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Blushing Inside

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“Hey- uh Yoonji unnie?”


Yoonji poked her head out from where she was wrapped up in her duvet, looking away from the phone in her hand. Namjoo was already in her pyjamas, an oversized t-shirt, and standing nervously in Yoonji’s room.


“You okay?”


Namjoo sighed and brushed her short hair off her face. “I think we should maybe talk.. about when..”

“When I kissed you?”

“Yeah that” Namjoo seemed even more nervous now, not an emotion Yoonji was accustomed to seeing on her leader’s face,


“Well did you like it?” Yoonji stuck her arms out of the duvet as well now, and pulled Namjoo down to sit on the bed with her.


“It’s not that I didn’t like it.. It’s just well..” Yoonji could see Namjoo getting caught up in her own thoughts as she so often did, so she grabbed Namjoo’s face and kissed her square on the lips, just like she had a week ago in the studio.


Namjoo kissed back, her soft lips moving against Yoonji’s and her hand coming up to touch Yoonji’s shoulder. Their lips opened and Yoonji felt Namjoo’s tongue against hers.


“So you did like it.” Yoonji said with a smirk.


“Mmm yeah I did.” Namjoo pushed Yoonji down onto the bed, returning the smirk and putting her tongue back in Yoonji’s mouth.





Namjoo crawled over Yoonji, pinning her against the mattress and kissing slowly up her neck. Biting gently at Yoonji’s ear, she whispered softly in her deep voice that always made Yoonji’s legs feel weak.


“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this for?”



Yoonji could barely speak, with Namjoo’s body pressed up against hers everything was so hot and close and overwhelming. Namjoo spread more kisses across her cheeks and forehead, being even more gentle than before, giving Yoonji space to breathe again.


“God Yoonji, so long”


By the time Yoonji had looked back up into Namjoo’s wide, dark eyes she needed her even more. She raised her hands to Namjoo’s face, pulling her down so she could press their lips together, Namjoo’s sigh tasting sweet and warm as they closed their eyes and melted into one another.


Namjoo’s body felt warm and heavy on top of Yoonji. Namjoo’s long legs in between hers, and her big hands cupping Yoonji’s face, thumbs stroking her jaw and fingertips playing with the short hair on the back of Yoonji’s neck.


Yoonji moved her own hands then, suddenly needing to touch and feel Namjoo everywhere she could reach. Her neck, arms and shoulders. Her broad back, and then down to her waist, Yoonji pulling up her t-shirt hurriedly, too impatient to feel Namjoo’s warm skin under her hands. Namjoo broke the kiss in order to moan deliciously into Yoonji’s mouth.


“Yoonie, please..”


She dipped her head back down again, tongue tracing Yoonji’s jaw, and biting enough to have Yoonji’s back arching and gasps escaping from her soft open lips. She could see Namjoo’s soft smile through her fluttering eyelashes, enjoying the obvious pleasure Yoonji found in her actions. Yoonji smiled slyly back at her, raising her hips against Namjoo’s to feel her gasp in return, and wriggling further under her to push her thigh between Namjoo’s legs. She moved her hands lower as well, resting them just above Namjoo’s underwear as she looked back up into Namjoo’s closed eyes.


“Is this ok?”

“Yeah, it’s good Yoonji, feels good” Namjoo breathed heavily above Yoonji, still caressing her jawline.


Yoonji slipped her fingers underneath Namjoo’s underwear, stroking down the sides of her hips and over her ass.


Namjoo raised herself onto her knees then, looking down at Yoonji’s soft pink lips and beautiful dark eyes, which were now looking back up at her in question.


“Do you want to stop?”

“No, I just.. Can I?” She tugged at the hem of Yoongi’s t-shirt, lifting it slowly over Yoonji’s torso when she nodded yes.


Yoonji didn’t feel the urge to cover herself with her hands, as Namjoo’s eyes roamed over Yoonji’s chest. She enjoyed the way Namjoo’s mouth fell open slightly as she pulled the shirt over her head.


“How can anyone have such cute nipples?” Namjoo giggled when she saw the indignation in Yoonji’s expression as she threw the t-shirt onto the floor.


“Nipples can’t be cute”

“Well, yours are.”


