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            It had started from the moment he woke up, as it normally did. He woke up and she was just…bitching up a storm. He wasn’t good enough. Aizawa-sensei took pity on him. What did he think he was, a hero? He could never be a hero. Where the eggs cooked all the way through? They weren’t yesterday. Salmonella could kill him.

            As usual, he ignored her. She was a constant droning buzz in his head anyway. No need to spare her the time of day, despite her voice nearly screaming right in his ear.

            She could be louder than Yamada-sensei. Yet, he knew how not real she was. No matter how loud she got, he could clearly hear everyone around him. No matter how softly Aizawa-sensei spoke, he could hear every word perfectly.

            The therapist said it was because she was an intrusive voice that he could sort-of kind-of hear. The same therapist said he was the most down to earth crazy person he’d ever met so…whatever.

            He’d been managing just fine without a therapist. He had figured out all of the things he told him on his own, after each attack. Aizawa-sensei was insistent. He needed to see someone. He needed to work his way up to taking meds which, honestly, didn’t sound like a bad idea.

            And since gaining as many friends as he had in A-1 and having a more stable home life with two (almost three? All Might-sensei had been around more often, so had Midoriya, but that was a problem for another day) caring and (dare he think it) loving parental figures. He’d been doing better.

            So even as he ignored his eggs entirely and listened to his classmates talk over each other to drown her out, he thought maybe today wouldn’t be too bad. Despite both Aizawa-sensei and All Might-sensei shooting him worried looks because of course Aizawa-sensei knew something was wrong and probably told All Might-sensei as much, he actually wasn’t feeling too bad. She was just loud. Louder than she had in quiet some time, but manageable. He couldn’t even feel the anxiety pooling in him stomach.

            He’d just have to tread carefully today. And not look at his hand. Easy enough. Especially with Midoriya giving him giant smiles and chattering constantly to him about strategies he could use for his quirk. He drowned her out no matter the type of day.

            School helped too. He had things to do, things to think. She could be as loud as she wanted, but she didn’t want him to fail, despite thinking he was a failure. She was weird like that. Then again, as a hallucinated representation of his anxiety, she didn’t have to, or really should, make any sense.

            Yamada-sensei hovered in English. He was always the more obvious with his feelings. Shinsou appreciated the soft, warm smiles he shot him every time they made eye contact. He appreciated the offer of letting him into the staff room for lunch. But on days like these, it was better to be around too many people than not enough, especially ones he felt comfortable around like his guardians.

            He couldn’t prevent an attack like that. He wouldn’t have a reason not to have an attack. Instead he sat through lunch with Midoriya and co. talking off one ear and a hallucination snapping at him in the other. Nothing new. Nothing he couldn’t manage. He’d live. He always did.

            Even training with Aizawa-sensei after school was fine. Sure it was just the two of them, but she was always silent, even on bad days, when they spared. Too much brain power went into not getting punched. Or figuring out how to get the best of Aizawa-sensei for once.

            His therapist did tell him something useful, once. His anxiety was the activation of a fight or flight response. It was overactive, but only for the most useless shit. It actually gave him a damn good reaction time, even in the middle of an attack. He once started to collapse near some tables during a boneless attack. But in an instant, he was catching himself because he almost slammed his head into the corner of the desk.

            Once he was sure he was safe, he rolled to the side and just laid on the floor until the attack was over. His anxiety wanted to protect him, not cause him more pain or danger. He wasn’t about to thank her for being a bitch, but it was good to know he wouldn’t hurt himself…majorly. He wasn’t looking at his hand for a reason.

            Aizawa-sensei went easy on him for it, but that was alright. He got a nice throw in and decided to be happy with that. Mainly because Aizawa-sensei clearly was as surprised as he was that he managed it. Then he gave him that weird, crooked smile that meant he was proud of him and she left him alone for some time after training.

