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Again? Again.

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“Goddamn it…I’m still horny.”

It’s 4:03am and Bakugou Katsuki had slept early yesterday, on a Friday night, exactly ten minutes before 8pm. And presently, the Saturday morning sun hasn’t awoken above the horizon and his dick is really hard again.

Katsuki’s sweatpants were discarded across his dark room an hour ago and he had his hand shoved down his boxers, slowly working himself. But his hand wasn't enough. Nothing he did managed to do shit for him! Mind abuzz with feelings about to explode out of his pants, Katsuki decided his steamy thoughts were too fucking insufficient and his imagination was replaced with an intense yearning:

Specifically, a yearning for the boy he’s been beating it off too so early into the new day. Ever since Deku asked him out, they haven’t exactly been shy about what they wanted, so the desire only grew as he glared at the ceiling.

And he knew Deku would be bugging him if he was here – asking why he was so quiet or ‘clamed up.’ He doesn’t get ‘clamed up,’ no, he fucking doesn’t. When it comes to emotions, he’s pretty damn open about how he feels – especially if it’s contempt. However, he obviously wasn't angry with Deku...

Sucking in his breath, Katsuki's imagination wildly flew around him and he heard him. He heard Deku’s teasing siren song that whispered in his ear, “Don’t lie to me, Kacchan~”

The ceiling won’t alleviate shit.

His breathing was ragged as he squirmed, his persistent risqué thoughts pushing him over the edge. Turned away from the ceiling to glare at his desk, Katsuki muttered a single word, “Fuck.”

Deku, the little shit, moaned in his ear and-…damn it, he shouldn’t have said that. He wants to fuck someone badly. And maybe letting a certain freckled nerd suck his dick off would help. It would feel beyond good to hold that nerd down, to lick up and down those abs, and bite into that quivering shoulder when he presses his hips flush against that pert ass-

“Damn it, damn it, damn it.”

They already wasted a year and a half dancing around each other, so their third year is all they have left to make up for it…at least, during their high school years. They haven’t talked about the future after UA yet, and that talk will come eventually, but right now, he must take care of another kind of cum between them both.

And he means right now.

Certain about what he wanted, Katsuki jumped out of bed, threw on his sweatpants and didn’t even bother looking for his tank top or slippers, before he exited his dorm room.
The knock on his door shocked Deku so greatly that he yelped, arms flailing to throw his futon covers off his bed. He almost knocked his limited edition All Might figurine to the floor from his sudden movements. Lazily blinking through tired eyes, Deku squinted at his digital clock and wondered aloud in confusion, “Why…who? It’s…4:08 in the morni-”

He flinched when the knocks rapped against his dorm room door, louder this time, more impatient than before. Deku knew exactly who this before the sunrise, early morning riser was. The hushed growl that followed behind his closed door confirmed it. “Open up, you lazyass nerd.”

It was too early for Deku to even sigh at Katsuki. “Coming, coming, Kacchan...”

He didn't let Katsuki finish talking and opened the door. The other boy immediately rushed inside and Deku's mouth smacked against bare skin of a shoulder. His boyfriend was shirtless and by the hips pressed against him, he was…very hard. So, that means...

The sleepiness that plagued Deku turned to shock when his door was closed, locked, and he was immediately carried to his bed. Before Deku could let out noises of panic, Katsuki slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Take off your shorts.”
When they both toppled onto the bed together, Deku instinctually spread his legs to let him rest between them. It’s taking all of his willpower not to grind his dick against Deku; he could do it, make them both cum in their pants, but no...not yet. Deku was unresisting, too filled with a paralyzing shock at what he heard Katsuki ask of him.

As he watched the boy underneath him, that taut body splayed on the bed, Katsuki felt his excitement rise like the excitement between his legs. He squeezed the wrists he pinned down to the bed and when Deku teased him by squirming, making no move to throw him off, it sent thrills down where it mattered. The heat between them rose. Not being alone and horny is much better –They're here, together and he was hovering over Deku like a predator ready to devour till his heart was content. However, the boy under him isn't close to being prey.

