again Charles bit his bottom lip as he listened to the other men’s lips smacking together wetly. His cheeks blushed pink, embarrassed that he was left to stand by and watch.

“Uhhh!” Erik grunted deeply, temporarily breaking their kiss.

Logan was driving his cock hard into the other man, showing no restraint.

Even in his jealousy Charles couldn’t help but feel aroused, his own penis was at full erection now and he couldn’t resist stroking it. The sight of their muscular
bodies slamming together, the sound of their grunting and groaning and the smell of their sweaty body odour all made for quite the masculine display of homoeroticism. Charles had a firm grip on his cock and pumped it fast, breathing heavy as he felt himself getting close.

Logan and Erik kept making-out as they fucked, Logan pummeling Erik’s ass with his thick manhood and Erik groping Logan’s chest.
Charles brought himself to the edge but felt like he shouldn’t make too much noise while the others were still going at it. He kept biting his lip while moaning softly, his cum spurting out onto the floor. He stood there watching the other guys with a cigar still shoved between his buttcheeks, they didn’t pay any attention to him.

Before too long Logan stopped kissing with Erik. He raised his torso back up, gripped the edge of the table with both hand and thrust himself forward a last few times, growling like a wild animal. The grimace on his face almost made it look like he was in pain but his body shivered in ecstasy as he fired his load into the man underneath him.

Erik threw his head back and moaned out loud, his eyes closed as he felt pleasure flow through him. His stiff cock had been rubbing against Logan’s furry abs and he was now slathering those abs with his cum.

“Hand me my cigar.” Logan said. His huge pecs were heaving as he caught his breath and a few drops of sweat trickled off his chest hair onto Erik.

“Ohh, umm…” Charles started to reach around for the cigar still stuck in his ass.

“Not that one, dumbass… the one in the ashtray.” Logan corrected him.

“Sorry…” Charles said, blushing again as he handed over the lit cigar.

Logan grabbed it and immediately took a long drag before slowly blowing a cloud of smoke into the air. He then looked down at Erik and handed it to him.

“Thanks.” Erik replied as he took it and had a puff himself, blowing the smoke up at Logan.

“So… now that we’re umm… more acquainted--” Charles began to speak.

“Still not interested.” Logan interrupted him abruptly as he stood back up and started pulling his pants back on.

“But, we--” Charles tried to continue.

“I still don’t give a shit.” Logan replied harshly, taking his cigar back.

Logan had pulled up his pants but left his fly open, his pubic bush still exposed. He walked back over and sat down at the bar again, still shirtless.

“Come on Charles, we should get going.” Erik said, getting up and putting his clothes back on.

Charles followed suit, leaving the cigar still lodged in his ass though.

Before they left Erik leaned over and whispered something to in Logan’s ear; “Thanks for the fuck, old man.” He clapped Logan on the shoulder before turning away.

After Charles and Erik left the other men in the bar returned to normal. The bartender cursed, staring in shock at the man in front of him who was now inexplicably bare-chested.

“Gonna’ need a refill.” Logan said casually as he raised his empty glass.

“And cut! Perfect everyone!” The director called out as the scene concluded.

The crew started clapping and cheering as Hugh Jackman stood up and James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender walked back in.

“That was great, best sex scene I’ve ever seen.” The director said as Hugh, James and Michael came over to him.

“Say that ten times fast.” Hugh joked.

“Whew! You boys aren’t wearing deodorant, are you?” The director remarked with a chuckle, waving the air in front of him like it stunk, but really he enjoyed it.

“The Wolverine doesn’t wear deodorant.” Jackman replied giving him a wink.

“We decided to go au naturel too.” Fassbender added with a sly grin.

“Yeah, thought it’d be more fun.” James agreed, chuckling.

“Well that really was one hell of a scene boys…” The director smiled at them.

“It’s easy when you have such great scene partners.” Hugh said, clapping his co-stars’ backs.


“And that was the first time you guys had sex?” Ryan Reynolds asked.

“Were you even paying attention?” Hugh asked back, looking down at Reynolds.

Ryan was licking all over Jackman’s uncut shaft as they laid nude in bed together with James and Michael. “Sure I payed attention… to the sex part.” The horny actor replied.

“Fuckin’ dumbass…” Hugh laughed. He was laying with his arms behind his head and McAvoy and Fassbender were on each side of him, licking one of his armpits.

“That was the first of many times we had sex.” James stated.

“Many, many, many times…” Michael commented with a dirty grin.

“Yep… I’ve fucked you all more times than I can count.” Jackman replied, a smug look on his face as he looked at the three men worshipping his sculpted body with their tongues.

“Have you fucked every guy who worked on the X-Men movies?” Reynolds asked.

“Not every guy… just most of them.” Hugh boasted.

“What about Taron Egerton? Is it true you’re fucking him too?” McAvoy asked.

The Aussie stud laughed. “Are you kidding? Everyone knows he’s my personal bitch.” He answered crudely.

“Do you ever wear deodorant?” Fassbender asked jokingly.

“Nope.” Hugh winked at him as he answered simply.

“Thank God for that.” Michael replied before he and James went back to licking the Wolverine star’s hairy, sweat-soaked armpits.

“So Daddy Logan… got another story for us?” Ryan inquired in between nibbling on Jackman’s foreskin.

Hugh grinned knowingly. “Story time’s over for today… but don’t worry; I’ve got more stories to tell.”

Chapter Text

Chris Pratt was working out in The Dungeon, the part of it that’s actually used as a fitness centre anyway. He had just finished doing some squats, keeping his big ass nice and firm. He headed into the locker room and started to undress.

“Hey there, bubble-butt!” A man called out as he slapped Chris’ bare ass.

“Ouch! Hey, who the fuck!?” Pratt cursed angrily as he felt his sore buttocks sting and then turned to face the man. “Ohh, it’s you…” He said, recognizing Ryan Reynolds.

“I saw you come in and start getting nude and I couldn’t resist…” Ryan said, grinning.

“Yeah well my ass is sore, man. I was just doing squats.” Chris replied.

“It shows…” Reynolds muttered to himself. Both men were standing there in the buff, sweat dripping down their muscular bodies. “I haven’t seen you since the Halloween party.” Ryan added as he reached over and felt Pratt’s shoulder.

“Ohh yeah… You don’t have any candy shoved up your ass again, do ya’?” Chris asked, smirking at the other man.

“Nope. I only do that for Halloween.” Reynolds answered. “But I was thinking you could shove something else up there…” He winked as he trailed off suggestively.
“Ok… wanna’ follow me into the showers?” Pratt replied.

“And waste all this good sweat?” Ryan exclaimed incredulously. “No way. Come on man, let’s head into one of the private massage rooms together…” He moved his hand down along Chris’ bulging arm until he clasped his hand and then leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Pratt grinned at him. “Alright, lead the way…”

Reynolds lead the other man into one of the rooms used for giving the gym’s clients a massage. Ordinarily there would be a masseur or two to service the clients but Ryan requested to have the room to themselves.

“So you’re gonna’ give me a rubdown?” Chris asked as he looked at the Canadian-born actor with a smirk.

“Hell yeah…” The Deadpool star replied, rubbing his hands together. “Lay down on the table.”

Pratt laid his body down on the massage table with his backside in the air.

Reynolds grabbed a bottle of oil and then also got on the table and straddled the other man. He lathered his hands with the oil and began rubbing Chris’ shoulders. “You’re so big and beefy…” He murmured as he kneaded the Guardian of the Galaxy star’s strong muscles.

Pratt chuckled. “Just how you like ‘em, huh?” He replied.

“Ohhh yeah…” Ryan moaned in response as his hands trailed down the other man’s rippling back towards his buttocks. “Love this big bubble-butt.”

Chris’ glutes were especially sweaty and musky after all his squats today. “I got a serious case of ‘swamp-ass’ goin’ on.” He admitted.

Reynolds leaned his face down close to Pratt’s bum and inhaled deeply through his nose and his mouth. “Yes you do.” He said dreamily before he stuck his face between each cheek and started feasting on Chris’ hairy, sweat-drenched taint.

Pratt shut his eyes and let out a deep groan as he felt the other man service his ass.

Ryan massaged Chris’ buttocks with his hands while he slurped the sweat from his taint and probed his tight asshole with his tongue.

Pratt moaned pleasantly when Reynolds slipped his tongue past his anus.

“When do you want me to turn around?” Chris asked, feeling his cock grow hard.

“Now!” Ryan exclaimed, quickly popping his head back up at the thought of getting to play with Pratt’s frontside.

Chris turned over and laid with his hands behind his head.

“Ohhh boy… there’s a lot of neat things on the front…” Reynolds said as he gazed over Pratt’s body, admiring his bulging biceps, sweaty armpits, strong pectorals, defined abs and his thick erection with large balls. Ryan leaned over and kissed Chris on the lips again before he got to work on the rest of him; savouring the taste of every inch of sweaty flesh.

Pratt closed his eyes and relaxed as he let the other man work him over, feeling him lick and massage all over his arms and torso before moving down to his groin.

Reynolds grabbed the throbbing hard-on and began licking all over it. “You really worked up a good sweat today, huh?” He said as he swept his tongue down along the shaft and over the other man’s scrotum, taking the time to suck on each nut.

“You know it…” Chris chuckled in response.

“So tasty.” Ryan said before he sucked on the cockhead and started going down on the shaft.

Pratt moaned and opened his eyes to look at Reynolds bobbing his head up and down as he serviced his manhood.

Eventually Ryan stopped sucking and looked Chris in the eyes. “I’m gonna’ need to ride this big boy now.” He said.

Pratt grinned as he watched Reynolds mount him; straddling his groin with his legs spread wide while pressing his asshole down against his thick cockhead.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah!” Ryan tilted his head back and let out a long moan while pinching his nipples as his sensitive rosebud spread to accommodate the other man’s impressive girth. He sank down all the way until his balls were nestled in the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s pubic bush.

Chris loved watching this horny slut slide his ass down on his prick and he bucked his hips upwards a bit to achieve full penetration quicker.

Reynolds began moving his body up and down, rhythmically clenching his anus to squeeze Pratt’s manhood inside him.

“Fuck! You sure know what you’re doin’…” Chris groaned as he moved his hands to grip Ryan by the waist, steadying him.

“Just relax...” The Deadpool star said soothingly, as he caressed the other man’s muscular forearms. “Let me milk your cock.” He winked down at him.

“Fuck yeah, milk me. Milk my huge fuckin’ cock!” Pratt grunted as he looked up at Reynolds with an arrogant smirk.

Ryan really started thrusting his hips hard, riding Chris’ shaft and sending pleasure through both their bodies.

The two men maintained eye-contact as they breathed heavily, their bodies in sync with each other as both of them were brought close to orgasm.

Reynolds’ eyes rolled back as he moaned out loud. “Ohhhhhhh shit!” His cock shot ropes of cum over Pratt’s abs.

Chris grit his teeth and growled deeply as he flooded Ryan’s ass with his load. He pulled the other man down on top of him and they laid together as they caught their breath.

“I’m sure glad I bumped into you today…” Reynolds chuckled as he laid on top of Pratt.

“Hell yeah… That was the best after-workout cum I’ve ever had.” Chris replied.

“Why thank you.” Ryan said smiling, quite pleased with himself.

“No problem, dude. Feel free to come by The Dungeon and work me over anytime.” Pratt said with another arrogant smirk.

“Sounds good to me.” Reynolds replied as he pinched one of the other man’s nipples.

The two actors eventually showered and left The Dungeon separately, but Chris made sure they’d hook-up again the next time he was there for a workout.

Chapter Text

Italian model Pietro Boselli was staying at an exclusive tropical resort for men. Boselli had become famous for his stunning good-looks and perfectly sculpted body which combined with his education in mathematics had led him to become known as the world’s sexiest math teacher.

He enjoyed going on private vacations like this to relax away from people gawking at him. He was spending time on the beach today, he had come to a nice secluded section and slipped off his speedo to go skinny-dipping. It felt great to swim nude in the warm sunlight. As Pietro walked out of the surf back onto the shore he noticed there was another man nearby.

This man was also nude and standing knee-deep in the water with his back turned slightly towards Boselli’s direction.

Pietro admired the other man’s plump, muscular ass from afar.

The man turned his head as he surveyed the shoreline and looked at Boselli, his hair was buzzed down to his scalp and his face was gorgeous.

The Italian stud suddenly felt self-conscious of his nudity and covered his genitals.

The other man didn’t react in any way he simply turned back and continued walking along the beach, further away from Pietro.

Boselli let out a deep breath and walked back over to his beach towel. He laid down and stopped covering himself, instead placing his hands behind his head as he stretched out on the towel. He closed his eyes as he laid in the comfortable sunshine. After a few minutes Pietro suddenly heard another man’s voice say; “Hey there.”

“Sorry, I--” Boselli started to say as he immediately sat up and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the other man’s genitals right in front of him at eye-level.

The man was endowed with a beautiful, thick cock and balls that hung from a dense, black bush of pubic hair.

Pietro’s gaze moved up over the man’s abs and pecs until he was looking at his handsome face again. “Uhh, hello.” He said awkwardly.

“Hey, sorry if I’m disturbing you. I was wondering if I could sit with you.” The man replied with a smile. “I didn’t bring a beach towel.

“Ohh, I don’t mind. Make yourself comfortable.” Boselli remarked as he moved over a bit to make more room on the large towel beneath him.

“Thanks, it’s nice to meet you.” The man said as he sat down next to him.

“Yes, I’m Pi--” The Italian adonis started to introduce himself.

“Pietro Boselli. I know, I love your modelling work.” The other man interrupted him. “I’m Todd Sanfield. I’m a model too.” He added.

“Ohh really? That’s great, what kind of modelling do you do?” Boselli asked.

“Mostly underwear, I have my own underwear collection.” Todd answered.

“Nice, you uhh… didn’t feel like showing off your underwear today?” Pietro said as he looked over Sanfield’s nude body.

Todd grinned widely as he chuckled. “Nope. Thought I’d enjoy the beach in my birthday suit. Great minds think alike, huh?” He replied as he also looked over Boselli’s body, checking out his exposed genitals.

Pietro blushed a bit. “I guess we’re both comfortable in our own skin, eh?” He said.

“Definitely.” Sanfield replied as his eyes ran up and down Pietro’s washboard abs and big pecs.

Todd reached over and lightly ran his fingers over the other man’s shoulder. “So Pietro… are you staying at the resort alone?” He asked, smirking.
“I am, yes.” Boselli replied, breathing deeply.

“Would you like some company?” Sanfield asked as he moved his hand lower, feeling a slab of pectoral muscle before gently pinching a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Pietro let out a deep exhale at the soft pleasure. “Yes!” He eagerly responded. “Yes, I would…”

“Perfect.” Todd said with a grin as he moved his roaming hand to the back of the other model’s neck. He leaned his head in and brought their faces together.
The mouths of the two gorgeous men came to each other in a deep kiss. Their tongues sweeping over each other every time their lips moved together with a wet smack.

The Italian stud felt lightheaded as they made-out. When their kiss finally ended there was a strand of saliva connecting their mouths while their faces slowly pulled back. Boselli’s cheeks blushed pink. “Wow…” He breathed out softly.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Sanfield said with a wink. He suddenly whistled and added; “You Italian boys…” As his eyes wandered down.

Pietro looked down to where the other man’s gaze was focused and realized he was at full erection. “Ohh!” He gasped as he saw his impressive penis engorged with blood. He felt embarrassed, not being used to getting aroused in a public space.

Todd chuckled as he looked at the blush on the other man’s face. He clapped the other guy on the shoulder as he said; “Don’t worry about it.” The American model gently pushed the other man onto his back on the beach towel and then squatted above his waist.

“What are you--?” Pietro began to ask in confusion.

“Relax…” Sanfield reassured him.

Boselli watched as this gorgeous man lowered his plump ass onto his cock. He moaned as his cockhead slipped past the tight anus and began to fill the other man’s ass.

“Ooooohh! You Italian boys…” Todd chuckled naughtily and winked.

Pietro couldn’t help but smile happily. “Ahhh!” He exhaled sharply as Sanfield started thrusting himself up and down on his stiff cock.

Todd reached down and grabbed Boselli’s pecs, kneading the broad, supple muscles. “Such a great body…” He complimented as he continued the pectoral massage.

“Look who’s talking…” Pietro replied as he reached around and grabbed two handfuls of Sanfield’s big, bouncing ass.

Todd grinned as he kept riding the other man’s cock, really using his tight hole to squeeze along the length of that thick Italian shaft.

“Ohhhh yes! This feels amazing!” Pietro moans, still groping his lover’s buttocks hard.

“I want to make you cum!” Sanfield grunts. His own hung cock is throbbing as it swings freely between his meaty thighs. He can feel the other man’s cock grinding against his prostate and he knows he’s going to cum soon.

“Ohhhhh yes! Please… I want to cum inside you!” Boselli begs. Soon he’s overwhelmed with pleasure as his manhood is milked, his semen flooding the other man’s ass. He closes his eyes and moans out loud before he suddenly feels something splatter on his face.

Todd moans as well as he paints Pietro’s beautiful face with his own load.

It’s only until his orgasm is over that the Italian model opens his eyes again. He looks up and sees the American get off his now softening cock and lay beside him.

“I couldn’t help myself, I had to give you a facial.” Sanfield jokes, smiling at Boselli as he chuckles naughtily.

“It’s alright, I like it.” Pietro replies, licking some of the cum from his lips.

Todd helps him out by licking the rest of his spunk off his cheeks.

“That was incredible…” Boselli moans contentedly as he rubs Sanfield’s chest.

Todd chuckles again. “Thanks. I got the feeling you really wanted to enjoy my ass.” He says, referring to earlier when he caught the other man looking at his backside.

Pietro blushes again. “Yes, it’s… quite the bum.” He admits with a bashful smile.

The American stud gives another playful wink before leaning in for a kiss.

The two men begin making-out again as they lay together, gently caressing each other’s sculpted bodies. Eventually they drift to sleep.

Boselli wakes after not too long but quickly realizes he’s alone on the beach towel. He looks around but doesn’t see Sanfield anywhere and feels a sting of disappointment. The memory of sex with the other man is so Heavenly it almost feels surreal; as if a beautiful sea nymph rose up out of the surf to have his way with him.

Eventually he puts his speedo back on and heads back to his room at the resort. Later that night he has a shower and after towelling off he starts to rub some lotion over his chest when he hears a knock on the door. He answers the door in nothing but a towel and is greeted by the sight of Todd wearing just shorts.



“Hey there, gorgeous. Mind if I come in?” Sanfield asks with a smirk.

“Of course, I’m glad to see you again.” Boselli replies, feeling a bit nervous.

Todd walks into the room and then turns to face the other man. “Sorry I left earlier, I--”

Pietro immediately closes the door behind him and cuts his guest off mid-sentence as he quickly removes his towel, exposing his genitals again.

Sanfield grins. “Wow, uhhh… I guess you wanna’ get right back into it, huh?”

Boselli responds by grabbing the other model’s shorts and pulling them down, leaving the both of them completely nude.

The two sexy male models waste no time and embrace each other, grinding their cocks together in a sensuous act of frottage while they plunge into yet another passionate make-out session. They keep kissing and rubbing their cocks against each other as Pietro pulls Todd over to the bed. “I need you to have me now.”
He breathes into the other man’s ear.

“Yeah? Anything you want, babe.” The American hunk whispers back.

Soon Boselli is laying on his back on the bed while Sanfield mounts him and slides his hard cock up his ass. The Italian stud grips the sheets and moans out loud.
“Wow… you… are... really... tight!” Todd pants as he pumps his hips.

“Yes! I’m…! I’m…!” Pietro huffs, trying to speak but overwhelmed with ecstasy.

“Shhh! Don’t worry, just enjoy it.” Sanfield assures him as he continues thrusting.

Boselli reaches up and feels his lover’s body once again, caressing his strong, flexing muscles as he gazes up at his handsome face. “I’ve never been with a man like you before…” He breathes out softly.

“Right back at ya’.” The other man replies with a wink.

Todd leans his head down and takes one of Pietro’s nipples in his mouth; gently biting the soft, pliable nub before pulling on it with his teeth.

“Ohhhh yes!” Boselli moans, a jolt of excitement running through him. He can feel his cock lay against his abs begging for satisfaction. When Sanfield performs the same act on his other nipple and he can feel his balls tense in anticipation. “I’m going to… ohhhhh!” He gasps.

“I know. Me too…” Todd grunts, feeling Pietro’s anus clench around his shaft. He screws his eyes shut and opens his mouth wide as he crying out in pleasure as he climaxes.

The Italian model feels his lover’s cock spurt hot cum against his prostate and it drives him to orgasm too. His chest heaves as he slathers his washboard abs with his own seed.

The two men’s bodies are locked together in sexual delight as they cum. Eventually they lay next to each other on the bed.

“So… Was that…?” Sanfield trails off questioningly.

“Yes, I… you just had my anal virginity.” Boselli admits.

Todd whistles. “Wow.” he says placing a hand behind his head.

“I’m glad it was you.” Pietro adds, smiling over at the other man.

The American model grins with pride. “Thanks, gorgeous.” He replies before they lean their heads together and share another deep kiss.

The two men spent the rest of their vacation exploring the beautiful tropical resort and each other’s beautiful bodies.

Chapter Text

Once again a gay Hollywood movie producer was throwing a private Halloween party at his L.A. mansion for hot male celebrities where everyone invited was asked to wear sexy costumes. This year Chris Evans arrived dressed as a lumberjack; he was wearing a plaid button-up shirt that was only half buttoned-up to show off some of his chest hair, a blue wool cap, jeans and work boots. He walked in eager to see who else was here and what they were wearing.

“There you are.” A man said as he walked over to Chris.

Evans looked and saw his friend Chris Pratt dressed as a cowboy. “Giddy up cowboy!” He chuckled, smiling at his fellow Marvel superhero star.

Pratt grinned back at him and as the men met up they clapped each other on the back and shared an open-mouth kiss. “What are you supposed to be, the Brawny mascot?” Pratt asked.

Evans laughed. “No dude, I’m a sexy lumberjack.” He replied.

“Ohh yeah? Well the facial hair’s a nice touch.” Pratt said, reaching a hand up to feel the other man’s beard.

“Right back at ya’, cowboy.” Evans said in response before they kissed again. His beard brushing against Pratt’s scruffy facial hair as they made-out.

“God, you two are already going at it? The party just started!” Another man exclaimed jokingly as he walked over to the two actors named Chris.

They stopped kissing and turned to see Ryan Reynolds standing in front of them wearing nothing but orange underwear again.

“Are you wearing the same thing as last year?” Evans asked as they looked him over.

Reynolds’ crotch was once again bulging as it was stuffed with candy. “I enjoy being the trick ‘r treat basket.” Ryan answered with a wry smirk.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you do…” Pratt chuckled.

“You’re just wearing your outfit from that cowboy movie you did.” Reynolds said to Pratt.

“Hey, cowboys are sexy.” Pratt replied with a shrug.

“And you’re dressed as a… sexy Canadian?” He added looking at Evans curiously.

“I’m a sexy lumberjack.” Evans clarified.

“Yeah exactly; a sexy Canadian.” Ryan stepped up to the Avengers star and undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt, pulling it open to expose his pecs and abs. “I like it.” He said, winking at the hirsute stud. “You boys want a treat?” He asked, wagging his bulge in front of them.

“Not yet. Maybe later.” Evans replied.

“Yeah, the party just started.” Pratt added.

“Suit yourselves. I’ll see you horny bastards later…” Reynolds said before he turned and walked away. The back of his orange briefs had the face of a jack-o’-lantern cut-out and his asshole was visible through the mouth.

The two actors named Chris grinned at each other as they stifled laughter.

“What a slut…” Evans giggled.

“I’m definitely gonna’ fuck that trick tonight.” Pratt admitted.

“You know at the last Halloween party you and I didn’t get to spend too much quality time together…” Evans said, slipping his hand down the back of his friend’s pants and cupping an asscheek tightly.

“We’ll have to fix that, buddy.” Pratt replied with a wink before they kissed again.

Elsewhere at the party young actor Colton Haynes was mingling with other guests. He was dressed like a male version of a Playboy bunny; he had a pair of white rabbit ears on his head and was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong with a bushy rabbit tail on the back of the waistband, right above his exposed asscheeks. His perky bubble-butt caught the eye of another guy at the party, Frank Grillo.

Grillo was dressed as a gladiator with sandals, arm guards and leather kilt. He walked up behind Haynes. “Let’s head upstairs…” He whispered with his husky voice.

Colton turned his head to look back at the man who was currently caressing his bare ass. “Thanks for the offer but I’m spoken for, my Daddy wouldn’t like it if I hooked-up with another man.” He replied with a bashful smile.

Frank scoffed. “What?” He looked at the young man in confusion.

“I’m just here to enjoy the sights.” Haynes replied. “My fiance doesn’t even know I’m here.” He added sheepishly.

Grillo rolled his eyes. “You wouldn’t be dressed like that if you were only here to enjoy the sights…” One of his hands moved from Colton’s butt and grabbed one his wrists, moving the younger actor’s hand under his gladiator kilt to feel that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “You know you want to enjoy this in your sweet little cottontail…” The mature stud breathed into Haynes’ ear, his rough stubble tickling him before gently biting his earlobe.

Colton felt a rush of blood to his cock which stretched his tiny thong but he quickly broke free of Frank’s grip and moved away from him. “Sorry dude, I’m taken.” He said pointing out the engagement ring on his finger. He then turned away and walked into a different room.

Grillo felt his own cock get stiff under the strips of leather that made up his gladiator kilt. He grinned as he watched Haynes’ ass bounce away. “Love it when they play hard to get.” He muttered to himself before following after the young man.

In this other room a stage was set up and the lights were dimmed. A crowd of men had already gathered to watch the performance that was about to begin.
Frank slowly and quietly got behind Colton in the crowd.

Suddenly the lights went out entirely and a throbbing dance music started to play. Spotlights illuminated the stage revealing Joe Manganiello, nude in all his musclebound glory.

Manganiello was covered in body paint to make him look like a marble statue, just like in one of his Magic Mike stripping scenes. Except this time he wasn’t wearing any modesty pouch, his infamous manhood was on full display.

The dim lights in the room came back on but the spotlights on the stage occasionally changed colours, making Joe look like he was made out of marble, gold or bronze depending on the lighting.

The horse-hung stud flexed his body like the piece of sculpted art it was and started to dance and gyrate to the music. The audience cheered as he thrust and swung his cock. As the music picked up Manganiello really put on a show; sticking out his tongue obscenely as he drove his hips, putting that Herculean body to good use.

Most of the onlookers hooted and hollered, shouting lewd remarks.

Colton was getting hot and bothered watching this erotic performance when suddenly he felt a hand come from behind and cover his mouth, stifling him.

Frank put his lips to the young man’s ear once more. “Enjoy this, you slut.” He rasped before gripping Haynes’ thong and snapping it off.

The sexy young actor from tv shows like Teen Wolf and Arrow suddenly felt the older man’s rigid shaft forced into his vulnerable asshole. He cried out in alarm but the sound was muffled by Grillo’s hand and no one could hear it over the music.

Frank had let his erection poke through the leather kilt and he held Colton tight with both hands as he shoved his prick deep into him. “Ohhhhh yeah. That’s a sweet cottontail pussy…” He said before licking his lips as he continued to whisper to the young man.

Haynes could hear him speaking directly into his ear but he was frozen in shock, standing there feeling humiliated as he was sexually assaulted in public.
As Joe continued dancing on stage he looked into the crowd and noticed someone was getting fucked. He pointed to the two who were locked in coitus and shouted; “Fuck yeah!”

Some of the other guys in the crowd turned to see Frank plowing Colton and cheered him on.

“You know you love the attention…” Grillo chuckled before he moved a hand to grab Haynes’ stiff penis. With one hand still over his mouth he used the other to jack the young stud off.

Colton simply stood there, giving in to the situation. His asshole stung as it was stretched and pummeled by Frank’s cock.

Manganiello kept dancing, his own horse-hung cock fully erect.

Grillo eventually felt his tighten-up and he bit down on Haynes’ shoulder as he started to cum.

Colton closed his eyes when he felt the other man’s hot semen flood his ass.

Frank kept his grip on the younger man’s dick and jerked him off.

Haynes whimpered into Grillo’s hand as he shot his load onto the floor.

All the men in the crowd were now horny and raring to go. Most of them had pulled their hard cocks out of their costumes.

Once he was finished cumming Frank shoved Colton onto the ground. “He’s all yours, boys!” He shouted to the other guys.

The young man was on his hands and knees and looked up to see men gather around him with their erections throbbing expectantly. “Ohh shit…” Haynes cursed to himself.

Joe kept dancing as various men in the audience took turns helping themselves to Colton’s warm ass and wet mouth.

Grillo left the room and headed for the bar, his now flaccid cock hidden once again under his gladiator kilt. When he got to the bar he sat his bare ass on one of the stools and ordered a drink. He looked next to him and saw Chris Evans and Chris Pratt talking with each other. “How’s it goin’, Cap?” He asked.

“Hey! Goin’ good.” Evans said with a grin as he turned to Frank.

“Get laid yet?” Grillo asked with a smirk as he looked at Pratt.

Both men named Chris chuckled. “Not yet.” Evans replied.

“The night’s still young, though…” Pratt added.

“Well I just had some sweet boypussy and now I’m lookin’ to get liquored-up.” Frank replied.

“I’ll drink to that!” Evans laughed.

“Hell yeah!” Pratt agreed boisterously.

The three men raised their drinks together before taking a swig.


Meanwhile Ryan Reynolds was still flirting with guys and offering them to help themselves to his trick ‘r treat basket when suddenly he felt someone stick their face right between his asscheeks. He gasped when he felt their rough facial hair on his smooth buttocks and their wet tongue lapped at his exposed asshole. The man then stood up behind him and he felt his hot breath on the back of his neck.

“Good to taste your slutty cunt again.” Ryan heard a familiar voice whisper, he turned around to see Liev Schreiber standing there in dark, ripped clothes with a smug look on his face. “Your cheeks feel like sandpaper…” Reynolds said as he reached up and ran his fingers along Schreiber’s scruffy cheeks. “Lick me again.” He added excitedly.

Liev smiled, he was wearing realistic-looking fangs on his canine teeth. “Sure, but let’s go upstairs first. I don’t want any interruptions.” He replied.
“Whatever you want.” Ryan obliged him, following him up to the bedrooms.

The two men could hear all kinds of moaning, grunting and other sounds of pleasure and pain coming from behind the closed doors of the various bedrooms in the mansion, but they couldn’t find an occupied room.

“Ohh just do me right here in the hallway!” Reynolds exclaimed, eager to get fucked by his former X-Men movie co-star. He got on all fours on the carpet with his ass raised in the air.

Liev removed his clothes entirely as he knelt behind the other man. “What about this?” He asked grabbing the Canadian’s jack-o’-lantern briefs.

“I’d like to keep it on, please.” Ryan replied, wiggling his butt. He enjoyed how all the gummy candy he stuffed in his crotch felt against his cock and balls.
“Suit yourself.” Schreiber said before he leaned over and once again stuck his face through the jack-o’-lantern mouth over the other man’s ass.

Reynolds’ eyes rolled back and he breathed deep as he was overcome with the sensation of Liev’s rough stubble on his supple buttocks and his talented tongue plunging into his sensitive asshole. “Ohhhhh yeah…” He moaned dreamily.

The rugged hunk hungrily slurped on Ryan’s hole, swirling his tongue inside him.

“Ohhhh God, fuck me! Shove your cock right up my ass!” Reynolds begged.

Schreiber chuckled to himself arrogantly before he mounted the other man; shoving his cock deep in Ryan’s ass and biting the back of his neck like an animal.
“Fuck yeah! That’s it, don’t hold back…” Reynolds moaned desperately.

Liev gripped Ryan hard and let loose. He slammed his hips into him again and again, his balls slapping off the Deadpool star’s ass while his cock pummeled his prostate.

Reynolds felt his own shaft get stiff and stretch his underwear, it felt weird with all that squishy candy around his dick but he enjoyed it. “Ohhhh yeah… that’s the sweet spot… fuck me Sabretooth!” He panted, pushing his ass back to meet Schreiber’s thrusts.

“Ohh I’m not Sabretooth…” Liev growled menacingly as he kept pounding Ryan’s ass.

“Uhh… ok…” Reynolds breathed out slowly, he could feel himself getting close to orgasm.

Schreiber also felt himself get close to climaxing and as he brought himself over the edge he raised his body up and let out a long, loud howl like a wolf that echoed through the hall.

As Ryan listened to the other man howl and spray his seed inside him he came as well. He shot his load into his bulge, giving those candies a coating of cum. “Wow…” He sighed.

Liev licked Reynolds’ sweaty back and chuckled. “Full moon out tonight…”

Back downstairs at the party Tom Holland was enjoying himself. His tight young body was receiving lots of attention as he was wearing nothing but a tiny blue speedo. Tom had a drink in hand but nearly choked while he was taking a swig as he noticed Hugh Jackman walk up to him.

Hugh wasn’t wearing much either; a brown, furry piece of fabric was wrapped around his waist like a loincloth, most of his hairy, ripped body was exposed. “Well… I knew it had to happen eventually…” He said, grinning as he stepped up to the young man.

“W-what’s happening...?” Holland asked blushing, flustered by the sight of the mature stud right in front of him.

Jackman laughed. “I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I met the hottest new twink in Hollywood.” He replied. “And so far, so good…” He added looking the boy up and down.

Tom blushed even more and chuckled nervously. “T-thanks. So uhh… what are you supposed to be?” He asked looking over Hugh and trying not to stare at his pecs.

“I’m a caveman. How about you?” Jackman answered with a smirk.

“I’m Tom Daley, the diver. He’s a… a British diver and he wears… you know… little speedos.” Holland said, struggling to concentrate.

“Yeah, very sexy…” Hugh replied before he suddenly grabbed the younger actor and placed him over his shoulder.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” Tom exclaimed in shock.

“I’m a caveman, I’m taking you back to my cave to have my way with you.” Jackman laughed.

