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"Deku, are you okay? You seemed pretty out of it yesterday..." Ochako asked out of concern as she walked over to Izuku's desk. Her short brown hair swaying slightly as she did so, and her naturally rosy cheeks growing even darker due to nearly being late for class. She probably spent too much time eating breakfast again...

"Huh? Me?...I feel fine, why?" Izuku asked, confusion swamping his mind. He hadn't acted any different yesterday had he? If he did, he certainly doesn't remember doing so.

"You were saying some pretty strange things if you ask me...Everyone noticed. You came to school looking like a train wreck, you didn't know where you sat! Hell, I rang you to see if you were coming or not but I had to give you directions. Katsuki was even quiet! ALL DAY! What's next the birds falling from the sky? Did you hear about the that massive meteor star thingy? That's probably the sign of the apocalypse! I knew it'd make you guys act strange!" Ochako rambled, chuckling knowingly at parts where she made herself laugh.

"I did?" Izuku asked, feeling his face redden out of embarrassment. Ignoring the slight change of subject that Ochako had tried, and failed, to deliver and settling on the pure shame of being unable to remember being in such a state.

"Yes. It was very disturbing. Me and Iida had no idea what to do with you. You would just constantly keep dazing off. It was like you were dreaming or something!"

"That would explain why I don't remember any of it" Izuku chuckled nervously, grabbing his notebook as their teacher came wondering through the door and his friend returning to her seat a little away from his own, with a quick ushered goodbye.

As the teacher began to do his thing, Izuku couldn't help his mind wonder off. By no means was he not one to listen in class. But today he couldn't seem to help it. His mind just kept wondering to what his friend had said. Was all that true?

Slapping his forehead, and ignoring the strange stares he received from it, he decided to try and forget about it. Even though Ochako wasn't a deceitful person in the slightest...maybe she thought it would be funny to try and say something like that...However, his suspicions were denied when he turned to the new page of his notebook, seeing writing he didn't know was even there.

/Who are you?/

Was written neatly across the whole page. Whoever wrote this, hadn't rushed it by any means, and had even gone over it a few times in order to make it bolder and stand out. As if they truly wanted to highlight the importance of this question.

'Who am I?' Izuku just shook his head, it was probably Katsuki trying to mess with him again. Lucky him that he wasn't here to tease him all day again today. Then again, Ochako did say he was quiet yesterday, maybe something's wrong. He might have caught a cold. He could be sick. He could have adopted a secret pet! The endless possibilities piled up on Izuku until he couldn't take it anymore. He was planning to swing by Katsuki's house to check up on him but...god damn it anxiety.


"We'll see you tomorrow Deku! And make sure you lay off whatever crack you where taking yesterday, okay?" Ochako commented as their other friend, Iida, also said his goodbyes.

"Alright," Izuku laughed at her joke, knowing that if he ever did anything bad, Ochako would kick his ass in an instant "I promise."

The walk back home from where the road forked and his friends had left, wasn't a very long one. But it was certainly one that got him thinking. This small stretch of road would sometimes feel as if it could never be small enough. And Izuku would often stop and take a moment just to observe the beautiful view of the lake in the centre of his small town. His house, along with others, was perched upon a small hill in which he could see the perfect view of the sunset rippling across the lake from above. Days like this, he would make the small road stretch further. He'd watch over the lake with a longing. A longing to be something just like that. Someone who made people just stop and look. To be someone great. Just like the lake seemed in his deep green eyes. But sometimes...he wonders what it would be like. To live in a big city. Where this view would be plagued by pollution and the sounds of cars honking would disrupt the peaceful chirping of birds that enjoyed the sight of his town just as much as Izuku did.

But he supposes these thoughts never lead him anywhere. He'd never been to a big city before. And sure, he absolutely adored his town and the people in it but...he'd like to travel to a big city one day. Even if it was just for a day, to truly take in the sight. That'd make him happy.

"Izuku, welcome home!" His mother fretted as he opened his front door of their small cosy home and took off his unmissable bright red shoes, walking into the kitchen where his mother was laying beautiful appetising food out on the light wooden table.

"Wow, it smells amazing" Izuku complimented as he took a seat, offering his thanks before diving in along with his mother, seeming hesitant in her actions before she finally decided to speak up.

"It's nice to see you have an appetite today, Izu. I was all worried when you didn't talk to me yesterday..."

"I did?" That's strange, why is everyone saying he was acting so weird lately? Wasn't this just some sort of joke?

"Mhm...You came straight in and locked yourself in your bedroom. Not to mention you spent three hours in the bathroom before school."

"Three hours?!" Izuku asked, blushing out of embarrassment. Just what planet was he on yesterday? What could he say that didn't make him sound like he was losing his mind?

"You really don't remember?" Inko asked, her eyes concerned and slightly confused.

Izuku bit his cheek, he'd sound crazy if he said he didn't remember anything that happened yesterday, so he went with the first thing his mind could think of "Katsuki. He-he-uh...really got to me the other day."

Inko's signs of confusion were only replaced with more concern as she desperately asked what'd happened. But Izuku reassured her that it was all okay. He'd gotten over it. Everything was better now.


Izuku changed into one of his many all might onesies and tucked himself in bed, curling into the sheets with a happy stomach. It'd gotten colder due to the upcoming season. So he found it necessary to pile everything on top of him and burrow deep underneath the piles of blankets. He got really cold at night anyways, never mind the seasons changing.

"Who are you...huh?" Izuku asked himself as he took his head out of the mess of blankets to breathe, looking up to the ceiling and sighing to himself as he turned on the lamp on his bedside table, grabbing a marker from beside it and writing his name on his left palm in thick black lines.

Izuku Midoriya.

He was crazy. He had to be. But despite the craziness of it all, he found himself chuckling at the situation. Before finally drifting off to sleep.


"You wanted to see me?" Shouto asked as he stepped into his father's office. The large room too familiar to him, but to anyone else would intimidate with it's size. Along with the rest of their house really.

"Ah, yes. Shouto," his father, Enji, addressed as he held out an nearly enveloped letter for his son to take "another job offer."

Shouto tutted under his breath, thankful his father didn't hear it as he grabbed the letter, making sure to rip it up on his way out. He never accepted any of those jobs. Sure there were probably some amazing jobs there. But he knew they only wanted him because his father was the president of Japan. He wants to earn a job. Not have one given to him. He wanted to prove himself worthy of such an honour. Not just have people come frolicking to him because of his status in society.

"Shouto? Are you alright? Your tutor is out on the front porch" His older sister speaks as he walks out of his father's office, being sure to close it behind him to not disturb the busy man that was constantly working himself away in there.

"Don't worry about me, i'm quite alright. But thank you for your concern" Shouto sends her a quick smile, walking down the large stairway to greet his tutor who was stood waiting by the door, talking to the butler that served the household.

"Ah, master Shouto. My apologies. I didn't inform you about your teachers arrival sooner!" The butler bows deeply in apology, only to receive a small chuckle from his red and white haired superior.

"That's alright. Not to worry" Shouto dismisses the subject leading his teacher inside to start a day full of education.


"Shouto, are you sure you're okay?" Momo, Shouto's best friend, asked as he sipped at his coffee. They were currently in a cat cafe where they come everyday to catch up and drink coffee. Not that Shouto minded. This was purely part of his strict daily routine.

• Wake up.

• Get ready.

• Wait for his teacher to arrive.

• Learn.

• Go out to his and Momo's favourite cafe.

• Sleep.

He never really gave it much thought, but if he did, he'd say that he's happier within the small walls of this cafe than he was at his own home. And he knew Momo would feel the same way. He felt that if he was given the chance, he'd move into the countryside, where no one knew him. It's just be him, maybe Momo...and maybe a few cats that's he'd grown close to, but that's it...Okay and maybe a dog...and a rabbit.

"Yeah..." Shouto replied, stiring his coffee with a small wooden stick, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain go through his temples. Wincing at the sudden shock, eyes widening slightly as he got a vision of someone else, someone he'd felt as if he'd seen before. But as soon as it was there, it was gone. And Shouto couldn't remember who he'd just envisioned.

"Are you sure?" Momo asked out of concern, placing down her green tea in order to give Shouto her complete, full and undivided attention.

"Yeah, just a headache. It'll pass" Shouto sent her a quick smile. Looking down to avoid her questioning glare.

"Why don't you go home and get some rest?"

"I suppose I should" Shouto replied, rubbing his left temple lightly with the hand that was holding up his face on the rounded table. Maybe some sleep will make this headache go away. It has been bothering him occasionally throughout the day. But it'd only gotten worse as the day took its course. He'd thought that it wasn't worth noticing but...maybe he was wrong.


Shouto opened his eyes, rubbing them as he yawned and sat up in his bed-wait. He was covered in like a billion blankets. What the hell? Did he even own this many blankets? It was way too hot!

Throwing off the blankets Shouto tutted, wondering where all the blankets could have come from, maybe his sister. She always liked to pick a-wait. This wasn't his room.

