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Imagine Me and You

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[Ava] knew that she had promised to let the Legends 'fly the skies' but some things were just too stupid to ignore.

They had turned an level one anachronism into a level twelve because Mick Rory decided that he could take a souvenir from Ancient Rome and modern society as they knew it fell.

Of course, they had fixed everything in a fantastically idiotic way, but the agent still had to make sure that they knew the Bureau's policies on taking historical artefacts. She was surprised herself that she even needed to have this conversation at all, let alone again.

"You're overreacting," [Sara] said cooly, she was leaning against the desk in the library with her arms crossed and a distinctive smirk on her face. The sight only made the agent angrier. Honestly, how was it that she had found herself attracted to this woman? In a purely physical way of course, which would never come to anything because there was no way that she could see herself settling down with the captain of the merry band of idiots.

"You turned a level one into a level twelve, how exactly am I 'overreacting', Miss Lance?" [Ava] asked, hoping that her exasperation wasn't getting too obvious. She would hate for the blonde to know how much she affected her.

"We've done way worse than that," [Sara] shot back, "we broke time."

"How is that your defence?!"

[Sara] was about to open her mouth to defend herself but she was cut off when the ground started shaking and her eyes widened.

A time quake wasn't going to prove that the Legends hadn't messed up.

[Ava's] grabbed onto the nearest stable thing and she looked at the captain with a mix of accusation and fear on her face.

"What did you do?!" she asked.

"Nothing," [Sara] shouted back, though she was casting her mind back as she tried to figure out exactly what her team could have done to cause this. The mission may have been a disaster but it wasn't a 'break time' disaster.

The floor continued to shake until both women lost hold of their anchors and fell to the ground at the same time.


-Two years later-

"Don't move," Sara groaned.

Ava smirked and placed her hand's on the blonde's waist. The captain was currently laying her head on her chest even though she was supposed to be at work twenty minutes ago. She might have been the director, but she needed to be on time eventually, not that anyone complained too much anymore.

"I have to go," she said softly and moved one hand to run it through the other woman's hair.

"You have to stay here and be my pillow," Sara mumbled, still refusing to open her eyes, though the smile on her lips betrayed the fact that she was more than awake.

"I have work," Ava insisted.

Sara let out an exaggerated sigh and finally opened her eyes so that she could look at the other woman more directly, "you're choosing work over your adorable wife?"

Director Lance just tilted her head and quirked an eyebrow. They'd had this conversation before which either ended with her being really late to work or Sara being called to be bridge by Gideon.

Sara pouted when it became apparent that the other woman wasn't going to come up with some defence and Ava placed a chaste kiss to her lips which made her smile slightly through her faux annoyance.

"I'll be back before you know it, babe," she said with her face still close to Sara's.

The shorter of the pair finally smiled fully at this and she moved back to allow Ava space to sit up herself so that she could go and get ready. However, before the director could stand up, a loud bang sounded through the Waverider and the floor started to shake violently.

Ava fell off the bed with a loud thud and Sara tried to hold onto the wall to keep her balance. The shaking only lasted for a few moments, before it stopped and the captain peered over the side of her bed to see the woman clutching her wrist.

"Are you okay?!" Sara asked and scrambled off the bed so that she was next to her wife and inspecting the wound.

"I think it's just sprained," the director replied, but winced violently when Sara ghosted a finger over the skin.

"I'm taking you to the med bay," the captain announced and set about helping the taller woman to her feet. They were both still in their PJs but it had been a long time since the other Legends seeing Ava in anything but her suit was an issue. Apart from the fact that she was the only person with a stable job, Ava was basically an honorary Legend at this point.

"We need to find out what caused the Time Quake first," Ava argued, though she was allowing her wife to lead her out of their bedroom and into the hallway.

"And we have plenty of time to figure that out after Gideon has healed you."

Ava looked as though she was about to argue, but she was interrupted by said AI, "I believe the source of the Time Quake is currently in the Library, Captain Lance."

