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They have counselor Max, why not counselor Nurf?

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Shit. Nurf rubbed his temples; He just got fired from this third job. Like, how would he know having a family member in jail and not telling you supervisor could get you fired. it was either that or the fact that his supervisor really hated him. Ugh. He stretched before sighing, Nurf pulled out his phone and scrolled through his few contacts. Which happened to be a few people he knew through high school. Whilst scrolling he saw a name, Max. Nurf and Max didn’t have the greatest relationship, but when Max had lost his job a few years back he asked for his help in finding a job. He didn’t fully understand why Max had asked him of all people, but he did. Max eventually found a job but never told Nurf what it was. Max said if he ever needed help finding a job he’d put a good word in for him. He, wasn’t completely sure if wanted to ask Max for help considering Max was a cynical asshole and probably fuck him over, but, like, he didn’t really have a job so… fuck it? He just hoped Max was serious about putting a good word in for him.

Max awoke to his phone ringing. He sat up and checked his phone to see who was calling him and what time it was. ‘Nurf’ the caller ID read. Why the hell was Nurf calling him now? It’s fucking midnight! ‘whatever’ he thought as he answered the call. “What the fuck do you need. It’s Like one in the fucking morning Nurf.” He could hear a sigh of relief before he began to explain his situation. “So, you want me to get you a job you aren’t even sure you want?” max grinned at the thought of getting to drag Nurf to camp Campbell to be a counselor. “I mean how bad can it be? It’s not like your working some underground sex-ring. Right?” Max laughed before assuring Nurf he didn’t work an underground sex-ring. “Yeah, Yeah. I’ll talk to David about getting you a job.” Upon hearing the name Nurf recognized it but couldn’t place it. He brushed it off before saying his farewells and hanging up, but not after Max could tell him to ‘fuck off and get some damn sleep’ he turned on this alarm and went to sleep.
After Nurf hung up on him he went to text David Nurfs’ situation. Not to his surprise, David responded immediately with ‘Poor Guy! I’d be glad to give another former camper a job here at camp!’ Max snickered before telling David ‘Glad I could help a former camper, I’ll bring him tomorrow for work. Sleep well.’ David responded with a simple ‘you too’ Max scrolled through his messages before finding Nurf. ‘I’ll pick you up for work at 6:00. Be ready, it’s gonna be a long day.’ He turned his phone off before he decided to finally get some shut-eye.

Max woke up before his 4:30 alarm went off. He dismissed it and decided to shower and pick up some McDonald's breakfast and Coffee on his way to pick up the newbie. He had on his ‘camp counselor’ shirt so it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise when they got there. He pulled up to Nurf apartment complex before getting out and locking his car door. He pulled out his phone to check the apartment number Nurf had sent him. When he entered the lobby, he saw Nurf was all ready to go and was sitting on one of the benches. He waved to him before walking over to greet him. When Nurf looked up at him he facepalmed. “By David you meant that Dic-“ Nurf stopped himself after seeing the face Max was giving him, it was the equivalent to saying ‘Bitch I hope the fuck you do, you’d be a dead son of a bitch I tell you’ before Max could stare into his soul and steal all his secrets, he turned and waved for him to follow.

He leads Nurf to his car before telling him to hop in and tossing him a bag with an egg McMuffin and coke. He looked at max confused before Max could break the silence “It’s for you, and also, Buckle the fuck up, I don’t want a ticket.” Nurf nodded and pulled the seatbelt over him before thanking Max for breakfast. Nurf was about to ask Max where to put his trash when VERY FUCKING LOUD ringing interrupted. Max murmured something along the lines of ‘fucking Bluetooth bullshit making me go deaf’ before pressing a button on the steering wheel to answer. “MAX WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU! YOU’Re LATE AND YOU’RE NEVER LATE TO THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP!” Max audibly groaned before yelling back at Nikki “NIKKI CALM YOUR FUCKING TITS I HAD TO PICK UP THE NEWBIE DAMMIT!”

“Wait we are getting another counselor? David didn’t tell us we were getting another counselor.”

“He probably wanted to surprise you guys, so like, act surprised when we get there okay?”

“yeah sure, but you owe me twenty bucks”

“yeah, fuck you to Nikki.” He said before turning a corner where the big ‘welcome to camp Campbell’ once was. David had it taken down after Mr. Campbell was sent to super Guantanamo, and he inherited the camp. He drove around the mess hall and parked his car behind the Counselor cabin before meeting up with David. David drug Nurf off to get his counselor shirt and brief him on some rules and training. Max walked over to meet with his two friends Nikki and Neil. Nikki pounced on him before he could make it to their waiting spot where the bus dropped off the campers. “Ya’ know you had us worried when you didn’t show up to prep the camp for the kids!”

“yeah, we thought you quit.”

“or died” Nikki released him from the bear hug and looked over his shoulder in hopes of seeing who the newbie was.