            All in all, it was turning into a good day. Even at the end of the day when the rest of the class had shuffled off to bed after they watched a movie together, leaving their teachers to clean up what they hadn’t, he felt pretty good.

            It was just he and Midoriya as students, helping clean up since they had a hard time sleeping anyway. Their teachers were talking quietly in the kitchen, both All Might-sensei and Yamada-sensei laughing at something. He and Midoriya were cleaning up some crap from the floor in the living room.

            And she was talking, as she had all day, but Midoriya was louder, as he had been all day. Then she stopped. Then he stopped.

            Huh. So it was a bad day after all.


            That would be Midoriya. He sounded pretty freaked out. He didn’t really blame him, moments like this were pretty freaky.

            Judging from the warmth on his side, that was probably where Midoriya was sitting. He couldn’t see him, couldn’t lift his head from where it was hanging loosely from his neck to see if he was right. Couldn’t do anything other than blink and breathe, actually.

            He was sitting, actually, leaning back against the couch. He must have tuned out when he started to fall. Since he had been near the TV and now he was against the couch, Midoriya must have seen him go and caught him.

            That was good. Less good was the realization that he was comfortable enough around Midoriya to have an attack. Even less good was how worried his guardians would be. Oh boy.

            “Shinsou-kun?” Midoriya said again, louder this time, a warm hand on his shoulder.

            Nope, nothing was moving him right now. He couldn’t even twitch his fingers. The hand on his shoulder was keeping him upright.

            “Uh—Uh…” Midoriya breathed and Shinsou wanted to sigh. Wanted to tell Midoriya to get Aizawa-sensei or Yamada-sensei. They, he knew for certain, knew what to do. But he couldn’t speak or move.

            “Midoriya? What’s the matter?”

            That would be All Might-sensei. Less than ideal, but he probably knew considering he was a teacher. He had warned most of the teachers he had and they, of course, talked to other teachers.

            “I—I don’t know! Shinsou-kun just—just started to collapse? And now he’s not responding?” Midoriya rambled and Shinsou blinked slowly at his hands. Don’t look at your thumb. Don’t look at your thumb. “His eyes are open and—!”

            “It’s alright, my boy. Calm down,” All Might-sensei said and Shinsou’s eyes zeroed on the thumb on his left hand. Well shit. “You’re not helping him by getting scared. Just stay with him while I get Aizawa-kun.”

            Midoriya made a noise of agreement and Shinsou stopped listening to All Might-sensei’s clunky feet stomp away. He was staring at the weird gap between his thumb and the rest of his hand.

            His thumb itself looked like plastic. There were, shining metal joints at the joint. There was no nail, just the indent of one in the plastic. It felt heavy and looked so comically unreal. He couldn’t remember how he lost it. He didn’t want to be wearing it anymore.

            “Shinsou-kun?” Midoriya said as he raised his hand, staring at his thumb.

            Slowly, he reached his other hand up, grabbed his fake thumb, and yanked. It didn’t come off, but he heard the locking mechanism crack.

            Wrinkling his nose, he yanked again, no noise this time, but he felt something shift. He yanked against and his hand slipped off, the thumb still firmly in place. Stupid thing. It needed to come off. It was annoying. It was heavy. It wasn’t real. It had to go.

            Again and again, with frustration and anger burning in his stomach, he pulled and yanked but it wouldn’t let go. With a snarl, he raised his hand and tried to slam it against the ground.


            He froze and went limp again. Someone was holding his wrist. Midoriya was babbling nonsense beside him. He blinked twice, then looked up. Aizawa-sensei was kneeling in front of him. His hair was pulled back into a messy bun and his eyes dragged with bags although he didn’t look tired. For once.

            “Hey, hey,” Yamada-sensei peaked into his vision from his other side, soft smile on his face. His hair was down and pulled back into a braid one of the girls did for him.

            Shinsou blinked at both of them before pain radiated from his thumb and realization smacked him in the face. He’d just tried to pull his thumb off (his very real, attached thumb) in front of Midoriya and All Might-sensei.

