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bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, and the big gay panic

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“I can’t believe I let you fuckers drag me into this,” Bakugou hissed, staring up at the rickety facade of the haunted house.

Ashido waved off his concern. “Haunted houses are a bonding must, Katsu.”

“It’s the middle of spring, and we’re twenty-one,” he deadpanned.

“Don’t be a stick in the mud,” Kaminari teased, hanging off Bakugou’s arm. Uraraka pressed into his other side, nodding along with Kaminari.

“No self-preservation instincts, those two,” Aoyama commented, and the class laughed as Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“C’mon Kacchan, it’ll be fun,” Midoriya promised. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually be scared by something in there. I’ve heard it’s one of the best haunted houses around the area.”

“Or maybe,” Bakugou countered, “Denki will be crying into my sweatshirt the whole time.”

Kaminari made an affronted noise and Kirishima burst out laughing next to him.

“Everyone!” Iida called from the front. “They admit four people at once, so we must split into five groups.”

Despite his earlier indignation, Kaminari curled tighter around Bakugou’s arm as a broken window on the second floor flashed with an eerie light. Bakugou shot Midoriya a flat look as the other pressed his lips together, trying not to laugh.

“How should we split up, ribbit?” Asui asked.

“Drawing lots?” Shinsou suggested, and everyone agreed immediately. They had invited him along in Mineta’s place since he was friends with half the class either way and no one could stand the pop-off abomination.

Yaoyorozu produced a plastic cup and several colored slips from her arm, shaking them about before handing them to Iida, who urged everyone to form a line to choose lots.

When the last person had picked, the group erupted into chatter as people with matching colors drew together. Bakugou glanced down at the red slip of paper in his hand, then scanned the group.

“Matching,” Todoroki said, coming up on his left and tapping his slip to Bakugou’s.

Bakugou hummed. “Bet?” he asked.


“Whoever gets the most scared buys groceries for the next month.”

Bakugou and Todoroki had lived next door to one another since leaving the U.A., and seeing as Todoroki had no cooking skills to speak of, Bakugou cooked for the two of them in exchange for using Todoroki as a human heater in the winter. Splitting the cost of groceries had come naturally, and Bakugou still remembered the time he’d dragged Todoroki to the grocery store since the half-and-half hero had been buying all the wrong brands. They’d almost totaled the bread aisle because of-fucking-course a high-profile villain had decided to make a food run that day.

Todoroki considered the offer, head tilted in a way that made Bakugou’s heart skip in his chest.

“Deal,” he said a moment later, lips quirking. Clearly, he thought he was going to win. Well, Bakugou would fucking see about that.

“Katsuki!” Ashido sang, hip-checking him as she slid up to his side. “Match!”

“Me too,” Tokoyami said from behind her, holding up a red slip.

Bakugou looked around their little group, then up at the shabby building. Explosions, acid, ice, fire, and a fucking shadow-thing. He silently wished the haunted house luck.

Shinsou, deducing the same thing, pointed at Bakugou’s group. “They should probably go last.”

A chorus of agreements followed and Bakugou punched Midoriya’s arm lightly when he nearly fell over laughing.


In truth, each group only spent about ten minutes in the house, but it felt like an eternity. Bakugou was comfortably pressed between Todoroki and a tree, phone held out to capture the looks of pale-faced horror on his old classmates’ faces as they stumbled out of the house.

Kouda nearly fainted, which was alarming but expected, and Yaoyorozu, who was thankfully in his group, produced blankets and several bottles of water while a quivering Jirou and Midoriya half-carried him out the door. Uraraka appeared with Kirishima floating next to her, a hand firmly wrapped around his ankle. The both of them looked like their souls had left their bodies. Ojiro nearly took off someone’s head with his tail and had spent an extra five minutes apologizing profusely while Sero lost his shit beside him.

A good twenty minutes later than they were supposed to, Bakugou’s group stood at the entrance, faced with a kind old woman who gathered their money and waved them in. Ashido grabbed his hand immediately, pulling Tokoyami in on her right and glancing around furtively for jump scares.

