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The light of the dark

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The streets were empty as evening began to quickly claim the light blue of the sky, darkening it. Two men were walking, one slightly ahead of the other. The man in front was Shigaraki Tomura, despite being in his early twenties, he was the head of the league of villains, under the watchful eye of his master, his Sensei. The other man was Kurogiri, a man of little words, completely hidden by a dark mist which could become warp hole. He had somehow landed himself with the care of the childish man before him, but Sensei had told him to help guide Tomura, and that’s what he was going to do. He was the reason they were out that night, a simple recon mission, which wasn’t too interesting as they were in an uneventful part of town. Musutafu wasn’t exactly the safest of areas, but there were a few local heroes that patrol the night from time to time. And if they happened to stumble across such a hero…

Tomura’s hand twitched slightly at the thought of watching a hero decaying beneath his hands, to hear the screams as flesh decayed, blowing away like dust on a breeze. The thought sent a pleasurable shiver down Tomura’s spine. It was something the strange yellow eyes of Kurogiri didn’t miss, they narrowed slightly.

“Sensei instructed for this mission to be untraceable as possible.” Kurogiri warns, sensing the young man intentions. Tomura scowls as they turned into a darkened alleyway. Even though the streets were practically empty, the two of them had been staying within the shadows of alleys and less open areas.

I know what he said!” Tomura snapped, he kicked an empty soda can that was in his way. It crashed into many more, sending them clattering to the ground. He ignores the look Kurogiri gave him. “Sensei also said that I could any that crossed out path. It wouldn’t hurt to start raising the leagues reputation if we want to be taken seriously.”

“That may be the case, it is for the leagues best intentions to stay low. The experiments that are in progress and planning is still underway. If we lose the element of surprise, the will all go to naught with heroes on our tails.” Kurogiri replied, hoping the younger male would see sense.

“Whatever…” Tomura grumbled, irritated at how the older villain was right, he’s always right. In retaliation he delivers a particularly harsh kick to the cans on the ground. The rocket off each other, some were even sent up, bouncing into a half open dumpster. Tomura smirked proudly. Upon hearing the sigh from Kurogiri because of the chaotic disturbances makes Tomura smirk wider.

“We better not stay for too long. All Might has been back for a while so we nee-

“Kurogiri was cut off by a high pitch wail. The two villains froze, the noise was coming from the dumpster. Curiosity got to them, and they approached the source of the noise. Kurogiri kept an eye on their surrounding as Tomura lifted the unopened lid and looked in.

It wasn’t a cat by any means, or a broken machine, or even a possible trap waiting for them. Lying in the dumpster is a baby. Its tiny frame shook from its wails, disrupting the strewn wrapped and dirty newspaper that covers in. Dark fuzzes of hair stick sickly to its tear streaked head, and Tomura grimaced at the stench of faeces that mingles with the rotten trash. The cried it gives are already fading to weak snivels, red face rapidly tinging to a slight blue.

“Tomura.” Kurogiri inhaled sharply. The younger villain didn’t need to be told twice, he removed his coat and gave it to the man. He watched silently as Kurogiri wrapped the baby in some of the newspaper, before cradling him bundled up in the villain’s coat. It was a baby boy, he squirmed at the sudden, new feeling around him, but the child wasn’t wailing as loud as before.


They continued walking for some time, and the villains acted as if they had not stopped in the first place. Crickets chirped, a cool breeze rolls past them, and the moon illuminates the two villains and the baby in an alleyway. Kurogiri continued to cradle the child close, murmuring soft words for every feeble mewl it musters up. Tomura doesn’t utter a word, but his eyes never left the bundle in Kurogiri’s arms. Counting each steady flutter of breath if fights to take. He looks so small in Tomura’s jacket, only a few days old. Only just days old to be left to rot away. Too small, too small…

“We need to leave this baby at a police station, or a hospital.” Kurogiri’s voice cuts through Tomura’s thoughts like a knife. “I can create a portal at the front entrance and leave the baby there. It won’t let them know who dropped it off, but that will unquestionably alert the-“

No!” The baby is yanked from Kurogiri’s grasp. Tomura clutches the baby to his chest, a mad look in his eyes as he faces the older villain.

“That baby is dying,” Kurogiri states flatly. “And he’s going to die if we don’t get him to help. We don’t know how long since he’s eaten or anything of the sort. If we leave him with the authorities-“

“They won’t help!” Tomura screams back. The infant is wailing again, but the young villain just holds him close to his chest. “They might feed him and look after him for a few days, but they don’t care! They’ll place him in an orphanage, foster him around, but all they think about was how he ended up there. That it’s all his fault he’s there in the first place.” Nails dig deeper into the bundle as his voice rises. “Next thing he knows he’ll be tossed right back on the street because that’s where he belongs. That he is just, that he is just trash that the heroes will clean up, that the heroes will save. But even the heroes don’t care if he rots away because they think he’s trash too so, so we might as well do society a favor and toss him right back in the dumpster because that’s where he’ll be again! Might as well give him a head start in the streets and, and-!”

You’re hurting the baby, Tomura Shigaraki!” Tomura gasps like a man out of water and stumbles back. He nearly drops the bundle in his arms but secures his grip before sitting heavily on the floor. He runs shaky fingers over the whimpering infant, the other hand scratching furiously at his own neck.

“Not the streets again,” the young man whispers quietly. Blood trickles from his neck. “Not the streets.”

“Alright,” Kurogiri crouches in front of the two, movements careful as he approaches both. “We will take the baby back with us. You can verify with Sensei if we can keep him. If not, you can choose a suitable home for him to stay.” He waits until Tomura nods, dropping his hand away from his neck. The young man stands up, rocking the baby awkwardly.

“Take us back, Kurogiri.” He orders, and the older villain complies.

They step through the warp gate and Musutafu is quiet once more…

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All for One had expected Tomura and Kurogiri to return with some new recruits, but this… This was unexpected for many reasons.

1 – Children this young were never thrown into dumpsters, at least, not with out a reason.

2- Tomura seemed already attached to small wriggling bundle, refusing to allow Kurogiri to take him from his arms.

3- Heroes.

All for One felt this could work in his favour, if Tomura with the aid of Kurogiri and himself on occasion, the child could grow into a brilliant member of the league, a child thrown out by society, by his family, ignore by heroes. Oh, how that rage could be used to target those heroes. Tomura got closer to All for One, a desperate, lost look in his eyes, one All For One hadn’t seen since he first meet the boy.

“He’s dying… can we save him?” Tomura asked.

“Allow me to hold him.” All for One said, Tomura seemed reluctant to do so. “I will not harm the child, you have my word, Tomura.” With that, the child was carefully placed in his arms. He surveyed the child, cold, oh so cold, his inferred sight wasn’t helping much in this situation.… how long had the child been left? He could fight of any illness in the boy with one of his many quirks, but the child was hungry… and neither of the men there had what the boy needed at that moment. “Kurogiri, I need you to go to a store that is still open, get some milk for the child, Tomura we need to warm him up.” Kurogiri vanished in a heartbeat, and Tomura ran. All for One glanced at the child, only seeing a blueish area where the baby was. He could not see that the child was looking up at him, eyes particularly open, green eyes seemed to glow under the lids of his eyes.

When Kurogiri returned, he found Tomura on the floor next to All for One, cradling the baby in a fluffy blanket, the young villain had even taped his middle fingers to avoid harming the kid. He quickly made up a formula of baby milk before taking it over to the child. Tomura still seem unsure of handing over the child, was handed the bottle, and with a little instruction from All for One, the baby hungrily began suckling on the bottle. A little colour had returned to it’s cheek Tomura was relieved, he’s going to live. All for One watched his young disciple, seeing how much care he treated the child with, care he had not know Tomura still possessed. Though, the child had been thrown out by society, like he had, so there was that kinship. The decision had already been made.

“Tomura, this will be your baby brother, be sure to watch out for him.” All for One said, Tomura quickly glanced at his master, before looking down at the tiny baby in his arms.

“Yes Sensei.” Tomura nodded. Another bottle later, the baby seemed to be relaxed. He squirmed within his blanket confinement, before he opened his eyes to blink up at Tomura. The man froze, red eyes locked with brilliant green.

“The child needs a name, let’s give him one before giving him a bath.” All for One stated.

“A name?” Tomura repeated, how did people usually pick names for kids?

“Do you have any ideas, Kurogiri?” All for one asked, Tomura glanced up at him too. The warp quirked man glanced down at the child, Tomura assumed the man was thinking.

“How about Izuku?” He suggested, All for One glanced at Tomura, who had looked back at the child.

“Sounds fine.” He muttered, hugging the small body close. Baby Izuku squirmed slightly, but his emerald eyes didn’t look away from Tomura.

“So, it is decided. Izuku will stay here as your brother, be sure to watch him carefully, Tomura. Let no harm come to him.” All for One said.

“Of course. If anyone wants him, they’ll have to get passed me.” Tomura said, a sharp edge to his voice.       

“Good, I think now would be a good time to give him a wash.” All for One nodded. Tomura couldn’t argue with that, he carefully got to his feet, Izuku gurgled slightly at the movement, but didn’t cry, much to the villains’ relief.


Izuku wriggled as he was slowly emerged in the water, Tomura keeping his head above the water, holding him in a semi-sitting position. The water was warm, he kicked his little legs splashing the water. The sound of the water seemed to excite him, as he kicked his legs a little more, a mewling sound came from him, his arms began to move too.

“He’s certainly doing a lot better now.” Kurogiri commented, placing down some warm towels nearby, as well as some baby clothes he had grabbed with some other things the child would need. Tomura hummed a little in reply, before frowning.

“How do you wash a baby?” He asked.

“I did  a little research, You’re holding him well, just wash him carefully with this.” Kurogiri handed him a face cloth. Tomura soaked it in the warm water, before running the cloth over Izuku’s sensitive skin. Izuku seemed to freeze up a little, his legs kicked a little more, a sad mewling sound came from him, clearly a little surprised at the new sensation. Tomura shushed him softly, which seemed to relax the baby. He looked up at Tomura with tearful eyes.

“It’s okay. You’re safe here.” Tomura assured him, Izuku gurgled softly and began playing with his fingers. Tomura ran his fingers through Izuku’s hair, making sure to wash it well. He was a little surprised to find his hair had green highlights and fell into curls.


Taking the baby from the bath, Tomura wrapped him in a towel and Kurogiri showed him how to dress him. Izuku wriggled around in his new clothes, Tomura picked him put again, and Izuku looked at him with wide eyes, Izuku mewled quietly, reaching out and pressing his hands to Tomura’s face. The villain smirked.

“Come on brat, you’re staying with me.” Tomura told him, Izuku mewled quietly in reply.

“I have set a crib up in your room, I have some ready made bottles that just need to be heated if he wakes up crying, if he does feed him.” Kurogiri told him.

“Yeah, yeah, alright.” Tomura waved him off, taking Izuku up to his room. Izuku was curled up into his chest, eye lids heavy, but clearly comfortable. He carefully settled on his bed, holding Izuku closer, his baby brother… “You’ll never be hurt again.” Tomura promised, whispering to the child.


What if the child grows up not wanting to follow our cause?” Kurogiri questioned, standing before All for One.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.” All for One said, though he was also curious about the type of person the child would grow up to become.

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Tomura had woken up at least three times that night to feed Izuku, but he didn’t mind upon seeing the gummy smile the baby gave him after he had been feed. So when morning came, Tomura was tired, but he sat up feeding Izuku again. The baby suckled on the bottle hungrily, tiny hands clutching at Tomura’s fingers, as his emerald eyes glazed over with sleep. Tomura yawned but kept his eyes on the baby.

“He seems to be doing much better.” Kurogiri stated, looking at the baby from over Tomura’s shoulder.

“Hm.” Tomura hummed lightly, shifting Izuku in his lap slightly. Kurogiri half expected the kid to put up a fuss, instead Izuku only seemed to lean into Tomura. Quite content with just being fed.

“Was he much fuss?” Kurogiri asked, taking his usual place behind the bar, planning on making them some breakfast.

“Just when he was hungry, but tis fine.” Tomura yawned, Kurogiri looked at him in surprised. He had expected Tomura to kick up a fuss about Izuku awaking at night, maybe the child would be better overall, maybe Tomura would finally mature as he meant too. Izuku finished his bottle, stretching his tiny limbs. Tomura sat him up and began rubbing and patting his back until Izuku burped. Then Tomura was just content with Izuku lying lazily in the crook of his arm, with a peaceful expression. It was almost strange how natural the scene seemed, as if Izuku had always been there, he fitted in like a puzzle piece. “Do we have any toys for him?” Tomura asked suddenly, pulling Kurogiri from his thoughts.

“I brought a teddy for him. But that is it, I could grab him some more later if you would like, but please remember you have a meeting with potential league members later.” Kurogiri told him.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Tomura said, Kurogiri silently handed him the teddy before continuing in his previous task. Tomura quietly tucked the teddy close to Izuku, who peered at the teddy, his fingers clutching the soft toy.


A few hours later, Izuku held on to Tomura’s forefinger, he pulled it close to his face and chomped on it lightly with his gums before suckling. Mewling when he realised no milk was coming from it.

“You hungry again?” Tomura asked, watching the baby squirm, lightly biting his finger. Kurogiri silently handed over another bottle.

“Those villains who are thinking of joining the league will be here shortly.” Kurogiri said “what are going to do with him?”

“He’ll be staying with me.” Tomura stated as Izuku happily drank, fingers lightly scratching at the bottle being held before him.

“Is that wise?” Kurogiri asked, he wasn’t sure it was safe, these over villains wouldn’t care about his age, they wouldn’t think twice about harming a child.

“They won’t get close to him. If they try…” Tomura said, his fingers twitched. Kurogiri remained silent, knowing full well Tomura would keep his word, he hoped the villains would take him as seriously with a child on his lap.


He was surprised to find his worries had been for nought. The villains, Crystal, Astral, and Deimos seemed quite happy to see Izuku, being a little surprised at first. The baby looked at them with wide eyes, Crystal was the first to fall, as soon as she entered the room she gasped and rushed over to Izuku.

“Aren’t you the cutest little bean I have ever seen in my life!” Crystal gasped, squishing his cheeks. Izuku looked up at her, he stuck his tongue out and blew a bubble. “Aw…”

“I can’t be the only one confused about why there is a baby here…” Deimos muttered.

“Young Izuku is a new addition. We found him yesterday during a recon mission, his parents left him in a dumpster.” Kurogiri explained lightly, Crystal eyes darkened, Deimos and Astral both looked at the baby in surprise.

“We’ll find his parents somehow and make them pay.” Crystal muttered darkly, before going back to cooing over Izuku. “You are just too cute! We have your back little baby!” Tomura was also sharing Kurogiri’s surprise, but he watched how Izuku reached for the woman, patting her cheeks. Crystal giggled.

“If being part of the league means seeing this cutie every day, sign me up. Also means we can work together to cause his parents hell.” Crystal beamed.

“You’re making this decision rather quickly Crystal, we should really hear their plans…” Deimos muttered. “But, I am up for hunting down his parents.”

“A bit of bad parent hunting, sounds like a good plan.” Astral smirked, approaching Tomura and the child. Izuku turned his eyes to the man, his head cocking to the side a little, as if he was wondering who he was. “Pleasure to meet you kid.” He held out his hand, Izuku eyed his fingers, before leaning away from Crystal to try and chomp down on Astral’s hand.

“You can’t be hungry again.” Tomura muttered.

“How old is he?” Deimos asked, getting a little closer.

“New-born, few days at most.” Kurogiri replied

“Oh, then new-borns usually feed every 2-3 hours. When was the last time you feed him?” Deimos said

“About an hour before you arrived.” Tomura answered. He lifted up Izuku turning him so he faced him. Izuku watched him with wide eyes, he wriggled around mewling lightly. “Okay, Okay, Kurogiri.” Tomura settled Izuku in his feeding position and accepted a bottle Kurogiri handed to him. Izuku immediately latched on to the teat and drank happily, the baby sinking into the comfort of Tomura’s arm.

“So, the League..” Astral said. “Aside for hunting down the bastards who almost killed the kid, what are your plans?”

“To kill the symbol of peace.” Tomura replied simply. “To tear down this… heroic society.

“Big aims… but tearing down this society would be fun. Making the world right for the little bean.” Crystal said, her eyes on Izuku as he fed, unware of the conversation around him.

“I think our answer has been decided for a while.” Deimos chuckled. “Might as well join,  though, I am gonna go off and see if I can find anything on the kids parents. Was there anything around him when you found him that could be a clue?” He eyed Tomura, who shook his head. Tomura wanted to say something but found he couldn’t. The condition they found Izuku in burned in his mind.

“There was nothing. He wasn’t dressed or anything, just as if he had been dumped the minute he was born.” Kurogiri said, a ripple of silent anger passed through the villains standing there.

“Then, can I just get a picture of him? That way I can just compare how he looks to people. That could lead to something.” Deimos said, it was better then nothing in his opinion.

“We’ll find them.” Crystal said, a determined spark in her eye. “We could probably get more people in on this too. If people hear your gonna change this society by killing Alli Might and caring for a baby thrown out the moment he entered this society, you might get more followers then you think.”

“Villains aren’t known for their kind acts.” Tomura glared at her.

“No, they don’t. Because no one thinks we are capable of that. But, people will follow someone with something to fight for.” Astral said. “And fighting against something that was fine with how they treated Izuku, fighting so child like him can’t be forced into the society with false ideals, fighting for him… I think people will get behind that. We all have our reasons for being the way we are… most of us have been treated likewise, just thrown away because we have no use.” Tomura looked down at Izuku, who finished off his milk and let go of the bottle, yawning widely. Tomura put the bottle down and burped him, before bringing Izuku in to a tight embrace, as if it would protect him from the world. “Trust us, the League will have many patrons by the end of this day.”

“Fine, if you find anything of Izuku’s parents…” Tomura began.

“We’ll contact you immediately.” Deimos said, he exchanged numbers with Tomura. “Come on Crystal.”

“But I wanna stay with Izuku-kun!” She pouted, looking at the child, who was lying lazily in Tomura’s arms.

“He’ll be here when we get back, so come on.” Deimos sighed, Pouting and muttering to herself, Crystal followed after them. There new allies left the bar in their first and new mission.

“That went better then expected.” Kurogiri commented.

“Seems like Izuku might be a big hit to get more people to join our cause.” The voice of AFO said, Tomura turned to the TV screen. “Nothing gets to people more then hearing of cases like this. “

“So, he is a key player.” Tomura muttered.

“Very much so.” Sensei said. Tomura smiled softly at Izuku, who dozed off, cuddling into his side peacefully.


Later that evening, Kurogiri and Tomura were surprised at the sudden number of small time villains lining up to join their cause, all because of a little, curly green haired baby.

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“Hold on Zu…” Tomura muttered, bathing the child one evening. The baby was wriggling around, splashing the water around him as Tomura carefully washed him with a face cloth. It had been a whole 3 weeks since Izuku had been found, the league had grown in numbers, but there was still no news of indication on who his parents were. Once he was done, he moved Izuku into a sitting position.

“Oooooh.” Izuku said, he looked up at Tomura, who smiled at him kindly. The baby had made his way into his heart… and Kurogiri and Sensei weren’t much better. The child was just too loveable to hate, all the new members felt the same way. Most of the time they were out trying to find clues of Izuku’s heritage but would drop in with the occasional gift for the baby. Izuku still slept in Tomura’s room, a room was set up as a nursery, but they quickly found Izuku hated to be alone. He cried all that night, Kurogiri advising Tomura that the child would get use to it. But in the end, the young villain couldn’t take it. He rushed to Izuku’s side and hugged him tightly, whispering small apologises. The child, in turn, clung to Tomura like a lifeline, small fingers clutching the fabric of his shirt as if afraid he would leave again. So, whilst the nursery was where Izuku played with Tomura, he never slept in there again, he slept more soundly in his crib next to Tomura’s bed.

