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Requiem of Fate

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It had been in the early hours when Kurapika stirred from his slumber. Thankfully, it had been one of the few nights he recalled actually getting decent sleep. For most nights he had been contending with restlessness or indescribable dreams which often pervaded his mind, but for once, the blond felt equitably rested.


After extricating himself from the bedding which was now rumpled from the length of time he spent wrapped up within the silken fabric, he ambled into the bathroom to shower and wash up. However, he did not remember a time he felt so animated. Perhaps this was due to the fact was actually able to face himself in the mirror without feeling vindicated or scrutinized.


But then again, Kurapika realized so much had changed in the last four months since he left Yorknew City to begin this little junket. To be quite honest, the Kurta didn’t really expect things to have taken the unlikely turn it had but who was always completely aware of life and its vast, erratic changes? As Kurapika gazed at himself in the mirror, reflection staring right back, he mused over how easily he managed to end up in this position.


So many predictable outcomes, so many opportunities. Yet, the one he least expected to occur was the one that ultimately happened.


Kurapika sighed. For a moment he closed his eyes, obviously still perplexed that his life had taken the dramatic turn it had. But still, though the outcome was one he would have never considered at a different point in time, he now found himself accepting it with open, welcoming arms.


The Kurta, who was the very last of his kind, always devoted his entire life to ascertaining revenge, vowing to bring forth justice to those who had been unjustly taken from this world. He was now finding his heart beating to that of a completely different tune. It was one that seemed to come in almost abject fear, yet it also made the blond feel positively elated. The question seemed to burn like acid on his tongue, dripping off the very tip as if it had the taste of poison upon it, yet its honeyed flavor left a tingling sensation that also invoked a more salutary reaction. For him, it was something unbelievable, nearly inconceivable, yet in reality, he couldn’t help but wonder was he actually falling in love?


For a moment it seemed to burn, the idea of it slipped across his mind in fetid aversion and Kurapika found that he was almost completely aghast at the notion. “There is just no way it could possible. Could I really be harboring feelings of love... Towards “him”? Yet something deeper, something foreign, something much more novel tugged at his awareness, enlivening his senses, and it caused Kurapika to nearly flinch at the realization.


Even within his memories he began to slip back to those moments, reminiscing of those few times where splendor held strong and the sensation of being embraced coddled his slowly agonizing heart. The feeling of gentle touches and soft kisses, when their lips met in undulating passion as hands roved in exploration upon their bodies – something in those very recollection of thoughts brought back a sense of assuagement, and the young Kurta was instantly reminded of just how desirous the connection between them really was. Or, what it was truly becoming.


He sighed and slipped back into pacification. It really was what his family had wanted. But was it what he really wanted? Kurapika searched within himself for the correct answer, one that he could feel completely satisfied with and could be the very reasoning he found himself now on this new and current trek of his. It was not only because of the pleas by those who had long since departed, yet wished to see him live, but also of his own changing morality. Kurapika was coming to reason with himself that finally it was time to stop living in the past and to continue living in the present.


It was a resolution, one that was so long in coming, and in the end, Kurapika ended up coming to accept it. There was just no escaping fate was there?


But then again, did he really want to?


As easy as it was to invariably question the very reasoning for why he was were exactly where he was, nothing was changing the fact that there was just no going back. There was just was no option. But yet, his feelings were changing  gradually, which was undeniable, and the building attraction kept him coming back. However it wasn't even just that. There was the connection that had inevitably formed between them, the very one that had conclusively brought them together.


So then what exactly was Chrollo to him? Companion? Boyfriend? Lover?


There was still no ability to rouse the anger and enmity which seemed to remain buried so deep beneath the layers, the gates having long since been slammed shut on those very emotions.


"Kurapika, do you really think you can continue on like this and expect to still preside when it’s all said and done? Do you really believe this is what I want for you? What the rest of us want for you? It's never what we had wanted. I understand your pain and grief at having us taken away so suddenly from you and the burden of subjection you must feel because of it. But we don't want you to seek retribution for our deaths; we just want you to live."


His mother's voice once again reiterated loud and with clarity within his mind, the tone he remembered as it was laced with concern and imploration finally struck hard and true, giving Kurapika the ability to fully see the implication which resided within those very words she had spoken.


Yet he was slowly warming up to the idea, even though for Kurapika, the finality in acceptance of his current situation without any hesitation was in one simple fact: Did Chrollo truly house any contrition or regret for what he had done? It was something that at this point, Kurapika now had wanted to know.


It was then and only then he would completely accede to his emotions. As strong as they were becoming, the desire, the want, just with how Chrollo made him  feel, it was something he simply could not ignore. Or, did not want to ignore. But if he was to truly allow himself to see this through, to give the older man that chance he so desperately wished to see happen and nurture this budding relationship to long term, then there was no getting around the unquenchable need for the truth.


Kurapika legitimately just wanted to feel validated.


He dressed, albeit lost partially in thought, and began pulling on a powder blue tank top along with black pants that conformed to his frame before threading a belt through the loops. Once done, the Kurta peered at himself in the full length mirror that made up the closet doors within his hotel room, his fingers ghosting over the etchings of the necklace that resided beneath his clothing. Once satisfied, he turned away from his image, focusing on the suitcase that rested upon the mattress. Today he was leaving and meeting with Chrollo as the both of them had agreed to begin their search for the Scarlet Eyes, which was one of the promises the raven-haired man vowed to fulfill. As the last pieces of his possessions filtered into his luggage, something caught his eye.


Instinctively, his hand dipped into the corner of the suitcase, brushing over something silken, tips sweeping over its delicate surface before curling around it and extracting it from beneath his clothing. His eyes soon roved over the intricate patterns which were interwoven within its light blue surface. For a moment, his thumb stroked over the flowers which sat etched in lace. Holding it caused him to remember the day he originally laid eyes upon this beautiful piece. Kurapika was taken aback; as he remembered this day, his hands first clutched around the scarf which now lay upon his palm, and the very thought strangely calmed him.


Without much thought, he wrapped it around his neck, securing the tails amid the neckline of his shirt and smiled. He hadn't worn it of course since receiving it, and figured it was time he should. Once again, he glanced at himself in the mirror not perturbed by the slightly girly appearance the elaborate article gave and ran his hand once move over its smooth texture before resuming his task of packing.