Shouto quickly looked down at himself to see what wasn't his body inside an All Might onesie. A superhero from a comic he recognised, that he used to admire as a child. God, what the hell?!

Rushing to the a mirror he'd spotted on the side of the wall, he let out a gasp as he reached up to touch his face, his freckles and his curly green hair and matching eyes.

"It really wasn't a dream?" Shouto asked himself desperately, stopping when he noticed writing on one of 'his' small hands in thick black marker.

Izuku Midoriya.

"Izuku...Midoriya?" Shouto asked himself, trying to get over the fact that his voice sounded different. Lighter. Higher pitched. Unfamiliar.

"Just who the hell are you?" Shouto asked as he looked at 'himself' once again. Giving the time to really study this face and the details that lay within it. He didn't necessarily expect his reflection to reply but the thought was nice. Especially in such a troubling time like this.

Now that he thought about it, he wasn't actually as surprised about the whole switcheroo ordeal as he would like to think he was. It kind of felt like he was numb, he didn't really know what to think, or to feel. Apart from this guy's face apparently.

"Izuku! It's time for school!" He heard the boy's mother shout, but Shouto was far to busy searching through all of Izuku's draws for an answer. He was looking for something. Something? He didn't know what. What? What had he been searching for? He doesn't remember...

The boy sank to his knees as he felt frustration curl inside his stomach "What's happening? Why am I here? Who is this boy?"

Shouto definitely felt embarrassed by the fact that he had the urge to use the toilet. He didn't want to go. He couldn't. Could he? This wasn't his body. What right did he have? If he touched this body, would it technically count as harassment? Well, he was the one currently possessing it. 

Shouto shook those thoughts out of his head. He could always write an apology later. He needed to stop thinking like that. If this is going to happen'd be best to at least try and fit in...right?


"Out of my damn way, nerd" Katsuki pushed into Shouto who was currently roaming around outside the school in Izuku's body, unbeknownst to everyone standing by.

"Nerd? How about you watch your fucking mouth, peasant" Shouto replied, not taking in the absolutely horrified look on the other boy's face before he entered the school. Geez, what the hell gave that guy the right to call him a nerd?

"Deku...did you really just say that to Katsuki?" A girl with short brown hair and constant rosy cheeks had asked, standing beside a boy with blue flat hair and glasses, a name badge with what appeared to be his name on. Iida. Well at least Shouto didn't have to ask. Maybe he was going on a trip or something. He doesn't know, is that how public schools worked?

Shouto shrugged before replying "The guys a dick" not realising what he'd said was anything out of the ordinary.

"OI DEKU!" Katsuki shouted, gaining Shouto's attention once again as he came strolling down the hallway, catching the attention of people lingering nearby outside their assigned classrooms, the racket causing them to chatter amongst themselves.

"Deku? I never did understand that. Why do you use such a horrific nickname Katsuki?" Shouto asked as he stepped closer to the angry blonde, who looked like he was fair trying to hold himself back.

The spiky blonde haired boy stood there for a moment, just assessing him with those intimidating red eyes, before he finally decided to speak "Who are you?"

"I don't understand..." Shouto shifted from one foot to the other. Was he doing something wrong? He was only standing up for the boy who's body he was controlling. And technically himself.

"Deku never calls me Katsuki...nor does he stand up for himself."

Shit. He had done something wrong hadn't he?

"Oh-uh. Sorry" Shouto decided to go with, hiding his embarrassment by turning around, trying to not raise any more suspicion or attention as Iida and the short haired girl pulled him away from the strangely quiet blonde.

"Deku, what's gotten into you?" the short haired girl asked in a hushed manner, as they made their way to first period.

"Why do you call me by that nickname as well? Are you the same as that guy back there?" Shouto glared at the girl only to receive a look of shock and surprise.

"...You told me you liked that nickname..."

Shouto felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment once again and looked away, walking to the desk which Iida has pointed out for him. God damn it. It seems as though all he can do is embarrass himself in this body. Clearly the girl didn't mean any harm by using the nickname and yet, he couldn't really stop himself. But if this 'Izuku' really liked the nickname. Did he like it when Katsuki called it him too? Are they friends?

All of this was far too strange.


"Deku! You should come with me and Iida to Kagami Biraki-"

"Sorry I have to get home" Shouto sighs, wanting nothing more than to go back to his own body again.

"...That's alright, it isn't for a few weeks yet anyway."

"Oh" Shouto replies, seeing the hole in the wall where the road forks and makes his way back to Izuku's home, saying a quick hushed goodbye to his two friends and wasting no time before entering his house.

"Izu! Welcome home!" His 'mother' cheers as Shouto walks through the door, removing those rather obnoxious red shoes.

"Um, hi...I'm going to bed, it's been a long day..."

"Without dinner?" The short, tubby, innocent-looking woman asked with a frown. Her eyes flooding with concern, reminding him of his own mother. When she had left to spend her days getting help in a mental institution. The news of the presidents wife being a nut-case spreading like wildfire. Great. As if Shouto didn't feel bad enough as it is.

"Sorry" he muttered as he made his way upstairs, immediately locking his door and sitting cross legged in front of the mirror in 'his' room. Taking in Izuku's appearance once again, running a gentle hand over the reflective surface of his face. Large green eyes encased in confusion staring back at him.

Deciding it was worth a shot, Shouto pulled Izuku's notebook out of his red backpack and sat at his desk, grabbing the marker the green haired boy had decided to write on his arm with previously and turned to a new page.


/You should really consider punching Katsuki in the face./



Izuku was immediately awake from the loud shout and sat up as fast as he could. Not getting as solid look at his surroundings before an unknown man burst through the door causing him to squeak slightly and lift up the duvet to cover his face in fear.

"Shouto, your tutor has been downstairs for the past ten minutes! Why are you sleeping in? Don't keep her waiting!"

Izuku went to answer but the door was already closed, and he could hear the man's footsteps slowly fading away.

Attempting the calm his racing heart, Izuku placed a hand over his chest, immediately noticing his hand was larger than normal and looked down to see a body much different from his own. Oh god, what was happening? Oh god, is this a dream? Oh god, was his whole life just some dream? Oh god, is he inside some kind of simulation? Oh god, did this guy always sleep with just boxers on? OH GOD!

Izuku blushed and covered his face with the duvet once again, in an attempt to hide himself. He knew it wasn't working but he'd take any sort of comfort right about now.

Deciding to stick with the thought of all this being some sort of really weird, realistic dream, Izuku rushes to a wardrobe and looked inside to see an arrangement of clothes he would never wear in his entire life. Oh, that strange man did say that he has a tutor, right? Do they have to wear specific uniforms? He looked, but couldn't find anything that looked to be school clothing. So, deciding it was better than nothing, Izuku chose a plain white shirt and the closest thing that looked like jeans and rugged them on. Acting weary as he stepped out of his room, looking around at the doors in the hallway which each held their own golden plate, engraved with the name of the room on the other side.

Finding the one engraved with the word 'washroom' Izuku slipped in swiftly, being sure to close and lock the door behind him as he rushed over to the docked mirror on the wall that was completely covered by golden swirls; scattering fancily around the perimeter of the intimidatingly huge object. If Izuku was in the right state of mind the mirror alone probably could have scared him off.

"OH GOD!" Izuku gasped as he took in his appearance. His half white and half red NOT curly hair, his blue and grey shocked eyes and a scar that covered the one on his left "HOW DID I GET SO HOT ALL OF A SUDDEN?!"

Hearing snickers behind the washroom door, Izuku blushes and immediately lowered his voice. God damn it, he was going to look crazy. He was crazy. Might as well get the confrontation over with now instead of later.

Opening the door, Izuku saw a girl a little taller than him with white hair and red patches scattering over it. A pair of grey glasses lay upon her grey eyes and he noticed just how hard she was trying to keep in her laughter.

"Hey Shouto, wake up in the wrong body this morning or something?" She snorts, holding a hand to her mouth as she lets out an almighty string of laughs.

Izuku just blushed in embarrassment and hid his face, walking past her. Shouto. Okay, he was Shouto. He could remember that.

"Ah! Master Shouto! Right this way, i've already settled down the teacher to save you the stress" A formal man wearing just-over the top clothing commented, gesturing with his hand for Izuku to enter the room next to him.

"Um...Thanks...that's really kind of you."

"That's no trouble at all Shouto" the friendly butler smiles, opening the door for Izuku to enter and being sure to close it behind him.

Seeing another rather healthy looking lady in another formal outfit sitting ready and waiting at the table with her books and equipment at the ready, kinda gave Izuku the impression that he shouldn't have worn these clothes today. Scratch that, did this guy ever wear these types of clothes?

"Shouto is something the matter? You seem unfocused..."

Izuku gulped as he took a seat across from the rather stunning lady who was supposed to be currently teaching him. Izuku couldn't really blame himself for being anxious, everyone in this house looked like they belonged in royalty. That and the fact that he got anxiety around people he didn't know in general so this was a whole new rollercoaster for him. But he wonders why he's never seen these people before if they were so rich, he wasn't so interested in politics or royalty, but surly he'd have at least heard a few names here and there.

