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The Villains (BNHA x Hero Reader)

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1st Person POV - (L/n) (Y/n)

I feel myself floating in an abyss. I hear voices, then they're gone I hear different people chattering all at once and I slowly blink my eyes open, squinting when the unfamiliar brightness of the area takes over my senses.

I'm suddenly surrounded by different voices and I feel myself panic, but don't respond in time.

"(Y-y/n) are you okay?"

"What happened there?"

"D-do you need help?"

"Will you really going to ditch us for those villains?"

"A-are you hurt?"

"Why would you leave us?!"

I blink, furrowing my eyebrows, glancing over the crowd that is all anxiously leaning over my frame, which is settled comfily in a t-shirt, shorts, and blanket.

I tilt my head to the side, not knowing how to show my confusion, and before I know it, an unfamiliar voice spills from my mouth.

"Who are you?" A look of astonishment runs over everyone's faces, and the different people slowly back up. 

A boy with shaggy blonde hair grunts, sticking out his hand for me while looking away. I softly grab his hand and let my the blanket fall from my shoulders as I steadily stand up, but instantly collapse afterward.

I groan softly as he catches me by the shoulders.

"What are you doing, Bakugou? She can't remember who we are, what are you planning?" A girl with a black spiky ponytail comes into my view.

"Yeah, but what if only make her remember us, and not them. She could help us. Don't you realize how big that is? Fucking idiot..." A couple students mumble in agreement.

I didn't mind though, these people seemed nice enough for me to help. I let out another groan as I feel my vision beginning to fade.

"Uh, guys?" A green-haired boy says softly, and he catches the attention of a short-haired brunette.

"Yes, Izuku?" I feel the voices become muffled as I completely fall asleep, and the calloused hands shift from my shoulders to beneath my knees near my neck, holding my soon to be limp body in a bridal position.

Gosh, I'm tired as heck...


I wake to complete silence, quietly blinking the crusty feeling out of my eyes. I heave forwards, attempting to sit up before my arms begin shaking violently, collapsing into themselves, causing me to fall onto my back once more.

I stare up at the ceiling, attempting to recall anything. An uncomfortable itch tickles my throat and I clear my throat, opening my parting my dry lips.

Where am I? Several soft coughs escape my lips as I flip over onto my stomach, attempting to move.

Forcing my body to move upwards, I eventually am in a seated position, my body shaking and quivering with exhaustion as emphatic pants slowly refill my system with air.

I slowly look around to find myself in a calm, quiet, peaceful room. The room is dark, and I can feel my own eyes glowing brightly, the glow being reflected on the palm of my hands as I observe my own dainty (s/c) fingers, tracing lines along the edges of my (clean/bitten/painted) nails.

(A/n: Not gonna lie, I used to bite my nails, still trying to get over the habit now, now I only nom on one fingernail so yeah, but I'm sure everyone's done it at some point, right?)

I look around the room, slitted eyes darting to the right, left, before I catch a figure in my view, and my eyes slowly focus on the shadow, slits becoming thinner, heightening my vision in the musty dark.

I watch as the figure slowly pulls on a lighter scarf around its neck, the colors indistinguishable in the dark, its eyes slowly beginning to glow as a red hue seems to form.

My voice is dry and cracked as I mumble out words, my breath shaky and unsure.

"Where am I?" The figure steps forward to reveal a man with long black hair. He smiles and his teeth shine in the dark.

"So, (Y/n), how are you feeling?" I tilt my head to the side. Who's (Y/n)? 

I look around but find no one else he could be talking to. Am I (Y/n)?

"Exhausted and in pain." I reply, my voice stiff and routine, but a strange accent creeping in, one that made me question my own voice. He quietly grunts and moves back, leaning against the wall and pulling out a clipboard, a pen appearing from his pocket.

"What happened last?" He asks and I tilt my head to the side once more.

What happened last? Does he mean the most recent thing? I think harder, trying to remember the most recent event. I woke up and there were lots of people surrounding me... My mind begins to fog up as I try thinking back even more.

"Uh- uhm-" I suddenly remember a warm feeling, bright waves of (q/c) and the familiar comforting smell of smoke.

"-fire." The words leave my mouth before I can even stop them. The red leer narrows.

"Clarify, what do you mean 'fire'?" My mouth opens and closes several times as I try to supply him with an answer.

"I- I don' know, but 'tis the most recent thing I can remember." His eyes seem to widen in shock as he holds his chin with his index finger and thumb, mumbling things to himself.

He sighs, putting his pen back in his pocket and tucking the clipboard under his arm. Walking forward, the man grabs me by the wrist, pulling me up, however, the moment I stand, my knees buckle, and I plummet to the ground.

Without a moment's hesitation, the man next to me grabs my arms pulling me carefully, and positioning me behind him.

