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Can't Spell Us, Without You

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Megan's POV

I tucked myself into bed, pondering over everything that had happened today. So much. My father's words kept running around inside my head. What did he mean? Did he have something to do with the attack? What does it have to do with him? Jesus, this is all so damned confusing. After an hour or so, I finally went to sleep, long after the sun had risen.

I jerked awake. At first, I didn't get what woke me up. The clock read that I still had a few hours to go before I had to get started on my day. I closed my eyes once more, dismissing whatever had woken me. My door slammed open, making me jump hard. My father stalked in and I froze. He'd always left me alone in the day before work. "Father..what....?" I asked hesitantly. He ignored my questions and pushed me roughly down onto the bed once more. I panicked and started to push him off. "What are you doing? Get off!" I yelled. He barked something in another language and 2 men entered the room, dressed in black with an octopus looking emblem on their shirts. The first guy who entered asked my father something, while the other helped my father restrain me further to the bed. I kicked wildly, making to scream. My father slapped me so hard, that I saw stars. I struggled weakly, moaning in pain as I looked around, disoriented. The first man ordered something and my father nodded, taking an, a syringe from the man's outstretched hand. "Heil Hydra." He said, plunging the needle of the syringe into my arm. "Very good doctor Gulstein" The first man said in an accent, patting my father on the back. My vision swam and I struggled a little more before I went under.


--------God Knows How Long Later---------

When I woke up, I'd never been more confused in my life. Where was I? This wasn't my room. How'd I get here? Where was here? I made to move, but found that I couldn't. Looking around, I realized that I was securely fastened to some metal chair with metal restraints in this medieval looking basement. "Hello fraulein..." There was no body, only the voice could be heard. "Who's there? Where are you?" I asked, craning my neck to look for the speaker. "I am everywhere. My name is Doctor Arnim Zola. But for you, I am your savior. And, you are Hydra's salvation."

"I don't know what shit you're on, but you let me go, right now!" I struggled, pulling on the restraints to no avail. "My great-grandson raised a good specimen. Nothing more is expected, he is of good stock" The mechanical voice- Zola warbled. "But now you see, my dear...Hydra has lost its asset. But take one head, and another 2 shall grow in its place. We'll start with you fraulein."

"WAIT. I don't know your grandson. There must be some sort of mistake, I'm just a manager of a random-ass nightclub! Let me go!" I cried, as the whir of machinery started and an array of sharp tools appeared above me. "Enough whining! My doctors are very capable. And my formula is perfect. Just be a good little asset... "He continued speaking in another language and a group of men who looked like doctors approached, gloves and lab coats and all. "No.No. Please stop. No!" I screamed, as a doctor firmly gripped my head and put a breathing mask over my mouth and nose "All will be better fraulein. Doctor Gulstein, begin please." He instructed and I could only watch in drowsy horror as the eyes of my father met mine. He raised a scalpel. I saw dark. What is with these people and passing out!

"...hat Megan?? Megan! I need cover Sam!" I heard a muffled scream of my name. I felt pain. Every nerve was on fire. I didn't know what they were doing, but I opened my eyes with a gasp, only a spectator while the world around me burned. Well, not really the world, more like the lab and the doctors. Yeah, pretty sure that doctor was on fire. Literally on fire. "Let's get you out of those.." A red and gold hand broke the restraints and I instinctively made to recoil, only to roll over and fall on my ass. "What an ugly dress" I mused, picking up the hem of my dress drowsily. "Sam! T'Challa! Get her out of here!" The mechanical voice instructed.

"I'll cover you, T'Challa. Go!" Sam's voice sounded underwater. I looked around lazily, heavily drugged and in constant pain. I didn't wanna move anywhere, thank you very much. Suddenly I was picked up and rushed out of there, leaving the fires and smoke behind. I couldn't help but realize that my father wasn't there. If he was, he would've tried to get me back there and then. I patted my savior's butt twice. He jerked and I heard a bark of laughter coming from somewhere. "I'm gonna throw up, kitty" I said groggily, still petting his ass. I lefted myself a little and pulled his costume's ears. "Kitty" I said dopily.

He set me down and I threw everything up promptly. Someone held my hair back. "Get on the jet. We gotta move before re-enforcements arrive." Steve? instructed. "Let's see her pet your ass then Captain" A familiar accented voice snapped. "Well, would you rather..she pet your kitty?" Sam guffawed. I heard Tony's laughter and a clang, followed by an ow. "Let's go" Steve mumbled, picking me up and putting my arms around his shoulders before carrying me like a child. I watched the colorful costumed heroes run behind him/us, and the bland grey building behind us blow up. "Starrk" Steve groaned. "What? I didn't know the building was gonna blow up 'cause of the explosives" He said, in an innocent sounding voice.