"I-I'm fine..."

"I must say, I've never seen you like this before Shouto. You seem shy..? That's...not the case, is it?"

"No!" Izuku immediately replied almost wanting to hit himself but instead resorting to squeezing his eyes shut, feeling the heat of shame spreading to his face as he clenched his fists anxiously by his sides "I'm sorry, please teach me!"


"I almost thought you'd forgotten about me" He saw a girl with black spiky hair smile. Her name was Momo. He knew that because she'd been ringing him none stop for the past hour. Ever since the tutor left. Jeez, this body lead such a confusing life. He hadn't even talked to anyone beside the lady(probably family), the butler and his teacher. He'd spent all day trying to learn about something he didn't understand for the life of him. And the lord only knows if his teacher actually knew if he was listening or not. Not to mention that he'd found out he was the son OF THE FUCKING PRESIDENT. Honestly! What if he got shot for walking outside or something? No wonder he'd never heard of him before, the guy is supposed to be a complete shut-in!

Izuku laughed nervously, sliding into the chair opposite her, eyes lighting up as he saw a cat jump upon his lap. It's fur was a soft white and it had small patches of copper brown scattering it's body, complete with a small dot of dark pigments upon it's nose.

"Hi little guy" Izuku smiled brightly, picking up the cat from his lap to hold him close to his chest gently, cooing it softly.

"Shouto..." Her heard Momo mutter under her breath, looking at him as if he'd grown a third head. Which at this point, Izuku wouldn't be surprised.

"Um, yes?" Izuku asked, nervous that he'd messed up somehow.

"....Are you okay...?"

"Yes! I'm great thank you! How are you?" Izuku spluttered, trying to not mess up at life like he usually did quite a lot.

"You just...don't seem like yourself."

"I-I dont?"

Momo narrowed her eyes a little before smirking, a light bulb flickering in her head, deciding to see Shouto's response while he was busy being all 'in touch with his feminine side' "Has anyone ever told you have a big dick?"

Izuku's brain officially shut down as he felt himself blush to death and stutter, not even taking in Momo's manic laughs of amusement.

"I'm just kidding, see, you would normally tell me that you already know! These cats are making you all soft!" Momo chuckled as she settled down a little, noticing that the other still had his face shoved in the cat's fur. Seeing him eye her slightly, as if to ask if she'd embarrass him further.

"You can put the poor cat down, don't worry, i'm harmless" She grinned, watching him release the cat onto the floor and relax a little before deciding to strike again "could smash my pussy though."

Izuku was pretty sure he walked out around that point, still hearing Momo's absolutely chaotic laughter in the background even as he took the train back. Finding it hard to remember which stop to get off at. He wasn't used to trains. At all.

He supposed he couldn't complain. Not really. He wanted this didn't he? He wanted to come to the big city and see how busy the crowds were supposed to be. He wanted to have that anxiety build up inside him, wondering if he had enough money to pay for public transport. It gave him a rush of adrenaline. And although he believed this was all in his head, and although he'd only been here for a day...he wanted more.


Izuku plopped onto Shouto's spiny chair at his large wooden desk, pulling open a planner that-by the looks of it-Shouto had been filling in day by day, it seemed like. It wasn't very full at the moment though, since it was the new year. But Izuku learned a few new things about Shouto's day to day life, so he decided to leave a little message. He didn't want to have a day go by not being filled in before he went to sleep.


/Is Momo your girlfriend or is she deliberately trying to kill me?/


As Shouto woke up he realised that he was back home. Good lord. This was stressful. He couldn't keep up.

Looking around his room and seeing the light still on at his desk, and his planner directly under it he decides to see if anything had happened and sure enough he saw the message.

"Is Momo my girlfriend?" Shouto snorts, writing a large 'No, why what did she say?' under the question-wait...since when had this become so casual? "She wishes she could have a piece of my sweet ass."


"You were rather ill looking yesterday Shouto are you sure you're alright?" His tutor asks, her concerned eyes waiting for the reaction she received yesterday only to be surprised when Shouto shrugged his shoulders and laughed a little.

"Don't worry, i'm alright. Just been having a confusing couple of days recently."

"Alright, well I hope your ready for some math!" to which he responds too with an eye roll and a groan.


"You were so cute yesterday Shouto what happened?" Momo grinned as she sipped at her tea, looking at Shouto's bored expression. The polar opposite of what he was like yesterday.

"Cute? Please. I'm fucking adorable" He smirked back, unconsciously stacking up things in the back of his mind about Izuku's personality.

"You wish. I had never seen you stutter or blush before, I didn't even know you were capable of those things."

Shouto just sighed and folded his arms "Yeah, well..."

"Not to mention the fact that you walked out after I teased you about having a big dick."

"Will you ever let that go? I'm sorry that I send you my nudes alright? They weren't meant for you. Boobs aren't my thing."

Momo just laughed, Shouto was so different from yesterday. It's like she was talking to a completely different person "Well they're mine, so you can always send them along my way" she replied as Shouto grinned.


Izuku chuckled at the sentence that was written in his notebook. (He knew it wasn't a dream!) About how he should punch Katsuki in the face as he saw the said person stare at him from his seat, which was a few up and across from Izuku's, which was located by the window. But Izuku only smiled softly and gave a small wave, disappointment flooding through him like a truck as Katsuki turned to face the front of the classroom like nothing had happened. They used to be such good friends. What happened? And why was Katsuki avoiding him like the plague lately?

As soon as Izuku heard the bell ring he saw Ochako and Iida pack up their things and hop over to his desk as packed away his own.

"Feeling okay today Deku?" Ochako asked in a concerned tone, her worries fading some as she saw Izuku smile brightly.

"I'm really good! How are you?"

"Glad you're okay" Ochako chuckled, looking up at Iida who nodded in agreement.

"You are certainly strange on some days Izuku."

"Sorry if I worry you Iida, Ochako. I promise i'll sort my attitude!"


"Ehhhh?" Shouto asked as he slug Izuku's feet on his desk, deciding about a week ago to start having fun when in Izuku's body, knowing how much it riles the other up due to the angry messages he leaves him and the rumours that had started spreading that he's schizophrenic. They'd been changing bodies for about four weeks now, and Shouto can truly say, it's one of the weirdest yet most fore-filling experiences of his entire life "You want me to go out with you? Sorry sugar tits I'm a pay as you go kind of guy."

The random girl looked offended but swooned as Shouto gave her a sarcastic smile, glaring at Katsuki who was practically seething at the others attitude from where he, and the rest of the class, was watching the confession go down.

"WHAT GIVES YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT, HUH?!" Katsuki suddenly asks, noticing as the room went silent and observed the argument that was about to go down.

But Shouto just rolled his eyes, in all honestly he was sick to death of this guy "I don't know what you mean, Kacchan" He remembers the nickname Izuku had told him to use.

"SINCE WHEN DID YOU BECOME A WANNABE FUCK BOY WHO DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE!?" Katsuki walked up to him from the side lines, pushing the girl out of the way dismissively and pulling him up by the collar of his shirt.

Shouto just fell quiet as he took in the hurt that Katsuki had failed to hide in his eyes.

"YOU BETTER SNAP OUT OF WHATEVER THE FUCK KIND OF MIND SET THAT HAS YOU ACTING LIKE THIS AND BRING THE OLD IZUKU BACK! I WON'T STAND TO SEE YOU MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF!" Katsuki glared, his eyes filling with tears as he pushed Shouto back into his chair and walked out of the classroom.


/Izuku, I apologise about disrupting your life, I hope you can forgive me. It was rather preposterous of me to do something like that. I'm not usually this...rebellious. I promise i'll stick by any rules you set me from now on./

/Thank you so much! You have no idea how hard it is to feel like i'm losing all of my friends, i'm trying so hard to keep up with your life and your studies as much as I can. And I would really like if you did the same...N-NOT THAT IM TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO OR ANYTHING!!!...As for rules, when you're in my body please don't: do anything weird with it, change my relationships, act like a tool, miss out on class, TALK BACK TO KATSUKI, miss out on meals or the bathroom (I have super cramps when I wake up because of you! ;-; ) or mess with my stuff. /

/Easy enough. Same goes here. And also stop being so cute around Momo please, she doesn't deserve to see it, thanks. Also, Izuku, I never really thought about it before but...out of pure curiosity...where do you live?/

/I'll try my best! (>人<) And in a town called Itomori! And I know you live in Tokyo, i've always wondered what i'd be like to live there./

/Is it as good as you expected?/

/Ever better./

/That's good, I'm glad, I like your life Izuku./

/And I like yours./


"Deku! There's supposed to be a meteor shower on saturday, do you want you go?"

Izuku smiled at Ochako and Iida as the three of them sat outside and ate their lunch, watching a game of football on a nearby field. A game that Katsuki was supposed to be playing in. He always used to like when Izuku was there to watch him, and despite his change in attitude, Izuku never missed a single match, even if he wasn't a big fan of the game as a whole. And he knew Katsuki appreciated his attendance, with the soft smiles that were always sent to him when they scored a goal. Watching Izuku clap and cheer every time, even if he did bring his friends along. And luckily, Izuku was always in his own body to watch Katsuki's games. He couldn't imagine how depressed Katsuki would get if Izuku didn't turn up to a match one day.

