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Midoriya Sexual Adventures

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Izuku Midoriya was sitting on top of a rooftop, all by himself. 


He was not accompanied by his numerous girlfriends.


He was not with the countless MILFS he had fucked.


He was just alone all by himself, watching the sunset over the horizon. He watched as the sun’s light slowly went down over the unforeseeable horizon. 


“There you are Izuku,” a sudden voice called out. Suddenly the Pro Hero Miruko dropped down from the heavens and landed on the rooftop. “I was wondering where you were; glad I found you.”


“Hello Rumi,” Izuku replied. The young hero was still not used to the fact that he had sex with the great Miruko. Sometimes, he believed it was a dream. There were many times where he thought he was in a dream during sex but was delighted when it turned out to be false.


“Hello Izuku,” Rumi placed her right arm on his shoulder. “What’s a stud like you doing all alone?”


“You’ve heard the news right, about Midnight and Mt lady,” Izuku asked.


“Yeah, what about them?”


“It was me, I got them pregnant,” Izuku said.


“You lucky stud,” Miruko gave him a pat on the back. “How does it feel to impregnate two of the hottest heroes in the world?”


“I don’t know,” Midoriya replied.


“ What do you mean?”


“I’m a father Rumi, and I don’t know how to feel,” Izuku answered.


“Oh,” Rumi was curious, “What’s wrong?” The bunny hero sat right next to the green-haired boy.


“Well, I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I never had a father growing up; not only that but I’m still a teenager. I’m still in school and I don’t have a job to support them,” It was here that Izuku began to tear a little bit. “I don’t know what to do.”


Rumi gently led Midoriya’s head to her lap. “There there,” Rumi gently patted Midoriya’s head. “I know it’s scary, but don’t worry. I'm sure you will be a great dad and give those kids the life they deserve.”


“How do you know?” Midoriya asked.


“Are you calling me a liar?” Miruko responded.


“NO,” Izuku instantly replied.


Miruko giggled at Izuku’s response. “Relax I’m just teasing you. Call it bunny instincts; I can tell that you would make a great father.”


“Really?” Izuku asked, a bright smile appearing on his face.


“Yeah,” Miruko then placed Izuku’s face on her breasts. “I know full well how much love you can give.”


Izuku was just motionless for a few seconds before embracing Rumi in a hug. “Thank you.”


Miruko hugged the young teen back. "If you need to talk to anyone, just talk to me. After all, you are the father of my future children."


Izuku's eyes were shot wide open. "I'm sorry; what did you say?"


"You heard me," Miruko moved her face closer to Midoriya's. "Midnight isn't the only Hero you gave babies to."


Izuku got up, bowed down, and yelled, "I'LL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY."


"Oh, I know you will," Miruko replied. "Besides, I have enough funds to support us and whoever else you knocked up. So relax, there’s nothing to worry about anymore."


"Thank you," Izuku said again.




"Better take this," Izuku said as he answered his phone. "Hello Mei, what exciting creation do you have for me today?"


"Something really special Izuku," Mei responded.


"Okay, but what is it?"


"Come here and find out," Mei said in a seductive voice. Mei then hung up, leaving Izuku with silence.


"Let me guess; she's done something crazy again," Miruko said.


"Yep. Thank you for the talk," Izuku said.


"Anytime," Miruko said. The two of them shared a brief kiss before Izuku descended the building.




"Mei, I'm here," Izuku said as he entered the development studio. Much to his surprise, the energetic engineer was nowhere in sight. Where was she?


"Here I am," Mei shouted from right behind Izuku. The sudden shock scared Izuku.


"Jesus Mei, don't scare me like that," Izuku stated.


"Sorry, I am just so excited," Mei replied. "Besides, this newest baby is sure to make the girls happier than before."


"How so?"


"Sit down," Izuku followed Mei's orders and sat on a nearby chair. "Izuku, you're just too damn big."


"Yeah, whose fault is that," Izuku sarcastically said.


