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「Various Anime Boys Seven Minutes in Heaven」

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    The room was overcrowded, the only thing heard was chatter and arguing going on among the crowd. The group of males was too busy talking to each other which caused them to fail to notice the group of nervous and shy females sitting in the back. They were all brought together by some mysterious force, a force that was soon to be revealed.

    "Alright!" a pink haired guy jumped up and shouted. "Does anyone know why the hell we're here? No? Really? If I don't start getting answers soon, I'm going to make this place extra crispy."

    "Shut up, Natsu," a dark haired boy commented from farther away. "You're such an idiot."

    "You wanna fight, Gray?" Natsu challenged.

    On the other side of the room, another guy spoke up. He was sitting in an odd position with his legs pulled up to his chest.

    "I think I may have to agree with the annoying one under these circumstances," he said, his voice slow and careful. "This is a rather odd situation that we've found ourselves in so I believe it is in our best interests to find out just who brought us here in the first place."

    "How do you propose we do that, L?" a brown haired guy said to him. The brown haired guy seemed to have a kind face, but his eyes held a certain gleam to them- an almost murderous look. He looked at everyone else almost as if he was picking out his next victim.

    "Interview the others. Do you agree, Light?"

    "Hold up a second!" another guy shouted. He definitely looked different from the rest with his long, blonde hair tied into a braid and a mechanical arm and leg that replaced his lack of real limbs. "We don't have any idea why we're here either, don't try to take over and interview us!"

    "Ed's right!" a suit of armor called out. For his size, you'd think he'd be more menacing but his voice was a child's.

    "So you propose we just let our confusion continue until this breaks into utter chaos?" L asked.

    "This is already pretty chaotic if you haven't noticed," Gray said.

    More argument broke out among the guys, it was only a miracle that no one got too physical. Finally bored with their arguing, the mysterious force decided to unveil herself.

    "You guys have been here for less than twenty minutes and all you've done was argue," a girl said. She had appeared in the middle of the room out of nowhere, shocking all of the fighting guys into silence. She looked even odder than most of the people there with her short, purple hair.

    "Who are you now?" one guy asked a little rudely.

    "Oh, come on Maou," the purple haired girl said. "You may be Satan but I know you still have a nice side."

    His look of confusion was soon replaced by one of astonishment.

    "How do you know that?"

    "Because I'm the one who brought you all here in the first place," the girl replied like it was obvious.

    A thousand questions started being launched at her at once by everyone in the room. Ignoring them, she waited until the noise started to die down.

    "I'll start from the beginning. My name is Fate, and I brought you all here so we can all play a little game."

    "I don't want to play another game against my will. Find someone else," a guy standing in the corner told her.

    "Sorry, Kirito," Fate replied. "But this for the best. The seventeen of you were destined to meet at some point like this. The one that was most bound to happen was that all of you would be killed. I didn't want to see all of my favorite guys die like that so I changed your fates so that you'll meet like this."

    "Is that even possible?" another guy asked.

    "Of course it is, Rin. I am Fate after all."

    "So what do we have to do?" a guy with black hair with three white stripes in it asked.

    "Ah, thank you, Kid, for asking! You just need to play a little game with those girls sitting in the back. According to my sources, they're all your biggest fans. Don't you want to give them the honor of playing a game with you?"

    Fate motioned to the girls sitting in the back. When everyone else looked back there, the first thing they saw was a blonde haired boy flirting and trying to seduce them, leaving many of them looking nervous.

    "Tamaki, stop being creepy!" Fate told him.

    "I'm creepy?!" he exclaimed before sniveling to himself as he sat in a corner.

    "Hahaha! He's so defensive," Edward chuckled.

    "Look who's talking, shorty," Fate said.

    "I'M NOT SHORT!" he exploded before sitting in the corner next to Tamaki.

    "Now that that's out of the way, I'll continue on," Fate said. "Anyway, the game you'll be playing with the girls is Seven Minutes in Heaven. Keep it PG-13 though, almost none of you are legal yet. But as long as it's PG-13, anything goes."

    "This is so not cool," a white-haired guy muttered.

    "Oh really, Soul? I think it's cool, and what I say goes. You don't have to do it if you don't think you're cool enough," she challenged.

    "Heh, I'm the coolest one in this room. I'll prove it."

    "Any questions?" Fate asked.

    Silence immersed the room for a while, no one daring to speak up. At last, someone finally did. The suit of armor, Al, was the only one who dared to ask.

    "S-so we'll be stuck in a room with a girl?" he asked, blushing.

    "Yup," Fate answered. "For seven minutes."

    "This sounds like fun," another dark haired guy said in a creepy way.

    "You're just as creepy as Tamaki, Yato," Fate told him.

    The blond-haired boy standing next to Yato smiled after Fate said that to him, making it the first smile that had appeared on the boy's face all night.

    "I think I'm starting to like her," he said quietly.

    "And Yukine, you're just so adorable!" Fate cooed as she pinched his cheeks.

    Pulling away from the purple haired girl, Yukine muttered a quick, "Never mind."

    Fate turned her head and noticed another person with purple hair like herself. He was too busy staring at his laptop screen to notice that she was looking at him.

    "Urushihara- or should I call you Lucifer? Anyway, I may like your hair but that doesn't mean you can ignore me," she told him. Several moments of silence went by until he looked up, completely unaware that he was being spoken to.

    "Huh?" he asked.

    "Okay, no more laptop for you," Fate said as she closed his laptop despite his complaints. "To everyone else, you guys understand what will be done after I leave, right?"

    Everyone nodded their head except for one boy who dared to speak out.

    "I don't particularly care for this 'game'. Sebastian, take me home. I'm awfully tired from conversing with these people," the boy said to his butler.

    "I'm sorry, young master," Sebastian said. "I'm afraid that this isn't something that we can so easily escape. We must play the game as said, only then will we be allowed to go home."

    "Exactly!" Fate chirped. "Now that you all understand, I'll be going now."

    She crossed over to the center of the room and looked at everyone one last time. Before she left, she had one last thing to say.

    "Oh, and Gray? Your clothes are missing."

    "Dammit!" Gray screamed after he looked down to see himself in only his underwear.

    Let the games begin.

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    “There’s been enough chit chat going on, I say it’s time to start this game. With me being the magnificent host, this game couldn’t get any better,” Tamaki proclaimed.

    Unsure mutters went around the room, about both the game itself and questioning whether or not Tamaki should be the host.

    “Who made you the host?” Gray asked gruffly, his arms crossed over his chest.

    “Why, Fate did,” he answered. “Plus, I was born to be a host!”

    More unsure muttering went around after his last sentence. Finally deciding that it was time to get things under control and start the game, Tamaki made a subtle cough to once again get everyone’s attention.

    “Did everyone place a belonging of theirs in the bag?” Tamaki asked the guys. He was answered by a wave of nods going throughout the room. “Perfect! Now we just need one of the many lovely ladies to choose.”

    You were sitting in the back of the room with most of the other girls. Unlike the majority of the girls, you weren’t afraid or nervous. Tamaki saw that in you and that’s exactly why he chose you. He extended his hand out to you and said, “You’re up first, my dear.”

    Rolling your eyes at his words, you ignored his extended hand and stood up yourself. You walked slowly over to the bag that held one item belonging to each boy. Closing your eyes, you reached your hand into the bag. Your hand touched a cold, thin item. You wrapped your hand around it and pulled it out. When you opened your hand you saw that the item you pulled out was a screw. You held it up in the air for the others to see.

    “Brother, isn’t that yours?” Al asked Ed who was sitting next to him.

    “You’re right, I guess I’m up first,” he said, not at all displeased with the circumstances.

    Tamaki led the both of you to a small closet at the far end of the room. Before he closed the door, he said, “Have fun you two. Make sure you treat our guest right.”

    He then closed the door and seconds later you heard a faint click on the other end.

    “So, we’re alone for seven minutes, right?” Edward asked, not seeming shy about the idea. He started talking more but you turned away from him and walked towards the door when he wasn’t paying attention. You tried the doorknob and was surprised when you realized that Tamaki really did lock you both in the closet. Your attempts to open the door snapped Ed out of his babbling and he looked shocked to see you by the door.

