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Be mine, my king!

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The sweet aroma.

That sweet, sweet scent.

Something so simple, something so mundane.

It is able to get everyone to his feet.

And he knows it.

He knows about his power.

Something that would cause embarrassment in others, for him is a simple game, nothing of what shame is, simply, can, that is all there is.

The power to get everyone to his feet.

We should be predators.

We should be able to dominate his will, his body.

But no, he, is the one that controls us all.

He exploited the weakness of our flesh.

He is a King that we all worship.

The King that we all want.

We die for his flesh, their voice, for its aroma.

It makes us crazy.

It makes us beasts.

We are animals that cannot resist the impulse of flesh, the nature and its mandate.

We are all at the mercy of Bakugo Katsuki, King of the omegas.

There is no one who can be against it.

The alfas are weak when they are in his presence.

Because he knows that its aroma is our drug.

Because he knows that we would die for it. 

What an admirable power.

How admirable are his eyes full of rage!

How admirable is the wild beauty that Bakugo is full of

The winner is the who can conquer his untamed heart.

But is that even possible?

Who will he choose Bakugo as a couple?

Will he even choose, or plans to plunge us all into this eternal madness?

No, even the Kings need... descendants.

Bakugo was a renegade omega. The majority of the omegas were a jewel that belonged to high society alfas. But, for that was not a role that please you. It would not be the jewel of anyone, it would be free... More than free, he would be a King!

Thus, Bakugo abandoned the life in the village, starting as a thief, until he gained enough power and recognition, then went to live in the mountains, proclaiming that territory as 'The Kingdom of Bakugo'. Some decided to join him and serve him, regardless of his rank, all respected Bakugo, the proclaimed King of the omegas.

Bakugo had a talent which the omegas decided not to use (due to ignorance or by fear), and that talent, was to take advantage of the hormones and aroma typical of the omegas in mating time. The majority of the omegas was afraid of the idea even to use them and release them, tried to suppress the hormones, always fearing the attack of an alpha as a result. But, Bakugo discovered that if you released your hormones in bestial quantities, the Alphas were those who succumbed to the aroma. It was a double-edged weapon, and Bakugo did not hesitate to use this weapon to their benefit. Nobody could resist his pheromones once released. Possibly, who served the King Bakugo, it was because they could not resist his pheromones, and also powerful attitude.

Who most loved the King, was Kirishima, a dragon which Bakugo saved his life. The dragon was injured when he found him, a large group of hunters had been pursuing to Kirishima during days, had managed to hurt one of its wings. Bakugo, for reasons that Kirishima did not understand, decided to save his life, facing all the hunters himself. Kirishima could not believe what he saw that day, was an impressive display of power, strength, virility and domain. 'Definitely, I will go with him, I feel that I have to follow him no matter what.'

“¡Hey, Bakugo!... I mean, my King!”

“You can call me by my name, its fucking annoying otherwise”

“Ok, Bakugo!” Kirishima grinned sweetly, Bakugo only stared at him, waiting with not that much patience “Everything is ready for the departure. We are waiting for your orders!”

“Fine, tell everyone we are leaving at noon”

“Yes, my King!” Kirishima was too happy, way too happy. “I-I mean, Bakugo… I'm sorry, I still can’t figure out which one is better.”

“It does not matter, whatever you want to call me, it's all the same for me, the only thing that actually matters is that you are my stupid aired-head dragon, or am I wrong Kirishima?” Bakugo smiled dangerously, Kirishima shivered. Oh, that smile! That smile! He would happily burn an entire Kingdom just to see that smile. He felt like a slave, and he was, he was a slave of his feelings, of his adoration for Bakugo.  

Kirishima sometimes tried to figure out if he adored Bakugo because he was an omega, or because he was… he. Bakugo was always amazing, and powerful, a great leader and a person worthy of admiration. Yeah, he usually loosed his temper easily, but he wasn’t an idiot at all. He was unfairly smart! He was way too blessed for an omega. But, Kirishima didn't care that much about that 'alfa-omega' thing the world seemed to worship so much. He only cared about manly things, like strength, loyalty and such.

“You are totally right! I’m your dragon! I, Kirishima, will grant you the skies my King! There won’t be a thing that Bakugo won’t be able reach!”, Kirishima felt over excited, because he loved to be the King’s dragon.

Kirishima loved that the King exploited him and his potential in his dragon form. Kirishima loved having Bakugo riding on his back and flying with him. It was a special moment they shared. Because no one else could have a moment as intimate and special with the King, only Kirishima, his dragon, his most faithful companion (or at least so Kirishima saw it).