"I admit. it is my fault," Mei replied. "I take full responsibility. So, to make up for my past mistakes, I designed a baby to correct my errors. However, to create such a baby, I needed the aid of a genius."


Midoriya felt the warm embrace of arms around his neck. "Hello Izuku," Melissa Shield announced.


"Surprise," Mei said. "It's our favorite American, Melissa."


"Thank you for the introduction," Melissa said. "How's it going Izuku?"


"Great," Izuku nervously answered. "I'm guessing Mei told you about you know what."


"Oh yes, she did; I couldn't believe that you would have such a massive harem. But then again, you're full of surprises," Melissa said.


Izuku blushed from Melissa's words.


"What are we doing? Let's show him our baby," Mei stated. Mei and Melissa went backstage and took out their newest baby.


"That's the same thing as before," Izuku replied.


"But it's different," Mei replied. "Melissa, would you kindly explain?"


"Of course. Midoriya, what did Mei's previous baby do?" Melissa asked.


"It made my dick bigger," Izuku responded.


"Correct. However, this baby does the opposite of that," Melissa explained.


Suddenly it hit Izuku. "OH NO," he yelled out. "The last time I used that thing, it hurt me more than my bones breaking. "


"Don't worry. We modified it, so it feels much better than before. Besides, from what I hear, you're way too big," Melissa explained.


"I understand but is this necessary?"


"Yes," Mei instantly said. "Please Izuku, do it for us?" Mei gave her boyfriend puppy eyes. Izuku was hesitant but gave up when Melissa used her puppy eyes.


"Okay." Izuku was weak to puppy eyes. 


"HOORAY," Mei cried out. "Now take off your pants."


Izuku did as Mei said, taking off both his pants and underwear at the same time.


"Oh my," Melissa said as she blushed. "You were right about how big it was."


"Never doubt me," Mei said. "So Izuku, you ready?"


"Ready for anything," Izuku replied.


"GREAT," Mei then put her baby right on Izuku's dick. "Light her up Melissa."


With a quick press of the button, the machine lit up and activated. After a quick moment of agonizing pain, Izuku's dick changed.


"Oh my," Melissa said. Despite it being smaller than before, it was still a powerful weapon. It didn't help that at the moment it was rock hard.


"You like this, don't you?" Mei said as she grabbed Melissa's tits. "So big and large. You're imagining it ramming inside you."


Melissa didn't say anything, her only response was the blush on her face. It didn't help that Izuku was staring at her with such intense eyes. It was turning her on.


"Doesn't it make you want to, let loose," Mei's words had completely seduced Melissa. The blond woman was falling in love with Izuku.


"Is it okay?" Melissa asked Izuku. "It's my first time."


"JUST DO IT ALREADY," Mei shouted as she pushed Melissa into Izuku's arms.


The two were met face to face, with their eyes staring into each other. It also didn’t help that Izuku’s hand was right on Melissa’s breasts.


“Hi,” Melissa said.




“Jesus, this is the biggest case of blue balls I’ve ever seen,” Mei said. “JUST FUCK ALREADY.”


“Alright, we get,” Melissa said. “No need to rush the moment.”  Both Melissa and Midoriya then kissed each other on the lips. Melissa was trying her best to keep up with Midoriya’s skill, but due to her lack of experience, it was difficult. 


“First time,” Midoriya cooed.


A small blush appeared on her face. “Yeah, I wasn’t popular with boys back at home.”


“You’re lying,” Midoriya replied.


“It’s true,” Melissa replied. “Compared to the other girls I wasn’t as good looking. That, and I was more dedicated to school work than dating.”


“I still can’t believe it,” Midoriya teased. “You're beautiful.”


“ Thank you, but I know you’re just being nice,” Melissa said.


“It’s true,” Midoriya replied. “You’re an amazing and beautiful girl. From your gorgeous hair to your amazing body. You’re just so beautiful.”


“Stop it.” Melissa couldn’t hide her blush, especially not from Midoriya.


“Look at yourself.” Midoriya ran his hands throughout her body. “It’s a crime that you're not more appreciated.” 