    “You’re trying to leave?!” he asked, stunned.

    “Yeah, sorry. I don’t like short guys,” you said with a shrug.

    “I’M NOT SHORT!” he exclaimed.

    “Ow,” you said as you covered your ears. “You may be short but you sure do have a big mouth.”

    “That’s it!” he screamed as he shook his fist menacingly at you.

    “What are you going to do? Hit me? You can’t even reach my face.”

    “Wanna bet?” he asked in a rage-filled voice.

    You knew you probably shouldn’t keep egging him on but it was too fun to stop. You’ve never seen someone who took offense so easily and it was entertaining. Too bad he was smarter than he looked.

    With his fist still raised, he slowly approached you, the look of rage growing on his face. You backed up with each step that he got closer to you until, finally, your back hit the wall. You suddenly grew worried that you took this too far, that you broke every wall of his that was holding back his anger. You gulped nervously when he was standing right in front of you, his fist still raised. Before you could do anything, he slammed his fist into the wall next to your head right before kissing you. You were so shocked by his unexpected action that you didn’t fight at all. Forgetting about everything you said earlier, you kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. With there being not much time left, the two of you were only able to kiss briefly before Tamaki opened the door.

    Edward pulled away and started walking towards the door, leaving you standing there in shock, still wondering what had just happened. Once Ed was at the doorway, he turned around to you and said with a grin, “I can’t be that short. After all, I was able to reach your face.”

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    “Because the first round went over so well, we just have to continue on with the game!” Tamaki exclaimed.

    Most of the others weren’t as excited as Tamaki was about the game, but no one bothered to complain about it.

    “Now who to choose, who to choose… It’s so hard to pick between so many lovely ladies! My heart just breaks to make a choice!”

    “Just choose someone already, I’m already bored enough as it is,” Ciel complained.

    “Alright, alright! I’ll choose you, my dear,” Tamaki said as he pointed to you.

    You stood up a bit shakily and tried to push your nervousness aside. You didn’t want anyone to see how nervous you truly were, your only solution was to act tough and you planned to do exactly that.

    You approached the table that held the bag with everyone’s items placed inside. You reached your hand into the bag and pulled out the first item you felt. You opened your hand to reveal a hair clip. You raised it up for everyone else to see but after a few moments, no one claimed it as their own. You started to worry until you noticed a sleeping boy in the back of the room.

    “Is it his?” you asked to no one in particular as you pointed at the sleeping boy. One of the other guys who was sitting close to the sleeping one hit him over the head to get his attention. His muffled yelp of pain and the confused look on his face told everyone that he was finally awake.

    “Is that hair clip yours?” Tamaki asked him.

    “Hmm? Yeah, it is. Why?” he asked groggily.

    “Why, it’s your turn in the game! Right this way you two!” Tamaki exclaimed as he led both you and Rin into the closet. After the two of you stepped inside, Tamaki closed the door shut after saying a quick, “Have fun!”

    Once the door was closed, Rin leaned back against the wall and shut his eyes. What annoyed you the most was that he looked about ready to fall asleep.

    “Are you going to stay like that the whole time?” you asked, not trying to hide your annoyance.

    Rin opened an eye briefly to glance at you but closed it soon after. He didn’t seem phased at all under the current circumstances.

    “Probably,” he answered. “Considering that I don’t even know what we’re supposed to do.”

    You assumed that he was joking, he couldn’t be that clueless. Right? But after a few moments went by and he stayed in the same position that he was, it dawned on you that he was in fact utterly clueless.

    “Seriously?” you asked. “Weren’t you paying any attention when Fate was explaining everything?”

    “I may have dozed off towards the end.” He shrugged.

    “Well, in order for us to leave we all need to play seven minutes in heaven. It’s our turn right now.”

    “Seven minutes in heaven?” he repeated.

    “Yes, you idiot. It’s when two people are in a small room together for seven minutes so they can do whatever they want.”

    “Really? You should’ve just said so.”

    Before you knew it, the demon boy was standing right in front of you. His bright blue eyes stared intensely into yours. Slowly, he brought his face closer to yours.

    “W-wait a second,” you stuttered. “I didn’t-”

    He cut you off by bringing his lips to yours. You froze as he began to move his lips against yours but you soon returned the movements. You dug your fingers in his dark blue locks of hair as he pushed you back until your back hit the wall. His hands moved from your face, then to your arms, and were about to move to your hips just when the door opened up to reveal Tamaki.

    Your faces burned red as you realized what had just happened. You looked up to see Rin grinning like the idiot he is. You slapped him across the face to watch his stupid grin disappear.

    “What was that for?!” he screamed as he rubbed his red cheek.

    “For that stupid grin of yours,” you told him as you turned your back to him and walked out of the room. You needed to turn away. If you didn’t, he would be able to see that smile of yours that you’ve tried so desperately to hide from the moment he kissed you.

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    “This game has already gotten so exciting, we just have to continue!” Tamaki exclaimed. He spun around the room with such enthusiasm that it made everyone wonder if he also had a part to play with Fate organizing everyone here.

    “It’s not like we have much of a choice,” Kirito muttered from the back of the room.

    “Oh, never mind that! It’s your turn, my dear!” Tamaki said as grabbed your hand.

    Your heart began to beat faster as you noticed everyone’s eyes were on you. Keeping your head low, you let Tamaki guide you over to the table in the center of the room. You reached inside the bag of objects and pulled out a necklace with a charm that resembled a sword. You held it up with a shaky arm for the others to see.

    “Hey, Gray. That’s yours, right?” Natsu asked the black haired boy sitting next to him.

    “Seems like it,” he replied as he stood up.

    While Tamaki led the both of you to the closet, you couldn’t help but shake. Your nervousness was getting the best of you and you weren’t able to control it. It only got worse once Tamaki locked both you and Gray in the dark closet.

    “Have fun you two! I’ll be back in seven minutes so enjoy yourselves,” Tamaki said in a sing-song voice.

    You stayed at the far end of the closet while Gray stood by the door. You were able to calm down enough to the point where your breathing sounded normal. As long as nothing happened, you’d be fine.

    “Are you calm now?” Gray asked from his place by the door.

    “W-what?” you asked, your heartbeat starting to quicken again.

    “I could tell you were nervous, you sounded like you were ready to hyperventilate. You sound calmer now- at least you used to.”

    “Uh, y-yeah. I’m better,” you stuttered.

    “Good. I don’t think that creepy guy out there will let us out until we do something.”

    “Who are you calling creepy?!” Tamaki shouted from outside the door. “I don’t hear anything happening in there!”

    “My point exactly,” Gray said. “We’re going to have to do something if we want to be let out. Are you okay with that?”

    “Oh, um, s-sure,” you stuttered as you blushed.


    In only a second, Gray launched himself away from the door and over to you. Before you could say anything, he pressed his lips against yours. You weren’t expecting the kiss and you froze for quite some time until Gray started moving his lips against yours. After finally realizing what was going on, you began to move your lips like he was.

    Soon, the kissing began to get more intense. He kissed you more intensely as his hands slid up and down your sides. His lips began to travel from your lips, then to your jaw and had reached your neck. Only a few seconds after his lips reached your neck did Tamaki open the door and gasped at what he saw.

    “Why are your clothes missing?! And you call me creepy?! You’re just a pervert, you shouldn’t taint that innocent young lady with your perverted ways!”

    You pulled away from Gray and noticed that his clothes were in fact missing. All he was wearing was his underwear. You had no idea how he managed to undress when the both of you were kissing, but the thought alone made you blush severely. You took a quick look at Gray to see that his face was as red as yours.

    “You don’t understand,” Gray said. “I wasn’t trying to-”

    “I don’t want to hear it! When I said ‘enjoy yourselves’ I didn’t mean for this to happen!” Tamaki turned to you and held your hand to his chest. “Come on, my dear. Let’s get you away from this pervert.”

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    “This game has already been so entertaining and fun! If you ignore what happened last round, that is,” Tamaki said as he shot a glare towards Gray.

    “I already told you, you idiot. Nothing happened back there,” Gray said angrily.

    “I don’t want to hear your words, you creepy streaker!” Before the black haired boy could reply, Tamaki turned his attention to you. “Come here, my lovely. It’s your turn now.”