"Can you at least get on?" He asks, a tone of irritation seeping into his voice. I quickly nod throwing my arms around his neck as he heaves and lifts me up, giving me a piggyback.

He slowly begins walking towards one of the walls, his right hand reaching out and a Flick sound is heard before bright lights fill the room.

I dig my face into the man's neck, attempting to hide from the piercing beams. Another grunt is heard before we leave the room and he's walking down a corridor.

Clack clack clack

The echoing sound of his footsteps danced in the hallway, chasing after the emptiness left behind by the remaining people, whom I assume were students based on their uniforms. A bell rang, bouncing through the halls and causing my ears to twitch at the loud sound.

The man walks up to an unusually large door, slipping his fingers onto the door handle, taking a deep breath, before pushing it open. Inside is a class of students, all with strangely bright hair colors and unique appearances.

The class is silent as the man walks up to a podium, placing me in a chair before facing the others.

"Class-" He clears his throat as him and the students share a knowing look, one that I was left out on, "-this is our new transfer student, (L/n) (Y/n). At the moment she seems to be having trouble moving, so please assist her in any way you can."

The sound of several 'welcomes' and other greetings ring in my ears, and I slightly tilt my head to the side, giving a closed eye smile and a small wave, deciding to play along with the teacher.

"Nice to meet you all! I'll be the new transfer student!"

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(A/n: WARNING! From here on out, all choices are left up to the readers, the readers will decide what happens in the story, and I shall adjust accordingly, but for this to happen, I must shorten my chapters to 1000 words rather than 1600, sorry! 

Still, thanks for reading!)

1st Person POV - (L/n) (Y/n)

A static blur fogs my mind as the words 'promise' ring within my ears. I see small dainty hands, which I assume are my own, flying forward and clinging onto a larger hands' pinky, both bending over in a locking position.

'Promise we'll always stay together?'


The static begins to grow as I trace the hand back up the arm to its owner, everything becomes hazy, but before it turns black, I catch a glimpse of teal hair and red pupils.

I gasp as my head jolts up and I glance around. It was lunch and I had fallen asleep, a built torso obstructing the middle of my view.

It's been a couple days since I've found myself in this school, probably a week, and I've regained my ability to move.

"Are you okay?" I look up and find a boy with blond hair, a large tail sweeping beside him. I nod, looking around nervously, trying to remember his name.

He seemed oddly familiar as if I had met him before, but I couldn't quite pinpoint this strange feeling, and it was nagging me to no end.

"Sorry, what's your name?" He lets out a short sigh from his nose, a slight chuckle of relief, almost as if he were glad. Why though?

"Seems you don't remember."

"'Tis there something I'm supposed to? I don' think you introduced yourself." His eyes seem glimmer under the fluorescent lights, wearing a brilliant ebony. 

It wasn't the kind of black you'd see on the hooded surface of a black car or a smooth phone screen, rather the black on a notebook, flat with no shine, but occasionally catching light when he would smile, the corners of his eyes crinkling and his lips tight, not showing the contents within, but also seemingly worried. How curious.

He seems taken aback by my answer, sighing once more before holding out his hand, slightly calloused against the grooves.

"Ojirou, Mashirao." He smiles, but not as warmly as I'd like to imagine it be.

"(L/n), (Y/n)." He nods, materializing a lunch box from behind him.

"Want to eat together?" I quirk an eyebrow skeptically before shaking my head. He shrugs and walks away, sitting with a floating uniform in the corner of the room.

I glance around the class once more, locating the clock. 12:00. I still have 30 more minutes.

Pushing my seat out, I ditch my desk and ascend up a flight of stairs, a faint instinct in the back of my head telling me that I knew which way to go.

I reach a pair of double doors and open them without much trouble, the doors swinging open, revealing a large spacious roof presenting itself before me.

I shift my shoulders around before stepping out onto the middle of the roof.

Since the moment I've woken up, I've had no clue how to use my quirk. Taking the time to my advantage, I decided to figure it out.

There was a pair of large (q/c) wings on my back, my head decorated with a crown made of a pair of horns and a large tail that I heaved around with me.

Luckily enough for me, my school uniform had been outfitted for me within a couple of days, my uniform buttons being on the back rather than the front, allowing me to reach back and unbuckle them to my convenience.

I reach back, my shirt exposing my stomach from stretching upwards, and unbutton the top and bottom of my shirt completely, letting it fall and leaving me in a rather sporty bra.

I take a couple deep inhales before attempting to slowly flap the wings on my back. Having extra appendages felt weird enough, moving and controlling them was a totally different story.

I keep up my pace, feeling my feet slowly lift off the floor. I wobble as I regain my balance and try to fly in place.

A sense of accomplishment runs through my veins and I pump my fists into the air, looking up at the sky, giving it a soft smile.