Once he finished packing all essentials, Kurapika found himself double checking his efforts, assuring that nothing had been missed or, forgotten. How simple it was to miss things, getting passed over, often or cursory without noticing. Getting left behind or being abandoned was a feeling the blond had known all too well. Having been subjected so many times to rejection or being shunned left a long lasting acrid taste in his mouth which only gave him such a jaded perspective on his life. This was in part, a conducive reason for why he had such a poor outlook as he did. But slowly, that mindset was altering the longer he remained within Chrollo Lucifer's company.


Kurapika snorted; before too long, and at the rate he was going, he was sure the man would be successful in rewriting his entire way of thinking. It was still something that he found nonplussing just as equally as he found it admiring. “Whatever Chrollo has been doing definitely held a substantial amount of influence on my own mentality. Half the time it seems like I cannot even think straight because of it.” But then again, such an impression only continued to leave Kurapika astounded - it was of no wonder why he was successively taken with the head of the Genei Ryodan.


It was confounding, but now things didn't seem as bad as he originally perceived them as. Still... Kurapika knew that in verity, the older man was attempting to court him. He was determined to win his heart to which the Kurta felt a plethora of emotions towards, especially considering his recent developing attraction to the other.


Whatever mess he knew he had gotten himself into, there was one thing he was certain of, and that he was going to see this through to the very end, regardless of outcome. Though deep down, Kurapika wasn't entirely opposed to a relationship with Chrollo as he had been considering the idea.


Don't refute what you are experiencing just yet my son. Let things unfurl as they may and the winds guide you upon your journey.


Once again, his mother's words whispered in his ears, making him realize the exactitude behind the very meaning she was trying to convey. For so long he had lived just believing that there was nothing beyond the pain and loss, that his destiny had been foreordained to conclude by falling to oblivion. Now with unclouded eyes, with full clarion, Kurapika could see the truth and reason to his actual purpose and that there was more to life than what he had been led to believe. No longer did he wish to seek out requital, burying his title as a crimson avenger in favor of just continuing on and seeing where life takes him. Even if that meant involving the one person in his life who at one time was seen as his worst enemy that he desired to slay. But now, he viewed Chrollo almost as an equal. As strange as it sounded, Kurapika was finding this particular type of conformity, one not instigated but guided and fused by his own hand, as something he could grow to get used to. Kurapika just needed vindication. Or he really already had.


He meandered into the small kitchen despite his wandering thoughts and retrieved himself a warm cup of coffee, feeling the need to consume a bit of caffeine to jumpstart his brain before completely checking out of the hotel and meeting up with Chrollo. At least one thing the blond had full confidence in and that was the fact that the older man had been determinate in assisting him with his search in retrieving the remainder of the Scarlet Eyes. As much as it dug into Kurapika's craw in regards to accepting help, he in the end, acquiesced and accepted Chrollo's offer. At least with the older man's cooperation it would make the searches much easier. Aside the pair that had been consequently given to him by Chrollo, it had been nearly impossible to track down any of the other pairs, which in turn, frustrated the Kurta profusely. He just didn't house the resources, or the proper funding to fundamentally support his search which meant falling back on Chrollo and replying on the man.


As much as he wasn't keen on the idea, there was no other choice. The thought of potentially owing the raven-head anything from such a junket caused the blond to frown as it was one of the last things he wanted for keeping him connected to Chrollo - even though they were intertwined in so many other ways, this was one thing he didn't want linking him to the other. Last thing Kurapika wanted was any prospect of the older man using the charity against him, even if that outcome may not ever happen. As much as the blond tried to keep himself from descending into that mindset, his best bet was to focus on the immediate task at hand, and that was collecting the rest of the eyes.


After downing the last of the dregs from his mug, Kurapika strode back towards his luggage, making sure everything was secure – his hand stroking gingerly over the surface of the clear canisters which contained the only pair he had thus far and made sure it was anchored down before sealing the lid and pulling it off the bed. It landed with a rather dramatic thud before coming to rest completely on the dull carpeting, Kurapika groaning at how much in superfluous items he brought with him which ended up only weighing him down. For someone who was frugal, he even amazed himself.


Perhaps next time, Kurapika thought, he would learn to consolidate and be less indulgent. He chuckled at the idea and exited the room for the final time.






They were standing in the lobby of the hotel Chrollo had been staying at, bags packed and preparations already made for their upcoming trip. Around them, people milled about like the calm flow of a river. Not one person paid them a second glance as they passed by. No one could have suspected the leader of the infamous Genei Ryodan was among them; the bandana he had tied around his forehead to conceal his cross tattoo ensured that.


Turning his attention away from his blond companion, the raven-head dug into the pocket of the jacket he wore – both of them had opted for casual clothes to remain discrete, limiting their chances of detection – and pulled out his cell phone, tapping at it as he brought information onto its screen.


"I had actually had Shalnark track down the location of the closest pair to our current position. Apparently there is a pair not too far from here to the north in a small town called Bathas, which will take about a day to reach." Chrollo paused, gauging Kurapika’s reaction, then continued, “Yes he is aware of our circumstance and the fact that we are co-oping in finding the Scarlet Eyes.”


Bathas, definitely a place Kurapika recalled not being particular knowledgeable about. But if it meant finally ascertaining his goal of collecting another set of the Scarlet Eyes, then so be it. As much to his dismay it was about constant travel, he was used to roughing it, especially after spending many years living on the streets following the decimation of his home. Though, the memories weren't exactly...  pleasant, and there were times Kurapika wished he could erase them from existence. Needless to say, he was no stranger to a lack of amenities. This would definitely be no exception.


More so, Kurapika had been forced into learning to fight for practical survival for the better part of his life, and in light of that, the very notion that he would be without the standards for conventional living – even if the time was undetermined, it wasn't something that perturbed the Kurta very much. He grew up around nature, was a child of the wood and was more than accustomed to the lack of modern living. Even if he had grown a penchant for its bonuses; a warm bed and a roof over his head was nice, but if it meant sacrificing that for the sake of what little was left of his goals, then that was what must be done. He had already given up so much already, what were a few extra commodities?


"You actually told one of your Spiders about us?" Kurapika suddenly felt astonished, but a thread of worry bubbled in pit of his stomach, invoking a semblance of trepidation to quietly well to the surface, "I mean... Was that wise? Don't they still want to kill me?" Would the wonders never cease? For Kurapika, he even questioned Chrollo's methods at this point as it came off completely outlandish, which had him believing that the raven-head wasn't really thinking this situation through entirely.