Releasing the breath of air he held, Deku called for him with a slight tone of disbelief to his voice, “Kacchan…right now?”

“Yes.” There are no Saturday classes this week or any special event, so today was all relaxation stress relief and any other such indulgences. Lowering his hips, Katsuki pressed his body closer against Deku and took a deep breath when he felt a tiny flinch. “Right now.”

Deku sighed again, but soon let out a lazy giggle, tone muddled with sleep and amusement. Squirming into a more comfortable position, he complied. “Okay. So...what do you want to do to me?”

He smiled up at Katsuki’s neutral expression that transformed to wicked excitment. “I’ll show you.”

“Will you, Kacchan?”

Taunting is what they do – mutual goading to further each other, to become better than before both in bed and out of it.

The dorm room of Deku was dimly lit with a corner outlet night light, curtains drawn, with the desk light and main ceiling light off. The limited illumination caught Deku’s eyes as he blinked, eyes sleepy, but Katsuki knew, he saw the familiar excitation.

A telling nudge signaled Katsuki to release those wrists. When he did, Deku sweetly intertwined their fingers. Teeth bared, face pressed under Deku’s jaw, he teased in a quiet whisper. “Take off your shorts before I explode them off.”

The little shit decided to tease back, the corner of his lip twitching in an aborted mirroring smirk. Hands touched his back, moving over shoulder blades, as Deku moved to kiss his nose. “Or you could actually say, please.”

Please, remove your shorts before I explode them off.”

“Okay, Kacchan.” Katsuki was forced to sit up on the bed when Deku pushed him off to walk towards his bottom desk drawer on the other side of the room.

Tearing open the new box of condoms, Deku tossed one at him that he easily caught. Raising an eyebrow at the one condom in his hand, Katsuki mockingly laughed with his shoulders shaking along with his words. “I think we’re gonna need more, you cheeky nerd.”

“We need to sleep, so don’t even think about it.” Shirt tossed to the ground and shorts fallen to his ankles, Deku stepped out of them and crawled over with a chuckle at his lips; those lips were licked when Katsuki kicked off his sweatpants - boxers already absent. Eyes adjusted to the darkness, Katsuki purposefully gave Deku an eyeful when boxers joined the discarded shorts.

“It’s a fucking Saturday, Deku. And I’m wound up, so loosen me up if you even can, Deku.”

Murmuring against the tip of Katsuki's cock, Izuku flicked his tongue once just to piss him off and say, “I won’t let you win Kacchan.” After saying that, Deku sucked the tip and paused just to smile at him. "You're already wet, Kacchan. Have you already-"

Hands tightly held crazy green waves of hair sprawled between the fingers of his fists when Katsuki roughly guided the other boy close again, close enough to press his cock between lips. He sat on the bed, legs wide with Deku knelt between. Those green eyes widened, mouth following so, spreading to accept him. Katsuki groaned when he slid through the wet, delicious heat, pushing until he touched the back of Deku’s throat. Chest heaving like he was running a marathon, Katsuki let out a trembling sigh when Deku sucked him hard, twirling tongue licking around his shaft. That textured tongue traveled over a particular vein and made him stutter, eyes unable to move from the tantalizing sight of his Deku on his knees with a cock fucking his mouth.

Deku moaned with his eyes closed, his body determined to drink all the saliva and cum building in his mouth like a rumbling explosion. His head jerked up and down in a rhythm that brought him to his own personal high. The neglected, hardening cock between Deku's legs bobbed from their movements and both of his hands squeezed Katsuki's legs.

So hot. Deku is so hot and damn it, he’ll never get tired of this.


Katsuki can do this all night, have him like this, let Deku have him…and more. And Deku said he won’t win?