    He grasped your hand and pulled you to your feet in a gentle manner. You didn’t protest as he led you over to the table in the center of the room. Carefully, you reached your hand inside the bag full of items and pulled out a fresh rose. The rose was in perfect shape despite the fact that it was trapped in the bag with several other items.

    Once Tamaki saw the rose in your hand, he got down on his knees and proclaimed, “Fate must really have her magic working tonight! For it was, in fact, Fate that made it so that a beautiful lady like you ended up with a handsome gentleman like me!”

    “I’m guessing this rose is yours then?” you asked him, a bit shocked by all his theatrics.

    “Indeed it is, my love,” he replied. Without a second thought, he stood up and led you over to the closet. Before closing the door after the two of you were inside, he called to the others and said, “Someone come get us when our time is up. Oh, what a dreadful moment that will be!”

    After another round of this theatrics were over, he closed the door leaving the two of you in the darkness. You backed up a little, not expecting the small space  to get as dark as it was. You weren’t able to see anything around you. You jumped a little as you felt Tamaki’s hand in yours.

    “What’s wrong, beautiful? Are you scared of the dark?” he asked you as he held both of your hands in his own.

    “Kind of,” you admitted shyly. You weren’t normally the one to so easily admit your fears to others, but you felt more at ease around Tamaki then you usually did around others.

    “It’s alright. I won’t let anything happen to you,” he whispered in your ear.

    Slowly, he placed a kiss on your cheek causing your face to heat up in a blush almost instantly. His hands let go of yours and moved up to your face. He cupped your face with his hands and stared into your eyes.

    “Tamaki…” You didn’t know what else to say. Sure, he could be creepy and a pervert at times, but you were seeing his sweet side at that moment and you loved it. He was a flirt among every girl, but he was sincere with everything he said. Just one of the reasons why you liked him more than any of the other guys sitting in the other room.

    “Are you still scared?” he asked. You could tell he was being sincere, he really was worried about you.

    “Just a little,” you answered as you broke the eye contact with him. Gently, he tilted up your chin so you’d once again have eye contact.

    “There’s no reason to be afraid. After all, good things can happen in a place as dark as this.”

    His lips moved slowly away from your cheek and towards your lips. Your heart began to beat faster, but not from fear. The blush on your cheeks grew deeper as both of your lips connected. The kiss was slow at first and you wanted more. You could tell Tamaki wasn’t going any further because he wanted to continue his role as a gentleman.

    Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pushed him closer to you. Taking the obvious hint, Tamaki softly bit your bottom lip asking for entrance which you eagerly obliged. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and let it travel to explore every inch. Despite what most people would do in that circumstance, Tamaki’s hands never left your face, they didn’t wander to other parts of your body. For that, you felt grateful and relieved that this boy wasn’t like most.

    You wanted to kiss him more, you wanted the kiss to get deeper and deeper, but your time with him was up. The closet door was opened and you and Tamaki broke apart. Like he started earlier, it was a dreadful moment indeed. You blushed, realizing just how far you went with a boy you barely even knew. But you didn’t regret it, not one bit. He didn’t seem to regret it either, a beautiful smile broke out on his face.

    “Would you care to do this again, princess?” he asked you. It was your turn smile.

    “I’d love to.”

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   “Everyone knows what happens now!” Tamaki said in a sing-song voice.

    “We get to leave?” Yukine asked in a bored tone. He was just one of the many guys that weren’t pleased about the current circumstances. Tamaki, on the other hand, felt that this game of romantics fit well with him.

    “Of course not!” Tamaki exclaimed as he broke away from the rest of the guys and flitted towards you. “You’re next, princess.”

    You stood up, blushing slightly at what he called you. You let him lead you to the table where you began to feel nervous for what might happen next. You reached a shaky hand into the bag and pulled out a gold pocket watch. You held it up for the others to see and a short boy with an eye patch over his right eye sighed.

    “I suppose that’s yours, Sebastian?” he asked his butler who was standing next to him.

    “Indeed it is, my young master,” he replied, his face remaining expressionless.

    “Just be fast. I have better things to be doing.”

    “Whatever you wish.” With a final bow, Sebastian left Ciel’s side and walked over to you. Even if only for a butler, he held an air of sophistication that surprised you. Even so, his deep red eyes held something else.

    “My lady,” he said, as he addressed you with a nod. You nodded back at him, not sure what to say in return.

    “Let’s get the two of you in the closet so this game can begin!” Tamaki exclaimed as he led you and Sebastian towards the small closet. Like every other turn, the door behind the two of you, leaving you both in the dark.

    It wasn’t completely dark due to the fact that Sebastian’s abnormally bright red eyes pierced the darkness. You found his eyes locked on yours, an amused smirk tugging on his lips.

    “W-what?” you asked, oblivious to what could possibly be so amusing to him.

    “Forgive me for my rudeness, my lady,” he apologized, redirecting his eyes away from yours. “I’m afraid that I am so busy serving my young master that I’m beginning to appreciate the space and privacy of this game.”

    “That’s nothing worth apologizing for,” you told him quietly. For some reason, even though everything he said was kind, he still seemed intimidating to you for some reason.

    “Perhaps there’s no need to apologize for that, but an apology is in order since I have been wondering how this game will turn out if we play it as it was intended to be played.”

    The smirk returned on Sebastian’s face as your own broke into a deep blush when you realized what he meant.

    Play it as it was intended to be played.

    Your face only grew a deeper shade of red as you tried to imagine touching, hugging, and… kissing Sebastian Michaelis in this closet. You knew you wanted to but you were afraid to, you’ve done nothing like it before.

    But… Sebastian obviously wanted to and you could tell he was a gentleman, you could trust him. This was your one shot to try something of this sorts, you shouldn’t let it go to waste.

    “I was wondering that as well,” you told him, shyly wrapping your arms around yourself.

    “Are you giving me permission to kiss you?” he asked you, his smirk never fading.

    You didn’t think you would be able to utter any words without stuttering so you just nodded in response. Using inhuman speed, he launched himself from across the room to where you were standing. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him before he pressed his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he softly bit your lower lip. Your body went limp in his arms as you let out a muffled moan against his lips. He took that opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. His tongue explored every inch of your mouth as his gloved hands traveled along your back. Before they could wander any lower, Sebastian broke apart from you just before the door to the closet opened.

    You stood there, your face flushed and slightly out of breath while Sebastian seemed as regal as ever. He showed no signs that anything had just happened. He took the liberty the guide you out of the closet since you seemed incapable of moving after the previous events.

    You attempted to return to your seat when you were once again in the room but Sebastian stopped you just before you did. He gave you a low bow, that smirk of his still plastered on his face, and said, “It was a pleasure being of service to you, my lady.”

Chapter Text

    “You guys know what’s next!” Tamaki exclaimed. Already five rounds had gone by but it seemed to be taking ages for most of the guys sitting in the room.

    “Based on your reactions from the previous rounds, my guess is that it’s time for another round to start,” L said, sitting on one of the chairs in his famous position.

    “Right you are!” The rest of the room groaned in annoyance. Hardly any of them were as enthusiastic as Tamaki was about the game. But the game must go on.

    “It’s your turn to shine, beautiful,” Tamaki said as he grabbed your hand and pulled you up from the couch you were sitting on. You were excited that it was finally your turn. Since you found out about the game you were daydreaming who you would be locked in the closet with. Any of the seventeen guys that were there you would love to spend the time with.

    You approached the center of the room and reached your arm inside the bag filled with objects. You grabbed the first object you felt and pulled it out to reveal a black, plastic number eight. You held it up for the rest of the room to see.

    “Heh. Hey, Kid. Looks like it’s your turn,” a guy with white hair and bright red eyes said to the guy sitting next to him. Kid rose from his seat and approached you. You stared at the three white stripes that were on the left side of his hair and wondered why they were there.

    “Okay! Let’s get this round started!” Tamaki said as he led you and Kid towards the closet. The door was closed soon after you stepped inside, leaving you alone in the room with Kid. The two of you were both quiet at first until you finally attempted to break the tension.

    “Um, hi. I’m (F/N),” you said shyly. He didn’t respond at first, he only stared at you. His eyes never left yours even when you lowered your head. With every second that went by you felt yourself growing more and more uncomfortable with the situation at hand.