Tomura let Izuku play in the water for a little bit, before pulling him out and began to dry him, and helped him into a fluffy onesie. Ready for bed, Tomura lifted up his little brother and hugged him. Izuku happily cuddled back making ooh and aah noises as Tomura walked back to his room, not before picking up a bottle from Kurogiri.

Tomura settled back on his bed, holding Izuku in his feeding position and presented the bottle. Izuku reached out with his hand, holding the sides in a weak grasp as he began to drink, leaning back into Tomura’s arm as he did so.

“You seem to be comfortable.” He commented, Izuku let out a gurgling sound, but kept drinking, eyes dropping tiredly. When the bottle was empty, Tomura placed it to the side and burped him. After that, Izuku lay in his arms lazily, playing with Tomura’s gloved fingers. He put the gloved finger in his mouth, before pushing it away with a face clearly showing his displeasure at the taste, Tomura shook his head. “Gloves aren’t for eating. They’re to stop my quirk.” Izuku’s green eyes look up at him, still clutching his fingers. “When you’re bigger, you’ll get a quirk, and I bet it will be super cool. You can stand at my side as my co-op player. No one will stand in our way.” Izuku mewled in reply, kicking his legs a little. “We’ll be the best team ever.” He rested his check on izuku’s head, the curls tickling his cheek. Izuku mewled in reply, wiggling a little before he stopped, making soft cooing noises. After a while of just snuggling, Tomura shifted Izuku so he was lying down in his arms. “Ready to sleep now?” He asked, Izuku yawned in reply, he looked up at Tomura tiredly, and reached up with his small hands.  Tomura smiled and gave the baby his hand, Izuku held his hand close and began to suckle on his forefinger as he usually did before falling asleep. It wasn’t much longer until Izuku feel asleep, and for a while longer Tomura just held the sleeping child, before placing him in his crib and tucked a blanket around him. Izuku squirmed a bit, but quickly settled down. Tomura smiled, before getting some rest himself.


“Good morning lil Izu!” Crystal greeted as soon as she walked into the bar in the morning. Tomura glared at him, in his arms Izuku was happily drinking his morning bottle. Izuku gave her a tired look and kept drinking.

“Any news?” Tomura asked, as Izuku finished his bottle, handing it back to Kurogiri.

“Nope, nothing.” Astral sighed, taking a seat. “It’s getting a little fursarating.” Tomura nodded in agreement. Izuku finished his bottle and Tomura passed it to Kurogiri, who went to wash it.

“Can I have a hold of him Tomura?” Crystal asked, with her usual excitement, but she sat still. Tomura carefully handed her Izuku, who cooed softly as he was placed in Crystal’s arms. He looked up at her, Crystal smiled at him kindly. “Hey there baby.” She cooed, Izuku conitnued to look at her, with large, curious eyes, before he giggled and reached up for her. Crystal smiled and gave him her hand, he accepted it and began to play with her fingers. Crystal smiled softly at the baby as he continued to play with her hands, cooing softly as he did.

“He’s too adorable.” Astral smiled, watching the baby with a soft expression.

“To think a band of Villains are just sitting here cooing over a baby.” Deimos chuckled.

“You totally want to hold him too!” Crystal shot him a glare.

“Yeah, but that is purely because he looks incredibly huggable and goodness knows I love a nice hug.” Deimos replied. Izuku cooed happily, before trying to chomp on her fingers. Crystal giggled smiling, wiggling her finger a little. Izuku babbled with her finger in his mouth, causing his babbles to be slightly slurred. The villains awed at him


Soon more villains began to fill in, most took seats, others were close to Izuku cooing over him. The child looked at them all with curious eyes.

“You should keep and eye on them all, Young children can easily be overwhelmed when surrounded by a lot of people.” Kurogiri warned Tomura, who nodded. He kept his eyes on his baby brother. It wasn’t much later when it all hit a panic point in Izuku, with more people coming it, it was getting to much for the baby, and Izuku burst into tears, the villains jumped back, Crystal immediately tried to hush him as Tomura pushed his way through the crowd to get him. Tomura took his baby brother into his arms.

“I’ll take him to calm down.” Tomura muttered, carrying Izuku upstairs, heading to the nursery. “It’s okay Zu…” He whispered, patting the boys back. Settling the baby on a bean bag, Izuku whimpered, his wails slowly began to calm. He looked up at Tomura with teary green eyes. Tomura smiled, getting a tissue to carefully wipe away his tears. “You feeling better?” He asked. Izuku whimpered again, his legs kicking lightly as he reached for him. Tomura smiled and lay his head next to Izuku on the bean bag. Izuku wiggled and one of his hand rest against Tomura’s check. Izuku seemed to calm with just Tomura there.  “Did all those people scare you? Is that why you were upset?” He asked quietly, Izuku babbled in reply, Tomura gave Izuku his hand, the child took it, and just held it close. "I'm here for you, Izuku. " He Whispered, the baby remained silent, coddled into his brother. Tomura smiled "sleep well, Zu." That's how Kurogiri found them. He smiled, covering the boys with a blanket, before going back down to the bar to keep an eye on the other villains-all feeling guilty a brat making the child cry.

Chapter Text

“Babababa… Izuku babbled, before looking up at Tomura expectantly

“Really?” He asked. Izuku, seemingly pleased with his reply, continued to babble nonsense. Tomura found it oddly endearing.

“Do you think he might start talking soon?” Astral asked

“It’s possible, he’s been making those noised for weeks now.” Deimos said.

“Oho, what do you think his first word will be?” Crystal beamed. Tomura lifted Izuku up, so they were eye level. Izuku stared at his brother, a little confused.

“Izuku, say Tomura.” Tomura told him. Izuku tilted his head to the side, looking like a little confused puppy. “Come on, I know you can!”

“O-a!” Izuku giggled, clapping his hands, clearly proud of himself.

“No. Tomura. To-mu-ra.”




“How about Onii-chan?” Crystal said.

“O-i!” Izuku beamed, clapping happily. “O-I, o-i, o-i!”

“Well, he knows his vowels.” Astral smiled, watching the scene fondly. “That’s one step, but seriously, he’ll pick it up if we just keep talking to and around him.” Tomura set Izuku back on his lap. The baby balled a fish in Tomura’s shirt as he yawned. Tomrua quickly settled him in a crook of his arm, and rocked Izuku slowly. Izuku made soft cooing noises as he settled into his brothers arm.

“It’s all okay Zu, it’s okay to sleep.” Tomura whispered softly. The Baby’s eyes closed, as he cuddled into his brother and in no time at all he was asleep.

“It’s cute to see how much Izuku trusts you.” Crystal smiled

“Makes me jealous.” Astral added with a quiet laugh. Then the door opened and Grain stepped in.

“You got a new guy wanting to join.” He stepped aside, behind him was a man around Tomura’s age, most of his visible skin was purple, burnt and stapled together. Tomura was kind of glad Izuku had fallen asleep, he had a feeling that the appearance of the man would scare him. “Introduce yourself.”

“I’m Dabi.” The man said

“Your real name would be better.” Tomura glared at him distrustfully.

“You’ll know it when you need to know it. Anyway, if I join, I have one condition.” Dabi said. Astral, Deimos and Crystal gave each other a look. A lot of people had joined the league since the word of Izuku had gotten out there, but none of them had ever put in a condition of them joining. And they would be lying if they said it wasn’t worrying. Tomura watched Dabi suspiciously. His arm moved ever so slightly, holding Izuku even closer to him. Dabi gave a quick look at the child, before looking back at Tomura.

“What is this condition then?”

“You want to kill All Might, I want to kill Endeavor.” Dabi said “That’s all I want.” Tomura blinked in surprise.

“Oh, sure, he’s all yours.” Tomura shrugged, before checking he didn’t wake Izuku. Dabi gave Izuku a sad look.

“Heroes fucked up my life, may as well help you fix the world for this one.” Dabi motioned at Izuku as he took a seat.

“To be honest, most of us are here to fight for Izuku’s future. Welcome to the team.” Crystal beamed.

“We’re a league, not a time.” Tomura grumbled.

“Same thing.” Crystal giggled. “Oho, wait until Izuku wakes up, he loves meeting new people!”

“I think I’ll just end up scaring him.” Dabi muttered.

“Na, Izuku loves everyone!” Astral smiled


When Izuku finally woke up from his nap, he was hungry. He whined lightly, and began to squirm in Tomura’s arms.

“It’s okay, ssh. I’m here Zu, I’m here.” Tomura hushed him, accepting a bottle from Kurogiri. He brushed the teat across his lips, Izuku immediately began to suckle on it. Tired eyes opening to look up at his brother. Tomura smiled down at him. “There, that’s better isn’t it.” He said, Izuku made a gurgling sound, and reached up to grasp the sides of the bottle in a weak grip. Once he had finished, Tomura burped him, then settled Izuku in an upright position on his lap. Izuku cooed softly as he looked around, before his eyes settled upon Dabi, who froze up, half expecting the child to cry.

“Ba!” Izuku said, small arms began to reach for the scared man. Tomura chuckled slightly, before holding Izuku out towards the new ally.

“Seems like Izuku wants you to hold him.” Tomura said, Izuku began to babbling and making grabby hands at Dabi. The new villain sigh, getting up to take the child, before sitting again. Izuku staed up at him for a moment, before resting his head against his chest and patted his arm lightly. Dabi relaxed a little since entering the League hideout.

“I am beginning to feel Izuku maybe empathic. He seems to know when people need a hug before they do.” Deimos muttered

“Not really. Most young children can high influenced by emotions. Like how stress can actually effect a baby in making them sick.” Kurogiri explained.

“Well… I guess I needed this.” Dabi said softly, unable to stop himself from hugged the child back.

Chapter Text

“Abbabababa!” Izuku gurgled, Tomura groaned lightly, turning over in his bed. “Tooooa!” Izuku giggled, Tomura turned back over, looking  over at the baby. “To-u-a!” His eyes widened. “To-mu-a! Mua!” Izuku giggled, Tomura sat up and lifted Izuku onto his lap.

“Who am I Zu?” Tomura asked

“Mua!” Izuku smiled, Tomura grinned and hugged Izuku close, the baby  clutched his shirt.

“Little Zu, you are so clever.” Tomura smiled and lifted him up, Izuku giggled down at him, making grabby hands at him. Tomura pulled his close again. Izuku snuggled against him, his hands clenching the front of his shirt. “How about we get something to eat… Do you think I might be able to convince Kurogiri to make me pancakes?” Izuku babbled in reply. It won’t be long until we are talking properly, little brother. Tomura thought fondly.


“You are lying!” Crystal pointed at Tomura, who in turned looked at Izuku.

“Zu, who am I?” Tomura pointed at himself, Astral, Deimos and Kurogiri watched silently, Kurogiri making a bottle for Izuku.

“Mua! Mua!” Izuku clapped his hands and grasped his shirt again. “Mua!”

“… My god damned heart….” Crystal clutched her chest, falling to her knees. “How is he so cute?

“Is it possible for his quirk to be unbearable adorableness?” Astral asked

“There are many strange quirks these days, I wouldn’t cross it off the list just yet.” Kurogiri muttered, reaching for a small note book under the bar and jotted down the idea in the list of potential quirks the boys could had, purely based on how he acted, of course it wasn’t likely to turn out to be those suggestions, all suggestions mattered, or so All For One had said.

“Mua, Mua…” Izuku mumbled tugging on his shirt a little.

“Yeah, yeah. Kurogiri is his bottle ready?” Tomura asked

“Yes, but I am beginning to think we should likely start trying him with mashed up solid foods.” Kurogiri said

“We can try that later.” Tomura said

“I can go an get those baby food pots!” Crystal smiled. “They have savoury flavours and sweet flavours, we can get a bunch, come on gentlemen!” She grabbed Astral and Deimos and dragged them out, Izuku watched them go, holding the bottle.

“Ignore them Zu, they are crazy.” Tomura told him, Izuku made a noise to show he heard, but happily leaned into Tomura and happily drank.

Dabi came down just as Izuku had finished his bottle, the baby yawned and stretched out his small limbs.

“He’s so small…” Dabi muttered.

“He is a baby.” Tomura gave him a look.

“It’s rare to have a baby so small, though, I guess him being abandoned did contribute to him being small. Something about him not getting enough nutrients and whatever.” Dabi sat down near them. Izuku eyed him and gurgled lightly. “Morning to you too, brat.” Dabi replied, Izuku gurgled again. Tomura smirked as Dabi was dragged into a one sided conversation, where only Izuku could understand the whole thing, he hoped. Even Kurogiri watched with an amused look. On the bar, a Tv began to static, Tomura turned to it, Izuku had fallen quiet watching it curiously, as Dabi just looked confused.

How is Izuku doing, Tomura? The voice of All For One asked

“Well, we are going to try him with solid foods and he said his first word.” Tomura said, obvious pride in his voice.

He is developing well then, what was his first word?

“Hey, Zu, Who am I?” Tomura asked.

“Mua!” Izuku said happily, AFO chuckled lightly.

Of course he would see you in a way that makes it seem like you hung the moon. You are looking after him well Tomura. Could you bring him by me soon?

“We could come now.” Tomura said

That would be good, Kurogiri, if you please. Kurogiri created a warp hole.

“we’ll be back soon.” Tomura told Dabi as he walked through the warp hole.



Tomura carried Izuku towards the injured Villain, Izuku giggled as he saw him, reaching out to him. AFO chuckled and accepted the boy into his arms.

“Hello, my boy.” He said, his voice unusually soft. Izuku gurgled up at him, before giggling.  “Any news on his parents?”

“Nothing, everyone is still looking. No hospitals have record of him being born there, so we are assuming he was born in a home setting, or maybe on the street.” Tomura frowned.

“He could be the child of a prostitute… but something tells me that is not the case.” AFO said

“What do you mean?” Tomura asked

“I recently came by a new quirk, only that shows different quirks in colours depending on their general rarity…”AFO told him.

“And?” Tomura asked nervously.

“The rarest so far are perfect hybrid quirks, I see them as a pure gold, but Izuku… he has a different colour then any, his is pure white.” AFO said

“Is that bad?” Tomura asked

“No, it could mean he has a very rare quirk, a complete mutation or was given a quirk, that last one is highly doubtful.” AFO explained. Izuku looked at AFO, eyes filled with curiosity. “I wonder if you know what your quirk is.” He muttered quietly, Izuku giggled lightly, clutching close to him, AFO smiled and hugged him. “Be a good boy now Izuku, I will be watching.”

“Ba… Papa!” Izuku said, causing the two villains to freeze, AFO was completely shocked, and Tomura literally just stared at his younger brother. A minute of silence passed, before AFO ruffled his head.

“At least you know you true family, Izuku. We won’t let you down.” AFO told him softly. Tomura recognised the tone as the one AFO used when he found him, he turned a way with a smile. “You are teaching Izuku well, Tomura. Well done.” AFO handed back the baby, Izuku happily went into his brothers arms.

“H-he still doesn’t want to sleep alone…” Tomura began

“He may not remember what happened to him during his first few days on this earth, but his mind has connected being alone to being cold, and hungry. A baby learns quickly, he feels safer when he is around someone. Maybe you should join the two rooms, one half can be his and the other yours, you can each have your own half and Izuku would not be alone. I will speak to Kurogiri about it.” AFO nodded. “Keep up the good work, Tomura.”

“thank you, sensei.” Tomura nodded and carried Izuku back into a portal.


Here comes the aeroplane.” Crystal cooed, moving the spoon with baby food on the end towards Izuku, he gasped and opened his mouth wide. He happily accepted the food, he babbled happily.

“well, he likes sweet things.” Tomura commented. He looked at Dabi who watched Crystal feed the baby. “You used to look after a baby. I can tell by the look on your face.”

“My baby brother… I will never get to see him again, I hardly saw him anyway.” Dabi sighed “I just… I wish he will never forget me…” Dabi muttered, Izuku looked over at him.

“Tomura! Do babies glow?” Crystal asked, everyone turned to Izuku, green eyes had become gold and his hair white, it only lasted a minute, before it faded. Izuku then giggled and clapped his hands.

“What the hell was that…” The villains watched the baby, What was that indeed.

Chapter Text

The villains watched the baby, as Izuku began to happily babble to them.

“Okay, that had to be a quirk, right? His quirk.” Crystal said

“It’s uncommon for some one to be born with their quirk…” Astral muttered.

“Are babies meant to glow?” Deimos asked, Izuku watched them all with his tiny fist in his mouth. Tomura lifted him up.

“What did you do Izu?” He asked, Izuku babbled around his fist. Tomura sighed but smiled. Of course he couldn’t expect Izuku to tell him.

“I suggest we keep surveying him for a while to see if it happens again. I’ll keep notes when I am around. I suggest you do too Tomura.” Kurogiri said

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” Tomura nodded. Izuku babbled up at him. “Come on, hands out your mouth.” He said, getting a wipe to clean the baby’s hand. “There.”

“Mua.” Izuku smiled, before yawning.

“I think it’s nap time.” Tomura stood up, carrying him upstairs. He settled Izuku down in his cot, smiling down at him softly. “I think you made Sensei really happy when you called him Dad.

“Papa!” Izuku giggled happily. “Papa! Mua!”

“Yeah.” Tomura smiled, sitting on his bed, the baby taking hold of his hand. He yawned and cuddled it close to his chest. “Go to sleep Izu, I’ll be here when you wake up.” He smiled softly.

“Mua…” Izuku mumbled, emerald eyes closing as he fell asleep. Tomura watched him quietly.

“What’s your power like brother…” He muttered quietly. He had never seen a quirk that worked like Izuku’s, and they weren’t even sure what it did? Maybe it was an appearance change quirk? That would explain the hair and eye change…

He pulled out his phone to search the characteristics Izuku had shown, hoping to find something, anything, that could set them on the right path. He glared as it took it to a list of Urban legends.

“You’re fucking kidding me…” He growled softly, before an image caught his eye, he pressed it, bringing it up. It was a photo of a being looking over their shoulder at the camera, as if shocked someone was there. Their hair was white as snow, and eyes of the purest gold – Just like Izuku… Tomura thought, but he took notice of the giant pair of wings that burst from the persons back. The feathers going white to black. He quickly looked at the description of the photo, to find there wasn’t one, just a name.

The Earthen Angel.

Tomura search that instead and found more urban legend sites, he decided to give them a shot, after all wasn’t sensei considered to be an urban legend too?

He found what he thought was a decent explanation and began to read. From what he could tell, Earthen angels were baby angels that were accidently left on earth, placed on earth or simply left behind. Though, some were the offspring of an angel and human, the angel parent leaving the child with the human parent. These beings took a more human form, but upon activating their abilities would take upon a more angelic form, an easy way to tell if someone is an earthen angel is if they use their powers and their appearance changes, Hair goes white and eyes gold. Their wings would start growing throw around the age of 1, Tomura glanced at Izuku. If he suddenly sprouted wings, he would have to explain what he just found out to sensei. But to think, if it was all true, if Izuku was an Earthen Angel… what were the chances of him being found by villains. It was a laughable thought.


“Have you heard of anything like this before?” Kurogiri asked, AFO had been strangely silent as he explained what had occurred.

“I have heard rumours, but nothing more.” AFO answered carefully. “But, if he is what I think he is, we need to protect him at all costs.” That surprised Kurogiri. “If the heroes or government got hold of him… he would never see the light of day again.”

“Is he dangerous?” Kurogiri asked

“No, if he is, he will be the furthest thing from dangerous.” AFO said. “We can only wait and observe him for now. He is nearing 1 year old… we should have confirmation soon.” Kurogiri had no idea what was on the villain’s mind, or what Izuku could possibly be. AFO let him head back to the bar, where Crystal, Deimos, Astral and Dabi looked at him expectantly.

“So?” Crystal asked

“He isn’t sure himself, he has a possible idea, but he needs to wait for something to happen. I am assuming it will occur when Izuku is around 1 year old, so we all need to keep an eye on him.” Kurogiri told them.