A head dropped from the ceiling when they turned the corner and Ashido squeezed his hand hard enough to nearly break it. Todoroki barely moved, but Bakugou was briefly reminded of training camp in their first year when they’d been paired off during the test of courage. As they progressed on, the scenes got more and more elaborate and gruesome. A room in the middle had featured a girl crying alone in the center, which wasn’t terrible, until the girl’s mother appeared in the corner, corpse-like and horrific, and Bakugou had grabbed Todoroki’s arm in mute surprise. His irritation at falling behind in their bet faded when Todoroki jumped and froze a ghost that grabbed at his shoulders from behind. Todoroki glared as Bakugou laughed at him, but then Dark Shadow nearly pushed someone out a window and Ashido melted a hole in the floor at a touch to her leg. He was suddenly glad they were the last to go, and prayed the house didn’t pull too much money off them for destruction of property.

The place was well done, but nothing Bakugou couldn’t handle. Or so remained the case until they reached the final hallway, and a zombie-like creature with peeling skin leaped from the floor and wrapped around Bakugou’s middle. He yelled, nearly blasting the thing’s arm off, and curled his fingers around Todoroki’s bicep, which he refused to let go of until they were clear of the building.

He looked to Todoroki, and Todoroki looked to him. “We’ll just split the cost,” he said, and Bakugou nodded silently.

Kirishima ran up to Bakugou’s side and scanned his face for only a moment. “The zombie thing grabbed you too?”

“What the fuck,” Bakugou said in agreement, then looked out at the class. “We are never doing that again.”

“For the sake of the houses,” Jirou said, pointing at a smoking hole where Aoyama had run into a ghost, “we’d better not.”

“Let’s just go on a picnic next time,” Hagakure whispered faintly.


Bakugou cracked an egg against the edge of the pan, watching the contents spill out and rubbing sleepily at his eyes. The lock on the door to his apartment clicked and Todoroki entered, hair sticking up every which way. He slumped into a chair at the dining table, resting his head on his arm and scrolling aimlessly on his phone.

“Hey,” he said a moment later, sitting up.


“Uraraka invited everyone to the amusement park near Kirishima’s place. Today afternoon.”

Bakugou scowled. “Why? Does she want to watch you set a rollercoaster on fire or something?”

Todoroki snorted. “As if. Class bonding, likely. I told them we’d come.”

“Fuck,” Bakugou exclaimed, spatula waving dangerously in Todoroki’s direction. “Why?

Todoroki raised an eyebrow. “Because Nighteye gave you and Midoriya today off and I subbed in for patrol last night. You were going to say yes anyways.”

“Shut your fucking mouth,” Bakugou replied, chucking an egg at him and scowling deeper when he caught it easily.


Luckily, Uraraka had chosen a weekday to call them together, so Todoroki had no problem finding parking close to the park entrance. Bakugou climbed out of the passenger seat, stretching and listening to Kirishima and Todoroki chatter behind him. They had picked Kirishima up on the way since his apartment was nearby, and by the looks of it, they were the first to arrive.

Despite his earlier protests, Bakugou felt a thrill run through him as they paid for tickets and waited by the snack shack. Since he was young, he’d absolutely loved rollercoasters, the rush of wind, the people screaming and laughing, the screech of metal on metal. He bounced on the balls of his feet, waiting for everyone to show so he could grab Midoriya and snag places in the lines before they got too long. Midoriya shared his enjoyment of rollercoasters, and they had conquered some of the largest to be found in Japan with each other in high school.

“Ready to go, Kacchan?” Midoriya asked once everyone had arrived.

“Hell fucking yeah,” Bakugou said, and they were off. The others followed them onto most, but kept off the largest ones. Even Todoroki chose to stay behind when Bakugou pointed excitedly to a hulking mass of steel loops and falls, so he’d gone with Midoriya and Asui. When they came down, Todoroki tossed Bakugou his phone.

“Check your photo album,” he said, turning away because he was a cryptic bastard and Bakugou hated him.