"Of course!" Saturday was Izuku's day in his own body this week, so he'd look forward to seeing such a beautiful sight, he'd have to tell Shouto all about what he'd missed. Maybe he can draw him a picture and write about the experience.


When Shouto types Izuku's phone number into his own phone, he's extremely nervous. Especially when it began to ring and sighing somewhat in both appreciation and disappointment when it went to voice mail.

Izuku was probably busy, around this time he would still be in school. Don't think about it too much.

Shouto has never spoken to Izuku in person but he sure as hell wanted too. More than anything. Izuku had become such a huge part of his life and the only way they'd been communicating was through paper, and marking their skin. He wanted to see him in person. This soul's life he'd become so attached too. This...soul that he'd become so attached too.

He had so many great memories living as Izuku, that he'd gown ever fond of the boy who he'd barley even spoken too. He was literally his other half. And even just dialing the phone number he'd remembered of-by-heart made him feel like he was about to explode with all his affection for this person. This single life had affected Shouto so deeply, it wasn't something he could ever forget about.

Maybe he should just buy a ticket and-

Shouto shook his head, a blush spending on his cheek as he walked down the cold streets of Tokyo, having just finished up with his tutor and on his way to see his best friend.




"Don't you remember me?"


/I bet you're going to be so jealous Shouto! There's a festival on for the meteor shower tomorrow and you're going to miss it! Haha!/

Shouto smiled to himself as he looked down at the message Izuku had left him, writing a quick 'I wish I could've been there' before slipping on Izuku's clothes and going downstairs to greet his mother.

"Izuku, would you like to go for a walk around the lake later? We can even place your Kuchikamizake in the shrine up over on the hill."

Shouto blushed deeply before he laughed to himself "I made Kuchikamizake?"

"Do you remember?" Inko smiled teasingly.

"I mean yes, yeah-of course. How could I not remember making something like that" Shouto tried to keep in his laughs at the thought of Izuku making such a thing.


"Isn't this a nice place to set your Kuchikamizake, Izu?" Inko asked as they both walked over stepping stones on a small river, looking over to the shine in the centre of a large field full of flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes.

"It's beautiful" Shouto smiled, holding onto the pretty vase that held the said drink. He felt as if this is something Izuku should be doing. But he knew he'd be busy tomorrow with the festival and all. This was the least he could do. And no doubt Izuku would be embarrassed just remembering he even made it.

"Alright, lets head on inside" Inko smiled as they both enter the small cave, Shouto deciding where a nice place to set down the vase would be, smiling in satisfaction when he choose an aesthetically pleasing space that complimented the ornament it sat by. 

"Lovely!" Inko complimented, placing her hands together as Shouto stood up and gave her a smile as they both head back outside, stoping to admire the view of the beautiful flowers flowing in the wind. The sky a hue of blue, with soft white clouds aligning it like tracing paper. The sun not even close to having it's chance to show off its full potential.

"Are you excited for tomorrow Izuku? We're all gathering in town about an hour or so before to ensure a good view! But i'm sure you'll be going with your friends so don't worry about me too much" she chuckled.

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world" Shouto smiles, knowing Izuku would say the same thing.


"Izuku, you look so pretty!" Ochako teased as she'd dragged him and Iida over to her house to get ready for the meteor shower.

Izuku pouted as he pulled on a part of his kimono that was too tight and watched as the joyous girl shoved a flower in his hair.

"How do you always manage to get me looking so feminine?" Izuku growled slightly as he glanced at himself in the mirror. 

"Oh shush, i'm just bringing out your cuteness."

"Oh so i'm not already cute?"

"I never said that! You're like...extra cute, don't you think Iida?" Ochako giggled.

"You are sure to secure yourself a mate by the end of the night Izuku" Iida teased, watching as the boy flushed.

"W-WHATEVER!" Izuku looked at himself out of the corner of his eye, he looked stupid. To him he did anyway. Even though he liked wearing things like this, it didn't mean he'd ever give Ochako the satisfaction of knowing that.

"Right i'm done! I've worked my magic! You want a makeover Iida? I think I can make you look ten times better!"

Iida told her off, saying that he was already fabulous without the help of Ochako. Which they both actually agreed with, packing small bags with money as they stepped outside, the sun already setting and causing a large reflection of colours to ripple throughout the town. Izuku's favourite time of day.

"Let's go! I want to be the first to get candy floss!" Ochako called her own pink flowered kimono flapping about as she took off running up the hill, leaving Izuku and Iida to trial behind. Slowly but surly catching up to Ochako when they'd made it to the entrance of the festival. Lights strung from stalls and music murmured throughout the sound of gathering citizens.

"You see I told you i'd be the first! I even got confirmation" Ochako smiled holding out a blue candy floss for Iida, a pink one for herself and passing Izuku a carmel apple, knowing their preferences.

"You always get to the candy floss first" Iida noted.

"That's because it's my thing" Ochako laughed, punching Iida's arm lightly as they began to stroll throughout the entire festival stopping at some points to play games, finishing their candy floss and apples.

"Deku?" Izuku heard a familiar voice all out.

"K-kacchan?" Izuku asked, shocked to see that Katsuki would turn up to this stupid event.

"Izuku...I need to talk to you" Katsuki glared at Iida and Ochako, Izuku noting that he wanted it to be private.

"You've...never called me that before" Izuku mumbles as he stares up at Katsuki in shock and affection.

"Oi, don't go taking away our baby just yet alright? You can have any other day to get married but not today, tonight is our night!" Ochako pouted and started to pull Izuku and Iida out of the festival to where they the can get a better view of the meteor shower.

Izuku looked back at Katsuki noticing his face fall a little but immediately covered it as he gave Izuku a small nod and walked in the opposite direction...He wasn't even dressed for the festival.

"We should get a great view up here! It's about to start any minute now!" Ochako cheered as she and Iida settled down on the grass, watching as Izuku walked a little further forward, watching the sky, waiting. He couldn't help but wish Katsuki had joined them. And that Shouto was here too...

When Izuku saw the first shooting stars his eyes were immediately trained, loyal to each and every star as the wind picked up a little. But that didn't bother him, nor his friends, as they began to slowly stand up too, eyes racked on the stars. But all of their eyes on one in particular.

Everytime Izuku would think of meteor, he'd think of some crusty old asteroid but...he would never imagine that they could be so pretty. Yet...what was this feeling?

Izuku couldn't describe how he felt as he saw the meteor split into two. One of the parts heading straight for them. Maybe something along the line of panic. But yet...he couldn't stop staring. Even as his mind went blank.


Shouto stared at his planner, his knees tucked under his chin, he hadn't switched bodies with Izuku in days. Days. This wasn't normal. Something was wrong. Of course, this made Shouto as worried as hell. He didn't know what he should do. What could he do? He didn't know what the problem was to fix.


"Shouto are you okay?" Momo asks as she spies the empty depressed look on Shouto's face. The bags under his eyes clear that he hasn't slept. And the lack of effort in his appearance altogether out of character.

"Would you like to come with me?"

Momo looked confused "Go with you? Where are you going?"

"...To see a friend. One I met online. But...i'd appreciate the company, it's a long way."

"Of course. Isn't that something to be happy about?" Momo asks, unaware if she's overstepping any boundaries, but Shouto doesn't appear to have any.

"I haven't heard from them in a week. I'm...worried."

"Are you sure they aren't busy?"

"I'm positive. I would know..."

Momo gave him a small smile of pity and grabbed her coat off the back of her chair "Well then what are we waiting for?"


Shouto took his planner along with him on the train with Momo, but it appeared that all the times he and Izuku had written to each other weren't there anymore. Proving to cause him further depression. Just what the hell happened? They do say you never know how much something means to you until it's gone. Yet, Shouto knew how much Izuku's life meant to him still hurt. It still hurt a lot. To have something ripped away from you, so suddenly, without warning...It hurt.


Shouto had forgotten the name of Izuku's town.

He'd forgotten on the train and he wasn't the type to forget things like that easily. When he told Momo she looked rather confused but reassured him that they can ask for help in finding his friend when the trained stopped.

At the next stop, they both clambered out of the train, Momo asking one of the people at the station if they could help them, which they agreed too, guiding them to their office.

"Alright so if you can't remember the name of the place you were going, do you happen to know what this place looks like?"

"I can draw it for you if you like" Shouto doesn't wait for a reply as he grabs a piece of paper off of the employees desk and scribbles down a rough sketch of the lake. On another piece of paper, the shrine. And another, the public school.

"Wow, these are incredible Shouto, I didn't know you could draw, especially from memory" Momo compliments as she elbows him in the ribs playfully, watching as the employee inspected the drawings.

"Hmmm. I'm sorry, I've never seen a place like this before. Are you sure that it's accurate?"

"Positive" Shouto replied, grabbing the drawings back from the man when he offered them. 