“And does this Idea make Izuku dangerous?” Deimos asked

“I was assured that if Izuku did happen to fall into the idea, then he is the least dangerous thing anywhere. But, is sure that if anyone outside us got hold of him, he would never see the light of day…” Kurogiri added.

“So, the least dangerous thing in the world, but powerful enough for the government wanting to keep him under wraps?” Dabi said

“It wouldn’t be the first time. I have name several cases where children born with exceedingly rare and powerful quirks were taken from their families never to be seen again. “ Kurogiri sighed and began to clean some glasses. “If Izuku happens to be just that… we need to keep him safe.”

“Basically, everything we were doing before.” Crystal said, Kurogiri nodded.

“But, it would also mean wed have to be careful of who tried to join the league. Meeting them first outside the bar, background checks into them, if they are deemed safe they can come in.” Kurogiri said, planning to do everything to keep Izuku safety within their crowd.

“Look at Kurogiri go all Mama Bear for Izuku.” Crystal giggled, Dabi and the other men chuckled. Kurogiri’s yellow eyes narrowed, but at least they couldn’t see when he blushed at their teasing.

Chapter Text

The weeks leading up to the first anniversary was a curious one, Izuku didn’t glow again, it did lead the villains to wonder if they had been seeing thing. But, the week of the anniversary revealed some results.
“How did you get a feather in your hair Zu?” Crystal giggled, pulling a loose, faded green feather from Izuku’s curls. All the villains looked over at her.
What did you say? A static voice came from the TV causing Crystal to jump slightly.
“H…he had a feather in his hair.” Crystal said. Everyone was silent for a moment, before Sensei began speaking again.
So… he is one then… Sensei said
“He is what…”Astral asked, Izuku was too busy chewing on his fingers to be paying attention to the fact everyone was watching him.
He is showing signs of being a creature known as an Earthen Angel. Sensei explained. Their abilities are different for each one… I suspect the glowing was the first showing of his powers, and now, he will starting gaining his physical attributes.
“And they are?” Tomura questioned
Wings, Tomura. We must keep him safe at all costs. Sensei answered, if he is found, they will try and abuse his power.
“I read about them a bit…” Tomura admitted. “So… Izuku’s parent’s might be angels…”
It is possible, but there is also a chance he has one human parent. Sensei said So, I suggest we keep looking.
“You are a literal Angel Izu-kun!” Crystal cooed at him, Izuku giggled and clapped his hands together, before looking to Kurogiri and made grabby hands at him.
“Mama! Mamamamama!” Izuku giggled.
“Kurogiri is Mama bear confirmed.” Astral whispered, the villains smirked as Kurogiri took Izuku from Crystal. The baby clung to Kurogiri, giggling mama to himself happily.
“At least he has figured out his own family.” Dabi muttered, with a small smile.
“Yeah! He just needs to learn our names…” Astral muttered. Dabi turned and looked at Izuku.
“Say Dabi.” He said, Izuku looked at him with wide eyes.
“Abi!” Izuku repeated. “Abi, Abi, abi…” He mumbled. Looking back at Kurogiri to play with his tie. Dabi shrugged and leaned back in his chair, pleased. Crystal looked betrayed.
Izuku decided take notice and was more intrigues with his mama’s tie.
“Why don’t you take Izuku out to the park?” Sensei suggested a few days later, Tomura was sitting on the ground next to him as Izuku was crawling around. His wings were growing a little fast then expected, tiny fluffs of feathers were protruding from the baby’s shoulder blades, Kurogiri had gone to get special clothes made for him so he could fit his wings through his clothes.
“Would that be wise… if people would likely target him?” Tomura asked
“It is a time of quirks, as long as he doesn’t use his powers, people will just think the wings were his quirk.” AFO said. Tomura looked at Izuku, who had stopped and was sitting playing with a piece of paper he found. Izuku turned towards them, holding out the paper.
“Ba.” He said
“Thank you.” Tomura accepted the paper, Izuku giggled, before going on the move again. The villains watched the baby crawl around, babbling with a bright smile on his face. “I’ll take him later this weak.” Tomura told him.
“Tell me how it goes.” Sensei said, Tomura nodded.
Tomura walked quietly towards a park, Izuku was sitting in a push chair Kurogiri had gone to get. The angel child was giggling as he looked around with wide eyes.
“You excited Zu?” Tomura asked
“Mua! Mua!” Izuku clapped his hands. Tomura chuckled softly.

Tomura was nervous as he approached the child’s park, a few mothers were there with their own children.
“Mua…” Izuku asked
“You’re the one meant to be nervous.” Tomura smiled at him, stopping at a bench close to the park. He could see the mothers watching him curiously. “Do you want to go and play in the sand?”
“And! And!” Izuku giggled, Tomura smiled and shook his head. Freeing Izuku from the pushchair and carried him to the sand pit. Tomura knelt down and sat Izuku in the sand, his eyes were wide as he grab a handful of sand, he held it up to Tomura. “Mua! And!” He said proudly.
“Yep, that’s sand. You’re so clever Zu.” Tomura smiled, ruffling Izuku’s hair.
“Mua, and!” Izuku looked at him expectantly.
“Alright, I’ll play with you.” Tomura said, Izuku beamed happily. Tomura helped Izuku make a small hill of sand. Izuku pressed his hand into the top of it, before removing his hand and beaming at his hand print.
“Mua.” Izuku pointed at it.
“Great work Zu.” Tomura smiled, Izuku giggled proudly.
“Mua, you and.” Izuku told him. Tomura made another pile of sand and pressed hs hand into it. Izuku beamed at his print, before pressing his hand into it too. His hand was dwarfed in the print of Tomura’s hand.
“You’ll grow up to be big and strong too.” Tomura smile, Izuku looked up at hi with bright eyes and a small smile.

A scream caused Izuku to jump, Tomura got to his feet. A villain was walking into the park holding a woman hostage.
“Now, now. No one move.” He called. “Just wait nicely for the heroes and I might let you live, and now… my bargaining chips.” Roots burst out of the ground, and grabbed some of the children, one went for Izuku. Tomura quickly tore off one of his gloves and grabbed it, turning the root to dust in seconds. Izuku giggled and clapped at his big brother. The villain turned to him, but Tomura was faster, grabbing the mans arms, forcing him to release the woman. Before grabbing his leg, forcing him down.
“Now…” Tomura growled “Why don’t we wait for those heroes.” Tomura turned away putting his glove back on, before picking Izuku up. Izuku was giggling ‘Mua’ under his breath. He clung to Tomura, eyes not leaving the villain.
“T-thank you!” The woman bowed to her, before a young boy came running over crying for his mommy.

10 minutes later, heroes and police arrived, Tomura was pissed when they began to berate him for using his quirk in that situation, saying he could have hurt anyone. Tomura glared at them, holding Izuku close.
“You might be fine with my baby brother being held hostage by that asshole, but surprise! I don’t, assholes.” Tomura growled. “Come on Zu, we’re going home to where I know you are safe.” Tomura walked off, leaving behind surprised heroes and women admiring how much he cared for his little brother.

The next morning , the villain made the news again. But this time, he had ben found in his cell, mutilated by an unknow assailant. The police were confused about how someone could get into his cell as he was alone. The news story was playing the background of Kurogiri’s bar as he was talking to the league. Upstairs, Izuku was napping on Tomura’s chest, the two brother relaxing in peace.

Chapter Text

Tomura was playing a new game, Izuku was curled up on his lap, his head resting on his right leg. It had been two months since  the playground incident, and Tomura wasn’t too keen on taking back any day soon. But Kurogiri had worked on a small garden outside the bar, Izuku loved it. He loved flowers too, the villains were quick to bring all sorts of plants to put around the garden, leaving ta grassy area for Izuku to play, but for now he was quite happy just to lay on his stomach and nap in the sun light. Tomura was always the one to watch out for him. He watched his baby brother nap in the sun, his hair and feathers ruffling in the light breeze. Tomura had been in the news for a while, whilst Heroes did their best to try and keep him out. A lot of mothers from the park spoke out, hoping the mysterious big brother who had saved them were watching as they thanked him as goodness knew how long it would take for heroes to finish negotiating with the villain. The whole incident didn’t paint the heroes in a good light, not as everyone was talking about it, and they made sure that the media knew that the heroes had told off the teen for saving his little brother and for protecting them. Sensei laughed about it, taking joy that a lot of people were now complaining about the heroes.


“The villain targeted his little brother, he was the only one fast enough in the area to take the villain out before there were any injuries. He saved his baby brother, he saved us. And the heroes arrived only to tell him off, as if he had broken the law.” A mother said, holding her daughter as her husband stood at her side.

“The law states that quirks can be used in self-defence. To stop yourself getting hurt, or to prevent someone else getting hurt. He acted quickly, faster then any heroes. What gave the heroes the right to have a go at him? Just because he clearly did a better job?”


“I don’t get why the heroes are making such a big deal out of his quirk. I mean sure, he can apparently cause injuries from a single touch, but lets face it, he only injured the villain. Meanwhile there is Endeavor and many other heroes doing much more damage to buildings and civilians. He could easily replace them I say.”


“He could have been hurt himself, but he clearly cared much more for his brother. It is so cute! Why can’t we have more heroes like him?”


“Sorry sensei.” Tomura had apologised when the news broke but was taken back by his laughter. “Sensei?” He asked

“You have caused a rift between the people and the heroes, my boy.” Sensei laughed. “Just because you protected Izuku and the heroes decided to tell you off. This is working in our favour.” Tomura didn’t reply as Izuku giggled happily in his arms. The two villains smiled at him.



Izuku squirmed in his lap, causing Tomura to pause his game and looked down. Izuku peeked up at him, emerald eyes gleaming playfully.

“Peekaboo Zuzu, I see you.” Tomura cooed playfully, poking Izuku’s chubby cheeks. The baby giggled and hid his face in Tomura’s leg. “Do you want me to preen your wings again?” Tomura asked, Occasional he would notice a few feathers looking out of place and to start with he would carefully pluck them from his wings, Izuku would always giggle when he did so. But when Crystal tried one time, he practically threw a fit. Izuku had never been a troublesome child, and the villains had been surprised. But, they under stood once Kurogiri did some research.

“Like a bird, Izuku probably needs to preen his wings. So, just to get rid of the feathers that are out of place.” Kurogiri explained. “I am guessing he may only trust a few people to preen his wings. So, Tomura.” The older boy was already brushing his gloved hands over Izuku’s wings, collecting the out of place feathers. To say the least, the rest of the league was jealous, even more so when Izuku would allow Kurogiri to help him preen and out of sight, Sensei was also allowed.


“Mua.” Izuku muttered, his wings puffing up a little. Tomura understood.  He carefully began to pet his wings. The feathers bristled up, one would have thought Izuku was scared, if it weren’t for the fact his wings were pushing into Tomura’s touch.

“Ah, this is what you wanted.” Tomura smiled. Izuku enjoyed having his wings letter, mostly when he was only around Tomura, Kurogiri and Sensei. Tomura assumed it was a comfort thing. Izuku soon settled  down and took a nap. Tomura smiled and continued to pet his wings. There extremely soft, and he wondered how it felt to have wings like that. But they were a very big remaindered to how different Izuku is. He isn’t completely human at all. And Izuku would occasionally have trouble with his angelic form. When he sneezed, he’s hair would turn white, an arcane halo appeared around his head, wings glaring up a little. The first time had caused them to all jump. They stared at the baby in shook.

“So…. That happening when he sneezes is new…” Crystal muttered. Izuku just giggled happily.

“We’re going to have to help him learn to control it.” Kurogiri said.

“Mamamamamama!” Izuku reached up, making grabbing hands at Kurogiri. The warp Villain happily picked up the child.


Tomura smiled fondly at the memory. It had been a year, a whole year since finding Izuku… And Tomura wouldn’t change anything for the world. Yes, once he had seen Izuku as his Co-player, someone who would have this amazing quirk and fight at his side. But finding out that he was an Earthen Angel, those changed. They had to keep Izuku safe, the government, heroes… they were all threats to him. It was their job as his family to help him. Though, fighting in front of the child was not a good idea. Two villains tried fighting in the bar , Izuku had almost immediately burst into tears, Kurogiri warped the villains from the bar, and thus the no fighting in the bar rule was set in place. Tomura lifted Izuku up, holding him to his chest, he pressed a soft kiss to the kids forehead.

“Love you little brother.” Tomura whispered, Izuku snuggled closer into his chest.

Chapter Text

Tomura stood by the back door of the bar, Izuku was in the small garden again, playing with the flowers. He had a meeting that day, Sensei had somehow managed to get the Hero Killer Stain to come by the League of villains. Needless to say, Tomura was concerned about how he would react to Izuku. The toddler got to his feet, spotting Tomura.

“Mua-nii!” Izuku giggled, running over to him. To Tomura it looked more like Izuku was waddling at a fast pace, it is incredibly adorable.

“What you got there Izu?” Tomura knelt to his little brother. Izuku held up a flower crown of light purple and blue flowers. Izuku stood on his tippy toes, obviously trying to reach his head. Tomura smiled and bowed his head, Izuku carefully placed the flower crown on his head. Before he looked at Izuku, whose eyes were shining.

“Like it Mua-nii?” He asked

“Love it! Does it suit me?” Tomura asked Izuku nodded with a happy smile. Tomura chuckled and lifted him up.

“Did the met end?” Izuku asked curiously.

“The meeting hasn’t started yet. We’re still waiting for him to show up.” Tomura told him. “How about we go and ask Kurogiri for some lunch before he gets here?”

“Um… can we have Katsudon?” Izuku asked, the toddler having found his favorite food when Kurogiri made it one night. Tomura chuckled.

“You’re going to turn into a bowl of Katsudon if you keep eating it as much as you do.” Tomura chuckled and kissed his cheek. Izuku giggled.

“Can’t turn into food Mua-Nii,” Izuku told him.

“Can you be absolutely sure Izu-chan, absolutely sure?” Tomura told him teasingly.

“Yep. Mama said so.” Izuku said proudly.

“Of course he did.” Tomura rolled his eyes and took Izuku back inside.

“Hey Izu!” Crystal smiled, Izuku waved with a smile.

“What are you wearing?” Dabi snorted

“Izu made it me,” Tomura smirked

“Does it look nice?” Izuku asked the villains nodded, they couldn’t say no when he looked at them with his wide emerald eyes.

“Izuku wants Katsudon for lunch…” Tomura looked at Kurogiri.

“I can make some up.” He said, before heading around the back to make Izuku’s lunch. Tomura sat on a bar stole, Izuku happily seated on his lap. His little wings were all fluffed up. Tomura carefully patted them down, Izuku sighed happily, relaxing.

“You were worried about something,” Tomura muttered, continuing in his petting. “You okay?”

“Tired….” Izuku said, softly yawning.

“Haven’t you been sleeping?”

“Bad dreams.”

“Oh Izu.” Tomura held him close. “After dinner, you can have a nap okay?” Izuku nodded into his chest. Then the door opened, Izuku’s wings puffed up in shock, he glanced back. Tomura held Izuku close as the Hero Killer: Stain entered the bar. Red eyes looked at Izuku, pausing for a moment.

“It’s true you have a child with you.” He said Tomura glared holding Izuku closer. “I don’t intend to harm him.”

“You better not.” Crystal glared. “Izuku is the main reason most of us fight, you hurt him, we’ll be coming for you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, but our goals are similar.” Stain looked away from Izuku to Tomura. “You fight for a better world for that kid, the heroes who failed to notice the child aren’t true heroes and need to be purged.”  Izuku eyed the man curiously, Izuku tugged on Tomura’s sleeve, he glanced down at him. Izuku pointed to the floor, Tomura leaned down, Izuku stood, holding on to his leg. The baby Angel looked back at Stain, watching the serial killer with curiosity. Tomura patted his head, Izuku looked round at the other league of villains members. Crystal was smiling at him softly.

“Istal!” Izuku giggled, but then he saw Dabi. “Abi!” He pushed away from Tomura’s legs, stumbling slightly. He stopped, wobbling on his feet. Dabi actually knelt on the floor.

“Come on, brat, you got this,” Dabi said, in what he hopes to be a tone to encourage the child. Izuku looks back at Tomura, who was smiling, he nodded. Izuku reached forward to Dabi, obviously trying to get his feet moving. Slowly, he wobbled forward, giggling happily. He fell halfway between them, Izuku lying on his chest in the middle of the bar was alarming. Tomura was half out of his seat when Izuku began pushing himself up. He had a determined look on his face, his little wings were poofed out as if he was using them to help steady himself. Before he began tottering towards the fire villain again, hands outstretched. Dabi was grinning as Izuku tottered towards the villain. Izuku giggled as he reached him, patting Dabi’s scarred hands. “ Good work!“ he praised. Izuku beamed, he turned to face Tomura again. And he set off again, this time his target was Tomura. Izuku buried his face into Tomura’s lap upon reaching him. Then, he turned to face Stain. His eyes gleamed curiously, an expression one would not expect to see on someone watching a dangerous serial killer.

“Mua-nii.” Izuku mumbled painting at Stain.

“I think he’s an ally,” Tomura told him, ruffling his hair. Izuku glanced at his big brother, before looking back at Stain, he stuffed his fingers in his mouth.

“ He’s a curious little thing, isn’t he? “ Stain commented

“He’s still learning about the world. We should be concerned if he wasn’t curious.” Kurogiri returned with two bowls of Katsudon. “you arrived early.”

“I was in the area.” Stain shrugged.

“You meeting, the baby who’s united villains had nothing to do with it?” Crystal smirked. Stain just glared at her, but Crystal just smiled.

“It may have had something to do with it… not often a child brings villains together.” Stain said. “His story intrigued me, to say the least.” Tomura had lifted Izuku up, so the child was sitting on his lap as Izuku ate his Katsudon with a happy smile. “And that Shigaraki didn’t hesitate to save him, despite his status, if not a villain, you would have been a good hero.” Tomura grimaced.

“No thanks.” He growled, taking a bite of his own Katsudon. “So… will you be staying for the league?” His red eyes surveyed the hero killer.

“I think I will.” Stain nodded.

“Good, nice to have you on board,” Tomura said Kurogiri brought out more Katsudon, seemingly made enough to feed the current league members in the bar. Stain was quickly pulled into their lunchtime, and he got to watch how quickly Izuku began to talking going between words and babble as he ate.

Chapter Text

Izuku was working on another flower crown as Tomura preened his wings. His gloved hands ran through his soft light green wings.

“Can you spread your left wing for me ZU?” Tomura asked, Izuku did as he was asked. His wings were currently going through a growth spurt and were at least 2 foot when stretched.

“You’re wings are getting so big Izuku!” Crystal cooed, he gave a small nodded, but didn’t look away from his work. Tomura smiled and continued to help him preen. Izuku reached 1 and a half and was very happy to make sure everyone knew about the half.

“If only Sensei could see you, he’d be even more impressed.” Tomura muttered. Izuku’s wings shivered, everyone watched as Izuku looked at him with wide eyes.

“Do you wish it?” He asked, Tomura frowned.


“Do you wish he could see?” Izuku asked

“I-I wish Sensei could recover everything he lost because of that fight…” Tomura said sadly. He scrambled off his chair the moment Izuku began to glow, his wings out stretched, eyes pure gold, hair snow white, and around his head was an arcane halo. His light lit up the whole bar. Stain, who had not known about Izuku’s abilities, stared at the child in shock. It seemed to last a life time, but was only really a minute. Izuku looked down at his big brother and beamed.

“Papa better!” He declared. Tomura stared at Kurogiri, who immediately vanished to check on All for One

“What did you do Izu?” Tomura sat back down next to his brother

“Mua-nii had wish. Nice wish. So, wish came true!” Izuku smiled.

“You can grant good wishes?” Stain asked, Izuku nodded

“That’s why Sensei wants to protect you…” Tomura realised. “People would try and work around your rules for their own gain… they would force you to grant their wishes…” Izuku nodded once more.