Granted, he needed every resource currently at the older man's disposal, but letting the rest of the Ryodan know that the Chain User was teaming up with their leader seemed quite foolhardy. Also, it wasn't as if he and Chrollo were a couple. Were they? Of course they had partaken in a few torrid kisses and erotic caresses, but it never went beyond that. It wasn't as if they had been intimate, or allowed it to go as far as actual sex even though Chrollo had once asked him if they could. But such didn't make them lovers, did it? Kurapika frowned.


One thing Kurapika did have to admit - he enjoyed every modicum of time he spent with Chrollo, even down to the more licentious moments they both seemed to indulge in, even if the very notion of it still in part, challenged his still lingering morals. For whatever reason Kurapika had yet to decipher, the pull remained strong and he lacked any will in bringing about a cessation to it. Just the very thought of Chrollo's lips against his own seemed to be enough to keep him coming back for more. It was like a drug, a high, the honey so strong and he was too far gone, even if he waged war within, questioned his own standards, Kurapika was still like a moth drawn to a flame.


In the end, Kurapika really was a butterfly caught within the spider's web.


It was all so confusing and yet, here he was, with his - former? enemy, ready to embark on a journey to find the rest of the Scarlet Eyes while Kurapika was still trying to ponder over his feelings in regards to the older man. But every time Chrollo looked at him with those dark, illimitable appearing eyes, he couldn't help the hitch of his breath or the rapid beating of his heart. The older man was truly attractive.


"Don't worry; I made sure he was not to repeat the fact of our arrangement to the rest of my Spiders. He knows of the agreement we made regarding the eyes, but does not know of our more... Personal relations." He reached out and carded his fingers through the younger man's golden crop of hair, stroking the silken tresses gingerly before leaning down to place a chaste kiss to the side of Kurapika's lips, "There shouldn't be any complications, so don't stress yourself over it."


For some reason, Kurapika was struggling with presuming that nothing adverse could come out of their current situation since someone else inside the Genei Ryodan was privy to their circumstances now. It made the Kurta leery, but he attempted to place trust and faith Chrollo's judgment. "I sincerely hope you are right about this. I know you are not out for my blood anymore – the same goes for me as well, but I know that I cannot speak for the rest of the Ryodan, however." For the first time, Kurapika actually was able to finally admit that his desires no longer included seeing the older man's head on a pike. As strange as the admission seemed, vocalizing it was... rather easy, he had to admit, and in a bizarre way it was oddly comforting.


Chrollo couldn't help but allow those lips to curl into a rather pleased smile at the confession – it wasn't often that Kurapika was quick to admit, or rather, admit at all when he was wrong, but actually hearing the words spill from the blond’s lips was enough to prove to the older man that indeed, the Kurta was changing. Even if it took practically an eternity, he would surely win the younger man over.


However, he was pleasantly surprised when the blond leaned up and placed a soft kiss to his lips, which he graciously accepted. The depths of his blues were gentle, nearly luminous as his expression briefly mitigated and for once Chrollo was thoroughly reminded why he wanted Kurapika in his life, "I won't. Even though I feel it wasn’t the wisest of decisions, but if you feel you can trust him not to relay the information to the other Spiders, then I won't allow myself to be bothered by it."


It may have been against Kurapika's intuition, but letting it bother him now would only make matters worse and possibly inhibit progress. For now he had to focus on his goals.


With that settled, the older man looked down at his phone once more, noting the time, "Considering the location of Bathas which is three hundred miles north east of here, I think its best we drive. If we leave now we should get there by tonight." He placed the phone back into his pocket and produced a set of keys; the sound of its rattling seemed to resound loudly in the cavernous room despite the high activity inside the hotel. Chrollo instantly noticed the raise in Kurapika's eyebrow and immediately knew exactly what the blond was thinking.


"You stole that, didn't you?"


Just as predicted; the younger man was indeed astute. Something else that easily drew Chrollo's attention. Once again, that habitual smirk tugged at his lips, "You know me so well." He practically crooned, fingers curling around the handle to his suitcase and pulling it close, "We best get going, however, before we waste too much time."


Kurapika grumbled – of course stealing things for the sake of necessity or just stealing in general still caused him to feel legitimately irritated. Never had he been keen on the idea of breaking the law for whatever reason, and here Chrollo was, stealing cars just so they could travel. He could have just bought one. But even then, Kurapika surmised, that would have probably been done with stolen money, "Why didn't you just get us a legal method of travel like normal people?" Kurapika crossed his arms, obviously not amused.


"It wouldn't be fun then."


Chrollo turned away from the flustered blond and proceeded to exit the hotel, not giving time for the other man to finalize a retort, as he knew by his nature that such would happen and instead, went to finish the last of their preparations.


Once out in the parking lot, he popped the trunk of the stolen black car and began loading his belongings, and once the last item was secured into place, he glanced over his shoulder to see an exasperated blond practically stalking up to him. "Just don't go making a habit out of it, alright?" And without another word, Kurapika opened the door to the passenger side and slid into the seat. It was one of those moments because Chrollo couldn't help it when the Kurta pouted to feel anything else other then amused. Even the way the crinkles that lined beneath Kurapika's eyes when emotional was enough to bring about a sense of enjoyment, because for the raven-head, the Kurta's self-righteous act was too ridiculous, too calculable.


But he just took the moment to place Kurapika's things into the trunk before closing its lid and slid into the driver's side, himself. Chrollo spared one single glance at the younger man before putting the keys in the ignition and starting the vehicle.


They dove in relative silence for the majority of the trip. The downward twist to Kurapika's lips remained as if he had been content with allowing his indisposition to show, obviously still churlish over the fact that they were currently riding in a stolen car. Chrollo averted his eyes transiently, noticing that the blond's gaze remained fixed towards the road ahead, "You know," He broke the silence and Kurapika turned towards him, though those usually soft blue eyes were icy, hard, "there really was no choice in the matter. We needed a way to reach our next destination and I provided that means."


If the temperature inside the car could have risen a few degrees, it would have because Kurapika's expression turned into that of a dangerous thunderhead. "You didn't have to steal it! Instead, you could have brought it like any normal person would have."


One thing Chrollo knew was that aside the blond's tendency to remain on the side of virtue and honor, he wasn't quite the most observant, always quick to assume and jump the gun. He was half-cocked, brash, often losing sight of his objectives. Just hearing Kurapika's spiel added to his incredulity, "You realize we are trying to keep a low profile, right?" He simply said, eyes having returned to the road as to not potentially flip their car right into the ocean that shimmered off their right.


"It's called cash, Chrollo. It doesn't leave a paper trail, you know."