            The panic was instantaneous. With a juke, he was curled into a ball, hand ripped from Aizawa-sensei’s grip as he gripped his head between his hands and a painful sob ripped from his throat. Shit. Fuck. Balls. He didn’t tell his classmates for a reason. They’d be even more freaked out by him.

            Hyperventilating was unavoidable at this point, and he knew it, despite holding his breath to prevent it. His nails dug into his skull as Yamada-sensei hugged him to him. Aizawa-sensei was holding his hands, trying to slip his fingers under his hands to keep him from hurting himself.

            He thought he had screamed a few times before he actually was screaming. Thankfully the damn walls were sound proof. He was frustrated at himself, at her, at his thumb. He didn’t even know what he was anxious about at this point. Stupid panic disorder. Stupid brain. Stupid voice.


            Aizawa-sensei’s voice was stern but gentle. Warm and inviting. The way out. He had to count. Had to count.


            Was he counting? He probably wasn’t screaming anymore. He could hear the pop son Yamada-sensei was humming in his ear.


            The boulder in his throat was slowly sinking into his stomach. Every breath didn’t feel like it was about to make him pass out.


            She wasn’t done yet.


            He was so tired.


            He just…didn’t want to deal with looking at Midoriya when he calmed down. When the attack was over.

            “Seven, Hitoshi.”

            He knew he was still in the room. They would have to carry him out and All Might-sensei probably wouldn’t do that.

            “Hitoshi, I need you to look at me.”

            And All Might-sensei was another thing. The man couldn’t not look sympathetic to save his life.

            He just…didn’t want to.

            So he didn’t.

            Aizawa-sensei sighed as Shinsou went limp in Yamada-sensei’s arms, eyes thousands of miles away.

            “I got it,” Yamada-sensei muttered before Shinsou was being rearranged to be leaning against him, head on his shoulder, arms limp on the floor. He saw them both hovering over him with concern on their faces. They had long since gone past being surprised by what his panic attacks could bring. They just had to move onto the next tactic.

            “Hey, kiddo!” Yamada-sensei said cheerfully, bright smile on his face. “Did I ever tell you the time Shouta tried to be romantic.

            Shinsou’s eyes snapped to Yamada-sensei as Aizawa-sensei groaned and tried not to smile. He failed without his scarf to hide him.

            “It was our third anniversary,” Yamada-sensei began and Shinsou knew the story instantly. It didn’t stop him from listening closely, watching the way Yamada-sensei’s face twist and grin.

            “See, I was complaining about him not being romantic enough and he actually took it to heart,” Yamada-sensei said and Aizawa-sensei sat heavily on his other side. “So he decided he’d do something fantastic for our anniversary. Starting with actually going to a party being thrown at the radio station for us. I was going to tell them no because I know how much he hates those things, but he insisted it would be fine.”

            “It was anything but fine,” Aizawa-sensei muttered and Shinsou’s eyes snapped to look at him. He managed something like a soft smile. As soft a smile as he could manage anyway. “Two minutes in and everyone but us were drunk off their fucking asses. Got wine poured on my head.”

            Shinsou heard All Might-sensei snort and Midoriya say something faintly in the background, but barely reacted. He’d have to face them sooner rather than later.

            “And then someone threw up on the sound board, and then everyone ended up wearing cake because someone thought it would be funny to throw it at us,” Yamada-sensei laughed lightly and Shinsou managed a small smile, fingers twitching. “They missed and hit the ceiling instead.”

            “Fucking awful,” Aizawa-sensei muttered. “And I had to interact with people.”

            That got a bigger smile out of him. His guardians smiled back. This story worked, every single time. No matter how many times Shinsou had heard it.

            “So then we leave and get changed and Shouta thinks he can still save the day,” Yamada-sensei said, smiling fondly at Aizawa-sensei. All Might-sensei and Midoriya shuffled into sight and Shinsou spared them a glance before looking at Yamada-sensei again quickly. Midoriya had pink and puffy eyes from probably crying.