Naturally, there was an onslaught of selfies featuring many of his stupid friends, but in between was a blurry videoclip. Bakugou tapped it and watched gleefully as Kaminari stepped pridefully up to the teacup ride, lost his shit, and electrocuted the fucking thing, sending him spinning at a clearly unsafe speed until the ride operator managed to get it under control. He took it back, Todoroki was the fucking best.

He told him as much and Todoroki gave him a small smile. “I figured you would enjoy it.”

And really, that shouldn’t make Bakugou feel all warm and fluttery inside, that Todoroki, Todoroki who helped cats in trees and picked up fallen purses, would record a video of one of Bakugou’s best friends in a hilariously distressing situation because he knew Bakugou would enjoy it.

Yeah, okay, so Bakugou was a little fucked in the head. Everyone saw that coming.

He swallowed the feeling down lest he choke on it, and fell into the comfortable familiarity of berating Todoroki for his eating choices.

“It’s good.”

“It’s a sugary fucking deathtrap, you idiot. You can have one.”

Todoroki huffed like a petulant child, but handed two of the cotton candies in his hand back. And people thought he was the responsible one. Todoroki would probably set his clothes on fire if a child asked him to.

As afternoon slipped to evening and the excitement wound down, Ashido suggested they pair off to ride the Ferris wheel, and before they could so much as open their mouths, Bakugou and Todoroki found themselves the last two left. Strange.

Bakugou was naturally perceptive, and sensed the underlying tension in his classmates’ haste, but couldn’t put his finger on what exactly they had brewing. His mind was shifted off it when Todoroki tugged on his wrist, pulling him after him onto the ride.

“Thinking face,” he remarked when they were seated comfortably.

“They’re acting weird,” Bakugou replied, gesturing vaguely to indicate their friends. “Something’s off.”

Todoroki hummed, glancing upwards when Jirou laughed at something Yaoyorozu said. “Maybe.”

Bakugou sighed, content to let it go for the moment as they spun slowly to the top. The ride paused briefly and Bakugou looked out at the twinkling lights and soft colors of the park, feeling quiet. He dropped his head on Todoroki’s shoulder as they began to move once more, tired.

Todoroki said nothing, hand still curled around Bakugou’s wrist. It was a habit he’d developed in high school when Bakugou had woken him from nightmares and stuck by his side during breaks, masking his concern with angry jabs that had no heat in them. Todoroki had liked holding his wrist instead of his hand, and it took all of about three times for Bakugou to realize Todoroki was feeling for his pulse. The feel was grounding, or Todoroki was ensuring Bakugou was real, alive. Either way, Bakugou didn’t question it, and let it become one of the common instances of touching from his classmates that he had slowly acclimated to.

“Are you hungry?” Todoroki asked as they walked off the ride to where there classmates were congregating.

“Not hungry enough for the shitty park food you’re about to suggest,” he quipped back.

“You’re too tired to cook,” Todoroki pointed out. Bakugou threw him an icy glare, about to tell him off for his addiction to fast food, before Uraraka made the decision for them, dragging everyone out to a sushi bar.

They ended up next to each other again, squeezed in between several others in the booth’s center. Todoroki chatted amicably with Yaoyorozu on his right, and Bakugou and Jirou spun ridiculous stories about the restaurant's other patrons until the food arrived.

Jirou passed him a plate and Bakugou snapped his chopsticks eagerly, ready to dig in. He looked out at the spread, zeroing in on the tekkamaki and ika nigiri down the table. He turned to ask Todoroki to grab some for him, only to be passed a full plate. Bakugou stared down at it, uncomprehending, then back at Todoroki.

“Tekkamaki and ika nigiri, right?” he asked, nabbing Bakugou’s empty plate and loading his own sushi onto it like it wasn’t a big deal. And truthfully, it wasn’t. Bakugou had no doubt Kirishima would have done the same, but the fact that Todoroki was in tune with his food preferences made something twist uncomfortably in his stomach. Naturally, he knew Todoroki’s choice foods, but that was because the fucker was practically camped out in his apartment during meal times.