Kurapika didn't think he'd ever quite understand the older man, as much as he struggled determinate in doing so, Chrollo was just an enigma that did nothing but baffle the mind. Each and every time he believed himself one step closer to unlocking other piece to the puzzle, the mystery just became more and more convoluted, leaving the Kurta feeling as if he was no better off then when he started. Deep down, Kurapika knew of the raven-head's true nature – he was still a thief and murderer, the executioner of his entire clan, the very same clan who had exonerated Chrollo from that horrific deed that led a villainous group just like him. But Kurapika also realized there were some parts of the older man's character that he couldn't alter or change. It would be something that perhaps, he'd have to come to accept.


However, Chrollo knew that the blond had him pinned. Of course he could have used his Jenny – which was also stolen, to provide them with the mode of transportation he decisively settled on them using to reach Bathas. He wasn't about to tell him that, though. There was no way the older man was about to hand down victory in this game of wits to the devious blond; it was beyond conceivable, and in attempt to simply placate the other, one hand reached over to stroke through Kurapika's golden locks thoughtfully. Chrollo felt the Kurta stiffen beneath his touches but made no attempt to refute him, "You worry too much. It's going to give you wrinkles and mar your immaculate beauty," He could hear the Kurta's jaw snap closed as if he was going to offer Chrollo a retort, but again, he settled on vocalizing nothing and it caused the older man to smile, "And it's also bad for your health."  


Letting a few of the silky flaxen strands fall away from his fingertips, he let silence descent between them in order to allow time for his companion to meditate and calm down. Though before leaving Kurapika completely to his thoughts, Chrollo reached behind him and pulled out a specific leather tome, one that he was sure the younger man would recognize, "I took the liberty of retrieving this from your things; figured you'd want it to occupy your time before we reach Bathas." He placed the rare book gingerly on the blond's lap and said nothing more.  


Kurapika stared at the book which Chrollo had plunked down upon his knees and for a moment, he looked abashed. Maybe he wasn't too thrilled that the older man had taken it upon himself to delve through his things – he’d have to check later to make sure the other hadn't heisted anything else from his luggage, but he was no ingrate, nonetheless, "Thank you." He pulled back the cover, thumbing through a book he hadn't touched in what seemed so long and getting immersed into its memorizing pages.


For what felt like an eternity, he read up on the once ancient civilization that was denoted to have existed long before theirs and of unspeakable creatures, magic and items that were said to enhance a person's ability to channel. Angreals, they were called, which were as old as time itself that were very special, powerful and rare. They held insurmountable force, granting its wielder untold abilities. The greater the item the more it was said it could draw on the source that magic emanated from. There were even different versions of Angreals - Ter'Angreals and Sa'Angreals, each foretold to hold various and different abilities. Such a nature of these items fascinated and riveted him. It was all so enriching and he wanted to learn more.


He read until his eyes grew tired and the sky became painted in a palatial splash of oranges, purples and reds. The setting sun indicated it was getting late and reluctantly, Kurapika closed the cover of the book and settled on resting until they reached their destination.


A gentle shake to his shoulder along with the soft calling of his name brought him out of his premature slumber and he realized just who had been vying for his attention. "Kurapika, wake up." Somnolent eyes met with dark grey, a lock of concern crossing the older man's visage, "We have arrived. You might want to begin stirring. I am going to find us a room for the night."


Nodding, Kurapika yawned and slid out of the seat, feet touching asphalt as he began to stretch. Every muscle was stiff, tense, the sensation of having been crammed into a set confined space was drawing hard on his resources, and the relief which soon followed lessened his intolerable mood. Still clutching the book, the tired Kurta motioned languidly over to where Chrollo had positioned himself at the trunk of the car, where he was presently extracting their things before making his way towards the entrance of the cheap little motel. Kurapika followed suit as he fetched his own suitcase and fell in step behind Chrollo.


Quietly, they both entered the small, yet bucolic lobby, the evening behind them had fallen into hues of violet, indigo and ebon, twinkling dots of sparkling white peppering the sky. A wiry young girl with glasses and a bored look sat behind the receptionist counter. Her dull blue eyes landed on the pair as they approached, though her small lips pursed into a smile once she noticed Chrollo. Without fail, the older man had put on his own most charismatic smile with a dazzling look that evoked an allure behind those penetrating eyes, and for a moment, Kurapika felt a pang of jealousy stir deep within, his own lips twisting in revulsion at the sight.


He attempted to ignore it. As absurd as it was, Chrollo had always attempted to be ostentatious with that ever-present facade and Kurapika had to inwardly laugh. Though, there was something in the way he looked at the young lady that caused Kurapika to feel almost emulous. Perhaps it was because Chrollo was looking at the woman with a smoldering gaze that should have been reserved for him.


Unbelievable! Kurapika could not even presuppose how he could be feeling this way – it wasn't as if Chrollo was actually hitting on the girl. It was all mere show. A farce. An act. But still... That conflict burned almost like a raging flame, causing Kurapika to swallow hard, his throat arid and course as the pain he felt was drawing on his senses which caused him to struggle with getting himself back under control. To add insult to injury, Chrollo had appeared not be privy to how the pretense was making Kurapika feel, and as a result, he balled one of his hands into a fist as he bit back the urge to simply interfere.


"We need a room for the night." Chrollo finally spoke in the most saccharine of voices he could muster, and Kurapika was sure the girl nearly had her feet come out from beneath her. Groaning, he tapped his foot impatiently for dealing with this little performance much longer made the Kurta think it would end up causing him to retch.


"No problem sir!" She said cheerily, punching the keys on the computer before her, "We have rooms available." Suddenly her eyes befell on Kurapika and his growing annoyance turned instantly to consternation at the way she was letting her gaze rove over his slender frame. The sensation it produced made him slightly discomfited with the way the corners of her lips upturned like she had just had an epiphany. "Would you like a room with just one bed for you and your lovely girlfriend?"


One thing was definitely certain; Kurapika hated it with an intense passion when he was blatantly misgendered, "Wh-what? G-girlfriend?" He couldn't help stammering for the blond was utterly aghast. He could feel Chrollo's eyes upon him, and the younger man's own deep, glacial ones bored down into them as if daring him to say another word.


It was bad enough Kurapika suspected that Chrollo was going to attempt to circumvent his feelings or make decisions without so much as his input. The very idea made Kurapika much more sullen. Surely the older man knew his boundaries, right? But then again, he did recall that not once had Chrollo attempted to coerce him into anything. Still, his current actions didn't remotely placate Kurapika's growing ire. Though, something about his attention towards the bewildered clerk, stuck a cord deep within the blond's very being.