Some of the other men in the room laughed and cheered as they watched the Aussie stud carry the boy away.

Hugh carried the Spider-Man star into a bedroom that recently became available, the smell of fresh sweat and cum still hung in the air. The older hunk threw Holland onto the bed.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna have sex with-- Ohhh my God!” Tom watched the legendary Wolverine actor slide off his fur loincloth and reveal his massive uncut cock. He stared at the amazing specimen of masculinity in front of him with his mouth and eyes wide open.

A wide grin spread across Jackman’s face. “That look on a boy never gets old…” He chuckled before grabbing Holland’s speedo and sliding it down off his legs.
“Uhh be careful with that, I borrowed it from my boyfriend.” Tom admitted.

“Don’t worry, he’ll get it back in one piece.” Hugh replied as he tossed the skimpy swimwear on the floor. “He might not get you back in one piece though…” He chuckled deviously before leaning his nude body over the boy. “Twinks like you should beware things that go hump in the night… Like me...”

“I’m not afraid...” Holland said sheepishly as he stared up at the older man.

Jackman simply grinned before bringing their mouths together. He parted the young twink’s lips with his tongue and they began to make-out in earnest.
The two actors were both famous for playing superhero roles but their bodies were quite different from each other; Tom was lean with a smooth, sinewy physique, whereas Hugh’s brawny figure was mostly coated with rough body hair over his strong muscles.

As they continued to kiss Jackman humped Holland, the friction of their bare cocks against each other got both of them even more horny.

Tom reached around and grabbed Hugh’s ass with both hands, squeezing and kneading those buff, hairy buttocks.

The two men spent several minutes laying on the bed together exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and mouths; sucking and biting nipples, slurping cock and balls, licking armpits and ass, and groping muscles.

Eventually Jackman couldn’t hold back any longer and he grabbed Holland by the waist and lifted him into the air as he got up on his feet.

“Wow... these beds are sturdy.” Tom chuckled nervously as he stared at the mature stud in bewilderment. He put his arms around the other man’s shoulders and wrapped his legs around his waist as he held him above his rigid cock.

Hugh didn’t reply, he simply stared back with a determined scowl on his face before he pushed the boy’s ass down onto his throbbing manhood and thrust his hips in.

The young twink’s head rolled back as he moaned out loud. His asshole was stretched open by the thickest cock he had ever taken. “Ohhhhhhh shit!” He cursed as his ass was filled with uncut Australian meat.

Jackman grit his teeth and grinned as he held the boy tight and enjoyed the look on his face. He began pumping his hips forcefully, bouncing Holland up and down.

“Fuuuuuuck! Meeeee! Daaaaaddyyyyy!” Tom panted through his throes of ecstasy.

This sure as hell wasn’t Hugh’s first time fucking a much younger guy and he knew how ram the boy’s prostate again and again with his cock. He puffed out his chest and grunted like a wild beast with every thrust.

The Spider-Man star bit his lip and whimpered like a puppy as he was ravaged by the ultimate primal Daddy fantasy come to life.

The two actors maintained eye-contact as they fucked.

Holland could feel Jackman’s big hairy balls hit his ass every now and then while his own genitals swung up and down between his spread thighs.

Hugh groaned and his breathing deepened as he felt himself getting closer to climax.

Tom felt the older man’s hot breath flow from his flared nostrils and he felt himself getting close too. “Ohhh God, Daddy… I’m gonna’ cum soon!” He moaned. “I need you to cum in me! Cum in my arse, Daddy!” The horny British boy begged.

Jackman didn’t say anything he only let out a deep, long growl as he thrust in hard and seeded the young twink’s eager ass.

Holland’s mouth formed a large O as he moaned with pleasure, his own cock spraying his load all over the other man’s abs.

Both of them then brought their mouths together again, sharing another deep kiss as they fell onto the bed.

After a few minutes of making-out and soaking in semen Tom moved his body lowered and nestled his face in between Hugh’s hairy, beefcake pecs while they cuddled. “Thank you, sir…” He murmured into the Aussie’s firm, muscular flesh.

The Wolverine star chuckled in satisfaction. “No problem, mate. You’ve got one hell of a sweet arse…” He replied, gently caressing the young man’s tight bum.

Holland blushed as he rubbed his cheek against Jackman’s chest hair. “Thanks. I’m glad we finally met.” He said.

“I told you; I knew it had to happen eventually.” Hugh laughed.

This year’s sexy Halloween celebration was still going on strong, with plenty of kissing and sucking and sweet man-on-man fucking all night long.

Chapter Text

As the annual sexy Halloween costume party continued, Kellan Lutz arrived to the party. He had driven there on a motorcycle dressed in a sexy biker outfit; a jacket that was unzipped with no shirt on underneath, tight pants that clung to his crotch, with boots that went up to his knees, all in black leather.

After he parked his motorcycle he sauntered into the mansion, attracting plenty of attention. With his jacket open plenty of his smooth pecs and washboard abs were on display and he enjoyed the lustful glances from the other men. He took a seat at the bar and ordered himself a drink.

“Make that two.” Another man said as he walked over to the bar as well.

Kellan turned and saw Sebastian Stan next to him.

Sebastian was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans. His hair was tousled and his arms and torso were slick and glistening in the lights by the bar.
Lutz looked over the other man’s bare chest and couldn’t tell if the sheen over his muscles was sweat or oil. “That’s an… interesting costume choice.” He said with a smirk.

“Can’t you tell I’m a mechanic?” Stan replied with a broad smile.

“Ohh yeah? A regular ‘grease-monkey’, huh?” Kellan asked.

Sebastian laughed. “Yeah, exactly! I had like a tank-top on but… You know, you’ve got the right idea…” He said as he reached over and ran his fingers over one of Kellan’s pecs.

The two men grinned at each other as they knocked-back their drinks together.

“I saw you drove here on a motorcycle, want me to check your oil… make sure everything’s running smoothly?” Stan asked, playing up the mechanic and biker angle as he placed a hand on the other man’s crotch.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any problems getting my engine revved-up.” Lutz answered with a sly wink. He unzipped his crotch and let the other man reach inside.
“I can tell…” Sebastian remarked as he wrapped his fingers around Kellan’s shaft and felt it grow to full erection.

The muscle-bound, leather-clad hunk turned around on his barstool so he was facing the rest of the room. He then pulled his cock and balls out of his pants so that his genitals and pubic hair were completely exposed. “How about you give me a lube-job?” He asked, spreading his legs wide and placing his elbows on the bar behind him as he leaned back.

“Happy to be of service.” The heartthrob actor from the Captain America movies replied as he got on his knees in front of the other man and started publicly sucking his dick.

Lutz smirked arrogantly as he saw other men at the party start to get excited watching him get an expert blowjob from this skilled cocksucker.

Stan was slobbering all over the shaft, flicking his tongue along the underside and gently rubbing the other man’s hefty balls as well.

Kellan let his leather jacket open-up even further as he leaned back; his huge pectorals on full display. Lots of guys stared at his pecs, or his handsome bearded face or simply watched Sebastian’s head bob up-and-down.

The horny actor famous for his role as Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had no problem going to town on another guy in front of an audience and he continued to orally service the other man until his cock was rigid and slippery with saliva. Stan pulled back his head and smiled up at Lutz. “I’m ready to ride this bad-boy.” He chuckled.

“Knock yourself out, slut.” Kellan chuckled back at him. He loved the attention this was bringing and was more than happy to let Sebastian ride his cock in public.
Stan got undressed; fully nude now, with his own cock throbbing. He carefully got up into Lutz’ lap, spread his legs and placed a foot on the barstool on each side of them.

Kellan kept eye-contact with Sebastian as he lowered his ass onto his thick cock and sank down to his balls.

“Ahhhhhhh yes!” Stan moaned out loud as he pushed his hips down and felt the other man’s cock fill his ass.

Some of the men watching them were now whistling and cheering as they watched this public sex act unfold.
Sebastian enjoyed the attention as well and started to thrust his ass up and down, riding Kellan’s sizeable manhood.
Lutz grinned; being the object of all these other men’s lust and envy while having a hot stud slide his tight asshole up-and-down his shaft was pure Heaven.
Stan turned his body around so he was facing the crowd too, before continuing to ride the other man’s hung erection. He smiled at the other guys, giving-in to his exhibitionist urges.
At this point even the bartender joined the crowd of bystanders as they watched the two actors going at it.
Sebastian’s dick was swinging all around as he kept impaling himself on Kellan’s prick over and over again.

Eventually Lutz felt himself get close to orgasm. “Ohhhh fuck yeah!” He yeah moaned as he started shooting his load into his companion.

“Mmmmmmm yeah! That’s it…” Stan panted, smiling broadly as he felt his ass get seeded.

The bartender decided to give-in to his own lustful urges, stepped in front of Sebastian, bent down and sucked his cock into his mouth.

“Ahhhh yes!” Sebastian moaned as he sprayed his cum down the man’s throat.

After swallowing the actor’s cum the bartender and the crowd of men started to disperse; the bartender returned to his duty behind the bar while the other men resumed mingling and flirting with each other.

“Were you satisfied with your service?” The actor from the Captain America movies asked with a smug grin as he looked back over his shoulder.

“Yes I was.” Kellan replied, grinning back at him.

“Good. Feel free to employ my services again, anytime.” Stan said with a wink. He pulled off of Lutz’ softening dick and sat his bare, sweaty ass down on the barstool next to him.

“Will do.” Kellan responded, still grinning. He left his privates hanging out of his leather pants as the two of them ordered more drinks.

“To a job well done.” Sebastian said as he raised his glass.

“Cheers.” Lutz chuckled as they tapped their glasses together and then knocked-back their drinks. He let out a soft belch. “Excuse me.”

“This party is great, huh?” Stan remarked with a naughty grin, he shamelessly enjoyed being nude in public.

“Ohh yeah, already much better than last year.” Kellan replied.

The movie producer’s mansion was on a beautiful coastal stretch of property and there were lights set up near the water in case anyone wanted to go swimming.
Stephen Amell decided to strip nude and go skinny-dipping, and he was delighted to see his friend and Arrow co-star Colton Haynes was already nude in the water. “Hey there, sweet ass! What are you up to?” He greeted him excitedly as he waded over to him, but he quickly noticed that Colton had a worried look on his face and was covering his genitals.

“Ohh fuck, Stephen…” Haynes muttered as he suddenly embraced his friend and nuzzled his face against the other man’s neck.

Amell held his friend and listened to him explain what happened earlier when he Frank Grillo forced himself on him and left him to be gangraped during Joe Manganiello’s erotic dance performance. The Canadian-born stud rubbed Colton’s back gently as he comforted him.

“But that wasn’t the end of it…” Haynes continued. “After the other guys took turns having their way with me they forced me onto the stage.”

Stephen felt his dick twitch as he imagined it. “What happened then?” He asked.

“Then… then Joe fucked me too.” The handsome young actor admitted.

Amell felt a rush of blood into his manhood. “Tell me what happened…” He breathed into the younger man’s ear as he slid a hand down and softly caressed his firm buttocks.

“I was on my hands and knees… there was throbbing... music playing... and he… he slid that huge cock right into me…” Colton panted.

Both men stood there holding each other as the water lapped around their knees. Their cocks were beginning to get stiff and pressed together.

Haynes had his arms around the taller man with his hands clasped on the back of his broad shoulders.

Stephen had one hand on the small of Colton’s back while the other was still gently squeezing an asscheek.

“I’ve never took a cock as big as his.” The younger actor confessed.

“There’s a reason they call him horse-hung Manganiello.” The Arrow star replied.

“Yeah… I’m still sore from the way his prick stretched my hole.” Haynes added, blushing.

Stephen moved his hand in between Colton’s supple buttocks and carefully felt his tender anus. “You’ll be alright, buddy.” He whispered to him.

“I know, but Jeff can’t find out I was here.” Haynes replied, referring to his fiance.

“Did you come here to cheat on him?” Amell asked bluntly.

Colton thought about it. “I… I think I did.” He answered honestly.

“Did you know I was gonna’ be here?” Stephen inquired further.

“I didn’t know for sure… I just… I wanted to have fun and feel… I don’t know...” Haynes trailed off as he couldn’t think clearly on why he chose to come to this party behind his fiance’s back.

“I miss spending time with you…” Amell said as he began kissing the other man’s neck.

“No Stephen. C’mon, I’m engaged.” Colton protested even though he felt his pulse quicken and his cock twitch.

“You wanted to have fun… and you wanted to feel sexy…” Amell said in between kisses.

“I love Jeff, but… fuck!” Haynes cursed as he gave-in to his own greedy lustful urges.

The two studs started making-out and grinding their cocks together.

As the two men continued kissing and frotting Stephen guided them back to the shore.

Soon Colton was laying on his back in the wet sand with his muscular lover on top of him, humping away. He moaned into the other man’s mouth as the frottage sent pleasure through their bodies like electricity.

After a few minutes Amell broke their kiss and moved his hips lower, rubbing his rigid cock against Haynes’ abused asshole.

“Please be gentle.” Colton requested as he gripped Stephen’s pecs.

“Of course.” The Canadian replied, looking into his lover’s eyes before they shared another kiss. He then began slowly pushing his erection into the younger man.

Haynes tilted his head back, shut his eyes and moaned deeply. “Ohhhh God!”

“Joe wasn’t gentle, was he?” Amell asked, breathing heavily.

“No he just… he just rammed my prostate with his horse-cock… over and over again…” Colton panted in response.

“This is what you came for… isn’t it?” Stephen declared as he started fucking toned young man.

“Yes! Yes! I…. I admit it feels good to cheat on Jeff!” Haynes cried out in pleasure. “Fuck me! I came here to get fucked!”

Amell had no problem obliging his lover; he pumped his hips forcefully, with each thrust driving his cock in deep and grazing the sweet spot. “Ohhh fuck yeah! God, I missed giving it to you!” He shouted triumphantly.

“God, I missed getting it from you!” Colton moaned back, groping Stephen’s pecs hard.

The television actors kept fucking on the beach, all their concerns fading away as their bodies locked together in sexual bliss.

Amell as he pounded away, felt glad to reconnect with his former lover and deep down he felt an almost primal sense of pride at fucking another man’s romantic partner.

While Haynes as he laid there, was enjoying the taboo thrill of infidelity. It felt great to cast off all sense of guilt and shame and simply take pleasure in this erotic indiscretion.

“Colton… I’m gonna’ cum in you soon, ok babe?” Stephen said with a smile.

“Hell yeah! Fuckin’ seed my ass, stud!” Haynes replied enthusiastically, looking back up at him.

“Ohhhh yeah! Fuck... yes!” Amell grunted loudly as he blew his load, his hot cum filling the younger man’s ass.

Colton moaned and ran his hands all over the Canadian hunk’s sweaty torso. “Mmmmmmm! God, that feels great…”

The two men made-out again, their tongues sliding over each other.

When they finished kissing Stephen laid next to his lover on the beach. “That was great.” He said, smiling over at the other actor.

“I know. It felt amazing to admit I wanted to cheat on Jeff.” Haynes replied.

“I have to say it feels really empowering to fuck another guy’s fiance.” Amell chuckled and flexed his biceps. “I feel like I could run a fucking marathon!” He laughed.

“A fucking marathon?” Colton said with a smirk as he raised an eyebrow. “So you’re saying you can go all night?” He asked.

“You know I can…” Stephen replied with a wink and a wide grin.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful affair.” Haynes said before they kissed again.

Meanwhile at the party there was once again a nude mud wrestling competition going on in the basement. And just like last time the “mud” was actually a mixture of chocolate syrup, whip-cream and gummy worms in a large inflatable pool.

The reigning champion from last year was currently in the pool and he was still undefeated, Chris Hemsworth stood nude in the pool with his lower body submerged in the confectionery concoction.

In front of the pool were plenty of chairs for the audience that were enjoying themselves watching the Thor star grapple with other hunks in the buff.

On the other side of the pool was just one chair with Chris Hardwick in it acting as the announcer for this competition. He had a pair of red devil horns on his head and was sitting with a red butt-plug stuffed in his hole but that was it, he was completely naked with a microphone in one hand and his dick in the other. “Well boys and ghouls it looks like no one can defeat our reigning champ; Chris ‘Thunder From Down Under’ Hemsworth!” The comedian declared.

The Aussie actor raised his arms and flexed, showing off his huge biceps and pecs and the crowd hooted at him. “Isn’t anyone here man enough to take me on!?” He shouted, challenging the guys in the audience.

“I’ll take you on!” A man suddenly exclaimed from the back of the room.

Everyone looked to see Jason Momoa walk forward wearing nothing but a spandex speedo like a wrestler, he was obviously prepared for this.

“Look who it is, it’s none other than the Hawaiian hunk himself; Jason Momoa! It looks like we’re going to see Thor versus Aquaman and I could not be nerding-out harder right now, folks!” Hardwick announced as he stroked his stiff erection and stared at the sight before him.

“I’m ready to take your ass down!” Momoa boasted as he approached the pool and stripped out of his speedo; revealing his taut and tan buttocks, his wild and bushy pubes and his big cock and balls. “You ready for me to come in there and fuck that smug grin off your face?” He asked the Aussie with a smug grin of his own.

The audience was loving every bit of this.

“Come at me, bro!” Hemsworth replied, puffing out his chest and holding out his arms. “Speaking of… How about I get a kiss from my two good luck charms before we start the match?” He said, smirking as he looked over at his two naked brothers.

Liam and Luke Hemsworth both leaned over the pool on each side of their sibling and took turns giving Chris an open-mouthed kiss.

The crowd went wild at this shameless display of incestuous affection; they hooted, hollered and shouted all kinds of lewd remarks.

Hardwick’s eyes bulged as he watched the brother’s slip their tongues in each other’s mouths and he jerked his cock frantically. “Good thing I’m already wearing devil horns, ‘cause I am going straight to Hell…” He joked as he stared, consumed by lust.

“Fuck that is hot.” Jason chuckled matter-of-factly as he took in the taboo display with the same enjoyment as everyone else. His own manhood quickly raised to full erection.
“Alright, I’m ready. Get yer Hawaiian arse in here.” Chris Hemsworth coaxed his opponent.

Momoa wasted no time hopping into the pool and letting his genitals and his bare behind get covered in the sweet, sugary goo.

Everyone took in a breath as the two musclebound men sized each other up.

“This is it folks, the final match of the night. Who will win between these superhero studs; the God of thunder or the King of Atlantis?” Hardwick announced to the crowd.

“What’s a king to a God?” Chris Hemsworth challenged his competitor.

“You’re about to find out…” Jason replied confidently.

“Let’s get this match started!” The horny comedian declared.


The audience cheered as the two actors came together and began grappling with each other, gripping their muscular bodies tightly.

Momoa had matched his strength against Hemsworth’s once before during the Superhero Fuckfest and that time the Australian managed to force him down onto his back. The Hawaiian-born beefcake wanted to make sure things went differently this time.

Chris pressed his forehead against Jason’s and looked him in the eye as they held each other. He tried to force him over but the slimy liquid in the inflatable pool made everything sticky and hard to push through, although the kinky Aussie loved how it felt against his private parts.

Momoa slipped his hands into Hemsworth’s armpits and suddenly forced him back against the edge of the pool. He also wasted no time in bringing their mouths together in a ravenous kiss.
Chris wanted to fight back and flip the other man around, but instead he felt himself wrapping his arms around him and giving-in to the kiss.

The crowd roared with excitement as they watched the guys go at it.

Jason started humping his opponent, rubbing their slicked cocks against each other. “Lovin’ this, aren’t ya’?” He asked after pulling his face back and grinning at the other actor.

The Thor star furrowed his brows and then smirked back at him. “Yeah… I love doin’ this!” He grunted loudly as he gripped his competitor and shoved him down into the muck.

The audience cheered as Hemsworth leapt onto the other hunk and they began really wrestling in the gooey substance; their muscular bodies were slathered with chocolate, smeared with whip-cream and sprinkled with gummy worms. Most of the crowd stood up and moved closer to the pool to get a better look at them.

“I can’t tell who’s gonna’ win this one, folks! It looks like the champ might be dethroned soon!” Hardwick commented energetically as he masturbated.

Momoa started to get the upper hand over Hemsworth, he mounted his back as the Aussie was on his knees in the confectionery quagmire. The Hawaiian pressed his cockhead against his opponent’s asshole and then plunged in.

Chris howled with pleasure as he felt Jason bury his rigid cock inside him.

The crowd went wild again and Hardwick moaned out loud as he climaxed; releasing his pent-up load by spraying it all over himself.

Momoa kept thrusting his hips, fucking the Aussie fast and hard.

Hemsworth felt embarrassed for losing, but it only lasted about a minute before he happily embraced getting plowed by this stud in the pool of sweet goo.

“Looks like we’ve got a new champion!” Hardwick exclaimed before he sat back, covered in his own semen and panting.

Jason raised a fist in triumph and the audience cheered him on.

Now the hunky Hawaiian was really giving it to Hemsworth, slamming his groin into his opponent’s ass and driving that cock in deep.

“Ooohh yeah! That’s it, mate!” Chris moaned as his prostate was repeatedly tapped. The tall Australian stud knew how to move his hips and loved swinging them back to meet the other man’s powerful thrusts.

Momoa kept bouncing his low-hanging balls off of the Thor star’s ass and felt himself build up to orgasm. He tilted his head back and let out a long, booming roar of ecstasy.

Hemsworth grinned wide when he heard his fellow superhero actor bellowing from pleasure and felt him seed his well-fucked ass. He reached down and jacked himself off, grunting as he shot his load into the chocolate syrup.

Any of the men in the crowd who hadn’t already cum did now. Moaning as they masturbated to completion watching this erotic display.

“Well there you have it folks! Your new Halloween wrestling champion is; Jason Momoa!” Hardwick announced.

The audience started to applaud.

Chris and Jason slowly got up onto their feet and shook hands, Hemsworth then clapped him on the shoulder and Momoa responded with a firm spank to the ass. The men chuckled good-naturedly before they shared a kiss.

They received a standing ovation and plenty more whistling and lewd remarks as this year’s competition came to a close.

Back upstairs at the party Chris Evans was flirting with one of his favourite fuck-buddies; Henry Cavill. The gorgeous British star of “Man of Steel” had provided the horny Boston boy with some of the best sex of life, they had spectacular chemistry with each other but there was also somewhat of a rivalry between them. The two men were currently talking about last year’s Halloween party.

“Armie couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved seeing your pecs bounce while you rode his cock.” Henry said. He was wearing a long, black Dracula cape that draped down his shoulders to the floor and kept his entire body hidden inside.

“Yeah, I told him that riding him like that would make you jealous…” Chris replied. He was still wearing his lumberjack outfit; the wool cap on his head, the plaid shirt fully unbuttoned so that his hairy chest was on display, and his jeans clinging to his buff ass and bulging crotch.

“It did, that’s why I was so eager to give you a ride during the Superhero Fuckfest.” Cavill admitted, smirking at the other man.

“How about I fuck you tonight?” Evans asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“Sounds good to me, I’m ready to have fun…” Henry replied before stretching out his arms and thus opening up the cape to reveal that wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Both of Chris’ eyebrows rose up in surprise as he got an eye-full of Superman stud’s beautiful, muscular, hairy body and hung cock. “Well… meet me upstairs in a few minutes and we’ll get the fun started.” He said, grinning with a dreamy look on his handsome face.

“I can’t wait.” Cavill replied, giving the all-American actor a kiss before he left.

Alone for a moment, Evans thanked his luck for getting to hook-up with that prime piece of beefcake again and again. He then headed back over to the bar.

Meanwhile at the party Chris Pratt had been talking with a lot of different guys, but suddenly someone he hadn’t met before caught his eye; it was Scott Eastwood, the son of famous actor/director Clint Eastwood.

Scott had become an actor as well, but this was his first time dipping a toe into Hollywood’s secret, all-male sexual underworld. He had never been to a party like this before and was visibly nervous. Quite similarly to Pratt he was dressed in an outfit from one of his movies, a bull riding uniform with a stetson hat.

Chris sauntered over to him, still in his cowboy clothes. “Howdy, pardner.” He said in an exaggerated country drawl, tipping his own hat to him.

“Hey there, nice to meet you.” Eastwood replied, smiling happily as he recognized the other man. He held out a hand to shake.

“This your first time at a party like this?” Pratt asked as he gave him a firm handshake.

“Yeah. Guess it’s obvious, huh?” Scott answered with a sheepish grin.

“Don’t worry; I was new to the scene once too, but you’ll fit right in.” Chris said with a chuckle and a flirtatious wink.

“I hope so, I’m eager to finally try… you know… penis up the ass.” Scott muttered, gesturing awkwardly with his hands.

“You mean you’ve never had sex with a guy before?” Pratt inquired, excited at the idea of busting this stud’s cherry wide open.

Eastwood blushed. “Nope. But that’s why I’m here.” He admitted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star grinned from ear-to-ear at the sexy younger actor. “Well shit buddy, I’ll take care of that for ya’!” He laughed.

“Really? That’s awesome!” Scott exclaimed. “Man, I haven’t even kissed a dude yet.” He added.

Chris chuckled naughtily. “Well then…” He leaned forward, gently grabbed the other man’s face and kissed him on the mouth. He slipped his tongue past Eastwood’s lips as he gave him his first man-on-man kiss.

The handsome actor in the bull rider outfit had never felt such raw sexual energy during a kiss before and he enjoyed the feel of their facial hair rubbing together.

After the two made-out for a couple minutes Pratt then pulled back and Scott stared at him. “Wow…” He breathed out slowly.

“Thanks.” Chris replied with a smug look on his face. “So you wanna’ get down to business?”

“Yeah!” Eastwood immediately replied. “I can’t wait to ride your bull…” He added anxiously.

Pratt clapped him on the shoulder. “Meet me upstairs in a few minutes and we’ll get started.”

“Sure. Sounds good, bro.” Scott said. He left the conversation with a big smile, eager for what was going to happen next.

Chris walked back over to the bar for one last drink and found his buddy Chris Evans there again. “So how’s your night goin’?” He asked his friend.

“Great; got a smokin’ hot piece of ass ready for me and I’m gonna’ head upstairs and plow him.” Evans answered with a smirk.

Pratt laughed. “I was gonna’ say the exact same thing, man! You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” He asked as he ordered a shot.

Evans nodded at him and they shared a devious chuckle before knocking back their shots.

Henry Cavill was looking for Chris Evans upstairs. A few minutes after his conversation with the Captain America star he had come here so they could hook-up in one of the bedrooms but Cavill couldn’t find him. He hadn’t seen Evans come upstairs but he could the sound of men’s voices coming from the various rooms on the top floor. Henry wondered if Chris might already be in one of the rooms. He stepped up to one of the doors and opened it. “Ohh, sorry!” He said as he was greeted with the sight of two naked guys fucking on the bed.

Former wrestler, now actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on all fours while his “Baywatch” movie co-star Zac Efron was kneeling behind him and ramming his cock up the much larger man’s ass. The two abruptly stopped and looked over at Cavill, whose body and genitals were exposed as he was no longer covering his frontside with the cape.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt.” Henry apologized. “So… you’re the top?” He added quizzically as he looked at the very long, thick shaft of meat protruding from between Johnson’s thighs. His mouth watered and his asshole twitched just looking at that massive third leg.

“Damn right.” Efron replied proudly, puffing out his chest and grinning smugly.

“Don’t let my giant cock fool you, I’m an insatiable bottom.” Dwayne admitted as he stared at the hunky British actor’s own hung manhood, which had recently grown semi-erect.

Henry felt tempted to stay but wanted to find Chris. “Well someone’s waiting for me. Carry on, lads.” He said before he closed the door and looked around for a different room.

The next bedroom door he opened revealed another duo going at it; this time Oscar Isaac and John Boyega. The two Star Wars actors were both completely nude; their clothing was spread all over the floor, including a brown leather jacket and an orange and white jumpsuit. They were on their knees on the bed making-out, with John straddling Oscar’s lap and thrusting his firm ass up and down the other man’s thick shaft.

Just like with the last pair that Cavill walked in on, Oscar and John stopped what they were doing and looked over at him. “I’m so sorry, I’ve been looking for someone else. Didn’t mean to bother you.” He said politely.


“Hey it’s no bother, mate. You wanna’ join the fun?” Boyega chuckled in his British accent.

“Yeah, wanna’ ride co-pilot?” Isaac asked with a smirk.

Both men clearly wanted the superhero stud and didn’t hide their lust.

Henry smiled and his cock grew stiff. “Thanks for the offer but I still have to find the fellow I’m looking for. Have fun.” He replied before closing the door. As Cavill stood there he could hear the guys start having sex again and it sounded like John was riding Oscar hard. The Superman actor couldn’t help but stay and eavesdrop, gently stroking his erection as they grunted and moaned.

“Ohhh yeah, ya’ like that? How’s that feel?” Isaac asked.

“It feels amazing, Poe! Just what I needed!” Boyega panted.

Henry bit his lip breathed softly, getting really turned-on as he as he listened to them roleplay as their Star Wars characters.

“Get ready for it, Finn! I’m about to fire my payload!” Oscar shouted.

“Ohhh, right in the thermal exhaust port! Direct hit!” John moaned out loud.

Cavill chuckled at their cute banter but reluctantly turned away from the door. He desperately needed to find Chris Evans.

As the hunky superhero actor kept looking through the hallways he found another man wandering around.

The handsome guy looked down at Henry’s exposed throbbing cock and then his eyes quickly darted back up to his face. “Whoa! You’re uhh… you’re not shy, huh?” He exclaimed with an awkward chuckle, clearly not used to such explicit public male nudity.

Cavill shrugged and simply responded with; “Not really, no.”

“Hey... if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Right?” The man said, making sure to maintain eye-contact. “I’m Scott Eastwood.” He aded holding out his hand to shake.
“Ohh yeah, Clint Eastwood’s son.” Henry replied, shaking his hand. “Strong grip.” He remarked, smiling at him flirtatiously.

“Right back at ya’, Man of Steel.” Scott said with a smug grin, he enjoyed the compliment from this muscular stud. “I’ve been lookin’ for Chris Pratt, have you seen him?” He asked.

“No. I’ve been looking for Chris Evans, have you seen him?” Cavill replied.

“Man where the fuck are all these Chrises, right?” Eastwood laughed. “But y’know... if they’re not around, maybe the two of us…” He started to say as his eyes drifted back down to Henry’s engorged manhood.

Suddenly the two men heard a familiar voice moan from one of the bedrooms. They walked over together to the doorway that was left open.

On the bed were two half-naked men. Chris Pratt was wearing nothing but his cowboy hat and vest which was now wide open, showing off his burly chest. Pratt was squatting on the bed and sitting his bare ass down on another man’s bearded face.

“Holy shit!” Scott gasped out loud, his eyes bulging in shock. He had never seen intense man-on-man action like this before.

Pratt and the other man stopped what they were doing and Chris Evans brought his face out from under his friend’s bubble-butt.

“Hey you guys finally found us!” Evans laughed. The only clothing he still had on were the wool cap and that plaid shirt spread open to reveal his chest.

Almost without thinking Cavill suddenly rushed over, grabbed Evans’ head and pulled him into a deep kiss. The Captain America star’s lips and beard were glazed with ass sweat and the salty, masculine flavour drove Henry wild as they made-out.

Eastwood watched in awe as the men kissed for a couple minutes and then slowly pulled away from each other, breathing deeply. “Dude… you just kissed a guy who was licking an asshole!” He said in disbelief.

“Hey! Who are you callin’ an asshole!” Pratt joked, giving everyone a good chuckle. “Now didn’t you want to ride my bull?” He added, stroking his hard cock.
Scott grinned. “Yeah, I think it’s time for me to take the plunge.” He said as he took off his belt and started to slide his pants and underwear down. His cock stood out stiff, showing how excited he was for his first same-sex experience.

“Well fuck, I can’t wait to watch you ride this bull.” Evans said patting his buddy on the shoulder.

“How about we fuck these guys together, huh?” Pratt asked with a smirk.

“Sounds good to me, I’m dying for Captain America to fuck me!” Henry admitted.

Scott got up on the bed with them. “Let’s get to it, boys...” He said.


All four men were wildly horny and eager to get into action.

Henry Cavill finally removed his Dracula cape and got on his hands and knees on the bed with his buff, hairy ass pointed at Chris Evans who was on his knees, rubbing his cock between the other man’s buttocks.

Chris Pratt sat down with his thick thighs spread as Scott Eastwood squatted above his lap.

“You ready to get your cherry popped?” Pratt asked.

“Yeah…” Eastwood replied as he positioned his anus right above the superhero hunk’s throbbing cockhead.

“You sure you can handle it, bro?” Evans challenged him with a wry smirk.

“Don’t worry, I can take it.” Scott asserted as he playfully winked at the other actor.

“Ok.” Evans said before he thrust his hips forward and impaled Cavill with his prick.

“Ohhhh yes!” Henry moaned out loud, so relieved to finally feel Chris’ hard dick in his ass. He clenched his hole and pushed his ass back. “Give it to me, I need it!” He begged.

Evans started thrusting his hips, pounding away at the British stud.

Eastwood watched in fascination and then looked at Pratt.

“Ready?” The Guardians of the Galaxy star asked.

“Let’s do this!” Scott grunted out aggressively as he finally pushed his ass down and sank his himself onto the thick manhood beneath him. “Hoooooooly fuuuuuuuck!!!” He howled, his eyes open wide as he was penetrated for the first time.

Pratt grinned and chuckled deviously when he saw the expression on Eastwood’s face. He thrust his cock upward, fucking the anal virgin and hitting his prostate.
“Ohhhh shiiit!” Scott gasped. “Is that the--? Wow! That felt incredible!” He babbled, his stream of consciousness running fast.

The handsome stud began bouncing up and down, really getting into it. He started to feel hot and opened-up his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

“Getting the hang of it, bull rider?” Evans asked, smiling over at Eastwood. Chris kept plowing Cavill who was panting heavily.

“Hell yeah! I’m taming this beast!” Scott replied enthusiastically. He placed his hands on Pratt’s beefy pecs as he rode him.

“You’re taming me? I’ve got you wrapped around my dick!” Pratt laughed.