"We got the hostages out, all of them made it." A female informed the team. I lifted my head up. "Nat!" I cheered. "Megan!? What's she doing here?" The red head demanded. "We hadn't gotten that far yet red" Tony replied snarkily. She sent him a glare and he raised his hands in mock surrender, walking into the jet. "Set her down here" Nat told T'Challa gesturing a small cot in the jet. She squatted down to my level and checked my pulse. "Nat, I've always wanted a pet cat," I whispered to her. She placed a blanket that Tony passed to her, over me. The cat took off its head and a vaguely recognized the man underneath. "Tee Chucky!" I cheered, pointing at him. He looked stunned. Tony snickered. "She needs to hydrate. " Nat pricked my finger and held her hand out to Stark. He handed her a device and got a bottle of water. She gently placed my finger on it. After several beeps, she frowned at the device's screen. "I've gotta help Steve fly the plane. T'Challa, watch her. Stark, you can help Sam keep the hostages calm" She smirked at him mocking.

Stark turned to T'Challa/Chucky? "Wanna switch? You could dazzle them with your catsuit." He suggested. "I think that's what the gold on your suit does" Chucky responded. I pouted. "Why not both of you stay? Hehe Chucky, Tony and me!~" I sang. "Princess has the right idea." Tony slapped TChucky's shoulder. "T'Challa." He corrected me gently. I tried it out slowly. Tony stifled a groan. "That should be illegal" he murmured to T'Challa. T'Challa smirked, simply helping me to sip the water. Tony rolled his eyes at T'Challa and started messing around with his tablet, occasionally watching me. That's how the whole flight went.

I must have fallen asleep somewhere along the flight, as when I woke, I was in a bedroom? "I have to stop waking up in weird places" I mumbled, gingerly getting off the bed. MY clothes were changed, now I was in an oversized tee, with some booty shorts. "Good morning Miss. Sir has asked me to inform you that when you are ready, you can join them in the kitchen for a brunch. Showers are to your left." I jumped, startled. "Who's there," I asked, looking around. "I am Mr Stark's butler. Jarvis. You are currently at the Avengers facility. The time is 10:57 am " He intoned. " that is so cool" I said to myself walking to the bathroom to clean up. After a lovely cleansing shower, I donned the oversized shirt/shorts ensemble and walked out. "Uhm...Jarvis?" I said slowly, not wanting to look like a fool if he didn't respond. "Yes miss?" It/He responded. "Wher's the uh...exit?" I asked. "I was instructed to direct you to the kitchen ma'am" He responded. "Right..are there stairs nearby?"I asked. No way I was staying here. Jesus. "Yes ma'am, to the right, at the end of the hallways." He helpfully said. I nodded. "Great"
"Ma'am the lift to the kitchens are straight ahead. So if you could proceed to the lift, I will take you there." He said. "Sure..give me a second need to tie my shoelaces" I lied. I briskly walked over to the stairs and started running down them, faster than ever.

Finally I reached the ground floor and the stair door opened up to a vast field, with a lone road leading away from the facility. "Hoho can't keep me motherfuckers," I whispered to myself, jogging away, planning on keeping to the treeline. I froze when I heard a loud whooshing sound. "Fuck they found me already?" I hissed. I fell on my ass as a large beam of light appeared from the sky and landed near to me. "Fuck don't kill me now!" I shrieked, crawling away from the beam. The whooshing ceased, and it was silent for a bit, until the silence was broken by loud groaning. I turned slowly, "I have no master Alien!" I warned, before turning completely. I was a little confused to see 2 men, who looked like complete opposites of each other heavily injured and gripping each other. "We made it brother." The short haired one said. The dark haired one looked around,spotting me "BArely," he snarked, narrowing his eyes at me. "Get he-lp, mortal!" He demanded before he collapsed. Damn my soft hearted ness. I looked between the beckoning treeline and the injured duo. I sighed and facepalmed, running towards the duo. Sliding to my knees, I looked at the dark haired dude. He looked skinnier, so he'd die faster. The short haired blondie would survive a little longer. I tore off a bit of my oversized shirt, tying it around a bad gash on the black-haired's thigh. I had to oddest urge to touch his skin, so I held my hand to his forehead. gasping as I felt as though I was experiencing pain, but it wasn't mine. I backed away, yanking my hand off, staring at the black haired guy in confusion. Just when I remembered the blondie, a metal figure landed next to me. "Tony," I said softly, still reeling from the pain I'd felt. How'd this guy not scream?

"Whoa remind me not to piss you off" he joked, removing his helmet. "No, this wasn't me, Tony" I rolled my eyes. "They landed here, barely coherent and bleeding. Shouldn't we get help..?" I asked. "Yeah, ahead of you, they should be here soon. I'm curious what Point Break is doing with Reindeer Games at this time of year. But, we can ask the questions later. Let's talk about why you're here in the first place" He turned an inquisitive eyebrow on me. "You know these people? They came from the sky" I said slowly. "Right, meet Thor, God of something and his psycho brother Loki who is supposed to be locked up somewhere. They're not from here. Asgardians." He summarized, ticking off his fingers. Helen and her team arrived then, bringing 2 stretchers, and they hauled up the brothers? gently before rushing them off. "And I was having such a good breakfast too" He sighed.

I stared at him silently. "Alright up you get, you need new clothes, and I'll personally bring you to brunch." He said, holding out his hand. I took it slowly, looking longingly at the treeline once more.

Hm. Thor and Loki. Sounds cute.