            “It almost did,” Aizawa-sensei muttered and Yamada-sensei shook his head.

            “He had a picnic prepared. He cooked all of my favorite things—er, well. Thought he had.” Yamada-sensei snickered and looked down at Shinsou. “He ended up burning everything.”

            “We didn’t find that out until we got to the park and it instantly started raining,” Aizawa-sensei muttered and Yamada-sensei and All Might-sensei choked on laughs. Midoriya smiled and rubbed his eyes.

            Shinsou smiled and slowly began to sit up. Yamada-sensei and Aizawa-sensei helped him upright and scooted him back to lean against the couch between them. “It was an awful day,” Aizawa-sensei said once Shinsou was snug between them.

            “I thought it was sweet! You tried,” Yamada-sensei cooed, grinning at Aizawa-sensei over Shinsou’s head.

            “And I’ll never try again,” Aizawa-sensei said with a nod, smirking when Yamada-sensei instantly started to whine.

            Shinsou smiled, but knew they were going to need more stories. “I—uh—I once spared with Aizawa-kun,” All Might-sensei said with an awkward cough after taking one look at the falling smile and glazed over look coming over Shinsou’s face. In an instant, he had Shinsou’s eyes on him and he smiled awkwardly. “When we were younger. Aizawa-kun was just starting out as a hero.”

            “Oh yeah,” Aizawa-sensei said blandly, Shinsou’s eyes snapping to him. “You lost that fight.”

            All Might-sensei laughed, choking slightly. Midoriya looked between them with a look of awe. “I didn’t know what I was getting into.”

            “What? I don’t remember this,” Yamda-sensei said, raising an eyebrow at Aizawa-sensei who shrugged.

            “Miss Joke dared me too,” Aizawa-sensei said with a shrug. All of them stared at him for a moment and he sighed. “Our agency was working with him and the three of us were in the training room. She wanted to see us duke it out and offered to pay my rent if I won.”

            Yamada-sensei burst out laughing and Shinsou smiled. Midoriya’s eyes were massive, looking between All Might-sensei and Aizawa-sensei. The gears were smoking in his brain, trying to imagine what that fight might have been like.

            “I didn’t know about the bet until afterwards. I didn’t actually know what Aizawa-kun’s quirk was,” All Might-sensei said, smiling sheepishly. “I agreed to the sparing match without thinking.”

            “You didn’t know?” Aizawa-sensei snorted, grinning manically at All Might-sensei. “No wonder you lost so badly.”

            “Oh, please tell,” Yamada-sensei said, laughing fondly at Midoriya nodding rapidly from All Might-sensei’s side.

            “Oh, well—“All Might-sensei laughed lightly, shaking his head. “I didn’t even get a chance before my quirk was erased and Aizawa-kun had me wrapped up in his capture weapon. I was hanging from the ceiling before I really knew what was going on.”

            “It was pitiful,” Aizawa-sensei snorted, shaking his head. “The all-powerful Symbol of Peace taken out in less than a minute.”

            “I don’t think I could have done better even if I did know,” All Might-sensei said, glancing at Shinsou. “Uh—“

            “Kaachan once threw me into a lake!” Midoriya said quickly, trying to smile when Shinsou’s eyes snapped to him. The teachers all looked horrified, all of them looked vaguely horrified although only one of them was any good at hiding it. “Well—he meant to, but it was to help me!”

            Shinsou smiled as Midoriya rambled incoherently for a moment before getting back on track. What a damn nerd. He liked this kid. Minus probably freaking him out and making him cry, he was handling this entire situation pretty well. “We were playing in the park and Kaachan hadn’t gotten his quirk yet but some of the other kids had. One of them could breathe fire! And, well, he couldn’t control it really well? And we were playing near the park’s lake and he started to hiccup and spat fire every time he did! And I happened to be in the way once and my shirt caught fire so Kaachan grabbed me and threw me into the lake. It was really impressive! He could lift me and everything! Oh, and the lake wasn’t very deep…I could stand and I wasn’t hurt. Just wet…”

            Shinsou managed a weak chuckle when their teachers only stared at Midoriya. He found himself sitting up and rocking back and forth. Yamada-sensei rested a hand on his back while Aizawa-sensei shook his head, Midoriya laughing awkwardly.