"I'm sorry. Why don't you ask around? Maybe the towns people will know better than I do. I'm sure you'll find them if you keep at it. Don't give up on your friend" The person gave a warm smile.

"I won't, thank you for trying" Shouto bows, walking out of the train station with Momo by his side.

"Look, we've been on the train all day, it can't be good on your health to worry so much. Lets go get some dinner, okay? I'm starving! Besides I think it's starting to rain!" Momo tried to lighten the mood, glad when Shouto agreed, however reluctantly he may have. 

Entering a rather small restaurant, Momo and Shouto took their seats in a red booth at the corner a little away from the crowed bar, the black haired girl immediately going for the menu as she licked her lips, but Shouto just kept observing his drawings. Why couldn't he remember?

"Hello! Are you guys ready to order?" A kind lady offered, notebook and pen in hand.

"Yes! Can I have-"

"Do you know this place?" Shouto interrupted, showing his drawings to the lady and ignoring Momo's hunger deprived growl.

The woman picked up the drawing of the lake and inspected it a little "Is it okay if I show this to my father? He's just in the back, don't worry I won't keep it."

Shouto nodded his head as he watched the waiter enter the kitchen.

"Do you think she knows?" Momo asks, watching as the waiter and her 'father' returns with the paper. Not giving Shouto time to answer Momo before they were stood back beside their table.

"I had to make sure but I think that place your looking for is called Itomori."

Shouto's eyes instantly brightened as he stood up "Yes, thats it!"

The man, her father, decides to ask "What business do you have with a place like that?"

Shouto didn't know whether to be offended or curious "What do you mean?"

The man and woman looked at each other, sharing a look of pity before looking back to him.

"You see...that town was destroyed three years ago."

Shouto felt his heart drop to his stomach "T-that's impossible."

"It was hit by a meteor that had unexpectedly spilt into two pieces at the last moment. There's nothing left but the school."

Shouto sunk down into his seat as his eyes began to fill with tears, not having the energy to lock them away or wipe them off as them made their way down his face.

"Did anyone survive?" Momo asked, seeing that Shouto wasn't in a state to ask any more questions.

"I believe there was one survivor, this guy had a uh-bad temper, blonde hair, red eyes-"

Shouto's eyes widened "Katsuki."

"Yeah, I think that was his name."

Momo was extremely confused but rushed outside as Shouto took off running down the dark rain filled streets, his fading figure illuminated by yellowing of the street lights.

"Shouto! Where are you going?" She shouted, only to not receive a reply and ended up running after the moron.


Katsuki was definitely not prepared for the sudden, fast, loud knocks he heard on his door at around one in the morning. Not that he'd admit it out loud but he almost shit a brick.

"What the fuck? I was trying to sleep!" Katsuki seethed as he saw a guy he'd never seen before outside his door.

"Katsuki?" Shouto asked as he took in the others appearance, glad that at least he had made it out alive.

"What the hell? Do I know you?"

Shouto wiped away the tears and rain drops that were now streaming down his face and sniffled, his mood rather matching the rain that had soaked him on the way here. He wasn't expecting bad weather. And wasn't really listening to Momo when she had told him. But he couldn't find it in himself to care.

"You don't know me but I uh-I know you..."

Katsuki looked confused as hell.

Shouto sighed before he laughed sadly.

"I knew Izuku."


"You know...cute face, green hair-"

Katsuki pulled his eyebrows together "What are you talking about?"

Shouto's face fell when he realised Katuki wasn't joking.

" i'm just crazy is that it? That all of this was just a dream about some accident that happened three years ago?!"

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about so can you leave? I have a fucking job to get up for! I don't need brainiacs like you knocking my fucking door down at one in the morning!"

Shouto looked at Katuki who slammed his door shut in his face before heading over to Momo who was standing across the street with an expression of sympathy and waiting for him with an umbrella.

"Lets go find a hotel...yeah?" Momo asked, hopeful when she received a nod.

Shouto was sad. And angry, angry at the world for confusing him, angry was he angry for again? He...someone. Why where they visiting this place? For someone. He needed to find someone. Someone? Something. Something? He doesn't know. He doesn't remember.

"Momo...why did we come here again?"

Momo looked rather shocked at the boy next to her before deciding that lack of sleep will probably do this too you "You came to find your friend."

"My friend?" Shouto remembers, it was a someone. Someone who was important to him. Very important. Who were they? What was their name?




"Don't you remember me?"


Momo woke up in the posh hotel room the next morning to find a note on the other side of the bed instead of the body of her best friend.

/ Momo,

I have to go somewhere, you can go back home without me, I don't know when i'll be back. Thank you for sticking by me, but this is really something I have to do on my own. I left you some money to get back so, stay safe. /

She sighed to herself at this, knowing that Shouto needed someone with him right now. But if he wants to be alone, she'll respect his decisions. Even if it pained her to see him act this way.


Shouto pulled his hood over his head as he felt it begin to rain again, after searching about a town or so over he'd found the lake. He'd seen how large the meteor must have been to create such a creator. How horrible all those deaths must have been. How...He felt sick.

That's not where he was going. Heading upwards he tracked in the heavy rain to find the hill in which held the shrine. Which held something important. He couldn't remember what. But he had the feeling he needed to know. He had to know.

Coming up to a small river with stepping stones and a large field of flowers with a cave like object in the centre, he figured that this was the place.

Taking shelter in the cave, Shouto removes his hood, listening to the relaxing way the rain hit the stones and pulled out his phone, using the torch as he walked deeper into the cave. After a few seconds of walking, he came across an ornament, one he felt as if he'd seen before. Picking up a dirty vase Shouto rubbed off some of the dust, the patterns making him recognise it. His memories flooding back to him with a small gasp.

" could I forget you?" Shouto asked, angry with himself as he took a seat on the floor of the cave, opening the vase of kuchikamizake. He was the one that died. And he couldn't save him. Heck, he could barley even remember him.

"Half of you" Shouto smiled slightly as he felt tears begin to form once again, pouring a small cup of the drink into the cup which was held inside the lid.

"I may be really stupid...and disgusting for doing this but...If time can be turned back...please give me one more chance" Shouto sighed, closing his eyes as he learnt his head back slightly, taking the shot.

Immediately feeling dizzy, Shouto laid back, looking up to the ceiling of the cave holding his light up just before he started to feel lightheaded. A picture was there. In chalk. Of a star. The star? Huh...


"I think we should call him Izuku, my precious little Izuku!" Inko cheered as she look to Izuku's father who nodded his head in agreement, looking over to the awfully joyous baby who was infectious with his bright smile.

"That's a perfect name."


"You think she's so important to you but one day you'll see what you just lost. You had a son for crying out loud! Who the hell would want to go out and have sex with someone who means nothing to them! If I wasn't good enough you could've told me before you felt the need to lie to me for an entire year! You'll realise what you missed out on one day! What you lost! A family!" Inko screamed as she watched her husband walk out of the door, sobbing as her small toddler clung onto her legs.


"When is daddy coming home?" Izuku asked as his innocent green eyes looked up at his mother with confusion.

"Daddy isn't coming home sweetie. He was a big bully."

"He was?" Izuku gasped.

"Yes, I hope that you'll understand that daddy could've made me very sad if he'd had sticked around."

"No!" Izuku protested against his mother being sad.

"I'm so so sorry sweetheart. I love you. And someday someone else will too. Just as much as me."

"Just as much as you?!" Izuku grinned, looking up to his mother in amazement.

"Well...they better. You're the most important person in my life Izuku. You mean the world to me."

"I do?" Izuku giggled.

"Yes. And when you meet someone who loves you that much, I want you to stick with them forever, okay?"

"Forever?" Izuku asked.

Inko chuckled, tucking a green curl behind Izuku's ear "Yes, forever. They'll always take care of you when i'm not able too."

"That sounds nice" Izuku smiled, leaning into his mother's touch.


"Izuku, this is Katsuki. Say hi, and be sure to play nicely okay? He hasn't been treated very well by his parents, so he's moving into our house for a little while until we can find him a new home."

Izuku looked over at the blonde haired boy who was looking at the ground not saying a word, there were bandages on his neck and his legs, along with a few cuts scraping his face.

"H-hello! My names Izuku!" The green haired boy introduced himself, holding out his hand but immediately stopped once the other boy flinched and backed away slightly.

"Izuku, you have to be careful okay? Try not to make any sudden movements."

Izuku nodded at his mother as he slowly walked up to Katsuki, noticing how scared his red eyes looked.

So Izuku did he only thing he knew how to in a situation like that and gave Katsuki a hug.


His mother was cut off as Katsuki immediately returned Izuku's hug, not leaving any room for hesitation or argument.


"Kacchan, look!" Izuku help up a piece of origami that he'd created, a flower.

"That's silly Deku, mines better, see?" Katsuki held up his paper plane.

"Wow! That's amazing Kacchan!" Izuku admired how Katsuki had flying movements with his hand.

"Izuku, Katsuki's new parents are here, would you like to say hello?"

"Kacchan's...leaving? W-what?"

