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Finding the Time

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Waverly tore through town on her way home from work, her grip on the steering wheel white-knuckled as she took the turns as fast as the road would let her. The scene was probably familiar to some – she used to own these roads in her red Jeep back in the day – but lately she was much more sensible, driving much more carefully in a silver hatch-back SUV, two car seats taking up the back seats. But right now she was in a hurry. She needed to get home.

A switch had flipped and Waverly needed to fuck Nicole for all she was worth. Or maybe ride her face until they both passed out. She hadn't decided yet.

She'd carried the twins, two girls with beautiful, bright dispositions. Once healed from birth, she'd breast-fed them like a champion. Seriously, breastfeeding twins was her super power. They'd grown and grown, already showing they'd be tall like their genetic mother, Nicole. Waverly had gone back to her freelance "detective" work (lab and research work with Jeremy as her business partner, though they helped several agencies these days, none of them Black Badge) when the girls were six months old, and she and Nicole had arranged work so that they only needed childcare four hours a day – something their Auntie Wynonna was happy to do, Alice acting as her helper.

The twins, who they'd named Elizabeth and Julia, were nearly a year old now. All that time, and Waverly hadn't wanted to be touched for more than a quick kiss and a hug, maybe a cuddle in the morning before the day started. Her boobs made food – they were not even to be thought of as sexual objects. Her lady bits had passed two giant-headed Haught babies and between that and the hormones, the muffin shop had been closed for business. On occasion, Waverly would give Nicole a hand, but more often than not she had two babies attached to her breasts and sex was just the last thing she wanted.

She already had as much skin-to-skin time as she could take. She was done. She couldn't take being touched anymore, and she couldn't manage to pull her brain out of Mommy Mode long enough to even entertain Wife/Sex Goddess Mode.

Nicole wasn't much better, she knew. Where once their sex drives – and periods – were almost perfectly synced, now they waxed and waned at different times. Nicole wanted it at night, to wind down from a stressful day. When Waverly thought of it, it was first thing in the morning. Once or twice she'd almost persuaded Nicole that it was a good time, only for a baby to start crying, thereby starting their day. Early morning sex and babies just didn't mix. Sleep was too precious to get up for the day at 3am in order to have the time for lazy, slow morning sex before they needed to be up and at 'em. Even when the stars aligned and they both might be persuaded on the same day, there simply was no way to rip their minds out of their domestic haven and back into a sex mood.

But now the switch seemed to have flipped, all of a sudden. Liz and Jules were eleven months old and only nursed three times a day. Waverly's period had come back. She'd even seen the signs of fertility in her cervical mucus and the twinge that accompanied ovulation.

She was ready to go.

Now she just needed to persuade Nicole to try for it. Based on the way she was blowing through town, she felt pretty good about her chances. Nicole was always up for pleasing Waverly when she got like this before kids.

Making one last turn, she revved the engine, picking up speed on the long, straight road out toward the house they shared.

Nicole was ready to tear her hair out. Hair she was so close to shaving off at this point. Another sticky hand reached up and latched on right at that moment, and she mentally made the decision. Tomorrow she would cut it off, trying a nice dyke cut like a faux hawk or an undercut or really at this point she'd be fine just shaving it off and taking the laughs from the other deputies.

Kids, man.

Julie sneezed, a huge glob of snot rocketing out and covering her mouth. With speed honed on the gun range and in the field, she got a tissue on it and the snot cleaned up before the baby could lap it up with her tongue. The thought would have made Nicole gag before kids. After watching her beautiful miracles come out of Waverly's birth canal, and every other moment that had followed in the last eleven months… well. Suffice to say she was made of sterner stuff these days.

They also didn't feel like miracles anymore, at least not all the time. Right now they were sick, coughing and sneezing and leaking from every facial orifice. She'd changed some seriously nasty diapers that day, her one day off, and what she really needed right now was a fucking break. Julia and Elizabeth liked her just fine normally, but when they were this sick they were like leeches.

I supposed I'm just getting a taste of what Waverly has gone through over the last eleven months. If they did this every damn day I would also never want to be touched ever again. Jesus.

Elizabeth, abandoned on the floor while Nicole wiped her sister's nose, started immediately to wail, arms outstretched, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. Sighing, still falling for those very convincing crocodile tears, she scooped the baby up.

"You have a word now, baby," she reminded the child, whose cries stopped the second she was in her mother's arms, burying her snotty face into Nicole's shirt. "You can say 'up' now. I need you to say it and I'll pick you up, okay? The only reason I don't make you right now is because you're sick."

Probably not good for her. Probably, Nicole should stick to her guns no matter what, make the girls say their one word – "up" and "down" respectively – when they wanted that thing. Oh well. It would be one more thing for the children to complain about on the therapist's couch when they were adults.

A truly disgusting smell hit Nicole's nose just as she heard a familiar voice call out from the front door.

"Baby?" It was Waverly. Thank God. Her voice was a little odd. Sultry. Sexy. It did not mix well with what Nicole was currently doing.

