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Vodka and Jello Shots

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Vodka and Jello Shots

It had just barely been after 8 pm when Hizashi arrived at the bar. Today was a once in a lifetime event as him and his colleagues at Yuuei had finally managed to convince All Might to go out for a drink with them after everything that had happened at the hideout raid.

It was just a tiny bit after midnight when Hizashi, who was pretty tipsy as well at this point, noticed that Aizawa had blacked out completely next to him. His breathing was slow, steady and his head rested on top of his arms, which were sprawled out on the table in front of them. It must have been a pretty uncomfortable position, Mic figured.

All Might had left them about an hour ago when things had started to get a liiiitle bit out of hand. He couldn't drink due to his injuries and when Yuuei's teachers got drunk you didn't want to be the sober one. Only a short time later, however, the group ever so slowly started to disband.

„Hey“ Hizashi's slender fingers poked Aizawa in his ribs, hoping to force a reaction out of him. His voice sounded cheerful as always and his trademark grin spread across his lips as he looked down at his best friend whom he had known for a little more than half his life now.

„Hey, Shoutaaaaa“, Hizashi repeated once more, careful to not let his quirk seep into his words while teasingly tugging on Shouta's shoulder. It was hard to control when his mind was all fuzzy but he really did not feel like bursting any glasses, especially without having Eraser to shut him up, if necessary. No reaction. A frustrated sigh left his lips. „S'ppose Energy-Saving Shou-chan is at it again“, he pouted at Midnight, who sat next to him and gave him an empathic look.

Slowly, Hizashi got to his feet. To his own suprise, his balance hadn't taken that big of a toll from his excessive drinking, which turned out to be very convienient thinking of what he had coming for him. It was then that he realiyed that Shouta's apartment was only a block away from here. How convenient. For a moment, he wondered if his friend had planned that when inviting out All Might in the first place. But of course he had. Shouta, ever the rationalist. „Alright, time to leave“ He spoke to himself rather than to anyone else before heaving Shouta's body off the table, dragging one of his arms across his shoulders while supporting his friend's weight with an arm around his waist.

The sudden movement his body was forced to make made Shouta rise from the dead – at last.

„Geez, you've gotten heavy“, Hizashi joked with a wide grin on his lips. It's been quite a while since he had had to carry him like this – they had both been in their 20's the last time it had happened – and since then Shouta had gained quite a bit of weight in muscles. Hizashi was made painfully aware of that when he felt the other's body, heated by the copious amounts of alcohol he had consumed, through Shouta's dress shirt as they were pressed agaist eachother. He felt a warm rush creeping up his neck at the sudden realization. Shouta just grunted in response, and to Hizashi's relief he started to support his own weight a lot better than before now.

Mic waved everyone who was left goodbye and began moving the two of them towards the door.

The air outside was crisp, clearing Hizashi's head with every breath he took. Shouta was still leaning on him heavily but at least he was walking on his own. He had rested his head on Mic's shoulder, brushing his hair against the other's neck ever so often as they walked. A hint of pink creeped onto Hizashi's cheeks. Thankfully the alcohol would cover that up as well. Aizawa wouldn't remember any of this in the morning anyways, he never did. But he would, and it would hurt just as badly as it always did.

It took them over 20 minutes just to cover a distance each of them would have beat in about five had it not been for the vodka.


When they arrived at the door of Shouta's flat on the ground floor, Hizashi fished in his pocket for his keys. He always brought the spare he was given just in case when Shouta had moved here ages ago. It did not take him long to maneuver them through the door and close it behind them. Despite Mic having been here before on multiple occasions, it was always a surprise to him how empty Aizawa's flat was. In some way it reminded him of a certain, very minimalistic Swedish furniture store. It almost seemed to get emptier and emtpier with each time Hizashi visited, he mused. Shouta just did not keep anything for longer than he deemed it necessary.

The air was stuffy. Shouta hadn't been home all day long, he figured. He did not bother with the lights. Hizashi carefully slipped out of his shoes, kicked them aside and made his way through the flat towards the bedroom. Just after he had opened the door and prepared to lower the other onto the futon – thankfully Shouta had been too lazy to store it away in the morning – the clock stroke 01:00.

From the corner of the room, a jingle started to go off, filling the usually quiet space with music. Mic's heart jumped in his chest at the sudden sound sending a heavy shock through his whole body, causing him to almost drop Aizawa in the process. He managed to hold onto him just barely, tightening his grip before he slid out of it completely.

„Hellooooo ~ my dear Listeners!“, the sleek black radio sounded enthusiastically. Hizashi had given it to him once along with some of his mixtapes, clamining that no flat was complete without at least some sort of music. He had been convinced that Shouta must have gotten rid of it by now.

„We will start off with the first track right away! Enjoy! ~“

It took Hizashi a moment to gather himself before he realized what he was hearing. That was his voice. That was him speaking. That was.... his radio show? Dumbfounded, he started lowering the half-awake Shouta whose eyelids had only now due to the disruption and the noise started to open onto the futon and kneeled down next to him. His gaze was glued onto the black radio in disbelief.

Right, he had done a prerecording for today so he could hang out with Shouta and the others tonight. But why... why was it playing here, of all places? Hizashi's bright green eyes darted over at Shouta, who had propped himself up on his arms, his eyes wide open, realization written all across his face. Shouta opened his mouth but before any words had but the chance to come out, Mic had already started talking.