Was he truly experiencing jealousy?


"I am sorry, I thought-" A sudden hand being raised cut off the poor flustered girl's words, Chrollo working adamantly to remedy the issue before the situation got any further out of control.


"No need to apologize, my companion and I will be fine with a room containing double beds. He is just tired as we have been traveling for some time."


Chrollo could easily feel the weighted stare which was level upon his own back, but he simply ignored it. If he acknowledged the younger man's irritability now, it would only successfully exacerbate the situation as Kurapika was definitely one, from his experience, to not so easily let go of a situation. He just simply let the blond stew as the receptionist nodded and handed him the keys to their room, before turning and heading towards the elevators without responding.


The doors opened with a ding, and once the older man stepped inside, he turned to find Kurapika stalking into the small space behind him. Once they sealed closed and the two of them were isolated, it was then the furious blond rounded on him. "You really enjoy making a show out of everything, don't you?" He really couldn't believe just how superfluous Chrollo really could be, as if making a spectacle out of them really was the most entertaining thing for the older man. The heat hadn't ever left his cheeks. He knew damn well what the head of the Spider's true intention was, and as enticing as the notion was, he still wasn't quite ready for that type of closeness yet. Moreover, the way he acted towards that young girl only agitated the situation further. Kurapika was still trying to sort out the trammel regarding his emotions, but he couldn’t help how it ultimately made him feel.


But that damned smile which only broadened on those supple lips twisted the Kurta's gut just as much as it made him feel weak. Kurapika definitely hated feeling this way.


"Oh, I don't think it was so much a grand spectacle as you say. Besides, the poor girl really was mistaken," Chrollo began, attention turned towards the affronted blond. "You probably need a haircut. I can see why she was confused the way she was."


Kurapika's jaw opened as if he was about to retaliate and snapped closed without as much as a word. Absentmindedly, his lithe fingers raked through his refined tresses and as he reached the lustrous tips, it was then he considered that perhaps it really was time to tame his wild hair. It really had been months since he had been able to maintain it properly and it had gotten ludicrously overgrown.


Still, each and every time someone failed to correctly apply his gender only added to the compounding stresses he had been dealing with for what felt like such a long time. Granted, he had long since acknowledged that how his body was built made him appear effeminate, which made him indecipherable at times.  But, such a fact caused him to be often misgendered due to it. However, for Kurapika, it was a sensitive topic and was something he didn't think that he'd ever get used to.


"You know how much I hate it when people misjudge me for a female, and as your girlfriend of all things! You really didn't have to feed into it either."


He breathed in slowly in an attempt to retain his composure. Losing it here would definitely not bode well for either of them. Chrollo simply raised his eyebrow at the stymied blond, but said nothing. Instead, another ding broke the awkward silence, indicating they had reached their floor. As the doors slid open, the two of them exited in relative silence.


One that seemed quite loud and deafened within their ears.


It didn't take the odd duo long to find their room and Chrollo swept the keycard seamlessly through the slot and the door opened with a resounding click.


The space was quite small. On one side of the room sat a writing desk with a single chair in front of it, while another larger, plushe- looking chair sat catty-cornered across from it. Opposite of that was a small kitchenette with a fridge, stove, and a two-seater table just adjacent to it. In the center sat two double beds that had a night stand between. Across from there was a door that lead to a modest sized bathroom.


Kurapika walked past Chrollo and headed towards one of the beds, dumping his luggage upon the mattress before settling down upon the edge. Rubbing at his temples, he knew he was past tired and more than likely needed rest considering the kind of day he just had, which was most certainly was something long in coming.


Chrollo had practically mirrored his moves, having sat his own suitcase up on the other bed, though his eyes had landed on the blond who was perched across from him. On closer inspection and beside the fact his companion being rather irascible, Kurapika looked simply exhausted, "You really look as if you had gone several rounds with someone," The raven-head began as he straightened, closing the gap between he and the Kurta as a hand came to rest upon the younger man's shoulder, "Would you like to shower first? Maybe after you've washed up, I can get us something for dinner before we retire for the night. We have a lot of planning to do tomorrow."


It was then Kurapika decisively pulled himself from his partially exasperated state to allow those indefinite eyes to meet with the older man's stare. The blond could tell there was genuine and legitimate concern within their alluring depths, but something still squalled deep within the pit of his gut, something indescribable. Yet he simply nodded, acknowledging that perhaps Chrollo was right, and a shower was what he needed to take away the edge he so desperately needed.


"I won't be long then,"Kurapika said simply, voice slightly banal as he arose from the bed and began digging through his suitcase, fetching a change of clothes before striding into the bathroom and closing the door.


The space wasn't very optimal and left only a meager amount of room, though it didn't stop Kurapika from divesting himself of his clothing and stepping into the austere shaped tub. Once he turned the knobs, the warm spray that soon graced his tired, aching muscles was a welcomed feeling and he dipped completely beneath it, letting the soothing flush permeate into his golden tresses as the water thoroughly soaked it. Kurapika sighed and just stood there indulgent in the water's caress, taking the time to allow the pulse from the spray to quell the ache in his body before finally taking the time to wash. It was then he utilized the time as well as the quiet of the moment to delve back onto the most recent events to occur in his life thus far. From his final decision to confront Chrollo Lucifer, to now becoming his travel companion as they searched for the remainder of the Scarlet Eyes. Also, the prospect of how close he and the older man had slowly become also pervaded his thoughts, bringing Kurapika back to the one point in time where everything had so drastically changed.


For some reason which was still unbeknownst to him, there was still that vehement part of him which kept him continually gravitating towards the raven-head, an invisible force that was tugging on him incessantly. The whispers in his ear and the voices that constantly prattled on in his head seemed to retain a perdurable hold on him, thus keeping Kurapika almost enduringly linked to the older man. As much as the idealism to a fault irked Kurapika, something that still motioned within the ongoing trammel kept the Kurta from becoming too distressed by the situation. Chrollo was Chrollo and even though he was slowly attempting to try and accept the man, faltering back onto those fine words which were spoken in such perfect clarity, the very that was entreated by his very own deceased mother kept him from losing sight of that very perspective and never straying too far from that essential mindset.


Bare skin came into contact with the cold wall as his back rested against the tile, his face was lifted up and cast towards the flowing water as he allowed it to drizzle down through his hair and over his body; it was in these few scant moments where the blond felt as if he could liberate himself from the shackles of life. He still pondered over his current situation and how each and every event led to this one point in his life. But for Kurapika, there was no escaping the grips of destiny, and as he had questioned so many times before, perhaps this is truly what fate had in store for him.