“When I’m through with you, you’ll be begging for more. My ass… my cock… you’ll want it all…” Eastwood boasted confidently.

Pratt was turned-on by his lover’s attitude and thrust his cock more forcefully.

Evans and Henry watched them as they continued fucking. The Avengers star was sweating, and he removed his cap and peeled off his shirt while never stopping the movement of his hips.

Cavill gripped the sheets tightly. He could feel drops of perspiration slide over his muscles and some drops spattered onto his back off of Chris.

The air in the room was thick with the masculine scent of these four men and it got them even more horny as they breathed it in.

Evans picked up the pace and fucked harder and faster, sweat flying off him.

Pratt rolled his hips with gusto, giving his companion a wild ride.

Scott was now in love with getting his prostate tapped by another man’s thick cock.

Henry kept pushing back and feeling his own sweet spot get plowed.

All four of these sexy actors fucked to a crescendo of pleasure and then erupted in orgasm; the sound of them shouting in ecstasy filled the room and echoed down the hall as they began to ejaculate.

Evans filled Cavill’s ass with his hot cum while the British stud shot his own load onto the sheets beneath him.

Eastwood felt Pratt coating his prostate with semen and it caused him to spray his seed all over the other man’s torso. He tossed his stetson hat into the air as he came.

Henry then laid on the bed and pulled his lover down on top of him, the two superhero studs making-out passionately.

“That was…” Scott panted, not knowing how to express how he felt after his first sexual experience with another man. “Fuck…” He laughed.

Pratt laid back and pulled the smaller man on top of him as well. They kissed and ran their hands over each other’s bodies.

Suddenly the sound of another man whistling at them in appreciation grabbed their attention. The four guys looked over to see Ryan Reynolds standing in the still-open doorway.

“How long were you watching?” Evans asked, chuckling.

“Long enough. You boys put on quite the show.” Reynolds replied, smirking at them. He stood nude holding his underwear like it was a trick ‘r treat bag, there was still some candy in the crotch. His erect penis showed that he had definitely enjoyed what he just watched.

“Anyone want some candy? It’s flavoured with my spunk.” Ryan offered them, swinging his jack-o’-lantern briefs back and forth.

“Get over here, dude!” Pratt laughed as he beckoned him to get on the bed.

Ryan grinned like a naughty schoolboy as he eagerly joined the other guys and all five of them came together in a heap of sweaty, sinewy muscles. “Look at all these big, thick, juicy sausages, it must be cocktoberfest!” He joked.

They all shared a good laugh at the Deadpool star’s corny joke, Pratt especially found it hilarious. The men cuddled together, ate Reynolds cum-flavoured candy and took turns kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. Eventually they drifted to sleep together.

The next morning Ryan woke up feeling hungover, his memory somewhat hazy from last night. He looked around in surprise at all the other hairy, muscular bodies in bed with him and then heard another man’s voice whisper to him.

“Dude, what happened last night?” Scott asked as he looked the Canadian actor groggily.

“I think… I was bitten by a werewolf.” Reynolds answered quietly.

“Fuck… I feel like I sat on a baseball bat. Did I?” Eastwood wondered.

“Yeah, probably.” Ryan replied as he kept looking around the room.

“You got a bite mark on the back of your neck.” Scott commented.

“Oh, well I’m definitely a werewolf now.” Reynolds said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Eastwood chuckled. “I think I’m addicted to cock now.” He admitted.

“It’s possible to not be addicted to cock?” Ryan asked semi-sarcastically, a bewildered expression on his face.

Scott stifled a laugh, trying not to wake the other guys. “I’m still trying to piece last night together, but I think… it was the best Halloween ever.” He declared happily.

Chapter Text

Henry Cavill had just arrived at the private penthouse suite that Ben Affleck was using to host this get-together. Of course Cavill was quite aware that this “get-together” was really an orgy for five members of the Justice League cast. Henry knocked on the penthouse door.

A minute later the door opened and Ben Affleck stood in the doorway. “About time you showed up, I’ve been waiting for you…” Affleck said with a pleased smirk. He was wearing a red bathrobe with some of his chest exposed.

“Good to see you again too, Ben.” Cavill replied with a handsome smile. He leaned forward and the two men kissed, Henry’s thick mustache tickling the other man’s upper lip.

“Is that Superman!?” A man’s voice called out from further inside the penthouse.

“Yep!” Affleck exclaimed in response as he pulled his face back from Cavill, the two men maintaining eye-contact.

“Tell him to get his thick ass in here!” The man yelled with a boisterous laugh.

Henry recognized the voice as Jason Momoa’s. “I guess the party’s already started, eh?” The British stud inquired.

“Hey! Sorry I’m late.” Ezra Miller said as he suddenly walked over to Cavill. “Hey there, Daddy.” He added as he looked over at Ben.

“Hey, baby.” Affleck replied before sharing a kiss with the younger guy. “Come on in you two, the gang’s all here.” He led his guests into the luxurious suite and they were greeted with the sight of Jason Momoa already fucking their co-star Ray Fisher in a huge hot tub.

“What took you so long?” Ray asked. He was smiling at the newcomers as he gripped the edge of the tub tightly, happily getting plowed by the Hawaiian hunk.

“Sorry mates, took me awhile to get ready.” Henry replied with a smirk as he watched his friends shamelessly going at it hard.

“Probably too busy sending selfies of his asshole to Zack Snyder.” Momoa joked.

The five men laughed together, they knew it very well might have been true.

“And how ‘bout you?” Fisher asked, smirking at Ezra.

“I uhh… well traffic was really slow getting here.” The young man replied.

They chuckled at the irony of the actor playing “the fastest man alive” getting stuck in traffic.

“Well it’s time to have fun.” Ben said as he removed his robe; exposing his nude, beefy body. The movie star had made sure his tall, muscular body was in great shape to play one of the most iconic superheroes.

Miller licked his lips checking-out the older man and immediately started to strip nude as well.

Cavill also eagerly began to undress and soon everyone was nude.

Ezra’s lean, toned body had a nice dusting of hair over his chest and he was endowed with a long, girthy penis that often made a noticeable bulge in his pants. Despite the size of his manhood the young actor earned his reputation for being a cocksucker instead of a cocksman. He and Affleck held each other close and kissed deeply as they stepped into the hot tub.

With Henry’s powerful, hirsute body and hung cock exposed Jason looked over every inch of him. “Show me that ass, Superman…” He said hungrily.

Cavill obliged him by turning around and bending over; presenting his plump, hairy buttocks which spread to reveal his furry taint and succulent asshole.
“Sit on my face.” Momoa proclaimed greedily.

Henry got in the tub but stood at the edge with his back arched and his buttocks pushed out.

Jason kept thrusting into Ray hard while staring at the British hunk’s tantalizing rear-end and it wasn’t long before he was grunting as he blew his load up his co-star’s ass.

“Ohhh yeah!” Fisher moaned as he felt the Hawaiian cock shooting cum right against his prostate. He grinned and closed his eyes as the pleasure rippled through him.

Momoa then pulled out and got behind Cavill. He wasted no time grabbing the Man of Steel’s meaty glutes and burying his face in between.

Henry cried out in ecstasy as Jason’s beard rubbed his taint and his tongue assaulted his anus.

On the other side of the hot tub Ben sat on the edge while his younger lover orally serviced him. Soon Ray joined in and Affleck smirked down at the two men as they licked and sucked his large shaft. “That’s it, boys…” He said, placing a hand on the back of both of their heads.

Cavill and Momoa had bonded while filming Justice League and the horny Hawaiian actor wasn’t shy about letting his co-star know how much he enjoyed his ass. Henry had found Jason to be the most voracious ass-eater he had ever met. Even now the pleasure of the other man’s tongue inside him drove him to grab his own pecs and pinch his nipples.

Momoa loved orally preparing Cavill to receive his cock, just eating him out got the Hawaiian raging hard again.

Ben watched intently as Jason then stood up and mounted Henry.

The Aquaman actor’s own taut and tan buttocks flexed as he pushed his shaft deep into the other man.

“Ohhhhh yes!” Cavill moaned out loud.

“I think I need to get my cock in my boy… right now.” Affleck said as he watched his co-stars.

“Yeah? Gonna’ fuck me hard, Daddy?” Miller asked with a naughty smirk.

“Definitely.” Ben replied, grinning back at him.

The men got into position and soon Ezra was impaled on the older man’s erection while sucking Ray’s big black cock

When Momoa saw the others spitroasting their youngest co-star he decided to move Cavill around towards Fisher and shove his face in the other man’s ass.

“Damn! That mustache is a real bum-tickler!” Ray laughed at the sudden sensation.

“I’ll bet Henry would tell you that’s what it’s for... if he didn’t have a mouthful of my creampie right now...” Jason chuckled cockily.

Cavill certainly was busy pressing his lips against Fisher’s well-fucked asshole and sucking Momoa’s cum out.

Ray was breathing deep as his cock was sucked and his ass was felched by the talented mouths of his co-stars. He smiled happily, loving his place in the middle of this orgy.

Affleck was really giving it to Miller now, matching the intensity of the fucking going on at the other end of the line of men. He held the younger man tight as he pumped his hips hard.

Ezra loved nothing more than to be stuffed and gagged with cock at the same time. It wasn’t too long before Fisher blew his load in his mouth and the horny young actor savoured every drop.

After Ray emptied his balls down Miller’s throat and Henry licked out the cum from his ass he moved out from between the men and relaxed in the warm water to watch his co-stars continue to fuck. “You boys sure know how to throw a party!” He joked.

The other men adjusted their positions so the bottoms were facing the tops as they got fucked and they began making-out.

Ben held Ezra in his arms and they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues as the older man pounded away at his young lover.

The other two groped each other, their hands squeezing their firm muscles while they kissed and Jason kept thrusting his cock deep into the Man of Steel.

Cavill held Momoa close as he swirled his tongue in the other man’s mouth, giving him a taste of his own cum and Fisher’s ass.

The sexual flavour drove the Hawaiian wild and he pummeled the gorgeous British stud relentlessly.

Henry felt his sweet spot get tapped again and again by Jason’s sizeable prick and the lustful bliss caused pleasure to radiate through his whole body. He moaned into the other man’s mouth as his anus clenched and he began to climax.

Momoa felt Cavill’s superb ass milk his cock and he broke their kiss to tilt his head back and let out a mighty, joyous roar as he orgasmed.

The Superman actor sprayed his semen all over his co-star’s abs before eventually collapsing into his arms.

Affleck watched the other two over Miller’s shoulder and it motivated him to fuck harder.

Ezra began to pant as Ben thrust his hips harder and faster. “Ohhh fuck yeah, Daddy!”


The older man kept fucking until he felt his balls tighten-up and he grunted deeply while seeding his young co-star.

Miller began to moan out loud as he blew his load all over himself and Affleck.

Ray started to clap as he watched the other men recover from their orgasms. “Damn boys, that was quite the show!” He laughed.

The other guys all chuckled along with him as they caught their breath. Eventually they all relaxed in the warm, bubbling water, lightly stroking each other’s muscles and sharing kisses. They had the rest of the weekend to keep fucking each other senseless but for now they just wanted to enjoy the hot tub together.

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman was finally spending some time alone with Zac Efron. During filming “The Greatest Showman” there was plenty of sexual tension between the two, but they had to wait a while to arrange a weekend together at Hugh’s private house. Hugh had already greeted his guest with a kiss at the door and now they were sitting on his couch about to enjoy a glass of champagne.

“About time this happened, eh?” The mature Aussie remarked before popping the cork.

“Fuck yeah, I’m so sick of drooling over you on set and never getting a taste…” Zac replied with a naughty grin. “Let’s get down to business.” He added, rubbing his hands together.

“Straight to the point, hmm? I like that.” Jackman chuckled as he poured their drinks.

Efron smirked back at the older man as he grabbed his glass. “You said it yourself; about time this happened.”

“Well then…” Hugh said as he raised his glass. “To the great sex we’re about to have!” He exclaimed in a toast.

“I’ll drink to that!” The younger actor replied as they clinked the glasses together and then took a swig of their drinks.

After the two men swallowed they then brought their handsome faces together in a kiss, opening their lips and slipping their tongues in each other’s mouths. They set their drinks down on the coffee table and grabbed each other as they began making-out in earnest. They both felt their cocks grow in their pants as they passionately kissed.

After a few minutes they broke their kiss only so that they could start to undress.

Zac quickly peeled off his t-shirt, revealing his toned chest with a light dusting of hair.

Jackman unbuttoned his shirt to expose his strong, hirsute torso.

Efron immediately leaned over and licked the older stud’s abs, sweeping his tongue all the way up between the Aussie’s pecs.

“I guess you were thirsty!” Hugh laughed, smiling down at the younger actor.

“I’ve waited long enough, man. Time to get it on with the Wolverine himself.” Zac replied with a wide grin as he pulled on one of his co-star’s nipples.
Jackman placed a hand on Efron’s shoulder.

“I have that effect on younger men, they’re never satisfied until they’ve had my cock buried in them deeply.” He said in a proud, almost fatherly tone of voice.
“I don’t doubt that, but uh… I have something else in mind…” Zac trailed off as he grabbed his drink and took another swig.

Hugh raised his eyebrows questioningly. “Oh? And what might that be?” He inquired.

“I’m gonna’ bury my bone in you tonight, big Daddy.” Efron stated confidently as he clapped the larger man on his shoulder.

Jackman scoffed humorously. “Nice try son, but I’ll be the one doing all the ‘bone burying’ tonight.” He replied, furrowing his brow.

Now it was Zac who scoffed, arrogantly. “Hugh, let me tell you something.. When I filmed Baywatch with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson...” He started to explain, making air-quotes with his fingers and an unimpressed face when he said “The Rock”. He looked the superhero sex symbol right in the eyes and smirked as he added; “I made him my bitch. I can make any guy my bitch, that’s just the effect I have on all men.” He grinned.

The hunky Australian shifted on the couch as he faced his cocky so-star. “So what? I heard Johnson is a bottom slut.” He responded to his companion’s boasting.
“Yeah, I made him that way.” Efron proudly claimed. “Before he met me everyone called him, Dwayne ‘The Cock’ Johnson. Now people call him, Dwayne ‘The Cocksocket’ Johnson.” The young stud finished off his glass of champagne.

“And you think you can do the same to me?” Jackman asked incredulously.

“No. I know I can do the same to you.” Zac boldly replied.

“Listen, son.” Hugh said sternly. “I know you want to sound like a big boy for Daddy, but you’re not sticking your cock in my arse.” He continued to scowl at the younger actor.

“No, you listen! You’re not talking to the kid from High School Musical, I’m a grown-ass man now!” Efron shouted angrily. Over the last few years he had become frustrated with other men not taking his manhood seriously and he channeled that into his arrogant, macho persona. “I’m gonna’ tell you how I made ‘The Rock’ give up his ass.”

Jackman crossed his arms over his chest. “Alright, tell me about it.” He replied.

“Well for starters; I never let him treat me like a bitch. From day one I let him know he was never gonna’ fuck me and it was only a matter of time before he’d be begging me to get balls-deep in him.” Zac explained, smiling at the memories.



After a few hours of shooting scenes on the beach Dwayne Johnson decided he wanted to have a private conversation with his co-star. “Hey... Efron, you got a minute?” He asked him.

Zac smiled at him knowingly. “Yeah man, what’s up?” He replied.

“We’re gonna’ have a talk, just you and me.” Dwayne answered, glaring down at him.

“Sounds good, bro.” Efron said, confident he knew what this conversation was going to lead to. He followed the former wrestler to a spot on the beach away from the crew.

“Alright, what the fuck is your problem?” Johnson growled angrily as soon as they were out of earshot of anyone else.

“Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?” Zac demanded.

“Cut the shit, you know what I’m talking about! You’ve been busting my balls ever since we met!” Dwayne accused him in frustration.

The hot young stud laughed arrogantly. “No, you got that wrong. Ever since we met I’ve been waiting to bust my balls, up your ass.” He pointed at himself, then at the larger man. “And judging by how hot and bothered I’ve got you now I’d say we’re about ten seconds away from you dropping your panties so we can finally get down to business.” He claimed, smiling expectantly at his co-star.

“Smug son of a bitch…” The tall, muscle-bound movie star muttered. “I’ll show you who you’re fuckin’ with!” He exclaimed as he quickly tore off his lifeguard outfit.

“Right on time…” Efron chuckled as he watched the other man get nude. He looked up and down his smooth, bronze physique and the massive third leg hanging between his thighs. “Man, you really are a giant hairless gorilla!” He laughed, referencing one of the jokes from the movie that poked fun at The Rock’s huge size and lack of hair. It was true that the former wrestler had no pubic or armpit hair in addition to being bald.

“Are you seriously gonna’ tell me you don’t wanna’ ride this thing?” Johnson said incredulously as he motioned towards his hung manhood.

“You’ve got a nice cock, I’ll give you that. But I know what you really want...” Zac replied as he slipped out of his clothes; exposing his tan and toned body and his hard dick. “I know you’ve been waiting to see me in the buff.” He added with a wink as he stood there nude with his hands on his hips.

Dwayne stared at his co-star’s throbbing erection before suddenly dropping to his knees in the sand and swallowing the younger man’s shaft.

As he began to get orally pleasured Efron looked over and saw some guys watching them from afar. It was a group of young college frat-boys who had been hired as extras for the film. He waved them over, beckoning them to come take a closer look.

“Holy shit, The Rock’s sucking Zac!” One of the guys shouted excitedly as they crowded around the actors.

“Take it all in, boys.” Efron said, opening his arms out wide before placing his hands behind his head, showing off his biceps and armpits.

The frat-boys got rowdy as they cheered and hollered watching the stud thrust his hips, fucking the former wrestler’s throat.

Zac loved being the centre of attention and it urged him to pump his hips harder; skull-fucking Johnson with force and slapping his balls against his chin.

Dwayne continued to deepthroat his co-star, grabbing his buff buttocks as he gagged on his hard prick. Efron’s cock had gotten sweaty in his tight speedo and Johnson was savouring the manly taste, sliding his tongue all along the underside of the shaft.

Zac looked around at the hot young guys watching them, most of them were wearing nothing but swim trunks. “Who wants to see me fuck this horny bastard?!” He shouted to them.

They all let out a loud, raucous roar of approval.

Dwayne stopped sucking and pulled back from the other man’s cock.

“Get on all fours. Now!” Efron ordered the older man.

Johnson felt compelled to obey and quickly got in position on his hands and feet with his ass raised in the air towards his co-star’s crotch.

Zac grinned from ear-to-ear as he pressed his cockhead against Dwayne’s anus and then pushed in, finally stuffing his ass with his stiff prick.

The frat-boys hollered louder than before as they watched the actors start to fuck.

Efron raised his arms and flexed for his audience as they cheered him on. Their enthusiasm drove him to mercilessly plow the other man, bouncing his balls off his ass.

Johnson kept his back arched and thrust his hips back to get fucked deeper. He didn’t want to admit it to himself but it felt amazing to give up his ass in public.
Zac gripped Dwayne by the waist with one hand and spanked him with the other.

The frat-boys had stripped out of their trunks and began jacking their cocks as they kept watching. This was the hottest thing they had ever seen.


After a few minutes Efron smacked Johnson’s ass hard when he climaxed; grunting loudly and firing his hot load into the larger man.

The horny crowd shot their cum too as they watched the actor orgasm.


Hugh and Zac were both completely nude now as they sat on the couch together, both their cocks rock-hard from the story.

“And you just seeded him, right there on the beach? In front of all those guys?” Jackman asked, lightly stroking a finger along his shaft.

“Damn right I did.” Efron replied with a chuckle. “You have no idea how good it felt to own that big brown ass in front of a group of hot, screaming, horny frat-bros.” He added, smiling proudly.

“Wow…” Hugh breathed out. “I have to admit that’s impressive. Sorry for doubting you, son.”

“Hey man, no worries… we’re cool.” The younger man assured him as he held up his hand.

The mature Aussie gave him a high-five, which they then turned into a firm handshake. “Let me get you another drink.” Jackman said as he poured his guest another glass of champagne.

“So how do you feel about me fucking you now?” Efron inquired with a sly grin.

“Well… I’d like for you to fuck me, but… on one condition.” Hugh stated as he poured both of them a drink.

“And what would that be?” Zac asked in response.

“After you fuck me, you give me a chance to convince you to let me have a turn on top.” The superhero hunk replied, handing a glass to his companion.

“Alright, I’ll hear you out.” Efron replied as he grabbed the glass.

“You won’t regret it.” Jackman said with a wink before they toasted each other again and took a swig of their drinks.

The two men shared another kiss before they got into position.

Hugh gripped the side of the couch as he knelt with his back to his young co-star.

Zac leaned over and stuck his face in between the hunky Aussie’s muscular buttocks. He licked his anus and then continued to sweep his tongue upwards, all the way along his back until he started kissing the back of the older man’s neck and rubbing his shoulders.

Jackman moaned pleasurably. “Mmmmmm, that feels good!”

“Oh yeah, Daddy?” Efron whispered into his ear as he mounted his co-star.

“Yeah… give it to me!” Hugh panted, arching his back a bit more in anticipation.

“Told you I was gonna’ bury my bone in you!” Zac grunted as he shoved in hard, stuffing the mature superhero star with his cock.

“Ohhhh yes! Mmmmm yeah!” Jackman cried out in ecstasy. It had been awhile since he was last fucked and he loved the feeling of his prostate getting tapped once again.

“Damn right…” Efron chuckled, puffing out his chest as his ego was boosted. He started thrusting his hips, repeatedly driving his cock in deep.

“Yeah! That’s it, son. Give it to me! Give it to me!” Hugh shouted forcefully, the sensation of his sweet spot getting pounded filled him with lust.

“Yeah, I knew you wanted it…” Zac laughed cockily. “I knew you needed my dick inside you!” He reached around and grabbed the older man’s pecs, pinching his nipples hard.

Jackman grit his teeth and clenched his anus, enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure Efron was giving him.

The hot young stud began fucking harder and faster.

The two men were locked together, their muscular bodies sweating as they kept flexing and thrusting into each other.

“Are you ready to take my load?” Zac asked, breathing into the older man’s ear.

“Give it to me, boy. Don’t hold back.” Hugh replied defiantly.

Efron could feel himself building to orgasm as he continued to plunge his cock deep into his co-star’s tight ass again and again. “Ohhhh yeah! Fuck!” He moaned out loud while he started to cum. He spanked the mature actor hard and emptied his balls into him.

Feeling his co-star shoot his hot sperm against his prostate and smack his buff ass sent Jackman over the edge. “That’s it!” He shouted ecstatically as his throbbing cock sprayed his own seed against his chest.

Eventually the younger man rested against his co-star’s back, the two of them breathing heavily.

“I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time…” Hugh said bashfully.

“I could tell you needed a good, hard fucking.” Zac chuckled.

“You were right.” Jackman admitted as he looked back over his shoulder with a smile.

Efron grinned conceitedly. “Fuck yeah, say that again!”

The Wolverine star couldn’t help but blush a bit. “You were right and I was wrong.”

“My favourite words to hear…” The young stud murmured happily as he stroked the sides of his lover’s torso gently and kissed his shoulder.

After a few minutes Hugh turned around so that Zac was lying against his chest.

Efron nuzzled his face between the older man’s hairy pecs as he relaxed.

Jackman reached down and grabbed his co-star’s buttocks, caressing the supple, bouncy flesh with both hands. “Remember our agreement?” He asked with a sly tone to his voice.

“Yeah, I remember I’d hear you out.” The younger man answered.

“I would’ve thought my reputation preceded me.” The Aussie hunk chuckled.

“Ohh, I’ve definitely heard that you’ve fucked plenty of guys with that big dick.” Zac replied.

Hugh continued to grope his lover’s ass. “I certainly have… and I’ve never left a man unsatisfied…” He said as he reached his fingers towards the other man’s butthole. “Been awhile since you got fucked too, eh?” He said as he felt the tight anus.

“Yeah. I hope the next guy who fucks me knows what he’s doing…” Efron remarked coyly.

“Trust me, son. I’ve developed quite the set of skills as a cocksman.” Jackman boasted proudly.

Zac thought about for a couple minutes, enjoying the feeling of the older man prodding at his hole with his fingers. “Yeah… alright, let’s do it.” He eventually decided.

“Good choice.” Hugh said, patting his co-star on the bum.

The two actors got on their knees on the couch facing each other, Jackman tilted his head down towards Efron and they began making-out once again.

They held each other, their mouths wide open as they kissed deeply with their tongues wrestling together. Eventually they stopped kissing and started eating-out each other’s armpits. Both men were sweating during their first fuck and they now savoured the taste of perspiration from their hairy pits.

“Ohhh yeah! So fuckin’ glad we finally hooked-up!” Zac exclaimed after sweeping his tongue across one his co-star’s underarms.

“Right back at ya’, boy!” Hugh replied happily before licking a few drops of sweat off his lips and plunging his face back into the younger actor’s bushy pit.

“Fuck, I can’t take it anymore!” Efron suddenly blurted out. “Come on and give it to me, Daddy!” He shouted as he laid back on the couch with his legs open.
Jackman wasted no time grabbing the other man’s legs and getting into position. “I’ve been waiting to do this all night!” He groaned as he shoved his thick Australian manhood into his co-star’s ass until he was in balls-deep.

“Hoooooooly fuuuuuuck!” Zac moaned out loud as his ass was stretched and filled by 100% pure superhero cock. His eyes bulged and he started panting.

Hugh grinned proudly. “Let me show you what you’ve been missin’, boy...” He grunted as he began pumping his hips, fucking his young lover hard.

“Ohhh, fuck yeah!” Efron breathed out heavily. He reached back and gripped the couch’s armrest behind his head with both hands as he continued to get pummeled.

Jackman didn’t let up; he kept thrusting hard and fast, ramming the younger man’s sweet spot again and again.

“Yeah… fuck me… fuck me, Daddy…” Zac begged, biting his lip gently.

Hugh laughed deviously as he worked them both into a lustful frenzy.

Efron could feel his dick get hard and throb with excitement as his prostate was stimulated. “Holy shit… I think… I think you’re gonna’ make me cum… without even touching my cock!” His chest was heaving as he could barely speak.

The two actors were sweating profusely yet again.

“Fuck, son! I’m gonna’...” Jackman trailed off and growled like an animal as he climaxed. His white-hot cum started spurting out of his cock right against his co-star’s prostate.

“Ohhhh shit…!” The young stud moaned, shooting his load on his chiseled abs while his ass was flooded with Aussie seed. “That… was… amazing!” He panted, laughing as he tried to catch his breath.

“I told you about my skill.” Hugh chuckled.

“Yeah… yeah you did. You really are quite the cocksman.” Zac admitted.

The mature actor smirked down at his co-star. “I guess you could say I’m ‘The Greatest Cocksman’.” He joked.

Efron laughed. “You’re definitely the best I’ve ever had…” He reached up and caressed the side of Jackman’s face.

Jackman leaned down and the two men kissed again before they laid together on the couch.

“Thanks for finally having me over.” Zac murmured as they cuddled.

“My pleasure…” Hugh replied, wrapping his arms around the young stud.

They held each other’s nude bodies while relaxing after their orgasms. Both of them knew they had a great weekend ahead of them.

Chapter Text

It was time again for another Christmas get-together for the famous Chris actors; Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt and Pine. This year Chris Pine had volunteered to host the other men and after getting prepared he was patiently waiting for them to arrive. He heard a car pull up to his house and looked out the window to see the three Marvel actors had driven there together. “Hey guys, come on in!” He greeted them as he opened the front door.

“I come bearing tasty treats, as a gift for my friends!” Hemsworth announced as he walked in with a box of chocolates.

“I come bearing booze, so we may share the joy of getting drunk together!” Evans proclaimed as he walked in with a bottle of alcohol in each hand.

“And I brought the Christmas ham!” Pratt shouted as he turned around, lowered his pants and exposed his bare ass to the others.

The other three laughed as they watched their buddy shake his butt, jiggling those big, meaty globes of flesh.

“Get in here, you horny bastard!” Pine exclaimed, swatting one of Pratt’s buns with the back of his hand.

“Hey man, what’s your gift?” The Guardians of the Galaxy star chuckled as he pulled up his pants and closed the door behind him.

“My gift is providing you all with a place to come…” The host replied, smirking at his double-entendre.

“Yeah-- his face!” Evans joked, causing them all to share another good laugh.


The four hunky actors took off their shoes and socks before they started to relax in the living room; Pine got some glasses and Evans poured their drinks.

“So what are we gonna’ do first, mates?” Hemsworth asked as he sat back on the couch.

“I was thinking we’d start things off by playing a game.” Pine said before taking a sip of his drink.

“What kinda’ game, strip poker?” Pratt chuckled slyly.

“I don’t have a deck of cards, but I was definitely thinking stripping would be involved.” Pine remarked, grinning at his guests.

“What if you’re not wearing as much as everyone else, are you guaranteed to lose?” Evans inquired before taking a swig of his drink.

“Does that mean what I think it does?” Hemsworth said before reaching over and slipping a hand down the Captain America star’s crotch and grabbing a handful of his bare genitals. “Ohh, it does… he’s goin’ commando.”

Evans laughed and grabbed Hemsworth’s arm, the two men then brought their faces together in a wet and noisy kiss.

“Hey, hey, come on now… save it for later. You guys can’t be in the same room for more than two minutes before you start going at it!” Pine chided them playfully.

They all laughed good-naturedly and Hemsworth slowly removed his hand from Evans’ pants.

Pine suddenly had an idea. “How about we play spin the bottle? Except instead of just kissing whoever the bottle points at after you spin it, you tell them to take off one piece of clothing and they have to do whatever you want.” He explained with a wide grin.

The other guys chuckled naughtily as they agreed to that idea.

“Alright boys... since I’m the host, I’ll go first.” Pine told his guests.


After getting an empty bottle and placing it horizontally on the coffee table Pine and the other Chrises were ready to play their game. He gaze the bottle a spin and it ended up pointing at Hemsworth.

Everyone chuckled as they looked at the star of the “Thor” movies.

“Alright, what do ya’ got in mind for me?” The hunky actor asked in his deep voice and sexy Aussie accent.

Pine pretended that he was deep in thought. “Hmmmm… how about you give me a lap-dance and get that shirt off, huh?” He requested. “Pratt, hit the music!” He added, pointing to the sound system he had set-up nearby the chair Pratt was sitting in.

Hemsworth stood and walked over to his host. As some dance music started to play he slowly began moving his hips.

The other two actors laughed excitedly and clapped as they watched their buddy gradually gyrate his body while straddling the host’s lap.

Hemsworth smiled down at Pine, the two men had first met when they worked on one of the modern Star Trek movies and they immediately took a liking to one another. The Australian stud played the role of Pine’s father in his youth and that affected the roleplaying the two did during their sexual experiences together.

“You like this, son?” Hemsworth asked as he swivelled his hips and ran his hands up and down his chest.

“Yes, sir…” Pine breathed out slowly, staring up at the tall man before him.

“Good.” Hemsworth replied quickly with a smirk before he suddenly gripped his shirt and tore it open, exposing his bare torso to his host.

Evans and Pratt whistled and cheered as Hemsworth removed his shirt and Pine reached up and felt the muscular God’s pecs and abs. The two men maintained eye-contact as his fingers traced over the superhero stud’s smooth, firm flesh.

The Aussie grabbed the American’s hands and placed them over his beefcake pectorals. “You love Daddy’s big muscles, don’t you?” He murmured.

“Ohhh yes!” Pine replied emphatically as he groped Hemsworth’s pecs.

Evans and Pratt felt their crotches bulge as they watched this hot display.

The Thor star continued his lap-dance by turning around and sitting in the host’s lap. He started grinding his butt against the other man’s groin. “How’s that feel?” He laughed boisterously.

“Ohhhh it feels great, Dad!” Pine moaned in response.

Hemsworth continued to dance until the song ended and Pratt turned off the music.

“Holy shit, I almost creamed my jeans…” Pine sighed as he rubbed his bulge.

“You’re welcome.” The Aussie chuckled, winking at his host cockily. “I guess it’s my turn now.” He said before grabbing the bottle and giving it another spin. This time it pointed toward Evans.

“Awesome, I’m up for anything...” The Captain America stud remarked before taking another swig of his drink.

“Is that so? Well I worked-up a bit of a sweat with that dance, strip out of your pants and clean my pits.” Hemsworth insisted.

“Your wish is my command.” Evans said obediently. He stood up and pulled down his pants, causing his hard-on to swing freely.

The men cheered at the first cock to be exposed this night.

Hemsworth and Evans both knelt on the couch facing each other, the Australian had his hands behind his head while the American leaned over.

As Evans began licking one of Hemsworth’s pits both Pratt and Pine looked over the man’s exposed privates; Pine was staring at his ass, admiring those buff, hairy buttocks while Pratt was eyeing his cock, watching the thick shaft throb. Both men were having very naughty thoughts about those particular parts of their their buddy’s anatomy.

Evans continued to eat-out Hemsworth’s armpit, loving the taste of his sweat. After cleaning one underarm he quickly moved to the other, swiping his tongue through the moist pit hair.

“Mmmmm! You’ve always been good with your tongue, mate…” The Aussie moaned happily, enjoying the feel of the other man licking him.

“Thanks.” Evans replied as he pulled his face out from the other armpit. “You’ve always had tasty pits.” He added, licking his lips with a big smile on his face. “My turn to spin the bottle.” He said before giving it a whirl. It spun around a few times before facing Pine.

“Oh come on, I have gotten to do anything yet!” Pratt exclaimed in disappointment.

“Sorry man, maybe next time.” Pine chuckled. “So what do you want?” He asked Evans.

The Captain America star sat his bare ass on the couch and grinned at his host. “Well I gotta’ take a piss.” He admitted bluntly.

“So you’re pausing our game?” Pine asked in confusion.

“Ohh I didn’t say that.” Evans replied slyly. “Now get your shirt off.” He demanded.

Pine obediently removed his shirt, revealing his toned chest with just a bit of hair between his pecs and around his nipples.

Evans stood up again and stepped in front of Pine with his hands on his hips.

“Wow… so you’re really gonna’ piss on me in my own home, huh?” Pine remarked as he stared at the huge erection right in front of his face.