            Shinsou smiled and there was silence for a moment. They all watched him, waiting. Waiting for him to lapse back into his attack. He didn’t, just kept rocking, glancing around the room and staring at them for a few moments before looking away again.

            Yamada-sensei waved at Aizawa-sensei who stood and quickly shuffled off. He was probably getting the white board. He wouldn’t be talking until tomorrow. How late was it anyway? Probably late. At least tomorrow was their day off. He’d actually get sleep tonight too.

            “Shinsou-kun?” Midoriya said softly, shuffling closer. “Are you okay?”

            Shinsou nodded and smiled at Midoriya. “Hitoshi,” Yamada-sensei said softly, leaning forward and smiling at him when he looked over. “Do you want to tell Midoriya, or would you rather I say it?”

            Shinsou stared at Yamada-sensei for a long moment and almost went boneless again. Hard questions were a no go and Yamada-sensei was ready for it, his hand firm and warm against his back. He did like explaining what he wanted to new people, but he didn’t have the energy right then. He would tell Midoriya everything later anyway and he wanted to reassure him. So he nodded once.

            Yamada-sensei smiled at him before looking at Midoriya. “He’s alright. This happens from time to time. He has a panic disorder.”

            Shinsou found himself watching All Might-sensei instead of Midoriya’s widening eyes. All Might-sensei caught his stare and smiled softly back. It wasn’t sympathetic or even empathetic. It was tired. It was understanding. It made him feel a little better.

            “When he panics too much, he either shuts down or starts to hallucinate, sometimes both,” Yamada-sensei said softly, rubbing Shinsou’s back. “And it can happen at complete random or over nothing.”

            “Oh,” Midoriya said softly, frowning at the ground then at Shinsou’s left hand. “Is that why he was…”

            “Yes,” Yamada-sensei said quickly, grabbing Shinsou’s hand before he could even think of looking down. He usually did that when he stared to stare at it. “He was probably trying to pull it off.”

            Midoriya flinched and All Might-sensei looked ill for only a moment before sighing. “Pull it off?” Midoriya whispered before shuffling closer and plastering a bright smile on his face. “But you’re okay now?”

            Shinsou could appreciate Midoriya acting like he was actually there. Sometimes foster homes explained it like he wasn’t there at all. Smiling, he nodded before looking up at the sound of Aizawa-sensei’s feet. He was usually quieter than that, but it was for Shinsou’s benefit. He couldn’t be startled either.

            Without saying a word, he set the white board, a marker, and the eraser down beside him before sitting on his other side. He also pulled a small tissue box out from under his arm along with a water bottle. Shinsou ignored all of them. Both All Might-sensei and Midoriya looked like they wanted to say something about it, but thought better of it.

            Instead, they sat in silence for a few moments. Shinsou’s head was blissfully empty. There were no extra voices or even a thought to be had. Just empty fuzz. He was tired. He felt safe. He felt secure in knowing that neither All Might-sensei nor Midoriya seemed willing to abandon him because of this.

            Attacks and episodes fucking sucked but the peace that came after them sure was relieving.

            “Hitoshi,” Yamada-sensei said softly after a moment. “Do you want to stay with us tonight?”

            The teacher’s room in the dorms fit all three of them. Normally it would only hold two, but since Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei were married it was currently accommodating three plus two cats. Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei shared a room while All Might-sensei had his own. Despite that, there were a few nights that Shinsou just slept on their couch. He got some of his best sleep on that couch.