Melissa couldn’t handle Midoriya’s words anymore. He slowly prayed her hands away from her face, revealing her blushing expression.


“Ever since I saw you, I couldn’t help you but admire your amazing beauty.” Midoriya’s hands then went to her hips. “There isn’t a single part about you that I would consider ugly.”


Melissa removed her glasses and put it safely on a nearby table. “Okay lover boy, you hit the jackpot.”


The two nerds kissed each other on the lips. This time, Melissa was going full-on the offense. Midoriya allowed her to do so, only because he was sure this would help with her self confidence. Mellisa tried to massage his tongue with hers, which was a surreal experience.


“Midoriya, help me take this off,” Melissa said. Izuku helped the blonde woman take her shirt off, revealing her clear red bra. “Could you, take this off for me?”


Izuku moved her hands behind her back and with a quick one-two, instantly took her bra off. “Now that’s cool.”


“It comes with experience,” Izuku replied. He wanted to say more, but he was too focused on her majestic breasts. They looked too good to be true, like a pair of floating melons. Delicious melons that looked so juicy and ripe. 


Melissa noticed how instantly Midoriya was staring at her and was enjoying it. “You like my breasts?” Melissa groped her breasts right in front of Midoriya’s face.


Midoriya was absolutely in love with her breasts. They were so big and round that Midoriya was comparing them to sweet watermelons. Midoriya licked his lips, he was dying to have those melons.


Melissa, trying to be a dom, moved his hands right towards her breasts. “Do you like them?” Melissa asked.


“Yes,” Izuku immediately responded. Melissa also felt his hard Dicku desire to let loose.


“Can I put your dick in me?” Melissa was embarrassed for asking so silly.


“Yes,” Izuku repeated.


“Is that all you can say?”




That response made Melissa giggle, which helped ease her tension. “Okay, let’s do this.” Melissa took her pants and panties off, showing her small bush. “I’m sorry I didn’t shave. I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”


“No,” Izuku said, getting down on his knees, “This is fine.” With that, Izuku began to lick the American’s pussy.


Jots went throughout Melissa’s body. Her first time having her pussy licked was amazing. Izuku’s tongue made Melissa moan as loudly as she could. Her moans only made Izuku do better and better. 


It also didn’t help that Midoriya was caressing her thighs. His hands went up and down on the American’s legs, appreciating the beauty of those thighs. 


‘She’s getting extremely wet,’ Izuku was thinking. ‘I must help her out.’ With this, Izuku inserted his tongue inside Melissa’s pussy.


The sudden act nearly made Melissa collapse. Izuku was so good with his tongue. His tongue explored everywhere it could in her small pussy. “Jesus Izuku, just how good are you?” Melissa asked sarcastically.


Izuku answered by using One for All on his tongue, which instantly made Melissa cum all over his face. Her walls broke and a tsunami of pussy juice sprayed all over Izuku’s face. 


“Oh god, I’m so sorry,” Melissa said. She got down on her knees and started to wipe the pussy juice off his face. “I didn’t know I was such a squirter.”


“Hehe, it’s alright,” Izuku replied. “Besides, who said I didn’t enjoy it.”


Another massive blush appeared on Melissa’s face. “Izuku, you can’t say stuff like that.”


“But it’s true,’ Izuku got closer to Melissa. “And I know you liked it just as well.” Izuku’s teasing was getting to Melissa.


“Stop it,” Melissa smirked. “And if you are going to kiss me, at least clean your face.”


Izuku used his shirt to wipe off his face, which showed off his mighty abs to the American. ‘OH MY,’ Melissa said in her head. ‘I wish I could grin my face against those hot abs.’


Izuku noticed how hard and intensely Melissa was staring at his abs. “Do you like them?” Izuku asked.




“Do you want to touch them?”




“Is that all you can say?”


Both Melissa and Izuku laughed at the bad joke. “But seriously, can I touch them?”


Izuku answered by taking off his shirt, which revealed his glorious muscles. ”Go right ahead, I won't mind.”