“Yeah,” he choked out, and ignored the confused look Midoriya shot him across the table in favor of digging into his meal.

He fell asleep in the car on the drive back, and despite having no memory of walking to his apartment, woke up in his bed.

A full fifteen minutes of his morning routine was lost standing in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to cool the heated red blush on his skin.


“We’re going hiking,” Bakugou announced, walking into the apartment.

Todoroki looked up from his book and blinked.

“Am I being given a choice?” he asked, already bookmarking a page and setting the book aside.

“Nope,” Bakugou answered pleasantly, curling up on Todoroki’s couch to wait for him.

Bakugou had gotten smaller over the years, and Todoroki didn’t mean he’d shrunk, more that the gap in height between them had increased. Bakugou was relatively tall, topping out at around six feet, but Todoroki had always been taller and held a good three inches on the elder hero. It had always struck him as rather funny, though he didn’t really understand why. People liked comparing Todoroki to the human likeness of a cat. At least now, watching him rest his chin on his knees in a patch of sunlight on the couch, Todoroki thought the comparison more apt for Bakugou.

Shaking his head, Todoroki went to hunt for his hiking boots.


The mountain air was clean and fresh, a stark contrast from the city smog. Todoroki breathed it in as Bakugou and Kouda walked in companionable silence next to him, Bakugou occasionally pointing out an interesting grove of trees or a shifty animal. At one point, he’d nearly had the life crushed out of him after a tarantula scuttled across the path, Kouda’s arms tight around his middle. Todoroki bit the inside of his cheek, but judging by Bakugou’s glare, his amusement hadn’t gone unnoticed. Still, Bakugou patted Kouda’s arm lightly and they continued on to the peak.

Once there, Bakugou climbed onto a rock formation jutting from the earth, sitting at the edge to look out over the land below them. Kouda joined him a moment later and Bakugou shifted obligingly, making space on his rock. Todoroki pulled out his phone, sliding to the camera and holding it up.

“Bakugou,” he teased, “smile.”

Bakugou, as predicted, flipped him off, but when Todoroki flipped through the pictures, his heart stuttered in his chest. In the last one, slightly blurry since Todoroki had clicked the camera button on accident, Bakugou’s lips were curved into a small, content smile. Next to him, Kouda was waving a peace sign happily. Todoroki glanced up at Bakugou, then down at the picture, and shut his phone off without deleting it.

He joined them on the rock and did his best not to laugh when a bird landed on Bakugou’s head, chirping musically to Kouda.

They picked up zaru soba on the way home, and inhaled it over dinner while Bakugou cursed loudly at a football game on the TV. Todoroki thought strangely that he’d never felt more at home.


Todoroki shuffled into the kitchen just as Bakugou lit the stove, immediately noticing the stiffness in his arms.

“Bakugou,” he said, tone disapproving. A second later he was beside him, tugging up the sleeves of Bakugou’s sweater before he could stop him.

“I’m fine,” he growled, even as his hands shook lightly.

“Don’t do that,” Todoroki said, frustrated as he let Bakugou’s arm drop to his side, arm bracers covered. “Don’t overwork yourself and then pretend everything is okay.”

“As opposed to?” Bakugou snapped back, not understanding why Todoroki was picking a fight over this. “I’m doing my fucking job, Todoroki. You’d do no less.”

Todoroki scowled, meeting his eyes. “I’m not telling you not to do your job. I’m not telling you not to get injured or overdo it. I’m telling you to drop the prideful act for one fucking second and let yourself take a break. You know your body’s limits, Bakugou. Why do you keep testing them?”

Bakugou stared, frozen. “What the fuck are you on about?” he choked out finally, anger painting his vision red.


“You want me to take a break? What if I do, Todoroki? What if I step back and take time to lick my wounds, to think about all the shit I see on a daily basis? Where would I be then? I do this because I have to. I do this because if I don’t everything will start falling apart and I can’t—I—“ He knew he sounded like an idiot, defensive and afraid to look his own problems in the face. Bakugou knew taking care of his mental health was important, but fuck, he wasn’t perfect. Sometimes, fear overwhelmed him too.