Namjoo straddled Yoonji’s hips, pushing her back down against the mattress before stroking her thumbs over Yoonji’s cute nipples, pleased to hear Yoonji’s loudest moan so far.


“Uhh, Namjoo..”

“Baby, you’re so sensitive”


She played with Yoonji’s nipples a while longer, intrigued by the noises she could get the smaller woman to make, even getting to feel her squirming and whining under her as she laid her head on Yoonji’s chest and took her left nipple into her mouth. She licked her tongue over it, feeling Yoonji’s moans from inside her chest, when hands pushed her away from Yoonji’s chest a little frantically.


“Stop.. too..”

“Too much?”

“Yeah.. mmm, wanna see you too. Take them off, please.” Yoonji said, eyeing Namjoo’s t-shirt and underwear disdainfully.

“So polite. Anything for you babe.”


As soon as Namjoo was fully undressed she tried to disentangle them from each other and slide Yoonji’s own underwear down her legs, brushing a hand over her soft pubic hair as Yoonji’s own hands ran all over Namjoo’s body, and her lips sucked at Namjoo’s collarbones.


Yoonji span them around, pushing Namjoo down against the bed in her place, her small thighs settled around Namoo’s waist, and her hands cupping Namjoo’s bare breasts, her fingers exploring the soft skin around her dark nipples.


Yoonji parted Namjoo’s legs slowly, observing the slight blush high on the other’s cheeks. Yoonji’s smile grew even further, her hands loose around Namjoo’s hips and her pink tongue wetting her lips slightly, though mostly to see if she could get Namjoo to blush even more. It was so pretty.


“Raise your hips.”

Namjoo did as she asked and Yoonji placed a pillow under her, then sat back on her knees to look at how perfect Namjoo looked for her. She was so ready for this.



“You ready baby?”



Yoonji gave Namjoo a soft kiss on the lips before moving down to the hip bones. Her tongue flicked out over the top of Namjoo’s thighs and she slid her fingers between Namjoo’s outer labia. Yoonji almost echoed Namjoo’s moan when she felt the soft wet skin of Namjoo’s vulva against her fingertips and she couldn’t wait any longer to taste her.


Namjoo’s moans grew louder with every minute, Yoonji’s tongue tracing along the wet skin around her clitoris, but still not touching where she needed her, only teasing at the edges. The whimpers and moans Yoonji could hear, along with the clenching of Namjoo’s thighs that Yoonji could feel where they were thrown over her shoulders, only made Yoonji feel like teasing Namjoo more. Her face between Namjoo’s legs felt so good, she enjoyed doing this so much, and apparently even more when it was with Namjoo. The distinctive smell of Namjoo had Yoonji breathing in through her nose, moving her face downward so her tongue was tracing the entrance to Namjoo’s vagina, her nose almost brushing Namjoo’s clitoris. Which she still hadn’t touched yet, and Namjoo seemingly wasn’t too happy about that, telling from her soft mewls and whines.


Yoonji clamped her hands onto Namjoo’s thighs and raised her head to shoot Namjoo a devilish grin, tongue coming out to lick the wetness off her own fingers, trying to see if she could get Namjoo’s blush to spread to her chest. She ducked down again and opened Namjoo’s labia with her fingers, admiring the sight before getting her mouth back on her again. Namjoo wasn’t the loudest girl Yoonji had ever been with, but the sounds she did make were so delicious that it made Yoonji wonder how much better this could get.


Yoonji continued licking and sucking at Namjoo, her fingers just dipping inside her hole where she could feel the muscles there clenching with each gentle suck. Yoonji moved her hands up to hold Namjoo’s hips down before she covered her clitoris with her whole mouth, sucking hard and the tip of her tongue dancing over heated skin, giving Namjoo the touch she’d been aching for.


Namjoo’s loud cry was music to Yoonji’s ears. She could feel little trembles of Namjoo’s body and hear the gasps of her trying to catch her breath so she moved away from between Namjoo’s thighs, wiping the wetness off her face.


Namjoo pulled her up by her shoulders and into a deep kiss before laying Yoonji’s naked body on top of her own, Yoonji’s head on her chest and her pale legs in between Namjoo’s, still spread open.



“Good huh?”

“Next time it’s my turn”