„You listen to me?“, he asked, his voice way more quiet than his usual self. His face grew hotter as he spoke, tinting his cheeks a rose colour. He sincerely hoped that Shouta wouldn't be able to tell and for a moment he was immensely grateful at his past self for neglecting to turn on the lights.

„What of it?“, Shouta gave back, averting his gaze, staring at the ground beneath him. A soft flush of his own creeped its way onto his stoic visage. This was bad. The moment the radio had turned itself on like it did every week and Shouta had realized what had happened his mind had returned to him an instant. And now, he had the original between him and the radio. This was never supposed to happen.

„I thought you didn't like music I play on the show“, Hizashi noted, forcing a laugh to go with his words and his trademark smirk, trying his hardest to feign carelessness. Don't fuck this up. Don't let him notice. Don't fuck this up.

„I don't.“

Fuck. The moment Shouta's voice reached Hizashi, his heart sank in his chest.

Shouta spoke truthfully, as always. He couldn't lie to Hizashi, not after all those years of keeping his feelings so well under control. He had gotten pretty good at avoiding the truth by now, dancing around it with carefully chosen words. He sat up fully now, glancing towards the radio to avoid Hizashi's gaze.

„Ah... haha.. I see. Well, anyone can tune in, no matter why, right? Even if you hate it.“, Hizashi spoke hesitantly, looking over to the radio once again where his bubbly on-air persona was going on about the last song they had heard. Why did he even assume that? Had his tipsy mind played a trick on him? Stupid. „Well, I better get going. I see you've recovered quite well from tonight so-“

Just as he was about to rise, he felt a sudden tug at his sleeve before nimble fingers wrapped around Hizashi's wrist, freezing his body in place with just a simple touch.

„Hizashi, wait. I -“ Shouta started determinedly but then his thoughts left him completely, leaving only a clean slate, void of everything he was about to say. Damn those jello shots. Damn you, Nemuri. What was he doing? This was irrational. He was about to ruin the only true and deep friendship he ever had and why? Just because he couldn't keep his affections locked behind closed doors like he always did.
„I like listening to your voice“, his words were quiet, almost getting drowned out by the radio.

Hizashi turned back around when Shouta reached out for him, facing the other once more, down on his knees. He almost did not catch what he said, his mind swimming with all the possible scenarios that were likely or not likely to happen right now. How did they end up like this? He did not know. The only thing he knew was that it was now or never. He had been harbouring these feelings for the past fifteen years now. It was either now or never.
„You do?“, he finally responded after a long pause, gathering all the courage that was left in his foggy mind. „Look, Shouta, I -“

„I know what you're about to say. I should never have mentioned this, Hizashi“, Shouta fell into his voice harshly, his gaze fixed at the floor. His head was clear but he still slurred. „Just forget about it. I'm sorry.“ Shouta released his grip around Hizashi's wrist, letting go of that too-familiar warmth, wishing he hadn't.


A tiny, almost manic laugh escaped Hizashi's lips. He knew? Doubtful. „Oh, you have no idea, Shouta“, he spoke calmly, taking off his prescription glasses and dropping them to the floor to cover his face with his hand, rubbing his eyes before continuing, forcing himself to gaze into those black, bloodshot eyes that had captured him so long ago. „You have no idea... how hard I've fallen for you“, he spoke, his voice but a mere whisper.

Shouta just kneeled there, dumbfounded. His thoughts raced. Was this a dream? Was he still blacked out at the bar, his mind playing a trick on him?

„But knowing you, you won't remember any of this t'morrow and things will just go back to normal“, Mic joked, his heart felt heavy in his chest. He made another attempt to stand. Knowing what he said would soon reach the other, he wanted nothing more than to get out. He needed fresh air. He longed to clear his head and get this over with. But just as he was about to move, so did Aizawa, grasping for his hand once more, pulling it towards his chest.

„I've... fallen for you too, Hizashi. Long ago, actually“, Shouta spoke. They were only inches apart as he held Hizashi's hand on his chest, almost afraid to let go lest he vanished, never to return.

For a long moment, neither of them lost a word. Neither of them breathed. Not until Hizashi's hand found the back of Shouta's head, his slender fingers gliding through his hair, pulling him closer until their lips met, hesitantly touching at first before they melted together. Shouta tasted like vodka and coffee, he couldn't help but want more of that sweet and tangy flavour he breathed in, savouring every second of it.

When their lips parted, Shouta almost chased after the sensation immediately but he found the power to stop himself. He caressed the other's jaw gently with his free hand until he found a stray strand of gold, wrapping it around his fingers. „I don't want things to go back to normal, Hizashi“, he spoke, his voice ever so slightly husky, trying to keep it from breaking.

A big teethy grin flashed across Hizashi's lips. „As if I'd ever let that happen“, he hummed before crashing into Shouta one more time, more eager, more passionately and infinitely more demanding than before. There was no way in hell he'd ever give this up again.


Not too long afterwards, they turned off the radio. By now Hizashi was frankly a bit sick of hearing his own voice, though he never would've admitted it. Shouta had made Hizashi's chest his pillow, his dark hair spread all across it, only showing a sliver of his face. Slowly, the blond fished for his phone in his pocket. With a sly grin on his face he snapped a rather unflattering and unfortunately pretty blurry picture with himself and Shouta in it, winking into the camera.

„I finally did it! :>“ - he snapped at Midnight, privately of course.
„Oh, for gods sake, finally. Took you two lovebirds long enough!“ - she replied shortly afterwards, the background pitch black.

He smiled an honest smile. Fair enough.