It was probably best he come to accept these terms, for it felt as if everything he had done prior was nothing but futile.


Expelling a heavy laden sigh, Kurapika bolstered his confidence and resolve once more, realizing that his situation wasn't going to change and that dwelling upon it was offering no gain. He concluded that his time spent with Chrollo was of no real loss. Able fingers reached for the shampoo bottle that sat at one corner of the tub, and after dispensing some of its contents onto his palm, he generously lathered his hair, working the suds through the baby fine locks. Once satisfied, he reached for the soap and began to wash himself thoroughly with a rag, firmly washing away all the impurities that had collected on his skin. Realizing he had spent a considerable amount of time holed up within the small room, the blond figured he'd best finish before Chrollo started to think something happened to him and come barging through the door. The very same Kurapika realized he did forget to lock.


Though as is, his timing couldn't be any less uncanny. A robust knock sent the Kurta spiraling from his thoughts as Chrollo's voice resounded from the other side. "Are you alright in there? You've been in the bathroom for a considerable amount of time and I -"


Almost as if on cue, the suddenly annoyed blond paused in his ministrations because of the accuracy of his prediction regarding the older man coming to check on him, "I am fine. Just taking my time. I will be out soon." He eventually responded, trying to keep the concision from his voice. Though in the back of his mind, that one tiny voice spoke freely, acknowledging that at least Chrollo must have had enough care and concern to at least ensure he was alright. Which, even if he'd never admit it out loud, Kurapika found was a rather sweet gesture.


"I understand. Just wanted to be certain you were okay in there. Didn't want to have to come and rescue you because you decided to slip and fall in the tub."


Kurapika could hear the hint of jesting in the older man's voice, which only made him exhale sharply. "I definitely don't need your help, and even if I had fallen, I most certainly could have easily gotten myself back up." The Kurta couldn't help the audacious response that exited past his own lips, but the nerve! How dare he think that Kurapika was feeble and impotent when it came to caring for himself.


"Oh, I most certainly believe you there." Came the response and the raven-head chuckled again, "I will leave you to finish." And he strode away, leaving a disquieted blond to himself.


Once again, he huffed in indignation and finished rinsing himself off. He turned the water off and exited the porcelain basin with ease. Reaching over and snatching a towel a little more artlessly then he should have, he began drying himself off, making sure he was devoid of any lingering traces of water and put on the clothes he had taken into the room with him earlier. Retrieving the towel he was using, Kurapika exited the bathroom and made his way back into the common area, using it to dry the remainder of the water from his hair as he sat on the side of the bed. He could instantly feel Chrollo's eyes upon him.


"I think I will take my shower now." Kurapika watched as the older man walked into the bathroom, door shutting behind him. He sat stiffly as he listened to Chrollo's movements within the small room, and once he heard the water being turned on, it was then he automatically relaxed.


Abjectly, he crossed the room, foot falls nearly feather light as he went to pluck the menu off the small table. For a moment he stared at the laminated object, scanning its contents before deciding on something for a decent meal. Knowing Chrollo, it was more than likely the insufferable man would ensure that he took the time to eat, as the blond knew he hadn't been exactly attentive to his needs as of late. After spending a few minutes reading over the options, Kurapika found something that seemed appealing and settled on his choice.


Situations like these didn’t happen daily. Even though Kurapika struggled with his continued choices, it wasn't something he didn't entirely deny that despite his situation had become quite labyrinthine, the desire to explore its confines still reigned strong. Perhaps there was that probability that the end result could indeed outweigh the pros, but if anything, Kurapika held onto the fact that despite all the potential negative outcomes, one thing that rang true was the sincerity garnered off Chrollo's affirmations. For one such as he, that had always lived a constant life of tenebrosity and degradation, to be capable of any form of honesty or empathy was definitely a significant shift, or change. For Kurapika, it was something he still struggled with in understanding for the older man's character and left some awful lasting impressions. But something hidden beneath the layers still intrigued the blond enough that he was determinate in figuring out exactly the enigma that was Chrollo Lucifer.


Moreover, that he could also perchance, decipher his own circuitous life in the process.


The sound of the shower ceasing its operation instantly jerked Kurapika from his reverie and he turned in time to see Chrollo emerging from the bathroom with just a towel around his waist, the sight instantly causing a flutter of scarlet to flush across his cheeks.


The Kurta wasn't going to deny that the older man was indeed, magnificent and that he definitely liked what he saw.


Though honesty be damned if he was going to admit to it.


"Jeez, do you always go prancing around people half naked like that?" Kurapika blurted in a quick attempt to conceal the heat that was adamantly rising along his face, the sensation of it easily radiating off his smooth skin. Though when his dark gaze landed on him, it was in that very moment the blond thought his heart had completely stopped within his chest.


"Not usually," The older man held Kurapika's gaze intently, instantly noticing the younger man's embarrassment. He let a small upturn of his lips form into a pleasing smirk. "But it's just the two of us so I didn't see a problem with it." And he turned away from the obviously vexed blond to rummage through his luggage in attempt to find a decent set of clothes to wear. Once he settled on a dark blue shirt and black shorts, Chrollo turned his back towards the younger man, and the achromic hued article slipped away, crumbling to the ground, and if the heat could have risen any higher in Kurapika's cheeks, he would have been thoroughly convinced that he had suddenly incited a fever. Hissing, he quickly averted his eyes, completely dumbstruck that Chrollo had allowed himself to bare his form like that in front of the Kurta as he did, which only successfully riled him up even further.


"Fuck, Chrollo, did you have to do that out here?!" Kurapika was about ready to exit the hotel room all together when the sound of elastic snapping had staunched him from rising off the bed and hastening for the door so he didn't have to to deal with such a mortifying scene. However, that damned grin plastered on Chrollo’s face only seemed to widen in amusement, which directly told Kurapika the older man knew how riotous it made him, and fomented the desire to walk over and punch him directly in the face. But the blond made no motion to rise, and Chrollo simply chuckled at him.


"Of course," he replied, and that titillating voice! Chrollo knew just how to inhibit him, which only infuriated Kurapika further, as just listening to the raven-head continuously speak made his entire body feel awfully weak. "Why the objection? Did you not like what you saw?"