            He nodded and Yamada-sensei smiled and nodded back. They lapsed back into silence for a moment before All Might-sensei awkwardly cleared his throat. “Would it be best to move into there?”

            Shinsou didn’t see Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei share glances, but he knew they did. He just shook his head. “He probably can’t walk yet,” Aizawa-sensei said casually.

            “And carrying him is a bad idea,” Yamada-sensei said quickly with a chuckle when All Might-sensei opened his mouth.

            “Can’t walk?” Midoriya said with a worried frown.

            Aizawa-sensei opened his mouth but Shinsou found himself scooping up the white board and he stopped himself.

            Shinsou’s handwriting looked fucking awful. The lines were shaky and the pen was red so he couldn’t help but think the letters looked like a dying person drew them with their blood. He also couldn’t help but be amused by that thought and remember the last time he had an attack and told Yamada-sensei and Aizawa-sensei that exact thing leading him to believe that just maybe that was why Aizawa-sensei chose the red marker.

            My legs won’t hold my weight for a while. They’re like over cooked noodles. They’re the last thing that kicks back into gear after an attack. He wrote before turning the board for All Might-sensei and Midoriya to read.

            “Oh,” Midoriya said, relaxing slightly. “As long as you’re alright!”

            Shinsou blinked at him before smiling and snatching up the eraser. Why are you such a pure cinnamon bun?

            Only Yamada-sensei and Midoriya got the joke when he finished writing. He grinned proudly as Aizawa-sensei and All Might-sensei stared at him blankly before shrugging it off.

            As Yamada-sensei explained the meme to them, Shinsou yawned and sighed. He did want to go to bed. He felt better now and it was unlikely that he would drop back into the attack now. Setting the white board down, he glared at his legs, poking at his knee. He could vaguely feel the pokes. They always felt numb just like his thumb still hurt. It was all very familiar and made him feel like he was floating in jell-o all the same.

            “Shinsou-kun?” Midoriya said softly and his head snapped up. “Do you want to stand?”

            They stopped Yamada-sensei in his tracks. Shinsou felt the adults’ eyes on him as he nodded. He looked at Yamada-sensei and held up his hand, fingers balled into a fist, thumb over his knuckles.

            “S,” Yamada-sensei said cheerfully, eyes bright. He’d been teaching him American Sign Language slowly. He had a hard time holding onto words of any form, sign or spoken during or after an attack, but it was still useful for when Yamada-sensei didn’t have his hearing aids in around the house.

            Shinsou kept his middle to pinky fingers folded and raised his pointer and thumb in the shape of an L.


            He held up his palm, his fingers bent at the first knuckle.


            He pulled his hand into a fist then did the same sign again.


            He folded all of his fingers put his pointer, pointing at the ground. He pressed his thumb against his finger.

            “P! Sleep? You want to go to bed?”

            Shinsou nodded his fist and Yamada-sensei smiled brilliantly at him. He was way too happy. It was nice.

            “Alright!” Yamada-sensei said in English before pushing himself to his feet. “Shouta?”

            Aizawa-sensei nodded and stood as well. They got Shinsou’s arms over their shoulders and hauled him to his feet fairly effortlessly. Midoriya scrambled to his feet while All Might-sensei gathered up the white board, tissues, and water.

            Although his guardians were holding all of his weight, his feet were secure against the ground. For a brief second, they all thought he might be able to hold his weight. That was dashed the instant they put any of his weight on his legs and his knees instantly gave out.

            He huffed a sigh as they easily caught him and held him up again. “Want to sit down again?” Aizawa-sensei muttered, Midoriya an All Might-sensei watching with worried frowns.

            Shinsou shook his head and gently tug on their shoulders a bit. Hesitantly and with shared glances, they put a little weight on his legs again. His knees gave but then, after a moment, got back under him and held him up shakily.

            It was a slow walk from the common room to the teacher’s apartment. All Might-sensei rushed ahead of them to open the door. Midoriya hesitantly followed after them, frowning worriedly.