    He slowly started to approach you, his eyes still never leaving your face. He didn’t stop until his face was only inches from yours. Your heart was beating uncontrollably as you realized just how close you were to him. He lifted his arms and cupped your face in his hands.

    “You’re so….” You blushed, your mind thinking of all the wonderful things he would possibly say next. “You’re so…. Unsymmetrical. It’s disgusting!”

    You jumped back at his harsh words. Out of everything he could’ve said you did not expect that….

    “Just look at your hair! It’s hardly symmetrical!” he exclaimed.

    You looked down at your (H/L), (H/C) and saw nothing out of the ordinary with it. His hair was the one that was unsymmetrical, why was he bothering you?

    “Just so you know, it’s impossible for hair to be cut perfectly symmetrical-” you attempted to tell him, but he cut you off.

    “Oh, really? My hair is cut perfectly symmetrical so therefore it isn’t impossible,” he claimed. You looked at his hair and you had to agree, it seemed like it was symmetrical. All except for the three white stripes on the left side of his hair.

    “Maybe your hair is cut symmetrically but that doesn’t excuse those white stripes on only one side of your head,” you countered.

    He seemed to have lost all the will to argue with you after that. He collapsed to the ground on his hands and knees while clutching his head in his hands.

    “You’re right…. I’m nothing but unsymmetrical garbage. Garbage I say!” he cried, from his position on the floor.

    “Hey, Kid, it’s okay. No one can be perfectly symmetrical. Plus, unsymmetrical things are perfect and beautiful in their own way. You don’t need to get worked up about it.”

    He sat up and looked at you again. He had stopped his rambling so you assumed that what you said must’ve gotten through.

    “You’re right. I guess unsymmetrical things are beautiful as well. I’m not going to give up my symmetrical obsession for unsymmetrical things, but if I ever did, you’d be the first I’d obsess over.”

    He stood up and approached you once again. You feared that it would be a repeat of before but he had a different look in his eyes that time around. Your fears aside, you knew it wouldn’t end the same.

    His arms reached up and he cupped your face in his hands once again. He opened his mouth and you expected him to say something, but instead, he kissed you. Completely shocked by his actions, you stood there stunned as he kissed you. You recovered quickly, not wanting to waste any precious time you had left. You grabbed his hands and intertwined your fingers with his as you kissed him back. The both of you yearned to do more but this round was coming to an end.

    “Time’s up!” Tamaki called as he opened the door.

    The both of you broke apart instantly and you felt dread wash over you. You wished that it could’ve lasted longer but it was in fact only seven minutes and your round was now over. You couldn’t be too sad about it, though. After all, you finally got the chance to do what you’d been waiting all night to do.

    “You should sit with me,” Kid told you. “I’ll give you a thorough lesson on the beauty of symmetry.”

    His wide smirk told you that things would get interesting again. How could you refuse that?

Chapter Text

    “I know you all hate to be kept waiting so let’s continue on with the game!” Tamaki exclaimed, not bothering to hide his excitement.

    By this point, everyone knew that there was no point arguing. No matter what they did, the game would still go on. All they could do was stay quiet and hope that the time went by quickly. At least they were grateful that Tamaki wasn’t dragging the game on any longer than needed.

    Tamaki scanned his eyes over the group of girls until his gaze landed on you. Your heart sped up in excitement as he started walking towards you. Once he was right in front of you, he bowed and said, “I believe it is your turn now, my princess.”

    Barely being able to hold back your smile, you stood up and made your way to the center of the room where the bag full of items laid. You carefully reached your hand inside and pulled out the first thing your hand touched. It was a flat, circular object which was cold to the touch. 

    You pulled it out to reveal a 5 Yen coin. You held it up, waiting for one of the many guys in the room to claim the item.

    With a puff a smoke, a guy with dark blue hair and blue eyes appeared before you. Even while wearing an old navy jersey and a white scarf, he was still very attractive. Before you could react, he took the coin from your hand and flipped in the air.

    “Your wish,” he said before catching the coin and holding it up, “is my command.”

    “Stop bothering the poor girl, Yato. It’s already bad enough she’s stuck with you,” a blonde haired boy called.

    “Shut it, Yukine. She’s blessed have my godly company, isn’t that right?” he said as he turned to you.

    You simply blushed, not knowing what to say. Your fingers fumbled with the hem of your shirt from both nervousness and excitement for what would happen when alone with Yato.

    “Alright, alright. Time for you two to get into the closet,” Tamaki said as he gently led you and Yato to the closet. With a light shove, he pushed the two of you inside before closing the door and locking it.

    You had your back to Yato, once again trying to suppress that smile that kept reappearing. Once you finally had your emotions in control, you turned around to find his face only inches away from yours. You backed up in shock as it was his turn to smile. He moved closer and closer to you as you backed up as far as you could before your back hit the wall. You weren’t scared, though. No, you were loving every second of this.

    “I don’t care what Yukine says,” Yato whispered. “You’d love for me to do what I please to you here, right?”

    That sentence left you speechless. If you weren’t attracted to Yato before, then you definitely were now. Still being unable to form a proper sentence, you nodded your head in excitement and desperation. After getting your consent, he put one hand on your waist while the other cupped your cheek as he pressed his lips against yours. You, being quick to respond, wrapped your arms around his neck and moved your lips in sync with his. He deepened the kiss further, soon having it so that your tongues were eagerly dancing with each other.

    You were experiencing pure ecstasy. The short time with Yato was even better than you ever could’ve imagined. You moved your hands into his hair and pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss even further. Before either of you could do anymore, the door was opened to reveal Tamaki.

    “My, my. You two have certainly made yourselves at home,” he said.

    Ignoring him, you and Yato made your way out of the closet. When standing in the room with everyone else, Yato raised the 5 Yen coin once again to you.

    “For just another payment of 5 Yen we can do this again. But this time, it’ll last a lot longer than just seven minutes.”

    Your heart fluttered in your chest as he gave you a final wink. You sat back down in your seat wishing that you’d find yourself once again with the Yato God.

Chapter Text

       “As always, it's time to continue this magnificent game!” Tamaki cried as everyone else groaned. Many of the players were still not ecstatic about the game, but they realized by now that there was no way getting out of it. They only have to play the game right and then they would be able to leave.

    “Still so many lovely ladies who still have not gone yet. Just who shall I pick?” he mumbled to himself as he scanned over the awaiting girls. His eyes lit up once his gaze locked onto your curious one. “You! With the beauty of a delicate rose, will you please be the next contestant?”

    You nodded shyly and got up from the couch, making your way over to the middle of the room. You carefully stuck your hand into the bag full of objects and felt around. Your fingers locked onto a hard, round object. Curious as to what it was, you pulled it out to see that it was a small candy. You held it up for the boys to see.

    “Hmm. Being the eighth chosen out of seventeen was a little less than my original prediction was, but I was still more or less correct,” L said, getting up from the chair he was sitting- no, squatting- on.

    “I assume this is yours then?” you asked him.

    He plucked the candy from your hand, unwrapped it, and put in his mouth.

    “I’ve gotten up, haven’t I?” he replied calmly. He turned to Tamaki before you could reply. “Can we hurry this up? I don't have time for such childish games.”

    “Of course!” Tamaki said, thrilled that he wasn't the only one who wanted to continue the game. He led you and L to the closet and locked the door once the both of you were inside.

    Once locked inside, L went into his odd sitting position on the floor. Awkward and shy about the current circumstance, you sat down with your legs crossed next to him.

    “You seem to be more intellectual than the people waiting outside, don't let your mind go to waste by sitting like that,” he told you.

    “I don't need to sit like that in order to be just as smart as you,” you replied. He didn't respond verbally, but he did show a small smirk in return.

    “Is L really your name?” you asked him, wanting to break the awkward silence.

    “No,” he answered, not giving any more information.

    “What is your real name then?”

    “That's classified.”

    “So that's it? You can ask questions about others but no one can ask anything about you?” you said, growing frustrated.

    “You’re allowed to ask questions about myself. Just know that you won't receive an answer.”