“No one will get passed me.” Stain promised darkly.

“Wouldn’t wishing for all the bad heroes and cops to be exposed be a good wish?” Crystal wondered.

“He has granted one wish, he should rest.” Stain said. Kurogiri returned, along with a man, who had short dark curls hair, blazing dark green eyes. Tomura stared at the unscarred face of his sensei., unharmed, tears pricked the corner of his eeyes.

“Izuku… you completely healed Sensei…” He muttered, Izuku smiled with a nod.

“You are very powerful, little angel.” Sensei smiled, placing a hand on Izuku’s head. “It’s good to be able to see you both after all this time.” Izuku giggled, holding out his arms. Sensei happily picked him up. “But this also means we can now speed up our plans.”

“Are you going to be taking control of the league?” Tomura asked, a hint of worry in his tone.

“You are leading it perfectly on your own Tomura. I know you will continue to do just fine without my interference. I will concentrate on my research. But remember, You can always ask for help any time.” Sensei told him, Tomura smiled a little and nodded

“Papa, Mau-nii… Hungry…” Izuku mumbled.

“I knew there had to be a draw back to that much power. Don’t mind if I join you for lunch.” Sensei sat with Izuku on his lap, next to Tomura.


And for that afternoon, the league met All for One, an ancient and great villain, learnt Tomura’s own back story, and saw the full extent of Izuku’s powers. The Baby earthen angel giggling with the villains. Tomura happily talking to his comrades, Sensei watching it all with his old eyes, he had never expected this when he first thought of the league, it was amazing to see what one baby had made of them. He smiled, the angel of the league of villains, his adopt….no, His son.


A figure in a flowing white gown stood before an golden arch. Wings twice the size of their boy folded across their back. Long, emerald hair was plaited back with flowers twisted in. She smiled softly. The angel of the league of villains… she turned from the arch, turning to face a being behind her.

“My grace. I have a request. If I may be permitted to ask.” She bowed her head.

“Of course, dear Inko. This is to do with little Izuku. He seems to be faring well.” A man nodded.

“I feel a wish will be made to expose corrupt heroes.” The angel said

“Yes. I feel the wish too, it will be helpful to the humans.”

 “Can you stop the wish effecting you know who?” The angel bowed her head.

“No need. He is guarded by such dark, no doubt he has made a deal with a demon. He shall receive his punishment in time my dear. Young Izuku still has some power hidden away after all. There is no higher crime to us then abandoning your child… Though.” His grace turned to the arch, to watched the baby with the villains. “They may not be the best of people. They love him, care for him. They wish to protect him at all costs, like a true family. Their love for him is what makes them strong, and the fact they can love… some heroes can barely achieve that.” They continued to watch them with small smiles.

“My beautiful baby boy…” The angel, Inko, whispered. Watching izuku with love burning in her eyes. “I am sorry for what has done…”


Izuku was curled up on Sensei’s lap. When he had fallen asleep, the league began talking business.

“So, we need to break into U.A., find out All Might’s schedule, and then act from there.” Tomura said

“Getting in shouldn’t be an issues with your quirk.” Crystal smirked. “But, why not wait until the press finds out that All Might is working there. They can act as a distraction.”

“Then, lets wait for the right opportunity. I trust you with the planning Tomura. And I’ll have the first of the experiments completed by the time it arrives.” Sensei said

“Thank you Sensei.” Tomura gave a small smile. Sensei ran had through Izuku’s wings.

“Our job now is to ensure a safe future for Izuku, by any means.” Sensei muttered. “This society is not worthy of him.” The villains nodded in agreement. This society wasn’t worth Izuku’s time, but they would make it so it was. A society where he would be safe, and earthen angels would be able to act without the risk of being captured and enslaved. Izuku cooed softly, wings fluffing up lightly. Sensei smiled, continuing to brush his hands through the feathers.

Chapter Text

“Mau-nii!” Izuku giggled, the baby angel collided into his big brother.

“Hey Zu, what are you doing?” Tomura asked, lifting him up, 6 months it had been. Six months since they had seen the true power of Izuku’s abilities, six months since All For One had recovered from his injuries. Now, Izuku was two.

“Uncle Stainy has a good wish, but won’t make it.” Izuku pouted.

“Do you know why?” Tomura asked

“Um, no. But, if someone has a wish, and someone can make the wish true… why not take it?” Izuku frowned.

“Well, just because someone has a wish and has access to someone who can grant that wish, doesn’t always mean they will leap at the chance.” Tomura explained.

“Even if the wish will helps lots and lots of people?” Izuku questioned

“Yes, even then. We’re not sure of the draw backs of your powers. Stain is more worried about what the wish will do to you.” Tomura said

“Oh.” Izuku mumbled. “So, he won’t wish cause he cares?”

“Very much. We all care Izuku. We care about you so much.” Tomura hugged him. ”Anyway, you’re meant to be getting ready to spend a few hours with Sensei whilst I am out.”

“I am, just wanting for Mama to take me.” Izuku beamed, wings fluttering excited. Tomura could feel Izuku tug from his arms as if his wings were trying to lift him up.

“Well, when you get there, why not ask sensei to help with flying. I think your wings are strong enough to carry you now.” Tomura suggested. Izuku glanced back at his wings thoughtfully.

“Do you think I will able to flying Mau-nii?” He asked

“I don’t see why not. They are big and strong, you just need practice.” Tomura smiled, Izuku beamed back.

“I’ll ask Papa!” He nodded, squirming to get down. Tomura smiled and put him down, the moment his feet touched the floor, Izuku was off running.

“I wonder if he’ll ever get less adorable.” Crystal cooed from her table in the corner.

“I doubt it.” Tomura added, he didn’t want his baby brother to get any less adorable.


“Izuku!” Sensei smiled, Izuku giggled and went running to him, away from Kurogiri who watched him fondly. Sensei easily lifted Izuku into the air, the boy giggled happily, cheeks flushed and wings fluttering happily as if in a soft breeze. Sensei rested Izuku on his hip, he turned to Kurogiri. “Good luck with today, I have faith it will turn out as planned.” Kurogiri nodded.

“Bye-bye Mama!” Izuku waved. Sensei was sure the man was blushing as he left.

“Well than, what would you like to do little angel?” Sensei asked, Izuku blushed.

“Um, Mua-nii says I might be able to fly, that my wings look strong…” Izuku mumbled, Sensei smiled.

“Ah, you want to learn to how to fly.” He said, Izuku nodded. “Than, why don’t we go out into the garden? We can practice there.” Sensei suggested. Izuku eyes shone with excitement.


“Right!” Sensei said, standing in the garden, holding on to Izuku. “Flap your wings, we need to see if they will carry your weight, okay?”

“Yep!” Izuku nodded. He started flapping his wings slowly, but soon picked up speed up. Sensei could feel that, indeed, Izuku’s wings were trying to pull him up.

“I am going to loosen my hold, slow you wings down a little my boy, We don’t want you flying up too quickly.” Sensei told him.

“Oh, sorry Papa…” Izuku pouted.

“Your excited my boy, I can’t blame you. We just don’t want you get hurt now.” Sensei hugged him. Izuku snuggled into him happily, feeling the truth of his words. “Okay, are you ready to give this go?” Izuku nodded eagerly.


Tomura stood in an alley a little ways away from U.A. He could see the police removing the media from the heroic school grounds, his gloved hand held a copy of All Might’s timetable he had taken from the 1-A heroics folder. He took a deep breath, he had almost been caught, but at least he had completed his mission and gained a little more, possibly important information on Izuku’s missing parents.


Izuku was curled up asleep in his bed, his fly practice wearing him out. Sensei was looking over the information retrieved from U.A.

“I also found this, a kid from 1-A. I think he may be of interest to us.” Tomura slipped him a photograph, Sensei’s eyes widened. It was a photo of a teen with mess black, almost purple, hair that fell into ringlets around his head, his eyes were just as dark as his hair. Freckles set across his features. There was no doubt, that Izuku must have some possible relation to him. Only their colours were different. “Midoriya Akatani,1-A, son of the Pro hero Flame Thrower.” Tomura said, Stain growled, clenching his jaw.

“Guessing you don’t agree with him?” Sensei watched him.

“There was also something wrong with him, he is too much like Endeavor, but less then two years ago he got worse.” Stain growled. “He’s been on my list for a long time.”

“Maybe it is time for you to make that wish…” Tomura suggested, looking at the serial killer.

“With him no longer a pro, we could easily target him. Make him pay for what he did to little Izuku.” Astral added a sinister smile on his features.

“But, we can not be completely sure that flame thrower is his father.” Kurogiri said. “If we can get hold of a piece of his DNA, than we can test it.  Consider this a secondary aim, Tomura. We need confirmation before taking action,” Sensei put the picture down.

“Yes sensei.” Tomura nodded.

“I will go and say bye to Izuku.” Sensei got up.


He froze as he approached the room, here was a faint light underneath the door. He was worried Izuku may have activated his angel form in his sleep. He rushed in, only to see a woman watching over Izuku’s sleeping form. Sensei took note of the of her giant pale green wings, long green hair tied back, and… it took a moment, but he realised he must be looking at Izuku’s real mother. An Earthen Angel.

“Izuku…” She said, her voice was accompanied by the sound of wind chimes. She turned to face him, emerald eyes glowing softly. “It is such a prefect name.” There was the sound of running, Tomura, Kurogiri, Crystal, Deimos, Astral and Stain burst into the room, freezing at the sight of the angel standing before Izuku.

“A-are you taking him from us?” Crystal asked, the angel smiled softly.

“No, Izuku’s place is in the mortal realm, that is what his grace said, I gave him to his father… he had such a heroic position… I never would have guessed what he would do.” The angel looked down at Izuku with a sad expression. “His father… Flame thrower… whilst your dream is admirable, Stain, it would not work on him. He has made a deal with a demon. Izuku is not the kind of Angel to be able to face against that magic… he is powerful, but in a different way…” She faced them again. “You, the League of Villains, will be the ones to expose the evil binding Heroes in the world, and the one to expose the demons and those who have made deals. All I ask, is with Flame thrower….” Her expression darkened. “Make him pay for what he has done.”

“We will.” Sensei nodded, the Angel smiled, a gold arch appeared, and she vanished within it. Izuku’s own mother… “We have a secondary plan now.” Sensei said. “It would be wrong of us to ignore such a request.” His dark eyes had a sinister glint within them.

Chapter Text

Tomura was playing one of his new games. A TV had been set up in the living room in a room behind the bar. Dabi was lying on the sofa, Stain sat discussing something with Astral and Deimos . Crystal stood outside the room, having just gotten back from shopping. She had found a few cute shirts and had managed to get into one.

“Okay! Go get them tiger.” Crystal smiled, quickly taking a picture of the boy. The angel looked up at her, emerald eyes swimming with confusion.

“I’m not a tiger Crystal-nee. I’m Angel.” Izuku told her, he patted her arm. “Bit its okay if you forget.” Crystal couldn’t help but coo at him.

“You’re just too cute Izuku.” She beamed. “Now, go and show everyone your new shirt.” Izuku looked at it, before nodded, giggling as he entered the room.

“Mua-nii.” Izuku smiled, running over to his brother. Tomura quickly paused his game to capture Izuku in his arms as Izuku reached him. Izuku snuggled into Tomura’s embrace as he usually did, wings fluttering happily. Tomura looked down at him with a smile, Izuku’s bright green eyes shone happily.

“Hey there zu, weren’t you taking a nap?” Tomura asked

“Awake now, want hugs.” Izuku said

“Ah, little Zu, the hugging villain. He will hug and shower you will all the love.” Tomura teased, snuggling Izuku, who giggled.

“Share all the love! Crystal-nee got me anew shirt.” Izuku smiled, he sat back to show it off. Tomura smiled at what the shirt read “Natural Born Cuddler”

“Ah, it speaks the truth. You were born to embrace the world with your hugs.” Tomura smiled, quickly embracing him again, whispering. “Why don’t you go and give everyone else a hug? I know they’ll love it.” Izuku nodded, giggling happily. As soon as Tomura let him go, he rushed to Dabi, giving his arm a hug. Dabi smiled, lifting him up so Izuku looked down at him.

“Gotcha, not letting you go now.” Dabi told him, Izuku giggled as Dabi let him down so Izuku was laying on his chest.

“You’re silly.” Izuku said, reaching up and patting Dabi’s cheek. “Silly” He added as if to emphasis his words.

“You’re so sill Dabi.” Tomura teased.

“Oh get a room you two.” Astral said teasingly.

“But they are in a room.” Izuku looked confused. Dabi covered Izuku’s ears before replying.

“Piss off asshole, don’t taint the angel.” Dabi growled

“Watch your language too.” Astral warned. Dabi glanced at Izuku, who was looking at him with confusion.

“Shut up.”  Dabi muttered, before uncovering Izuku’s ears. Izuku shook his head a little, before lying his head down on Dabi’s chest. Dabi patted his back, only glaring up at Crystal when she showed up taking a picture.

“What, I am making this really cute photo album… have ever since I joined. I need more cute pics to throw in!” Crystal pouted, Tomura shook his head.

“I want to see it later” He told her.

“Sure thing. Now Smile Dabi.” Crystal grinned. He huffed, but when Izuku started poking his cheek, he couldn’t stop the small smile. Of course Crystal got that pic. Izuku crawled off Dabi’s lap to grace Astral and Deimos a hug. They both happily hugged him back, causing Izuku to giggle happy. Before he went over to Stain and held out his arms to the Hero Killer.

“Up.” He said, Stain happily olbged, lifting the boy up easily and rest him on his lap. Izuku beamed and hugged him. Stain with a small smile, yet with a thoughtful expression. He petted Izuku’s head for a bit, before he decided it was time for him to talk up.

“You still want me to make that wish, don’t you?” He asked the child, Izuku looked up at him, and the others looked their way. Izuku nodded.

“Lots of people hurt because of it… Like Abi-nii.” Izuku frowned. “They help, but hurt, and it’s wrong… you want to stop them. And I want to help. The wish is a good wish… and will make many people smile.” Izuku explained. Stain smiled.

“You have a good heart Izuku. You would make a great hero. Though, I think you are already in many ways.” Stain told him. Izuku smiled happily. “Are you okay with granting a wish now?” Stain asked, Izuku’s eyes widened as he beamed.

“You gonna wish the bad guys being good guys away?” Izuku asked excitedly.  The other heroes watched carefully as Stain nodded.

“I wish, that all heroes, government officials and police, that are using their position of power to cover their misdeeds are exposed to the people to be properly prosecuted.” Stain said, Izuku beamed, the Arcane halo appearing around his curls once more. Hair white and eyes gold, this appeared for only a moment, but again, if felt like hours. Izuku then beamed up at Stain.

“All done!” He said, he frowned a little. “Can I have a snack?” Izuku asked. Tomura smiled, walking over and picked Izuku up. Pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“I think after that, you deserve a few snacks.” Tomura said. “I am sure we can twist Kurogiri’s arm when we explain why.” Izuku smiled happily.


Over the next few days, corrupted heroes, police and government officials were being outed and dealt with. The villains of the league took great joy from this, gathering in the bar to celebrated. Watching the news as civilians  would watch the sports festival, cheering and laughing. Izuku would watch over the scene from his place in Sensei’s arms.

“Papa?” Izuku asked, Sensei looked down at him, Izuku was watching the villains, he expression a little sad. “It is okay I’m not like you? Not a villain. That I want to make people smile like a true hero?” Sensei sighed softly, turning Izuku to face him.

“Izuku. You’re heart is pure, and I know that will never change. I will always love you, you’re my son. I’ll be happy as long as you are.” Sensei told him. Izuku smiled softly and snuggled into him. “And even though all of us here are villains, despite the fact you will always be a hero in the eyes of the law, we will be here for you. Always. Never forget that.”

“I won’t.” Izuku promised.

Chapter Text

It was late at night as the league of villains gathered together, sensei stood next to Tomura as everyone settled down.

“Right, this is an important meeting, Christmas is upon us, and we need to make it perfect for Izuku.” Tomura said, the villains murmured in agreement. “We spilt you all into groups to get everything done on time. Crystals team is in charge of getting gifts. Deimos’s team in charge of dinner, for mow just see how many people are joining and plan. Astral’s team is in charge of decorating. The decorating needs to happen tomorrow, Kurogiri, Sensei and I are taking Izuku to go and get a tree.” Tomura said, Kurogiri handed everyone a check list  with their team and list of what they needed to do. “He was too young to understand Christmas properly last year, so let’s make this one great.” They cheered quietly, as no one wanted to wake the sleeping angel.


“Ready to go?” Sensei asked, sorting out his jacket, Tomura nodded, Izuku was bouncing up and down next to him. He was bundled up warmly, his eyes shining. “You have to hold Tomura’s hand all the time Zu, no running off, Okay?”

“Yes Papa!” Izuku nodded in understanding.

“Good, you ready to go Kurogiri?” Sensei glanced at the other man.

“Yes. Just had to get my own list.” Kurogiri showed him a small piece of paper. Sensei nodded, and smiled.

“Okay, let’s go then.” Sensei smiled. Izuku cheered happily as they left the bar.


They first went in search of a tree, finding a couple on the street that were selling Christmas trees. Izuku gasped happily upon seeing them. Cheeks red from the cold.

“Right, so we need a Christmas tree. Think you can find the perfect one Izuku?” Sensei asked, Izuku looked up at him excitedly.

“I get to pick?” He asked

“Yes, I think you are old enough to find the right one.” Sensei smiled, Izuku beamed, tugging on Tomura’s arm, pulling him along behind him to look at the trees. Sensei and Kurogiri chuckled at the sight.


“What about this one Zu?” Tomura asked, patting a particular big tree. Izuku looked at it, and patted it too. Giggling, he beamed.

“Feels bouncy.” He giggled, and hugged it. “I like this one.” Izuku smiled looking up at his big brother. Tomura smiled and looked towards they had come, waving over Sensei and Kurogiri. Sensei chuckled at the sight of Izuku hugging the tree.

“That the one?” He asked, Izuku giggled nodded. They got the tree, and Kurogiri easily took it home.

“What now?” Izuku looked up at the adult.

“We need to buy new tree decorations.” Tomura smiled. Izuku’s eyes light up.


All Might was saw he saw him. With a young adult and a child… it couldn’t have been…

He was very conflicted, scared and overall worried for the safety of everyone in the mall. But after trying to trail him, he lost him. All Might sighed and continued his own shopping, but it was still on his mind…

Could AFO still be alive?


“This colour is pretty.” Izuku help up gold tinsel, Sensei added into the basket. Kurogiri went off to grab his own few things for Izuku for Christmas, Tomura was still close, but obviously debating what Izuku deserved. Sensei patted his shoulder and told him to go and find something, to take his time and giving him some money. Tomura thanked him and hurried off.

“Now Tomura’s gone… what do you want to get him for Christmas?” Sensei asked, Izuku looked up at him, as he held a big box of baubles.

“Um… a new game!” Izuku smiled

“What don’t we have a look in a game shop after okay. Let’s get two boxes of them, to make sure we have enough.” Sensei said, Izuku giggled and nodded.


“They have a special one, look.” Sensei pointed at what he believed to be a special Pokemon themed switch.

“Oho…” Izuku pressed his face on the glass. “Can we get him that?”

“Of course, that seems to come with a game. Let’s find one more for him shall we?” Sensei smiled, Izuku nodded.


As soon as the got back, they all decorated the tree together, Izuku ended up with tinsel tied around his forehead like a makeshift halo. Sensei passed him a star and Izuku flew up to put it at the top of the tree, then he let himself fall into Sensei’s arms.

“It so pretty Papa!” He beamed up at the tree as Kurogiri turned on the lights.

“It is. Good work, the both of you.” Sensei smiled at the two younger boys. Tomura blushed lightly, and Izuku giggled clapping his hands.