Katsuki walked over to Izuku and gave him a hug and a bright smile seeing that the other was scared of him leaving "It's okay Deku, we'll still see each other all the time."

"...All the time?"

"All the time" Katsuki promised, locking his pinky finger with Izuku's.


"God what are those things on your face? They look like poo" A child laughed as they poked Izuku's cheeks causing him to turn his head away and force his lips in on themselves.

"T-they're my freckles...Kacchan told me he likes them."

"Then Kacchan must like to eat poo!" The child concluded, which was met with a following of 'ew's from the rest of the class.

"That's not true! Kacchan doesn't do that!" Izuku told the class. 

"Yes he does cause he hangs around with you and you like poo too!"

"Hey!" Izuku heard a familiar voice walk into the classroom "Stop being mean!"

"Look it's the poo eater!" another child called out.

"That's disgusting! I do not! And neither does Deku! So stop acting silly or i'll tell on you!"


"Kacchan, why are people so mean? I don't understand..." Izuku cried as he tried to cover up his freckles with his mother's makeup.

"They just think it's cool. You shouldn't be listening to them" Katsuki replied, taking the concealer from Izuku who had already cried the make up away.


"No but's. You shouldn't have to change yourself because of others."


Inko watched as the two children walked into middle school together. They were growing up. And it was all to fast to deal with. But at the same time, she couldn't wait for the future.


"Hi! My names Ochako! And this is my good friend Iida! Nice to meet you!" The short girl with brown hair and rosy cheeks had told Izuku, not mentioning when the blonde walked away from them when they had came up to the green haired boy.


"Kacchan what is wrong with you?" Izuku asked as they both walked home together, but he noticed that the blonde had been avoiding him and agitated since they had started the school.

"NOTHING! IM FINE!" Katsuki replied, walking a little faster.


By the time high school rolled around Katsuki was no longer the kind friendly kid he used to be. Always seeming so god damn angry all the time. And Izuku had no idea what had gone wrong. Where he had gone wrong.

But he couldn't go back in time and change anything. Even if he could, what was there to change?


Izuku opened his notebook.

/Who are you?/


Izuku Midoriya



/You should really consider punching Katsuki in the face./


Izuku chuckled at the sentence that was written in his notebook. About how he should punch Katsuki in the face as he saw the said person stare at him from his seat, which was a few up and across from Izuku's, which was located by the window. But Izuku only smiled softly and gave a small wave, disappointment flooding through him like a truck as Katsuki turned to face the front of the classroom like nothing had happened. They used to be such good friends. What happened? And why was Katsuki avoiding him like the plague lately?



/Izuku, I apologise about disrupting your life, I hope you can forgive me. It was rather preposterous of me to do something like that. I'm not usually this...rebellious. I promise i'll stick by any rules you set me from now on./

/Thank you so much! You have no idea how hard it is to feel like i'm losing all of my friends, i'm trying so hard to keep up with your life and your studies as much as I can. And I would really like if you did the same...N-NOT THAT IM TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO OR ANYTHING!!!...As for rules, when you're in my body please don't: do anything weird with it, change my relationships, act like a tool, miss out on class, TALK BACK TO KATSUKI, miss out on meals or the bathroom (I have super cramps when I wake up because of you! ;-; ) or mess with my stuff. /

/Easy enough. Same goes here. And also stop being so cute around Momo please, she doesn't deserve to see it, thanks. Also, Izuku, I never really thought about it before but...out of pure curiosity...where do you live?/

/I'll try my best! (>人<) And in a town called Itomori! And I know you live in Tokyo, i've always wondered what i'd be like to live there./

/Is it as good as you expected?/

/Ever better./

/Good, I'm glad, I like your life Izuku./

/And I like yours./


"Deku! There's supposed to be a meteor shower on saturday, do you want you go?"

Izuku smiled at Ochako and Iida as the three of them sat outside and ate their lunch, watching a game of football on a nearby field. A game that Katsuki was supposed to be playing in.

"Of course!"


"Wow! Izuku you made Kuchikamizake? I'm impressed" Inko complimented.

Izuku blushed heavily "I...wanted to give it a try. Even if no one wants to drink it, t-that's okay! I totally u-understand!"


/I bet you're going to be so jealous Shouto! There's a festival on for the meteor shower tomorrow and you're going to miss it! Haha!/ 


"Izuku you look so pretty!" Ochako teased as she'd dragged him and Iida over to her house to get ready for the meteor shower.

Izuku pouted as he pulled on part of his kimono that were too tight and watched as the joyous girl shoved a flower in his hair.

"How do you always manage to get me looking so feminine?" Izuku growled slightly as he glanced at himself in the mirror. 

"Oh shush, i'm just bringing out your cuteness."

"Oh so i'm not always cute?"

"I never said that! You're like...extra cute, don't you think Iida?" Ochako giggled.

"You are sure to secure yourself a mate by the end of the night Izuku" Iida teased, watching as the boy flushed.



"Deku?" Izuku heard a familiar voice all out.

"K-kacchan?" Izuku asked, shocked to see that Katsuki would turn up to this stupid event.

"Izuku...I need to talk to you" Katsuki glared at Iida and Ochako, Izuku noticing that he wanted it to be private.

"You've...never called me that before" Izuku mumbles as he stares up at Katsuki in shock and affection.

"Oi, don't go taking away our baby just yet alright? You can have any other day to get married but not today, tonight is our night!" Ochako pouted and started to pull Izuku and Iida out of the festival to where they the can get a better view of the meteor shower.

Izuku looked back at Katsuki noticing his face fall a little but immediately covered it as he gave Izuku a small nod and walked in the opposite direction...He wasn't even dressed for the festival.


Shouto tried to interrupt the string of memories from Izuku's past. That'd been playing like a tape in his unconscious state.

"Izuku! You can't stay there!" he cried as he watched Izuku stare at the oncoming meteor which had now split into several different directions, each one burning and ready to hit anything it came in contact with.

But every little effort proved to be ineffective and he had no choice but to watch and scream as Izuku, along with the rest of the town, was destroyed.


Shouto woke up with a start. Looking down at himself and immediately realised he wasn't in his own body.

"Izuku," he started to sob, hugging himself as tightly as he could "Thank goodness. Thank goodness you're still alive. I promise i'll help you...I won't let you die. Or anyone you love."


When Shouto had composed himself enough, he ran down stairs where Inko was making breakfasts and walked up to her, embracing the living daylights out of her. 

"Izuku whats gotten into you?" Inko asked at the sudden affection.

"I just love my mother, is that so wrong?" Shouto cried as he buried himself into her shoulder.

"Aw sweetie. I love you too. But I have to get some food prepared for the festival."

"The festival?" Shouto asked as he stepped back a little, letting Inko work.

"Yes, the festival silly. It's tonight."

"...It's...tonight?" Shouto asked, more to himself than Inko.

"Yes dear."

There's still time.


"Katuki we need to evacuate everyone the meteor. It's going to spilt!"

Katsuki sighed as he tried walking away from Shouto who'd stopped him on the street "You're not Izuku again, are you?"


"Do you think i'm stupid?"


"So...what's your name?"


"Your name" Katsuki confirmed.


"Listen up, Shouto. I don't know what you think you're doing in my friends body but you better quit it. This isn't your life to live. If you'd be so kind, i'd really like you to give me Izuku back."

Shouto clenched his jaw "I know that. That's why i'm telling you now. We need to get everyone to the school, it's the only place that'll still be standing. And if you care about Izuku as much as I know you do, he would be really...grateful if we evacuated the whole town."

Katuki just chuckled lowly, his face twisting in different kinds of hurt "Right...Whatever just-just...leave him alone."


"I'm so thankful" Shouto smiled as Ochako, Iida and Katsuki agreed to help him. No matter how much they looked like they didn't believe him. They chose to help, which is all Shouto could've hoped for.

"Iida I hope you know what you're doing" Shouto sighed, closing the blinds in a private computer section of the library at their school.

"I should be able to hack into the the speaker system that runs around town. Can't say how long it will take though."

"Better sooner than never" Shouto fretted, not noticing the strange looks Ochako and Iida shared with each other about his behaviour.

"If we can get everyone to the school, they should be safe since it's outside of the danger zone. We can send out a broadcast from there telling everyone where to go."

"I have explosives if you think that'll distract people" Katsuki commented.

"You...have explosives?"

"I don't need the lecture. Do you want them or not?"

Shouto smiled, Katsuki was going to be a huge plus for this plan "Of course, but only a small one. Not enough to hurt anyone or cause permanent damage. And only if my plan A doesn't work out."

"This is totally illegal" Ochako muttered to herself in the corner, reading books on the towns past "Hey guys! Do you know lake Itomori was formed? I just found out! It says there was a meteor that hit around one thousand two hundred years ago."

"There was?" Shouto asked, walking over to Ochako and peering in the book she was reading.

"Yeah, see?"

Shouto looked at the drawing of the meteor and immediately recognised it as the star which was draw on top of the cave where he drank Izuku's kuchikamizake.