“Hey,” Todoroki said, voice steady and grounding. “Breathe.”

Bakugou dragged in a rattling breath, hating how close he was to tears. Panic swelled inside him, consuming, and god Bakugou couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t—

“Bakugou,” Todoroki turned him so they faced each other, reaching for one of Bakugou’s hands and placing it over his heart. “I need you to breathe, okay? In, out, eyes on me.”

Bakugou followed his voice, forcing himself to inhale and exhale to the rhythmic rise and fall of Todoroki’s chest. They sank to the kitchen floor, Bakugou curled against a cabinet like he could disappear into it and Todoroki crouched in front of him.

“What happened?” Todoroki asked, when Bakugou had control of his breathing and the lines in his face eased some.

Bakugou’s eyes remained on the cold tile of the kitchen floor, and when he spoke, his voice came out hoarse.

“A building collapsed downtown,” he said. “Damage from this villain with a flood quirk.”

Todoroki nodded, “I heard.”

“I-“ he swallowed. “We were doing a search and rescue and there was this kid trapped underneath all the rubble, saved by a fucking miracle. There were these two pieces of concrete leaning against one another and looking about ready to collapse on her head, but her leg was twisted up in this trashed hunk of metal and stone. It took fifteen minutes of slow moving and scanning the area to make sure the concrete wouldn’t fall to get her out, and she was sobbing the whole time. I just—It fucking sucked, hearing the kid beg for us to help her and telling her to wait just another minute so nothing would fall.”

Todoroki wound their fingers together, squeezing in understanding and stroking a thumb across Bakugou’s knuckles.

They sat there until the morning light brightened. Then Todoroki pulled Bakugou off the floor, pushing him to his bedroom and urging him to change so they could grab something to eat at the cafe across the street. Bakugou huffed but complied, trading sweatpants for jeans and tugging on a nicer sweater. Todoroki joined him on the landing, changed as well, and they spent the afternoon snarking at each other and chatting with the old woman who owned the cafe.

“Listen,” Todoroki fumbled, when they reached the doors to their respective apartments. “I know this stuff is hard, I know. But if it would help…I wouldn’t mind if you told me about it. Or anyone, really. So long as you don’t bottle it up.”

Bakugou blinked, hand on his door knob. Then his face cut into a wry smile.

“Yeah, okay. But half-n-half?”


“Offer goes both ways.”

Todoroki smiled. “Okay.”


“This is fucking ridiculous,” Bakugou complained, huddled into Todoroki’s left side.

Snow piled in heaps around them as they walked to the park Ashido had insisted everyone meet at.

“Snow day!” she’d argued on the phone, like freezing his fucking ass off in the company of his idiot former classmates was fun.

Bakugou hated the winter, as he got cold easily and was extremely averse to the wet chill that came with snow. Highly unfortunate seeing as the second they walked into the park, he was nailed in the face with a snowball.

Silence echoed around the area, snow sliding comically off Bakugou’s enraged face. Todoroki stepped free of him, knowing what came next, and watched Bakugou hurl a flurry of snowballs at the tree someone was hidden behind.

“Oi! Half-n-half!” Bakugou had his hand out, and Todoroki stared at it in silence before understanding. He held up his right hand, dropping a chunk of ice into Bakugou’s.

“Todoroki-kun!” Uraraka howled, betrayed. “How could you?!”

Todoroki shrugged. “Buying my own safety. Also, it’s a bit funny.”

“Enabler!” Ashido accused, melting a ball of ice as it flew towards her.

Unrepentant, Todoroki made himself comfortable behind the tree Bakugou had selected for cover. He tossed ice chunks into Bakugou’s waiting hands where the other sat in the branches, cackling like a madman as he burst snowballs flying towards him and retaliated. In the end, Bakugou was one of the few remaining players that was considerable drier than the rest. Snow dripped down Kirishima’s bangs, which Bakugou found hilarious even as he brushed it out of his best friend’s hair.

“That’s Kacchan for you,” Midoriya said, sounding alarmingly fond considering Bakugou had just viciously pelted them all with ice. Todoroki supposed as his provider there was no room for him to judge.