“Good” replied the King, grinning even more, aroused by that submissive attitude “Before we leave, serve me, Kirishima”

“Are you in heat Bakugo?!”

“Not exactly, I just feel like fucking” Bakugo said calmly, without any shame “Don’t want to fuck with me? Do you want me to find someone else to fuck?”

“No! Of course not! I will serve you, my king! Your desires are also mine!”

Bakugo removed his cape, exposing his chest. His nipples had a beautiful color. Kirishima could swear that someday those would be the most delicious breast in the kingdom and would produce the finest milk for his pups. Oh, how wonderful would it be if Kirishima could impregnate Bakugo so he could have his babies!

“On your knees” commanded Bakugo “And suck it nicely”

Kirishima obeyed immediately, getting on her knees, waiting for instructions patiently. He knew what would happen next, this was not the first time that he and Bakugo did something sexual pleasure-related.

Unfortunately for Kirishima, this was not strengthening the relationship between the two, but this was better than nothing and gave him the opportunity to have sexual intimacy with the King. Thus, he had no complaint in this regard. It was better to enjoy, because once Bakugo was excited, his sweet pheromones covered everything, and, as if it were mana, were well received by Kirishima.

Bakugo unbuttoned his pants, soon your penis was in the air and it was erect and apparently wet, ready for action. Kirishima smiled to see him so hard, delightfully wet. And it was all his, he would not let anyone else had it. With that in mind, he opened his mouth and began to lick the phallus of Bakugo. 'Is so delicious! It is so good! It's mine, mine, mine, all mine!'

"Hey, don’t suck my dick so viciously, looks like you want to eat it and keep it all for yourself", mocked Bakugo between gasps. He was enjoying it so much, because nothing was better than watching Kirishima sucking his cock desperately.

"Is because it is mine, your wet cock it's all mine right now!"

"You are getting all greedy here huh?"

"Yes, I can't help it! When it's about the King... I- I can't control myself"

"Can't you?" said Bakugo ironically "I see, then, suck it some more, do it better you fucking greedy idiot"

Kirishima obeyed, licking and sucking Bakugo's cock faster. The flavor was just the best, he can't get enough of it, he wanted more and more!

Bakugo started to moan sweetly, his body heated up and his breathing became irregular. The pleasure spread across all his body. The way Kirishima sucked him was the best, that's why he allowed him to be greedy, so desperate, it felt so god damn good he couldn't get enough of it either.

"You are mine, your useless mouth can only be worthy with me! Now, drink it all up!"

"Is the King going to cum? Does it feel good?"

"Your shitty mouth is almost decent for me, if you want me to let you suck me then you have to do it better... Ah! Fuck! I'm almost... there."

Kirishima began to suck it faster, he took it all, he could even feel the tip knocking his throat. 'Give it to me, give it all to me, let me drink your delicious seed!'

Bakugo screamed and shivered, letting his semen spread in Kirishima’s mouth, who drank it all, not leaving out even one drop.

Dragons where really greedy creatures, they were known for keeping big treasures for themselves because they loved worthy things like jewels or treasures. But people didn't know that dragons could be also greedy with humans, with love and pleasure. They could want all and more! And Kirishima was no different. He wanted Bakugo, he wanted him to be all his.

"How is it?" asked Bakugo.

"Delicious as always" replied Kirishima, licking his lips, his eyes were full of bliss.

"What a good dragon" Bakugo petted Kirishima’s head, then his cheek.

"I want Bakugo to give birth to my babies" mumbled Kirishima, lost in his own delusions full of hope and pleasure.

"You want me to have your shitty dragon pups, huh?" Bakugo smiled amused, feeling excited "You'll have to prove yourself even more for that, I won't let you impregnate me that easily."

"I will do my best to prove that I'm the best option for the king, you will give birth to the most powerful babies in the world!"

Bakugo fixed his pants and putted them back in their place.

Bakugo loved to be desired, but there was something special in that dragon, maybe the same reason why he decided to save him that day.

Was it fate? Was it luck or a coincidence?

He didn't know, but he liked Kirishima, he loved how desperate he was for him. Being desired like that was exciting and made his blood boil like crazy. The desire to mate with him increased each day, but, that didn't mean he would give in easily. Kirishima had to prove himself even more.

But, certainly, having dragon babies maybe wouldn't be such a bad thing.

“Ok, lets go, we have kingdoms to invade and conquer.”

“Yes, my King!”