“Open wide.” Evans instructed the other man.

Pratt and Hemsworth chuckled as their host opened his mouth, making a large ‘O’ shape.

Evans sighed pleasantly as he began to relieve himself.

Pine had never engaged in watersports before and was surprised to find he enjoyed the feeling and the taste of the superhero stud’s urine streaming down onto his tongue.

“Very impressive that you can piss directly into his mouth without holding your cock, mate.” Hemsworth commented.

“I agree.” Pratt added before he started to clap his hands together.

“Thanks guys.” Evans said, smiling as he looked over his shoulder at them. “I’ve had a lot of practice with Scott.” He explained, referring to his brother. He then turned his head to look back down at Pine smugly while continuing to stand there with his hands on his hips in nothing but a tight-fitting shirt.

Pine waited patiently as the other man emptied his bladder down his throat, still in shock as to how much he enjoyed this. As Evans’ stream grew weaker he leaned his head up and licked the piss-slit directly.

Evans swung his hips from side-to-side to shake out the last drops.

“Dude, you just shook your bare nekkid butt at me.” Pratt laughed with a devious, horny tone to his voice. He hadn’t gotten to play yet and he was eager to get into action.

As Evans sat back down on the couch he grinned over at his buddy Pratt. “You’re rarin’ to go, aren’t you?” He teased him.

“Let me spin the bottle now.” Pratt said eagerly.

“No, no, that’s not how it goes. Whoever it pointed to last spins it, it’s my turn again.” Pine intervened, still licking his lips after his first ‘golden shower’. He gave the bottle another spin and it ended up pointing back at Evans.

“Ohh, bullshit!” Pratt complained, getting frustrated.

“Sorry pal.” Pine chuckled. “Now get that shirt off, Captain!” He added, grinning at Evans.

The handsome, Boston-born actor lifted up his shirt and tossed it aside, he was now completely nude. “So what do you want?” He asked the host with a smirk.

“I want you to shove that ‘bare nekkid butt’ in my face.” Pine replied smugly.

“Ohh, I bet you think you’re real funny.” Pratt said in annoyance while Hemsworth laughed.

Evans got up and stood in front of Pine again, this time with his back turned to him. He leaned over, presenting his famous rear-end to the other man.

“Mmmmm… and what a butt it is…” Pine moaned as he breathed in the scent of his guest’s sweaty ass. He then moved his head forward and kissed the other man’s anus.

“Ooohh! Your beard tickles.” Evans laughed.

“You love it.” Pine said before he began licking his asshole.

Pratt and Hemsworth watched in envy as their fellow Marvel star’s cock throbbed with pleasure from a skilled rimjob.


“Fuck yeah!” Evans cried out in pleasure, grabbing his own pecs and pinching his nipples.

Pine continued demonstrating his annilingus proficiency; slipping and swirling his tongue in and around the superhero stud’s tight hole.

“Mmmmm, so tasty…” Pine moaned into the other man’s ass.

“That’s it! I can’t take it anymore!” Pratt suddenly shouted as he stood up and started taking his shirt off.

“What are you doing, mate? You’re interrupting the game.” Hemsworth laughed.

“Game time’s over, boys. Time to get down and dirty.” Pratt insisted.

“Well if you can’t wait anymore I guess we can move onto the bedroom.” Pine said, he had stopped rimming Evans and looked around at the other guys.
“Yup, let’s go!” Pratt replied as he pulled down his pants.

All four Chrises stripped off any clothing they still had on and then followed the host into his bedroom. Pine had set up a bunch of Christmas lights in the room to add a Holiday mood to their orgy. The quartet of superhero actors got on the bed together, their muscular bodies bathed in red, green and blue light as they began to kiss and grope each other. Their moaning echoed off the walls of the room.

Pratt presented his ass to Evans, eager to feel his buddy’s cock inside him and the Captain America star was happy to oblige him and shoved his erection in deep.
Pine then mounted Evans and penetrated him, followed by Hemsworth doing the same to the host.

All four men fucked together in a line; their hips thrust back and forth while they held each other close, grunting and panting like animals.

“Ohhh yeah! Ohh fuck me!” Pine groaned, sandwiched between Evans buff ass and Hemsworth’s thick pole.

“Yeah! Give it to me hard, I can take it!” Pratt yelled happily. He loved being on the receiving end of the line.

Hemsworth braced himself and pumped his hips harder, setting the pace for their thrusts. “How’s that, mates?!” He bellowed.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah, I’m in Heaven!” Evans panted out loud, his prick buried in Pratt’s bubble-butt and his own hole was stuffed with Pine’s shaft. He reached around and grabbed the Guardian’s of the Galaxy star’s bare cock to stroke it.

Every Chris was in ecstasy as they plowed in unison, driving each other toward climax. The bedroom was filled with the sound of their heavy breathing and the scent of their sweaty musk. They kept fucking until one-by-one they reached orgasm. Hemsworth, Pine and Evans shot their load into the man each of them were fucking while Evans collected Pratt’s cum in his hand and then fed it to him. Eventually they all laid together on the bed catching their breath.

“So can I throw a Christmas party or what?” Pine asked his guests with a chuckle.

“Good party, mate.” Hemsworth sighed in agreement.

“Yeah, it was fun.” Evans added.

“It was ok, I guess.” Pratt joked.

The other guys laughed and Evans said; “You’re just jealous the bottle never landed on you.”

“Whatever, dude. It was just a game.” Pratt replied.

Chris Pine put his arms around the other guys as they snuggled together on his bed, he was right in the centre of their pile of sweaty, heaving muscles. “Well boys, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” He exclaimed.

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman had invited his two favourite boy-toys to spend the day with him at “The Dungeon”, the L.A. fitness centre infamous among Hollywood’s men as the best gay sex club in town. Taron Egerton and Tom Holland arrived at the same time and met each other as they walked in.

“Hey, mate.” Taron said to the other young man as they sized each other up.

“Hi, nice to finally meet you.” Tom replied, holding out his hand for a shake.

The two young actors shook hands firmly and maintained eye-contact with a determined expression on their faces. They were competing for the attention of the same man and didn’t want to share him with someone else. They were rivals and they both knew it.

“There you boys are.” Hugh suddenly said as he walked over to them. “I was worried one of you wouldn’t be available.” He smiled down at them.

“I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” Egerton replied quickly.

“I came as soon as you called.” Holland added, smirking suggestively.

Jackman grinned at their obvious enthusiasm to please him. “Great! Let’s get started, follow me downstairs.” He told them.

“Wait, are we not working out at first?” Taron asked.

All three actors were dressed in tank tops and athletic shorts.

“Not today boys, I’ve got something else in mind.” Hugh answered with a sly grin.

The younger men followed the mature Aussie down into the lower part of The Dungeon.

Hugh led them into a special VIP section where guests could watch what was going on in the rooms behind two-glass. “We’re gonna’ watch what some of the other guys are up to today. Take a look, boys.” He instructed his young companions.

Taron and Tom stepped up to the glass and peered in to see Chris Pratt and Nick Robinson fucking.

“Yeah, you love it! Don’t you, bitch!?” Chris grunted as he pumped his hips into the younger man.

“Ohhh fuck yes! Give it to me! Stretch my hole!” Nick begged as he pushed his ass back to meet the buff stud’s powerful thrusts.

The two men were completely nude; Robinson was gripping a table in front of him with his back arched while Pratt plowed him from behind, both their bodies sweating profusely.

“Can’t get enough of my cock! Can you, kid?” The Guardians of the Galaxy star boasted.

“Oh, I want something even bigger…” The handsome young actor replied breathlessly.

“Yeah? Again?” Chris asked with an arrogant smirk.

“Yes! Give it to me, I need it!” Nick pleaded in response.

Pratt pulled his throbbing cock out and knelt down behind his lover. He then slipped his fingers into Robinson’s battered hole and kept pushing in further and further.

Tom gasped as they watched Chris’ entire hand disappear up the younger guy’s ass.

“Ohhhhh yeah! Give it to me, Daddy!” Nick moaned out loud.

The beefy hunk began rubbing his knuckles against the boy’s prostate. “Ya’ like that?” Pratt chuckled deviously.

“Yes! Ohhhhhh fuck yes!” Robinson shouted out in ecstasy, his eyes watering from the sheer pleasure.

Chris reached his other hand around and gripped Nick’s cock, stroking him hard as he kept kneading his sweet spot with his fist.

Hugh put an arm around each of his boys and massaged their shoulders as the trio watched the superhero stud milk his younger lover’s cock.

Robinson collapsed onto the table, moaning and panting as he shot his load.

Pratt continued to jerk-off the boy and fist him until he finished cumming. Then he stood back up and once again plunged his throbbing cock into his Jurassic World co-star’s stretched hole.

Taron admired the way Chris’ body flexed as he fucked Nick. He licked his lips watching sweat drip down those brawny muscles.

It wasn’t too long before Pratt started grunting and bred Robinson’s worn-out ass.

Jackman reached down and grabbed Holland and Egerton’s crotches, both of them had erections in their shorts. “We got a lot more to see, boys…” He chuckled before he ushered them onto the next stop of their voyeuristic activity.

In the next room was another older man with a younger co-star. This time it was Martin Cummins and Casey Cott, two actors from the popular Riverdale tv series. Casey played the sweet gay student Kevin Keller while Martin played his hunky father the local police sheriff.

Both men were shirtless, Casey stood in front of the older man and rubbed his bare pecs. “I’m so glad you’re my Dad.” He said with a wide smile.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better son.” Martin replied, gently placing hands on each side of the younger man’s neck. He then leaned forward and they shared a deep, long kiss.

Hugh and his boys felt their pulse quicken, the intense sexual chemistry between these two men excited them and sent blood rushing to their cocks.

After they finished making-out the two television actors quickly stripped out of their pants.

Cummins and Cott stood together in the nude, their erect penises leaning against each other.

“Are you sure you want this, Kevin?” Martin asked, referring to his co-star by his character’s name.

“Yeah Dad, I need this.” Casey replied emphatically.

“Once we do this there’s no going back.” The older man replied.

The younger man kissed his on-screen father and then dropped to his knees. He grabbed the mature stud’s erection and hungrily swallowed it.

“Ohhhh God, son…” Cummins breathed out slowly. He placed a hand on the back of his co-star’s head and ran his fingers through his hair.

Cott tenderly sucked on the other man’s shaft, bobbing his head up and down as he coated it with his saliva. They maintained eye-contact throughout the blowjob even as he sucked all the way down to the base and felt his throat filled.

“That’s enough now, son.” Martin said as he pulled back. He sat down on a cushioned ottoman with his thick thighs spread wide apart and his cock throbbing as it stood up in the air. “Are you ready, Kevin?” He asked.

“Yeah, Dad!” Casey replied, grinning from ear-to-ear as he quickly got up and straddled the older man’s lap.

Hugh and his boys stared as the young actor slowly lowered his tight, supple ass down onto his hunky tv father’s cock.

Both men moaned out loud at the pleasure the penetration brought them.

“Ohhh fuck yes, Kevin…” The older man growled seductively as the cute young guy bounced up and down on his manhood.

“Yeah Dad… I’ve wanted this for so long…” Cott panted. His ass was filled with Cummins’ extra-thick shaft and feeling it rub up against his sweet spot again and again was Heaven for the horny boy.

Tom and Taron instinctively huddled close to Hugh while they all watched. They both identified with the need to ride an older man’s cock.

“Ohhh fuck, Dad! It’s so good!” Casey cried out desperately. His hands were holding onto his co-star’s beefy pecs as he kept thrusting.

“I know, son. I’m so glad we’re finally doing this…” Martin replied breathlessly.

The two men continued fucking until their panting and moaning reached a crescendo.

“Kevin!” The older man shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Dad!” The younger called out in response.

Cummins’ prick erupted in the boy’s ass and filled him with his fatherly seed.

Cott’s head tilted back as his own cock sprayed it’s load all over his lover’s chest.

Hugh and the boys watched enraptured as the men rode out their orgasm together and then clung to each other in pseudo-incestuous bliss. The Aussie stud rubbed his companion’s shoulders. “Nothing like watching some father-son bonding, eh boys?” He whispered to them with a naughty chuckle.

The three then moved on to the next room where they saw another trio of actors already fully nude and having sex.

Ansel Elgort was laying on a table getting spitroasted by Jon Bernthal and Jon Hamm.

Elgort wasn’t able to speak as he laid on his back with his throat and ass stuffed with cock from his Baby Driver co-stars, but it was clear he was loving every second of it as his own penis was rock-hard and pulsing with pleasure.

Both men named Jon were endowed with huge, thick shafts of meat between their legs; Hamm’s manhood was affectionately nicknamed the ‘Hammaconda’ and the younger actor was currently gagging on it, while Bernthal had a prick to match the other man’s and was currently using it to split the twink’s ass wide open.
Holland whimpered at the sight, at this point his cravings for cock were driving him wild.

Egerton lifted up his shirt and pinched his nipples with a horny groan, all this bare flesh and hard fucking was making him impatient as well.

Ansel reached a hand down and jacked his own cock as he continued to obediently spread his legs and slurp on the Hammaconda.

The two Jons kept pumping their hips and they stared into each other’s eyes with an erotic focus; Hamm had a classically handsome face and he smiled over at the other man while Bernthal with his rugged, manly features grinned back knowingly. The two men then leaned over their younger lover and kissed each other, their five o’clock shadow rasping together.

Jackman and his young companions watched them slip their tongues in each other’s mouths as they made-out.

Elgort jerked himself off as he laid there, spraying his cum over his stomach.


Hamm and Bernthal moaned simultaneously as they came, shooting their sperm into both ends of the twink.

Ansel greedily swallowed every drop of spunk the Hammaconda spit into his mouth and relished the feeling of The Punisher’s weapon blowing it’s load up his ass.
The Jons finished their make-out session and chuckled as they looked down at the horny boy between them basking in satisfaction.

“Daddy… we need to have sex... now.” Tom panted desperation.

“Yeah, I can’t wait anymore.” Taron agreed hastily.

Hugh laughed as he patted them both on the bum. “It’s alright boys, that was the last show we were going to watch. Now it’s our turn to have fun…” He told them as he lead them into a room just for them.

All three actors wasted no time stripping nude; Holland’s lithe form, Egerton’s toned body and Jackman’s ripped physique were all soon exposed.

Hugh placed a hand on the back of both of his boy’s heads. “You two don’t have to fight over me… there’s plenty of me to go around.” He said with a deservedly arrogant smirk.

Tom and Taron latched their mouths onto each of the mature Aussie’s nipples, suckling his firm pectorals.

“Ohhh yeah, good boys… work together. Make Daddy proud…” Jackman sighed pleasantly.

The two younger men continued to suckle on those huge pecs while rubbing their raging hard-ons against Hugh’s meaty thighs.

The Wolverine star had a hand on each boy’s ass, kneading their tight buttocks and teasing their tight holes while they serviced him. He loved the complete control he had over these two sexy young film stars.


Hugh smiled down at his boys and raised his arms, placing his hands behind his head. “Alright now, time to wash Daddy’s pits.” He chuckled.

Holland and Egerton eagerly plunged their faces into Jackman’s armpits, swabbing his sweaty pit hair with their tongues.

After they cleaned his underarms Hugh had them get down on their knees. “Tom, you’re gonna’ suck my cock and Taron, lick my arse.” He instructed them.
The young actors obediently began orally servicing the older man; Holland wrapped his lips around the thick slab of Australian beef and swallowed it down to the balls while Egerton swiped his tongue all over the man’s musky, hairy taint and tight asshole.

“Yeah, that’s it… You’re doin’ good, boys…” Jackman breathed out slowly from the pleasure.

Tom continued deepthroating the huge shaft, happily gagging on it while only breathing through his nose and inhaling the Wolverine’s manly scent directly from his pubic bush.

Taron slurped every drop of Aussie ass-sweat and then focused his tongue on the anus, probing that tight ring of muscle.

“Ohhhh yeah! I’m so proud of both of my boys’ skill with their mouths!” Hugh moaned out loud. “It’s time to fuck now, boys! Get back on your feet.” He told them.

“Daddy… I need to say something… I want you and Taron to fuck me at the same time.” Tom pleaded breathlessly. “I want two cocks in my arse at the same time…”

Jackman turned to Egerton. “What do you say, lad? Want to fuck him with me?” He asked him.

An overjoyed smile spread across Taron’s face as he looked up at the handsome older man. “Fuck yeah, sir! Let’s pound his little arse!” He replied emphatically, puffing out his chest. The sexy young stud was bursting with pride that his mature lover was willing to fuck someone alongside him.

Holland got on all fours on a cushioned platform while the other two actors got behind him.

Egerton penetrated the Spider-Man star first; getting on the platform and mounting him before shoving his rigid cock into the twink’s firm ass.

Hugh had to resist the urge to drive his manhood into Taron’s tight and inviting ass, instead he slid his massive prick in beside the other shaft up Tom’s hole.

Holland’s face blushed as he felt his ass stretched and stuffed with cock. “Ohhh fuck! My poor arse!” He whimpered.

“You wanted this!” Egerton exclaimed in response.

“I know! Just… give me a second…” Tom replied.

“It’s ok boy, you can take it.” Jackman reassured him before sucking on one of his thumbs. He then plunged his wet thumb up Taron’s asshole.

“Oooohhh, Daddy…” The Kingsman star moaned as his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Let’s get started.” Hugh said as he began swinging his hips.

Holland started panting as he felt the two cocks sliding back and forth inside him.

Egerton loved the friction of his cock against Jackman’s as they rubbed together, double-fucking the supple twink ass.

“This is what every Daddy wants from his boys!” Hugh laughed boisterously as he continued plowing Tom and fingering Taron.

All three men were dripping with sweat and breathing hard as they kept thrusting.

“Ohhhh God! I’m never gonna’ be tight again!” Holland shouted before biting his lip.

The Aussie hunk chuckled deviously as he started fucking even harder and faster.

Egerton kept up with Jackman’s pace and leaned his head over to the twink’s ear. “You better remember your place from now on…” He whispered to Tom.

“Enough talk, boys!” Hugh grunted as he spanked Taron. “Daddy’s ready to cum.” He growled.

All three men thrust their heaving, sweating bodies with even more force.

It wasn’t long before Jackman let out an ear-ringing howl of ecstasy, his voice filling the room as he fired his load into Holland’s abused ass.

“Ahhh yes!” Egerton sighed as he climaxed and seeded his rival.

“Ohhhhh GOD!” Tom screamed in pleasure as the two men cumming in his ass sent him over the edge. His cock shot his load beneath him before he collapsed on the platform.

“How was that for a day at the gym with your Daddy?” Hugh asked with a self-satisfied smirk.

“Fuckin’ amazing!” Taron replied. “Same time next week?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for another two months…” The Spider-Man star groaned.

“I’ll be available.” Egerton added, smiling back at Jackman.

“Don’t worry, boys; this won’t be the last time I bring you to The Dungeon.” Hugh said with a sly wink.

Chapter Text

Chadwick Boseman was celebrating the premiere of his superhero movie Black Panther with his co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Daniel Kaluuya along with the director Ryan Coogler. And they were celebrating in the best way possible, with an all-night orgy of sexual pleasures. All four men had gathered at Boseman’s penthouse hotel suite and after popping open a bottle of champagne and toasting their success they quickly stripped out of their clothes. The men were in good shape and well endowed; their bodies firm with muscle and their cocks long and thick.

Chadwick in particular was quite gifted, he had a pair of low-hanging balls beneath the very girthy slab of dark meat between his legs.

“Damn…” Daniel breathed out as he stared at the star’s manhood. “Makes my mouth water every time I see it.” He admitted.

“Then how about you suck it?” Boseman replied with a smirk.

Kaluuya stepped up to the other man, their erections touching each other. “Whatever you want, my king.” He said with a playful wink before he got down on his knees. The British actor opened his mouth wide and started sucking on the massive shaft.

Ryan and Michael chuckled as they watched the other two and then turned to each other and began making-out. These two men had taken an interest in each other from the moment they met and have been maintaining a relationship in private. They held each other close, rubbing their cocks together as they kissed.
Chadwick grinned at the sight as Daniel continued orally servicing him.

After slicking Boseman’s pole with his saliva Kaluuya then turned his attention to his balls. He sucked each one into his mouth, licking all over the scrotum.
“You ready to take this big cock up your ass?” Chadwick asked as he looked down at the other man.

“Fuck yeah.” Daniel replied eagerly. He got up and went over to the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed he leaned over the mattress and placed his hands on the sheets, arching his back and presenting his firm buttocks to his alpha-male.

The Black Panther star stood behind his co-star and whispered in his ear; “I can’t get enough of your tight ass.” He rubbed the length of his erection in between the other man’s asscheeks, reminding him how hung he is.

Kaluuya felt his nipples go hard and he breathed slowly as he was teased.

Boseman then pressed his cockhead against his lover’s asshole and pushed in, sliding every inch of his huge shaft inside him.

Daniel closed his eyes and groaned at the mix of pain and pleasure. “Fuck me…” He grunted as Chadwick’s cock tapped his prostate.

Boseman held Kaluuya by the waist as he thrust his hips, fucking him hard and fast. His low-hangers repeatedly bounced off the other man as he pounded away at his hole.

The British actor grit his teeth and kept his back arched as he endured this rough fucking, loving the way the Black Panther star drove in deep with every thrust. “Fuck yeah, Chad… give it to me…” He panted.

Chadwick lifted a leg and placed his foot on the bed, changing the angle and rhythm of his fucking while giving Daniel a hard spank.

Michael and Ryan looked over at the other two and got even more turned-on.

“I need your cock in me now.” Coogler begged his boyfriend.

“Not yet, first I’m gonna’ eat your thick ass.” Jordan replied with a smug grin.

The director obliged him by getting on all fours on the bed with his buff buttocks pointed towards the edge.

Michael got behind him and wasted no time plunging his face between his cheeks, vigorously swiping his tongue all over his lover’s ass.

“Ohhh, fuck yeah… that’s my man…” Coogler moaned as the actor ate him out. He looked over at Kaluuya as he continued to take Boseman’s deep pounding.
Jordan licked every inch of his boyfriend’s delectable ass before teasing and probing his hole with his tongue.

“Fuck!” Ryan gasped. “Come on, Mike! I need you to fuck me right now!”

Michael laughed before his plunged his tongue into the other man.

“Ohhhh, hell yeah!” The director moaned as his eyes rolled back.

Only after another few minutes of eating his boyfriend’s ass did Jordan stop and prepare to fuck him with his thick brown cock. He gripped his man by the waist and slid his prick in deep.

“That’s it! Yeah! You know I love it!” Coogler shouted. He loved feeling his lover penetrate him and pound him hard.

Michael thrust his body, using his tight abs to drive it in with plenty of force every time. The actor grinned as he watched his boyfriend’s buttocks bounce and jiggle. “Fuck yeah!” He laughed, giving the other man a few spanks.

Chadwick and Daniel watched the other two with horny grins, enjoying the show.
Kaluuya was now jacking his own cock. “Come on now, give it to me… Shoot your sperm right up my arse, my king!” He panted, feeling himself get close to orgasm.

“Ohh, you’re gonna’ get it…” Boseman chuckled. He continued to thrust in deep over and over again, giving his co-star exactly what he needed. “Damn…” He cursed under his breath as he felt the other man’s ass clench around his cock. He then closed his eyes and moaned out loud as he began to cum.

“Ahh, yes!” Daniel grunted as he felt his ass will with Chadwick’s hot seed and jerked himself off, filling his cupped hand with his own cum and then hungrily lapping it up.

“Damn…” Boseman sighed as he rested his body against Kaluuya’s sweaty back.

Meanwhile the director was still getting plowed hard. “Come on, Mike! Tap that ass!” He shouted enthusiastically to his lover as he backed his ass up again and again.
“Ahh yeah, ya’ like that?” Jordan chuckled as he kept slamming his body forward.

“Mmmmm, yeah… fuck me…” Ryan moaned, feeling Michael’s balls bounce off him.

The hot young actor tilted his head back as pleasure washed over his body. He loved nothing more than fucking his boyfriend’s sweet, firm ass and doing it in front of their co-stars was an added bonus.

Coogler felt his prostate get hit repeatedly and each time it sent a jolt of ecstasy through his entire body. “You’re gonna’ make me bust my nuts!” He yelled out, his voice echoing.

“Fuck yeah!” Michael loudly growled as he reached climax. Sweat dripped down his muscular chest as he continued to push in and shoot his load deep up his boyfriend’s ass.

Ryan shut his eyes as he orgasmed too, feeling the other man’s cock spray against his prostate.

All four men then laid together in the middle of the bed, feeling each other’s hot, sweaty muscles and occasionally kissing each other, slipping their tongues into each other’s mouths.

“Well guys, how’d you enjoy the premiere?” Chadwick asked with a sly smirk.

The other three chuckled and grinned right back at him.

“It was a great idea to have us over for some fun.” Daniel replied.

“Yeah, I really needed this.” The director said, winking to his lover before scooping up some of his own cum off his stomach and eating it.

“Definitely.” Michael added before leaning in for another kiss with his boyfriend.

“Good to hear. You know, I have an idea now that we’re all lying down together; how about we daisy-chain?” Boseman asked his guests.

The other men all smiled at each other. Soon everyone was laying on their side with another man’s dick in their face.

The Black Panther star returned the favour to Kaluuya by sucking on his cock while the British stud was sucking Jordan who had a throat full of Coogler’s manhood himself and the director completed the chain by swallowing the massive shaft of his film’s leading man.

The room was filled with the sound of their moaning as they all greedily slurped on each other’s cocks, getting everyone hard again and soon they were all deepthroating their long pricks. They spent a while worshiping each other’s cocks until one-by-one they all started cumming, shooting their hot loads once again and every man swallowed the other’s semen.

“Whew… now that’s what I call a good time.” Chadwick panted as they all recovered from their latest orgasms.

Everyone else chuckled and agreed with him. They all relaxed on the bed, happy to spend the rest of the night together.

Chapter Text

Tom Holland had been waiting for this. It was finally time for the Avengers: Infinity Orgy, at least that’s what he had started calling it as soon as it was planned. He had arrived late to the orgy that was held for the Captain America: Civil War cast but this time he made sure to arrive at the hotel early.

He didn't want to miss any of the action this year. Plenty of other guys from the cast of Infinity War had been invited but Holland was the first to check in to the suite that was reserved for them. As soon as he got in the room he began stripping his clothes off. “I can’t wait!” He shouted excitedly as he leapt onto the bed nude.

Suddenly the door opened and Tom heard two other men laughing as they walked in.

“Ohh shit!” Anthony Mackie exclaimed as he noticed his young co-star laying on the bed in his birthday suit.

“Well, well, well…” Sebastian Stan chuckled as they looked him over.

“Hi guys.” Holland said, smiling at them over his shoulder while he shook his bare buns from side-to-side tauntingly. “How’s it goin’?” He asked with faux innocence.

“It’s going good, boy.” Mackie replied, unbuckling his belt as he stared at the twink’s supple ass.

“It’s goin’ a lot better now that we’re here.” Stan added as he peeled off his shirt.

“I’m glad you guys came early.” Tom said, remaining coy as he watched them undress.

Anthony grinned slyly. “Ohh, we haven’t come yet.” He chuckled.

“Well we can start having fun.” The Spider-Man star replied, smirking at their now nude bodies.

“Sounds good to me!” Mackie declared, clapping his hands together.

“Whoa! Whoa, hold up. I don’t think the other guys would appreciate it if we start going to town on the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Twink before they even show up.” Sebastian cautioned his friend and co-star.

“Hey man, as far as I’m concerned it’s; first come, first served.” Anthony replied.

Stan shrugged. “Ok. But don’t complain to me if some guys named Chris show up and get pissed-off that everybody’s favourite bottom-boy is already tired before they got a crack at him.” He warned.

“Don’t worry; I’m ready to take a pounding from every guy in the orgy. I won’t get tired.” Holland proclaimed with a smile on his face.

The two older men got on the bed with their young co-star and started a three-way.

Sebastian was on his knees in front of Tom and stuck his dick down his throat.

Mackie got behind the boy and started rimming his ass. He held the cheeks firmly and licked up and down his taint and asshole repeatedly.

Holland shivered and moaned with pleasure as he sucked Stan’s cock.

After thoroughly licking Tom’s sweet boy-hole Anthony knelt behind him and slowly pushed his black cock into the twink’s tight, pale ass.

The young British actor groaned with his mouth still wrapped around Sebastian’s manhood as his ass was stretched and filled. His own dick was rigid, he loved being spitroasted by these two studs.

Stan grinned at Mackie as they made eye-contact. The two men then leaned their heads together and began making-out, kissing hungrily as they fucked their co-star.

Holland gagged as his throat was filled with cock and felt his ass clench around the thick shaft pummeling him. He kept his eyes closed and focused on the pleasure he was receiving as he serviced these older men.

Anthony could feel his low-hanging balls bouncing off the twink as he pummeled him with his thick shaft. “Mmmm!” He moaned into Sebastian’s mouth, getting close to climaxing.

Stan watched as Mackie pulled away from their kiss and tilted his head back in ecstasy.

Tom soon felt his ass being filled with hot cum.

“Fuck yeah, boy!” Anthony shouted, spanking the younger man’s firm ass.

“That’s so hot…” Sebastian chuckled naughtily as he watched his friend orgasm. “Ohh yeah…” He groaned as he started to shoot his own load down their co-star’s throat.

Holland loved taking it in both ends, he eagerly sucked down every drop of Stan’s spunk while his ass was flooded with Mackie’s seed.

Sebastian and Anthony smiled at each other and shared a high-five before they leaned their heads in for another kiss.

Meanwhile down in the lobby Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper had just checked-in to the hotel and were taking the elevator up to the top floor together.

“I’ve been waiting to get into one of these big Marvel orgies.” Bradley said to the other man, smiling excitedly.

“The one we had for Captain America; Civil War was pretty fuckin’ awesome.” Paul replied with a smug little smirk on his face, bragging just a bit.

“Yeah? I’ve had a lot of fun with Chris Pratt but I’m hoping these orgies live up to the hype.” Cooper acted nonchalantly with his response but hoped it would make the other man envious of his experience with the Guardians of the Galaxy star.

Rudd’s eyebrows lifted in curiosity as he thought about those two men having sex. The mental image sent a rush of blood into his penis. “He’s gonna’ be at this orgy, right?” He asked.

“Yeah…” Bradley reached over and grabbed Paul’s bulging crotch. “Looks like you’re excited to meet him.” He added with a sly grin.

The two horny actors then immediately started making-out, their tongues wrestling passionately. As they kept kissing and groping each other the elevator reached the top floor and when the door opened they looked out into the hallway and were greeted with the sight of a man’s bare, black ass as he bent over to pull off his pants and underwear.

“Whoa!” Rudd and Cooper exclaimed in unison as they stepped out of the elevator.

“Ohh, hey guys.” Chadwick Boseman said with a wide smile as he turned around to face the other men. “We have the whole top floor to ourselves, no need to be shy.” He chuckled, waving his thick cock at them. “Come on.” He gestured for them to follow him.

Paul and Bradley followed the Black Panther star into one of the luxury suites where he discarded his clothes.

“I’ll fix us some drinks while you get undressed.” Chadwick told the others as he headed over to the bar.

“Fuck, that looked like one very tight asshole.” Cooper whispered as he pulled off his shirt.

“And that is one super huge cock...” Rudd replied under his breath.

Boseman smiled at the other men as they walked over to him, now completely nude and fully erect. He handed them their drinks and then raised his glass. “To our success and all the pleasures it brings.” He toasted.

The three actors clinked their glasses together and then knocked-back their drinks.

Once they were finished Chadwick looked at the other two. “So you wanna’ fuck my tight ass?” He said looking at Bradley. “And you wanna’ ride my big cock?” He added looking at Paul.

Cooper and Rudd looked at each other, a bit embarrassed that their lewd remarks had been overheard. But they both simply turned back to their host and replied with an enthusiastic; “Yeah!”

Chadwick laughed as he headed over to the bed. “Then let’s get started, boys.” He beckoned for them to join him.

Soon all three men were on the bed; Paul laying on his back and Bradley on his knees with the black stud between them.

Boseman pushed his massive cock in between the Ant-Man star’s firm buttocks and penetrated his tight asshole.

“Ohhh fuck…” Rudd chuckled in disbelief at the sheer girth of the shaft that was now filling-up his eager ass.

Cooper then pressed his own cockhead against the ass in front of him and slid his length in.

Chadwick groaned in pleasure as he was fucked. “Mmmm, now we’re having fun.” He whispered, before starting to thrust his hips between the two men.
The room became filled with the sounds of moaning and panting as the three actors plowed away at each other.

Paul watched Chadwick fuck him, sweat was sliding down his smooth muscles while he thrust his sculpted body. The older man breathed heavily, feeling his prostate get rubbed by that huge cock over and over again

Bradley was working-up a good sweat too, pumping his hips hard as he kept driving his cock in deep. His hairy balls were swinging back and forth.
Rudd reached his head up and started licking sweat off of Boseman’s pecs, taking the time to stop and chew on both of his nipples.

Cooper grunted as he felt the other man’s asshole tighten around his shaft. He closed his eyes and moaned out loud, feeling his cock get milked by that muscular ass.

As soon as he felt Bradley’s cum spray against his sweet spot it sent Chadwick over the edge and he began shooting his own load.

“Awww yeah!” Paul moaned as he laid there jerking his cock, feeling his ass fill with the Black Panther’s seed. “Ohh… fuuuck!” He panted as he came all over his abs.

As their orgasms subsided the three men laid on the bed together and tried to catch their breath.

Suddenly the door to Boseman’s suite opened. “Yeah, they’re in here!” Anthony exclaimed as he looked inside. He walked in along with Tom and Sebastian.

“How come you guys didn’t look for us?” Stan asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest while they stood there in the nude.

“These two caught me getting undressed in the hallway and we couldn’t wait.” Chadwick replied, chuckling as he patted the other two men in bed with him.

“And I thought I couldn’t wait…” Holland said, licking his lips as he stared at the other guys’ bare, sweaty bodies.