Melissa was delighted by his answer. ’FUCK YEAH.’ 


Melissa moved her hands all along Izuku’s abs, appreciating even the tiniest of details. “God you're so hot,” Melissa blurted out.


“Thank you,” Izuku replied. “Though I’m sure I pale in comparison to your beauty.”


Melissa giggles at the response. “Well, if that’s the case, are you ready for the main event?”


“I was born ready.”


Melissa then turned around and showed her bottom to Midoriya. “Can you, fuck me like a wild dog?”


Izuku didn’t dare say no. He grabbed Melissa’s arms and thrust his cock right in her pussy. He was fucking her doggy style. 


“Oh fuck,” Melissa said. Her virginity was taken just like that, and she loved it.  His huge dick easily broke through her pussy. She bit her lip as she embraced Izuku’s wild energy.


Izuku thrust his hips back and forth as he smashed Melissa’s pussy. “Oh god Melissa, you feel so good,” Izuku rasped. 


“Don’t stop, just keep on fucking me,” Melissa begged. Izuku did so and wrecked the Americans' pussy. “I wanna remember this feeling for years,” Mellisa cried out.


Izuku gladly did as she told and fucked her pussy into oblivion. Mellisa collapsed down on her arms and her expression changed to that of pure pleasure. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her tongue was left hanging out. 


‘Sooooo goooood,’ Melissa said in her head. Midoriya was hitting her every sweet spot, making the American feel more and more bliss by the second.


Izuku leaned down and his head was right behind Melissa’s. “Do you like me fucking you like this?” Izuku asked.


“Yes,” Melissa happily replied. 


Midoriya creased her back, his hands moving slowly until it reached her ass. “You got a mighty fine ass,” Midoriya teased.


“Thank you,” Melissa could barely say anything now. Midoriya’s sexual drive had gotten to her head. Her mind’s biggest priority was Midoriya’s large cock ramming her pussy.


“You want me to cum on your ass?” Izuku asked. He was getting close to cumming and wanted to spread his white cum all over Melissa’s hot ass.


“Yes,” Melissa finally said. “Spread your hot cum all over my ass.”


Izuku finally pulled out and unleashed his load all over Melissa’s back. His hot cum splashed all over Melissa’s body, which gave the girl a sigh of relief. 


“That was amazing,” Melissa purred. “Fuck, I never knew sex could feel so amazing.”


Her pleasant mood was then interrupted when the storm of chaos known as Mei Hatsume suddenly came. 


“So that was awesome,” Mei said. It took a few seconds before Melissa realized that Mei was completely naked. “You did well, but as good as me.”


“Don’t get so cocky,” Melissa replied. She tried to get up, but her knees began to wobble. “What the?”


“Oh, that’s natural,” Midoriya replied. “You’re bodies not used to sex, especially with how hard I was.” Midoriya then helped her regain her balance.


“Thanks. Anyway, don’t get so cocky Mei,” Melissa said. 


“Well, you’ve had your first time with a man. How about your first time with a woman?” Mei asked.


“Excuse me?”


Melissa didn’t get her answer, rather Mei’s response was kissing the American on the lips.


Melissa immediately broke away. “HATSUME! What was that for?”


“What, it was hot,” Mei said, trying her best to defend herself. “Besides, he liked it.” Mei pointed to Midoriya’s cock, which was hard once more.


“So, you liked the show Izuku,” Mei said. The mechanic got extremely close to Izuku, so much so that he could see her uniquely shaped eyes. “I was watching how rough you were treating Melissa.” Mei then sat on Izuku’s lap. “Did you like fucking Melissa like that?”


“Yes,” Midoriya was being entrenched by the pink-haired goddess.


“Good, I want you to fuck me just like that. Don’t hold back for a second you hear me,” Mei said. 


“Got it,” Midoriya picked her up from the ass and aimed his cock right towards Mei’s pussy. “This is what you what, right?”


“Shut up and fuck me,” Mei yelled.