"I did 'tis. I finally figured out how to use these damned things." I let out a huff and sigh as I attempt to fly forward, continuing this process until I manage to succeed.

A sudden gust of wind billows by, catching the flaps of my wings and sending me spiraling forward.

"Shit!!" My back slams against the railing and I let out a soundless gasp in pain as I slowly tip backward over the roof, a short scream escaping my lips as I fall.

A black substance coils around my ankle pulling me back up the roof and I let out a breathless gasp as I'm placed safely onto the roof once more. I stutter in my step before looking up and finding a normal student in my class, other than him having a head covered in feathers and a singular beak.

I bow down instantly.

"I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused, but thanks for helping me." He nods, and we head over to a bench in silence and seat ourselves.

"Have you been here the entire time?" He nods again.

"Sorry for not calling out to you, I was curious as to what you were doing and wanted to see how much of your quirk you remembered." You let out a groan and lean back.

"I can' remember anything. Whenever I try my mind fogs up and 'tis hurts, but everything here is so surreal yet... familiar...? I can' describe it and 'tis tearing me apart." He hums in acknowledgment.

"I wish I could sympathize, but I haven't the slightest clue as to how you're feeling." We stay there for the last 15 minutes of lunch chatting, the bell rings and we head inside together.

I continue the day the way I usually would, the bell signaling the end exchange of classes before it finally signals that school is finished.

I exit the building, letting Aizawa know that I'm heading out for a walk around campus as I leave. He allows it and I rush off, not giving him time to take back his acceptance.

I roam through the hallways, descend the stairs, and take my leave through the back doors of the building, exploring the training fields.

"(N/n)." My head snaps towards the familiar voice and name. The slits of my eyes narrow as I spot a figure in the shadow of a building, beckoning me closer, slanted, flaxen, and glowing are the eyes that lay upon its head.

What's that?



Approach Figure


Tell Supervisor/Teacher



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CHOICE CHOSEN:  Approach Figure

3rd Person POV - Omniscient

The sound of hesitant footsteps dances off the walls of the buildings, chasing away the silence. The crunch of mud and grass mush together and the remnants of that morning's dew evaporate into mist, soaring above the lone figure on the field and her shadowy companion.

"Hello, my dear (N/n)." Her innocently sharp-witted eyes slit together as (e/d) orbs crackle with commendable curiosity. He is an apple tree, tempting and welcoming, and she is a starved traveler, compelled to take a bite from the fruit he offers.

The tree lowers a branch, and the same way a traveler would, she softly grabs onto his hand, and black leaves surround them, pulling her further into the forest, his forest.

His forest leads to broken down alleyways, bars that are recently redecorated, and puddles of plasma that color the floor maroon.

She, strangely enough, isn't afraid of him though, and her fingers clench tighter, securing their already firm grip.

"Who are you?" He doesn't reply. Clouds of smoke follow his head, dissipating before being able to reach their destination.

His eyes, a phosphorescent saffron, tilt at the edges ever so slightly, and for some strange reason, (Y/n) had a feeling that he was smiling.

His voice breaks the silence, clear and smooth, the way a knife cuts butter.

"I'm Kurogiri, little (N/n)." She nods, tentatively looking around before brusquely looking up once more at the sound of a bell chime.

"I've heard that bell before." She mumbles to herself, letting go of Kurogiri's hand and pushing forward, meeting a classically styled bar, albeit it looked a bit old and run down, but it seemed to be well kept for its age. 

Footsteps are heard as 5 pairs of eyes appear in the darkest corners of the room. (Y/n) looks up in interest, stepping out from behind Kurogiri, letting go of his hand as she steps into the middle of the room.

Transpiring from the dark, the 11 figures surround her, and she looks up. These people are demented, she thinks, eyes scanning over a lizard, passing by a transgender, a built man with a missing robotic eye, a fully suited man, burnt and pierced, strangely formal, a man of purple/ebony smoke, a girl with a masochistic/sadistic smile, a man clamping his own mouth open, and burning cardinal eyes decorated with pale hair and faded hands.

She smiles to herself quietly, continuing her thought from before.

These people are demented, but I'm no different.

"What's all of your names? I'm (Y/n)." She smiles, her pointed teeth glistening and the tip of her pointed ear twitch, her tail wiggling behind her in excitement. She wasn't able to fully control her quirk, and couldn't keep her extra appendages under control 24/7, so she left them be.

"So it really DID take your memories, huh?" A man says, his outfit consisting of a full-body suit. 

She quirks her head to the side, before tapping her finger against her chin, her large, slitted, (e/d) eyes twinkling with interest.

"Memories? What memories?" He shakes his head and looks over at the man with the mask. The masked man bows, introducing himself.