What audacity, what nerve! How could that bastard become convinced that he was even remotely interested in seeing him like that? Kurapika wasn't perverted, nor was he so unconservative that he actively sought out to see someone naked, even if Chrollo's body was indeed, gorgeous and impressive.


For a moment Kurapika stilled, his jaw tightening at the bold question though he had turned away to look at something else, anything else to get from staring at that purely ridiculous, pompous, flirtatious, smug grin that Chrollo was insistent on keeping across his lips. "And what if I did?" He finally responded sarcastically, barely glancing over his shoulder to see that Chrollo had left what few buttons were on his shirt undone, leaving his chest partially exposed. Damnit, what an infuriating man.


"If you had said otherwise, I'd say you were a horrible liar." Striding past the aggrieved blond, Chrollo went towards the table that sat across the room and picked up the laminated menu which sat conveniently in place. "However, while I was cleaning up, did you happen to decide on what you want for dinner?"


Such a swift altering in conversation made Kurapika frown, but the mention of food alerted him to the need to eat, especially since the last time he had anything noteworthy was a muffin and a cup of coffee before leaving his hotel room in Patalor. "Uh, yeah. I did glance over the menu while you were in the restroom. It’s something called salmon? Fish from the sound of it. Not something I remember from Lusko, but the description sounds good, so I think I will try that."


Chrollo quickly skimmed the menu looking for the item Kurapika had selected, "You mean the salmon with lemon, capers and rosemary?" He questioned, and the younger man nodded. "Sounds delightful. I may just try this Smokey Beef Brisket. Not something I've actually tried before."


Placing down the menu, Chrollo elegantly picked up the hotel phone and called in the order through room service, to which didn't take long to be delivered. Chrollo volunteered to answer the door, much to Kurapika's relief, but all the while the older man held that ever present charming smile while he retrieved the food cart from the hotel staff who was standing just on the other side of the door. "Thank you." He uttered, voice smooth as he pulled the cart inside, closing the door thereafter.


For some reason, it seemed to moderately exacerbate the blond with just how nonchalant the raven-head could be with almost any situation, even though Chrollo had an equitably good grasp on his temperament, unlike Kurapika. But that didn't stop the younger man from snorting as he quietly set the table, watching his companion with coextensive intrigue as he began placing the silver covered dishes upon the unadorned table.


Even after they both sat down to eat, Kurapika picked at his food absentmindedly, his thoughts aberrant. It was even then the blond refrained from conversation as if he felt like he had drifted to another place and time. Even when Chrollo had noticed the relative blank stare and his slow eating process, Kurapika barely registered the older man's voice calling to him as if his mind had lapsed completely.


"Kurapika." The concern lacing Chrollo's words didn't strike hard the first time, it was as if he had become lost within a deafening void, the sea of interstice had completely encompassed him, "Kurapika." Once again the older man called to him, though a little more strenuous and intent then before, practically causing the chair to scuff along the floor as he began pushing it away from the table.


Blue eyes befell upon him once Chrollo actually stood, the abrupt altering of movement snapped Kurapika from his startling trance.


"Are you alright? You seemed very distant there for a moment." The older man spoke with relief edging his words, though had circumvented the girth of the table to stand beside the blond, concerned that something underlying may be wrong. "Weren’t responsive, either."


A slender hand came to poise two fingers alongside his temple and for a moment, Kurapika closed his eyes. "Yeah, I am alright. I was just... Deep in thought." The simple response came, though Chrollo wasn't really convinced with the younger man's rather vacant answer. "Forgive me, just got a lot on my mind. Especially with our upcoming mission to retrieve the Scarlet Eyes that are located in this town."


"Anything you care to talk about?" Chrollo placed a consoling hand upon the blond's shoulder hoping that such a gesture would convey the concern he housed towards the other.


One thing that Kurapika was appreciative was indeed the care that his unlikely companion was out rightly exhibiting, but part of his plights had to do with that very same companion, and the last thing the Kurta wanted to do was generate any upheaval between he and Chrollo. Especially considering their arrangement, as well as his current feelings towards the raven-head.


"I will be fine. Don't worry about me. Though I do want to focus on the details regarding the eyes location, however."


If anything was important, even above his own mentality, the eyes were certainly it. For now, he would endure the hardships and pain if it meant ascertaining his current goals. He felt Chrollo's hand squeeze his shoulder consolingly before moving away and striding over to the bed he chose to sleep in before sitting at the foot of it. "I understand and I wish not to pry into your personal thoughts. Since I have finished my dinner, perhaps you'd mind cleaning up? I can give you a brief rundown on the plan while doing so."


Nodding, Kurapika rose from the table, despite having not completely finished the remainder of the food left on his plate. He wasted no time removing the dishes from the table, striding into the kitchen to stow dispose of the leftovers and clean off the plates they had used. "So what's the status of the eyes then? During my last searches I lacked any results of finding any pairs in this region."


Producing his phone, Chrollo delved into the stored information Shalnark had sent to him, bringing up all noted intel the computer whiz had dredged up on their current target. "Well, Shalnark managed to track a pair down that is currently owned by a wealthy, rare items collector by the name of Consta Frendenz. Apparently she owns a large manor in the northern, more expensive part of Bathas. Aside from an intricate security system and moderate guards placed throughout the premise, infiltrating the place shouldn't be too difficult. However, apparently Consta plans on having a viewing of her rare collection of items and artifacts in two days time so I figured that would be the best time for us to strike and retrieve the eyes."


Kurapika was astounded. Though there were so many questions he had in regards towards their plan of exactly how they were planning on getting their hands on the eyes themselves. One thing he was convinced of was the fact Chrollo had no intention on obtaining the eyes through legal methods. "So I assume you plan on us stealing the eyes, then?" Kurapika asked sternly, though his back was still towards the older man as he was finishing washing the last dish.


"Yes. I highly doubt she'd be willing to just hand over the eyes considering their value. The plan is that during the time of the viewing, I will have Shalnark disable the security system and cameras, but well will only have a short time to grab the eyes and avoid detection. The viewing is planned to he held in the main auditorium to other wealthy proprietors who are in town seeking items of high value. With a lot of luck and pulling a few strings, I managed to procure us two invitations. We will just need disguises."


Drying off the last dish, Kurapika placed it aside and exited the kitchen, rounding the table that sat just off to the side to join Chrollo in the common area, "And by pulling strings, you mean with threats and ultimatums," he said matter-of-factly, coming to stand just before the older man as his piercing blue eyes looked down upon the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.