            “Midoriya,” Aizawa-sensei said sternly, looking back at Midoriya and finally looking tired now that his adopted son was walking mostly on his own. “Go to bed. He’ll be able to talk tomorrow.”

            Midoriya hesitated but when Shinsou smiled back at him and gave an awkward wave over Yamada-sensei’s shoulder, he nodded and headed toward his room, glancing back at them until he disappeared around the corner.

            “He’s a good friend,” Yamada-sensei said cheerfully as they got Shinsou over the threshold of the apartment, All Might-sensei holding his arms out when it was a tight squeeze to get all three of them through the door at once. “I approve!”

            Shinsou and Aizawa-sensei snorted and rolled their eyes. Yamada-sensei just grinned at them as All Might-sensei grinned.

            They got him over to the couch and gently dropped him onto the cushions. Shinsou puffed a sighed and smiled tiredly up at the three of them. The water, tissues, and board were resting on the coffee table.

            “You know what it was this time?” Aizawa-sensei said, sitting on the arm of the couch.

            Shinsou shook his head and Aizawa-sensei nodded. They sat for a moment before Yamada-sensei yawned and stretched dramatically.

            “Welp! Time for bed! Let’s go, Yagi,” Yamada-sensei said, almost pushing All Might-sensei from the room.

            “Oh…uh…alright?” All Might-sensei chuckled, waving at them before looking at Yamada-sensei. “Ah, American Sign Language?”

            “I learned sign in America!” Yamada-sensei said cheerfully before they disappeared down the hallway in the bathroom.

            Shinsou smiled after them before looking up at Aizawa-sensei who was staring down at him. “You were doing pretty okay.”

            Shinsou nodded. Aizawa-sensei didn’t say anything for a moment. “This was the first bad one for a while.”

            Shinsou nodded again, nearly jumping when a heavy hand landed in his hair. “I’m proud of you, Hitoshi. You’ve grown up a lot.”

            Aizawa-sensei smiled down at him, but it wasn’t that weird crooked thing. It was a bright, warm thing. Something like what Yamada-sensei got sometimes. It was that fond thing he only saw on his guardian’s face when Yamada-sensei did something, stupid random things.

            Shinsou sniffed and normally, he wouldn’t fall prey to his desire to cry in happiness. But he was tired and emotionally drained and well. He accepted the tissue Aizawa-sensei offered him and waved off his concerned look. Just as rare as that smile were moment where Shinsou really felt like he was Aizawa-sensei’s son.

            He blew his nose, cleaned away the snot, wiped his eyes, and then pointed at himself. Aizawa-sensei nodded and held out his pointer finger and his middle finger, pressing his thumb in the junction between them. He pressed the back of his pointer under his chin and slid it out in front of him.

            Aizawa-sensei relaxed and nodded. He patted his head and gave him his crooked smile. “Going to be alright to sleep?”

            Shinsou nodded and Aizawa-sensei sighed and stood up. “Alright. Good night, kid.”

            Shinsou waved and watched him disappear into his and Yamada-sensei’s room. After a moment of listening to the water run in the bathroom, Hanna burst out from All Might-sensei’s room and ran up to him.

            Smiling, he picked her up and laid down. She was a ridiculously soft long hair cat. She was just the sweetest thing, rubbing her head all over his as he pulled the throw blanket from the back of the couch and resituated the pillow Aizawa-sensei left on the couch for when he slept there.

            Hanna settled down instantly as Shinsou settled down. The instant he closed his eyes, he was falling asleep. Tomorrow he’d have to talk to Midoriya and maybe even All Might-sensei, but that was alright.

            Tomorrow, she would be back and his peace would be over. Tomorrow he could sleep in and do some homework. Tomorrow he could stay in the teacher’s apartment and learn some more American Sign Language and maybe just talk and listen to his guardians (and possible third guardian? He really needed to talk to them about that) tell stories or banter. Tomorrow would be okay.