"Hello, our dear (Y/n), I am Mr. Compress." She smiles, bounding over and grabbing his hand, shaking it with a determined enthusiasm.


(A/n: Sorry I couldn't pass this chance up.)

The rest of the afternoon is filled with introductions, laughter, and a sense of déjà vu.


As orange sky begins to shine through the windows, (Y/n) says her goodbyes to the strange people, about to head out the door.

The bell jingles as it's h open by Kurogiri. She steps forward, but halts, feeling a calcified hand wrap around her thin wrist.eld

She stops and turns partway, about 76 degrees.

"(N- Y/n), you must promise to not tell anyone about meeting us, they won't react kindly." She tilts her head to the side in confusion as to why, the curiosity shone in her eyes, but she nods nonetheless.

"I-I'll try my best..." She trails off, looking down to her feet in abashment before glancing back up, the slits in her eyes widening, almost as if she were attempting to sway them with pity.

"Can I come back here again?" Her eyes are filled with hope, which explodes to relief when Himiko, the blonde haired girl, answers without hesitation as if she foresaw this.

"You know the way here, don't you?" (Y/n) grins, her smile bright and innocent, and everyone else in the room pauses to appreciate the dragons beauty, the way the scar on her nose crinkled up, her teeth gleaming, her tail swaying, her (h/l) (h/c) curling around her face, leaving strands to decorate her rosy (s/c) cheeks. 

Her (long/short) eyelashes open up once more, giving one last look around the room before she gives a small flick of the hand as a wave, leaving the room, Kurogiri shutting the door.

The room remains quiet as the jingle of the bell chimes. Nobody says a word, no words need to be said.

The tears say enough.


Kurogiri helps the young girl, weaving through his forest once more, hidden from sight, and he leads her back to the field, letting her go as he remains in the shadow of the building he was waiting in before. 

Before she had completely gone back to her dorm, she turned once more, stumbling over to him.

He held out his hand, and on it was a small marble that had wire wrapped around it, securely, tightly knit and intertwined. The top part of said wire looped into a small hole, reconnecting and clamping around the marble. A chain ran through the small loop. 

(A/n: Sorry I know this isn't how Mr. Compress' quirk works, but please be lenient ^^;;)

"Keep it with you at all times." Kurogiri says, and the reptilian nods.

"What' 'tis for?" He merely glances down, tapping the marble, it glows, and Kurogiri solidifies his fingers, pulling the glowing orb through the metal, tapping it once more as it expands into a photo. 

It has all the members she had just met, in strange poses, with the word 'Villain' crossing the background.


She snorts and raises an eyebrow towards Kurogiri. His eyes seem to soften.

"We used to always take pictures together, we photoshopped us like this. It's our way of cheering you up when we aren't here." She grins, wrapping her arms around his torso before quickly scampering off. She looks back, waving to him. 

A black portal appears behind him, and as he slowly backs into it, she couldn't help but notice his black and yellow striped tie.

She taps the photo whilst walking back to the dorms, the photo shrinks to a glowing orb and she phases it through the metal wiring, to its rightful place.

The halls are empty as the soft padding of her footsteps.

"Where were you?" His voice scares her and she flinches. It was straightforward and monotone, almost as if his question were a statement.

She looks up to meet Aizawa's eyes, and she couldn't help but feel guilt.



Tell Aizawa


Remain Silent

Make Excuse


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1st Person POV - Aizawa

Her eyes swiftly fly to my figure, before relaxing seeing it's only me.

"Didn' I already tell you? I went for a walk." I raise an eyebrow, deciding to bluff her.

"Then why were you gone for over 6 hours? The campus isn't that large." She shifts her weight, now leaning on her left leg.

"I was practicing." She mumbles. I make a 'Tch' sound, clicking my tongue against the roof of my mouth. 

"Practicing? Practicing what?" Her neon (q/c) tongue sweeps out, licking her dry lips before she begins to chew on the lower one with her pointed teeth.

"My quirk, since I don' know how to use 'tis." I huff, deciding to believe her, Tokoyami had reported to me earlier that she was practicing during lunch.

I nod, stepping to the side and leading her to her dorm. She opens the door, stepping in, and before I could even catch a glance, the door shuts.

My eyebrows knit together as I groan.


Sorry I haven't really been updating this as much. I'm not going to lie, I feel a bit less motivated to finish this since my interests have changed. 

Don't worry though, I won't be discontinuing this.

Let's just call it a hiatus for now.

Anyways, I decided to post this unfinished chapter for help. I'm pretty sure my parents are going to get divorced sometime soon, and I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry to be doing this when I'm not even updating my chapters like a proper author, but I'd really appreciate some help and advice right now.

Thanks for sticking around this long, sorry for changing interests, and sorry for troubling you all.

Any/all advice accepted.