It seemed Christmas has leapt upon them after. Izuku was sitting on a giant Snorlax teddy in an Eevee onesie, Tomura sitting on it next to him. Izuku watched as he played his new Pokemon game. Izuku was giggling, and pointing at pokemon for him to catch. Sensei smiled softly at the scene. It was around 10 am when a few villains began to show up.


“~Tomura~. ~Dabi~” Crystal grinned, pointed to the ceiling above their head. They two of the looked up to find themselves under mistletoe.

“You b…” Tomura was cut off by Dabi grabbing him by the shirt and kissing him.

“What Mua-nii doing?” Izuku asked.

“Kissing Dabi… well, Dabi’s kissing him.” Crystal grinned.

“I think this is more on mutual terms and they are now kissing each other.” Astral smirked “’Bout time.” He added.

“But why?” Izuku frowned, Crystal pointed to the mistletoe.

“During Christmas, if you and someone stand under the mistletoe, you have to kiss.” She explained.

“Oh.” Izuku said. No one could have expected what Izuku did over the next few hours. He was grab someone close to him, tug them over until they stood under the mistletoe and then demanding kisses. Of course everyone went with it. Crystal filmed it.


“Mua-nii?” Izuku yawned as Tomura tucked him in.

“Yeah?” He looked at his baby brother, Izuku smiled tiredly.

“Can we do this again?” He asked, “Super fun.”

“Every year Izuku, every year.” Tomura promised kissing his forehead.

Chapter Text

Izuku knew his family were villains, that they were seen as bad people, but he knew what they were like. He felt they were planning something, but he knew not to question it. Izuku stood by a stool as the league of Villains talked about their plans. It wasn’t long before Tomura noticed him, he gave him a soft smile.

“Come here Zuku.” Tomura held out his arms, Izuku rushed to him, snuggling into his brothers chest. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked, Izuku nodded a little, his wings fluttered as Tomura began to run his hand through his feathers. “It’s okay if there is something you want to say Izuku. Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Something bad gonna happen, Mua-nii be hurt.” Izuku mumbled into shoulder. “Don’t want Mua-nii to hurt.”

“I will be careful Zuku, I promise.” Tomura smiled, he shifted Izuku so he had to look up at him. He held out his pinkie finger.  Izuku wrapped his own around his, and then leaned into him again.

The next day, Izuku was in Sensei’s care, the villain smiled softly at the young angel as he bounced around excitedly upon hearing they were going to work on his flying.

“You’re getting very good at flying, you’re wings are so strong now.” Sensei praised, Izuku blushed happily. “So, we're going to try your endurance.” Izuku looked confused.

“what’s that?” He asked curiously

“How long you can fly for." Sensei explained " The better your endurance the longer you’ll be able to fly." Izuku  clapped his hands excitedly. “ Want to give it a shot?"

“ Please Papa!" Izuku nodded happily. Sensei smiled. The new training Started slow, Izuku had to get use to it gradually. But the angel attacked the training with great enthusiasm.

Sensei called it all to a stop when it was clear the child was tired trying to stay awake. He picked the angel up, Izuku mumbled something before yawning. Sensei smiled softly, ruffling the boys hair.

“ Come on my boy, nap time for you.” Sensei told him softly, Pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Your brother should be back by the time you wake." Izuku yawned, nodding, cuddling into his chest. Sensei rubbed his back as the child fell to sleep, The bar was still empty, they were still on the mission then. Sensei had faith that Tomura could do it, the boy had worked hard to get the league to where they were. Taking the boy to his and Tomura’s shared room, Sensei took him in. Izuku yawned and cuddling into his blankets. Sensei smiled at the sight softly, he was glad they were lucky to have Izuku in his life. He did frown lightly, one day, the heroes will likely discover where they are, he just hoped he would be able to get Izuku and Tomura away before they were caught. “Have sweet dreams.” Sensei whispered.


Sensei was waiting in the bar when the familiar black mist of Kurogiri’s warp appeared, members of the league were all but dumped on the floor, expect Dabi who carried in an injured Tomura.

“He wasn’t there to start with, he came later, beat the Nomu... the other heroes arrived before we could make a get away unharmed.” Dabi quickly explained. Sensei nodded, “Lie him down on the sofa, I can see what I can do.” Dabi nodded. Sensei removed the four bullets from the angry teen, who looked really close to crying in anger.

“Don’t cry Mua-nii.” A small spoke out, everyone turned to see Izuku toddling over, holding his favourite blanket.

“Izuku...” Crystal began, Izuku placed his hand on Tomura’s arm, there was a faint glow, Izuku smiled happily.

“Mua-nii be better now.” Izuku said, sure enough the small wounds on his body were gone, Tomura sat up.

“You can heal people Izuku? Without making a wish?” Dabi asked.

“Blessing. Me give out blessing to special people!”  Izuku explained

“Thank you Zuku.” Tomura hugged him, Izuku smiled and cuddled into him.

“Why don’t we go into the bar and we can discuss what happened.” Sensei said. Soon, everyone was seated in the bar, Izuku perched upon the bar side sipping on a carton of grape juice.

“When we arrived, everything was going according to plan, but he wasn’t there.” Tomura began. “The wisest thing would to have retreated. I messed up... I lost Nomu...”

“You did get two heroes down though.” Dabi said “Both heroes should be out of commission for a while.”

“That’s one good thing.” Sensei nodded “Explain why you stayed Tomura.”

“I thought if we hurt some of the students he would arrive.” Tomura admitted.

“Did he?” Sensei asked

“Yes, he arrived, Nomu did little damaged before he punched him out of the U.S.J.” Tomura looked away.

“Um... we may not have achieved our overall goal, but this was a success. The break-in, two injured. heroes, this will make the news. We’ll be making our statement. The people will know of the league of villains.” Sensei said We’ll have a chance to get him another time.”

“Yes sensei.” Tomura nodded

“You did well, my boy.” Sensei praised, Tomura looked at him, a spark of happiness in his eyes. “I know next time we’ll get even closer.”

“Yes sensei!” Tomura smiled.

“Mua-nii happy!” Izuku giggled happily, Tomura blushed, reaching out and ruffling his hair. Izuku blushed.

“What did you do today then.” Tomura asked

“Papa helped me with em...em-du-ants training!” Izuku told him.

“Endurance training.” Sensei added

“How did it go?” Tomura asked.

“Well, I fly longer...but wings hurt.” Izuku admitted. Sensei looked at him.

“Why didn’t you say so Zu?” He asked

“Tired...” Izuku blushed

“Here.” Tomura put his gloves one, stretching out one of his wings, rubbing on the muscles to help them relax. Izuku sighed happily, Kurogiri took his other wing to do the same. It wasn’t long later that Izuku fell asleep. Tomura pulled his brother close, resting his head on his shoulder. “I’ll take him to bed.” Tomura carried Izuku up to their room, tucking him in. Izuku mumbled lightly in his sleep. Tomura smiled lightly, he ruffled Izuku’s hair, before going back to the bar.

“With Izuku now asleep, we should discuss out next move.” Sensei said

“The next event we could deal with it the sports festival. We can use it to make notes on the students quirks, maybe try something during the internships.” Tomura said. “If we know their quirk we can use it to our advantage.”

“Good thinking Tomura, not all our actions need to be physical. Use the sports festival as an intel gathering mission. I believe you can do it.” Sensei looked pleased. Tomura nodded determined.  “I will leave you to plan from there. Good day.” Sensei left via one of Kurogiri’s warps. Tomura sighed, he had thought he would be in trouble.

“You did extremely well Tomura, you should be proud.” Kurogiri told him.

“Thanks. A step closer to making society worthy of Izuku’s existence.” The league nodded in agreement.

Chapter Text

1-A were trying to recover, they sat back in their classroom, discussing the events of a few days ago, the day villains not only broke into their school, but almost killed their teacher. But the main one’s had vanished before the other heroes had a chance to catch them.

“Who do you think this Izuku is?” Kaminari finally asked the class, that was the one thing all the villains had in common, they all claimed to fight in the name of Izuku. That was all they had, Izuku.

“Probably the big boss or something.” Kirishima suggested.

“They must care for their boss a lot, I bet they aren’t giving up any information on him.” Sero muttered.

“It don’t matter, the police will get it out of them either way and this Izuku-fuckface is screwed.” Bakugo Katsuki growled, red eyes burning.

“Yamikumo! So glad to see you’re okay!” Uraraka smiled as the last member of their class joined them. The dark haired student gave a small smile.

“Yeah, I’m good. Recovery girl patched me up.” He gave a small smile. “What were you guys talking about?”

“About who this Izuku could be, any ideas?” Kirishima asked, Yamikumo frowned as he sat down.

“Well, obviously he has ideals that other villains greatly agree in…” He began

“Like killing All Might?” Bakugo asked angrily.

“Not necessarily.” Yamikumo shook his head. “We already a lost a lot of heroes due to evidence of corruption, one hero was the number 2. These villains… there is a chance they simply don’t like the heroic society, that they see it more corrupt than we do. Most ‘villains’ are just people who can’t find jobs due to discrimination and are doing all they can for their families. Much like we have reasons to be heroes, they have reasons to be come villains.”

“That is true…” That got all the class thinking. What did this Izuku believe in, what had happened to make him lead a load of villains to kill All Might.

“I wonder who’s going to be taking our home room…” Jirou muttered, that was answered shortly later as their homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta the Underground pro hero Eraserhead. He was covered head to chest in bandages, much to the shock of the class.

“Sir, should you even be in considering your condition?” Asui Tsuyu asked

“I’m alive, so can still teach. Anyway, I need to inform you about the up-coming sports festival in 2 weeks. The class fairly quickly fell back into their normal routine. With the sports festival coming up, that meant their chance to get scouted by heroes to have a weeks work experience with them shortly after the sports festival. This was their chance!



Stain was out, it was shortly after the Sports festival. He had no need to kill any of the heroes out, they were all approved by Izuku. But one. Flame thrower. Stain kept tabs on him at all times, watching, waiting until the time came where he could take out the demon, and show the world that Flame thrower was a demon of it’s own kind. The worst of all bad heroes. But so far, he was having no luck whatsoever. It was getting somewhat frustrating. He looked down at the feather Izuku’s mother had given him. She had once again visited as Izuku slept, she gave no details on why she was there, but present a feather to the members of the league…


“Why are you giving us these?” Tomura asked, the angel frowned. Seeming to look like she wanted to say, but couldn’t.

“You can’t tell us can you?” Sensei said

“No.. but I can provide aid like this. My feathers will protect you from any demonic powers you may face… That, that is all I can say. Please, be careful.” The angel pleaded, before vanished, leaving the league confused, but somewhat blessed the angel wished to keep them safe.


Stain had wondered a few times why she had given them, she had previously mentioned they would be the reason the world would find out about Flame Throwers deal with a demon, maybe it had something to do with that. The vigilante villain, crouched low as he felt movement, the feather emitted a soft glow, he glanced at it again quickly, but froze as someone… or something appeared in the alley way. He remained silent, hidden in the shadows as someone joined them.

“Belphegor, you wanted to meet?” The voice of Pro hero Flame Thrower spoke up.

“There is an earthen angel growing in power around here.” The demon Stain assumed was called Belphegor said.

“You think…” Flame Thrower began.

“Possibly, we never found out what kind of angel he was, so we can’t be sure. But this one, this is a dangerous one. One that could fight me, and have the power to do so.” Belphegor frowned.

“What can we do?” Flame asked

“We need to keep an eye out.  This angel has not been found by your government yet, so we can expect they are hiding well, or someone of power is hiding them.”

“Like a hero?”

“Or a Villain, we just need to keep and eye out for them at the moment, when we know who they are, where they are, and what they can do, then we can plan on how to proceed with getting rid of them.” Belphegor nodded. Stain frowned, Izuku’s mother had mentioned that Izuku wasn’t the kind of angel that could face against a demon. Did that mean there were more? More earthen angels in Japan, close enough that Flame Thrower’s demon friend was concerned of their existence. He knew the rest of the league  would be interested with that information.  He frowned as Belphegor looked around.

“There is a strange aura around here, we should go.” Belphegor said.

“Right, let’s go.” Flame Thrower nodded, Stain watched them go, before heading back to the bar to give them what he had just heard.


Sensei frowned over the new information. Tomura watched him, Izuku was sitting on his laptop watching his papa with wide eyes.

“So, what do we do?” Tomura asked

“We need to be careful, we have no idea if they mean Izuku or not. We need to know more about this. Keep an eye out for anyone who may possibly be like Izuku, we can’t let them come to harm if we can help it.” Sensei said, the league nodded in agreement.

Chapter Text

Bakugo Katsuki fought against the bonds, he had to get free, get back to his class. He glared at all the villains around him, the ones who had attacked the camp looked very pleased with themselves. I am gonna make them regret this… IS THAT A FUCKING CHILD? Bakugo could only stare as a young boy, about 2 toddled out into the bar, looking like he just woke up from a nap.


“Zuku, what you doing up, it’s late.” The leader, fucking Hand-fetish, Bakugo called him, put on gloves that cover all but two fingers, and lifted the child up. Zuku yawned.


“Want Mua-nii…” he mumbled, getting comfortable.


“Aw, you keep getting all his love Shigaraki, leave some Izuku for the rest of us!”  The gemstone villainess pouted.


“Go find your own baby brother to bother.” Shigaraki muttered annoyed but cradled the child carefully to his chest. The child, Izuku Bakugo noted, cuddled into the villain happily. Shigaraki smiled softly. “Go back to sleep Zuku. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” Izuku nodded, It wasn’t long before he had fallen into a nap again, small fingers clinging to the villains shirt.


What the fuck?” Bakugo muttered in shock. He thought back to the U.S.J. The villains spoke about fighting for Izuku, was this who they were fighting for? A child? He thought back to what Yamikumo said, that like heroes, villains have a reason for doing what they do. It would be a few more hours before Katsuki found out the reason for the league.





Bakugo jolted awake at a pat on his leg, he looked down at the child who had so calmly gone to sleep on the villain’s lap.


“Who you?” He asked


“Bakugo Katsuki, who are you?”


“Call Izuku!” The child beamed, his wings fluttering happily. “Can you play?”


“I’m a bit tied up.” Bakugo muttered, Izuku nodded, and ran from the otherwise empty room. He came back with Tomura.


“You sure Zuku?” He asked concerned. Izuku nodded, the villain sighed, glaring at Bakugo. “don’t you dare try anything, hurt him and we kill you.” He let him out of the bonds, Bakugo rubbed his wrists, before Izuku grabbed his shirt and pulled him along, taking him out into a small garden, where the other villains were sitting.


Bakugo remained silent as the child, Izuku, placed a flower crown on his head. The villains were watching him carefully, it was clear to Bakugo that they would leap in if he proved himself a threat to the child. Izuku seemed so different to the villains, he seemed panicked at the idea of him being hurt… he was more hero then villain in this case.


“He is more of a hero…” Tomura spoke out, Bakugo looked up at him. But Tomura was watching Izuku with a small smile. “But the heroes don’t deserve him… not after what his own… biological father did.”


“Who’s his biological dad?” Bakugo asked


“Flame thrower.” Tomura replied, Izuku looked up at his name with a concerned look.


“He has a demon. They follow him round ca-cause of a deal.” Izuku said


“A demon?” Bakugo stopped. “You’re an earthen Angel…” The villains shifted uncomfortably.


“You better not tell anyone that. We don’t want to put him in danger.” Tomura scowled.


“How did you find him?” Bakugo asked curiously.


“Abandoned in a dumpster. New born.” Tomura replied. Katsuki froze, looking at the happy child making more flower crowns.


“You took him in… you saved him.” Bakugo realised, as Izuku got up to give Tomura a flower crown.


“Surprised to hear of villains doing a good deed?” Dabi asked, he was watching Izuku with a smile.


“I guess… I didn’t think there were any free ones left…” Bakugo muttered


“You know about them? How did you find out?” Tomura asked, Bakugo didn’t even notice another villain join them.


“My dad’s one… luckily he can hide his wings. I am guessing Izuku is a… dream granting Angel, rare, powerful. Right thing to keep him safe from the world.” Bakugo said, remembering what his father told him about his kind… their kind.


“That makes you one too.” Tomura said


“Yeah… We’re known as… I can’t quite remember, but we’re meant to rain justice and stuff. We can hide our wings which helps a lot.” Bakugo said, Izuku gasped and stared at him.


“You have wings too? Can I see?” He asked, Bakugo gave a small nodded, and two amber wings appeared. Izuku stared at them with shining eyes, before he giggled and sat next to Bakugo, so he would covered by one of his wings.

“You are the first earthen angel he has ever seen.” Sensei said, from where he sat next to Tomura. Izuku beamed.


“Papa!” He waved, Sensei smiled softly.


“Do you know how to fly?” Bakugo asked, Izuku nodded. “Heal?” Another nod. Bakugo thought. “I probably should have learnt what others can do.”


“I grant wishes!” Izuku smiled.


“Yep, that is specific to your kind of angel. I sort of have a sword.” Bakugo explained. “See earthen angels can be different kinds from their parent. My Dad is a guardian Angel. He is able to lead people down the right path in difficult times. And his special power is basically being able to guide people in their minds. My sword helps me bring down demons. That’s my power.”


“You can fight demons…” Izuku stared at him with wide eyes, Bakugo nodded.


“Never really encountered one before… so never really needed too. But if Flame thrower has one… then I have to break their deal… somehow… I honestly have no idea what I am doing when it comes to being an earthen angel.” Bakugo admitted. Izuku leaned against him, patting his arm in understanding. Sensei looked at Tomura, who gave him a sad look back, they both understood what the other was thinking, and they knew the others were going to like the idea.


“If there comes a time, we are found by the heroes. Anytime anyone of us can care for him. You will need to protect him.” Sensei said, Bakugo looked at him.


“But, I’m a hero… you’re villains.” He asked


“You are our enemy yes, but you are the same as Izuku. It would be dangerous for people to find out about you, you understand how urgently we need to keep him safe.” Tomura said. “And, if the time comes we have to part… it would be better for us to know he is with someone like him, then someone like his father.”


“I can do that…but what about his mother?” Bakugo asked


“She is not on earth… she has visited a few times… and is watching over Izuku, but she says his destiny’s on earth, and this is where he must stay.” Sensei said. Bakugo nodded.


“Between me and my dad… we can keep him safe if the time comes.” Bakugo nodded. He didn’t trust them, sure, they were trying to kill All Might, but they were also protecting someone like him. And he trusted their judgement on keeping him safe. Bakugo curled one on his wings around Izuku slightly, he had not shown them off in years… it was nice to have them out in the open… maybe one day they could all live without the fear of being imprisoned…

Chapter Text

Bakugo looked up as a large bang shook the building. Tomura looked up with a frown.


“They arrived faster than I expected…” He muttered. “I hope they don’t wake Izuku, assholes will die if they do.” Bakugo found that a little amusing, Villains not being pissed about being found, but more worried about waking up a small child… he didn’t hate the villains as he once did, he understood them now. They were fighting so Izuku and those like him, and that included Bakugo, could live in peace without being hunted and forced into government service. It was mere minutes later when  All Might punched in the door.


“We are here to save you young Bakugo!” He announced loudly. Bakugo winced at his loud voice. Yeah, hope he hadn’t woken up Izuku.


It didn’t take long for the villains, and Bakugo to be teleported away. To a different area. Bakugo looked up to see Sensei, and as Bakugo expected, All Might was quick to come after them.


“Don’t worry Young Bakugo, leave this too me!” All Might boomed, Bakugo could only sit back and watch. Sensei force activated Kurogiri’s quirk and warped everyone away, the villain believing his family was safe.


“Papa…” A small voice called out, Bakugo froze and turned, Izuku was standing in front of the wreckage. Sensei looked horrified.


“Izuku, get out of here!” He yelled, Izuku’s eyes were on All Might, who had Sensei’s blood on his hand. The number one hero stared at the boy. Bakugo moved, running at Izuku as he saw another hero moving to do so, mostly likely to use him as leverage against the villain. Bakugo’s arms circled around Izuku.