Stretching his leg out, Katsuki nudged his foot between Deku’s legs and felt smug at the new sound he coaxed out of the other: A louder whimper at the flick of his toes. Legs clamped Katsuki's foot, trapping it, but that didn't stop his toes from playing. Through gritted teeth, Katsuki panted out a retort with a mocking smirk. “I w-won't let...y-you little...~”

He came inside Deku’s mouth, condom unused at their side. Katsuki wasn’t the first to cum – earning his win and Deku’s loss. Making Deku cum on the floor with just his foot was very satisfying…but surprise, surprise…Bakugou Katsuki is once again hard.

Time for another round since he cannot sleep…and Deku said he didn’t want to lose, right? Why not give him another chance to ‘win’? Not that he will. He always wins and Deku’s still got to keep up if he’s already dozing off. The smirk on his face was likely wicked when his sparks of rivalry reawakened again, nighttime desires shining stronger like the rising sun warming the sky outside.

The moans of Deku were like candy, sweet and tasty to his ears, and Katsuki wanted to hear more.

“Hey, Deku…”

Deku let out a tiny, single, muffled snore, dozing away in dreamland, face nuzzled against Katsuki’s chest like he was some teddy bear. Arms held him in a tight grip, but that ended with a rude flick to the nose. A hard flick. Hard. His dick is hard, so Katsuki will just blame his dick.

“GAHH~! K-Kacchan, what was that for?” Holding his nose, Deku sat up in bed and straddled him, a hand smacking the middle of his chest. He glared and Katsuki rolled his eyes - it wasn't that bad.

A grunt was his only response; too amused by the so-called angry pout of the nerd sitting on him, naked like the day he was born. Katsuki held Deku’s waist to prevent him from falling off the bed, hands slowly traveling up the sides of his waist.

Deku sighed when Katsuki flashed a toothy grin, still refusing to speak – so Deku did first:

“That hurt! Why did you…” Looking at his naked boyfriend straddling his waist, resting his butt against his thighs, Katsuki said nothing and waited for him to notice. It wasn’t a long wait. “Y-you’re…again?!”

“Of fucking course, I am, and yes AGAIN! Wanna fuck again?”

“Kacchan! We just-“

“You lost the first round.” That got Deku quiet. Green eyes narrowed at him in realization and damn, that look always gets to him. Fingers squeezed Deku's thighs, palms warming, but no explosions...control. He is in control.

"I did...lose, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you lost big time." Katsuki didn’t snooze first. Before a denial could be asserted, Katsuki added, “I thought you were tougher than this.”

Midoriya Izuku is too smart and Katsuki knows he knows of this obvious manipulation, butt fuck it.

“Kacchan, you’re a jerk.”

“I know. Do something about it.”

Placing a hand at the small of Deku’s back, Katsuki slightly nudged him, enticed him to scoot forward till he was close, allowing him to hold their dicks in one hand. He stroked them both once and chuckled when Deku slapped a hand over his mouth to prevent a moan from escaping. When he moved again, Deku whined between fingers. “You…you, damn it, Kacchann~”

Whenever he makes Deku curse, he knows whenever he did, he did it perfectly. “That mouth.”

He stroked them twice more, before reaching out to make Deku help him create a rhythm together. That voice was wasted trapped behind a palm and hindering those lovely sounds from releasing for him to enjoy. He wanted Deku to sing, fuel him to chase after that feeling - that good feeling that only his partner can satiate. Using both of his hands to trap Deku’s own hands around their hardness, Katsuki guided their building pace, teasing their twitching dicks squeezed together; that released Deku’s lovely, repressed groans.

Katsuki will make sure they both explode together.

Hunching over him, Katsuki bit his lip and moaned when Deku moved to lay over him, falling to one side. Their legs tangled together, but their hands remained focused, joined together to pump their hardened members in unison - cum and sweat oozing between fingers. The friction of their rough callouses, the skin of their stomachs rubbing together, and the hot breath panting over faces and necks was an amalgam of pleasure.

