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A Better Idea

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The bed was only a small distance from the door; a few short steps and Emma would be out of the motel room. The blonde needed to move quickly. All hope would be lost once Regina had returned from the bathroom. It took distance to brake whatever vile spell she was under.

Regina had been wrong in asserting that she could leave Robin. How could she when Robin was with them at that very moment, a part of him securely nestled inside her inner most parts. Robin had layed claim to her body in a way that Emma could never manage.

Contemptuously, Emma remembered the platitudes bestowed upon her by Mary Margaret: "We'll always be there for you, Emma" "We'll still have time together after the baby's born," "Don't worry, I'll still help you with your assignments." They had all been lies, of course.

Regina's phone vibrated violently on the night stand, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight times! After that, the vibrations only ceased briefly before starting up again in full force. Emma almost felt tempted to answer the device herself.

The room had lapsed back into quietness when Regina returned, her face freshly painted. The blonde had not moved more than an inch from where she was sitting when Regina had entered the bathroom.

"Your phone was ringing," informed Emma, absently.

Regina sat down beside Emma, curiously distant from the nightstand. "If it's important, I'm sure they'll call back." She looked at Emma intently. "You stayed."

"Of course, I did," Emma clasped Regina's hand, knowing it was always better to feign certainty in these sorts of situations. Emma grinned “And you can’t leave me. I’ve seen Basic Instinct, I know how to stalk someone.”

Regina laughed. “Dear, are sure you don’t mean Fatal Attraction?”

“Whichever one had Jane Fonda in it.”

Regina laughed again, her melodic voice turning all complications bearable, until her face once again turned serious. The blonde could feel what was the beginnings of a headache forming. "Emma-

"Let's not talk about anything important." She squeezed the brunette's hand. "We can if you need to, but I'd rather we do something else."

Regina raised an eyebrow. "What do you suggest?"

"Not that. What a dirty mind you have, Miss Mills. No. I meant we can talk. You tell me something about you, I'll tell you something about me. Like normal people." Already, Emma could feel the heavier topics fading into the back of her mind.

"What do you want to know?" inquired Regina curiously.

Emma knew exactly what she wanted to know. Much time and energy had been spent scanning Regina's walls for photographic evidence, never to any avail. This was the first real opportunity to ask. "You went horseback riding when you were a girl?"

"I did. How did you know?"

"I didn't. But I can picture you doing that, your hair back in a pretty braid." Emma tucked a few stray locks behind Regina's ear. "Riding your trusty Butterscotch."

"Buttercup," corrected Regina indignantly. "I can't believe I'm that predictable."

"That stuff is. But I'm sure there's more to it than that."

"You're right. There is," Regina affirmed.

"Are you still sure about leaving Robin?“ asked Emma abruptly.

"I am." Regina took Emma's hand. "You don't need to worry that it's for you. It's because," she paused a moment, searching for the appropriate words, before finally settling on, "I don't want the baby born into the situation I have with Robin right now. We aren't happy together anymore."

Of course, it's for the baby, thought Emma with a twinge of envy. She kissed Regina‘s cheek.

Regina grinned. „Don‘t you want to talk?“

“I want a lot of things.“ She kissed Regina‘s lips. As always they were plump and full. She moaned, tilting her head back, exposing her long elegant neck. Looking at her, Emma felt like a vampire. She wanted to drink Regina up into herself but kisses would have to suffice.

“Don’t stop,“ Regina moaned.