“Kacchan… Papa hurt… make the man stop…” Izuku cried. Bakugo hugged him.


“I can’t Izuku…. I will never be strong enough to get him to back off. I have to make sure you are safe.” Bakugo said, he looked up at the hero who got to them.


“Hand the brat over.” They said, Bakugo glared.


“You’re not using a 2-year-old as a hostage against the villain.” Bakugo said, “Isn’t it the villain’s job to hold hostages?”


Sensei stopped the fight himself, he allowed himself to be taken, only telling All Might he would not cause trouble if they left the boy alone, that Izuku would be allowed to remain with who he wished, and it was clear that Izuku would not let go of Bakugo.


“Young Bakugo…” All Might began, walking towards them. Izuku whimpered in fear and hid his face in Bakugo’s shirt. “You don’t need to be afraid anymore chi…”


“You just beat the shit out of his father… forgive him if he is terrified you will treat him the same way.” Bakugo said, holding Izuku close. He could feel his angelic abilities fighting to get out, to protect the child more then he could without them. All Might could only watch the boy, before finally backing off. “I am here, Izuku… I will protect you from now.” Bakugo promised. Izuku just clung closer to the older angel.




Izuku held on to Bakugo’s hand, he looked at the white animal before him, green eyes shining with curiosity. Principle Nezu smiled at the Angel before him, of course he had seen many, during his time in the lab. The angels would come and go, they were all moved before it was discovered however.


The staff were silent watching the staring contest between the two, before Izuku reached out for the animal.


“Hurt.” Izuku said “They hurt you, like they will hurt me.”


“Yes, if they found you, you would be in danger of them.” Nezu nodded. “I assure you, I want no harm to come to your kind. Though, I am curious… what are the villains too you?” Izuku looked up at Bakugo, giving him silent permission to explain.


“His biological father is Flamethrower; his mother is an angel who isn’t on earth. The villains found him in a dumpster not long after birth, and they raised him since. They… I am like Izuku…” Bakugo muttered.


“I had a feeling as much, would you care to show us, I assure you no member of staff would dare let it get out.” Nezu smiled, but this threat towards the teachers caused them to flinch. Bakugo let his wings be revealed.


“I am a Avenging angel, I am basically a fighter, Flamethrower has made a deal with a demon, and thus, I must keep him from Izuku. I am not sure what the actual title of his angel is… but it is powerful and well, I would hate anything to abuse his abilities.” Bakugo said


“Papa, said I could be hero, but a good one. Uncle Stainy made big-big wish to say bye-bye to all bad people, bad heroes, bad police.” Izuku smiled. “But, still be hurt…”


“Sir… before we continue… could we bring my father in?” Bakugo asked


“Why?” Nezu asked curiously.


“He will understand Izuku abilities more… He’s a guardian angel.” Bakugo answered, the staff watched him in surprised, Izuku gasped excitedly.


“More Angels!” He beamed, Bakugo chuckled lightly. He knew the more angels that gathered around Izuku, the safer he would be.




Far away, Tomura and the others mourned the loss of their little angel.

“Are we gonna go and get him back?” Toga asked

“No… he will be safe with Bakugo. He is with another angel. They will protect each other until the time comes where we can look after him again.” Tomura answered.

“Izuku will be safe… and with the aid of another angel, he will learn more about his abilities. This will be good for him.” Dabi added, the villains fell silent, mourning the silence left without the youngest of their team.




A small silver rock in the middle of a forest began to glow softly, its soft light brightening the surrounding area, illuminating more causing them to glow. The light revealing a monument, wrapped in vines, it looked like a pair of closed wings with a stone scroll with an odd transcript upon it.



Uphin shu uaursh, whuru aunjuls kwull,

A kaurrnuss woll sauru hilk

Hemaun jraunsuk phiwurs

A sojhs si siin luhilk


Thu lonus if jiik aunk uzol

Woll llerr luswuun shu lonus.

Wosh sonfel hurius

Ank Hilw zollauons


Ank A sonjlu wosh si jrauns inu phiwur.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat with the principle, petting his fur with a bright smiled, his wings fluffing up happily. Bakugo smiled but paced back and forth, waiting for his father to arrive. He stopped and looked at Izuku.


“Hey Zu, what is the chance of your mother getting involved now?” He asked, the staff looked at the child.


“Maybe, I never seen her. Nii-chan says she watches me as I sleep.” Izuku smiled “But Mama here says that even though I don’t see her, Heaven-Mama loves me very much. She wants demon man to pay!” Bakugo smiled.


“She sounds very nice.” Bakugo said, Izuku nodded.


“Mua-Nii says that she had green hair and eyes like me! And big white wings, and she glows!” Izuku continued excitedly.


“That sounds like a Fate Angel, everyone looked as Bakugo Masaru and his wife Mitsuki walked into the room. As soon as the door closed, seeing his son with his wings out, Masaru did the same, his large, golden brown wings rested against his back. Izuku gasped scrambling to his feet and running right into the adult angels wings giggling happily. Masaru watched him. “And I might just know who your mother is…” He added, Izuku looked at him.


“You know my heaven mama?” He asked


“You look like an old friend of mine, her name is Inko, a Fate Angel, the highest-ranking Fate angel. It would make sense she would be blessed with an angel like you as a child.” Masaru knelt down, holding his hand out to Izuku. Izuku took it smiling brightly.


“What am I?” Izuku asked excitedly.


“You can grant wishes, you can see the true intentions of people. You are known as a soul angel.” Masaru smiled. “And if I recall, you are the first one born since the days before quirks, meaning you are very special indeed.”


“Why is it important that he is the first born since before quirks?” Nezu asked, Masaru sighed.

“Because once, Soul Angels were all on earth. Until those with quirks founds them, abused them, too many wishes can kill a Soul angel. They left ruins, but no one can really understand them.” Masaru explained. “If they find out what he is… he will be killed within months.” Izuku  moved and cuddled back into Masaru’s wings.


“They won’t, Uncle Stainy will come and bet them all up!” Izuku said, “And-and Nii-chan will get me out of there…” Izuku frowned. “I miss Nii-chan…”


“It would be safer to have you with your family…” Masaru sighed. “They have been able to protect you this long… “


“Mua-nii kept me safe!” Izuku said happily.


“And I will now until we can get you back together.” Katsuki promised. Izuku ran to him, taking his place, shielded by Katsuki’s wings.


“Wait, so you are going to hand over an angel who can grant wishes to villains?” Vlad King demanded. Izuku flinched and  cuddled into Katsuki’s side.


“Only good wishes…” Izuku mumbled, peeking at the hero nervously.


“The villains did a better job of protecting him, and not to mention it was a villain that made a wish to get rid of those who were corrupt. If they handed, heroes like Endeavor would be abusing their place.” Katsuki glared.


“They may be villains, but they are fighting to make the world a better place for Izuku, for angels. That extends to myself and my son. And that has been more then any hero has done.” Masaru added, Katsuki look at his father, who stared at Vlad King. “At this moment in time, the villains have proven that angels can trust them… but can we trust you?” Vlad King look disgusted at the implications of his words.


“It is alright, after all, I can related to what the angels are experiencing, the human race has not been the kindest to us. So, from this moment on, Izuku will be protected by us. If anyone tells anyone else outside this room, who and what he is, you can say good bye to your job and any hope of getting close to U.A. And we would be able to file a case against you for endangering a minor to the world. Understand?” Nezu looked at the staff. They all nodded. “Good, Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo can you step into my office. I would like to talk to you about a few things, you may visit Izuku and Young Bakugo in the dorms after.”


“Very well.” Masaru nodded.


“Come On Izuku, you’ll be sharing my room.” Katsuki picked him up. Izuku beamed.


“Like a sleep over!” He said, Katsuki chuckled.


“Just like a sleep over.” He agreed as he left the room. Nezu and Katsuki’s parents vanished into his office, leaving the teachers to process what had just happened.



Izuku sat on the sofa, as Katsuki sat on the floor, holding up his wings as Izuku preened them. Katsuki smiled lightly, glancing back at the younger angel.


“Having fun there?” Katsuki asked, Izuku had his little tongue peeking out between his lips as he worked, Izuku nodded. “Would you like me to preen yours after?”


“Please!” Izuku smiled, pulling a lose feather rout. “I want big wings like you Kacchan.”


“I’m sure your wings will be bigger Izuku, the rarer the angel the larger the wings. I  don’t think it works with the Life angel though, if I remember right their wing size depends on their age.” Katsuki explained.


“Oh!” Izuku giggled. “I wanna know all angels!”


“Me too… my dad probably tell us about them all if we ask him.” Katsuki said. “He’ll probably be by after Nezu has finished talking to him, we can ask him then, okay?”


“Okay!” Izuku nodded.


“Bakubro?” A voice asked, Izuku jumped in fright. Katsuki jumped to his feet, he could feel his angelic powers powering through him. In a single instance, Izuku was wrapped up in his wings, the amber feathers creating a soft shield. Katsuki looked at his class, his eyes lingered on his childhood friend, and who his father was. He had to protect Izuku.  The other members of 1-A stared in shocked, more due to the fact that Katsuki had a pair of wings.

Chapter Text

Izuku looked at Katsuki’s wings that surround him. He could hear people demanding Katsuki to answer questions, Izuku turned, wrapping his small arms around on e of Katsuki’s legs, his wings and body quivering in fright.


“Hey, it’s okay.” Katsuki said, peeking down from a space between his wings. Izuku looked up. “I promised to protect you right, people like us need to stick together.”


“Okay Kacchan… why they mad?” Izuku asked


“Because they are idiots and despite training to be heroes clearly don’t know when they scared the fuck out of a child.” Katsuki looked up glaring at his class mates, Izuku gasped.


“Bad word Kacchan.” Izuku whispered.


“Oh yeah… tell no one and don’t repeat it.” Katsuki added, Izuku giggled, he let go of Katsuki’s leg and peeked from between his wings, looking up at the other teens. All they could see was one bright Emerald eye, and soon followed by a growling noise. Katsuki peeked down at him.  “Hungry?”


“Can we have Katsudon?” Izuku asked happily.


“Let’s see if we have the stuff to make it.” Katsuki said, stopping for a moment, he looked at his class. “Touch him and I will kill you.” He warned, and slowly raised his wings, Izuku stood there looking at him. “this is my class of idiots.”


“Hi I’m Izuku!” Izuku waved. They all stared at him in shock, even more so when Katsuki lifted him up and carried him into the kitchen.  They ended up following them, Katsuki set Izuku on the side and began to look through the cupboards.


“Dude is it safe to put the kid there?” Kirishima asked


“I can fly!” Izuku said proudly, they glanced at him nervously. Izuku fluttered his wings a bit. “Kacchan, can we fly tomorrow?” He asked


“We’ll ask Nezu.” Katsuki said

“Yay!” Izuku beamed.  Katsuki pulled out ingredients to make Katsudon, saying nothing to his classmates, but listening to Izuku mumbled about how he hopes his Dad was okay.


“He should be fine, after all, he gave himself up without fighting as long as you were safe. And as long as you remain safe, he won’t do anything that would put himself in danger.” Katsuki said as he got to work.


“But, what if I become not safe?” Izuku asked


“Then I feel sorry for the person who puts you in danger cause you Dad will likely kill them. And he did warn the heroes.” Katsuki said


“His dad… who is that?” Mikumo asked


“Papa is All For One, he has powerful quirk and-and he got me a Eevee onesie from Christmas!” Izuku beamed.


“So, his dad is a villain, and you just fine with that? You’re actually glad he is okay?” Kirishima asked in horror. Katsuki frowned.


“You wouldn’t understand.” Katsuki said, it was true, they could never, even if they were told…


“OI BRAT!” Bakugo Mitsuki yelled out, scaring the class.


“IN THE KITCHEN!” Katsuki called back.


Masaru and Mitsuki entered, Mitsuki immediately went to Izuku, ignoring her son completely. Mitsuki beamed.


“You are so cute.” She cooed, squishing his cheeks. Izuku giggled.


“Hi, I’m Izuku.”  He greeted.


“I’m Mitsuki, I am that brat’s mother.” Mitsuki pointed at Katsuki, Izuku looked at them and giggled.


“You look the same!” He giggled.


“Don’t compare me to the hag!” Katsuki growled. But Izuku had turned to Masaru.


“Do I look like my Heaven-Mama?” Izuku asked, Masaru ruffled his hair.


“Yes, you know your mother was renown for her beauty, she had the unusual trait of green hair, one you have gladly inherited.” Masaru smiled, Izuku patted his own curls happily, blushing at his words.


“Like Mama…” He muttered happily.



Mitsuki and Masaru sat with Izuku in the living room, Masaru’s wings were still on show, so Izuku had sat next to him, under his wing as Mitsuki read him a book. Masaru couldn’t help but glance and Mikumo, he had considered Flame thrower, or Midoriya Hisashi a good friend, Katsuki and Mikumo being the best of friends growing up and being in U.A never changed that. H looked back down at Izuku, but knowing Izuku’s heritage, that easily could. He didn’t know if Mikumo was a danger to them, but he hoped not, for the sake of his son’s friendship.


“Dinner!” Katsuki called, Izuku jumped up, ready to give Katsuki’s Katsudon a try. Masaru and Mitsuki smiled at each other when some new friends of Katsuki’s had managed to get him to make them some. Izuku happily dug in, his wings fluttering happily.


“Dude, where did you get wings from, like have you always had them or..” Kirishima asked


“Always, can hide them, so I do. Kinda changed cause the brat took a liking to me.” Katsuki said, Izuku look up with rice on his cheeks and eyes gleaming with curiously. Ashido awed and reached forward wiping his cheeks clean.


“He is so adorable. Izuku right… didn’t the villains say they were fighting for an Izuku.” Ashido said


“Yeah, that’s who we all assumed the big boss was.” Katsuki smirked.


“Papa and Nii-chan said, um… That they will make the world.. worthy of me. So I can be happy and not hurt by bad people.” Izuku said. “Papa said I can be a hero, and-and they will always love me if I did!” Izuku added happily. The hero students could look at Izuku with soft smiles.



After eating they returned to common room, Izuku giggled from his place between Katsuki’s wing and Masaru’s, Mitsuki was chuckling at the sight of the small boy giggling between them.


“What are you?” Mikumo asked, frowning. Katsuki looked at him, and then looked at his dad.


“What are you talking about Yamikumo, their human…” Kirishima smirked.


“No, you’re not.. you are aunt Mitsuki… but you three… I always thought it was weird, but you feel different.” Mikumo said, Masaru actually froze, Katsuki stood up and faced Mikumo frowning.


“If you can feel the difference… what are you?” Katsuki growled out.


“Kacchan…” Izuku whispered, everyone looked at him, the boy was shivering. “Shadow is coming…”


“Shadow…” Masaru repeated. “A demon…”


“Flame Thrower…” Katsuki turned to the window, where he could see the U.A Gate, the hero walked through, and Katsuki couldn’t help but notice the shadow behind him.


“Who called him here…” Masaru asked


“I did…” Mikumo said, “I… I couldn’t help but notice he looks like my dad…”


Katsuki picked Izuku up, who had began to cry, Katsuki looked at his dad.


“We have to run, if he finds us three here like this…..” Katsuki looked sickened, which was a shock to the rest of the class. Their blood ran cold at Katsuki’s final words.


He’ll kill us.

Chapter Text

Masaru, Katsuki and Izuku got out from the back of the 1-A dorms, Mitsuki staying behind, stopping Mikumo from going after them. Going into the forest, the angels made their way round to the main U.A building. Nezu exited it alone to greet Flame thrower, the crouched low. Izuku frowned and shivered. Marasu wrapped his arms around his son and the young angel, blocking their aura’s from being sensed by the demon, they could see following in the hero’s shadow. Nezu spoke to the hero, before leading him towards the 1-A dorms, Nezu shot a glance at the hidden three angels. Masaru nodded in thanks. When he got Flame Thrower away, the angels ran into the main building.


Nezu had told the teachers that the angels would likely hid in the building, that Flame Thrower had likely been told by his son. They all looked up as they entered, Katsuki slamming the dorm behind them. Masaru took Izuku, as the 2-year-old shook with tears.


“It’s okay, Nezu will get him out of here. I promise.” Masaru tried to calm him. Katsuki was furious. He was an avenging angel, and he couldn’t even fight Flame Throwers’ demon, because he didn’t know how to summon his own sword. He had once, when he was really little, accidently, and he couldn’t remember the circumstances that had added in him being able to summon it.




Izuku fell asleep against Masaru’s chest, the older angel shielding him with one wing, the other was around Katsuki. The teachers were silently working, waiting for a moment where the angels would leave, and the awkward silence would end. Masaru looked at his son, taking in his expression.


“This isn’t your fault Katsuki…” He began


“How isn’t it? It’s my damned job, I am meant to fight the demons end them, save people , and… I can’t even figure out how to summon that sword!” Katsuki exclaimed. “What kind of avenging angel does that make me?”


“A young one, a child.” Masaru said “Most avenging angels can’t summon their sword until they are 20. And then it can take another 10 years to master it.” Katsuki frowned.


“I need to learn sooner…” Katsuki said, “If I have to protect Izuku in their stead… I need to be able to use this side of me… Not just my human side… Wait… does that mean Izuku could still have a quirk too?” Katsuki noticed, that caused the teachers to look up. Of course it would grab their attention. Katsuki thought with a roll of his eyes.


“I mean, it is easier with 2nd generation Earthen angels, like you. I had one Earthen angel parent, one human,  the main reason I have a quirk, but it is rare. It is possible. As Izuku is a 1st generation earthen angel too, there is a lower chance, and if he did it would be like Flame thrower.”


“Let’s hope he doesn’t get one then.” Katsuki muttered.


“Yes, if would be harder for us to protect him from Flame Thrower if he got his quirk.” Masaru sighed.




It was at least an hour late until Nezu was able to get Flame thrower of campus. Nezu sighed as he watched him go, it was time to speak to the class.


“Nezu, you lied to my father! That child obviously looks like him…” Mikumo began


“Let me explain. For there is a good reason Young Izuku must be kept from him.” Nezu said, the class gathered around him. “Have any of you heard of Earthen angels?”


“They are an Urban legend, said to be half angel, half human, with angel abilities. Why?” Todoroki asked


“Because they are real. Young Izuku is one.” Nezu said, Mitsuki folded her arms.


“My husband is one, and as it my son.” She scowled. “But if ther government found out they would be rounded up and experimented on.”


“It would be much worse then that, Mrs. Bakugo. Much, much worse.” Nezu shook his head. “I had several friend whilst being experimented one. They were all Earthen Angels varying in types and ages. Of course all trace of them was wiped before I was rescued. But the horrors they endured… many lost their abilities becoming what is none as lost angels after the government were forcing them to use their abilities. If they found young Izuku… well, he was would not survive, not at his age. They would abuse his abilities beyond what his body would cope, and it would fail… and they would just cast him aside.” Nezu frowned, everyone was silent. “That is a secret they try and keep. And it is one the League of villains were fighting for, as we know now they were fighting to make the world safe for him. And now, it is our job.”


“That doesn’t explain my father…” Mikumo began


“Flame thrower is his biological father… and he left Izuku as a new-born in a dumpster where he was found by the villains. It was obviously the day he had received Izuku from the heavens, as you had not known of him before today.” Nezu said, his usual smile gone, just leaving a dark expression. 2From what we are aware, from what the Bakugo’s and Young Izuku have told us, we believe he has made a deal with a demon. One Young Bakugo cannot fight yet and one Izuku has no power against.  So, for their safety, we can not let him know. I hope you understand, Young Midoriya. Their lives would be at stack if he found them.”


“We’ll keep it a secret sensei!” Kirishima nodded.


“Good.” Nezu nodded. “I will send You husband and son your way when I get back to the staffroom.”


“Thank you.” Mitsuki nodded.