Sara and Ava exchanged a look and they seemed to decide that if it was something serious then they needed to go straight away, not that the captain wouldn't prefer to go herself so that Ava could go to the med bay, but she knew that her stubborn wife would never agree to that arrangement.

It was for this reason that she continued to lead Ava but this time towards the Library. If there was no danger there, then she could go to the med bay and figure it out later.

Once they got into the empty control room, it became evident that whatever the source of the Time Quake was, it involved actual people, as shouting could be heard.

"Your ridiculous team caused a Time Quake! You broke my Time Courier!"

"We didn't do anything! And maybe if you just calmed down for two seconds we could figure this out!"


Sara and Ava exchanged a look and stopped in their tracks. The voices sounded familiar but there was no way that it should be possible.

Yellow lightening interrupted any chance that they had to say anything and Wally appeared rubbing his eyes, "what happened?" he yawned.

"Was that a Time Quake?" Amaya called as she and Nate each entered the room with Zari, Ray and Mick not far behind.

The captain was about to say something, but she was cut off when her own voice from the Library shouted, "well you could just go back to the Bureau and we will figure this out ourselves."

Each Legend frowned and looked over to their 'time moms' for answers, but as younger [Sara] stormed out of the Library it became clear what had happened.

"Is this what happens when time is broken?" Wally asked.

The younger captain frowned at the speedster. She vaguely recognised him as Iris West's brother, but she had absolutely no idea what he would be doing on-board her ship. That was until her eyes were drawn to her blonde mirror image standing a couple feet away from him and she felt her mouth drop open slightly.

"Do you honestly think that…" [Ava] called, fully ready to berate [Sara] in front of her whole team, but she also stopped dead in her tracks at the sight before her. Another version of Captain Lance was standing close to another version of herself who was holding her wrist, and was that a wedding ring on her finger?

"Pants suit got mean again," Mick laughed as he took a sip of his beer.

The older Ava rolled her eyes and shook her head.

She could admit that she was kind of a bitch when she first met the team, but in her defence they did break time so she thought she was quite justified.

"You have got to be kidding me," [Ava] said in exasperation and looked over to her version of [Sara]. She was actively choosing to ignore the fact that she could see a matching ring on the other captain's finger because there was no possible way that it could mean what she thought.

The younger [Sara] opened her mouth to say that she had nothing to do with this, but she was cut off by the director.

"Gideon," she called to prevent the argument that was no doubt about to happen, "do you know what happened?"

"It appears Agent Sharpe and the younger Captain Lance have been displaced as part of an anachronism, Director Lance, returning them and wiping their memories will no doubt prevent any possible impacts on the timeline."

Both of the younger versions looked slightly pale at the mention of 'Director Lance' and Ava resisted the urge to close her eyes in frustration. She couldn't help but think that Gideon had done that on purpose because their reactions were hilarious.

"Okay," Sara called, "Wally go to my quarters and get Ava's Time Courier, the rest of you watch them and me and Ava…this Ava are going to the med bay."

Wally nodded and sped off, however, the ground once again began to shake violently, this time much worse than last time and it lasted about fifteen seconds longer.

Everyone grabbed onto the nearest thing to them, but unfortunately for Ava, she tried to grab the central console with her right hand (she was slowly coming to the conclusion that her wrist was in fact broken). The pain forced her to recoil and she went stumbling back, smashing straight into Nate who had steeled up a second earlier to try stay grounded.

She fell to the ground as Citizen Steel made a desperate attempt to grab her, but that sent him off balance and he went flying straight into the main console with a loud smash.

All was still a second later and the only sound in the room was Nate groaning in pain.

Sara did a quick scan to make sure that everyone else was okay. [Sara] and [Ava] had apparently grabbed onto each on instinct and they were now in the process of jumping as far away as possible from each other.

She rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the version of Ava that she much preferred and her eyes widened when she saw that she was out cold with blood running down her temple.