“It doesn’t look like you did.” Paul added with a wink. His eyes gazing at the young twink’s supple body.

“Well we’re all together now…” Bradley said as he got up off the bed.

“Not quite. We’re still missing three big, beefy dudes named Chris.” Mackie corrected him.

“Yeah, where are they?” Tom asked, eager to get fucked by them again.

“They’ll show up sooner or later.” Sebastian chuckled before reaching over to pinch the twink’s cute little butt. “For now let’s just enjoy each other’s company.”
“Sounds good to me.” Boseman remarked as he and Rudd got off the bed too.

Soon all six men were standing together and taking turns making-out with each other. Everyone’s hands explored each other’s firm physiques and aroused genitals.

Meanwhile the three Chris actors; Evans, Hemsworth and Pratt arrived at the hotel late and had just finished checking-in at the front desk.

“I told you we were gonna’ be late.” Evans chided his friends as the trio of muscle-bound hunks headed into an elevator.

“Hey, I thought that was the quickest way to get here.” Pratt said defensively.

“We shouldn’t have carpooled with you.” Evans chuckled, shaking his head.

“Alright, relax mates. We’re here now.” Hemsworth interjected, placing a hand on each of the other two’s shoulders and giving them a gentle rub.

Evans and Pratt turned to their Aussie buddy and smiled at him flirtatiously.

The tall Australian stud grinned back at them and suddenly the three superhero stars were embroiled in a three-way kiss.

They continued going at it with each other as the elevator rose up to the top floor. When they reached the top and the doors slid open they were suddenly greeted with a loud burst of whistling and lewd remarks. The three men immediately stopped what they were doing and looked into the hallway, their eyes widening in surprise as they took in the sight of their Infinity War co-stars in the buff.

“‘Bout time you guys showed up!” Sebastian Stan laughed as the group of nude actors grinned at the Chrises.

“I told you we were late.” Evans muttered, a smile spreading across his face as his eyes wandered over the other men’s bare bodies.

“We were just about to head into the biggest suite to really get this orgy started.” Chadwick Boseman told them, his huge manhood bobbing in front of him.
“Well then, let’s get started!” Pratt shouted excitedly as he quickly threw off his shirt.

All nine actors cheered as they prepared to finally begin the Infinity Orgy.

All the men were now gathered in the largest luxury suite that the hotel had to offer, everyone was naked and eager to have sex with everyone else. There was another round of making-out and groping; lips clasping together, tongues exploring other mouths and armpits, fingers trailing over abs, palms cupping pecs and buttocks, hands wrapping around cocks and stroking them. A musky, masculine scent filled the room as the sounds of moaning and panting rose with the heat of their shared lust.

Eventually Tom Holland couldn’t wait to be fucked yet again. He begged that every man present breed him at least once. He laid on the king-size bed with his ass at the edge of the mattress and his legs spread wide.

Chris Hemsworth stepped-up to fuck the boy and rammed his long Aussie cock into the insatiable twink’s ass.

Tom whimpered like an innocent pup as the Godly stud hammered away at him.

“I wanna’ try your big black cock up my ass!” Chris Pratt exclaimed as he smirked at Chadwick deviously. He wrestled the Black Panther star to the floor and laid him on his back, before mounting the other man’s crotch and sitting his beefy ass down on that massive shaft.

“Ohhhhh yes!” Boseman purred gleefully as his cock slid up the Guardian of the Galaxy star’s rear-end.

Chris Evans smiled at his buddy Sebastian Stan after they finished a deep kiss. “C’mon Buck, give it to me.” The horny Boston boy whispered. Soon he was gripping the edge of the bed as he leaned over with his back arched and his infamous ass pointed at Sebastian’s crotch.

Stan gripped his lover by the waist and thrust his hips forward. “Fuck yeah!” They cried out in unison as Stan penetrated Evans.


The others had watched the Chrises spring into action and were eager to get started themselves.

Bradley Cooper got behind Hemsworth and helped himself to his ass, driving in hard and bouncing his balls off those Australian buns of steel.

Paul Rudd got down on his knees and started sucking Evans’ cock while Anthony Mackie fucked him. The older man laughed with his mouth full of Captain America’s flagpole while Falcon pounded his tight butt.

All the actors were worked-up now; blood pumping, muscles flexing, sweat dripping and cocks throbbing. This luxurious hotel suite now smelled like a men’s locker room after a football game while looking and sounding like the set of a hardcore gay porno.

Tom looked up at Hemsworth, the two of them holding eye-contact as the Aussie plundered his tight young asshole.

Bradley didn’t hold back, he repeatedly slammed his body into the other man.

Hemsworth grinned happily as he thrust his hips between the two.

Chadwick reached up and groped Pratt’s pecs as he watched him ride his prick.

Pratt kept groaning and chuckling naughtily as he bounced his body up and down.

Sebastian spanked Evans’ firm ass, getting those hairy buttocks red as he plowed him.

Paul greedily slobbered all over Evans’ thick cock as he was spit-roasted.

The Captain America star grunted emphatically every time he pushed his ass back.

And Anthony grinned watching the other guys fuck while he continuously rammed into Rudd.

All the men had fully given in to this erotic frenzy, the sound of their ecstasy echoing throughout the entire top floor that had been reserved for their privacy. Afters several minutes of sustained fucking the orgiastic uproar reached a crescendo as the actors began to climax. The men howled with pleasure as they shot their semen all over each other; filling asses and spraying over muscular torsos.

Chris Pratt laughed as he rested on his hands and feet while Boseman’s cock was still up his ass. “Wow… so that’s what it feels like to ride a big black cock… whew…” His brawny chest was drenched in sweat and heaving as he panted.

“That was definitely the hardest butt I’ve ever fucked.” Bradley Cooper whispered in Chris Hemsworth’s ear. “Are you literally carved out of marble?” He asked, giving the Aussie’s biceps a squeeze.

“Thanks mate.” Hemsworth chuckled in response.

“How was that, dude?” Anthony Mackie inquired to Paul as he gently rubbed his freshly-seeded ass.

“Fuckin’ awesome!” Rudd exclaimed as he got back up from underneath Evans. He had hungrily swallowed every drop of the All-American stud’s load. “I always love the taste of your cum, Cap!” He said, giving Chris a thumbs-up.

“Thanks, man.” Evans replied with a wink. “And thank you…” He said turning around to face Stan. The two men then wrapped their arms around each other and started kissing again.

“Ok… I’m ready… to get fucked again…” Tom Holland panted as he laid on the bed, soaked in his own sweat and cum.

All the other guys laughed at their young co-star’s bold determination.

As the men cooled-off from their orgasms Chris Evans, Hemsworth and Chadwick Boseman went to fix everyone some drinks while the rest piled onto the bed with Holland.

“Fuck, I love a good orgy.” Evans declared as he got out some glasses.

“You’re telling me…” Hemsworth added, giving his friend a quick slap on the ass.

Chadwick watched the two men bring their handsome, bearded faces together in a hot kiss.

“I guess it’s true that you Chrises can’t keep your hands off of each other, huh?” He chuckled.

“That is true…” Evans replied, smirking naughtily as he reached a hand over and stuck his hand between Hemsworth’s asscheeks, tickling his sweaty taint and balls from behind.

“Hey! You bastard!” Hemsworth laughed, softly punching Evans’ shoulder.

The Captain America star lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers. “Mmmm! Damn that tastes good, buddy…” He growled seductively.

“Aren't you gonna’ share with me?” Hemsworth pouted, pretending to be jealous.

Boseman watched enraptured as the men kissed again, this time with a lot more tongue. The sight of Hemsworth licking his own ass sweat off of Evans’ lips sent blood rushing into the Black Panther star’s cock. “Holy fuck…” He muttered under his breath.

“That does taste good.” Hemsworth moaned, his deep voice and Aussie accent so undeniably sexy, it sent a shiver of lust up Chadwick’s spine.

Boseman breathed out slowly, feeling himself get so turned-on by these two studs.

When the three of them headed back to the others with their drinks the two Chrises smirked at each other, knowing how much they had aroused the other man.

Back on the bed the men were feeling each other up and making-out. The other guys came over with the drinks and Chris Evans decided to lead everyone in a toast.

“To all the good times we’ve had together and to all the good times that are still to come…” Evans said raising his glass and his eyebrows suggestively.

The men all laughed and shouted “cheers!” together before they gulped down their drinks. The group then spent some more time talking and joking with each other.

Eventually Chris Evans and Hemsworth shared a knowing smile before they each placed a hand on one of Chadwick Boseman’s buttocks.

“So Chadwick, me and Hemsworth were thinking of giving you the 2-for-1 special.” Evans said, groping the man’s firm muscle.

Chris Pratt immediately started giggled naughtily. “Ohhhhh man!”

“What’s the 2-for-1 special?” Boseman asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Two cocks... one arse.” Hemsworth added, slipping his fingers towards the man’s anus.

“Do it…!” Pratt urged him.

A smile spread across Chadwick’s face. “Yeah, I’m up for that.” His choice of words proved accurate as his penis steadily rose up to erection.

Everyone watched as the three got into position; Boseman facing the Aussie and planting his feet wide apart as the two Chrises squatted and lined-up their shafts with his asshole.

The Black Panther star closed his eyes and breathed out slowly as he felt the two thick cocks penetrate him and slowly slide up inside him.

The other actors whistled and cheered as the erotic sight got them worked-up again.

Chadwick could feel the other men’s cocks driving deep up his ass. He gripped Hemsworth by the shoulders and wrapped his legs around his waist as the two men lifted him up.

“Fuck yeah! Give it to him!” Anthony Mackie shouted in encouragement.

Evans and Hemsworth thrust their hips upward simultaneously.

“Ohhh shit!” Boseman gasped, his eyes popping open as his prostate was suddenly rubbed.

The two Chrises grinned at each other over the other man’s shoulder while they began to really pump their hips hard.

“That’s it boys… don’t hold back.” Chadwick moaned as he bounced up and down on the superhero studs’ combined manhood.

Evans and Hemsworth were panting as they kept fucking hard and fast, their cocks grinding together adding to the pleasure.

Boseman grunted and groaned whenever his prostate was pressed, sending a jolt of ecstasy through his body.

Tom Holland watched the trio of men with his cock rock-hard and his asshole tingling with envy.

“Come on Evans, work that ass!” Sebastian Stan yelled as he watched his Captain America co-star’s buff buttocks flex with each thrust.

The two Chrises loved hearing the other guys cheer them on and it spurred them to fuck even harder and faster than before.

“Ohh fuck yeah!” Chadwick moaned, feeling them really plowing his ass now. “Fuck… yes…!”

Chris Pratt led the actors spectating to start chanting; “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The Chrises howled as they climaxed and Chadwick came without even touching himself.

The actors watching whistled and made all sorts of lewd comments as Evans and Hemsworth pulled their cocks out of Chadwick’s ass and each shared a kiss with him.

“Damn boys… that was one hell of a fuck…” Boseman panted in satisfaction.

“Everyone always loves the 2-for-1 special.” The Aussie chuckled.

“Well my ass is worn out…” Chadwick sighed as he rested on the bed.

“I still need more cock!” Tom pleaded to the group.

The men all laughed and Bradley Cooper offered to fuck the boy next. They watched as he mounted the twink and his hairy ass started bouncing as he humped him.

“I’ll be back, guys. I gotta’ take a piss.” Evans said before he left for the bathroom. As he walked up to the toilet he heard someone else enter the room behind him.

“Need help with that, Cap?” Sebastian Stan asked, smirking as he walked over to his friend.

“Do I need help pissing?” Chris replied with an amused chuckle.

“Hey, if you need help with anything I’ll be happy to lend a hand or two…” Sebastian stated as he pressed his cock between Evans’ buttocks and reached around to caress the other man’s genitals with both hands.

The Captain America star was turned-on as he felt Stan kiss the side of his neck and stroke his shaft. “Come on, Seb. I just shot my load…” He muttered.
“Let’s take a shower together and you can piss down my throat…” The Romanian-born actor whispered into his lover’s ear.

Chris turned around and faced the other man with a smile. “Alright, Buck.” He declared.

The two men quickly got in the shower together and Evans turned on the hot water as his co-star knelt in front of him and swallowed his semi-hard dick. As the warm, refreshing water cascaded down over his hot, tender muscles Chris began relieving himself.

Sebastian happily drank from the gorgeous actor’s manhood, enjoying every drop of the golden stream that poured over his tongue.

When Evans finished pissing the two men stood together under the spray of water and kissed, making-out heavily as they started washing each other. Their soapy hands moving over their muscular forms and lathering their firm bodies. Once Chris’ cock rose to full erection again they started frotting, grinding their hips together and relishing that cock-on-cock friction.

Stan moaned into Evans’ mouth, he was always overcome with lust whenever the two were together. He pressed his hips forward hard and grabbed two handfuls of the other man’s ass as he reached climax. Sebastian broke the kiss and nestled his face into the side of Chris’ neck while his cock squirted cum between their abs.

Meanwhile the rest of the group had just watched Bradley Cooper breed Tom Holland’s insatiable boy-cunt.

Chris Pratt clapped his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star on the back as the man got off the young twink.

“Let’s keep it goin’, lads...” The British actor begged.

“I haven’t fucked him yet!” Paul Rudd exclaimed as he quickly moved into position.

Tom looked up at the handsome face of the much older man and grinned. “Don’t hold back just because I’ve already been fucked.” He requested.

“Don’t worry.” Paul replied, winking as he began to thrust his hips back and forth.

Eventually Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan came back out of the bathroom, their soft cocks dangling between their muscular thighs as they walked into the main room and found Chris Pratt and Anthony Mackie fixing more drinks by the bar.

“Y’all were in the shower? No wonder you were gone for so long.” Pratt chuckled, noticing the other guys’ hair was still wet.

“We were just enjoying some one-on-one time.” Sebastian explained.

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” Mackie teased before pressing his lips together and making loud kissing sounds.

The four of them shared a laugh and then heard Paul moan out loud.

“You’re just jealous.” Stan replied, spanking his co-star’s smooth brown ass.

“I see you’ve been running a train on everybody’s favourite bottom-buy.” Evans said as they looked over at Rudd while he gave it to the twink, slamming his hips in hard and fast.

“I can’t believe he can take pounding after pounding…” Anthony muttered.

“Hey, he’s not the only one…” The Captain America star laughed before taking a drink.

They watched as Paul threw back his head in an ecstatic cry as he fired his hot spunk into the boy.

“I’ve got him next!” Sebastian shouted as he hurried over to the bed.

“I’m gonna’ go fuck his horny ass.” Mackie declared rubbing his hands together before he followed after the other man.

Soon the Spider-Man star was on all fours with his ass in the air, gripping the bed sheets tight.

Sebastian Stan was filling the twink’s ass with his cock while getting penetrated by Anthony Mackie’s long shaft.

Tom looked over at Chadwick who was still laying on the bed, recovering from the 2-for-1 special. “I’m gonna’ ride you next.” He whispered to him.

Boseman winked in response as he smirked at the boy.

“Mmmmm fuck! Feels so good fucking this ass when there’s other guys’ loads in there!” Stan moaned, sliding his cock back and forth in Holland’s well-lubricated bum.

“Ohh yeah! Fuck my arse!” Tom begged.

Anthony thrust forward hard, shoving Sebastian in deeper.

The men quickly started a rhythm to their fucking, all three of them moving their hips to maximize their pleasure.

Chadwick noticed Chris Hemsworth walked over to his fellow Chrises and seemed to be talking to them quietly. By the looks on their faces it appeared the Aussie had a rather shocking proposal for them.

As the threesome on the bed continued Stan felt himself get close to orgasm, he gripped Holland by the waist and moved his body with more force. “I’m gonna’ cum soon!” He hissed through gritted teeth, fucking as hard and as fast as he could.

Mackie could feel the other man’s asshole clench around his shaft as he came, milking him in an orgasmic chain reaction.

Tom groaned as yet another load was added to his ass.

After Anthony and Sebastian pulled back the Chrises stepped into the middle of the room to get everyone’s attention.

“Well mates, you’re about to see a different kind of 2-for-1 special.” Hemsworth declared.

All the other actors were staring at the Chrises, wondering what they were up to.

The Australian stud grinned proudly at all his Infinity War co-stars. “I’m gonna’ fist both of these blokes at the same time.” The excitement on his face was obvious.

The other guys were shocked by this development and there were multiple cries of “Wow!” and “Holy shit!” from the actors.

Evans and Pratt stood on either side of Hemsworth smiling awkwardly. They were nervous but also excited to get fisted by their best fuck-buddy.

“Bradley, get me the lube out of there.” The Aussie requested.

Cooper opened a small cabinet near the bed that had various lubricants and sex toys inside, he quickly grabbed a bottle of lube and tossed it over to Hemsworth.
“Can I ride you while we watch?” Tom asked Chadwick.

“Sure thing.” Boseman replied with a smile.

Evans and Pratt got into position; they leaned over and held onto a couch with their backs arched and their asses pointed at Hemsworth.

The Aussie used plenty of lube getting both of his hands and forearms slick, then he knelt behind them and started gently massaging each man’s anus with his fingers.

The Black Panther star laid on his back in a position where he could still watch the action while the young twink mounted his cock.

Holland wasted no time sinking his tight, pale ass down on that huge black shaft.

Everyone watched as Hemsworth kept gradually inserting his fingers into the other Chrises. “How’s that feel, boys?” The Thor star asked, smirking as he slipped his knuckles in.

Both Evans and Pratt breathed heavily.
“Damn! That… that feels pretty fuckin’ good!” Evans panted, his Boston accent coming out thicker than usual.
“Yeah… I’m gonna’ need more…” Pratt added eagerly.

Hemsworth chuckled deviously as he continued pushing forward until both his hands were inside the other men.

Tom was bouncing up and down on Chadwick’s stiff prick, his own erection swinging up and down as he fucked himself.

All the men watching the Chrises were filled with a mixture of awe, envy and sheer lust.

Hemsworth started to use his hands to really pleasure the other guys, the sounds of their intense moaning putting a look of pure joy on his face. “You guys can’t see it but I’m giving my best mates two thumbs-up!” The Australian joked as he smiled over at the spectators.

All the other actors laughed at his raunchy comment.

“Ohhh fuck, he really is!” Pratt shouted. “Fuuuuuck, that feels so good!” He bit his bottom lip and swirled his hips to increase the pleasurable sensation.
“Ohh yeah, this is fuckin’ incredible!” Evans growled in agreement.

Hemsworth started to push and pull his fists back and forth, using his arms like pistons as he fucked them with his huge muscles.

All three Chrises were rock-hard, their cocks begging to be satisfied.

Holland whimpered while he rode Boseman as hard as he could.

That strong, testosterone-heavy scent filled the room again.

Tom suddenly started moaning out loud as he climaxed, his throbbing dick spraying his load all over his tight abs.

Chadwick grunted deeply as the twink’s firm butt brought him over the edge and he emptied his balls into him.

Listening to the other guys cum got the Chrises even hornier.

Hemsworth pumped his arms like he was in the gym; fisting the other two hard as he used his knuckles to rub their prostates.

Evans and Pratt pushed their asses back repeatedly, groaning and panting as their sweet spots were worked-over. Eventually the sexual pleasure built to a perfect bliss and the two men howled in ecstasy.

“Fuck yeah!” The Aussie bellowed triumphantly as he fisted through their climax.

The two Chrises with their asses stuffed shot spurt after spurt of cum which spattered against their abs and pecs before dripping to the floor.
When their orgasms subsided Hemsworth slowly and carefully pulled his hands out. He then stood and turned toward the bed with his rigid cock throbbing for attention.

Paul Rudd immediately rushed over and got down on his knees in front of the muscle-bound God. He grabbed his massive manhood and began slurping on his veiny shaft.

“Mmmmm, yes!” Hemsworth moaned as he began to cum.

Paul wanted a facial and let Chris’ semen coat his face before he started licking it up.

“Thanks…” The Aussie hunk panted, his huge pecs heaving as he stood there with his hands on his hips.

“Well…” Chris Evans started talking as he leaned against the couch for support. “I think I can safely say... this Infinity Orgy has been… one hell of a good time…” He chuckled at his own inability to speak.

“Yeah…” Chris Pratt added, rubbing one of his big buttocks.

“But I still haven’t gotten fucked by you two.” Tom Holland replied to the two recently-fisted Chrises.

“Dude! I’m exhausted!” Evans shouted in exasperation.

“Yeah… maybe… maybe later.” Pratt groaned.

“Ok, we are here for the whole weekend.” Tom conceded.

“I think there’s gonna’ be more 2-for-1 specials…” Chris Hemsworth said mischievously.

“No. No more 2-for-1 specials.” Chadwick pleaded, pretending to dread the idea before he started laughing.

“They always come back for the 2-for-1 special.” Hemsworth declared, smiling as he held up his hands with two thumbs-up.

Everyone shared a laugh knowing that this Infinity Orgy was one hell of a good time they’d never forget.

Chapter Text

Hugh Jackman was laying in bed with Ryan Reynolds, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. All four men were completely nude and had just spent the better part of an hour fucking each other senseless. It was the final day that Ryan, Michael and James were staying with Hugh and they wanted to end the weekend on a high note.

“Fuck…” McAvoy groaned. “That was almost as good as the orgy when had when we filmed Apocalypse.” He said, rubbing his sore ass.

“Ooh, what was that like?” Reynolds asked, his curiosity aroused.

“I think it’s time for another one of Daddy Logan’s stories.” Fassbender teased, smiling at Jackman.

“I don’t know if we have time for another story, lads.” The host chuckled.

“Ohh please, please, please! Come on Daddy, I’ve been a good boy…” Ryan begged before he started kissing the Aussie hunk’s uncut shaft.

“Alright! Alright! One last story.” Hugh laughed. “This was back during the filming of X-Men: Apocalypse…” He began recounting. “They brought me back for a quick cameo and these two thought it would good idea to have an orgy while I was there.” He explained, looking at James and Michael. “And you know me; I never turn down the opportunity for an orgy.” Hugh couldn’t help but puff out his chest a bit as he added that last part.


Jackman was standing in front of a group of men nude as the day he was born with his buff, hairy body and large genitals proudly on display. He grinned as he faced the crowd made up of his good fuckbuddies Fassbender and McAvoy along with Nicholas Hoult, Oscar Isaac, Lucas Till, Ben Hardy and Tye Sheridan, all of whom were nude as well. Because this was his last X-Men movie before he finished his role of Wolverine in the Logan movie they decided to hold this orgy on the set of the X-Mansion, in the room used as Professor Xavier’s office. Hugh raised a plastic cup full of beer as he toasted his fellow actors.

“I’ve done plenty of these movies but I have to say the best part is always getting to spend time with your horny castmates!” He declared raising his cup before taking a big swig.

The other men laughed along with his comment and took a drink themselves.

“Now let’s fuck!” Jackman exclaimed heartily as he stepped forward.

The other guys cheered and everyone began to engage each other sexually.

Hugh put an arm around Oscar and they shared a kiss before the handsome latino actor started sucking on one of the Aussie’s big pecs. “Yeah, that’s it. Good boy.” The mature stud muttered before he finished his drink and set the cup down on the nearby desk.

Isaac hungrily chewed on Jackman’s firm nipple and then moved on to the other one, sweeping his tongue along the other man’s beefy, hairy pectoral muscles as he did so.

Hugh looked at the rest of the cast as they started really going at it.

James and Nicholas were making-out while frotting, moaning as their cocks grinded together.

Michael was sitting in a chair while Ben straddled his lap, the sexy young actor sat his firm bubble-butt down on the older man’s stiff prick. Fassbender grinned as Hardy’s ass swallowed his cock down to the base.

Tye was down on his knees sucking Lucas. The youngest member of the orgy had already developed an appreciation for performing oral sex on the actor who played his brother.

A sly smile came over Jackman’s face as he watched the other men give in to their urges.


Hugh’s uncut cock steadily rose up in erection, the head pushing past his foreskin.

Oscar looked down in admiration at the Aussie’s huge manhood and then trailed his tongue down his body until he reached that hung piece of meat. He eagerly swallowed the shaft and grabbed the other man’s buttocks tightly as he began deepthroating him.

Jackman leaned over and reached a hand down Isaac’s back. He stuck his hand between the other man’s buns and shoved a couple fingers in his ass.
Oscar moaned even as he kept sucking and his throat vibrating while stuffed with cock caused quite a pleasure sensation for Hugh.

A naughty smile spread across Jackman’s face before he pulled his hand back and sucked on two of his fingers, getting them slick and wet with his saliva. He then started to really finger Isaac’s hole.

The horny latino actor clenched his anus around the Aussie’s thick fingers while continuing to slurp and gag on his massive prick.

“Good boy…” Hugh muttered. “I’m ready to fuck you now.” He said as he grabbed the other man by the hair and pulled him off his cock.

Oscar eagerly got on the desk and laid with his ass at the edge.

The Wolverine stud shoved his cock deep within his lover and began thrusting his hips hard.

Isaac’s legs were spread and held tight by Jackman. He looked up at the man fucking him and ogled his broad, hairy pectorals, watching them bounce as he thrust his muscular body again and again.

Oscar wasn’t the only one watching Hugh though. After giving his “big brother” a blowjob, Tye Sheridan was now down on his hands and knees on the carpet with Lucas Till’s cock buried in his ass. The young actor had a spectacular view of the Australian hunk’s bare bum, Tye was practically drooling as he watched it flex and heave while Jackman pounded away.

Lucas however was focused on Tye. The handsome man was more accustomed to taking it up the ass from bigger, stronger men but he relished the opportunity to dish out a hard fucking instead of receiving one. He held his younger co-star by the shoulders and drove his hips in full-force over and over again. “Fuck yeah! Take it!” He shouted, beaming happily.

Sheridan’s eyes rolled back in his head for a moment, heavenly pleasure radiated through his nerves every time his prostate was slammed. As he looked back towards the Wolverine star he made eye-contact with the man’s asshole and licked his lips. “Ohhhhh yeah! I want it so bad!” He moaned, continuing to stare.

“Damn right you do! You love your big bro’s cock, don’t ya’?” Till proclaimed as he kept thrusting hard and fast.

Tye watched drops of sweat slide down Hugh’s perfectly sculpted ass. “Ohhh God, it’s amazing!” He cried out, practically shuddering with lust.

Lucas increased the pace of his thrusts, still oblivious to his lover’s fixation on the Aussie ass in front of them.

The whole room was filled with the grunting and groaning of these horny men. The loud slaps of muscular flesh against muscular flesh drowned out the sound of the youngest actor’s whimpering as he looked at Jackman’s rear-end with a desperate look in his eyes.

Meanwhile James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult were on the floor too, but they were currently engaged in a 69.

Years of men always wanting to fuck his pretty-boy face allowed Nicholas to develop some considerable cocksucking skills which he loved to use on his co-stars. He slurped and slobbered all over the Scotsman’s rigid shaft.

James moaned at the pleasure he was receiving from the other man’s expert blowjob and tried his best to reciprocate in kind.

The two of them weren’t just sucking each other’s cock, but also playing with each other’s asses; kneading their buttocks and rubbing their assholes.
Hoult almost choked on McAvoy’s manhood when he felt a couple fingers suddenly slide up inside him.

The Scottish actor chuckled naughtily around a mouthful of cock as he fingered his castmate, James wasn’t shy about shoving his fingers in up to the knuckle.
Nicholas enjoyed the sensation and it encouraged him to employ his oral skills with even more enthusiasm. He also returned the favor by adding a few of his fingers up the other man’s ass.

The two were unable to notice what anyone else in the room was doing but that just allowed them to focus on their own fun even more. Both of them started using their free hand to play with the other man’s balls, really pleasuring each other’s genitals in every way possible.

While over in one of the chairs, Ben Hardy was still riding Michael Fassbender’s prick.

The German stud had his hands all over the younger man’s chest; feeling his tight abs and groping his firm pecs.

Hardy had a sultry smirk on his face as he kept bouncing his ass up and down on Fassbender’s stiff schlong.

Michael was grinning himself as he enjoyed his young co-star’s supple ass.

Ben closed his eyes and tilted his head back, letting out a long, sexy moan while his prostate was rubbed just right.

Fassbender reached up and pinched the younger man’s nipples, twisting and pulling on his sensitive nubs of flesh. He chuckled deviously as Hardy moaned even louder.

Ben grabbed one of Michael’s hands and brought it up to his mouth. He began sucking on the older man’s fingers, getting them wet with his saliva.

As soon as Hardy stopped sucking on his fingers Fassbender immediately started using them to play with the twunk’s nipple again while brabbing the back of his head with the other hand and pulling him into a kiss. The two men kissed passionately, their tongues wrestling together as they held each other close.

Once their kiss ended Ben went back to riding the older man’s cock like a bull-rider, panting and moaning at the pleasure.

Michael continued to enjoy the ride but he also looked over at Tye Sheridan. He had noticed the young actor staring hungrily at Hugh’s ass and licking his lips. He smiled, assuming the boy wanted to give the Aussie a rimjob until he noticed something else; As Tye was watching Jackman’s ass flex vigorously he bit his lip and reached a hand down to stroke himself. Fassbender began to wonder if their naive co-star wanted something more.


“Wait, so the boy wanted to fuck you?” Ryan exclaimed incredulously as he smiled at Hugh with an amused look on his face.

“You’re interrupting the story.” Jackman responded in annoyance.

“Yeah, yeah, we all know where it was going; you guys cumming all over each other at the orgy and then Michael blabs to you about the horny, young dude’s interest in your buff, Australian booty.” Reynolds replied with a sly grin. “What I want to know is if the twink got to stick his cock in your ‘down under’.” He added, putting on a very exaggerated Aussie accent at the end.

James and Michael laughed at their friend’s remark.

“Alright, you want me to tell ya’ what happened? I’ll tell ya’ what happened…” Hugh declared in a very determined tone of voice.

“Oooh goody, I hope it involves you taking up the arse!” Ryan quipped, using that fake accent again and rubbing his hands together excitedly.

“Just keep quiet, smart-ass.” Jackman groaned. “So as you correctly assumed, after the orgy Fassbender told me about the lad staring at my arse. So I told Sheridan to stay and meet with me one-on-one.” He explained.


Tye swallowed as he stood in front of Hugh. The older stud had asked him to meet in private after the orgy in one of the mansions bedrooms and both of them were still completely nude. He looked up at the statuesque man’s handsome face and swallowed anxiously. “You, uh… wanted to see me?’ He asked.

Jackman smiled at the boy’s timid behaviour. “Yeah, mate. I heard you were interested in me.” He replied, resting his hands on his hips.

“I-Interested?” Sheridan stuttered. “I… don’t know what you mean.” He swallowed again.

Hugh stepped closer to the twink. “Really? ‘Cause I heard you couldn’t keep your eyes off my arse.” He stated.

“W-Well, yeah. I mean who would be able to keep themself from staring…? Right?” Tye answered with a nervous chuckle.

“Well you have a point there.” The Aussie replied with a cocky smirk, getting his youthful companion even more turned-on. “But I heard you did more than stare…” He continued.

“Yeah, I licked my lips.” The young man admitted, blushing. “Because I… I wanted to…” He trailed off, looking away in embarrassment.

Jackman stepped closer once again, his body just inches from the boy. “You wanted to… what?” He inquired, looking down intently at the young actor’s face.

“I…” Sheridan began to speak when suddenly his rising cock brushed against the hunky Australian’s manhood. The twink gasped and turned his face up, gaping at the mature superhero star. “I want to fuck you.” He finally confessed. A look of confusion came over his face like he was surprised at his own impulsive action.

Hugh grinned widely for a moment before he burst out laughing and clapped Tye on the shoulder. “Well done, lad. It was about time you manned-up and told me what you wanted.” He congratulated him. “And I’ll tell ya’ what; keep it between the two of us and I’ll let ya’ fuck me.” He declared.

The young man’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas. “Thank you, so much!” He shouted.

Jackman walked over to the bed and leaned over, presenting his immaculate ass. “First thing’s first, boy. Eat me out.” He said, shaking his butt.

“Yeah, totally!” Sheridan agreed excitedly as he quickly knelt behind the older man. He grabbed the hard buttocks and shoved his face in-between. His tongue reached out and he vigorously licked all along the Wolverine star’s sweaty taint. “Ohhhh my God…” He moaned, desperately slurping every drop of delicious ass-sweat.

Hugh chuckled at his young lover’s enthusiasm. “Good boy, eat Daddy’s arse.”

After sweeping his tongue all over the other man’s taint Tye began focusing on his asshole. He slipped his tongue in and heard the superhero stud moan in response.

“Ohh yeah, that’s it… get me ready for your cock.” Jackman growled.

Sheridan happily fucked him with his tongue while massaging his asscheeks.

“I hope you can throw a good fuck, boy.” Hugh teased.

“You’re about to find out.” Tye said as he pulled his face back and stood up. He held his own cock by the shaft and pressed the head against the Aussie’s anus.
“Give it to me and don’t hold anything back.” Jackman instructed him.

Sheridan plunged his hips forth and slid his erection up the older man. “Ohh wow…” He breathed out slowly as firm flesh swallowed his shaft.

“Now fuck me, lad! Give me all you’ve got!” Hugh yelled out.

Tye started swinging his hips hard, driving his cock back and forth. “Ohh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this…” He moaned as he held Hugh by the waist and continued plowing into him over and over again.

Jackman laughed a little at his young lover’s amusing behaviour. “Don’t let up, just keep fucking me.” He told him.

Sheridan began to focus and increased the pace of his thrusts. “I’m fucking the Wolverine… I’m fucking the Wolverine…” He muttered to himself, psyching himself up.

The Australian stud tightened his ass and pushed back, making sure their bodies smacked together repeatedly.

“I’m fucking the Wolverine!” Tye hollered triumphantly, a big smile on his face as he pumped his hips as hard and as fast as he could.

“Damn right you are!” Hugh proclaimed, grinning as he felt his cock throb from the pleasure. “That’s it, keep it up.” He grunted.

Sweat dripped down Sheridan’s forehead as he worked his body to the limit. “Ohhhh God yessss!” He moaned as he felt himself build to climax. “Fuuuuuuck!” He cried-out in ecstasy as he began flooding Jackman’s ass with his seed.