"Please you have to believe me!" Shouto tried to convince the leader of the towns council.

"Nonsense. I'm not sending everyone in town into mad panic on a mere whim! You're crazy young Izuku. You need to be locked away."

"No! Please, you'll all die if you stay here! And I can't let that happen!"

"Izuku I said no! Or would you like your mother to lose her job?!"

Shouto seethed "She'll be losing much more than her job if you don't evacuate everyone."

"I never knew you were such a lunatic Izuku."

"Don't you dare call him a lunatic! If you don't do something about it then I will" Shouto walked out, slamming the door behind him.



"See you at the festival!" A young child says to another, walking down the street and passing Shouto, who desperately wants to cry.

"You shouldn't go," He interrupted, the sunset showing how little time he had left "you need to get out of town, you and your friends."

The child pouted up at him "My mother sayings i'm not allowed to talk to crazy people."

"Izuku! You can't just keep doing that!" Ochako runs up to him as the children walked away.

"I don't understand. Could Izuku have persuaded them? What am I doing wrong?"

Ochako looks at him with an expression of shock.

"I need you to get Inko out of town" Shouto commented, not giving her anytime to respond to his third person.


"You, Iida, Katsuki, Inko and whoever else you manage to convince. You need to take them to the school."

"What's going on with you? You went to Tokyo randomly yesterday and now you're acting crazy. Is it something in the food?"


"God damn it would you please stop running away from us" Katsuki and Iida caught up. But Shouto wasn't listening, he was looking at the hill. The hill which held the shrine. Didn't he fall asleep there. Did that mean Izuku was there too?

"I have to go" Shouto muttered as he took off running once again, though this time with a place set in mind.

"What are we supposed to do?" He heard Iida call out behind him.

"Please get our plan B ready. I'm counting on you."


Izuku woke up to damp drops dripping on his cheek.

"Huh? Where am I?" Izuku sat up, rubbing his eyes as he sat up in a dark cave, not in his own body.

"Shouto..." Izuku sighed, putting his hand to his face.

Walking out of the small cave, Izuku saw where the red and white haired boy had been.

"Shouto what are you doing here?" He asked himself, recognising the place immediately as he watched the flowers flow in the gentle breeze, the sunset throwing beautiful colours into the mix of many. He walked over to the small hill and looked over, bringing a hand to his mouth at what he saw.

"The's gone..."

Izuku had a small vision of the meteor, how beautiful it had looked before it made its impact.

"Did I...die?"




/"Dont you remember me?"/

Shouto kept running.

/"I'm going to Tokyo!"/

/Ochako gasped, "What on earth are you going there for?" /

/"Um, a date. Yeah...I started online dating!"/

/"Izuku you cant fool me that easily."/

/"Look after my mother for me please. I'll be back by tonight!"/

/The number you are trying to call is currently unavailable-/


/What would happen if we met?/

/Would I annoy you? Or be too awkward? Would you be glad to see me?/

/The number you are trying to call is currently unavailable-/

/If we just see each other, you'll know. That I was the one inside your body. That I lived your life the way you lived mine./

/Izuku got back on the train, he'd been in Tokyo all day and he wanted to get back to his mother. As he was losing hope, until he saw a mop of red and white hair in the crowd and immediately rushed toward the person who was reading a book, seemingly none interested in the rest of the world./

Shouto gasped for his breathe, trying not to stumble on the tree roots as he made his way through the small forest. Three years ago. Before I knew you...


/"Shouto" the said boy looked up from the book he was reading and into a pair of bright green eyes./

/"How do you know my name? Who are you?"/

/Izuku looked heartbroken "Don't you remember me?"/

/"...Remember you?"/

/The green haired boy looked down, trying not to notice as the crowd pushing the two closer together as more people clambered on the train and tears filled his eyes "Sorry. I thought you were someone else..."/

/At the next stop, the smaller boy was dragged away from Shouto by the large crowd of people./

/"Whats your name?" Shouto managed to shout over the mass of people. Some force drawing him to the boy that he'd like to be explained./

/Izuku Midoriya./

Shouto kept running, his lungs burned but he didn't stop. It wasn't an excuse.

Three years ago. You came to see me. Izuku...i'm so sorry. I'm sorry I didn't know who you were back then. But I know now.


Izuku looked up from where he was sat on the ground, watching the sunset over his missing town, feeling a longing presence of someone nearby.

"Shouto?" He asked out loud, standing up.

"Izuku?" He heard a distant voice shout back, but he was no where to be seen.

"Shouto?" Izuku took off running around the large field.

"Izuku!" He heard him shout back as they both kept running.

Feeling a strong presence as if someone had passed him, Izuku turned around seeing no one there. But he knew there was. He just knew.

"Shouto" He mumbled into the empty space in front of him.

"Izuku" He heard the all too familiar voice reply as if right in front of him.

Tearing forming in his eyes, Izuku raised his hand to touch the space in front of him. But was flooded with disappointment as he was met with nothing, turning to watch a cloud flood over the sun set sky. Causing the light around them to become shaded. It was twilight.

Looking back to where he figured Shouto was he was surprised to see himself. It was Shouto but in his body. As quick as they seen it they switched, both of them returning to their rightful bodies.

"Izuku..." Shouto whispered, smiling as he saw the other boy well up with tears and his face overtook with indescribable shock.

"Shouto," he replied running up and hugging the red and white haired boy. Both of them holding on tightly "It's really you..."

"I came to see you..." Shouto replied, smiling softly as Izuku pulled away to inspect the others face, still star struck that all of this was real "It wasn't the easiest journey, you live so far away."

"H-how is this possible? At that moment...I..." Izuku remember, letting his tears go as he remembered his own death.

"I drank your kuchikamizake" Shouto laughed, watching as Izuku flushed brightly.

"Y-you...drank that? You pervert! Why did you do that?!"

"I'm sorry" Shouto quickly apologised, turning red himself.

"It's...fine. I guess."

Shouto walked closer to Izuku this time "I'm sorry that I didn't know who you were back then. On the train. Do you think you could forgive me?"

"Maybe..." Izuku murmured, looking at the ground while shifting from foot to foot but looked up as soon as he heard Shouto laugh loudly. He didn't know what about. Maybe how stupid and messed up their situation was. But he couldn't help but join in.

Calming down but still smiling, Shouto looked at the clouds to see how much time they had left before leaning his forehead against Izuku's "You have to listen to me, there are still things you need to do..."

"What do you mean?"

"The festival. The meteor. Everything. It hasn't happened yet. You need to stop it."

"How do I do that?"

"You need to evacuate everyone to the school, okay? It's the only part of the town that will survive the impact."

"I...I don't want to leave you" Izuku squeezed his eyes shut, not willing himself to cry anymore than he already has.

"Izuku...please. For me, okay? You have to. Your life and the ones you love are so important to me" Shouto spoke, feeling himself about to cry as well.

"I'll try my best" Izuku gave the other a wobbly smile.

" we don't forget each other's names again..." Shouto drew back slightly, pulling a marker out of his coat pocket as he held Izuku's hand palm up and writing on it, closing it into a fist once he'd finished.

Izuku nodded in agreement, taking the marker from Shouto and holding out the others hand.

"Izuku..." Shouto commented, watching as the boy pulled of the marker lid.


"Don't give up, okay?" Shouto smiled, watching as Izuku returned the action nodding.

But before Izuku could write his draw more than a line of his name of Shouto's hand, he wasn't there anymore and the setting sun didn't come out again from behind the clouds. It was night time.

"Izuku...?" Shouto asked to the empty space in front of him.

I wanted to tell you.

Wherever you are in the world doesn't matter to me. I'll always come and find you. I promise.

Shouto looked over to the moon that was now hanging in the sky.

"Your name is Izuku" he reminded himself, rubbing a hand over the small mark of ink on his palm "Izuku. Izuku. Your name is..."

Shouto's eyes widened, grabbing the marker from the ground as he went to draw on his hand only to stop by his clogged memories "Who are you?"

/Why am I here? For someone. Someone? Yes someone. Someone who was very important. Someone who he has to save. Who? Who was it? Who did you come to save? Someone very dear to me. Someone who I shouldn't forget. Who I should never forget. Who? Who? Who?/

"What is your name?" Shouto shouted into an empty abyss, frustrated with himself.


Izuku kept running, kept running until he saw the town and the festival.

Shouto. Izuku kept repeating to himself.

It's okay. I remember. I'll never forget.




Izuku kept reminding himself as he saw the large star in the sky having not yet split. He still had a little time.


"Where have you been?" Katsuki asked as he and Iida were stood waiting outside the school.

"I'm sorry Kacchan. Please we have to get inside now."


"So that star is going to split and fall?" Iida asked as the looked at the slow shooting star in the sky. A trial of colours hanging behind it.

"Yes! I saw it with my own eyes. It was really scary so we have to hurry!"

"Izuku, calm down. If you panic it'll only make everything worse. Just explain everything to us when all this is over" Katsuki commented, kicking open the school doors.


"You want me work the speakers to the town then shut down the back up town generator if I get found out?" Ochako fretted as she spoke to Iida over the phone.