"Hey Waves!" she called, checking diapers for the source of the awful smell. "We're in the nursery!" She put Julia on the floor this time, accepting her cries of injustice as she stood up with Elizabeth and took her to the changing table. The girls had diarrhea, but were eating and drinking happily so the doctor said not to bring them in unless they also developed a fever.

"Hey baby." Waverly came around the corner, bright and cheery and… those were sex eyes. Yep. Definitely not a good mix for what she was doing.

"Hey," Nicole answered back. "They have diarrhea," she continued without preamble. She felt for Waverly. She'd been uninterested since about halfway through her pregnancy. But they had sick kids. It was not gonna happen tonight. "We're in for a rough night, probably. And a snotty one."

Waverly visibly deflated, the sex in her eyes replaced by genuine concern. "Do we need to make a trip to the clinic?" She picked up Julia, who was less immediate to stop her crying than Elizabeth had been a moment before.

"No," Nicole said, finishing up the diaper change. "I called the doc; they said only if they stop eating or get a fever. Can you hold her arms? Her skin's irritated and she seems to think she can make it feel better by touching it."

A beloved, familiar hand took hold of Elizabeth's little fists, holding them up by her cheeks. Waverly started making faces, and the fussy, clingy baby started giggling, her sister joining her a moment later. The most pathetic giggles imaginable, filtered through snot and spit and memories of wailing "Mama!" while trying to put themselves to sleep earlier that day.

Affixing a new diaper in place – they'd had to start using duct tape sometimes because the girls had figured out how to undo the Velcro – Nicole did up the baby's shirt, pulled her pants back on, and went to wash her hands. Waverly scooped up the baby, stalking to the couch with a baby under each arm. "Double barrel babies," they called it.

When Nicole reemerged, Waverly had both babies settled into a nursing session on the couch. The Earp sister was on her phone – she'd been able to breastfeed no handed for months now – reading something.

"Thoughts on dinner?" Waves asked.

Nicole shrugged. "Whiskey with a side of rum?"

Brown eyes flashed to hers in a smile, a laugh, familiar in a way Nicole couldn't name. Familiar like her marrow, like the feeling of pulling on her favorite pair of jeans, like the feeling of her own hair sliding through her fingers when she brushed it in the morning. "I like the way you think, Haught."

"Not worried about dosing the babies?" Nicole said.

Waves shrugged. "Meh. It'll help 'em sleep." She winked.

Nicole grinned, turned, and went to the kitchen. She returned with two glasses with ice, went to the cabinet, and poured two fingers of whiskey in each. She handed Waverly hers, and watched as the expert mother managed to drink it while keeping it away from reaching, searching baby fingers. They wanted anything their mothers had these days.

Nicole sat on the arm of the couch, sipping her drink slowly, watching her wife and her daughters have their quiet moment together. Both Liz and Jules would unlatch from time to time, panting even as the boob sprayed them in the face a little, unable to breathe well enough through their noses. Nicole had long given up finding that particular phenomenon weird, though the thought of her own breasts doing anything like that was definitely one she couldn't imagine.

"So," she said after a moment of enjoying the burn of the alcohol as it made its way slowly down her throat. "Sorry you came home hot to trot and instead have to clean up snot."

"Brilliant attempt at rhyming, honey," Waverly drawled, rolling her eyes for good measure.

"Hey, gimme a break. I've been here with them all day. I'm exhausted." Her eyes snapped to the clock. Barely 4:00.

"Yeah." Waverly sighed. "I don't know what it is, but it's like something reengaged that hasn't visited since…"

"You were six months pregnant?"

Waverly nodded, looking a little sheepish. "My poor baby," she said. "You never lost your sex drive, and here I am just finding it again."

"Oh, it wasn't full-throttle this whole time," Nicole said. She gestured to their daughters. "How could I be with snotty noses and shitty diapers? It's been subdued, blocked… I don't know the right word. But I haven't felt like you did coming home for over a year straight. Don't worry. Just… from time to time."

"Yeah, well. Having it quashed is pretty crappy, too," Waverly said, flashing those beautiful brown eyes again. "I'm sorry I haven't…"

"Waverly, don't apologize," Nicole said, moving smoothly to her knees so she could get between the woman's knees and kiss her. Pulling back, she smiled. "You made our two beautiful snot machine!" They laughed a moment before she continued, a little more serious. "I knew things would change. We both did. We'll find equilibrium again."

Julia pulled back and sneezed right then, covering Waverly's breast and her own face. Nicole was not able to save it this time, and she watched somewhat apathetically as the girl latched on once more, breathing more easily but definitely spreading snot everywhere.

"We just won't be finding it tonight," Waverly sighed. She, too, had seen something similar far too often to be grossed out anymore. "Wanna at least take a shower together once they're in bed?"

Nicole smiled, nodded, and kissed Waverly one more time. Then she got to her feet and began to clean up the tornado's-path of toys strewn throughout the house, thankful she was not the one nursing their snotty babies right now.