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Imagine Me and You

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Chapter eight

Waves crashed violently against the shore but she couldn’t focus on that right now, Slade Wilson was explaining the latest plan to get out of what was quite aptly called Purgatory.

Ollie was listening intently but all Sara could think about was her request to Oliver to tell her family that she had died on the Queen’s Gambit.

Chances were strong that they would never know everything she did to try and get back to them, but she didn’t want to know.

If she was going to be a memory to them, she wanted to be the incredibly irresponsible idiot rather than the ruthless survivor that she had become.

“Mrs Lance?”

Sara blinked and the violent waves melted away to what was actually there.

A clear blue ocean with a soft breeze against her cheek.

She took a deep breath as her toes moved into the soft Aruba beach.

It was a far cry from where she had been all those years ago (at this point, she had no idea how to even calculate her age so she wasn’t going to even try anymore).

“Mrs Lance?” the voice repeated.

Sara cleared her throat and turned around to see the beach side bar now had two very elaborate and brightly coloured sat upon it.

“Sorry,” Sara said.

“A million miles away?” the man asked with an easy smile on his face.

Sara glanced over her shoulder to the ocean and considered for a moment how far away Lian Yu was from where she was currently standing.

“Something like that,” Sara replied before she dropped a few bills in the tip jar and grabbed the two drinks before she started walking across the beach.

She took a deep breath as she walked and took a sip from the fruity alcoholic infusion and it wasn’t long until the intended recipient of the second drink came into view.

Ava Lance was stretched across a lounge chair with her nose in a book.

It was one more book than she would usually have time to read. Honestly, it was lucky that she could bullshit her way through book club since she had literally no other time between Gary’s shenanigans and the actions of her wife and her time.

Sara allowed herself to watch Ava’s eyes fly across the page, but it didn’t last long since she was almost always aware of when she was being watched.

Ava looked away from the page and up to the other woman stood before her.

She relaxed instantly at the sight of those insanely blue eyes and she closed the booked without any hesitation.

As much as she loved the chance to read, it wasn’t why she agreed to leave the bureau in a senior agent’s hand for two weeks.

For the chance to see the badass former assassin Sara Lance stood in front of her with a couple colourful drinks, it was definitely worth it. 

It helped that she could now call said badass her wife.

However, Ava noticed that the smile did not meet Sara’s eyes and she pushed herself up in the chair.

“Hey,” she said, “was there a long line at the bar?”

The question seemed to bring Sara into motion and she came over to fall onto the chair next to her wife so that she could pass the second drink over.

“Nah, I just got distracted by something,” Sara replied, not looking at Ava as she took a sip through the straw.

Ava tilted her head and looked at Sara.

Since the clone revelation, she finally understood why it was that emotions confused her so much, but she was becoming increasingly sure that she kind of understood Sara’s.

If Captain Lance didn’t want to talk about what was bothering her, she would have just made some terrible lie about why it took so long to get the drink order.

Her reply felt like an invite to keep asking, which was only confirmed when Sara remained silent and didn’t try to change the subject.

It was for this reason that Ava took a little sip and then asked, “what was so distracting?”

Sara lay back onto the lounge chair and looked over to her wife.

She considered changing the subject to what the Legends could be doing right now, but when eyes drifted back over to the ocean, she decided that she wanted to talk about it, after all, if she couldn’t talk to Ava about where her mind sometimes went, who else could she talk to?

It wasn’t as if she was reluctant to talk about her nightmares anymore.

They were meant to share everything now, right?

“I was just looking at the ocean and it reminded me of…” Sara trailed off.

“The Gambit?” Ava suggested when the silence went on for a few seconds.

“Lian Yu,” Sara corrected, “the ocean is so much different much calmer…”

Ava nodded and just waited for her wife to continue. As much as she wished she could take away all of the bad memories that caused Sara pain, she knew that a person who hadn’t experienced those things, wouldn’t be the Sara Lance who had stolen the Waverider.

It was for this reason that rather than trying to make things better, Ava had just resolved to listen whenever she wanted to talk about anything.

Sara let out a sigh and reached over to take Ava’s hand, before she continued, “I was just thinking...all I thought about on Lian Yu was whether I would see my family again. I never thought...any of this was possible,” she explained and gestured vaguely towards Ava.

“That I’m possible?” Ava asked with a small frown.