Izuku then thrust his cock right into Mei’s pussy. His cock went deep inside her, to the point where it reached her womb.


“Oh yeah, that’s good,” Mei said as Izuku began to fuck her brains out.


Izuku lifted Mei up and down on his large cock, making sure she was feeling every last inch. “Mei, your pussy is as good as ever,” Izuku howled.


“Fuck yeah,” Mei grunted. Her pussy loved being rammed by Izuku’s large cock, it was always a pleasure for her.


Melissa just watched as the man who just took her virginity was fucking her rival. Part of it was infuriating, but part of it was hot as hell. There was something about watching Mei’s face being fucked that was so appealing to the American.


‘Is this a link?’ Melissa asked herself.


She continued watching Izuku fuck, however this time her hands guided themselves to her pussy. It was wetter than before, and it wasn’t helping how hot Melissa was feeling at the moment. She began to masturbate while Mei had her brains fucked out.


However, her new energy did not go unnoticed.


Izuku reached out towards Melissa, urging her to come to join the two lovers. Melissa, of course, accepted. It didn’t matter if Mei was there, as long as she was with Izuku she was happy.


While Izuku fucked Mei, he also started to kiss Melissa on the lips. He held Mei in one hand while wrapping Melissa with the other.


“Hey, I want a kiss too,” Mei begged.


Melissa responded by slapping Mei’s ass.




“Ep,” Mei shirked. “What was that for?”


“Don’t interrupt, it's very rude,” Melissa said. She then went right back to kissing Midoriya.


‘I'm not going to lose to a girl like you,’ Mei yelled in her head. She wrapped her legs around Midoriya and began to bounce on his dick. “Come on Izuku, fuck me like a wild stallion.”


Little did Izuku know, he was the center of Mei’s and Melissa’s rivalry. Who could get Izuku’s attention the most? Let’s find out.


Melissa turned Izuku’s head towards her direction and made sure that his attention was on her. However, Mei was doing a far better job. With her body wrapped around Izuku and the way Izuku was fucking her, there was no way she was getting attention.  Every now and then, Mei went up and took a little nipple out of Izuku’s ear. It was a simple action, but it was very effective.


‘That’s not fair,’ Melissa pouted in her head. ‘I guess I have to step up my game.’


“You know Mei, you can please Midoriya all you want, but there is one area I can always beat you in,” Melissa stated.


Mei was intrigued by Melissa’s words, as well as Izuku. Melissa then groped her breasts, “It’s clear that Midoriya is a boob guy. And my breasts are far better than yours.”


That irritated Mei, so much so that she didn’t fucking Midoriya. The mechanic got down and stared Melissa right in the eye.


“Really, I’m sure my breasts are better than those saggy things,” Mei stated.


“You sure about that,” Melissa said. The two girls pressed their breasts against each other, trying to insert dominance against one another. The look of fire in their eyes screamed competitively. “Only one way to find out.”


“Agreed,” Mei said. 


The both of them then turned their gaze right towards Izuku. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Izuku asked.


“Oh, Izuku, why don’t you lay down?” Melissa asked. “Mei and I are going to have a healthy competition.”


“What kind of competition?” Izuku nervously asked.


“The best kind,” Mei said. “Ara, Ara Izuku.”




Izuku then found himself on the floor, with both Mei and Melissa right on top of him. “Relax Izuku, let us do all the work.”


Izuku then watched as both Mei and Melissa wrapped their breasts around Izuku’s large shaft.


“Whose breasts do you like more Midoriya?” Melissa said. “Clearly mine.”


“Nah it has to be mine,” Mei replied


They continued to sandwich Izuku’s dick between their massive breasts. Izuku moaned as the pleasure from the breasts was indescribable. It was every guy’s dream to have two hot babes massaging his dick between their breasts, and Izuku was living the dream.


“Girls, I can’t hold it anymore,” Izuku said. That just made them even more energetic. They continued to massage his cock knowing full well what’s about to come.


“Cum for us Izuku,” Mei said. 