Deku latched his mouth against his neck and sucked hard, making Katsuki throw his head back a little with his mouth open in a grunt. “Shittttt, Deku. Keep on-..ah..ahh fuck.”

Katsuki moved their encircled hands over their dripping cocks faster, and faster, and Deku couldn’t tease him with those lips anymore. Wet lips fell from Katsuki's skin to whimper at the approaching climax, bodies dampened with sweat.

Sweat and tears fell from Deku’s face, hair squished against his body when he came with flittering moans. Those moans tickled Katsuki's collarbone like delicate feathers and a moment later, he followed with toes curling, heels pressed to the bed. He bit Deku’s shoulder to stifle his own moan. A hiss passed through Deku’s teeth and the slippery liquid between them flowed between palms, drizzling heat over their groins.

They let go at the same moment and Deku collapsed, rolling to his right toward the wall of the bed - content sigh escaped at the contrasting feel of the cold wall. The covers fell from the bed during their passionate activities, so the small fan at the corner of the room moved over their exposed skin; another small relief from the heat that lingered around them as they laid there naked against the open air.

Despite breathing heavily, Deku managed to wistfully say, “K-Kacchan, I can’t believe we…twice. That…felt so good.”

Trapped underneath Deku, Katsuki wiggled his arm free so he could roll over and comfortably slot his body next to Deku in a loose embrace, spooning him despite the stickiness spread over them. Resting his chin on Deku’s damp shoulder, Katsuki muttered, “Good.”

Pressing his lips close to the outer rim of Deku’s ear, Katsuki whispered, “Deku, hey…can…damn it…open your mouth.”

Turning over, Deku squinted at him and when he blearily questioned, “H-huh? What…again,” Katsuki tapped the tip of his cock against his bottom lip, causing the other to whine out, "Againnn~"

Straddling Deku’s upper body, legs spread wide enough to trap both of his boyfriend's arms, Katsuki nodded and simply answered, “Yes.”

Just the tip of his cock rested on Deku’s tongue and Katsuki bit his lower lip when he felt that tongue taste his slit with a single lick. Rubbing his eyes, Izuku yawned and wrapped his hands around his cock to hold it away for only a moment to hum, “Welll, if you say please~”

“Oh, fuck you!”

“But then I’m not letting you fuck me again if you don’t say please.”


Eye twitching, Katsuki complied under his breath, “…Please.”

“Okay, Kacchan.”

“You better watch your ass, Deku.” Those were the last words he said before readily thrusting into that mouth. Again.

Deku said he was going too far since he asked for a fourth. Shaking his head ‘no’, Izuku said, “Kacchan, I slept at 1 studying this morning.”

“But that’s not my fault. That’s yours!”

“I-I know that! But- n-not so hard, Kacc-AH! You slapped my-”

“I did slap your thigh. Now, open your legs wider so I can eat your ass.”

“E-E-Ea-“ Face practically on fire, Deku was immediately convinced since they’ve never done this before. “D-don’t bite me, okay? 'Kay? Kacc-AHHh~!”

Sticking his tongue in Deku almost made Katsuki laugh at the series of new, excited moans and gasps that went straight to his dick. He stroked himself in time with his tongue exploring Deku everywhere down there…and he slapped Deku twice. He did promise not to bite, so he had to improvise and luckily – Deku was not complaining. The exact opposite actually:

“H-Hit me again, Kacchan~”

So he did and opened his fourth condom for the night.

“I-If you keep licking me there too, I won’t last very long!”

Katsuki stopped moving the three fingers he had deep inside Deku’s ass. Those strong thighs are shaking, but Katsuki isn’t going to return to lick that dick anymore if Deku acted like that - acted like a demanding toddler. “Then I won’t! Cum on your own!”

He ignored Deku's annoyed whine. “Kacchan!!”