“So, who’s the newbie?” Neil practically read her mind.

“Yeah… who is the newbie?”

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Max smirked at his two friends “Its supposed to be a surprise, thots.” he snickered before the loud screeching of the bus censored their curses. “Kids ar’ here” Quartermaster grumbled as kids filed out of the yellow school bus. Thus beginning the chaos.

Honestly, Max knew that he was 10 times worse than these kids, but some of them are just so fucking annoying. “Alright, kiddos!” Nikki began, “Follow us to the mess hall so we can get this party started!” She said, pumping a fist in the air. The kids followed her enthusiastically, there was lough chatter among the crowd, and a few familiar faces too. Max smiled, realizing a lot of his campers from last year returned. Max elbowed Nikki, “More of my campers returned, pay up bitch.” He snickered as she handed him a twenty.

Max lagged behind the large group of campers, pulling out his phone and checking his Tumblr before all hell broke loose. He snapped a picture of the ocean of campers, captioning ‘i’m back fuckers.’ and posting it. He watched the kids file into the mess-hall, taking their seats next to familiar faces. Max sat next to a few of his former campers, chatting about their school year. 

“Who’s excited for another amazing year at Camp Campbell!” David announced, the group of adolescents quieting. “ I see a lot of familiar faces! That's wonderful!” David continued, “ Let's introduce our counselors!” Some of the Kids in the crowd cheered. Max stole the stage, the stage just a table they were standing on, clearing his throat. “ I’m Max, I’m a ‘senior’ counselor, been here the longest other than David.” Max started, keeping an uninterested look. “I’m the counselor for all the miscellaneous activities like art camp, music camp, knitting camp, You know, what most kids would classify as ‘boring camps’. But keep in mind we are the best group and you can't outdo us.” Max gloated. He passed the microphone to Nikki, she went on about adventure camp and sports camp and shit like that. Max tuned out of the introduction until David took the stage. “ And lastly I’d like to introduce our newest counselor… Nurf!” David stepped aside, letting the buff redhead walkout next to him. Nikki and Neil gaped at the sight of their old camp bully. “Since Nurf is new he will work with everyone’s group, rotating every week, starting with Max.” David grinned. Nurf stepped down, sitting next to Max.

Max gave Nurf a quick rundown of each camp before grouping up his campers. “ Alright campers, you all remember me from last year. You know the rules, don't get yourself killed, kidnapped, or lost and we all good. You heard the camp man earlier, we’re the first group Nurf’s gonna be shadowing so let’s show him whos the best group!” he pumped his fist in the air as the large majority of his campers cheered and pumped their fists into the air the few campers that didn’t participate were unfamiliar, some looked angry or annoyed, it brought Max back to the good ol’ days. “Let’s head to our section of the camp-grounds and we can start to introduce ourselves.” he motioned for the group of adolescents to follow him, Nurf tagging along looking like a lost puppy.

When they made it to their grounds Max had everyone sit in a circle around an empty fire pit. “Okay, so how this is going to go is everyone is going to say their name, what camp they’re a part of and one of their hobbies or interests. I’ll go first. My name is Maximillian, Call me Max, I’m your camp counselor. One of my hobbies is knitting. We’ll go counter-clockwise, Damien you’re next.”

“My name is Damien, I’m here for music camp. I can play the piano.”

Each camper introduced themselves and before they knew it they were being called to the mess hall for dinner. Nurf was obviously nervous but had warmed up to the campers. The food was far better quality than it was when he had gone to camp, and there were a lot more kids attending. Nerf thought it was crazy how much the camp had changed since when he had gone, not only that but also how much his friends, could he call them that, fellow-campers had changed. From what he had seen today was that Max had matured a lot, and David was basically his dad at this point. Nurf found it endearing how Max treated his campers, making sure nobody felt left out or overshadowed, and trying to keep everyone happy even if they didn’t want to be there

Max told him how he planned on hosting a campfire fore his campers after dinner to kick off the start of camp. He was still kind of irked about working at the camp he attended as a juvenile, but it was better than being completely unemployed and in debt to his landlord. David hadn’t changed much except he now worked more behind the scenes and he now had a beard, Nurf also found it quite odd how the Quartermaster was still working at camp Campbell, and how he hadn’t aged a day. It was kind of concerning. When he finished eating he and Max went out to collect firewood for their campfire tonight. Max had a malevolent look on his face, clearly having some scary stories to tell tonight, and in all honesty, Nurf couldn’t wait to see what he was really planning. Max was evil, no amount of reformation could change that and Nurf knew it.

While they collected wood Max explained the camp’s dynamic and what had changed since he had last been here. He explained their new and improved rules and safety procedures, and how later he would teach him how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. Nurf vaguely knew how to perform CPR so he was pretty confident in his abilities. He’d later learn that it’s better to underestimate his abilities than to overestimate them.