“Yeah, just everything about you, that you would agree to marry me…” Sara admitted, looking down at their joined hands as she played with Ava’s fingers.

Ava wasn’t sure how to verbally reply to such a sweet statement, so she just lifted up their joined hands and placed a kiss on Sara's knuckles, which caused the captain to look up at Ava’s eyes and she finally smiled widely. 

“You know, I’ve also started to think about the future more…” Sara admitted as she ran her thumb over Ava’s wedding band.

Ava sat up straighter.

This was a conversation she had been waiting to have but had resolved to wait until Sara was ready.

The thought of not knowing what the future held was on a new and exciting prospect for Ava. It flew in the face of all of the regulations and rules she had been created to follow. 

But she also knew that her love for order was just part of her personality even if it was programmed into her and there was only so long she would be able to deal with not having at least some idea of where they were heading.

Though she did know that she wanted any version of the future to include Sara and since she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted outside of remaining the director of the Time Bureau for as long as possible, she was more at peace with the fact that she would need to wait to see what Sara thought about as their future.  

Sara actually laughed at how straight her wife was currently sat, she was clearly torn between launching into every question she probably had been thinking about/had probably written down somewhere, and playing it cool. The sight was kind of adorable.

“What do you think about...having kids?” Sara finally asked. 

“I…” Ava began but trailed off, that certainly wasn’t what she was expecting, maybe discussing splitting their time between her apartment and the Waverider.

Sara squeezed her wife’s hand as she inspected her expression. She looked mildly freaked out, but she couldn’t tell whether it was because she had gone so far or because the idea of having a child freaked her out, which is why she elaborated: “not like right away, you know? We already have the Legends to deal with, I mean way in the future…I’m sure we could find a way to split our time between kids and saving time every year...”

“How long have you been thinking about this?” Ava managed to ask, despite the fact that she was still freaking out slightly.

The captain shrugged and replied, “not long...I was just thinking it’s usually the next step after getting married, you know? I mean, I know I said I don’t want to be normal...but I’m just thinking that maybe not every ‘normal’ thing would be the worst thing in the world. I just think we could make a really cute kid…”

Ava actually snorted at this despite the millions of logistical things running through her mind, of course all Sara had considered was how cute their child would be. It kind of proved her point that she didn’t want this anytime soon.

The logistical issues and worries could be discussed when it actually came to seriously considering this.

“They would be insanely cute,” Ava agreed, imagining a baby with those blue eyes, it was strange to love a person who was literally just an idea.

“Is that your way of saying that you’ll think about it?” Sara asked with a small laugh when Ava got a faraway look in her eye which she had to assume meant that she was imagining something similar to what she had been thinking about.

“Well...we already basically already have a lot of kids,” Ava replied after a moment of thought and Sara hummed in agreement, the Legends definitely needed a lot of work before they thought about bringing a little person into the world, “but you know I would do anything with you, babe.”

Sara smiled and scooted closer so that she could rest her head on her wife’s shoulder.

“We should probably just focus on enjoying Aruba before time breaks again,” Sare said.

Ava laughed and ran her hand through Sara’s hair as she replied, “as long as we fix whatever your team causes, we’ll have all the time in the world to talk about this later.”


John Constantine paced back and forth in the captain’s office in front of the screen that displayed everything that Gideon had on Astra Logue.

It was actually very little information considering that no one would put ‘dragged to hell’ on a death certificate, but Constantine wasn’t about to explain everything that happened.

The rest of the Legends were clustered around the space watching the magician as he continued to pace.

His attempts to light a cigarette had already been thwarted by the older Captain Lance so he finally just shoved his hands into the pockets of his trenchcoat with a huff, not that this did anything to his urge to smoke.

“John,” Sara finally said.

The man stopped and looked at the captain who was sitting next to her wife and his eyes fell over to their mirror images who had apparently decided to stand as far apart as possible from each other.

Neither of them had said a word since the group had moved to the office.

“Look, you’ve mentioned Astra before, but do you know why she would want to break the timeline?” Sara asked.

There was no doubt in her mind that was Astra’s plan here. If [Ava] and [Sara] were to die in the Temporal Zone while herself and the older Ava were also there, there would undoubtedly be catastrophic effects. There would be no way that they would be able to go back in time and fix the anachronism since they were involved in it. It was perhaps the best plan she had seen so far to damage to actually wreck shit.