“I’m serious! Fuck yourself on my fingers.” That shut Deku up quick, blush reddening his face so fast that it looked like the tea-kettle-for-a-face may explode before him. And people call him the Explosion hero. Well, that’s what makes Deku perfect…just for him. Deku’s shy movements eventually gained more confidence when he offered a small word of praise:

“Keep it up. Keep fucking yourself on me, Deku…and maybe I’ll continue again. You can do it.”

That praise was just enough for Deku; the perfect amount before Katsuki saw more cum slip from Deku’s poor, ignored cock.

His one and only Deku was a sweaty, exposed, and blushing mess - he loved the sight. Those firm muscles rendered trembling under his touch for him, only for him.

A hand over his face, Deku muttered out, “I-I can’t believe it…when you said I could do it…I-I-“

Taking pity on the blushing nerd, Katsuki pulled him into a kiss and didn’t say anything when he fell back asleep in his arms completely exhaused. He’ll give him a bit of a break for now. The temperature of Deku’s dorm room was pretty comforting anyway; not too cold, not too hot, so the warmth of the body against him felt…better than a blanket. He closed his eyes for a few minutes, holding Deku.

They spilled the half-empty box of condoms on the floor at some point, but at least it wasn’t the lube. That would have been a waste.

The lube was half empty, but Katsuki promised to buy them more for next time and he was made to pinky promise it too. How childish, but when they sang the swallow a thousand needles song together as if they both were 4, was more embarrassing since they were fucked-out and naked. The more embarrassing moment was when Deku almost headbutted Katsuki's nose when he cuddled close, back pressed to his chest. He clenched up too tight when Katsuki finished completely entering him, nestled close at Deku's back with a grunt of air huffing at his nape. Balls pressed against Deku’s ass, that blissful feeling of his cock buried inside, all of this and everything made him groan a bit before anything started. Again.

“Deku…” Voice tight, Katsuki continued, “Breathe…deeply, damn it.”

"Sorry, Ka-Kacchan.” Taking a deep breath, Deku nodded, swiping his messy hair over his face since he’s pressed right against his back. He eventually relaxed enough for him to move. A blush warming his face, Izuku squirmed, pressing his ass back to feel that fullness reach him deeper. It was a good enough sign for Katsuki to continue.


Things went more smoother after that and also, things got wet.


Saliva dripped down Deku’s chin, sliding down his forearm. He pinched Deku’s tongue and smirked at the hot breathe panting against his skin, while his hips worked on thrusting into that puckered hole. The warming lube squeezed passed the rim, down a thigh while skin slapped against skin. The right leg of Deku was held still, lifted high in the air with a bruising grip as Katsuki pumped up into him, pulling all the way out and pressing all the way in. The rhythm sent shocks of pleasure through Deku and he sucked Katsuki's fingers in his mouth harder at each thrust.

Deku squeezed his wrist with one hand and the other reached back to claw at his Katsuki's skin, whenever he reentered his tight entrance.

Bending Deku’s flexible body in half was easy, just like they do during preliminary stretches before working out in the gym.

“Kacchan! Harder! Fuck, ahhhh, please do me harder!”

Letting go of Deku’s one thigh to temporarily run a hand through his sweaty hair for a second, Katsuki steeled himself, taking the moment in – he wanted to hear Deku whine and call for him. And when Deku gave him what he wanted, Katsuki did exactly what he was asked. Fingernails raked down his back and Katsuki pressed a kiss to Deku’s cheek when he moved faster- the sounds of their movements echoed in the room, bouncing off the walls in time with the subtle creaks of the bed frame. The bed creaked louder when Deku wrapped his legs around his waist, dragging him in deeper, with arms now wrapped around his shoulders.

Addicting. So addicting. And he isn’t out of energy yet.

“Deku,” Removing his lips from Deku’s neck, Katsuki mocked, “Deku, do you want me to stop?”

“No, damn it! Please, d-don’t, don’t!”

Kissing the side of Deku’s lips, Katsuki mocked again, “W-whatever you say, Izuku~”

Deku ended up climaxing first again: Another round lost.