"We'll take care of everything else. So...please try."

"Alright, alright fine" Ochako sighed, looking over at the complex system she had no idea what to do with, watching out of the corner of her eye as she saw an explosion come from the substation.


"That should do it" Katsuki commented, looking over at Iida and Izuku who were now rushing to the festival.

"Wow Kacchan...isn't that a little big?"

"Nah" Katuki smirked, watching the whole town shade over with darkness as the town lost its power.


"Wow! Look at the star! It's so pretty!"

"Honey, take a picture!"

/This is Itomori town hall. There has been an explosion in the in the substation-/

"An explosion?"


/There is danger of further explosions and forest fires. Residents in this area please evacuate to Itomori High School. I repeat-/

"Everyone, there a forest fire!" Iida explained as he Izuku and Katsuki tried to convince people to leave. They had managed to get a few people, but they weren't walking nearly quick enough. They weren't taking them seriously.

"Everyone please evacuate!"

"It's not safe here please get to safety!"

"We don't have enough time Izuku" Katuki commented, watching as the other began to panic even more than he was already.

"Hey, didn't I tell you to calm down?"

"His name...I can't remember his name!" Izuku cried, desperately searching his brain while Katsuki clenched his jaw.

"I dare care about some stupid name! We can't evacuate everyone here by ourselves! I'm sorry Izuku. I really am...Not just for this but for...Look, It's just not gonna happen. Just go to the school okay? At least if you get there i'll feel somewhat at peace...Me and glasses boy over there will keep trying."

Izuku went to protest but Katsuki had already turned around and started shouting at several citizens. But he could see that he was just as scared as he was. How could someone who was panicking be so level headed? How could he think rationally in this situation? He supposed he's always admired that about Katsuki. He always put everyone before himself. Even if they didn't realise it. Even if he didn't realise it.

"O-OI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET THE HELL OF ME!" Katsuki shouted as he felt Izuku capture him in a hug.

"Sorry Kacchan" Izuku quickly removed his arms and looked up to Katsuki who was still dazed, watching the green eyes boy wipe away his tears on his own sleeve.

"No..." Katuki replied, starting to well up with tears of his own as he heard Izuku sob harder, bringing him back in for a hug "It's okay...I'm the one who's sorry."

"Kacchan...come with me?" Izuku cried, clinging onto Katsuki's shirt as the spiky haired blonde looked at the star, willing himself not to cry.

"No Izuku. I'm going to try my best to get everyone safe...okay?" Katsuki leaned back a little, pressing a soft kiss to Izuku's forehead before ruffling his hair and pulling away "I know it's tough but if I-"


"Shut up! If I die...promise me one thing. I don't want you ever to change. I don't want it to affect you. I want you to keep smiling so...promise?" Katuki held out his pinky, which Izuku immediately took with his own nodding violently.

"Good...then you better get going. I'll be damned if I said goodbye to you only to have us meet upstairs later on" Katuki grinned, lowering their pinkies but not letting go.

Izuku nodded, sniffling as he gave Katsuki a wobbly smile, obviously trying to put on a brave face for the other. Which in all honesty, was what made Katsuki's tears finally fall. But he knew Izuku couldn't stay here any longer. So he let their pinkies go, gave him a shaky smile and wiped away his tears, running around to shout at people once more.

Izuku couldn't bear it. The pain inside his chest as he looked at Katsuki and Iida who were still trying to get people to safety. He couldn't handle it. It was too much.

So he ran. He ran as fast as he could, he couldn't even see where he was going past his tears as he tripped onto the ground, rolling down the hill slightly and bashing his head against a road sign.


"There aren't any forest fires! Find out where this broadcast is coming from!"


/This is Itomori town ha-TURN THAT THING OFF-/

Iida looked over to the speaker in shock. Damn it. You did your best Ochako.

/This is Itomori town hall. We are currently investigating the accident. Please stay where you are until further notice. I repeat-/

"NO!" Katuki shouted, about to rip the damn speakers off the wall as he looked up to the sky.

"It's splitting apart," He observed, clenching his jaw as it threatened to wobble and tears filled his eyes once more, talking to himself in hopes that a certain green haired boy could hear his words "I'm so sorry Izuku...I'm sorry that i'm so stupid."


Shouto walked outside his house, and onto his balcony by his bedroom, observing the star that had split into two.

"Wow it's really magnificent isn't it Shouto?" Momo asked from beside him.


/Who are you?/

/What is your name?/

Izuku tried standing up, only to hiss as a large pain spread throughout his head. Damn it.

/Someone important to me/

/Someone I couldn't forget. I didn't want to forget!/

/"Here, so we don't forget each other's names again"/

Izuku sat against the railing of a nearby building, opening up the palm of his hand which Shouto had written on. His name! He would remember! He would-

Izuku started to cry. They hadn't written their name at all. Only three words in which made Izuku want to slap them.

/I love you/

"...This isn't your name...stupid" Izuku smiled to himself despite his anger, tears rolling off his face and onto the palm of his hand where the three words lay "You're so stupid! So so so stupid! I can't remember your name with this!"

Izuku cried soundlessly to himself as he held his hand to to his chest, clenching his shirt where his heart had took its home.


/Don't give up, okay?/

Right. He made a promise. Izuku stood up on his shaky legs as he felt the blood rush to his head. Starting to run once again, feeling completely numb to the world as he felt the impact.


Shouto opened his eyes, staining them against the full force of the sun, standing up when he realised he had no idea where he was. A field full of pretty flowers. With a large lake to his left.

" I?"


- 8 years later -

"I'm always searching. For something. Something great. And someone that can do great. I can only hope you feel the same...I believe that I can make a difference. please consider my application!" Shouto bowed, handing his job application out to the person in front of him.

The person in front of him smiles happily and takes his application, asking him one last question "What makes you so sure that being a Conservator Restorer would be the right job for you?"

Shouto looked up in surprise that the man had actually taken his application "I-uh, I mean. I would like to preserve cultural heritage. I believe it should be protected and treasured in-"

"Alright, that's enough Mr Todoroki," the man chuckled, stopping him there "I'll definitely have a look through your application and we'll be sure to contact you in a few weeks."

Shouto grinned bashfully and inched his way to the exit "Thank you so much."

"That's no trouble at all."

Stepping out into the cold air Shouto sighed happily, he was finally doing something with his life at the grand age of 26. And it's a job he never thought he'd see himself doing at all. To think when he was little he had such big dreams of becoming something honourable. Of being someone that other people view as respectable. And...his first job interview that had nothing to do with his father's place in society. And they didn't totally reject him like he thought they would! Win win.

Feeling his phone buzz in his pocket he takes it out happily, reading that it was Momo "Hello?"

"Hey Shouto! How did your interview go?"

Shouto grinned to himself "I wouldn't say it went as bad as it could've."

"Congratulations!!! You must feel thrilled!"

"Yeah, i'm literally planning a celebration for myself in the flat if you want to stop by for a slice of cake."

"Ohhhhh. Cake? You know me so well eheheheheh."

Shouto laughed as he walked up to the train station, hearing the loud mechanical intercom reading out the different routes "I really don't know how i've put up with you for this long, your fucking insane."

"Oi! That's no way to treat such a precious flower like me! Anyway, I got to go sort out my partner in crime, she's not feeling so good. I think I gave her my sickness."

"Alright, well be sure to tell her I said get well soon" Shouto smiles to himself, thinking of Momo taking care of her fiancé.

"I'm sure she'll be flattered. I HOPE YOU KNOW I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THE CAKE! BRING. ME. SOM-" Shouto heard her shout before he hung up, laughing to himself as he put his phone away and listening to the loud man on the intercom telling him which train he'd be boarding.

Finding the right one, Shouto sighed when he saw that there was no seats and stood up, holding onto the small yellow dangling handles, which seemed to stand out from the rest of the dark themed interior and give the train a little more life.

"This train is for Kyoto," Shouto mimicked the voice that played every time he got on the train. Which was everyday. Every god damn day. He slowly got used to it but it was still annoying as hell. Especially since he almost always has to stand up "doors closing."

"Wait!" Shouto heard someone shout and he held out his arm to stop the train doors from closing so this person wouldn't be late for the train.

"Thank you so much!" They panted, flashing Shouto a bright smile as they took the only open space beside the red and white haired man, watching the doors finally close and the train starting to move.

Something about them was familiar...

Shouto just couldn't decide what.

He felt as if he'd seen this person before. Their green eyes and hair, and a litter of freckles.


Surly he'd be able to remember a face like that if he'd saw it before.

It seemed as though the other person had the same idea as he looked at Shouto with a confused face and gave him a nervous smile "Have we met before?"

Shouto laughed lightly, turning around to face the man who was a few slim inches away from him "I was thinking the same thing."

The green haired man laughed, genuinely sending tingles throughout Shouto's body "My names Izuku. Izuku Midoriya."

Shouto felt a small pain through this head but quickly dismissed it turning and giving the other a heart warming smile which was happily sent back to him "Shouto Todoroki."