After a few seconds, Izuku broke and sprayed his hose all over Mei and Melissa. His cum splashed down on Mei’s and Melissa’s face, and they enjoyed it.


Mei licked all around her face, making sure to get all the cum off her face. Melissa, on the other hand, wiped the cum off her face with her finger. Treating the little white substance like sweet candy.


It just made Izuku even hornier. 


“Ah damn, he’s still hard,” Mei said. “What should we do now?”


“Why are you asking me?” 


“We gotta work together to take the Dicku,” Mei said.


“Well, I do have one idea,” Melissa said.


“You know I can hear you right,” Izuku said.


“Good,” Mei replied. “So Melissa, what’s your great plan?”


“Well, I need you to lay down on the table,” Melissa explained. 


Mei did as the American asked. “Okay, but what now?”


“Well, Mei, you did say it was going to be my first lesbian experience,” Melissa sat down right on Mei’s face. “Make sure it’s spectacular.”


Mei still had no idea what Melissa was planning, but she was going to trust Melissa’s plan. Mei eagerly began to lick Melissa’s pussy, wondering what was going to happen next. 


“Oohhh, you’re good,” Melissa said. “Now Izuku,” Melissa used her finger to attract Midoriya, “Come here and fuck Mei like a good boy.”


Izuku did exactly as Melissa said and thrust his cock right into Mei’s pussy. Mei wanted to say something, but she was too busy appreciating Melissa’s magnificent mighty thighs.


‘These are some damn good thighs and one hell of a pussy,’ Mei was thinking as she continued to lick out Mei’s pussy.


Melissa leaned down and got a closer look at Izuku’s mighty cock. “So big, and so good,” Melissa said.


Despite his cock already balls deep in Mei, Melissa started to kiss his mighty weapon. It started from small french kisses to Melissa leaving fully noticeable kiss marks.


“Oh Melissa, that feels amazing,” Izuku said. “And Mei, your pussy is astonishing.” 


Mei responded by giving Izuku a thumbs up. He continued to ram her pussy with his huge cock, her pussy 


“Focus Izuku,” Melissa turned his attention to her face, “She’s not the only one who wants you.” Melissa then kissed Midoriya right on the lips, while her hands creased his cheek. “You’re so handsome.”


Mei was trying to say something, but her words were muffed. “I’m sorry what did you say?” Melissa raised her butt so Mei could finally be heard.


“I said, stop with the mushy love stuff and get back to fucking,” Mei said.


“If that’s what you want.” Melissa then slammed her butt right back on Mei’s face, “Then that’s what you get.”


Mei went back to eagerly licking Melissa’s pussy. Her tongue became a creature of lust and consumption as it devoured the American’s pussy. ‘Tasty,’ Mei said in her head.


“Now let’s finish back where we left off,” Melissa said. She then moved her hands back down to Midoriya’s crouch. “I can’t believe you’ve had this thing for so long.”


“I know, it’s quite a shock,” Midoriya rasped. “But, it’s more of a surprise to see you doing this.” 


“Trust me, you’re going to see me do this a lot more often,” Melissa declared.


“I can’t wait,” Izuku said. 


Mei tried to say something, but again her cries fell on dead ears.


“I’m sorry, what did you say?”


“I said, I’m going to cum,” Mei gasped. Her stamina was quickly fading.


Izuku smiled. “Looks like I win.”


“Not yet,” Melissa then took Midoriya’s cock out of Mei’s pussy, “I still need to enjoy this.” With that, Melissa took Midoriya’s cock right out of Mei’s pussy and insured it right into her mouth


‘This is the most I can do, to stop you,’ Melissa said in her head. Her head went up and down on Izuku’s cock, she planned to take down his dick when it was most vulnerable. However, there was one part of her plan she didn’t account for, Mei Hatsume.

‘As I would just give up that easily,’ Mei was thinking as she continued to lick Melissa’s pussy. Melissa took Midoriya’s cock out of her mouth and moaned. “Mei, what are you doing?”


“You get to taste Dicku, and so I’m going to taste something just as good,” Mei said.