    You huffed, tired of attempting to make conversation with him. You accepted the impending awkward silence, but was surprised when it was L’s turn to break it.

    “I am curious about one thing,” he said in his usual calm tone. His gaze never left the closet door, seemingly deep in thought.

    “That is?” you asked, still annoyed by your unanswered questions.

    L finally averted his eyes from the door and looked at you. “You look just as sweet as the candy was. If my theory is correct, you’ll taste just as sweet as it.”

    He leaned closer to you, shocking you. Meaning to move backwards, you instead lost your balance and fell onto your back on the ground. L placed his hands on either side of you while hovering above you. He waited to see if you would still try to get away from him. Instead, you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him to you. His lips quickly met yours and soon both of your lips were moving in sync with each other. To your surprise, he moved his lips away from yous and began to slowly kiss your neck. You threw your head back, allowing him to have more room. You tried your hardest to hold back your moans but eventually he was able to get them out of you.

    You wished that moment of sheer pleasure would never end but after what only felt like seconds, the door to the closet opened. L took his time standing up and helped your shocked self back to your feet as well.

    “Well?” you asked. “What’s your conclusion?”

    He showed a faint smile. “There wasn’t enough time to thoroughly investigate. Perhaps later we could test out my theory again?”

    You blushed and a big smile bloomed. You would have quite a fun night hoping to prove L’s theory correct.

Chapter Text

    “It’s time for the next round to begin!” Tamaki proclaimed happily as he danced around the room before coming to a sudden stop. “But alas, for I have heartbreaking news. We’re already halfway through this magnificent game!”

    Sighs of relief washed over the players, all of them finally assured that the game would eventually come to an end. Until then, there were still more rounds to be played.

    Tamaki continued his waltz over to where the girls sat waiting for their turn. He moved past every girl, eyeing each carefully to see who’d be best to go next. He once again stopped his dance short, but this time because he saw you.

    “You! You’re such a beauty, you certainly deserve to go next,” he said in a sing-song voice. You blushed at his kind words as he carefully grabbed your hand and helped you up from your seat.

    He guided you to the center of the room where all eyes were focused on you. You gulped nervously and moved closer to the bag which contained everyone’s belongings. You slowly reached your hand inside and felt around for an item. Your hand came in contact with an item that felt strange. Curiously, you took it out of the bag to reveal an old charm. You nervously held it up for the other players to see.

    With a loud sigh, a boy with blond hair and amber eyes stood up, starting to make his way towards you.

    “Hey! Wait! That’s my good luck charm I bought!” Yato shouted as he got up from his chair as well.

    “Yeah, it’s one of those shitty charms you were tricked into buying,” the blond haired boy replied. “I meant to throw it out, but I left it in my pocket and I used it for this stupid game.”

    “It’s not a shitty charm, Yukine!” Yato shouted angrily. “The lady promised me that it will bring the holder good luck from years to come.”

    “You’re so stupid to believe scams like that.”

    “The luck must be true,” Tamaki butted in. “The luck of that charm is the reason why you were fated to be paired with this beautiful young lady.”

    Yukine looked over at you for the first time, finally remembering that you were still here. You both locked eyes causing him to blush and turn away.

    “Whatever. Let’s get this over with,” he muttered, walking towards the closet.

    Tamaki grabbed your hand once again and led you over to the closet, close behind Yukine. As soon as the two of you were inside the closet, Tamaki shut the door, leaving you both in the dark. Your heart started racing- you didn’t think it was going to be that dark in the closet. You stumbled back until you hit the wall. You slowly slid down it until you were sitting down on the ground, trying to compose yourself. You didn’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of Yukine over something as stupid as a lifelong fear.

    You looked up to find that Yukine was in no better condition than you. His breathing was heavy and he was attempting to open the locked closet door.

    “A-are you afraid of the d-dark too?” you asked him cautiously, cringing every time you stuttered. Even in the darkness you could tell he was blushing. He let go of the door handle to reveal shaking hands. Eventually, he nodded his head, answering your question.

    “Y-you can sit here with m-me if you w-want. Each other’s c-company might h-help us,” you said shyly. You thought he would ignore you, but to your surprise, he didn’t. He slowly moved towards you and sat next to you.

    “Do you m-mind if I h-hugged you…?” you hesitantly asked. “Being c-close with s-someone usually helps me, it might help you too.”

    “O-okay,” he replied, his face turning bright pink once again. He wrapped his arms around you and you leaned your head on his shoulder, trying to force yourself to calm down. After a few moments, both your’s and Yukine’s breathing returned to normal and you both stopped shaking.

    You pulled away from the hug and looked up at him. “Thank you for that…. I guess we both helped each other escape our fear. My name is (F/N) by the way.”

    “Um… Thank you, (F/N). No one has ever been able to help me get over my fear of the dark so easily before. All I was thinking about was that I’d be trapped here in this darkness forever…. When you hugged me all those negative thoughts went away….” he wandered off, another blush appearing on his face.

    “Well, I don’t think we’ll have to worry any longer. Our time in here is almost up,” you reassured him.

    “Before our time ends, c-can I do something?” he asked cautiously, his gaze purposely avoiding yours.

    “Go right ahead,” you smiled, curious as to what he was talking about.

    Quickly, as if afraid he would chicken out, he leaned over and kissed you. It was a quick kiss but it left the two of you speechless. Seconds afterwards, Tamaki opened the door allowing light to flood inside the closet, completely eliminating the darkness.

    You and Yukine stood up and made your way out of the cramped closet. As soon as Yukine stepped out, Yato appeared.

    “Did little Yukine get his first kiss in there? I’m sure you did because I felt all those dirty thoughts you had! How hard is it to be near a girl without thinking sexual thoughts!”

    Both you and Yukine blushed deeply. You turned away from their argument and started making your way back to your seat.

    “Oh, shut up,” Yukine muttered, turning his back to Yato. You turned your head and locked eyes with him. You both smiled and turned away from each other. Your mind started to wander about what happened during the time in the closet. If the darkness was the reason why you and Yukine got close, then maybe the darkness can’t be so bad after all…

Chapter Text

    “Let’s get right to the next round!” Tamaki exclaimed, excited as always for the continuation of the game. The other guys just sat in their spots with their arms crossed, not even caring about the game anymore. As long as it would eventually be over, they were content on how things currently were. They just hoped that Tamaki would prolong it any longer than necessary.

    “Now, which of these lovely ladies is next? It’s just so hard to make a choice,” Tamaki sighed overdramatically.

    “Oh, just choose already!” Natsu grumbled.

    “You can’t just expect me to pick one randomly!”

    “Uh, yeah. It’s not that hard.”

    “Fine!” Tamaki yelled, once again being dramatic by throwing his hands up in the air. He suddenly grabbed your hand since you were the closest to him and brought you to the center of the room before you knew what was going on.

    You looked around at everyone in the room and gulped. Slowly, you reached your hand into the bag and felt around. Every object inside felt solid except for one which felt flimsy as if it was paper. Intrigued, you pulled it out of the bag to reveal that it was, in fact, a crumpled piece of paper.

    There were a few words you could make out on the paper but before you could straighten it out to read more, a hand quickly pulled it out of your grasp. You looked up to see Light standing in front of you bearing such a genuine smile that it looked fake.

    “Thanks for that. I was hoping I’d be getting that back soon,” he said.

    Tamaki led the two of you to the closet and as usual, locked the door once you both were inside. Once the door was closed making it so that no one could see or hear you both, Light shot across from his side of the closet and pinned your hands against the wall behind you. Any traces of the smile he wore once before was gone, his face was now rigid and cold.

    “What exactly did you see on that paper?” he asked, his voice deadly low.

    “N-not much,” you stuttered.

    “Tell me what you saw,” he demanded.

    “Just a couple of names and dates. I don’t know what they mean, though.”

    He took a minute to think, his grip on your hands never wavering. If anything, his grip only got tighter which made you worry. You honestly didn’t know what the big deal was, you barely saw anything on the paper. Maybe the little bits and pieces of words that you saw meant a lot to him. You didn’t want to risk him getting any angrier.

    “I promise I won’t tell anyone,” you said, snapping him out of his thoughts. He looked down at you and smirked.

    “I know you won’t. Just consider this as…. Motivation for you to keep quiet.”

