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Rain and tea

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There's nothing more calming then the sound of rain. Well, unless you have fuzzy socks and a mug full of hot tea. Wylans personal favorite kind of weather was the rain, for that reason. The rain makes an excuse to be lazy for one day and just curl into a ball of fuzz while sipping on tea.
Recently, Wylan discovered a new calming activity that must happen while it's raining. Cuddling. This discovery happened because of Jesper.
Wylan was curled up like a cat under his fuzziest blanket, sitting up every now and then to sip his tea. Until Jesper sauntered in and threw himself into the bed, landing face down and making Wylan almost spill his tea.Wylan looked down at his boyfriend, confused, but curling back up when he was done sipping.
Jesper peeked at his boyfriend and decided that Wylan was too cute and needed to be hugged. Wrapping his arms around his cat-like boyfriend, Jesper realised it was raining and the rhythm of the rain was almost too calming. He decided a nap couldn't hurt.
Wylan, who was now constrained and could no longer sit up to drink his tea, found that he was fine with this change. He was even warmer with his sleeping boyfriend pressed against his back. He listened to the rain and Jespers breathing, until his breathing evened out as well.
The rain sloed to a fizzle but neither boy heard or cared. They were happy to just sleep in each other's warmth.