"Ava!" she shouted and slid down on her knees next to her and lightly ran a finger over her cheek. She was clearly still breathing, but concussion was her biggest worry right now.

"Sara," Nate whispered behind her.

The blonde scowled over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes at the steel man who appeared to be completely fine despite the fact that he probably just broke something important.

"I think you're freaking them out with the affection," he replied and pointed over to [Sara] and [Ava] who were both looking on as if they were witnessing some unthinkable sight.

The captain just narrowed her eyes further and Citizen Steel took a step back and held up his hands.

"Right, I knocked out your wife so I'm just going to shut up," he said quickly.

"Smart," Sara replied and turned back to Ava, already considering how to get her to the med bay.

Before she could figure this out, though, the yellow lightening returned and Wally appeared with his teeth clenched and a smashed Time Courier held up in his hand. But his mouth turned into a frown when he saw the director lay unconscious on the floor and the central console sparking rather violently.

"Er…it was smashed when I got to your room…must have fallen off the table," he announced.

Sara let out a little growl and said, "Gideon could you please ask Gary to bring us another Time Courier?"

"I'm afraid that Doctor Heywood has damaged my communication systems, captain, if you would like to bring Mrs. Lance to the Medical Bay, however, I will be able to see to her," Gideon replied.

Sara rolled her eyes, partly because of course Nate knocked out the communication systems and also because Gideon had never called Ava 'Mrs. Lance' before, she was just being a dick to younger [Ava] and [Sara].

More yellow lightening flew past and Sara blinked to find that her wife was gone. A moment later, Wally appeared back in the room looking rather proud of himself.

"I took Ava to the med bay," he announced.

Sara blew out a breath and looked over to the source of all of her issues. She could be trying to convince Ava to come back to bed right now instead of dealing with this ridiculousness. Honestly, if she wasn't also staring at the image of herself, she would be getting clone flashbacks right now, which was not something she wanted to revisit.

"Okay, I'm going to the med bay," the older captain announced, "Amaya just watch them…and make sure they don't break time. Wally, please fix Gideon? Quickly?"

The speedster and totem-bearer both nodded and the blonde turned on her heels. She couldn't deal with this until she knew if her Ava was okay, she much preferred her wife's smile to Agent Sharpe's scowl anyway.

Once she was gone, [Ava] made a point of walking further into the main control room so that she didn't have to stand so close to 'her future wife'. There was no way that she would have worked so hard in her career to end up marrying such an idiot who had clearly made her late for work. Gideon's relative time clock showed 9.34 and she knew for a fact that if she was the Director she would have started work at 7.00 am and been the last one to leave the Bureau at night. A foul taste formed in her mouth as she recalled herself being referred to as 'Director Lance', it somehow tainted everything she had been working towards for five years.

"This must be some kind of joke," she announced to the room, not for the first time wishing that her Time Courier hadn't broken, "you idiots must have broken time again..."

"Since when was Ava mean?" Wally said as he turned to look at the other Legends and ignoring the infuriated woman.

"Agent Hotpants had issues," Mick replied.

Wally frowned, "hotpants?"

"Boss said that it was 'disrespectful' to call her girlfriend 'hotpants' so we settled on 'pantsuit'," Rory clarified and the speedster just nodded slowly. He had been with the team for quite a long time now so it was still hard to believe sometimes just how much the team had done before he had arrived.

[Ava] heard a laugh behind her and she turned with narrowed eyes, "do you think this is funny?"

"I think its hilarious, honey," [Sara] laughed, though internally she was kind of freaking out. She wasn't too bothered with the fact that she would eventually be with Ava, she didn't really know the woman that well at the moment so she couldn't really rule it out as impossible, it was more the fact that she would end up married.

[Ava] blew out a breath of frustration, there were so many things that she wanted to say to this idiot and she couldn't imagine that it would ever be 'I love you', so the only logically explanation was that this whole scene was a massive anachronism.