“Good boy…” Hugh purred as he reached down and jerked himself off.

Tye collapsed onto the older man’s back, laying against his hard, muscular form and panting heavily. “I can’t… believe I… I fucked the Wolverine…” He chuckled weakly, still in disbelief.

The Australian actor couldn’t help but chuckle too. “That’s right, son. You fucked the Wolverine. You fucked him good.” Once they both recovered from their orgasm Jackman picked Sheridan up and carried him onto the bed. They laid there together with the twink in the hairy muscle Daddy’s arms and they kissed gently.


“Goddamn that was hot!” Ryan Reynolds exclaimed before letting out a loud whistle. “Sounds like that boy was one lucky bastard.”

“All of my boys are lucky bastards.” Hugh joked.

“Everyone who gets to have sex with him is lucky.” James McAvoy interjected.

“That’s true, nobody throws an orgy like Daddy Logan.” Michael Fassbender commented, smirking as he used the nickname Jackman’s X-Men co-stars had given him.

“Don’t stop, mates. Keep it comin’.” The Aussie laughed arrogantly, enjoying all the praise.

“It sucks that this is the end of our weekend together.” Ryan said, lightly trailing a finger along Hugh’s flaccid shaft.

“It is a shame...” James agreed, leaning his head over to kiss one of the Wolverine star’s nipples.

“But what a time we’ve had listening to Daddy Logan’s stories…” Michael whispered as he reached over and pinched Jackman’s other nipple. “And fucking each other’s brains out.” He added slyly.

“Don’t worry, boys. You know I’m always available for a good fuck.” Hugh reassured them.

“And I’m always available to get fucked.” Reynolds quipped before he started sucking on Jackman’s cock.

Fassbender and McAvoy followed their friend’s lead and began suckling on the older man’s huge pecs.

The Wolverine star grinned as he watched the guys orally service him. After all these years of X-Men movies he knew he could always count on his various horny co-stars for some great sex.

Chapter Text

Colton could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he stepped into the room. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist as he walked up to one of the hot tubs. There was a man already relaxing in the tub and it just so happened that meeting this man was exactly what Colton had come here to do. “H-Henry Cavill?” He stuttered nervously as he stood there.

“Yeah?” The other man replied, opening his eyes to look at who was speaking to him. Henry’s eyes travelled over Colton’s handsome face and firm, toned body. “Who are you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“I’m Colton Haynes, you don’t know me.” The young man answered, still standing in front of the hot tub.

“Well Colton, come on in.” Cavill said with a smile, beckoning for Haynes to join him in the warm, bubbling water.

Colton hesitated to remove his towel, he was already apprehensive about getting nude in front of the other man and to add to things he definitely got the feeling that Henry was interested in him sexually. That was only going to make this even more awkward. He eventually took off the towel and got into the tub as quickly as possible.

Henry got a quick look at his younger companion’s genitals and liked what he saw. “Water’s nice, isn’t it?” He quipped, a sly smirk on his face.

“Y-Yeah…” Haynes responded with a timid smile of his own.

“I haven’t seen you here before.” The older man commented as he raised himself up, bringing his upper body above the water. Cavill had broad shoulders with a thick, muscular torso. His pectorals were quite large and coated with chest hair which was now wet and slick.

Colton tried not to stare at the amazing beefcake on display in front of him. “Uhh… yeah, this is my first time. My first time here.” He explained, trying to focus.


Henry wasn’t usually into virgins or guys who lacked confidence but something about this new guy’s shy behaviour was charming. “Were you looking for me?” He inquired, wondering how he knew his name.

“Ohh, yeah! I uhh… well this is kinda’ embarrassing…” Haynes struggled to think clearly. So many different thoughts were going through his head right now and he didn’t know how to explain why he was here in the first place. He didn’t know if Cavill would even believe the reason he was looking for him and to make matters worse; he was intensely attracted to the other man. Colton could feel blood steadily flowing into his penis and he was terrified he was going to get an erection right there in the tub.

“It’s ok, mate. I know why you’re here.” Henry stated calmly with his sexy British accent.

“Y-You do?” Haynes asked in bewilderment.

Cavill grinned arrogantly and raised himself up more, now his hairy washboard abs were visible too. “You’re here for the same reason as every horny gay lad who comes looking for me.” He replied, placing his hands on his hips. With his sculpted body and gorgeous face he looked like a superhero ready to save the day.

Colton swallowed and suddenly the only thing he could think of was Henry on top of him, sweat dripping off his huge, flexing muscles as he plowed away. “Umm… T-That’s…” He stammered, unable to form a sentence. It took nearly all of his willpower to fight his own urges and he could still feel his cock growing.

Henry chuckled in amusement. “It’s alright, lad. You’re quite handsome, and you’re definitely fit…” He trailed off, appreciating his younger companion’s taut pecs and abs. “I’d love to take you back to my place.”

“Yes! We should go back to your place.” Haynes exclaimed. Being complimented by this Adonis made his cheeks blush bright pink and his cock throb with lust. He was desperate to speak with Cavill at his home, where he could hopefully explain why exactly he came to meet him in the first place.

“Let’s dry off and head out for my flat.” Henry said as he moved to get out of the tub.

Colton looked away, resisting the temptation to look at the other man’s privates. He quickly got out of the hot tub as well and wrapped the towel back around him.

The British stud wiped himself off with a towel and then glanced back at Haynes. “Follow me, mate.” He said with a wink as he tossed his towel aside.

As the younger man looked over at Cavill’s backside his eyes instantly focused on the buff, hairy bubble-butt. Haynes’ mouth dropped open and he stared at those two beefy globes of flesh, reminding him why he’s versatile. Unable to hold it back anymore his cock swelled to it’s full length and tented the towel in front of him.

Henry’s ass was even more beautiful in motion as he began to walk away and Colton had to hurry to follow behind.

“Ohh! I forgot something important.” Cavill laughed as he turned back around toward Haynes.

Colton’s eyes were still glued to the other man’s ass so when he turned around it was impossible not to get an eye-full of his bare genitals. The young man’s cheeks burned bright pink again as he quickly forced himself to look up at the other man’s face.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Colton.” Henry said politely, extending a hand to shake.

Haynes smiled nervously as he reached out and shook hands with Cavill while using his other hand to hold the towel bunched-up in front of his crotch in an effort to hide his erection. “Really nice…” He replied, the mouth-watering image of the hunk’s huge cock, hairy balls and wet pubic bush stuck in his head. “To meet you too!” He added in a panic, worrying his words would be misinterpreted.

“Thanks.” Henry replied with a egotistical smirk.

As they started walking again Colton realized his second comment accidentally made it seem like the first response was about the other man’s privates. He silently cursed his own foolishness and told himself to remember why he came to meet this man. He continued to follow Cavill, making sure to avoid looking down at his bouncing buttocks.

Eventually Henry led his new companion into the locker room. “I’ll be just a few minutes, I’ll see you out front.” He told him before heading towards his locker.

Haynes went back to the change room for guests where he had left his clothes.

“Good job, kid.” An older man suddenly spoke to Colton as he was putting on his boxers.

“What?” The young man asked, furrowing his brow.

“I saw you with the ‘Man of Steel’.” The stranger replied.

“‘Man of Steel’?” Haynes repeated the words in confusion.

The stranger laughed. “If he hasn’t taught you why he’s called that then he will soon...”

“There you are, you ready?” Henry said as he walked over to Colton.

Haynes had only been waiting for a couple minutes in front of the bathhouse, when Cavill walked out he was shocked to see he looked almost as good in clothes as out of them. “Yeah, let’s get to your place soon.” He replied. It was a lot easier to focus now that he and the other man weren’t completely nude, although his semi-hard cock still made an uncomfortable bulge in his pants.

“Sure thing, mate.” Henry chuckled, assuming his new acquaintance was eager to get into bed with him. He led him over to his car and they both got in.

Neither of them spoke much during the drive; Colton was still too nervous and conflicted to begin explaining himself, while his host was focused on getting them back to his apartment as soon as possible.

When they arrived Cavill led his guest to his front door and then turned to him with a smirk. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable, I want you to feel right at home.” He said politely.

“Thanks.” Haynes replied, blushing again. He stepped inside and looked around the spacious apartment. “Nice place ya’ got…”

“Thank you. I’m gonna’ freshen-up and then I’ll show you the bedroom.” Henry replied with a playful wink before he went into the bathroom.

Colton felt his heart pound in his chest and his pulse race. “Oh my God, I have to tell him… I have to tell him… I have to tell him…” He repeated to himself, trying to gather-up some courage. As soon as he heard the other man step back out he started to speak. “Henry, there’s something I have to--...” He trailed off abruptly once he realized the other man was completely nude again.

Cavill was standing in the doorway, leaning against the side with his bare body on display.

Haynes swallowed as his eyes wandered all over the stud’s immaculately muscular and hirsute body. “I have to, uhh… I have to…” He tried to finish his thought but was simply unable as a swirl of different emotions and urges clouded his mind.

Henry smiled and laughed. “I’ll bet you do…” He murmured as he sauntered over to the younger man. “We’ve both seen each other in our birthday suits so there’s no need to be shy.” He whispered into Colton’s ear. He then gently held his companion’s face and brought their mouths together.

When their lips finally touched it was like a switch went off inside Haynes’ mind; suddenly all the fear, confusion and doubt melted away and all he could feel was an overwhelming lust for the other man. Colton kissed Henry back passionately and then immediately started pulling off his clothes.

Cavill helped the sexy twink undress and began groping his smooth, toned physique. Once they were both nude they embraced and kissed again, rubbing their throbbing erections together. The British hunk then picked his lover up carried him into the bedroom and tossed him on his king-sized bed.

The first few moments of their love-making was chaotic as they wrestled on the sheets, their hard bodies becoming tangled while they frantically groped and humped each other.
Eventually Henry pinned Colton down on his front and started rubbing his stiff prick in-between the younger man’s tight buttocks, taking control of the situation.

As he laid there with a huge, pulsing cock between his asscheeks Haynes turned his head to the side and breathed heavily. “I’m all yours…” He panted.

Cavill chuckled, pleased with himself as he pressed his cockhead againt the anus and then slid his thick shaft inside.

Colton shut his eyes and opened his mouth wide as he moaned out loud. “Ohhhhh my God… Ohhh fuck, fuck, fuck…” He still couldn’t believe this was happening but he was enjoyed giving-in to it.

Henry pushed in until the entire length of his manhood was inside the twink and then he drew his hips back and slammed forward.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” Haynes shouted, his eyes popping open wide as his prostate was tapped.

Cavill chuckled arrogantly and began to pick up the pace, thrusting his hips with long, powerful strokes. Each time he rammed in hard and heard the twink whimper he knew he had hit the sweet spot and quickly learned how to make sure he hit over and over again.

Colton laid there, his chest heaving as he received the fucking of his life. “I… I wanna’ watch you give it to me…” He managed to say through his deep pants.

Henry turned his lover around and spread his legs before plowing into him again with renewed force. A sheen of sweat was starting to form over his muscles, collecting in his body hair.
Haynes looked up in amazement at the horny, sweaty stud flexing and grunting as he repeatedly plowed into him with such skill and energy. “Wow…” He breathed out slowly. “You really are the ‘Man of Steel’...”

Cavill grinned down at him. “Yes, I am.” He boasted proudly.

The two men continued their intense love-making, drops of sweat dripping off Henry’s thrusting body onto Colton’s vulnerable form. Eventually the hunky Brit felt himself approach climax and leaned his head down to kiss his lover once again. Their tongues clashed, wrestling together. When Cavill started to cum he moaned into the younger man’s mouth.

Haynes gripped the bulky stud tight as he felt his hot seed begin to fill his ass.

Henry kept thrusting as he inseminated his lover, only once he stopped shooting his load did he finally pull out and roll over onto his back. “Ohhh shit… You’ve got quite the tight, little arse, mate.” He laughed, catching his breath.

“Thanks, that was…” Colton rubbed his forehead, still trying to comprehend the situation. “It was amazing.” He finished.

“It was my pleasure.” Cavill chuckled cockily. “Now how do you want to get off?” He asked, reaching over and running a finger along the length of Haynes’ stiff penis.
“Well, I uhh… play both positions, if you catch my drift.” Colton replied. “And I couldn’t help but notice what a spectacular pair of buns you have…” He smiled over at the older man.

“Thank you. And while I do take pride in my impressive glutes... my rear-end isn’t open for business, if you catch my drift.” Henry explained.

“Your ass isn’t open for business?” Haynes remarked incredulously. “That’s a crime against all gay men!” He exclaimed with a playful look on his face.

Cavill laughed again. “I appreciate your admiration, but be that as it may; I’m a strict top.” He replied with an authoritative tone in his voice.

Colton laid on the bed and gently stroked his erection. “I think I’ll just jack-off.” He mumbled.

“Alright, I have to go take a piss.” Henry said as he got up and left the room.

Haynes watched the other man’s ass as he walked away and felt disappointment wash over him at the thought of never getting to sink his cock between those beefy globes of flesh. He closed his eyes and thought about fucking Cavill’s hairy bubble-butt while he gripped his shaft and jerked it vigorously. “Ohh fuck! Mmmm, yeah…” He moaned as he brought himself to orgasm. He panted when he started shooting his load all over his abs. But once he finished cumming his mind started to clear and he suddenly felt overwhelmed with guilt. “What have I just done?” He asked himself ruefully.

After a couple minutes Henry walked back into the bedroom. “Have a nice wank?” He asked, smirking at his guest’s nude body.

Haynes looked up at the other man nervously. “Henry, there’s something I have to tell you.” He finally began to work up the nerve to say it.

“Yeah? What about?” Cavill inquired as he walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxer shorts.

“About why I came to see you.” Colton replied.

“Because you wanted to ride the ‘Man of Steel’.” Henry laughed as he slipped on the underwear.

“No, I didn’t. I came to meet you because I’m your brother.” The young man proclaimed.

“What?” The British stud scoffed incredulously.

“It’s true, Henry. I’m your younger half-brother.” Haynes insisted.

After taking a moment to think Cavill looked down at the twink laying on his bed with an angry glare. “So what, this is some kind of scam; you claim to be my brother and you need money from me. Why would you have had sex with me if you were going to try to convince me you’re my brother?” He asked in confusion.

“No. It’s not a scam, Henry. You really are my brother. My father was a sperm donor and when I looked for my information about him from the sperm bank he donated to--” Colton began explaining until he was cut off.

“No! Why would you have sex with me if you’re my brother!?” Henry demanded furiously.

“I’m sorry. I found out you lived here and that you went to the bathhouse on saturdays, I wanted to meet you--” Haynes tried to explain before being cut off again.
“No!” Cavill shouted in exasperation. “If you wanted to meet me you would have came to my apartment, you wouldn’t have stripped nude and gone looking for me in a gay bathhouse.” He responded in retaliation.

“I just wanted to meet you, I swear! I didn’t think we were gonna’ end-up in bed together.” Colton claimed, tears starting to form in his eyes.

“You didn’t think we were gonna’...” Henry trailed off, trying to suppress his emotions. “You came looking for me in a bathhouse and had sex with me, you’re a liar and a pervert. Get the fuck out of my home!” He bellowed.

“Henry, please!” Haynes pleaded, tears streaming down his face.

“NOW!!!” Cavill roared at the top of his lungs. He grabbed the younger man by the back of the neck and hauled him off the bed and out of the room.

“Get dressed and get out of here!” Henry shouted, shoving Colton towards his discarded clothes.

“Henry please, just here me out.” Haynes begged desperately.

“I don’t wanna’ hear anything you have to say, I don’t wanna’ see you ever again. You hear me?” Cavill seethed in disgust.

Colton pulled his pants back on and then turned to the other man. “You know what? Maybe you’re right. Maybe I did go to that bathhouse hoping to hook-up with you. You gave me the fuck of my life, big bro!” He exclaimed, laughing defiantly.

Henry glared at the young man and spat on his face.

Haynes collected the gob of saliva on his fingertips and then sucked it into his mouth. “Mmmmm!” He moaned loudly.

Without warning Cavill’s fist flew into the twink’s face hard.

Colton fell back on his ass and stared up at the older man in shock until Henry grabbed him and threw him out of the apartment into the hallway.

“Don’t come back.” The British stud warned before he threw the other man’s shirt out after him and slammed the door in his face.

Haynes began to weep as he quickly pulled his shirt on and left.

Cavill immediately went to his computer and looked for a picture taken of him years. Once he found it he stared at the image overcome by the realization that he did share some resemblance with his alleged half-brother.

Chapter Text

Dwayne Johnson was currently buck-naked on his hands and knees, getting rammed from behind. The former professional wrestler was once known simply as “The Rock” to his wrestling fans and privately known as “The Cock” to his many sexual conquests. The bulky stud wasn’t just tall and muscular, he was also endowed with enormous genitals.

His penis was long, thick and veiny and he kept himself waxed smooth to make his shaft appear even larger as it jutted out from above his low-hanging balls. As Dwayne “The Cock” Johnson he had satisfied countless men with his prodigious manhood during his career as a wrestler and now actor, but all of that quickly changed after a fateful experience with Zac Efron. While filming a movie together Efron successfully tamed Johnson with his macho attitude and forced him to give-in to submissive urges he didn’t even know he had until then. Zac fucked Dwayne in public, in front of a crowd of horny young men who degraded and humiliated him.

But what should have been a traumatizing experience was instead exhilarating and instilled in him a new passion. Johnson developed an insatiable craving for other men to fuck him without any respect or mercy. The man who once prided himself as “The Cock” now embraced being “The Cocksocket”; an easy ass for other men to use and abuse for their own pleasure. Which is why Dwayne was in the position he was in now; down on the floor of a hotel room, on all fours like an animal with Joe Manganiello’s horse-hung manhood buried in his eager cunt.

“Feels good, doesn’t it!?” Manganiello taunted as he slammed his hips forward, driving his shaft in deep up the other man’s ass.
“Yes sir…” Johnson panted in response.

“You love my cock up yer ass, don’t you? Don’t you, bitch!?” Joe shouted, swinging his hips with gusto. He gripped the man beneath him tightly by the shoulders to steady himself while he thrust his body with sudden bursts of force.

“Yes, sir! I love it… I can’t get enough…” Dwayne pleaded, fighting to hold back tears as the pain stung his ass.

Manganiello smirked wickedly as he looked down at the pitiful man begging for his cock. “You can’t get enough?” He said mockingly. “You’re gonna’ get more than enough… you’re gonna’ get more than you can handle...” With that latest warning he renewed his assault, fucking hard and fast. His balls were bouncing off the other man’s ass.
Johnson grit his teeth as he endured this latest bombardment, feeling his ass stretch to accomodate the swollen Italian girth inside him. He shut his eyes when his prostate started taking hit after hit, the mix of pain and pleasure was overwhelming.

A devious grin spread across Joe’s face as he listened to the ragged breathing of the large man beneath him and felt his body buck and shiver. The horse-hung stud was always in his element whenever he let loose and fucked without any concern for the other man’s well-being. He felt Dwayne’s bronze muscles quake as he pummeled his hips into him.

Johnson let out a desperate whimper as his ass went numb from the pain but sudden jolts of pleasure still radiated through him internally.

“Time for me to breed this bitch!” Manganiello declared proudly as he approached climax.

“Ohhhh, yes sir! Breed my hole!” Dwayne begged.

Joe laughed before his balls began to burst, his arrogant laughter turning to triumphant moaning. He continued to swing his hips, ensuring he sprayed his cum deep inside his whore.

Johnson remained on his hands and knees, panting heavily as Manganiello pulled out of him and stepped back.

The sound of someone clapping their hands together filled the room. “Very impressive…” Jeffrey Dean Morgan applauded Joe.

“Thanks, but it’s easy to own a bitch like this.” Manganiello replied, smirking down at the man on the floor.
“Well it’s my turn now.” Jeffrey said as he got up off the bed.
Joe spat a big glob of saliva onto Dwayne’s abused asshole. “He’s all yours now.” He grunted before moving out of the way.

The mature stud was already nude and Johnson watched his beefy, hairy body and throbbing cock as he walked over to him.

Jeffrey didn’t allow the other man to get ready for him, he simply rammed his cock in at full-force.

Dwayne’s eyes went wide and he cried out in pain as he was violated once again.

The older man was down on one knee with his other foot planted firmly on the floor, he drove his hips back and forth with quick, powerful thrusts. “I’m gonna’ make you cum, boy…” He muttered, his deep voice sending a chill up Johnson’s spine.

“Yes sir, fuck me hard.” Dwayne begged.

Jeffrey spanked the other man’s brown ass. “When my cock is inside you I am your father!” He bellowed commandingly.

“Yes Daddy! Please fuck me hard, Daddy!” The former wrestler moaned in response.

Morgan laughed. “You learn quick, boy!”

Joe Manganiello smiled as he watched the other two actors, he rarely got to see a fellow alpha-male have his way with a needy whore.

Johnson could feel pain pulsating through his stretched anus and rectum, bringing out his masochistic urges. “Your cock is so big, Daddy… I want you to breed me with it.” He panted.

Jeffrey grinned. “Don’t worry, boy…” He reached down and grabbed Dwayne’s long shaft with one hand. “I’m gonna’ give you the fuck of your life.” He chuckled ominously.
Johnson swallowed nervously, not knowing what Morgan was going to do with him.

Jeffrey began to increase the pace of his thrusts, fucking the other man with an intense ferocity. He held Dwayne’s cock in one hand and spanked his sore ass with the other.
When Manganiello fucked him all Johnson could do was brace himself to endure the savage assault, but with Morgan it felt like there was nothing he could do at all. His body was completely in the older man’s control.

The mature hunk started to laugh as he fully dominated the muscular whore. Sweat clung to his hirsute body while he plowed his hips forward again and again.

Dwayne felt himself getting close to orgasm. “You’re gonna’ make me cum, Daddy… Please make me cum.” He begged.

“You’re not gonna’ cum until I let you cum.” Jeffrey scoffed. He continued to grip the other man’s shaft and pound his ass, and soon felt his own balls tighten-up in anticipation.
Manganiello grinned as he watched the scene in front of him.

“Nothin’ like breeding a whore!” Morgan hollered as he started to empty his balls into Johnson’s desperate cunt. He squeezed the other man’s shaft tighter than ever and then finally let go, allowing him to cum as well.

Dwayne’s mouth opened wide and he let out a long, pathetic moan as he finally reached climax and shot his load on the floor beneath him. His body shuddered and he eventually collapsed onto the carpet in a stain of his own sweat and semen.

Joe and Jeffrey both laughed as they watched their combined cum spill out of the other man’s stretched asshole. Manganiello clapped Morgan on the back and congratulated him on his impressive skills as a dominant top.

Johnson could hear their voices slowly fade out before he fainted. When he regained consciousness he was still laying nude on the floor but the other two actors were gone.

He slowly got up and sat his bare ass on the bed. “Holy shit…” He groaned, rubbing his bald head. Dwayne had never been fucked and abused so harshly before. He started to chuckle to himself. He was glad he had invited his hunky “Rampage” co-stars to fuck him together. “Now that was a fucking rampage!” He laughed.

Chapter Text

Many male celebrities had been invited to tonight’s special event; a celebrity sex auction. Here the celebrities would be presented on stage while a crowd would place bids on them for the right to watch them perform sex acts with other celebrity men. The highest bidders who won their celebrity would decide who they wanted to see their prize paired with and what sex acts they would perform on each other.
One actor currently on stage was none other than the “Man of Steel” himself; Henry Cavill. Cavill was stripped nude and flexing his muscular body for a cheering audience and many high bids were coming in as the gorgeous British stud showed off his ripped physique. Henry flashed a winning smile at the crowd as he lifted his arms up and flexed his biceps.
The audience ogled his glistening muscles, hairy armpits, hirsute body and large genitals.
Cavill blushed as he was asked to show off his ass but complied with the request. He turned around and bent over to present his rear-end.
The crowd hollered in delight as they watched him reach back and grab his beefy buttocks, parting them to expose his hairy, sweaty taint and asshole.
Soon an offer was made that dwarfed the others and the rights to Henry’s sex performance was awarded to the bidder.
Cavill waved goodbye to the audience before he exited the stage, he had a pretty good idea of who it was that placed the highest bid.

Henry was told that a partner had already been selected for him and he was led to a new room where he would perform with him. There was a bed with some chairs set-up nearby for the man who bid on him and his guests to watch the sex.
Director Zack Snyder and some of his friends took their seats, they were obviously eager to watch Cavill in action.
“Hello again, Zack.” Henry said, nodding to the director.
“Hey there, big guy. I can’t wait to see you split this twink in half.” Snyder chuckled deviously.
“Fuck…” Tom Holland muttered under his breath as he walked into the room and heard that last comment. The boy was nude with his supple young body on display and his eyes wandered over the Superman stud’s sculpted form. He felt himself blush awkwardly.
Cavill smiled at the younger man. “Don’t be afraid lad, I won’t hurt you.” He said reassuringly.
“No, fuck that! You’re gonna’ tear little Spider-Twink’s ass wide open!” Zack laughed, opening his fly to pull out his stiff dick.
Tom swallowed as he got on the bed with the much larger man. “W-What do you want us to do first?” He asked nervously.
“Lay down on your back, Henry’s gonna’ smother you with his big, hairy ass…” Snyder grinned.
Holland obeyed and laid on his back, looking up at his older companion.
Cavill planted his feet apart and straddled the Spider-Man star’s face; with his back turned to the spectators they got a great look at his muscular buttocks swallowing the twink’s sweet face while Tom himself watched Henry’s hairy-rimmed asshole descend down to his mouth.
“Fuck yeah! Eat it!” Zack shouted excitedly.
Holland couldn’t breathe anything but Cavill’s musky scent as his mouth and nose were trapped underneath the man’s hairy, sweaty taint. He darted his tongue out and licked the pucked asshole, enjoying the taste of his perspiration.

Henry closed his eyes and moaned as he felt the younger man probe his anus with his warm, wet tongue.
Snyder and his friends were stroking their cocks vigorously, loving this lewd display.
Tom breathed through his nose, inhaling the Superman stud’s sweaty, manly scent as he fucked him with his tongue.
“Ahhh yes… good lad…” Cavill whispered as he rubbed his buttocks on Holland’s face.
“Yeah, that’s it! Feed him your ass-sweat!” Zack shouted vulgarly with a laugh.
Tom was indeed savouring the taste of the older man’s perspiration, his hairy taint and tight anus making for a succulent feast.
Henry moaned and swiveled his hips as he enjoyed the talented rimjob.
“I want you to fuck the boy now…” Snyder groaned as he continued beating his meat.
Cavill repositioned himself and slid his throbbing cock into Holland’s twink ass.
Tom let out a high-pitched mewl as he was filled with the “Man of Steel’s” massive prick. “Fuuuuuck…” He panted, gripping the bed-sheets.
Zack and his buddies laughed. “You heard him, big guy! Fuck him!” He shouted.
Henry began to swing his hips hard, plowing into the lad again and again.
The Spider-Man star shut his eyes and breathed heavily as he felt his asshole stretch and prostate get tapped with each thrust.
The director and his companions hollered in delight. “Fuck yeah! Pound that little bitch!”
Cavill grit his teeth and increased the pace of his fucking. He stared down at the younger man, worrying that he might be going too rough on him.

Snyder grinned as he looked over the Superman stud’s body, he watched sweat drip down his chest hair and slide over his tense muscles. His own cock was rigid in his hand as his eyes moved down to Holland. The twink laid there bracing himself against this savage fucking and the director licked his lips at the sight. “I want you to cum inside him, let him know what a little whore he is…” He demanded.
Henry looked down at Tom with his brow furrowed in concern.
The younger man looked back up at the huge man above him and feebly nodded his head.
“Ruin him!” Zack bellowed.
Cavill’s face turned to a grimace of fury as he started to slam into his lover with more force than ever and howled at the top of his lungs.
Holland could only whimper as pain washed over him. The searing pain in his ass mixed with the pleasure of his sweet spot getting rammed hard turned into a euphoric ecstasy. His cock began spewing his spunk all over his abs.
Sweat flew off of Henry as his whole body convulsed, his balls unleashing a flood of cum into the younger man’s battered ass.
Snyder and his companions cheered as they watched the two actors climax and shot their loads as well.
Cavill looked down at the twink and knew that he wasn't going to be able to walk tomorrow.
“Good job, big guy.” Zack said, clapping Henry on the back. “Best money I ever spent.” He chuckled deviously before lifting up the hunk’s arm and licking his sweat-soaked armpit.

Meanwhile at the event another actor had been auctioned-off to get fucked by a hairy muscle-stud. This time it was “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson who won Oscar Isaac with the intention of seeing him get plowed by none other than Hugh Jackman. Rian had watched Oscar and his Star Wars co-star John Boyega flip-flop with each other plenty of times and he knew Oscar already had a history with Hugh, but he wanted to see the sexy latino heartthrob get his bubble-butt pounded by the legendary Australian Daddy.
Everyone was gathered together in one of the rooms where Isaac and Jackman were already naked.
Johnson sat with a big smile plastered on his face showing how excited he was to see these two go at it. “Could you turn around and shake your bum?” He asked Oscar.
The handsome man gave the director a wink before he turned and began shaking his bare ass from side-to-side, letting his tan buttocks jiggle.
“Muy caliente!” Hugh joked, giving his companion a hard spank.
The two actors shared a laugh and Rian felt a surge of blood into his cock. “Yeah…” He muttered, trying not to drool. “How about you guys get started. Go ahead and do… whatever you want to get into it.” He suggested.
Jackman and Isaac got on their knees on the bed facing each other and brought their faces together in a kiss. Soon their hands were all over each other, groping their firm bodies as they made-out.
Johnson felt insanely lucky to have this mesmerizing performance all to himself.

As Hugh’s hands wandered over his lover’s body they eventually made their way down to Oscar’s firm, round ass. The mature Aussie hunk gripped the tan buns tight and then gave them a slap.
Rian licked his lips as he watched the two men closely.
Isaac started to kiss down Jackman’s neck and then his chest, spending a moment focusing on the other man’s nipples before he kissed his way down to the Wolverine star’s enormous manhood. Oscar’s lips spread over the thick shaft as he swallowed it down to the base.
“Mmmmm, yeah… that’s it, mate…” Hugh moaned at the pleasure.
The director masturbated as Isaac deepthroated the mature stud.
Jackman gripped the other man by his hair and fucked his warm, wet throat. “Get my cock nice and slick for your arse…” He chuckled. He then licked the fingers of his free hand and reached over, grabbing his lover’s rear-end and shoving his fingers in his asshole.
“Ohhh, that is hot…” Johnson breathed out slowly.
Oscar continued to service Hugh until the older man was ready to fuck him.
“Alright now mate, get ready.” The Wolverine star groaned as he got into position.
Rian watched both men closely as they started to fuck; the Aussie daddy had a determined smirk on his face and he slid his thick shaft deep into the other man, while a look of sheer ecstasy came over the latino stud as his ass was filled.
“Ohhhh fuck me, Hugh…” Oscar moaned pleadingly.
“With pleasure.” The manly superhero star growled as he thrust his hips hard.
The director’s eyes were wide as he took in this erotic scene.

Jackman held Isaac by the shoulders as he slammed his hips forward repeatedly. With each thrust his stretched the other man’s asshole and pounded against his prostate.
Oscar was starting to pant, every time Hugh plowed into him pleasure and pain shot through his body. The room was filled with the sound of his round buttocks clapping against the older man’s solid flesh.
Johnson was pleasuring himself vigorously, on the verge of the best orgasm of his life.

The Australian actor grinned triumphantly as he watched the other man’s ass bounce on his manhood. He could feel the asshole clenching around his shaft.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck…” Isaac moaned. “I want him… to cum in my ass… please.” He requested to the director.

“Yes!” Rian suddenly exclaimed. “Yeah, cum in his ass.” He added, working himself close to climax.

“Yes sir.” Jackman replied. He increased the force of his thrusts and rammed in as deep as he could. “I fucking love your big, firm arse!” He shouted as he began to cum.
“Ohhhhh yes…” Oscar moaned, feeling his ass get filled with hot, Aussie sperm. His own throbbing cock sprayed his load beneath him.
Johnson ate his cum while he watched the two men recover from their orgasms.

Hugh laid on the bed and rubbed his lover’s sore buttocks. “Thanks for arranging this.” He said, smiling at the director.

“Yeah… I’m sure glad you won me in the auction.” The Star Wars actor chuckled weakly.

“The pleasure was all mine guys.” Rian replied with a satisfied grin. “You were worth every penny.”

Chapter Text

The audience was hyped for tonight’s big event. After a previous one that didn’t exactly go as planned, this new event was guaranteed to be bigger and better than ever. The crowd was seated in a large auditorium facing a stage with three microphone stands set-up.

A man’s voice came over the loudspeakers in the room. “I am so fucking horny for what we are about to see!” He announced enthusiastically. “Some of you were here last time for our last event, the Superhero Sex Battle…” He continued.

There was vigorous applause from the audience.

“And you know that things kinda… got out of hand.”The announcer added, eliciting laughter. “But this time; we want things to get out of hand!” He exclaimed.

In response the crowd roared with excitement.

“Because tonight is a no-holds-barred Superhero Orgy Royale!” The announcer triumphantly declared, much to the audiences’ delight. “Twelve actors from three different superhero franchises are going to be here on this stage, buck-naked and going to town on each other!” He explained. “They are going to fuck! I mean ass-ripping, cock-dripping, sweat flying, muscles everywhere… Fuck!” He shouted exuberantly, the anticipation in his voice coming through loud and clear.

The crowd was feeding off the announcer’s hype and hungry for more.

“So let’s get these guys out here!” He exclaimed passionately.

“The first four guys are some of Earth’s mightiest heroes, give it up for Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland!” The announcer proclaimed.

The four actors walked out from backstage, each of them already nude. The three Chrises’ muscles glistened under the stage lights and Tom’s lithe body was in stark contrast to their powerful physiques.

The audience whistled and made lewd remarks about the men, especially Holland.

The young British actor blushed and chuckled bashfully at their remarks.