Bakugou and Uraraka split off from the rest of them to buy hot cocoa, and they waited around by the benches, falling into easy conversation.

“Isn’t he the fucking worst?” Kirishima asked, dropping down next to Todoroki. “And to think you’d help him. I thought we were friends, Todoroki.”

Todoroki smiled, shoulder pressed to Kirishima’s in apology. Though they’d never been particularly close in high school, Todoroki had always appreciated Kirishima’s courage and kindness, and they’d seen each other more often with Bakugou and Todoroki living next door to one another. Kirishima slung an arm around Todoroki’s shoulder, laughing at something Shouji said, and Todoroki leaned into it fractionally. He liked Kirishima’s open affection and unwavering spirit, and was unsurprised that it was someone like him that had finally broken through Bakugou’s tough exterior. Ironic, considering their quirks.

“Hey, Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya said, sitting down on Todoroki’s other side. Todoroki inclined his head in greeting.

And then, because he had no tact to speak of, Midoriya said, “You know, Kacchan cares about you a lot.”

Todoroki choked on air, “What?”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “Does that surprise you?

“I—“ Todoroki was at a loss for words. Logically, he knew the way they acted meant Bakugou cared about him, but hearing it aloud, from Midoriya no less, threw Todoroki for a loop. Midoriya had always seemed to know Bakugou better than Bakugou knew himself, had always known what the other needed. In turn, Bakugou had always been in tune with Midoriya despite the one-sided animosity that had been the product of his inferiority complex. They operated on a frequency Todoroki couldn’t hope to understand, one he didn’t think they fully understood either. Their relationship had been a constant battle of wills, a push and pull, until that fight in their first year in which they’d found some sort of equilibrium.

“Okay,” Todoroki finally settled on. “Why bring that up now?”

Midoriya actually snorted. “Nothing, never mind. Ah, there’s Kacchan and Ochako.”

Todoroki looked up, dazed. He barely registered Uraraka handing him a cup, and stared down at it for a good few minutes before remembering he was supposed to drink it. By his feet, Kaminari knocked back his hot chocolate, only to choke on it.

“You put hot sauce in mine?!” he blubbered, tears leaking from his eyes at the burning spice.

“You’re the one who pinned me when half-n-half and I got here,” Bakugou told him, justified. Next to him, Uraraka giggled and linked their arms. Bakugou and Uraraka had become terrifyingly close as high school progressed, and by the end they’d been appropriately voted ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World.’

“Why do you do this to your friends, dude?” Kirishima asked, patting a coughing Kaminari on the back.

“Because it’s fucking funny,” Bakugou replied like the five year-old he was. “Half-n-half, your drink is going cold.”

Todoroki blinked, then looked down at his hot chocolate with a small, “Oh.”

“It’s fine,” Ashido chirped, “He can just heat it up again. Yeah, Todoroki?”

Todoroki nodded, still flustered, switched the cup to his left hand, and promptly set it on fire.

“What the fuck?!” Bakugou exclaimed, everyone in Todoroki’s immediate radius leaping away from him.

Startled, Todoroki watched the bubbling styrofoam and chocolate that was once his drink drip to the ground.

“Um,” he said intelligently as everyone turned incredulous looks on him.

Kirishima was the first to move, patting his shoulder and laughing awkwardly. “You…you okay, Todoroki?”

Todoroki said nothing until he heard Bakugou huff, hearing the crunch of his boots in the snow as he moved forward.

“Christ,” he mumbled, kicking snow over the flaming mess.

Midoriya squeezed Todoroki’s arm and everyone made an effort to keep a constant flow of conversation. Eventually, the talk died down and goodbyes were exchanged as they headed home. Todoroki might have made an effort to evade Bakugou if they didn’t live next door to each other, but as it was, he deemed the thought useless and waited for the explosive hero to escape Ashido’s hug.

