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Forever Feels Like Home

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June 30, 2036

Kurt tossed his keys onto the kitchen counter and slumped down onto a stool. Running his own clothing line had always been a challenge, but he remembers it being easier when he was still in his late twenties and could function perfectly well on two cups of coffee and three hours of sleep. At 42, he was exhausted, despite still being in good shape.

Something in the kitchen smelled amazing, and Kurt was trying to figure out what was in the oven by its scent when Blaine came in, wearing a ratty old apron with a puppy in a chef’s hat on it, a gift from their daughter several years ago. It looked ridiculous on him, but Blaine wore it with pride, along with the small creases around his eyes and the flecks of grey and white along his hairline. Even after being together for 21 years, Blaine was still the most gorgeous man Kurt had ever seen.

“You look terrible,” Blaine said, smiling as he kissed Kurt’s cheek. “Bad day?”

“Bad month,” Kurt groaned. He grabbed the sides of Blaine’s apron and pulled him closer. “Happy to be home though. I missed you.”

Blaine hummed against Kurt’s mouth as they kissed, and Kurt could feel the tension in his body melt away. He loved that Blaine still had that impact on him, like no matter how run down he felt, being with his soulmate breathed new life into him.

“Dad! Daddy! Guess what! I - oh, see, now that’s just gross.”

Kurt pulled away from Blaine with a laugh, turning to their 16 year old daughter, Aubrey, who was covering her eyes and scowling in their general direction.

“We’re decent, Aub. What’s up?” Blaine asked, winking at Kurt and walking to the stove to stir whatever was bubbling in the pot.

“Well,” Aubrey said, drawing it out to build suspense. Blaine always joked that her flair for the dramatic came from Kurt, and it was moments like this that made Kurt forget that she wasn’t biologically theirs. Aubrey suddenly pulled down the neck of her t-shirt, revealing small black script across her chest. “I got my soulmate mark!”

Kurt jumped up from the stool so fast it fell over and flew at Aubrey with his arms open. He hugged her tightly as Blaine joined them, all three of them laughing and grinning at each other.

“Wait, wait, okay, let’s see it again,” Blaine said. Kurt bit his lip, anxious to see the name of his future son-in-law. Or maybe it’ll be a daughter-in-law. He wasn’t particularly picky.

“Tatum Girardi, and a couple years older than you.” Blaine read. “Huh.”

“That’s a boy’s name, right?” Aubrey asked.

“Well, there’s Tatum O’Neal, and she was a girl,” Kurt told her. They hadn’t discussed Aubrey’s sexuality before. They barely got through a basic sex talk with her, all three of them coming out of that one scarred. Kurt still shuddered at the memory of talking to a horrified Aubrey about periods and bra sizes and what anatomical parts went where. Blaine had even tried to draw a picture, but that didn’t turn out particularly well.

Aubrey’s preferences didn’t matter then, and they didn’t matter now, either. Kurt figured she would come to them when she was ready.

“Does it matter that I don’t care which one it is?” Aubrey asked, looking nervous. It took Kurt a second, but then it dawned on him that this was her way of telling them about who she is.

“What do you - oh!” Blaine seemed to make the same realization as Kurt. “Of course it doesn’t matter.”

“Not at all. You know we love you no matter what,” Kurt reassured her, hugging her again.

“Right. Good,” Aubrey said, visibly relieved. Kurt knew her well enough to understand that she needed some time to herself to process. There was still a lot to talk about, but it could wait.

“I think a milestone like this calls for ice cream!” Blaine said, pulling a pan out of the oven and setting it on top of the stove to cool. “What do you say, Aubbie? Ice cream for dinner?”

Aubrey rolled her eyes at the nickname, like she always did, but she was smiling. “Dad, you’ve been cooking all day.”

“And I’ll put it away and save it for tomorrow.” Blaine took off his apron and threw it at Kurt, and then picked up Kurt’s keys from the table. “Let’s go!”

Aubrey rolled her eyes again and ran upstairs, shouting down that she needed a minute to look “presentable to the general public”. Kurt stood in the middle of the kitchen and watched her disappear up the stairs, and that’s when it hit him.

“She’s growing up so fast,” Kurt said to himself. Blaine must have heard him, though, because seconds later Kurt was wrapped in two familiar arms, with Blaine’s chin hooked over his shoulder. He relaxed back into Blaine’s chest, feeling warm and content, if not a little bit nostalgic.

“You think she’ll be as happy as we are?” Blaine asked quietly, squeezing tightly around Kurt’s waist.

“Well, whatever magical force it is that selects soulmates seems to know what it’s doing, so I think she’ll be alright.”

“That’s true.” Blaine lightly kissed the side of Kurt’s neck, and the intimacy of it still settled bright and warm against Kurt’s skin, something he’d been accustomed to for years but never got tired of. “Although, I think we won the soulmate lottery.”

Kurt laughed, “There’s no such thing.”

“Yes there is, and we won it,” Blaine said, taking on the authoritative tone he usually saved for his students and Aubrey. Kurt giggled and turned to kiss his temple, because yeah, they really did win.

Aubrey came back down the stairs and pulled a face when she saw them hugging. “Are we still getting ice cream? Because I’m starting to lose my appetite.”

“You’re hilarious, little girl.” Kurt grabbed Blaine’s hand and followed Aubrey to the door.