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Void's Mark

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The veins and marked tissue snaked its way in different shapes, each a different colour, all in varying parts of our bodies. Some wore them with pride- proof of our strength, our survival- while others recoiled at their own reflections. All those years of conditioning, of gilded words about the beauty of symmetry and perfection taking their toll, repeated so often that even the common folk started to believe them. Live by them. In a way, we still do.


It did not matter that we were children. Nor that we had survived the closest thing to Hell humans could ever come across in this cosmos. We were flawed.
But we were useful, the ones that would save them. And ultimately be their downfall.


Though, until that fateful day came to pass, we stood watch and listened- always listened- to their whispers followed by disgusted glances, their flowered words masking their true thoughts. I did not think any one of us believed a word they said, but indoctrination is still possible, despite the bonds we forged in that place fighting our own blood. Suppose Stalker proved me wrong, if the wild guesses regarding his true nature, spoken across encrypted Tenno frequencies, were to be true.


Regardless, we did not trust them and they despised us.




We needed each other. They gave us our greatest weapons and in turn, we saved them from the horrors they had created. And when it was over we remained, though as nothing more than errand boys, resistance silencers and gussied up guard dogs. Status symbols. To all but one of them.

There is no doubt in my mind she loved us. Even after what we’d done, she cared for us as our mothers once did. And they destroyed her for it. They removed any chance of knowing whether she would have still loved us- loved me-if she knew how truly flawed our minds had become. She was gone and there was no way to find out anymore. Sound, rage, fear, cold, touch and a myriad of other stressors- the frames muted them and gave them direction. Our pain made manifest. The Void does not leave the mind unscathed after all, no matter how in control you think you are.


So we destroyed them with the very weapons they gave us.


And we were called the betrayers.


And we slept.