Todoroki expected an interrogation about his slip up, but Bakugou didn’t bring it up, jumping through topics and talking Todoroki’s ear off, leeching off his heat all the while. Todoroki realized with dawning surprise that it was Bakugou’s way of trying to cheer him up, and Midoriya’s words echoed through his mind.

When they reached the landing, Bakugou shook snow off his coat and boots like a wet dog, and Todoroki couldn’t help but laugh. Bakugou shot him an amused look and stomped the last of the snow off, harrying with his keys to get into his warm apartment. Todoroki mirrored his movements, but before he could step inside, Bakugou spoke.

“Do you…fuck, do you want to fucking talk about it?” he asked.

Eloquent, Todoroki thought, but didn’t say it aloud.

He turned Bakugou’s offer over, weighing the pros and cons of diving into the knot of feelings and realizations slowly unraveling in his mind. Bakugou shifted, visibly uncomfortable, and Todoroki made a decision.

In very Bakugou-esque fashion, Todoroki thought, Fuck it, and asked, “Do you care about me?”

Bakugou’s eyes widened, startled. “I…what?”

Belatedly, Todoroki realized that was a stupid fucking question to ask.

“Shit,” he said elegantly, “That’s not what I—“

“Yes,” Bakugou replied, cutting him off. Todoroki’s lips parted, no sound coming out.

“Is that surprising?” Bakugou asked in an echo of Midoriya, looking guarded and distinctly like he’d rather be anywhere else. His voice was smaller than Todoroki was used to and he shook his head.

“Not surprising,” he said. “I just—“ He broke off, unable to phrase his thoughts.

“What, Todoroki? You just what?”

“I want to kiss you,” he breathed, then frowned, because fuck, that is not what he meant to say.

It was Bakugou’s turn to be awed, and distantly, Todoroki wondered if the best place to be doing this was the freezing landing of their apartment building.

“Then do it,” he said, voice low.

Todoroki’s gaze snapped to his, eyes locked in a silent standoff before they burst forward, both at once.

Todoroki kissed him like he was afraid he’d disappear, fingers digging into his waist, mouth hot and possessive over Bakugou’s. Bakugou gasped, soft, let Todoroki tangle their tongues together and press him back into the wall. Fingers tangled in multicolored strands of hair and Todoroki groaned when Bakugou tugged at it while sucking softly at his tongue.

They pulled back, panting, and Todoroki turned his attention to Bakugou’s neck, lips dragging over hot skin. Bakugou shivered when he pressed harder, bruising the skin, and outright moaned when he felt teeth marking over his pulse.

The sound drew Todoroki back to his lips, and Bakugou’s knees buckled when a tongue swept across the roof of his mouth.

“Hey, w-wait,” Bakugou breathed. “Mm—Todoroki, hold on a second, fuck.”

Todoroki pulled back, concern and something like fear dancing in his eyes. “Is something wrong?”

Bakugou shook his head violently. “No, god no. Everything’s great, just—“ he smiled, a tad nervous. “I really like you. Like a-fucking-lot.”

Todoroki kissed him again, returning the sentiment against his lips. Footsteps echoed off the stairs, and Todoroki took a step back.

“Apartment?” he asked. Bakugou grinned, and they stumbled through door, shucking coats and shoes as they went. They made it as far as the couch, but neither could be paid to care.


“My fucking god, you could at least try to control yourself,” Bakugou said, standing in front of the mirror and rubbing at the mark on his neck.

“Sorry,” Todoroki said, a turtleneck held out like a peace offering between them. Bakugou snatched it, tugging it on and cursing all the while.

Todoroki smiled, grabbing his keys and checking his phone as he waited for Bakugou. It was all hilariously domestic, as much as it could be with the two of them, and, well, Bakugou looked really fucking good in the gray turtleneck. Entering the room, Bakugou snagged a coat he’d left at Todoroki’s apartment from the couch and flipped him off as he sauntered out the door. Todoroki shook his head, still smiling, and locked the door after him.


“Careful, Katsuki,” Todoroki said, steering Bakugou out of the way of a clearly drunk woman. Considering it was two in the afternoon, Todoroki sent a silent prayer after the woman for whatever it was that had pushed her to hard liquor so early in the day.