“So how are you guys feelin’?” The announcer asked as they walked up to one of the microphone stands .

“Great!” Evans replied cheerfully. His sculpted body was dusted with hair, especially his large, round pectorals.

“Lookin’ forward to a lot of fun…” Hemsworth answered with a smirk. His tall, statuesque form stood proudly while his Godly cock hung between his thighs.

“Ohh yeah! I’m ready to fuck some guys up!” Pratt shouted giddily. His beefy body was already covered in a sheen of sweat and his big round buttocks looked like two glazed hams.

“And I’m fucking scared!” Tom laughed nervously.

The crowd laughed at his response.

“You’re scared?” The announcer inquired, as everyone grinned at the young man.

“Yeah, look at me… I’m gonna’ get split in half by all the big superhero guys today.” Holland replied.

“You love getting gangbanged…” Evans chuckled.

“Yeah, but my arsehole hasn’t recovered from the last fucking I took. I might not recover this time.” Tom explained, still smiling.

“That’s a risk we’re willing to take.” Pratt quipped, patting the boy on the shoulder.

The announcer laughed. “Well on that note, let’s bring out our next studs! Give it up for the Justice League; Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller!” He declared.

These four actors emerged from the other side of the stage, all fully nude as well. Cavill, Momoa and Affleck were tall, brawny hunks of men while Miller’s toned body stood out among the other three’s hairy, thick forms.

The crowd ogled their large cocks on display.

“I hope you guys are ready to get down and dirty…” The announcer said as they took their place.

“Ohh we’re definitely ready…” Henry chuckled.

Jason rubbed his hands together and smirked excitedly. “We’re ready to put on a real good show…” He teased.

The audience really cheered at that last remark.

“I can’t wait to stick my cock in some of these other guys.” Ben replied nonchalantly.

“I was just thinking the same thing…” Ezra added while slyly reaching a hand behind Affleck to pinch the older man’s beefy ass.

“I’m sure the other guys are gonna’ enjoy that!” The announcer proclaimed as everyone stared at the Justice League men’s huge genitals.

All four actors were quite well-endowed and not at all shy about showing it off.

Cavill subtly glanced over at the still nervous Tom Holland and grinned proudly. It was his cock that the boy’s asshole hadn’t recovered from yet.

“Some of us are looking forward to getting fucked too…” Momoa chuckled naughtily.

“Well it’s time to bring out our last group of superheroes. Here comes the men of the X-Men universe; Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Fassbender and Tye Sheridan!” The announcer declared.

Once again the actors came out from backstage in the buff and stood together for the audience to gawk at. Hugh’s hirsute, statuesque frame towered over the other men. Ryan’s physique was sculpted while Michael’s was more toned. Tye was the odd one out with his young twink body.

The sight of all this bare, muscular flesh on display was driving the crowd wild.

“It’s always fun to see The Wolverine in action!” The announcer exclaimed, unable to mask his lust for the legendary Australian stud.

“It’s always fun to get in action, especially with all these blokes…” Jackman replied with a smug grin.

“We’re known for being a fun group of guys to play with…” Fassbender teased. He wasn’t shy about moving his hands out so he could fondle Hugh and Ryan’s buttocks.

“It’s like a dream come true being invited to an event like this.” Sheridan chimed-in. He was beaming happily, clearly thrilled to be there.

“And I look forward to having sex!” Reynolds exclaimed bluntly, earning a laugh from the audience.

Well on that note I think it’s time to get things started!” The announcer proclaimed.

The crowd roared with excitement. They were finally going to see these sexy superhero actors in an all-out orgy of carnal pleasures.

With an enormous cushioned platform provided on stage for the men, the actors began to group together and begin engaging in foreplay with each other.

The audience was delighted with the sight of all these men kissing and groping one another.

Chris Pratt and Henry Cavill were making-out and rubbing their hard cocks together, the pleasurable friction making them growl while they squeezed the other man’s pecs.

Ryan Reynolds was sucking Chris Hemsworth’s cock, greedily slurping on the uncut meat while the Aussie grinned down at him and ran his fingers through his hair.

Chris Evans and Jason Momoa were taking turns sucking on each other’s nipples, the Hawaiian clamped his teeth down on the other man’s left nipple with just the right amount of force and made him moan out loud.

Hugh Jackman stuck his face between the mounds of Pratt’s bubble-butt and began slurping on his sweaty taint, preparing his asshole to be fucked soon.

Tom Holland and Tye Sheridan were making-out as well, the two of them kissing while Ben Affleck wrapped his arms around the twinks and held them close against his body.

Michael Fassbender got behind Evans and started fingering his asshole. He pressed his lips against the other man’s neck and listened to him moan while he played with his tight pucker.

Ezra Miller decided to be bold and positioned himself behind Hemsworth. He slid his long prick between the tall stud’s buttocks and rubbed the length of his shaft along his asscrack.

The Thor star smirked and flexed his muscular asscheeks to give Miller some extra sensation.

The crowd was practically hypnotized as they took in the sight of all these men pleasuring each other.

As much as the actors were enjoying the foreplay together in this erotic tableaux, they needed to start the real action and get their cocks inside each other.

Chris Pratt turned Henry Cavill around and mounted him. He shoved his thick erection up the other man’s beefy ass and soon felt Hugh Jackman do the same to him.

Jason Momoa eagerly got on all fours and presented his ass to Chris Evans, who looked over his shoulder to grin at Michael Fassbender before he penetrated the Hawaiian hunk.

Fassbender smirked back at Evans before he slid his dick inside the man’s famously buff butt.

After slurping all over Chris Hemsworth’s massive manhood Ryan Reynolds then quickly laid on his back and grinned up at the Godly stud.

The Aussie grabbed the Canadian’s legs and held them apart as he rammed his cock in deep.

Ezra Miller wrapped his arms around Hemsworth and groped the man’s huge pecs while he shoved his own dick in the Thor star’s tight ass.

Tom Holland’s asshole was still recovering from a hard pounding he took not too long ago but he felt comfortable enough to let Tye Sheridan top him.

The young X-Men actor mounted Holland and gently slid his cock inside him.

Meanwhile Ben Affleck penetrated Sheridan, going balls deep into the young man’s ass.

Soon the sound of heavy breathing and moans of pleasure filled the stage as the orgy began in earnest.

The audience watched the superhero stars as their bodies glistened under a sheen of sweat in the most scorching-hot image they had ever seen in their life.

Chris Pratt was right in the middle of a hot beef sandwich; he was slamming down hard into Henry Cavill’s ass of steel and pulling back to get fucked hard by Hugh Jackman’s legendary manhood. A grin of sheer joy spread across Pratt’s face as he worked his hips like a piston, enjoying the pleasures of both men.

Cavill was already breathing heavily. The British hunk had taken his fair share of cocks before but the Guardians of the Galaxy star was really giving him quite the pounding, he could feel his buttocks bouncing off the other man’s hard flesh.

Jackman on the other hand was gritting his teeth as he sank his uncut meat into Chris’ bubble-butt again and again, grunting with each thrust. Sweat was dripping off his chest hair onto the American’s broad back and he held him tight by the shoulders.

Pratt reached around Henry’s body and grabbed his pectorals, kneading the hairy muscles and feeling how strong they are. “You really are ‘The Man of Steel’, y’know?” He whispered into his ear.

Cavill tilted his head far enough to the side so that the other man could see his cocky smirk. “I know.” He replied confidently.

The Marvel star chuckled as he increased the force of his thrusts.

Hugh leaned his head down and licked between Chris’ shoulder-blades, enjoying the mixture of their combined perspiration.

Pratt groaned like an animal in the throes of ecstasy.

Meanwhile Chris Evans was having fun giving Jason Momoa a good pounding.

The Hawaiian hunk was thrusting his body back hard while keeping himself balanced on his hands and knees.

Evans grinned as his balls continuously bounced off the other man.

Michael Fassbender was having his own fun with the Captain America star’s body, he had his hands firmly planted on Chris’ hairy beefcake pecs and was giving them a vigorous groping while he slid his long shaft back and forth between his butt cheeks. “Good to know your infamous arse lives up to it’s reputation…” Fassbender whispered into Evans’ ear.

The All-American stud puffed-out his chest and clenched his buttocks. “I was gonna’ say the same thing about your cock…” He chuckled breathlessly.

“Thank you.” Michael replied proudly before he started to nibble on Chris’ ear.

Momoa laughed as he pushed his rear-end back with extra force against one of Evans’ thrusts. “Come on boys, really give it to me!” He grunted.

Fassbender started to increase the pace of his fucking; driving forward harder and more often.

Chris enjoyed getting his prostate tapped and it spurred him on to step-up his own rhythm. He could feel Jason’s beefy ass jiggling as his hips slammed into him repeatedly.

Michael licked along the Marvel star’s neck, savouring the masculine taste of his sweat. “Such a pleasure… fucking a stud like you…” He whispered sultrily into the man’s ear once more.

“Feels so damn good gettin’ fucked by you…” Evans panted in response. He could feel the German-Irish actor’s hung cock tunneling up his ass and punching his sweet spot, as drops of sweat slid down his body slowly.

Momoa grimaced as he felt how hard he was getting it from the other man.

The third Chris, Hemsworth, had his hands full as well; literally, as he was holding Ryan Reynolds. The Aussie was on his knees and after the horny Canadian laid on his back he grabbed him and picked him up.

Ryan was riding Chris’ huge slab of meat while he had his legs wrapped around the other man’s waist. They made-out as he thrust his ass up and down on the Thor star’s shaft.

Fortunately for Ezra Miller he could still fuck Hemsworth’s ass without Reynolds’ feet getting in the way. He shoved his hips back and forth, feeling the friction of his long dick against the Australian’s muscular flesh as he slid deep in his asshole. “Holy shit this is one hard ass…” The younger man breathed out slowly as he cupped the firm buttocks with his hands.

Chris chuckled as he continued kissing with Ryan.

As insatiable as ever; Reynolds kept desperately pushing his ass down on Hemsworth’s cock, he moaned every time the rigid shaft rubbed his prostate. He ended their kiss so he could gently nibble on on the other man’s bottom lip.

“Having fun?” Ezra asked with an amused smirk on his face as he looked over the Aussie’s shoulder.

In response Ryan moved his head over and kissed the other man.

Chris chuckled again as the other two made-out while resting their chins on his shoulder. He continued to pump his hips, giving it to the Canadian while getting it from the American. He grunted happily, receiving pleasure from both men.

Reynolds and Miller ended their kiss so they could lick Hemsworth’s body; Ezra swiped his tongue over the nape of Chris’ neck to taste his sweat while Ryan’s probing tongue cleaned his huge pectorals.

At the same time Tom Holland was laying on his back while getting fucked gently by Tye Sheridan. The young Spider-Man and X-Men stars were kissing deeply while Ben Affleck was fucking Tye.  

Affleck held Sheridan close as he repeatedly slid his dick balls-deep into the boy. He let out a satisfied groan every time he felt the younger actor’s ass stretch and then firmly grip his infamously thick shaft.

Holland was getting so horny he started whimpering like an eager puppy. Despite the rough pounding he took from Henry Cavill at an earlier event, he couldn’t help but feel an intense urge to get fucked hard. The desire to submit to other men and let them have their way with him was becoming more and more frequent in his mind.

Tye started to increase his pace as he fucked Tom, becoming less gentle and more aggressive. Ever since he had the pleasure of fucking Hugh Jackman he had undergone a real change in his sexual identity; he felt more assertive and confident, more willing to dive in and fuck a guy. It was the total opposite of what had happened with the young Spider-Man star who had become even more submissive than before.

Ben grinned as he kept pumping his hips into the boy beneath him, feeling his balls swing back and forth. Sweat slid down off his tall, muscular frame.

The three of them were moaning and panting, their bodies moving in unison as pleasure coursed through them.

The entire room was filled with a palpable sense of lust; the actors were all intoxicated by pleasure as they fucked each other in a frenzy and the audience was completely enraptured by the erotic display.

Every man on stage was breathing heavily and sweating profusely, their bodies practically melding together. Soon they began to orgasm, their voices ringing out in a crescendo of ecstasy as semen flowed from their manhood. Some shot their loads inside one another while others sprayed their cum on themself or their companion.

Many in the crowd held their breath as they watched the actors climax together and plenty brought themselves to orgasm as well.

But while the superhero stars had finished cumming they weren’t finished with the orgy yet. Most of them started to reposition themselves or get into new groupings.

Chris Pratt and Henry Cavill were now laying on their sides facing each other. Once again they were making-out and rubbing their cocks together, while grabbing each other’s asses and kneading their beefy buttocks.

Ryan Reynolds was on all fours getting spitroasted, sucking on Jason Momoa while the young Tye Sheridan fucked his ass.

Ezra Miller was now getting plowed by his “Daddy” Ben Affleck, taking his prick deep in his ass while he suckled on one of the older man’s pecs.

Chris Evans was repaying the favour to Michael Fassbender, fucking his tight ass while his buddy Hemsworth was now giving it to him from behind.

Tom Holland was laying sprawled out on his back trying to catch his breath when suddenly Hugh Jackman’s face appeared above him.

The Aussie stud grinned down at the twink hungrily. “Ready for round two?” He growled.

Tom swallowed nervously. “Not really…” He muttered.

“Good.” Hugh replied plainly before he mounted the boy and shoved his cock in all the way.

“Oooohhh God!” Holland whined as the Wolverine star forced himself on him.

Jackman chuckled deviously as he began to buck his hips, giving it to the British actor hard and holding him firm in his grasp as he ravaged him.

Tom was panting heavily now, his chest rising and falling. “Ohhh God… Ohhhh… my arse…” He moaned weakly.

Hugh’s arrogant chuckling turned to bestial growls and grunts as he continued. The horny Australian never held back while fucking and today was no exception.

The young man grimaced as he endured the overwhelming mixture of pleasure and pain, his asshole stretching and tightening around the massive cock. “Ohhhh fuck…” He breathed out slowly.

“Good boy…” Jackman groaned before he started to cum. His big, heavy balls flooded the twink’s tender ass with his sperm while his muscular body flexed in orgasm and showered him with his sweat.

Holland closed his eyes and gasped as his own cock started leaking his cum onto his abs. He laid on the bed soaked in bodily fluids from the both of them.

Hugh grinned down at the boy once more in pride.

Meanwhile all the other actors were still going at it hot-and-heavy; fucking each other’s brains out and bringing each other to climax.

Henry Cavill and Chris Pratt were bellowing in ecstasy as their frottage sent them over the edge. Chris groped Henry’s pecs while the British hunk fingered his ass and they came on each other’s cocks, coating their combined manhood with their combined load.

Jason Momoa and Tye Sheridan got off at the same time, allowing Ryan Reynolds to greedily drink down the Hawaiian spunk while getting his ass filled by the younger man.

Ezra Miller was still getting pounded by Ben Affleck until he felt the older man start spraying his cum against his prostate. “Ohhh yeah, Dad!” He moaned blissfully as he began painting Ben’s abs with his own load.

Chris Evans started moaning as he shot his seed into Michael Fassbender with Chris Hemsworth soon blowing his load in his fellow Avenger’s ass.

Reynolds crawled over to the other guys and laid on his back with his face underneath Fassbender’s crotch.

Michael obliged his cum-hungry friend by jacking-off right onto his face and then squatting over his mouth so he could lick the fresh Captain America sperm directly from his ass.

Ryan voraciously slurped the other man’s asshole, licking and sucking down every drop of cum he could possibly get into his mouth.

All the guys were now laying together in a sweaty heap of muscles, recovering from their orgasms.

“Did you enjoy tonight’s orgy royale?” The announcer’s voice asked over the loudspeakers.

The audience let out a massive roar of approval, clapping and cheering and whistling at their favourite studs. By this point everyone watching had cum at least once and had thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Some of the actors smiled and waved to the crowd.

“I think tonight’s event was a big success…” The announcer declared.

The audience kept cheering in response, the memory of this orgy was going to provide them all with many more orgasms long after this night ended.

Chapter Text

It had been over a week since it happened and Henry couldn’t stop thinking about it. It started off like most of his sexual encounters do; hot guy approaches him in the bathhouse, they check-out each other’s naked bodies, talk a bit and then head back to Henry’s place for some good, rough sex. Henry Cavill had quite the reputation in the city’s gay community for his sculpted body and his skills in bed that earned him the nickname, “The Man of Steel”. And Henry had assumed that the last young man who approached him was just like any other hot young twink looking to ride the “Man of Steel”. But he wasn’t. He had claimed to be Henry’s younger brother. Or more accurately, he had claimed to be Henry’s younger half-brother… after they had sex. It wasn’t until Cavill had already fucked his sweet ass and fired a hot load into him that the young man, Colton Haynes, finally admitted why he came to meet Cavill in the first place. Henry didn’t believe Colton at first; that his father who was a sperm-donor was the same father as Henry’s, but he couldn’t deny there was some resemblance between the two of them and his own biological father was a sperm-donor as well. His doubt in Colton’s claim was wavering and he began to wonder if it was true that they were indeed half-brothers. Cavill had certainly enjoyed the sex with Haynes but the possibility, or rather the likelihood, that he had committed an act of incest was weighing heavily on his mind. Even if it was unintentional on his part he couldn’t help but feel some measure of shame for having engaged in such a depraved experience. Henry wanted to put the whole thing behind him and move on, but he wasn't having any luck trying to forget that day. And to make matters worse, he still wasn’t sure if that was the last he’d ever see of Colton.

Colton Haynes walked into the gay nightclub and took a look around, it was dimly lit but all around he could see plenty of hot guys in various amounts of clothing. His cheeks blushed as he suddenly felt nervous. He hadn’t had sex since confronting his older brother and he was still trying to come to terms with that incident. He vividly remembered how Henry reacted when he learned that they were related, when he realized that their sexual encounter was actually incestuous. The confusion, anger and disgust in his half-brother’s eyes and how that made Colton feel was imprinted in his memory. It was the single most humiliating and degrading experience in Haynes’ life and yet it was also the most exhilarating. He thought over and over again about how it felt when Henry became enraged and spat on his face in disgust. Colton had tried to laugh back at his older sibling in defiance like he was embracing his perverted desires, he had even eaten his brother’s saliva and enjoyed it. Cavill reacted with violence and Haynes still had bruises from where the older man had punched him and threw him out of his apartment. Colton had spent every night since then laying on his bed nude, masturbating furiously as he relived the memory of his gorgeous brother spitting on him and assaulting him. He often blew his load while thinking of Henry’s fist flying into his face. Now he had come to this gay nightclub, known for casual sex, hoping to get-off with another guy. He had heard that his brother often spent time here, but he had no idea if he’d be here tonight. Colton started to walk further in, checking out different men who were dancing together or drinking by the bar. Most of the guys weren’t shy about showing off their skin and Haynes spent plenty of time looking-over some hot, muscular bodies, usually while getting looked-over himself. Eventually he spotted two guys by themselves near the entrance to some rooms near the back of the building that piqued his interest. He decided to head over toward them and get a closer look.

The two guys looked like they were about the same age as Colton and they were making-out pretty heavily, their lips moving together in loud, wet smacks. Haynes felt his blood rushing south as he looked them over, their heads were turned to each other as they kissed but their bodies were facing him. Both of them were shirtless and their toned young bodies glistened in a sheen of sweat. One of them had the fly of his jeans open and about half of his pubic hair was exposed. The two of them stopped and looked at Colton.

“Like what ya’ see?” The one with his pubes out asked with a smirk.

Haynes couldn’t help but blush a bit. “Yeah…” He replied, looking down at the guy’s crotch and then up to his face. “I do.” He answered.

“I’m Tyler.” The young man responded.

“Cody.” His companion added, smiling as well.

“I’m Colton. I couldn’t help but notice the two of you.” Haynes said, his gaze shifting between the two.

“We’re not shy.” Cody replied with a chuckle.

“I could tell…” Colton laughed awkwardly.

“You lookin’ to have some fun, Colton?” Tyler asked, a lopsided grin spreading wide across his face.

Haynes licked his lips and felt his resolve harden just as his manhood was. “Yeah… I am looking to have fun…” He answered.

Tyler and Cody smiled at each other and shared a knowing wink. “Let me get you a drink.” Tyler offered.

Henry walked into his favourite club and glanced around, seeing right away that there was a good amount of hot guys here tonight. He grinned slightly as he started to wade into the crowd of men. Cavill loved the adoration that his well-deserved reputation brought him. As he stepped out onto the dancefloor the other man crowded around him, eager to spend some time with “The Man of Steel”. He removed his tank top and tossed it aside, not caring that he wouldn’t get it back. And as he began to move his body to the rhythm of the music the other men watched his large, sculpted muscles flex and his heavy, hairy pectorals bounce. Eventually he had his hands behind his head while two guys licked over his sweaty armpits and firm nipples. Cavill relished basking in the other men’s lustful attention, it made him feel like he was the king of the studs, reigning over all his horny fuckboys.

“Hey, ‘Man of Steel’.” A tall guy said as he stepped over to Henry and grabbed his face. He brought their mouths together and their tongues clashed as they kissed.

Cavill had trimmed his facial hair but left his mustache thick. He could feel it brushing against the other man’s upper lip as they made-out.

Eventually the other man pulled back from the kiss and whispered into Henry’s ear. “I want to see if you really live up to the hype…” He chuckled seductively.

Cavill smirked back at him. “I’ll be happy to meet your expectations and thensome…” He growled confidently. Henry left the other men on the dancefloor and led his new companion to the back of the building, into the rooms used for hook-ups. He wasted no time finding a private room for the two of them to have fun.

“So guys just fuck in here?” Colton asked before taking another swig of his drink.

“Yeah, you just come back here and anything goes.” Cody replied with a smirk as he closed the door behind the three of them.

“You guys have fun in here…?” Haynes chuckled, slurring his words.

“All the time, man.” Tyler responded, grinning from ear-to-ear. “Looks like you’re about ready for us to have some fun.” He added.

“Ohh yeah? What kinda’ fun?” Colton inquired as he sat on a bare table in the centre of the room.

“Alright let’s see who goes first.” Tyler said to Cody as the two young men faced each other and started to play rock, paper, scissors.

“One… two… three… fuck!” Cody cursed as he lost the game.

“Haha! You’re on lookout duty.” Tyler laughed.

“Try not to wear him out too much.” Cody muttered.

“I don’t know, man. I think he likes it rough…” Tyler replied, looking over at Haynes’ black eye. As Cody left the room and waited on the other side of the door Tyler walked over to the other man and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Are we getting right into it? No foreplay?” Colton asked, his vision starting to blur.

“Just shut up and don’t struggle.” Tyler whispered, taking the now empty glass out of Haynes’ hand and setting it aside. “You won’t even remember any of this.” He added under his breath.

“What are you… doing…?” Colton mumbled as he began to drift out of consciousness and laid back on the table. The last thing he was aware of before blacking-out was his pants and underwear being slid down his thighs.

“How’s that feel?” Henry asked in a commanding tone of voice.

The other man had his hands pressed against the wall with his back arched and his ass shoved out while he looked over his shoulder. “Feels fuckin’ incredible!” He exclaimed, chuckling excitedly.

Cavill smirked as he thrust his hips. The two men were completely nude and he was pumping this tall guy for all he was worth. With each powerful thrust of his hips he grunted and felt beads of sweat run down his body. His thick cock was stretching the other man’s asshole wide as he continuously rammed his manhood forward.

“Holy… shit!” The other man shouted, his eyes almost rolling back in his head.

“Does it live up to the hype?” Henry inquired condescendingly. He hadn’t even asked this man’s name, he was only concerned with proving that his reputation was more than a myth.

“Fuck yeah, ‘Man of Steel’! Hell… fuckin’... yeah….” The tall man panted, unable to catch his breath. “Very… steely.” He sighed, feeling his prostate get skewered by Cavill’s rigid prick.
Henry chuckled cockily as he kept-up the pace, he loved demonstrating why he earned his nickname. Eventually he grabbed the other man and turned him around, lifting one of his legs up so he could fuck him while they faced each other.

The taller guy groped Cavill’s chest; kneading his huge, meaty pectoral muscles and feeling the sweat and hair between his fingers. The two horny studs quickly began making-out, their tongues wrestling while they fucked hard.

“Ohhh… uhhhh!” Colton groaned loudly while saliva dribbled down his chin. He was still barely conscious and completely unaware of what was actually happening.

Tyler had his cock buried in Haynes’ ass. It was always such a rush; the thrill of taking advantage of another hot guy and using his body as your personal sex toy. He licked and nibbled on the other man’s nipples while pumping his throbbing cock into his helpless ass.

“Mmm… uhhhh!” Colton panted. His own penis was stiff from pleasurable sensations he was receiving and laid against his firm stomach.

Tyler could feel that the other man was erect underneath him as he raped him and that only made him even more horny. He continued to thrust his hips, addicted to the sensation of his shaft sliding back and forth in Haynes’ asshole.

Colton started mumbling in his semi-conscious state. “B-big…” He breathed out.

“Fuck yeah it’s big!” Tyler laughed as he kept fucking him.

“… brother…” Haynes moaned.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m your brother.” Tyler replied with a smirk on his face. “You love your brother’s big cock.” He chuckled.

“Yessss…” Colton hissed. “Love it big brother…” He whispered before drifting out of consciousness again.

“Fuckin’ nasty slut.” Tyler cursed under his breath as he approached climax. “Fuck yeah!” He shouted triumphantly as he started to unload his balls.

Cody came back into the room and slapped his partner on the back. “Sounded like you had fun.” He said with a sly smile. “Now it’s my turn.” He added, dropping his pants.

“Ohhhh my God!” The tall man howled in ecstasy. His eyes rolled back as he shot spurts of cum against his abs.

Henry grinned as he watched him, his huge chest heaving while he fired his own load of cum into the other man’s ass.

“That was…” The tall guy laughed as he trailed off. “It was amazing.” He breathed out slowly.

“Yeah, I’ve uhhh… I’ve heard that before…” Cavill replied coldly.

“Thanks for showing me a good time. Maybe I’ll see you around later.” The other man said as he pulled his pants back on.

“Yeah, maybe.” Henry responded noncommittally as he grabbed his own pants off the floor.

“Later, ‘Man of Steel’.” The tall guy chuckled, giving Cavill a quick smack on one of his buttocks before he left.

Henry pulled his jeans up but didn’t bother with his fly. He stepped out of the room and noticed a shirtless young man standing by one of the other doors in the back area.
“Hey we’re twins!” The young man laughed as he looked over at Cavill.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Henry asked angrily as he glared at the other man.

“We’re wearing the same outfit…” He replied, chuckling giddily.

The older stud looked down at himself and then the younger man and realized they were both shirtless, wearing jeans with the fly open and their pubic hair exposed. “What are you doing here, kid?” Cavill asked gruffly, annoyed by this guy’s attitude.

“Maybe I’m lookin’ for you, big brother…” Tyler replied, looking over Henry’s brawny, bare chest.

Cody was having fun as he helped himself to the passed-out twink, he slid his cock deep into him with long, slow thrusts. But suddenly he heard shouting behind him from outside the room.
“What the fuck did you just say!?” A man’s voice bellowed, followed by a loud crash.

“Shit!” Cody cursed as he pulled out and began putting his pants back on. “What the fuck’s going on?” He asked as he burst out of the room. He saw a massive, muscular guy standing over Tyler.

Tyler was slumped against a wall holding his nose, blood was seeping out between his fingers. “What the fuck you psycho!” He groaned in pain.

“Get the hell out of here…” Henry threatened, glaring down at the younger man. He turned to look at the other guy who just came out. “You too.” He added.

Cody helped Tyler get up and the two of them immediately left the club.

Cavill stood there for a moment, trying to calm down. He was breathing heavily and dripping with sweat. He finally turned towards the door and wondered what the two young men were doing in that room. He stepped inside and was shocked by the sight of Colton lying nude on a table, unconscious with his legs spread wide. Henry stared in disbelief that he had found his alleged half-brother again, looking over his stripped and violated body. Eventually Cavill closed the door behind him and lowered his pants.

Haynes finally began to recover, his eyes slowly opening and adjusting to the light in the room. When he regained the strength to stand up and look around he realized he was laying in a bed in a vaguely familiar bedroom. He still had his pants on but his shirt was unbuttoned. When he got up he found the bathroom and went straight to the sink. He felt like he was burning up and quickly peeled-off his shirt before he started splashing his face and chest with cold water.

“Finally woke up, eh?” A man’s voice with a British accent came from behind.

Colton immediately turned around and looked at Cavill in surprise. “Henry?” He asked in confusion.

The older man stood in the doorway fully clothed. “Hello again, little brother…”

Chapter Text

It was that time of the year again when an influential gay movie producer throws a huge Halloween party at his L.A. mansion for a bunch of hot male celebrities wearing sexy costumes. It was early in the night and the party was just getting started when Taron Egerton arrived dressed as an ancient Roman centurion. He had the helmet, leather sandals, everything except a chestplate, instead he left his chiseled pecs and abs bare. The British actor strode in confidently and looked around at some of the other guys who were already there. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your arse!” He shouted with a smirk on his face.

The other men laughed at his joke while Egerton headed towards the bar.

Taron ordered a drink and then looked over the Halloween candies and treats that had been laid out for the guests.

“Nice costume.” Another young man’s voice stated.

Egerton turned and saw Tom Holland walk over to him. The Spider-Man star was dressed in dog-themed spandex fetish gear.

Holland had doggy ears on his head and around his neck was hanging a small mask he could pull up over his mouth and nose that made it look like he had a snout. The rest of his outfit was a tight red latex jumpsuit that hugged his toned young body.

Taron looked the other actor up and down. “That’s quite the costume you have there, mate.” He replied.

“I’m a good puppy.” Tom said as he pulled on his mask and then turned around, showing-off his backside. His red jumpsuit wasn’t covering his ass and there was a buttplug sticking-out from between his smooth buttocks. The plug was shaped like a thin dog’s tail and when Holland shook his behind from side-to-side it made the tail wag like an excited dog’s.

Egerton’s eyes bulged as he took in the sight. “Yes… you… are…” He muttered slowly, feeling his blood rush south.

Holland turned back around and lowered his mask again. “So these Halloween parties are pretty fun, aren’t they?” He said with a smile, proud of how he left the other actor struggling to form words.

“Yeah!” Taron exclaimed, snapping back to reality. “They uhh… can get pretty rowdy.” He added, taking off his helmet and holding it under one arm. “If things get too intense for you…” He started to say, leaning against the bar while grinning seductively at his companion. “Maybe you’ll need a brave soldier to protect you.”

“Maybe I will…” Tom replied before leaning forward. He placed his hands on the other man’s pecs and kissed him. Holland gently rubbed Egerton’s pectoral muscles as they made-out.

Taron used to feel threatened by Tom, worried that he was going to replace him as Hugh Jackman’s favourite fuckboy. Those concerns vanished when he and Jackman fucked Holland together. As their kiss ended Egerton smirked at the other young man. “Good to know you remember where your place is.” He whispered.

Tom smiled dreamily. “Of course I remember my place…” He replied softly, still running his fingers over his companion’s firm pecs. “It’s underneath you…”

A grin spread across Taron’s face as he felt the Spider-Man star kiss along his neck. “Such a good boy.” He muttered, grabbing two handfuls of Holland’s ass.

Meanwhile Zac Efron had just arrived at the party and his costume immediately drew everyone’s attention. He strolled in casually, wearing a black headband and a white t-shirt. The words “ROCK OUT WITH MY” were written in black across his pecs, but the lower half of the shirt was torn-off with nothing but a frayed border above his abs. The shocking part was that Efron was completely nude below that point.

There was plenty of excited murmuring, lewd remarks and whistles thrown in Zac’s direction by the party’s guests as he walked in. Everyone ogled his exposed genitals and bare ass, giving him the attention he clearly wanted. He was there to rock out with his cock out.

Efron sauntered over to one of the tables laid-out with treats and popped a gummy jack-o’-lantern into his mouth.

“Damn! That is one hell of a costume, man. What exactly are you supposed to be?” Michael B. Jordan exclaimed as he walked over to Zac. The two men had worked together in the past and had plenty of sex while they were filming the movie, which Michael kept a secret from his boyfriend Ryan Coogler.

Efron smirked at the other man. “I’m a rockstar.” He replied, making the ‘devil’s horns’ gesture with one hand.

Jordan was dressed as a cowboy, wearing just denim pants, a stetson hat and a red handkerchief around his neck.

“You look pretty good yourself, buckaroo.” Zac said, looking over his friend’s ripped torso. “Your boyfriend here?” He asked with a devious glint in his eye.

“Nope.” Michael responded, licking his lips suggestively.

Efron smiled and pointed down at his bare crotch and Jordan obediently got on his knees.

Michael immediately grabbed Zac’s cocks and balls and started licking all over them, washing his manhood with his saliva. Eventually he took turns sucking the testicles in his mouth and cleaning them with his tongue.

“Ohh fuck yeah, lick my nutsack.” Efron moaned. He rested one hand on the other man’s shoulder while using the other to grab some more gummy jack-o’-lanterns.

Once he was done with the balls Jordan quickly began swallowing cock, going down all the way until his nose reached the other man’s trimmed pubes.

“That’s it… good boy, suck that dick…” Zac muttered while eating the candies. “Get it nice and slick for that big, black ass of yours…”

Taron and Tom had noticed the public display and joined some of the other men who were watching.

Efron grinned at the crowd and winked at Egerton. “Alright now, get on all fours.” He ordered his companion.

Michael quickly got down on his hands and knees and turned his rear-end towards the other man’s crotch.

Zac pulled down the “Creed” star’s pants, exposing his plump, muscular glutes. He then slid his wet and rigid shaft between those brawny, brown buns.

Jordan bit his bottom lip and groaned as his asshole stretched to accommodate Efron’s cock.

Zac chuckled arrogantly and gave Michael a hard smack on the ass.

Taron watched as the two men began to fuck; Efron bucking his hips while Jordan grit his teeth and kept his ass raised in the air. He admired both of their fit, muscular bodies as they flexed and thrust.

Zac continued to swing his hips, driving his cock in hard while he rocked his body back and forth. “Fuck yeah, boy! Take it!” He shouted aggressively, spanking the other man repeatedly.