Nezu returned to the staff room, smiling as he saw Izuku sleeping in Masaru’s arms. The older Bakugo sighed upon seeing him.


“Nezu, I need to ask… is Izuku truly safe here? Is my son safe here?” Masaru asked


“That is yet to be seen, but I have found surviving angels with nothing to do with the government. I will do all I can to protect you and your kind. At this point, I have a proposition for you. If I were to start working on a village with the U.A grounds with the best protection for angels, would you move there? Your son could live there instead of the dorms and Izuku could too. And if we found any other angels, we could provide them protection too.” Nezu said.


“If you are able to do that Nezu…” Masaru looked at his son. “That would be the best thing for us to do.”


“Then, I will prepare for work to be started as soon as possible.” Nezu nodded, the deal was set, and the future began to unravel from the Government’s grasp.

Chapter Text

Katsuki returned to the dorms with Izuku after everyone had gone to bed, Izuku was clinging to him tightly after Masaru had passed him over. He had to settled down in his new bed with Izuku on his side. Instead of pulling the blankets around them, Katsuki curled his wings around them. Izuku yawned and cuddled into him, Katsuki smiled softly.


“I’ll protect you Izuku.” Katsuki promised.




Katsuki had been able to get himself and Izuku up before the rest of his class, His parents had gone home but he knew they would be moving to the new ‘Angel Village’ Nezu was having built. To be honest, the idea was exciting. It could bring angels together from all across Japan, they could live together, safe. Izuku skipped at his side as they headed to the class room, Katsuki had a packed them a breakfast and a lunch just to avoid the class. He was angry with Mikumo for what he did, he was furious. He endangered Izuku and himself without asking. If he had just asked, he could have explained. But No.


“Are you okay Kacchan?” Izuku asked.


“Just peachy.” Katsuki responded, stopping outside his classroom. “This is where we are going to be all day.”


“Ohoo….” Izuku looked at the door and giggled. “It’s big.”


“It is, isn’t it?” Katsuki chuckled, opening the door, he noticed a small table and desk next to his, and he smiled. “Nezu got you your own seat and desk.” Izuku gasped excitedly, they went over and Izuku settled in his seat.


Katsuki reached into his bag and pulled out a large flask, he had made Miso soup that morning. He gave Izuku a bowl and spoon and set his own on his desk, before pouring some soup into both.

“Looks nice Kacchan!” Izuku beamed and lightly blew on his soup before taking a small bit. He hummed happily, Katsuki smiled and turned to eating his own.



They had both finished before the class began to enter, Izuku visibly flinched when Mikumo entered the room with his main friendship group, Uraraka and Iida. Katsuki brought out his wings again and used one to shield Izuku, the younger angel relaxed under his shadow. Katsuki looked down at him, and Izuku glanced up with a small smile.


“Bakubro!” Kirishima ran over, Katsuki groaned, but looked at the red head fondly. “You totally abandoned us this morning, how could you?” Kirishima pouted, throwing his arms around Katsuki, being mindful of his wings, He pouted at Izuku. “He a secret meanie.” He added in a not so quiet whisper, Izuku giggled lightly.


“I’m Izuku!” he smiled


“Yep, And I’m Kirishima Eijirou, pleased to meet you.” Kirishima smiled, holding out his hand to the child. Izuku bumped his head against this hand, Kirishima bit his lip as it was just like a puppy wanting to be pet. Kirishima  happily ruffled the green curls, beaming happily. Katsuki huffed with a small smile on his face, Izuku was clearly enjoying the attention.


“Kirishima has been a friend of mine since the training we did at the U.S.J, something about how believing in my class mates is manly.” Katsuki told Izuku, who looked up at Kirishima.


“What’s manly?” Izuku questioned, Kirishima was going to reply, until Aizawa entered the room, and he hurried to his seat. Izuku looked at the man curiously.


“I know Nezu all told you about Izuku’s situation last night after… that unfortunate situation with Flame Thrower. You are all aware of Izuku and Bakugo’s natures, and we do ask you keep them a secret, as with you literally have information their survival depends on. If someone leaks that information after this talk, you better believe Nezu will not allow you anywhere near this school after, so keep that all in mind.” Aizawa said, the class mumbled their agreements. Izuku looked up at Katsuki curiously, the teen just gave him a small smile, moving his wing closer to the toddler, so it rest against his own. Izuku relaxed a little more under Katsuki’s wings.




1-A mostly enjoyed Izuku’s company, what surprised them was how Bakugo was treating him. Granted they were both earthen angels, but they never thought he could act as he was. They had walked in on his preening Izuku’s wings the first night, and now, here they were, watching Izuku preen Katsuki’s wings. Kirishima sat next to Izuku.


“What you doing?” He asked


“He’s preening my wings idiot, what do you think he is doing?” Katsuki huffed.


“Yeah… but why?” Kirishima asked


“Bad feather are itchy.” Izuku answered simply, pulling out a loose feather from Katsuki’s wing.


“Our wings need specific care you know.” Katsuki added. “Though, it is a lot harder to care for them alone… and getting someone unknown to preen our wings is a huge no go.” Katsuki added, Izuku nodded in agreement, his smaller wings ruffling lightly at the idea of some one he didn’t trust touching his wings. Kirishima watched curiously.


“So, you’re wings are sensitive?” He asked


“It’s not quite that… I am not actually sure why. See, I am fine with the idea of my parents helping and Izuku… everyone else… it just feels wrong… I can understand trusting Izuku, and My dad, but it obviously isn’t an issue that normal humans touching my wings cause my mom is just normal.”


“Maybe it is a matter of trust? I mean… Nezu mentioned what the government would do if they found out about you… I am guessing that maybe all eathern angels are warned, and have a natural sense of distrust of people who, well, who you don’t know if you can trust them or not…” Kirishima suggested.


“Maybe… “ Katsuki muttered


“Well, it doesn’t matter, do you two want to join us with games tonight?” Kirishima asked, with a hopeful smile.


“Sorry, I promised Izuku we’d do a bit of flying.” Katsuki said.


“I am a good flier!” Izuku added with a big smile, Kirishima grinned.


“Aw man, I bet flying is a lot of fun.”


“It is! My wings are really-really strong” Izuku nodded.



Games were cancelled that night, as the class decided to watch them fly. They talk amongst themselves, as the two angels took to the air. Their silhouettes dancing amongst the sunset sky.



Nezu had sent word to an angel that walked in plain sight, but their true nature a secret. They read through the letter with a small huff. “A village just for angels… I guess there is no harm in trying for that aim…” They muttered, looking up into the sky, their wings stretched out, “But a hero with a demon…” they stood and in their grasp a long sword formed. “That I just can’t let go.”

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Bakugo woke up the next morning by pressure on his chest, he opened his eyes and looked down. Izuku curled up on his chest, wings tucked against his back.  He smiled and huffed.


“Come on Zuku, time to wake up.” Izuku mumbled and peeked up at him tiredly, Katsuki smiled. “we need to get ready for the day.”  Katsuki chuckled at him, ruffling his wings a little. Izuku grumbled to himself and climbed off Katsuki but curled up on the bed next to him. Katsuki got himself up and began to prepare for the day. Izuku had slowly awoken whilst Katsuki was getting ready, He watched him quietly, before deciding he should get ready himself. He pulled out his own clothes and Katsuki smiled as he watched him trying to get ready. “Come here, let me help.” Katsuki said, helping him.


Izuku looked down at his little tiger shirt and smiled. “Thank You Kacchan!”


“It’s a pleasure, come on, let’s get some breakfast. I am starving.” Katsuki said


“Yep, can we have white rice?” Izuku asked


“Sure.” Katsuki nodded.



Kirishima was the next down, asking Katsuki when would be the next time they could train after school together. Katsuki giving him short answers but telling him once the angel village is complete Kirishima stopped.


“Wait… Angel village?” Kirishima asked


“Oh, Nezu is thinking of making a village for just angels on Campus, it will keep us all safe from the government. There will be loads of angels, hopefully, so Izuku will be able to be with them and learn and I can make training my main priority again.” Katsuki said


“Ah, that sounds like it would be great for him.” Kirishima glanced over at Izuku who was doodling.


“Yeah.” Katsuki smiled with a nod. “It would be good for him to be around other angels.”


“It would be good for you too, I bet.” Kirishima said.


“Yeah, but I would be moving into the village, with my dad and mom. So, I will get to be around them most of the time.” Katsuki said, he was going to say more, but his jaw snapped shut as Mikumo came down. Katsuki quickly finished his and Izuku’s breakfast, put it into travel mug, got disposable bowls. He put them in his bag and quickly left with Izuku. Kirishima, Mikumo and the other members of the class that came down.


“What is his problem with me… we are friends…” Mikumo began


“Well, you did call your dad without speaking to them, and Appreantly your dad has a demon that will likely kill them if they found them…. Soo…. You did kinda of put them up for murder dude.” Kaminari said, being the one with the faulty filter. Mikumo frowned and watched Katsuki and Izuku walking away towards the main school building.




“Are you sure about this Nezu?” Aizawa asked


“Yes, he is the main angel out in plain sight, the sooner young Bakugo and Izuku are made aware of that fact, they can get help. Especially young Bakugo.” Nezu said


“What if the government find out?” Aizawa was concerned.


“Then I would have to seriously reconsider who I have as staff here.” Nezu answered seriously. “If anyone told of their nature… I would make their live miserable. I would make sure the world knows that this hero endangered the life of a young teen and a 2-year-old child. I would make sure this society collapsed. And I would not hesitate to help the league of villains in their plans. That is what I would do, Aizawa.” Nezu looked him straight in the eye. Aizawa just gave him a nod. “Keep an eye on them Aizawa, they are the future that will save the rest of their kind.”


“Of course sir.” Aizawa nodded, he left the principles office and headed to his class to get a few more minutes sleep. He stopped by the door as he saw Izuku and Katsuki. The teen smiling as Izuku ate happily, his little legs kicking as rice stuck around his mouth. Katsuki laughed lightly and cleaned his cheeks.


“You’re a mess pup Izuku.” Katsuki said fondly, Izuku just stuck his tongue out playfully. Katsuki booped his nose. Izuku giggled happily. The future to save their kind… Aizawa thought. He sighed, he had a lot to try and teach them before they would be ready for that…




Katsuki sat with Izuku in common room, the two of them working on a puzzle, Kirishima sat next to them, trying to help. The rest were sitting around, no one really noticing when Nezu entered the dorms with Aizawa and a third pro hero. Izuku immediately reacted, green eyes falling on to the third hero, his eyes wide.


“Big angel…” He whispered, causing Katsuki to look up too. The third hero, The actual Number three hero in Japan, Hawks, smiled lightly. His wings ruffled a little. It was silent as he approached and knelt before Izuku.


“I am Hawks. It’s a pleasure to meet you little one.” He smiled. Izuku put down his puzzle piece and stood up, Izuku looked up at him.


“I’m Izuku.” He said.


“Nice to meet you, never seen an angel like you before.” Hawks admitted. “Guess you are as rare as they claim.”


“They claim?” Katsuki asked


“My parents.” Hawks said “Believe it or not, they are both Earthen angels too. My mother is a guardian angel, My father an Archangel.”


“My father is a Guardian.” Katsuki muttered.


“My heaven mama is a Fate Angel!”  Izuku said “Mua-nii said she visit whilst I was sleeping.”


“Fate angels are the highest-ranking right, wow.” Hawks beamed, he jumped a little as Izuku ran into his wings, giggling.  Hawks recovered and lowered his wing, so it curled around Izuku.


“How many angels are actually hiding in plain sight?” Kaminari muttered.


“A lot, you would be surprised. The older generations learnt quickly, and it is now part of us all when we are born, we know we can not trust those in authority… I am lucky my quirk affects my wings, so it seems like the wings are just an addition of my quirk. They never guessed I might be an angel.”


“What kind are you?” Izuku asked.


“That is actually why I am here…” Hawks looks directly at Katsuki.  And without another word, Katsuki watched as a sword formed in Hawks hand. He felt his breath caught in his throat.


“Avenging angel…” Katsuki muttered, Hawks smiled with a nod. Katsuki now understood the real reason he was there.

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Hawks explained the plan to Katsuki as Izuku continued to cuddle up under his wing, unbeknownst to everyone. Izuku had curled up and gone to sleep, his own wings puffed out over him like a little blanket. It wasn’t until Hawks stood to leave they noticed as Izuku made a small noise. Katsuki was quick, his own wing quickly taking Hawks’ place, Izuku settled again. Cuddling into the sofa a little. The class sighed in relief.


“Man, I hadn’t even noticed he was asleep… But man… I just to curl up under my mother’s wings all the time.” Hawks remembered fondly.


“Wait, so curling up under a parents wings is normal?” Katsuki asked, Hawks grinned and nodded.


“As kids, it is the safest place we can feel to be. It is no surprise it is the same to Izuku.” He smiled. “Despite being raised without any other angels, he is pretty Intune with what he is. It’s actually quite impressive.” Hawks shook Katsuki’s hand before he left, and Katsuki carefully picked Izuku up and took him to his room. Katsuki spent the night with his wings out, one covering Izuku protectively. Just like how his dad use to when Katsuki had had a bad day.




Hawks happily took day-care duty to look over Izuku the following day, he had arrived early. Getting to the dorms around the time everyone was up and eating breakfast, Izuku waved at him excitedly, how could he resist? He mentioned to Katsuki he was going to check on how the angel village building was going. Katsuki was fine with that, he did ask Hawks to get pictures for him so he could have a look too. He had to be in class that day, Aizawa saying he would be having an important message for the class in home room. Even though Katsuki had the permission to spend most home rooms with Hawks, learning how to use his angel abilities.


“Wow…” Izuku whispered from his place on Hawks shoulders as the looked over the base of what would become the angel village. Parted from the school, shielded by the large amount of trees surrounding it. And being quite far on to the school grounds that it would keep them safe from being found out.


“It’s gonna be a big place.” Hawks muttered and smiled softly. “But sure is going to be the safest village in Japan.


“I want Mua-Nii to see this and live here too. And Dabi-nii, and Crystal… everyone.” Izuku mumbled.


“That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” Hawks smiled. “Hey, I’ll tell you a secret.” He took Izuku off his shoulders and they sat under a tree. Izuku looked up at him, confused.


“Are you allowed to tell me secrets?” He asked


“Yeah, I think you’ll like this one.” Hawks smiled.  “ The government want me to go undercover with the league, so… I will get to see them all. I can pass on messages from you if you want.” He offered.


“I can make them cards!” Izuku gasped happily.


“Yeah, and they will know all about how well you are doing, That Katsuki is doing a good job as a protector. I hope they trust me despite being a hero…” Hawks frowned.


“You’re an Angel, they will. We can take a picture! Show Mua-nii all the angels. Me, Kacchan, Kacchan’s Papa, You. All of us!” Izuku beamed.


“I think they would like to see that picture.” Hawks ruffled his hair. Izuku giggled happily, cuddling into his side, under the protection of his wings.




“It looks like it is going to be a big place.” Katsuki muttered, looking at the pictures Hawks had gotten.


“Yeah, it’s is going to be great.” Hawks nodded. “I mentioned it to my parents, and they are really excited about everything. Not even they have seen a Soul angel before.”


“I wonder if there are any other soul angels…” Katsuki muttered. Looking up, Izuku was sitting with Kirishima, the red head showing Izuku his Red Riot comics.


“Maybe, but… chances are we won’t really ever know.” Hawks sad sadly.




“Internships?” Izuku repeated. Later that day, after Katsuki got back from classes, The class had gone out to shop, Katsuki stayed behind with Izuku.


“Yeah, basically, I will go and work with a hero for a bit. Help me gain experience.” Katsuki explained, as he cooked, Izuku sitting on the side next to him.


“Not the one that hurt Papa…” Izuku shook his head.


“Well, he’s retired now, and yeah, I wouldn’t.” Katsuki ruffled his hair. “Hawks is actually going to take me, so we have more time to practice.”


“That’s good!” Izuku beamed.


“It is. I am really looking forward to it.” Katsuki smiled, tasting the Curry sauce. “Um… This is plain for me, but how do you like it?” Katsuki held out a spoon. Izuku blew on the food and took it.


“Um. It’s nice. I like it!” Izuku told him.


“Great, I will split some up then. I like mine very spicy.” Katsuki smiled, He put some of the curry into a separate pot and began adding spice to his pot. He finished up making their dinners, Izuku got from the side and ran to the table laughing as Katsuki carried over three plates. Hawks was at the table going over some paper work he had been given, looking bored. “I made you a plate.” Katsuki said, putting a plate before Hawks, the Pro hero looked up.


“Oh, thank you.” Hawks smiled. “who knew going undercover had so much paper work.”


“Undercover?” Katsuki repeated.


“The government want me to be a spy at the League. I am going to use it to share notes between Izuku and his family.” Hawks smiled.


“We need to send Pictures.” Izuku said. Katsuki smiled.


“That sounds like a good plan.” Katsuki nodded. The three of them happily dug into the curry, Hawks gasped at the heat of the curry, causing Izuku to giggle as Katsuki rushed off to get some milk for the hero.


“Thanks…” Hawks gasped after taking two glasses of Milk. Katsuki made him up a new plate using the curry from Izuku’s pot, the hero sighed in relief.

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Hawks had not expected him to be asked to contact the league so soon. It was the first day of the internships and he had wanted to be there to great Katsuki, but no. they had to send him off instead. But there was a bonus. With a picture of him, Izuku and Katsuki, Hawks was ready to start his job as a so-called spy but was more of a messenger.


Hawks flew over the area he had been told to check out for them, and with a little hint from Izuku, he knew he was in the right area. It was just a matter of locating their exact hiding place. As he soared up to circle around again, he stopped as a single, emerald green feather fluttered down in front of him. He quickly turned to see a female angel, long green hair flowing around her as he wings beat the air. She looked so much like Izuku. He thought, it was impossible to miss the heavenly aura she had. This had to be Izuku’s mother. She smiled, and quickly flew away. Hawks quickly followed after her, she was so fast! Hawks huffed, it was hard to keep up. But somehow he managed to keep up. She landed softly in a darken alley, the only light from herself. Hawks landed near her, she smiled.


“Sora, an avenging angel.” She said softly, “You are the bridge between the heroes and villains, I will thank you now for your help, and care of my child.”


“You know the whole plan?” He asked, she nodded.


“I am a fate angel, I see all that goes on.” She said.


“What’s your name?” Hawks asked


“Call me Inko. Now…” Inko stepped to the side as a door in the alley burst opened, and Shigaraki from the league came bursting into the alley with Dabi at his side. The two villains got into a fighting stance. “He is here on a mission.” Inko told them, Dabi and Shigaraki stopped. “This Earthen Angel knows Izuku.” The villains looked at him.


“Well the government want me to spy on you, but honestly the moment they asked me I realised I could pass messages between you guys.”


“You’re an angel too?” Shigaraki asked


“Yes, I am an Avenging Angel.” Hawks smiled. “I am actually teaching Bakugo how to use his avenging powers to be able to protect Izuku better. That and the Angel village is going to need some protectors.”


 “Angel village?” Dabi asked


“You have a lot to discuss. But trust me, you can trust each other.” Inko said, smiling. “I am counting your different sides to take care of my baby and help my kind who have been trapped.” She faded, as if carried away by the breeze.


“Wow… I can see where Izuku got his looks from.” Hawks muttered.


“They do look alike… so… you are here as a messenger?” Shigaraki asked


“Yeah, but the sake of the government, call me a spy.” Hawks grinned


“They have an angel hero… and using them as a spy?” Dabi looked at him oddly.


“Hey, never said they knew what I was.” Hawk smirked. “To those who know what I am call me the angel in plain sight, because I have a quirk that affects my wings, I am able to make out that I have wings as my quirk.” He explained.


“Getting involved with Izuku…” Shigaraki began


“The biggest and best risk of my life!” Hawks beamed. “Nezu is building a village in U.A for angels all across Japan, so they are safe….” Dabi covered his mouth.