“Hehe, looks like the plan’s falling apart,” Izuku teased.


“Not yet Izuku,” Melissa teased. Melissa placed his cock right back into her mouth. Izuku moaned as Melissa moved her head up and down on his cock.


“You know, huff, for a beginner you're really good Melissa,” Izuku said.  


Melissa responded by giving him a look that screamed, “Tell me more.”


“Your tongue is out of this world,” Izuku said. “It rivals Tsuyu’s and Kinoko’s.” Melissa didn’t know who those were, but she was happy that Izuku was praising her.


It was also hard to handle a cock Izuku’s size. It went to the ends of her mouth and she nearly gagged on the whole thing. But she continued, trying her best to take the full thing in her mouth. She was doing a decent job.


Izuku smiled, ‘I can’t believe it, maybe she can take me down.’


However, that was not to be, Mei Hatsume’s tongue was too strong for Melissa and before she knew it, the American came right on Mei’s face.


Tired and exhausted, Melissa took Midoriya’s cock out of her mouth. She had no energy left in her body.


“That was nice Melissa,” Izuku said. “You did a good job.”


“Thanks, but I'm still unsatisfied,” Melissa stated.


“I can help with that,” Mei said. Getting up she then began to stroke Midoriya’s cock. “Open wide Melissa.” After a few more strokes, Midoriya cummed right into Melissa’s mouth, with his cum entering her mouth.


Melissa was able to taste the mighty Deku cum fully. When he was done, she was able to swallow all of his cum at once. “That was amazing,” Melissa said.


“Glad you liked it,” Midoriya replied.


“And if you ever want more,” Mei’s finger went up from Melissa’s stomach to her chin, “Just contact me.”


“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” Melissa said. As she said it, Melissa then noticed something peculiar. “YOU’RE STILL HARD!”


“Yeah,” Izuku said as he scratched his cheek, “I have a ton of energy in me.”


“huff, I still want to have more,” Melissa replied. 


“Well, we could always do the mating press,” Izuku responded.


“What’s the mating press?”


Izuku smiled.


“OH GOD YES,” Melissa cried out. Izuku was right on top of Melissa and was also pounding her pussy. Her arms were right on top of the table, clinching as Midoriya smashed her insides. His balls slapped against Melissa’s ass repeatedly. Izuku’s arms wrapped themselves around the American’s legs.


“You like that, you like me pounded your pussy like this?” Midoriya asked. 


“YES,” Melissa howled.


Mei was watching on the sidelines, she was both surprised and horny by how much energy Izuku had.


Izuku was about to cum and tried to pull out. However, Melissa wrapped her legs around Midoriya’s waist and pulled him closer to her.


“Please don’t pull out,” Melissa said with innocent eyes.


It was enough for Midoriya to cum right inside her pussy. Melissa bit her lip as Midoriya’s semen burned through her womb and filled it to the brim.


“That was wonderful,” Melissa said with a smile on her face.


“I thought you said you didn’t have any energy left?” Izuku asked.


“I might have been lying,” Melissa replied.


Now done, the trio finally put their clothes back on. “This was an amazing experience, Melissa. We should do it again,” Mei said.


“We should,” Melissa put her glasses back on, “I enjoyed my first time.”


“You know, you’re really cute with your glasses on,” Mei suddenly stated.


A blush appeared on the blond girl’s face, “Thank you.”


“It’s true,” Izuku said. “Your glasses gives you an aura of cuteness.”


“Stop it,” Melissa’s blush was too big and bright to hide. It didn’t help when both Midoriya and Mei kissed her right on the cheeks. Her face became so red that Midoriya might have confused it for a tomato.


“Hehe, You’re so cute when you blush,” Mei said.


Later on, Melissa gave Midoriya an address and a three-digit number. “What’s this?” Midoriya asked.


“It’s my hotel room,” Melissa replied. “I’m going to be here for a couple of weeks. Come by for some personal time.”


Izuku gave a devilish smile, “Will do.”