Panting heavily, face pressed against his shoulder, Deku growled out, “Katsuki~” and goddamn it, he didn’t cum from hearing his name like that too.

After this, Katsuki doesn’t remember what happened next, but Deku nudged him so that he could be used as a teddy bear to cuddle. Hair tickled the back of his neck, but the light snore at his right ear lulled him to a morning of sleep.


“Hey there sleepy head!” Uraraka paused in her path towards the kitchen dishwasher to put her used plate, bowl, and chopsticks in the sink. She paused to look at him, smile unchanging even when Katsuki raised his eyebrow at her, and continued speaking like nothing happened. “Morning, Bakugou-kun!”

What the hell is up with her?

“Yeah. Morning.” He rolled his eyes, scratched his stomach and walked towards the kitchen island to grab two familiar unused mugs placed there purposefully; Two matching All Might mugs.

“This is new! Usually, you’re up before all of us. Would you-” Iida closed the morning paper and then waved a hand at him without looking, but when he finally looked at him he only said, “Ah.”

That rubbed him the wrong way. Pouring two black coffees, Katsuki yelled at the class representative acting all smug. “The hell's wrong with yo-“

“Good Morning, Bakugou.” The walking lightning bolt is energetic as always, but Kaminari functioning so early is only due to the cup of coffee already in his hands. “Ohhh! You sleep wellll~?”

He slapped away that elbow trying to nudge his arm and resisted pushing the idiot over when Kaminari wiggled his eyebrows like some weirdo. “Yeah, yeah. I slept fine. What are you chuckling about, you-”

“No. I mean, did you sleeeeep well?”

Looking at where Kaminari looked down at quickly, hint accepted, Katsuki stared down at Deku’s familiar white shirt with ‘T-Shirt’ on it.

"Oh." The smirk on his face couldn’t be erased, even when he picked up his two coffees and walked away with a simple, "Go suck a dick, smart ass."

The speechless gasp Kaminari let out went ignored, but he ignored even harder, and with all his control he tampering down said anger when he heard the non-whisper of Aoyama Yuuga happily state, “They started around 4 and never stopped twinkling.”

Kaminari called out to Katsuki as he went back to the room where a sleepyhead waited for him. “T-That’s both mean and ironic!”

Dark Shadow agreed, “I think Midoriya only slept a total of an hour thanks to that energized sex-monster.”

Tokoyami reprimanded his friend not to speak so crudely about matters that do not involve them. Placing a gentle hand on Dark Shadow’s head, Tokoyami sternly said, “It’s rude to talk of such things openly. Bakugou and Midoriya’s intimate actions are of no relation to us. And Dark Shadow…I too will buy another set of earplugs for you soon.”

Katsuki pushed Deku’s door open with his foot and shook the room with his loud announcement, “Rise and shine sleeping beauty. Drink my apology coffee for fucking your ass for too long.”

“Seven…times.” Under the pile of pillows and blankets on the small twin bed, Deku groaned out wearily, “Kacchannnn…sevennnn timesss.”

“Or eight.”


“Fine. After you drink your coffee, I’ll massage your back too, you whiny nerd.” Rolling his eyes, Katsuki sat on the bed and watched the Deku caterpillar, wrapped up in the futon bedding, wiggle his way towards his side. Sitting up, bare legs sticking out from the bedding now, Deku sighed after he took his first gulp of coffee.

Okay, yea, Deku and his ass deserve all the pampering today. He might have gone overboard with his desire to relax...maybe.

“You’re washing my bed sheets Kacchan.”

“FINE. But I’ll give you a tip.” Then tonight they’re doing it in his bed next, so he could force Deku to wash his bed sheets. His energy would definitely return once he wakes up again at…5:00am this time. Deku deserves an extra hour of sleep - Katsuki is capable of pity for the nerd. Suggestively, Katsuki whispered and smirked when he saw the other flinch, “You better sleep earlier tonight.”

The End