    Before you could ask what he meant by that, he pressed his body up against yours and kissed you. It was far from being a slow and delicate kiss, it was passionate and lustful. You didn’t attempt to resist at all, in fact, you deepened the kiss even further, pushing your body even closer to his. He gently bit your bottom lip causing you to moan and for your legs to go limp, his body being the only support to hold you up.

    You yearned to wrap your arms around his neck and to tangle your fingers in his hair, but your hands were still pinned to the wall by his. Slowly, he slid both of your hands up the wall until they were right above your head. He then took both of your hands in his one as he used his other hand to trail down your back, your body tingling in each spot he touched you. His hand reached to your lower back but before it could go any lower, the door was suddenly opened.

    “You two certainly had fun in here,” Tamaki observed. A faint blush spread across your cheeks as Light looked unphased, stepping away from you to take the time to straighten out the collar of his shirt.

    When you both left the closet, Light stopped you before you could go back to your seat. He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer to him.

    “You’re going to sit with me,” he told you. “You know, just in case you need more motivation.”

    As long as it was Light, you wouldn’t mind the kind of motivation he had in store for you.

Chapter Text

    The tension that suffocated the room since the moment the game began started to lessen as the guys came to realize that there were only a few more rounds left to go before the game came to its end. If anything, they were even more in a rush to get the rounds over with.

    “Now, which of these lovely ladies should be next?” Tamaki asked himself, scanning his eyes over the remaining girls. The other guys sighed, knowing full-well that their time would be wasted even further due to Tamaki’s endless babbling.

    “Oh, why has Fate granted me this torturous role of deciding?” he exclaimed. “No, I must be strong! If I must choose between the many lovely ladies here, you’re definitely my choice,” he said as he extended his hand out to you which you accepted with a smile.

    He led you to the middle of the room where the bag of items awaited. Carefully, you reached your hand into the bag and felt around for an item that caught your interest. You quickly felt an oddly shaped item that was cold to the touch. Curiously, you pulled it out to reveal an old, blue ring.

    “I believe that is yours, young master,” Sebastian said, a slight smirk on his face.

    “I suppose it’s my turn then,” Ciel replied, his voice clearly showing how annoyed he was. He stood up and walked towards you, snatching his ring from your grasp. “Get your grubby fingers off of it. It’s an old ring and now you’ve gotten it all dirty.”

    You looked up at Tamaki pleadingly for a new partner, but he escorted the two of you to the closet and locked the both of you inside before telling you guys to have fun. For some reason, you didn’t think you’d be having too much fun.

    Ciel stood close by the door with his arms crossed and a stern expression plastered on his face. It looked so odd to see that kind of expression on such a young kid.

    “You don’t have to always act so mature, you know. It’s not a crime to be a normal kid for once,” you told him as you leaned against the wall next to him.

    “I would hardly call it an act. Besides, I take no pleasure in behaving like a child. I have more important matters to deal with,” he replied, his stern expression never fading.

    “Like what?” you questioned. “No matter what, you’re going to be stuck here for a little bit and you’re still choosing to act like an adult which, believe it or not, you’re not one; you’re still only a kid.”

    “Do you always take pleasure in stating the obvious?” he asked with a snarky tone of voice.

    “I don’t know, do you always take pleasure in being an obnoxious thirteen-year-old?”

    He glared at you for quite some time before finally averting his eyes, allowing you the victory this time. He stayed quiet for a few moments, thinking of what to say next.

    “Then how do you suppose I should behave?” he asked hesitantly, obviously regretting asking your opinion. You simply shrugged in response.

    “Don’t ask me. I guess you should just act the complete opposite of how you do now. That’d be a good start.”

    He glared at you again and huffed angrily. “This is ridiculous, I knew it would be a waste of my time.”

    “Wait. There is one thing that most boys your age would be thrilled for.”

    “What exactly would that be?”

    In a blink of the eye, you had already leaned down and pressed your lips against his for a quick little kiss. Before he could react, you had already pulled away and was smirking at his reaction. Even in the dark, you could tell he was blushing furiously.

    “W-what-” he started as he was cut off by Tamaki opening the door which only made his blush deepen. You only smiled and walked out of the now open door, heading back to your seat. You giggled softly as you watched Ciel exit the closet, trying to compose himself even when his face was still a deep shade of pink. Sebastian was quickly at his side with a smirk stretched across his face.

    “What’s this? Did the young master get his first kiss?” he asked, his smirk growing even wider.

    “Shut up, Sebastian!” Ciel screamed, his deep blush never fading. You couldn’t help but giggle even more. What you thought earlier turned out to be wrong. After all, you really did have fun spending seven minutes with Ciel Phantomhive.

Chapter Text

    “Last rounds over so it’s time for the next round to begin!” Tamaki exclaimed, his love for the game never fading. Everyone had thought that he would at least begin to tire of having the game played each round, but he was still as enthusiastic as he was in the last round.

    “I’m so late to work,” Maou sighed exasperated.

    “There’s no need to worry about such tedious things, just focus on how much fun we’re all having now!” Tamaki made his way over to the remaining girls and walked past each one, stopping once he got to you. “You! You, my lovely princess, will be going next.”

    He extended his hand out to you which you grabbed gingerly, pulling yourself up from the couch and walking towards the center of the room towards the bag which held the remaining players’ items. You reached your hand inside the bag and felt around, your hand instantly grabbing a long and soft item that felt like cloth. Slowly pulling it out of the bag, you revealed it was a white scarf.

    “Oh, hey! I was waiting to get that back,” a pink-haired boy said with a grin as he walked over to you. You handed his scarf back to him which he immediately wrapped around his neck, his grin spreading even wider once he had the scarf he loved so much back.

    Tamaki quickly led the two of you to the closet, locking the door behind the both of you once you were inside. You stuck close to Natsu, surprised by how dark it was in there. You took a step back and felt your back press into his chest, jumping away in shock by the sudden contact.

    “You okay?” he asked, worried by your jumpy behavior.

    “Oh, yeah. I’m fine. It’s just darker in here than I thought,” you admitted shyly.

    “That’s why? I can take care of that for you.” You turned around to face him and gave him a wary look, wondering how he planned on doing that. He suddenly started to suck in air and you knew what he was planning on doing. Your eyes went wide and you took a step back, fearing your safety in the closet. “Fire dragon-”

    “No!” Everyone from outside of the room shouted, causing Natsu to stop. He looked over at you to see your eyes filled with tears and you trembling body. You were so frightened that he was actually going to burn the whole closet, burning you inside there along with it.

    “I-I was just joking around, I didn’t mean to scare you like that,” he said sincerely. You turned away from him not to be rude, just to have time to brush your tears away. You knew he didn’t mean to scare you, there was no need to cry. You suddenly felt his strong arms hug you from behind in a sweet attempt to comfort you.

    “It’s okay. I’m okay,” you said softly, not wanting to worry him. There was no reason for you to get so worked up in the first place, you only succeeded in worrying him.

    “No, it’s not. I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry-"

    You turned around in his hold so that you were facing him and you smiled at him. “See? I’m all better. I know you were just joking.”

    He stared at you for a couple of seconds and smiled softly himself, obviously happy that you weren’t upset or scared. But instead of letting go of you like you thought, he kept his arms placed around you. You looked up at him and noticed that his eyes had never left your face, causing you to blush slightly.

    Out of nowhere, he hugged you even tighter, pulling you closer to him and kissed you. You felt butterflies spread throughout your body as you kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. He slowly walked you back until your back was firmly placed against the wall. That was when he deepened the kiss, biting your lip which caused you to let out a soft moan. Before the two of you could go any further, the closet door was thrown open by the ever-so-enthusiastic Tamaki.

    You and Natsu broke apart, a deep blush blooming over your face while a grin was spread across his. As he walked you out of the closet, you couldn’t help but think about how he made you feel. It was something no guy had ever made you feel before, it was something special. It was something only Natsu Dragneel was capable of.

Chapter Text

    “It’s finally time for the next round to begin!” Tamaki exclaimed as joyously as ever.

    So many rounds had already gone by leaving only a few girls remaining to be chosen, one of them being yourself. You sat in your spot nervously twiddling your fingers as Tamaki slowly walked past the four other girls, finally stopping once he was in front of you.