Once again, Chrollo's lips coiled into a amused smirk - how astute his precious blond was. He let his own dark eyes lock with the Kurta's own. "You know me so well don't you?" For brief moment, Chrollo wanted to reach up and run his hand along the unblemished, creamy skin of the younger man's visage, but instantly decided against it, for the indurated gaze held within those vibrant depths told the older man that even as amazing as Kurapika was, he was still capricious and could turn instantly on a dime.


But then again, Chrollo was just one person who simply could not help himself.


Shaking his head in disbelief, Kurapika grunted, not entirely shocked by the older man's answer, "Why am I not surprised?"


This time, however, Chrollo risked chance and raised his hand, tips coming to rest amid golden locks as they lifting a few strands and he let them fall betwixt his fingers, their silken texture making him almost shiver, "But for now, perhaps you should rest. We do have a long day ahead of us."


Retracting his hand, Chrollo let his hand fall, though as he brought it down, his fingertips brushed along Kurapika's side, lingering around the younger man's hip before completely falling away.


Much to the raven-head's surprise, the blond climbed into his lap, hands draping across his broad shoulders. The sudden movement caused Chrollo's expression to dramatically change, "Well, this was un-" and his speech was abruptly cut off as Kurapika's lips softly, tenderly brushed against Chrollo's own. The touch was feather light, causing an ample shiver to race up the older man's spine.


"I am not tired." Was the simple response, and for a few passing moments they just stared at each other decisively, adamantly and without compunction. Chrollo leaned in and captured Kurapika's lips with his own, drawing the younger man against him. The pressure between them caused Kurapika to groan slightly against their now passionate lock.


His head was instantly filled by the lingering scents of spice and cologne, though beneath the surface was a lingering aroma of patchouli. The combination was heavenly; every part was drawing him once again down into the very flow of desire and need, his own mind slowly hazing over as he breathed in deeply, even the very taste that bloomed against his lips was enough to anesthetize him.


Chrollo's tongue swept along Kurapika’s bottom lip, the act simple, yet so intent, so purposeful, and so desperate that Kurapika easily answered, his own mouth parting to welcome in the pervading appendage. His own slowly swept out to curl and twine with it as if they were forming some intricate dance and amid the beck and call, he felt himself being slowly lowered down, his body coming to rest fully against the older man's own taunt frame.


Their movements didn't stop. Even as their kiss deepened, Chrollo's mouth grew fervent and hungry, hands finding their way along the blond's sides, fingers seeking out the hem of Kurapika's shirt, easily and effortlessly slipping beneath the hem, palms contacting skin as he began to explore the younger man's slender physique without hesitation. It invoked another throaty gasp to lift from the depths of Kurapika's chest, his heart rhythmically beating within as Chrollo severed their kiss and drove down to latch upon the flesh upon the base of the blond's neck, wasting no time biting down to partake in the taste, an animalistic groan incited by the Kurta’s own vocalizations driving the yearning that burned down in the older man's very core.


It was so hard. So difficult. Just the way Kurapika moved above him, the ample shiver that his body gave as Chrollo sucked upon that pale flesh, feeling the blond's pulse race just beneath and the intensity within the air around them, just the elation Kurapika felt as the older man caressed the planes of his slender frame; it was a sensation unlike any other. His own hands had soon made their way to twine within raven locks as Chrollo began a slow trek now up along the cord in Kurapika's neck, each slow pass he delivered a series of nips in his wake, lips finding purchase just beneath the Kurta's chin, lingering there, the man's breath warm, profound. "Perhaps I shall wear you out so you can sleep then, hm?"


Kurapika could practically feel the other man smirking against his skin, though he let his own lips curl deviously upward, "I might just take you up on your challenge then." Came the taunting reply as those hands which continuously roved along the surface of his body had begun distractingly pulling the article upwards, the intent quite clear as the blond instinctively lifted his arms up, allowing the enrapturing man beneath him to divest him of it before fingers once again found their way back into dark, satiny tresses once more.


By God, Kurapika was truly irresistible.


Without uttering a single word, Chrollo pulled the younger man down and firmly against him, his mouth melding with the Kurta's once more as the passion and fire arose around them, drawing them deeper and deeper into the moment. Even as they fit perfectly together, moving against one another in near perfect unison, Chrollo's hands were gliding fluently along the expanse of Kurapika’s back.


Despite their little challenge, and the fact that of course, there was still the partial restriction in place, Chrollo indeed had no intention of being the one to lose, even now seeing just how easy Kurapika was falling, that lithe body reacting to every touch, every sensation, every pulse that invoked obligatory responses. Each and every one he knew would gradually and effortlessly bring Kurapika closer and closer to giving in, the bliss already beginning to engulf the blond as another moan tore effortlessly from the depths of his throat, the fervency, the mania, the desperation in their torrid kiss only sealed that very idealism. The look that accented the younger man’s eyes; red starting to bleed within those deep sapphires, a yearning burning underneath their radiant glow only spoke of Kurapika’s willful descent into sin. Regardless, if their descent may not take them far into sin, it didn’t stop Chrollo from pushing as far as he was allowed to go.


Such was learned once he severed their kiss once more to find purchase along Kurapika’s ear, trailing down along its shell before passing over that treasured earring to give it a slight tug. The effort garnered an ample shiver from the Kurta’s body, Chrollo pausing long enough to grin before slowly descending along Kurapika’s neck once more and leaving nipping bites along the way before stopping at his clavicle, Chrollo biting down once more, applying just enough pressure to ensure such would leave a mark. However, he would definitely be sure to leave so many more along his precious blond’s perfectly immaculate body, the creamy white skin the perfect canvas for proving exactly who Kurapika belonged to.


Not only would Chrollo prove to the world that the last remaining Kurta was his, but he would also show Kurapika just how far he was willing to go in order to bring the younger man to his side. “Kurapika,” Chrollo whispered, getting close to the other’s ear once more, “ready to give up yet?” Hands trekked up and over Kurapika’s ass, giving it a gentle squeeze before letting those fingers brush lightly over the flesh along his sides.


But the gesture was met by the blond letting a devious smile cross over his lips, the surface of them just barely coming into contact with Chrollo’s own as he moved to look down into the older man’s hazed eyes. “In your dreams,” Kurapika uttered headily and dipped down, taking the raven-head’s mouth with his own once more, growling deeply to profess his fate. Kurapika would not lose.


Although he may not be ready for the biggest leap in being with the man fully yet, he was certain that he could give the leader of the Genei Ryodan a run for his money. Chrollo may have the upper hand, but Kurapika wouldn’t go down without a fight.