“Holy shit fam,” Camie said, appearing behind them. “Can’t believe you two are finally sleeping together.”

Bakugou gaped at her and Todoroki tilted his head, confused. “How…”

“You’re like, glowing,” was all she said before skipping off to the bar, dragging them with her.

“Hey, Inasa,” she greeted when the wind hero joined them fifteen minutes later. “Todoroki and Bakugou are fucking now.”

Yoarashi grinned and Bakugou gripped Todoroki’s arm, sensing impending doom.

“Nice!” Yoarashi yelled, because five years later he still didn’t know what the fuck an indoor voice was. “I’m happy for the both of you!”

“Thanks,” Todoroki said over the sound of Bakugou slamming his forehead into the bar counter.


“Wait a fucking minute,” Bakugou said, incredulous. “You’re telling me you intentionally paired us off during all that bonding shit?”

“Oh, come on, Bakugou-kun,” Uraraka replied. “We were starting to get tired of you two eye-fucking each other one second and pining the next.”

“I am such a bad influence on you,” Bakugou sighed, though he sounded somewhat proud.

“Shouto,” Yaoyorozu said from somewhere on the left. “I hope we weren’t too intrusive. I apologize if our actions made you uncomfortable.”

Todoroki shook his head. “Honestly, I didn’t notice. Katsuki said you guys were acting a little strange at the amusement park, but neither of us thought much of it.”

“In the end,” Jirou added, “All it took was a little push from Midoriya.”

“I hate you all,” Bakugou said threateningly, resolving to never leave his apartment and interact with any of them ever again. Jirou ruffled his hair and Uraraka kissed his cheek.

“Do not,” they said together, and Bakugou’s fingers crackled in warning. Of course, neither were fazed in the slightest.

Bakugou fucking hated them.


“Hi, Bakugou-kun!” Himiko yelled from a rooftop. “Congratulations on the relationship!”

Fuck, Bakugou had been certain she was in prison.

“Listen,” he said, balancing Ashido’s groceries on one arm and his on the other. “Please, please, just this fucking once, don’t rob a bank or something so I have to come kick your ass. I’m just trying to have a nice fucking dinner at a normal time.”

Silence. Then—

“Hm. Consider it a congratulatory gift from the two of us,” Dabi said, coming up behind her, and Bakugou watched them disappear, feeling vaguely irked.

Todoroki made a face when he told him, unsettled.

“Let’s just…appreciate it,” he said, strained.

How amusingly unpredictable their lives had become.


“Katsuki,” Todoroki called, eyes fixed on the television. “You have to come see this.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Shouto, I’m trying not to burn our lunch, what?”

Todoroki raised a hand silently, pointing at the screen. Bakugou read the headline flashing across the bottom, then read it again.

Pop-off hero Mineta Minoru arrested for sexual misconduct.

“Fucking finally!” Bakugou whooped, spatula raised in joy. “Call everyone I’m making celebratory cake.”

“I think that’s the first time you’ve willingly invited them all over since you were roped into the rotation for movie nights.”

“Special circumstance. Not everyday do you see true justice delivered.”

Todoroki hummed in amusement, snatching his phone off the side table and joining Bakugou in the kitchen.

not all aliens have fucking tentacles, pikachu

ice zuko
seen the news?

yes! while it is regretful that a hero behaved in such a manner, i am glad to see him held responsible for his actions

lesbian jack
blessed day

i’m crying real tears
eijirou and mina are yelling over the phone
finally, justice

what does sinnamon mean, asui-san?
good riddance, honestly
i hope that poor woman is alright

ice zuko
katsuki invited everyone over to celebrate

hard af
holy fuck my boy willingly interacting with people on this auspicious day
is he making cake

ice zuko
sadou is coming to help

lesbian jack
be there in 5

Todoroki chuckled and set the phone down on the counter in favor wrapping his arms around Bakugou’s waist.

Bakugou laughed softly when his breath tickled his neck, settling back for a moment.

“Happy?” he asked.


And he meant it, in every sense of the word.