    “You! Such beauty like yours deserves to be chosen,” he said as he extended his hand out to you. A faint blush spread across your face as you gently placed your hand in his, allowing him to lead you to the center of the room where the bag of items was located.

    After taking a quick glance at all the people who were in the room, you slowly reached your hand inside the bag, feeling around for any item that would catch your interest. You closed your hand around a long and thin item just before pulling it out, intrigued by what you would fine. As you pulled your hand out of the bag, a pair of earbuds came out as well. When you held them up for the others to see, a guy dressed in all black stood up, letting everyone know that the item belonged to him.

    He may have looked nice, but that didn’t stop you from taking a wary glance at the sword that hung from his back. You were far from being comfortable with being locked in a closet with him for seven minutes when he had a weapon at hand. Apparently, you weren’t the only one with concerns.

    “You’re going to scare the poor girl with that awful weapon! Don’t you know anything about being a gentleman?” Tamaki asked, obvious disdain in his voice.

    “Oh…. I forgot about that. Sorry,” Kirito replied sheepishly as he unsheathed his sword, placing it in the spot where he was sitting.

    Tamaki still didn’t look too pleased with him, but he wouldn’t let that ruin the game he loved so much. Without a care in the world, he led you and Kirito to the closet which he locked once the two of you were inside.

    Kirito stood by the door to the closet while you stayed further back, once again nervous twiddling your fingers. The air was filled with such an awkward tension that you wanted to say something to break it, but you were too scared to.

    “Um, hey,” he said, sparing you from starting the conversation.

    “Hey….” you replied shyly, not knowing what else to say.

    “I’m sorry if I scared you before, I didn’t mean to. I’m just so used to carrying my sword around, I completely forgot about it.” It was hard to see him in the darkness, but you could tell just by the tone of his voice that he was sincere.

    “It’s okay, you didn’t scare me,” you somewhat lied, not wanting him to feel bad.

    You took a step forward meaning to show him that you weren’t afraid, but you ended up tripping, stumbling forward only for him to catch you in his arms. You blushed deeply once you realized how close you now were to him, your face buried in his chest and your arms wrapped around his body for support.

    Shyly, you glanced up at him and blushed even more when you saw the shocked look that was spread across his face. You quickly averted your eyes and attempted to pull away from him, not expecting him to keep the firm grip he had on you which never slackened to your surprise. Looking back up at him in curiosity, you were met with his lips on yours, causing your whole body to freeze in shock.

    He slowly pulled away, his lips hovering only a few inches away from yours. He looked at you carefully trying to see your reaction, trying to figure out whether or not you wanted him to continue. You were still shocked by what just happened but before he could pull away even further, you wrapped your arms around his neck and crushed your lips to his.

    Waves of pleasure coursed through your body when he bit your bottom lip, causing a moan to escape your mouth. He used that opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth to cause even more sparks of passion to ignite.

    His hands that were once supporting your back began to roam lower and lower, soon making their way to your lower back. Before they could move any lower, the door to the closet opened to reveal a very disgusted Tamaki.

    “How dare you try and touch a lady as innocent as her there?! That’s unacceptable!” he exclaimed as overdramatically as usual.

    Both your face and Kirito’s face flamed red in embarrassment once the two of you realized what you both did during your seven minutes alone with each other.  

    “Come here, my dear,” Tamaki said as he took your hand in his and led you out of the closet. “I swear, there are just too many perverts here.”

Chapter Text

    “I know, it’s seemed like ages! But it’s finally time for another round to begin! Aren’t you all so excited?” Tamaki asked everyone, as eager as always.

    Unlike previous rounds, the group of boys didn’t even bother to utter a sound this time. They all just sat in their spots either with their heads down or their arms crossed, just waiting for the game to be over with in silence.

“Now which of you lovely ladies should be next,” Tamaki murmured as he continued to look at the remaining girls like he did every previous round. Suddenly, he stopped in front of you right before he cupped your face with his hands. “You’re perfect for this round! You’ll be next!”

    Without waiting for a reply, he grabbed your hand and helped you up from your seat, escorting you to the center of the room where the bag sat on the table.

    You reached your hand inside the bag and felt the few items that remained inside. You felt a somewhat large, square item inside that peeked your interest. You carefully pulled it out to reveal a game system.

    “Finally, I’ve been waiting to get that back,” a purple-haired boy said as he walked over to you and grabbed his game. Before he could even play it, Tamaki grabbed the game right from his hands.

    “I will not allow this to ruin my game! You will be in the closet for seven minutes with nothing but this lovely young lady’s company,” Tamaki told him sternly.

    “This is so stupid,” he pouted as he crossed his arms.

    Tamaki led you and the boy to the closet, but just before the two of you stepped inside, a voice cut in.

    “Don’t harm the poor girl, Urushihara!” a dark-haired guy shouted.

    “Oh, shut up, will you?” Urushihara shouted back, obviously annoyed before stepping inside the closet. Hesitating for a moment, you followed him inside right before Tamaki closed and locked the door behind you.

    “So…. You’re Urushihara, right?” you asked, trying to break the tension.

    “Yep,” he replied.

    “My name’s (Y/N).”

    He didn’t even bother replying that time. You huffed and crossed your arms angrily. All you wanted was to try and pass the time some way, but he was definitely not making things easy on you.

    “What’s your problem? I’m only trying to be friendly.”

    “Being stuck in here with you is the last thing I want, I just want to be back outside to where my game and laptop are,” he said angrily.

    “Do you really think being stuck in here with an asshole like you is what I want?!” you snapped. He was ready to fire back but a knock on the door stopped him.

    “I hear an awful lot of chit chat going on in here. Until you two play the game as it’s meant to be played, I won’t open this door,” Tamaki told you both.

    “Play the game as it’s meant to be played…? What the hell do you mean by that?” Urushihara asked, obviously confused.

    You knew what Tamaki meant and you were more than willing to do it if it meant getting out of that small closet with Urushihara. Taking a few steps closer to him, he was completely thrown off when you grabbed his face and smashed your lips against his, kissing him for a few seconds as he stood there frozen in place, utterly shocked by what was going on.

    When you finally pulled away, his eyes were wide open while his mouth hung open from the shock he was still experiencing. When Tamaki opened the door and discovered him like that, looks of disgust and worry flashed across his face and you and him tried to help Urushihara out of the closet.

    When Urushihara finally stepped outside with that look still on his face, Maou bursted into a fit of laughter at the worrying state of his roommate.

    “I don’t know how you did it, but you actually broke him,” Maou said through his laughter. He approached his roommate carefully and placed his hand on Urushihara’s shoulder. “What happened in there?”

    “S-she…. She kissed me!”

Chapter Text

    “My heart breaks just from the sliver of thought reminding me that this lovely game is almost to an end. But alas! The game must continue on,” Tamaki said as overdramatically as usual.

    At this point, there were hardly any girls left for Tamaki to choose from, there was only you along with two others. Taking his time to evaluate the difficult decision before him, he stood in front of you and the two others, eyeing each of you.

    “You, my dear!” he exclaimed as he grabbed your hand and pulled you up from the seat. “With a beauty compared to none other, it’s only fitting that you’re up next.”

    You nervously fiddled with your fingers as Tamaki led you to the center of the room. Almost everyone else had already had their turn so there wasn’t much reason for them to pay attention to you, but the few people whose attention was focused on you made you quite nervous.

    Like all the girls before you, you approached the almost empty bag and reached inside it, letting your hand brush over the few objects left inside. A small and fluffy object caught your attention almost instantly. You gently wrapped your hand around it before pulling it out to reveal a plush cat.

    “Oh, dammit, Al,” Ed said angrily. “That thing better not be alive.”

    “Calm down, brother, it’s just a toy. But does this mean I’m next…?” Al asked hesitantly.

    “Why, yes it does!” Tamaki butted in. “Now you’ll be locked in the closet with this lovely young lady over here for seven minutes.”

    A blush suddenly spread across the giant metal armor’s face while his brother grinned. “Go have fun, Al!” Ed cheered as he slapped his brother on the back.