“Probably because she hates my bloody guts,” Constantine replied.

“She hates you enough to break time?” [Ava] scoffed.

Ava snorted and her wife elbowed her in the side.

John narrowed his eyes at the director, he had very little doubt that she had at least a little bit of sympathy for Astra’s desire to hurt him.

“What would you do to get back at the person who damned you to hell, love?” Constantine asked.

[Ava] opened her mouth to say that was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard but she remembered being told that Mallus was actually real and then finding out not long after that she was a clone from the future.

“Okay, I suppose,” [Ava] said, “but why would she target me and her?”

[Sara] rolled her eyes as the agent pointed towards her, but she made no rude comments in return.

She’d experienced weirder than what Constantine was about to explain, so she allowed her mind to drift to her conversation with [Ava] and how it had gone so wrong.

Her eyes lingered on Ava and Sara, whose fingers were entangled as they watched the interaction.

It didn’t appear to be a conscious decision that either of them had made, it was just casual intimacy between two spouses.

She never had that with Nyssa al Ghul or Oliver Queen, she no doubt loved both of them, but their relationships had been all about passion and desire.

They hardly ever had the time to sit next to each other and just absentmindedly show their love for each, none of the other Legends seemed to think that there was anything out of the ordinary about this.

Then again she never dealt with a threat to the timeline when with either Oliver or Nyssa so maybe it wasn’t a matter of being too busy or too focused?

They each seemed very focused on what was currently being explained so it was obviously just an instinct.

[Sara] couldn’t help but think that it was something that she wanted.

But when she looked over to [Ava] she found it very hard to believe that this angry woman could become Director Lance who she kind of did want to spend time with.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t her wife. At least not yet. Hopefully.

“Because the director of the bloody Time Bureau and the Captain of the Waverider are pretty important to the timeline,” John said in response to [Ava’s] question.

This just caused [Ava] frown, she didn’t like the feeling of only understanding about 10% of what was going on, it was supposed to be her job to understand everything and know exactly what it was she would need to do to fix it. 

The feeling was unsettling, which only caused her to wonder whether that was a result of her programming.

Honestly, she couldn’t wait until she had a chance to have this information wiped away until she was more prepared to learn it.

“Besides punishing you, what exactly would Astra get from the Temporal Zone folding in on itself?” Sara asked.

John was silent for a moment before he replied, “it is...possible that Astra and Neron joined forces when I sent Des...him to hell.”

“How many people have you sent to hell recently?” [Ava] asked.

Constantine narrowed his eyes at the woman, before he realised that this wasn’t the version of Ava that had a reason to dislike him, so it was most likely a legitimate question. To be fair, he did have a significant higher proportion of damned souls in his life than most people.

“A fair few, love,” Constantine sneered, before he explained, “Neron...a demon...he tried to make me help him with his plan to bring hell to earth. I suppose that destroying time would be a good first step in that plan…”

“And Astra would want that because…?” Ava asked.

“If you spent decades in hell, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to go somewhere new? No doubt Neron would have promised Astra anything she wants for access to her encores to get at you two,” Constantine replied.

Ava blew out a breath and crossed her arms over her chest as she thought this through. There seemed to be only one solution here, but she had a sneaking suspicion that it may be impossible. 

That hadn’t stopped the Legends since she had met them so she saw no issue in voicing the thought, “is it possible to bring Astra back ourselves?”

John tilted his head.

It was something that he had been looking into for years and had time and again reached dead ends of myths and legends, but he figured that if that was all he had to go on, then he was in the right place.

“Yeah if we can get her back ourselves, then she wouldn’t have a reason to help Neron anymore,” Sara agreed.

John felt the now unfamiliar bloom of hope in his chest.

As much as he knew that Astra would never stop hating him for what he did, if there was a chance that he could give her a little bit of life back, he would definitely take the opportunity.

The question was, could it really be possible. 

“I may have a few ideas, but I need to borrow the historian to see if any of them are real,” John admitted.

Nate looked up from where he was staring at the ground and just nodded, he hadn’t really been awake that long but it had already been a very long day. 

John didn’t say anything else as he just followed Citizen Steel out to the Library. 

Sara sighed deeply and looked around the room at the team, plus the two extras, and forced herself to gather enough energy to raise to her feet and clap her hands together.

“Okay while they figure...that out, we can all try and fix the ship…” she announced.