“Oooohh yes!” Michael moaned, letting out a long breath as he endured every harsh blow.

An intense look came over Efron’s face and his movements became quicker and more forceful. He let loose a string of filthy remarks that shocked the crowd and he began to fuck harder and faster than ever.

Jordan closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide, panting hard as he was plowed into ecstasy.

Egerton was caught off-guard by this change in behaviour but most of the guys watching were cheering.

“Ride ‘em cowboy!” One of the bystanders yelled, drawing a big laugh from the onlookers.

Zac didn’t react to his audience at all anymore and simply kept-up his vigorous fucking.

Tom Holland licked his lips while he watched drops of sweat slide down Michael’s bronze muscles and Zac’s tight abs.

“Gonna’ breed your hole!” Efron bellowed as he reached climax. He started grunting and growling like a wild animal while his cock sprayed his hot cum inside the other man.

Jordan let out one long moan as his ass was filled and he shot his own load beneath him from the sensation.

The audience clapped and cheered as the two men recovered from their orgasms and some of them jokingly shouted “encore”.

Michael eventually got up and pulled his denim pants back up over his sore ass. He took the handkerchief from around his neck and used it to wipe the excess sweat from his forehead. “Holy shit…” He muttered softly, his chest still heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

“That was quite the performance, mate.” Taron said, clapping Zac on the shoulder as he stepped over to him.

Efron’s cock was still throbbing while standing at full erection. “Are you next?” He asked, looking at Egerton with an annoyed look on his face.

“What?” Taron replied in confusion.

“Hey! Who’s next!?” Zac shouted, looking around the room.

“Fuck me, man!” One of the bystanders giddily exclaimed as he got down on all fours in front of Efron.

Zac immediately shoved his cock up the man’s ass and began fucking him hard.

“Goddamn, mate… you’re insatiable…” Egerton muttered as he backed away.

“What was that all about?” Tom asked as Taron rejoined him in the crowd.

“I don’t know.” Taron replied. “It was like all he could think about was fucking…” He mused.

“So what do you want to do now?” Holland inquired, slipping a hand around Egerton’s waist.

“Come on boy, let’s see what else is going on around here.” Taron said, grabbing Tom’s bare bum again and feeling him wag his “tail”.

Meanwhile at the party Henry Cavill had reconnected with his friend and fuckbuddy Armie Hammer. Cavill was dressed as a gladiator but his costume looked more like a leather fetish outfit. Studded leather straps hung from his belt in the front and back and he had sandals and arm-guards but that was it, the rest of his ripped, hirsute body was on display.

Hammer was literally dressed in a leather fetish outfit; he was wearing crotchless chaps, boots, and an open vest, all in black leather. His exposed penis was already semi-hard as he talked with the British hunk. “I love your costume.” Armie said while he caressed one of Henry’s massive pectorals, he also slipped his other hand down behind the gladiator skirt to feel that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

Cavill smiled as the other man grabbed his genitals and returned the favour by reaching over and stroking his bare cock as well. “Thank you, I fancy your outfit too.” He replied with a warm grin and a wink.

“What can I say? I love S&M. This is basically just my regular weekend clothes.” Hammer laughed, smiling back at the gorgeous stud. “Halloween’s the one time of the year where I get to show everyone my dirty little secret.”

Henry looked down at Armie’s shaft as he brought it to full erection. “I wouldn’t call that a little secret.” He quipped.

The two men shared a quick chuckle but then immediately began making-out with each other. Both of them stood there masturbating and groping one another while kissing passionately.

“Holy shit, mate! Check that out…” Taron Egerton exclaimed, nudging Tom Holland with his elbow as he gestured over towards the two statuesque studs going at it.

“Wow…” The Spider-Man star muttered under his breath while wagging his “tail”.

Cavill and Hammer eventually finished their kiss and the British hunk grinned at his companion. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” He said before leading the man away.

“What do you say, boy? Should we continue to indulge our… voyeuristic fun?” Taron asked with a sly smile.

“Yeah!” Tom replied excitedly.

The younger men discreetly followed after the other two actors.

Henry brought his companion to Jason Momoa who was helping himself to some of the Halloween candy.

Armie looked up and down at Jason’s stripper firefighter outfit with interest.

“I wanted you two to meet.” Cavill stated, placing a hand on the shoulder of both men.

“Hi there, I like your sexy fireman costume.” Hammer chuckled, his dick throbbing in front of him.

Momoa laughed. “No man, I’m dressed as Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike!”

All three of them couldn’t help but laugh.

“I even got the big firehose and everything…” Jason added, pulling out his penis.

Armie’s eyebrows lifted as he took in how hung the Hawaiian was. “Yeah, that’s uh… pretty big…” He anxiously bit his bottom lip.

Henry rubbed both men’s shoulders. “We were thinking the two of us could have some fun with you.” He teased, sharing a naughty glance with his Justice League co-star.

“Yeah!” The tall heartthrob blurted out impulsively. “Yeah, let’s have fun.”

Taron and Tom could feel their blood rushing south again as they watched these three huge men flirting with their cocks out.

“I understand there’s a… well I guess you’d call it a ‘sex dungeon’ in the basement this year. How about we check it out?” Cavill said, smirking at both his companions.

“A sex dungeon?” Hammer repeated, his eyes lighting-up with excitement. “Fuck yeah!”

Momoa clapped his hands together. “Well then, let’s get to it.” He rumbled.

The trio of men made their way down to the basement area and found it redecorated into a Halloween-themed fetish dungeon with all manner of perverted experiences going on. There were multiple tables and bondage equipment and most were already in use.

In a sling suspended from the ceiling Ryan Reynolds was laying on his back, totally nude with his wrists and ankles shackled to the corners. He had a ball-gag in his mouth that was shaped and coloured like a jack-o’-lantern. Even through the gag his muffled moans were still audible as various men took turns fucking his helpless ass.

Armie looked around with a gleeful expression on his face. “Ohh yeah!” He proclaimed before quickly heading over to a certain piece of equipment that caught his eye. “Put me in this.” He said, taking off his vest and standing in front of shackles that were fastened to the wall. The other two obliged and soon he was shackled to the wall with his bare backside pointed at them. “Nice, now grab those toys over there and let’s really have some fun…” He chuckled deviously.

“You sure this is what you want?” Jason asked, looking at what the other man requested.

“Ohhh yes…” Hammer purred, a mischievous glint shining in his eye. “That’s what I want.”

Egerton and Holland made their way through the dungeon, looking at all the kinky sex that was happening all around them. Eventually they found something that really caught their attention.

Towards the back of the area there was a particularly tall and muscular man who was currently fucking someone much smaller. He was wearing a black hooded mask over his face with only two holes in it over his eyes, like a medieval-style executioner and he had a black leather harness on his chest. Aside from that he was completely nude, his hairy, sculpted physique flexing as he swung his hips.

Even with his face covered the two young men knew it was Hugh Jackman, immediately recognizing his body. As they got closer the saw the younger man getting fucked was Tye Sheridan.

Sheridan was laying nude on a table with his legs on Jackman’s shoulders. He was panting heavily as he was plowed hard by the mature stud.

Taron felt the urge to go join them and get fucked too but he was conflicted. He looked over at Tom who was now vigorously shaking his butt from side-to-side and whimpering like a jealous puppy. Egerton had come to the party with the intention of enjoying the night as a top, he wanted to be the man in charge. He knew that wouldn’t happen if they joined with Hugh so instead he grabbed Holland by the waist and turned him around to face him. “You’re with me tonight, remember?” He said sternly, puffing out his chest a bit.

Tom looked up at the other man’s face. “Yeah…” He muttered softly.

“Remember your place.” Taron warned, moving his hands down to caress Holland’s ass.

“Underneath you.” The Spider-Man star assured him.

Meanwhile Armie Hammer was having the time of his life with Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa. Momoa was spanking his uncovered ass with a wooden paddle while Cavill struck his bare back with a small leather whip. Hammer cried out in ecstasy each time his buttocks were paddled and his back was whipped.

Neither Henry or Jason had ever taken part in something like this before but they quickly grew to enjoy this kinky new experience. Their cocks stood at full erection as they indulged in their sadistic pleasure.

“Ohhh fuck yeah, guys…” Armie moaned. “Keep going… keep giving it to me…” He begged.

Momoa grinned deviously and smacked the other man’s ass harder than before, delighting at the sound of the paddle whistling through the air and then clapping against his taut flesh. “Want me to give it to you harder?” He chuckled arrogantly.

“Yes! Ohh yes…” The handsome masochist pleaded desperately.

“Like this!?” The Hawaiian shouted as he plunged his rigid shaft into the other man.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Armie hollered while his anus was split open and his ass filled with cock, his eyes opening wide in shock.

“Jesus…” Henry cursed under his breath. He was taken aback by his friend’s sudden change in behaviour.

Jason simply laughed boisterously as he thrust his body, ramming into the restrained actor without mercy.

“Keep… going…” Hammer panted. “Keep… whipping me…” He breathed out raggedly.

Taron and Tom looked all around the dungeon. Everywhere in the basement area men were fucking like animals. The sounds of moaning, panting, pleading, grunting and groaning all echoed off the walls while the smell of sweat and sheer lust hung in the air.

Ryan Reynolds howled through his ball-gag as his ass was pummeled over and over again.

Tye Sheridan wailed in pain and pleasure while Hugh Jackman continued to ravage him.

Armie Hammer was practically hyperventilating, his chest heaving with each breath. “Yes… yes… Ohh God, yes…” He sighed.

Cavill had obliged Hammer’s request to keep whipping him but now he craved physical pleasure for himself. He positioned himself behind Momoa and slipped his cock up his tanned ass.

“Fuck yeah…” Jason chuckled, but aside from that he paid no attention to the man behind him. Instead he kept focusing his attention on the man in front of him, fucking him without slowing the pace or intensity of his thrusts for an instant.

Armie began to cry out in orgasm as spurts of cum shot out of his cock.

Holland looked around again and ran his hands up and down Egerton’s sinewy arms. “Taron, can we go back upstairs?” He asked.

The Welsh-born actor looked his companion in the eyes. “You don’t want to… have fun down here?” He inquired.

“I want you to take me.” Tom replied. “I just want you to do it upstairs.” He clarified.

Egerton smiled. “Alright then, mate.” The two shared a brief kiss before they started to leave. Even while they were heading up out of the basement they could still hear all the men below, Jason Momoa in particular roared like a savage beast in heat.

Elsewhere at the party a new addition to Hollywood’s stable of horny actors, Henry Golding, was trying to make himself comfortable. The star of the recent “Crazy Rich Asians” movie was wearing a dapper black tuxedo and was currently standing by one of the tables with treats. He chewed on some gummy candy and tried not to look nervous.

“Well hello there.” A man’s voice spoke from behind Golding.

Henry turned and saw two men walk up to him, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan.

Evans was dressed like a police officer, a shirtless police officer that is. He had the hat, tight blue pants and a belt with a pair of handcuffs hanging on it, but his muscular and hairy arms and chest were completely bare.

Stan on the other hand had a more peculiar outfit. He was wearing slacks with no shirt either, but he had a necktie that hung down to his abs and a thick pair of glasses.

“Hi.” Golding said as he looked at the two. “So you’re a sexy cop and you’re a sexy…” He trailed off in confusion.

“I’m a sexy nerd.” Sebastian clarified, placing a single finger between the lens of his glasses and pushing them up.

“Nice.” Henry chuckled.

“This your first time at one of these?” Chris asked. “You look a bit uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, this is my first time at one of these… you know, Hollywood orgy party things…” Golding admitted, smiling bashfully.

Evans and Stan grinned at each other. “Don’t worry; we’re more than happy to help you through your first time.” The Captain America star assured him.

Henry blushed and thought about their offer while the handsome two men helped themselves to some of the candy.

“So what are you supposed to be?” Sebastian inquired while biting into a gummy jack-o’-lantern.

“What?” The Asian actor replied, distracted for a moment.

“What’s with the tux?” Chris asked, smirking at the other man.

“Ohh.” Golding chuckled. “I’m a secret agent. Like James Bond.” He explained shyly.

“Well you look great in it…” Evans added, eyeing him up and down hungrily.

“Thanks, but I’m feeling rather… overdressed.” Henry confessed. He looked over the superhero actors’ sculpted chests.

Stan grinned lustfully. “Well we’d be glad to help you lose some layers…” He remarked with a suggestive wink.

Golding laughed nervously. “I uh…” He paused for a second. “Yeah. Yeah, I think I’d like that.” He finally agreed.

The Marvel stars grinned at each other again and then leaned in toward the other man.

“You won’t regret this.” Chris whispered before kissing Henry on the lips and quickly slipping his tongue inside.

“We’re gonna’ have a lot of fun tonight.” Sebastian claimed before he took his turn kissing their new companion.

Golding breathed out slowly and then smiled as he watched the other two kiss. “Wow. Let’s uh… let’s get started then, shall we?”

Evans and Stan both put an arm around the other man and began to lead him through the mansion.

“So where are we going?” Henry asked.

“There’s another part of the house that’s more… group-friendly.” Chris replied.

“Ohh, so we’re going to be joining some other guys?” Golding inquired.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of guys here you should meet.” Sebastian added.

Henry smiled again. “Alright, sounds good.” He said as the two men led him into a large room that had mattresses, blankets and pillows all over the floor. It was clearly set-up for plenty of men to engage in orgies and groupsex. There were already other men here in various states of undress and most were already going at it with each other, Golding inhaled slowly while he took in the sight.

Oscar Isaac and Chris Pratt were making-out. Oscar was dressed as a caveman; he had a faux-fur loincloth wrapped around his waist and a fake animal pelt around his shoulders, the rest of his body was bare. Pratt was a shirtless soldier; he wore green camouflage pants tucked into boots and a pair of dog-tags hung around his neck and rested between his pecs. The two men held one another close as they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Michael Fassbender was already on top of Chris Pine. Pine was moaning as he laid on his back on one of the mattresses, he had come to the party dressed as a doctor but the only thing he was still wearing was a white doctor’s coat that was open wide to reveal his nude body. Michael was a lifeguard, he was wearing a tight red speedo and a whistle around his neck. The whistle was currently hanging down on Chris’ chest as Fassbender was on his hands and knees above him grinding his sizeable bulge against Pine’s bare manhood, teasing him.

“Wow. This is uhh…This is a lot to take in for your first time.” Henry chuckled nervously.

“You haven’t even started taking it in yet.” Sebastian Stan joked.

“And is it your first time?” Chris Evans inquired. “Taking it in, that is…” He added, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

Golding smiled and blushed again. “No, it’s not going to be the first.” He replied.

“Then you have nothing to be afraid of.” The Captain America star assured him, giving him another kiss on the lips.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just very overwhelming to see all of this–…” Henry cut himself off as his eyes widened and his mouth went slack. Further back in the room he noticed a trio of men who were well on their way to a threesome.

Chris Hemsworth and his brothers Liam and Luke were already mostly nude and on their knees grinding their bodies together. They were all dressed in various pirate outfits, Chris had the captain’s hat while Liam had a red bandana and Luke wore an eyepatch. Chris was in the middle with Luke behind him rubbing his hard cock between his firm buttocks and Liam in front of him frotting while the three of them took turns kissing each other.

“But aren’t they…” Golding trailed off as he stared at the Australian brothers in awe.

“Indeed they are.” Evans said, grinning as he clapped Henry on the shoulder.

“All kinds of fun stuff goes on around here.” Stan added with a dirty chuckle.

“So I see…” The British-born Asian actor mumbled softly.

Chris and Sebastian started to undress their new companion, removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. “Time for you to have some fun too.” Sebastian whispered in Henry’s ear.

Golding remained passive and allowed the men to strip him while he continued to watch the other actors give in to their lust.

Chris Pratt was now on his knees behind Oscar Isaac. He had lifted up the fur loincloth and was eating-out Oscar’s beefy latino ass, making him moan out loud.

Isaac babbled incoherently at the pleasure while Pratt nibbled on his fleshy cheeks and lapped at his sensitive asshole.

Chris Pine was begging Michael Fassbender to take off his speedo and give him the real deal. “Ohh God please, sir! I need your cock!” He panted.

Fassbender eventually rewarded his submissive lover by slipping down the swimwear and sliding his infamous prick all over Pine’s throbbing erection. “Yeah? You want to know what a real man feels like?” He mocked him.

Evans and Stan finally stripped Henry nude and began kissing all over his neck and chest.

“Ohhh yes…” Golding sighed blissfully as his cock rose. His mind was starting to get foggy as he let go of his inhibitions and his libido took control. Henry followed his sexual instinct and suddenly grabbed Sebastian and kissed him passionately. They tumbled onto one of the mattresses together with Golding on top and Stan pulled his pants down so they could rub their cocks together. He couldn’t help but moan into the other man’s mouth when he felt Chris Evans’ beard bristle against his ass.

The entire room became filled with the sound of the men’s combined ecstasy.

The Hemsworth brothers had worked each other to a lustful peak; their manhood was rigid and their nipples firm as hot blood coursed through their veins.

“I’m at full mast now, lads.” Chris growled, affecting a grizzled pirate voice.

“Aye captain, I’m ready to bury the family jewels.” Luke joked, chuckling at his sleazy double-entendre.

The Thor star grinned at his older brother’s filthy humour.

“Permission to come aboard, captain?” Liam asked the middle sibling.

Chris looked his younger brother right in the eye. “Permission granted.” He replied before bringing their mouths together in a deep kiss.

The youngest Hemsworth raised his ass up and then slid down on Chris’ massive erection. He shut his eyes and let out a long moan while his brother’s cock filled him.

Luke followed suit and pushed his own throbbing shaft into the superhero stud.

Chris grunted and then bellowed with joyous laughter at the sexual gratification overwhelming his senses. He then began to swing his hips, fucking his younger brother’s tight hole while driving his buff ass back onto his older brother’s prick.

The three Aussie bros proceeded to kiss, grope and lick all over each other, feeling and tasting their hard, sweaty muscles as they fucked and thrust in unison. As always when they have sex with each other their incestuous passion removes any traces of guilt or shame and drives them into a sheer sexual frenzy.

And now the room was also filled with the masculine aphrodisiac of the actors’ perspiration.

“Well, well, well, what’s goin’ on here?” A man’s voice abruptly called out.

Chris Evans stopped rimming Henry Golding and looked up to see Scott Eastwood walk in.

Eastwood was dressed as a sexy football quarterback; he was wearing shoulder pads, eyeblack and a white jockstrap.

Evans stood back up and faced the newcomer. “Somethin’ wrong, son?” He asked with an authoritative tone, roleplaying with his cop costume.

“Not at all, officer. Just thought I’d see what all you horny bitches are up to.” Scott laughed boisterously, leaning into the arrogant jock persona.

“What was that?” Chris barked angrily.

“Hey lighten up, officer. We’re all just here to have fun, right?” Eastwood scoffed.

“Oh yeah? You think being an asshole is fun?” Evans replied.

Scott grinned smugly. “No. My idea of fun is streaking across the field and giving the cheerleaders something to really cheer about!” He quipped.

“And what would that be?” Chris inquired.

“This dick!” Eastwood shouted, grabbing his bulge and shaking it.

Evans quickly grabbed the other man’s arms and pinned them behind his back. “I don’t like your attitude, boy!” He said as he handcuffed him.

“Hey! Come on, man! It was just a joke!” Scott protested while Chris bent him over.

“Here’s my idea of a good time…” The superhero star chuckled deviously as he undid his belt.

The other men smiled while they watched the two but soon returned their attention to each other.

Oscar Isaac was now on all fours while Chris Pratt had his cock out and was ramming him from behind.

Michael Fassbender had slid his long shaft up Chris Pine’s hole and was delighting in the sound of his desperate groans.

Henry Golding had rolled over onto his back and Sebastian Stan was gleefully fucking his eager ass.

Chris Evans started giving it hard to Scott Eastwood, driving his cock back and forth vigorously. A wide grin spread across Scott’s face as his prostate was repeatedly tapped by Evans’ stiff rod.

The Hemsworth brothers carried on with their incestuous sandwich, fucking and kissing each other in a taboo euphoria while their hands roamed all over each other’s bodies.

Most of the actors grouped together as they had sex; while he was getting plowed by Pratt, Oscar was licking Michael’s ass and Scott was above Sebastian while he was being fucked by Evans.

None of the them spoke anymore, instead they simply grunted or moaned or panted like wild animals. It wasn’t long before one by one they started to orgasm. Every man cried out in ecstasy when he reached climax and shot his sperm into or onto one of the other men.

Isaac collected his own cum in his hand and then smeared it over Fassbender’s ass before licking it off.

Eastwood shot his load right through his jockstrap, smirking as he let it drip down onto Stan’s bare buttocks.

Even after all the men had finished cumming they didn’t let up for a moment, they just swapped positions and pairings and began fucking all over again.

While the group of men continued with their orgy Taron Egerton and Tom Holland had just come up from the basement and came upon the scene. While the men below were like depraved demons ravaging one another in wanton lust these men were engaged in a Heavenly banquet of carnal desires. But there was no denying that in both cases the men seemed to be completely controlled by their lust, like there was no rational thought to their actions and instead there was only pure sexual instinct.

“It’s like they’re all… sex zombies…” Taron remarked as they viewed the men.

“This party is starting to give me the shivers.” Tom replied. “Can we go upstairs now?” He asked, giving the other man’s forearm a squeeze.

“Sure thing, mate. Come on.” Egerton reassured him as he ushered Holland along.

The two young men made their way upstairs to where the bedrooms were located. As they walked into the hallway they found two other men who were having sex right out in the open, Joe Manganiello and Jon Hamm.

Manganiello’s costume was the devil, but he was barely wearing anything; his entire robust body had been painted bright red, even his bare genitals. Aside from that he had only a pair of red devil horns on his head.

Hamm on the other hand was a zombie; his body had been painted a sickly shade of green and he wore the tattered shreds of a business suit around his chest.

Both men were making-out with each other and grinding their exposed cocks together.

When Taron and Tom saw them they stopped dead in their tracks and gaped at the sight.

Joe and Jon kept frotting together and growled ravenously as they kissed. Eventually they noticed they were being watched and turned their heads towards the younger pair.

“Well look at that…” Manganiello rumbled, his mouth curling in a lascivious smirk.

“Looks good to me…” Hamm added, licking his lips.

“Uhhh…” Holland stammered nervously.

“Sorry gents, we’re occupied at the moment.” Egerton called out to them before he quickly pulled his companion into the nearest bedroom and shut the door fast. “Well, that was a bit spooky.” He said with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood while he locked the door behind them.

“What is going on? Why is everyone turning into horny maniacs?” Tom asked rhetorically.

“Oh come on now, mate. You’ve been to these kinds of events before, there’s always wild orgies and kinky shit and whatnot.” Taron replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

“I’ve been gangbanged at some pretty wild orgies before but something’s off this time. The guys here are acting like all they know how to do is eat, breathe and fuck.” Holland proclaimed.

“You’re overreacting.” Egerton retorted with a wave of his hand. “So you’ve been gangbanged at some pretty wild orgies, eh?” He started to say.

All of a sudden there were several loud banging noises, sounding like a powerful man was pounding his fists on the bedroom door.

“Come on boys! Open up!” Manganiello’s voice howled commandingly.

Taron and Tom both yelled as they were started and immediately backed away from the door together while the banging outside continued.

“Okay, maybe you’re right about something being off this time.” Egerton conceded.

“I told you…” Holland muttered. “They’re sex zombies!” He exclaimed.

Taron tried to laugh incredulously. “Come on mate, there’s no such thing as sex zombies…”

Suddenly there were two sets of fists pounding on the door as both men outside tried to force it open.

“I can smell your boypussies from out here!” Joe hollered from the hallway.

“I just wanna’ eat your ass, boys!” Jon shouted.

Egerton’s eyes bulged. “Holy shit, they’re sex zombies!” He blurted out.

“I told you!” Holland declared. “They’re gonna’ break in here and ruin split our arseholes open!”

Taron gazed off absently as he thought to himself for a moment. “Are we sure we don’t want that to happen?” He inquired.

“Do you want to walk for the next month?” Tom asked sarcastically. “Did you even see the size of their cocks?”

Egerton recalled the sight of the two hunks frotting. “It looked like two pythons trying to climb on top of each other…” He muttered softly.

The pounding on the door began to intensify.

“I just wanted to be a good puppy tonight and not get split in half for a change…” The Spider-Man star bemoaned mournfully.

“You are a good puppy, Tom.” Taron said as he grabbed Holland by the shoulders. “I was the one who said he was going to be the brave soldier who’d protect you.” He lamented.

“You are my brave protector though.” Tom replied, looking at Egerton’s handsome face. “If it wasn’t for you I’d be getting torn open out in the hall right now.” He explained.

Taron smiled proudly. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.” He admitted.

“I just want to be in my rightful place tonight…” Holland whispered. “Underneath you.”

The two young men looked into each other’s eyes and then started to kiss passionately. They quickly stripped out of their costumes and laid on the bed together nude; Tom laid flat on his back and spread his legs wide while Taron gently drove his cock into him, all the while they never stopped kissing.

“Ohh that feels so good…” Holland panted as he brought his mouth to Egerton’s ear and nibbled on his earlobe. He ran his hands up and down the other man’s flexing back and ass.

“Yeah it does, my horny little puppy…” Taron chuckled dreamily while he continued to fuck Tom’s tight asshole.

As they both carried on they gradually noticed the banging outside less and less and only focused on the pleasure they were experiencing with each other. It was as if their minds were starting to cloud over and all they could think about was sex.

But as the young actors consummated their lustful desire for each other on the bed the intense assault on the bedroom door only increased. Eventually the door burst open, breaking as Joe Manganiello and Jon Hamm barged in. The two mature studs instantly went to the bed and grabbed the amorous pair even as they kept fucking.

Manganiello lifted Egerton up and rammed his massive horsecock up the younger man’s ass, grunting and laughing like a wild maniac.

Hamm then climbed on top of Holland and sunk his notoriously large manhood into the vulnerable twink.

But instead of crying out in alarm the two younger men moaned in ecstasy as their helpless asses were plundered.

All four actors began to grunt and breathe heavily, their chests heaving as they gave in to their primal lustful cravings.

Taron looked back at Joe and smiled as the beefy sex symbol thrust his hips with full force and stretched his asshole mercilessly.

Tom reached up and caressed every inch of Jon’s bare flesh that he could get his fingers on, even as he felt the rugged older man’s massively hung cock fill him.

Manganiello and Hamm never let up for a second, they kept fucking hard and fast while the other two obediently laid there and took it.

Several minutes passed before they all started to reach climax, the combined sound of their orgasms creating a raucous uproar. The older men fired their loads into the younger men, who in turn spilled their seed all over themselves. As the pleasure overwhelmed them they started to drift out of consciousness until the four of them were asleep.

Hours later Taron and Tom began to wake up. Raising themselves up off the bed they looked at each other in bewilderment.

“What happened to Joe and Jon?” Egerton asked, rubbing the side of his head.

“I don’t know… I guess they woke up earlier and left.” Holland replied.

Eventually the two made their way back downstairs and realized it was already morning.

“What the fuck happened to everybody last night?” Taron thought aloud.

“You know… the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there was something in the candy that made everyone act like that.” Tom stated.

“The candy? I mean, maybe. But people didn’t start going all lust crazy when they ate the candy, it wasn’t until you started having sex that you lost control.” Egerton responded.

“True. But I still think there might have been something in the candy that was turning us into sex zombies.” Holland reiterated.

The two young men noticed someone was behind them and turned to see Ryan Reynolds walking around naked with the ball-gag still in his mouth. He removed the sex toy and grabbed a gummy jack-o’-lantern off one of the treat tables. “I guess we’ll never know what… or who was responsible for all that craziness last night, am I right?” He claimed, popping the piece of candy in his mouth.

Taron and Tom looked at each other with a perplexed look on their faces.

“Happy Halloween, boys.” Ryan said with a sly smile as he strolled past them.

While Reynolds walked ahead towards the younger men’s gaze was immediately drawn to his bare ass. Semen was clearly visible dribbling out from between his still reddened buttocks.

The British actors looked at each other again and started to laugh. Egerton threw an arm around his friend’s shoulders and pulled him close. “Happy Halloween, mate.” He chuckled.

Chapter Text

t was that time of the year again, the Holiday season when the hot and horny actors named Chris throw their annual Christmas party. This year it was Pratt’s turns to host his fellow Chrises. And this year there was a new guy invited to the party; television actor Chris Wood, another handsome stud known for playing a superhero character. Wood had just driven to Pratt’s house and knocked on the door. He felt nervous, he had never been to a party like this before and he hadn’t even met any of the other guys yet.The front door opened and Chris Pine greeted the newcomer. “Hey there, man! Nice to finally meet you, come on in.” He said with a warm smile. “Hi. It’s uh... really nice to meet you, too.

I didn’t know if I was supposed to bring something so I just brought a bottle of champagne, hope that’s alright.” Wood replied as he stepped in.Pine chuckled as he led the other man inside. “That’s fine, buddy. We just wanted you to come over and have fun with us, you didn’t even need to bring clothes.” He explained, taking the bottle and setting it on the living room coffee table.Wood laughed apprehensively. “Yeah, I’ve heard you guys can get pretty wild…” He admitted, trying to sound calm.Pine smiled at the other man again. “Don’t worry; I’m confident that you’re gonna’ fit right in.” He reassured him, placing a hand on his shoulder.“You think so?” Wood asked, his cheeks turning a bit red and his lips starting to curve upward.“Definitely.” Pine stated with certainty as the two men looked each other in the eye. “And who wouldn’t want to get wild with you?” He added with a naughty smirk and a raise of his eyebrows.Wood giggled sheepishly for a brief moment before the two men brought their faces together in a deep kiss.

Suddenly a loud whistle cut through the air. Wood and Pine stopped their kiss and looked over to see Chris Hemsworth walk into the living room.“Damn boys, I go to get a drink for one minute and I come back to find you two already going at it!” He exclaimed, laughing in his deep voice and Aussie accent.“We were just getting acquainted.” Pine replied with a broad grin.“Hey don’t stop on my account, mates.” Hemsworth said after taking a sip of eggnog. “You two look good with your lips wrapped around each other.” “Thanks.” Wood replied, blushing at the lustful attention. “It’s nice to meet Thor in person.” He added, reaching a hand out.“Great to meet you too, mate.” Hemsworth responded, grabbing the other man’s outstretched hand and gripping it firmly while giving it a good shake.“That’s quite the grip…” Wood breathed out sharply. He was unable to hide the lust in his voice and eyes as he was turned-on by the superhero star’s palpable physical strength.“Well he is a God…” Pine joked, lightly slapping one of the Australian’s bare biceps as he stood in front of them in a tank top.“Yeah, he is…” Wood agreed, looking over the stud’s huge, sinewy arms.Hemsworth simply grinned cockily and winked at his companions before taking another sip of his drink.“So what are you guys up to?” Another man’s voice called out from behind them.All three men turned and were greeted by the sight of Chris Evans wearing nothing but a thong.

Evans’ muscular, hirsute body made for a tantalizing sight while he walked over to the other men. A skimpy thong with a red-and-white candy cane striped pattern was the only thing that covered the sizeable bulge between his bare thighs. The Captain America star stood with his hands on his hips and a smile on his face.“Damn, mate! You sure know how to make an entrance…” Hemsworth chuckled, clapping his good friend on the shoulder.“Yeah, it’s quite the outfit this year…” Pine added with a laugh.Wood blushed, his facial hair hiding some of his rosy cheeks. “Wow…” He muttered under his breath, trying not to stare at the other man’s crotch.“How’s it goin’ man? Nice to meet ya’.” Evans greeted the newcomer, smiling at him and reaching a hand out.Wood reciprocated by holding his hand out too, but instead of giving him a handshake the superhero stud clapped their hands together and quickly pulled him in for a kiss on the lips.“Great to have you here.” Evans said, shaking the other man’s hand.“Great to be here…” Wood replied, a delirious expression on his face as he looked back at Evans.Pine and Hemsworth chuckled at the new guy’s obvious arousal.“Looks like he’s smitten with you.” The Aussie teased, nudging Evans with his elbow.“I think our new friend is real happy to be here…” Pine interjected.

Wood could only blush and laugh nervously while Evans gave him a knowing wink.

“So where’s our host?” Pine asked as he pulled his shirt up over his head and set it aside.“He said he was gonna’ give us a ‘Christmas surprise’, so I guess he’s still getting ready.” Evans answered, looking over the other man’s toned chest. Hemsworth followed suit and tossed his shirt off as well. “I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us…” He chuckled naughtily.Wood was feeling overdressed and decided to join his fellow Chrises by taking off his shirt. The other men’s eyes were instantly drawn to his brawny chest and he felt a swell of pride at these hunky movie stars ogling him. “I just wanna’ fit in.” Wood admitted. He raised a hand to smooth the back of his hair, flashing one of his hairy armpits in the process.“Don’t worry, dude; you fit right in.” Evans reassured him, smirking as he took in the sight.“Yeah, we’re real happy that you accepted our invitation.” Pine added while undoing his belt.Wood watched as the actor dropped his pants to the floor along with his underwear. “I can see that...” He replied, gawking at the other man’s nudity.“We knew you’d be the perfect addition to our little holiday get-together.” Hemsworth said as he looked from Pine’s exposed genitals to Wood’s handsome face.“Thanks. I uhh…” Wood trailed off as he noticed the Australian stud had a hand behind Evans’ ass, squeezing one of his buttocks. “I appreciate you guys wanting to ‘get-together’ with me.” He finished with a chuckle, smiling at the other men.“We definitely look forward to it.” Evans replied while he and the other two shared a lustful grin.

Suddenly the Chrises heard Pratt’s voice ring out from behind them with a; “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” and they all turned to see their host walk in dressed as a half-naked Santa Claus.

Chris Pratt was wearing a red velvet Santa hat and boots with a fake white beard, and was holding a brown sack over his shoulder, but aside from that he was completely nude. His big, beefy body was on display and his thick cock was jutting out stiffly from between his tree-trunk thighs.

Evans, Hemsworth and Pine all started clapping and cheer