    Both you and Al slowly walked towards the closet, a deep blush blooming on each other’s faces. The second the two of you stepped inside the closet, Tamaki slammed the door shut and locked it, leaving you both in the dark.

    “Um, h-hi,” Al stuttered, attempting to break the awkward silence.

    “Oh, uh, hi,” you replied back nervously, not knowing how you could’ve found yourself in this situation.

    “What’s your name?” he asked quietly.

    “I’m (Y-Y/N),” you stuttered this time.

    Just being around people in general made you a nervous wreck like you were now. But what didn’t help the situation was the fact you liked the sweet boy before you, not that you ever thought for a chance he’d like you back.

    “I guess you’re just as nervous as me, right?” he said, as he slowly inched towards standing next to you. With any other person, you would just have moved away but with Al, you felt comfortable enough for him to get close to you. Now that was a first.

    “Y-yeah,” you stuttered in response again. “But why are you so nervous?”

    “I can sometimes get a little shy around people. It doesn’t help that you’re really pretty and that I think I like you….” he trailed off. That little confession made your eyes go wide in shock, not believing that he felt the same. “Why are you nervous though?” he asked quickly to change the topic.

    Gaining every last bit of courage you had from what he said, you stood on your tippy toes and while holding onto his arm for balance, you kissed his cheek causing another deep blush you bloom across both of your faces.

    “Because I think I like you too,” you whispered, showing off a shy smile.

    Just as you moved away from him to see his reaction, the door swung open to reveal Tamaki once again. Your face along with Al’s was still a deep shade of red which easily told everyone else what had happened during that seven minutes. But neither of you cared that the others knew. All that mattered was that being in the closet with him was the best seven minutes of your life.

Chapter Text

    “It’s time for the next round to begin!” Tamaki exclaimed. “Alas, I’m afraid this is the nearly the last round. But don’t worry! We will get through this pain and we’ll make sure that these next two rounds will be the best!”

    At this point, the other guys in the room looked considerably a lot happier this round compared to the others before because of the knowledge that this game was indeed drawing to an end. Only two more rounds until the finale, now that was something for them to look forward to.

    “Only two more beautiful ladies to choose from…. But even so, the decision is still so hard! But my heart is longing for you, so you it shall be!” he exclaimed once again before grabbing your hand and pulling you to your feet.

    As he did with every girl before you, he lead you to the center of the room to where the bag was located. Reaching your hand inside without any hesitation, your hand immediately touched a smooth and curved item. Curiously, you pulled it out to reveal a black, plastic hairband.

    “It’s about time. If I was chosen last that would’ve looked so uncool,” a white-haired guy mumbled as he stood up and started walking towards you. You handed him his item which he carefully placed back on his head.

    Tamaki quickly led the both of you to the closet without letting any words be passed between the two of you first. Like he did with everyone before, he locked the door behind you guys, leaving you alone in the darkness.

    “I really wish I could’ve been skipped….” you admitted to him once you were alone with him.

    “Then I would’ve been skipped too, that would’ve looked so uncool,” he said as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

    “Yeah, I guess. I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

    “Cool name. I’m Soul.”

    “Yeah, I know,” you told him. “I’m glad we met, just not too happy that it was under these circumstances.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, you know what we’re expected to do in here. Isn’t that a little awkward?”

    “Not for me. How much time do you think we have left in here?”

    “Uh, probably not much time left,” you guessed.

    “Well, I don’t want to be the only guy to walk out of here without doing anything. Just imagine how uncool I’d look.”

    He suddenly started walking closer to you. With your back already pressed against the door, there was nowhere for you to move. His bright red eyes pierced the darkness allowing you to almost be able to see his whole silhouette. He slowly inched closer and closer to you until there was barely any room separating the two of you.

    “S-Soul-” you stuttered before he cut you off with a kiss. Without any hesitation, you kissed him back, giving him the encouragement to place his hands on your waist. As you tangled your fingers into his hair, he licked your bottom lip for entrance which you happily obliged.

    The more enthusiastic you became with this, the more encouraged he got to do more. His hands slowly moved further down your waist until they reached your ass. He hesitated from there until you softly bit his lip, encouraging him further on.

    Just at that moment, the door burst open to reveal a disgusted looking Tamaki. You and Soul quickly broke apart, faces blooming from the look Tamaki gave the two of you.

    “I saw where your hands were! How dare you touch such an innocent lady there!” he exclaimed.

    As you and Soul quickly exited the closet, he stopped you before you could return to your seat. When you turned to face him, there was a wide smirk spread across his face.

    “What we did was pretty cool, but getting caught like that wasn’t. Maybe later after all of this is over you and I could do that again in a place more…. private.”

Chapter Text

    The excitement was going around the room, the joy was contagious. Every guy sitting in the room had their differences with one another, but they all had one thing in common; they wished for the game to be over. Well, except for Tamaki of course.

    To Tamaki’s dismay, this was indeed the final round of the game. The guys in the room would be free to go back to their world, to never have to suffer through this game any longer. This round only needed to get started.

    “Just start the damn round already!” Light yelled angrily, quickly losing his patience the longer Tamaki tried to delay the round from starting.

    “Why can’t Fate have mercy on me?” he cried, just as overdramatic as ever. “All I wanted was for this game to last forever, why does reality have to be so cruel?”

    The angry yells of the other guys in the room snapped Tamaki out of his little pity party.

    “Alright, alright. You, my dear!” he exclaimed as he pointed at you, the last girl remaining. “You may be last, but certainly not least. I always love saving the best for last.”

    With a bow, he extended his hand out to you which you accepted with a shy smile. He led you to the center of the room in a slower pace than he usually had. It was obvious he didn’t want to rush this round like he did will all others. There was no reason now to choose an item from the bag, only one guy remained unchosen.

    “Who hasn’t gone yet?” Tamaki asked the crowd of guys. One black-haired guy stood up among the crowd, stretching his arms above his head.

    “Finally it’s my turn, I better not get in trouble at work because of this,” he said as he walked towards the center of the room where you stood.

    You and Maou followed the sullen looking Tamaki to the closet. As the two of you stepped inside, you were surprised when he didn’t immediately close the door like he normally would. Instead, he actually stopped to say something.

    “If our fun little game does have to end, I want the last round to end the best. You two better do something in the closet or else I won’t let you out,” he told you and Maou. Before either of you could argue to that, he slammed the door shut. “Have fun!”

    “Ugh, I just want to go back to work,” Maou whined. “I better not get demoted because of this.”

    “I’m sure we’ll be out of here soon,” you assured him.

    “I hope so, Ashiya is probably worried sick about me….”

    “There’s an awful lot of chit-chat going on in there!” Tamaki shouted from outside the closet. “Remember, I’m not unlocking the door unless you make this a great final round.”

     “What the hell does he mean by that? I just want to get to my job!” Maou yelled, getting more and more frustrated the longer he was locked in the closet.

    “Uh,” you said shyly. “I think he means for us to, uh, kiss or something….”

    You were nervous by the idea of that, but you knew it was the only way Tamaki would let you out. Even so, you didn’t think you’d be able to do it. It was obvious to Maou how put off you were by the idea, but at the moment, he couldn’t care about that.

    “I’m really sorry,” he said quickly before he placed his hands on your cheeks and pressed his lips against yours.

    You stumbled backward until your back hit the closet door. Even then he continued to kiss you. You felt your face heat up in a deep blush, but you couldn’t help but love the way he kissed you. Hesitantly, you kissed him back, giving him the encouragement to go even further.

    He roughly bit your lip causing you to gasp, giving his tongue free range in your mouth. You didn’t fight back as he dominated your mouth with his tongue. Soon, his hands moved from your face down to your hips, his hands itching to feel every part of your body. Before his hands could explore your body any further, the closet door finally opened to reveal the still sullen looking Tamaki.

    He didn’t even dare to make a comment on where Maou’s hands were, he just seemed more gloomy than disgusted. You and Maou hesitantly exited the closet and returned to your seats outside while Tamaki stood in the center of the room once again. Everyone in the room was finally smiling for the first time since arriving, knowing now that they would finally be able to leave.

    “I know everyone here is just upset as I am about the game having to end, I just wish there was something I could do to make us all feel better….” he trailed off. “Oh, I know! Let’s play again!”