"I'm going to talk to the more grown up version of you," the agent grumbled, she figured that it might actually be nice to talk to a version of Captain Lance who appeared to have some kind of respect for the Time Bureau. She wouldn't have married the director if she was dead-set against it, right?

"I don't think that's a good idea Av…Agent Sharpe," Amaya interjected.


-Meanwhile in the med bay-

Ava groaned and opened her eyes. She remembered everything but there was a part of her that was hoping that she was about to find herself in the Captain's Quarters to discover that it had all been a dream. When her eyes were assaulted with clinical white she knew that it had unfortunately happened and her head lolled to the side to find a very worried blonde.

It quickly became apparent that this was her Sara and she offered her a reassuring smile, "hey," she said.

Sara's eyes tore away from the vitals she must have asked Gideon to display and a relieved smile came over her face.

"Hey," she sighed and pulled her chair closer to the bed and placed her hand over her wife's, "how are you feeling baby?"

"Like I deserve a day off work," the director laughed, "you probably shouldn't call me baby, might give the other me an aneurysm."

Sara smiled at this, but her smile fell and she looked down at her lap and swallowed hard.

Ava frowned and sat up slightly so that she could get a better view of the other woman's face, "are you wondering if she is me?"

The captain bit the inside of her cheek and looked up at the director, "I…never asked…"

"I don't know if I'm the first AVA you have ever met, Sara," the taller woman smiled sadly, "I remember you stealing my gun, having a water break in the middle of a fight and you trying to kill both of our teams…"

"I knew you would jump away!" Sara defended.

Ava just laughed and shook her head, she scooted over slightly and the captain seemed to take the hint of what it meant and she stood from the chair. The shorter woman settled herself onto the bed despite the limited space and leaned her head on the director's shoulder.

"My point is that I don't know if those things really happened to me, but I know for a fact that I married you and that I love you, so does it really matter?"

Sara sighed in contentment. She sometimes didn't realise how far the other woman had come from 'there's no me to love' and she couldn't be more proud of her. They both knew that the whole clone thing was never going to feel normal, but Sara smiled when she remembered their first date. She'd made it very clear that she didn't want normal.

Although, she wasn't too sure whether the pit in her stomach would go away until she discovered whether the Ava in the control room was the same woman she was currently resting her head on. It really was shitty of Rip to not even consider the morality of his plan to find the perfect agent.

"I guess it doesn't really matter right now," she said in spite of her worry, and she added something that was very much true, "I prefer Director Lance to Agent Sharpe either way."

Ava smiled widely at this. She absolutely loved the name 'Ava Lance' it was something that wasn't chosen for her, it was a reminder of all of the 'real' memories that she now had with the Legends and their captain.

Instead of replying, she just leaned over and placed a chaste kiss on the captain's lips.

"I love you too," Sara whispered against her wife's lips.

The Director was about to lean in for another kiss, but someone cleared their throats and both she was her wife looked over to the source of the sound.

[Ava] stood stock still with wide eyes with Nate and Amaya behind her, clearly having had tried to stop her from whatever she was planning. [Sara] stood behind Amaya with a similar expression to her future wife and the present day versions of each them had to resist the urge to groan in frustration.

Sara stood from the bed and whispered, "Gideon said you need to rest so I'll deal with this."

Ava nodded, though she was now resisting the urge to laugh at herself. Even if it was a different clone, she had to admit that it was quite funny to see her so adamantly freaked out when she knew for a fact that she had been attracted to Sara since the moment they had met. It didn't matter whether they were the same or not, some things just happened in spite of 'programming'.

Because she had already seen them kissing, she figured it couldn't hurt so she stole another kiss before Sara could move her face away. The captain shook her head, though she was smiling as she turned.

She knew that she would rather stay in here than be yelled at Agent Sharpe, but she figured that she could at least tease her wife with whatever she said when this was all over.