“Ssh, not safe to talk about it out here. Come with us.” He said, Hawks nodded. He followed after them both silently.




Hawks shifted his wings nervously as everyone from the league stared at him.


“Don’t be so nervous… unless you hurt lil Izuku.” Crystal said.


“Ah, Izuku is fine, right as rain!” Hawks said. “Though I heard from Nezu there had been a close call, but luckily Izuku had been with Katsuki and his father at the time and they were able to get to a safe place.” Hawks told them.


“What do you mean?” Shigaraki frowned.


“I don’t know the full story, by Nezu told me about Flame throwers connection to Izuku, and mentioned that his half brother had mentioned to his father there was a kid that looked like him. The demon-dealer went to the school, but Katsuki’s father, a guardian angel was able to take Izuku and his son to the staff room to keep them from him. If the three of them had been found by him, they would have all been killed.” Hawks frowned. “And Katsuki mentioned something strange that happened too… that Flame thrower’s oldest son was able to feel they were humans… and that in itself is worrying, as it might imply he too has a demon deal or is half demon.”


“That is bad….” Dabi muttered.


“Nezu is keeping a closer eye on what is going on. And I know he has threatened the teachers too. If they say anything about them being there, their lives will be ruined. He even admitted to me… and I can’t blame him, that if things went pear shaped, he would more likely side with you instead of the government. And… so will I. Every Angel will.” Hawks looked at them all. “There are a lot of us hiding in plain sight, those of us who can make our wings look like quirks or hide them. You will be surprised how many of us are ready to turn out backs on everything in this society to join you if it ever came to a fight between our freedom.”


“How many are you talking about?” Shigaraki asked


“Let’s say a rough estimate of….” Hawks smiled a glint in his eye “10% of Japan’s population.”


“Holy fuck…” Deimos gasped


“You will be surprised how well we learnt to hide from the government after they began practically killing us off.” Hawks grinned. He held out a photo. Shigaraki took it. It was a picture of Izuku, Hawks, Katsuki and Masaru, all four of them fluffing up their wings for the photo. Izuku was beaming widely. Shigaraki looked up at him. “And you will never understand how far we will go to protect a soul angel.”


“Then I guess I should welcome you as honorary member of the league of villains.” Shigaraki held out a gloved hand, Hawks grasped it.


“I will be happy to make this world a better place for Izuku.” Hawks said


“Then we will get along fine.” Shigaraki smiled.


“Great!” Hawks grinned. He did it!

Chapter Text

“Hey Zuku! I got something for you!” Hawks beamed, he had spent two days with the league, he had told them everything, even showing them  photos of the new angel village.


“That hero principle seems rather okay doing all these things… how do we know its not a trap for the angels?” Shigaraki had asked


“Because he had met a lot of them whilst he was a captative of human experimentation. Also… with the amount of angels, the school would have no chance against us all.” Hawks had replied, it had been a good enough answer for them.


“Hawks!” Izuku ran over, wings out happily. Hawks laughed as he lifted him up.


“Good to see you again little man!” Hawks smiled “And don’t I have a tale for you!” He looked up as Katsuki was approaching them, “But, think it can wait until I get to training Katsuki a bit?”


“Train Kacchan first.” Izuku nodded. “Tales for dinner.”


“I will tell you at dinner then.” He put Izuku down. “Time to teach you how to summon you sword, Katsuki!” He said, Katsuki nodded, face set with determination.




Izuku sat with Masaru and Mitsuki, the two of them looking forward to seeing how Katsuki did, none more excited then Izuku, who was clearly looking forward to seeing what powers the angels had.


“You seem very excited Izuku.” Mitsuki smiled


“Kacchan’s powers!” Izuku beamed


“Yes, the avenging angels have a few more physical powers then other angels and there are different levels between them, but it is hard to tell what level of avenging angel they are.” Masaru explained.


“So cool…” Izuku muttered. Hawks and Katsuki sat across from each other, wings out and eyes closed. “Can I join?” Izuku asked, Masaru chuckled.


“How about we do it without bothering them?” He offered. Izuku nodded, climbing off his lap and sat on the grass. He looked at Katsuki before mimicking his position. Mitsuki shook her head at Masaru who copied him.


It took a while before anything,  Hawks summoned his sword before him. Izuku opened his eyes to look, Katsuki concentrated, the air before him shimmer with a fire like aura. Izuku smiled happily, before it burst like an explosion, Katsuki fell on to his back heaving for breath.


“Kacchan! Are you okay?” Izuku hurried over. Katsuki smiled.


“Yeah… that… that was exhausting…” He muttered.


“Um, your angel aura isn’t strong enough yet… you need to build it up.” Hawks said


“Ah… how do I do that?” Katsuki asked


“Well, you need complete your own angel tasks…” Hawks admitted. “So… it might be more difficult. You can join me out on patrol, and we can work on it there. For us, we need to defeat demons. We will have to hunt down some low-level ones to build your aura.”


“Right…” Katsuki nodded.


“You can do it Kacchan!” Izuku cheered happily. Katsuki smiled.


“I can with you cheering me on.” Katsuki said, hugging him tightly. Izuku giggled.




Katsuki stood making Katsudon as Hawks told Izuku all about his meeting with the league. Izuku was listening carefully as Hawks talked.


“Oh, I also met someone every interesting, who actually led me to the league.” Hawks said, Katsuki looked back at them.


“Who?” Izuku asked


“A heavenly angel… your mother.” Hawks smiled.


“You met heaven-mama too!” Izuku beamed “Is she okay?”


“Yeah, she is really fast at flying, I had trouble keeping up. But she is the one who ended helping me find the league.” Hawks smiled. “You look a lot like her.” Izuku blushed and held his cheeks.


“I do?” He asked


“Oh yeah, she had long green hair and bright green eyes. Just like you.” Hawks nodded, Izuku smiled happily.


“Dinner’s ready!” Katsuki called. Izuku cheered, as Katsuki put a bowl in front of him and Hawks. “It’s really quiet without the rest of the class…” He said as he sat down.


“I guess it would be…” Hawks nodded. “We never got to go on internships in my hero school… not that I actually wanted to go into hero school…”


“What do you mean?” Katsuki asked, Izuku was digging into his dinner happily, not caring for the rice that easily stuck to his cheeks.


“I was mostly forced to be a hero, but the government, they don’t know I am an angel… but they know my quirk is powerful… and that is all they cared about.”  Hawks said, taking a bit of his dinner. “The only good thing about it is what is coming up now… That I got to meet you, Izuku, How I am at least being helpful in a way I am happy too.”


“Man… I never guessed some people might go through that…” Katsuki muttered.


“They keep all that hushed up, they don’t want people to know how many powerful heroes they have forced into this position. Or how many weaker people they have shut down… It’s horrible.” Hawks frowned.


“What happens to them?” Izuku asked.


“Who?” Hawks looked at him.


“The weaker people, what happens?” Izuku said.


“Well… they are forced into villainy, forced to commit suicide, abused to death… it is never a happy ending to them…” Hawks said sadly. Izuku sat in silence, looking at his dinner.


“Can we help them?” Izuku asked


“I guess… but it would require a big wish… one that would affect all over the world… I am not sure your body will handle such a wish just yet.” Hawks smiled kindly.


“Maybe we can make more of a difference as heroes… I could ask my class to get involved.” Katsuki suggested.


“That might work, but with the government in place… it may not go too well.” Hawks sighed. Izuku was silent as his listen to Hawks and Katsuki talk about what they could do.  His wings puffed up a little, something the other two angels noticed, and they turned to Izuku, who’s cheeks were puffed out.


“Izuku… are you okay?” Katsuki asked


“If I was just human…” He muttered quietly, but loud enough for them to hear. “If I was just human, I would be quirkless…” He said, silence fell around them as Izuku looked up, eyes filled with determination. “I want to help them!”

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“I am thinking of taking Izuku out for a small walk outside campus.” Nezu said, Hawks and Katsuki sat before his desk, Izuku pulling under their wings.


“What?” Katsuki demanded


“Is that safe?” Hawks frowned


“I know, you might be worried. But I have a reason. But the main one is being that Izuku has been shut away most of his young life. And I don’t want that to still be the case here… I know of the dangers, but with heroes with him, there should be that safety net.” Nezu explained.


“I went out… um… Once!” Izuku stood up, peeking at Nezu over the desk, all the mammal could see was the bright green eyes and curly hair. “To the park and we were attacked, bu Mua-nii saved the day!” Izuku giggled happily.


“I remember that.” Hawks muttered quietly.


“I know it is dangerous… but as I said, we can’t keep him locked inside campus.” Nezu said “No how big the campus is.”


“I wanna see, I wanna see. Can I Kacchan?” Izuku asked. Katsuki smiled softly and ruffled his head.


“It would be worth it… you’re right. We can’t keep Izuku all trapped up. It may be safer, but it is always better to see the world. But, we’ll be careful. Under the cover of night.” Hawks nodded, Izuku beamed, giggling happily, cuddling under Katsuki and Hawks’  wings.




Katsuki made dinner again that night, 1-A could see how excited Izuku was, running round giggling. Kirishima darted after him grinning, he finally caught up, picking up Izuku.


“Got you, you are in a very good mood today.” Kirishima said


“I am going outside, outside!” Izuku grinned.


“You go outside a lot of the time…” Kirishima muttered a little confused.


“He means outside the walls of protected areas.” Katsuki called from the kitchen. Hawks glanced up from paper work.


“Nezu and I will be taking him out with Katsuki. Under the cover of night to make it safer.” Hawks smiled, Izuku giggled, reaching for him in Kirishima’s arms. Hawks put down his work and accepted Izuku into his arms. For now it is all we can do. We don’t want to keep him locked up in side the U.A grounds. It maybe big, but the world is bigger.”


“I wanna see the world!” Izuku burst out.


“One day Zu, one day I will make sure you see the world.” Hawks promised. Aoyama stepped forward to tell Izuku all about his home country of France. Izuku listened as Aoyama spoke about his home in as much detail as he could. Katsuki came in with two bowls of Soba, once for Izuku and one for Hawks, before going back and getting his own. Hawks settled Izuku into his own seat so he could eat.


“So… where do you plan on taking him at night?” Kirishima asked curiously.


“Just a walk, we won’t be going too far.” Hawks smiled. Izuku wasn’t paying attention, to busy enjoying his dinner with a happy blush on his cheeks. Katsuki smiled softly.


“Either way, it is going to be nice, right?” He put a hand on Izuku’s head, he giggled.


“Night is nice, the stars are pretty.” Izuku said.




Katsuki zipped up Izuku jacket, his two wings poking out of holes in the back, Hawks had brought him a load of jackets that he had as a kid. Izuku giggled, running around in his new coat as Katsuki put his own on.


“Are you two ready to head out now?” Nezu asked


“I’m ready! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Izuku beamed, waving his arms. Katsuki smiled.


“Yeah, I’m ready.” Katsuki nodded, Izuku took his hand as Hawks and Nezu led the way out. They exit the U.A grounds, Izuku sticking close to  Katsuki as they walked.


They had been walking for a while, Izuku running around the three of them, giggling happily, occasionally jumping up with a little push from his wings.


“Be careful there Zu, don’t go running off too far.” Hawks called. Izuku stood and ran back them.


“Okay!” He beamed, before running ahead again, be he stopped suddenly, he looked confused, and his wings quivered. The three others quickly ran to catch up with him. Izuku turned and ran to Katsuki.


The three of them froze at the sight before them, Izuku peeked out behind Katsuki and Nezu as Katsuki and Nezu looked on in confusion. Hawks had a look of horror


“What is that?”  Izuku asked


“Stay back…” Hawks threw out his arm, “You are both too young to see this… too young…” Hawks muttered, he began making them back up.


“Wait… why? I’m not a kid… and that’s an angel… I can see…” Katsuki stopped. He took in the angels wings… tuffs of feathers looked like they had been pulled out.


“That’s a lost angel…” Hawks said sadly. “And this one… as reached the end of the lost lands…” Before he could tell them to turn and run the angel looked directly at them, blue eyes blazing, purple hair hanging loose, skin pulled taunt over bones…  A dark glowing circle appeared beneath them, dark bindings wrapped around them. Katsuki and Izuku were horrified at what they were seeing. Izuku gripped Katsuki tightly, Hawks spread his wings, doing his best to block the scene from them… but the screams were not something he could save them from. They caused Izuku to burst into tears, Katsuki knelt holding him close. He looked up as Hawks’ wings moved. He had ran at the angel… but there was no angel there any more…. Just a demon… Katsuki eyes widened in horror as Hawks had to cut the demon down there. Nezu had been silent, but it was clear the rodent was in shock. Hawks bowed his head.


“You were too young to know this…. To see it yourself…” Hawks muttered. He looked to wear the ex-angel, the newly turned demon had stood.


“Demons… Demons were angels….” Katsuki said.


“It is a long story… lets get back to U.A. I think that is enough of the outside world for today.” Hawks said. Katsuki picked Izuku, and they began the silent journey back to U.A.

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Katsuki and Izuku settled on the sofa the moment they got back in. Hawks got Izuku’s coat off, whilst Nezu made tea. Aizawa had apparently been waiting for them, coming down and frowning at the sickened expression on Katsuki’s face, and the fact Izuku was curling into his side with tears.


“What happened?” Aizawa asked, Nezu passed around cups of tea, giving Izuku a cup of warm Milk instead.


“They witnessed something they shouldn’t have… something not even I learnt until I was 19… honestly… it is even harder seeing it in person… I was just told by my own parents.” Hawks sighed, accepting the tea Nezu gave him.


“I… I don’t understand.” Katsuki frowned


“All Demons were once angels, Katsuki. Much like Christianity states, they believe the devil was once an angel who fell from Gods grace… and that is true in a sense.” Hawks explained. Aizawa sat down to listen. “There are different types of angels… but there, are also three stages.”


“Three stages…” Katsuki muttered.


“Yes, actually… for an odd reason, sometimes Lost angels are still referred to as angels, technically they are, but it is more of a stage… and that is what the government are creating.” Hawks closed his eyes. “Angels all have their own jobs and powers, and we do those jobs in a willingness to aid the world towards a better place. But even our Spirits can be broken. If you break the spirit of an angel… they lose their abilities, their wings start to fall apart. The whites of their eyes go black over time… and the more faith they lose… the further they get from grace and closer to the edge of the lost.”


“And when they reach the edge of the lost…” Katsuki said.


“They are too far for anyone to help… anyone but one kind of angel that vanished alongside the soul angels…” Hawks frowned. “Reach the edge of the lost and you become a demon. After their first cycle as a demon, they are unable to be saved… but honestly… no one alive knows how too… no one has that power…”


“You mentioned a kind of angel that vanished alongside the soul angels.” Nezu said


“Right… I never really got it, but my parents mentioned it once or twice. Soul angels are rare of course, but they are also the only kind of angel that cannot hide their wings. Now, imagine an angel without wings.” Hawks said. “There was said to be a kind of angel, an opposite to the soul angels, the ying to the yang sort of thing. They are the perfect balance, both beings of grace, but it is the Spirit angels that show that Demons are closer to use then we all realise. Wingless angels with horns and a tail. They have the job of leading lost angels back to their angelic paths, and if they find a demon still within the first cycle, they can lead them back to grace.”  Hawks explained. “Or that is at least what my parents told me.”


“What happened to them…” Izuku asked


“No one knows… At least with soul angels we know they were gathered for their ability and all forced to use them, leading to all of them either dying or… well… becoming a demon…” Hawks bowed his head, Izuku clutched Katsuki’s arm. “Spirit angels… are different. They didn’t look like angels… I guess there is a chance they were mistaken for quirks and attacked for that… but they vanished and well… with Izuku here… there should be one somewhere… just… no idea where.” Hawks frowned.


“Could I find them?” Izuku asked, the adults and Katsuki looked at him.


“What do you mean?” Hawks frowned


“You said we’re like ying yang. So… there should be a connection…” Izuku muttered. “Could I find them?”


“Um… maybe… but who knows… there is a chance, but they could be anywhere.” Hawks sighed.


“We’ll work on it another day. You two drink up and head to bed. This night has been hard on you. You too Hawks.”  Nezu said. “You can have tomorrow off Bakugo. I have a feeling you would want to speak to your father after this.” Bakugo looked at Nezu thankfully, Izuku yawned and climbed onto Katsuki’s lap.


“Yeah… thanks Sensei… night.” Katsuki lifted Izuku up and went upstairs. Leaving the adults to discuss.




Izuku let Katsuki help him into a onesie, before the young angel clung to him. Katsuki sat with him a while, petting his head.


“I know tonight wasn’t a good night… I doubt what we saw happens often. We got unlucky.” Katsuki told him.


“Will the angel village help… will we be able to stop angels becoming lost?” Izuku asked, Katsuki looked down at him.


“I don’t know. But, I think it would provide the safety angels need to be able to keep themselves in grace. And we can all work together to save others.” Katsuki smiled. “We are going to save all the angels… and save the ones who are lost. I promise you that Izuku.” Izuku smiled at him and cuddled into him.


“Thank you Kacchan.” Izuku muttered.


“Anytime Zu… I think we should as Hawks to warn the league about this… I bet they could help a little.”  Katsuki said, “Help find lost angels and keep them safe.”


“Mua-nii would help. He is nice.” Izuku nodded with a yawn.


“Yeah, come on brat, time to sleep. I will make up a nice breakfast in the morning.” Katsuki lay down, Izuku held against him.


“Okay, night-night Kacchan.” Izuku yawned. Katsuki rested his wing above Izuku.


“Night-night Izuku.” He smiled softly.




Katsuki and Izuku woke up past nine the next morning, Katsuki began working on making pancakes for breakfast. Izuku sat at the table drawing, when there was the sound of the door closing. Izuku got off his chair and went to investigate. He found a man at the Dorms door. They stared at each other. Izuku took in the bright blond hair, blue eyes, and the aura…. It was that man that hurt his papa… Izuku didn’t know what to do… this man was dangerous… he hurt his Papa and took him away… So he did the only thing that felt right…



He screamed.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Art of the lost angel from last chapter~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*


Chapter Text

Author's note: I am sorry this is late guys! I hope you all enjoy this chapter!


Yagi Toshinori, the now retired Pro Hero All Might, jumped at the kid screaming. Why was he screaming? Yagi noticed how Katsuki came running to the kids aid, before noticing him.


“Good fucking job.” Katsuki glared, picking Izuku up, who was now full-blown sobbing. “Hey, he can’t hurt you Zu. I won’t let him.”


“I would never…”  Yagi began


“He saw you beat the hell out of his dad, how do you expect him to act?” Katsuki hissed and took Izuku into the kitchen, sitting him at the table, as he went to finish breakfast.


“He was a villain…” Yagi began.


“He was one of very few people Izuku could trust… he could trust villains but not heroes… doesn’t that speak volumes about out society?” Katsuki asked. “They wanted to help people like us… so they can’t be all bad.”


“My Boy…” Yagi began


“What have you done for angels? What have you done for my kind?” Katsuki turned to him, causing Yagi shut up, and remain silent, he had no answer for that. “Exactly, the government abuse us and you have done nothing to help us… figures.” Katsuki sighed, finishing the pancakes and sorting them on to two plates. Izuku cheered up at his breakfast, thanking Katsuki with a big smile. Katsuki ruffled his hair. “Besides, you scare Izuku. And right now, it’s my job to protect…” He stopped as Hawks came running in, he saw All Might and glared.


“What are you doing here?” He asked, moving around to Izuku protectively.


“I was getting to asking that.” Katsuki muttered.


“I was hoping to get to meet young Izuku in a calmer situation.” Yagi admitted


“Well, wouldn’t warning us be better if you wanted to do that?” Katsuki huffed, Izuku was silent, eating his breakfast, but watching them all with a curious look in his eye.


“I guess it would have been better.”  Yagi nodded.


“You are a fucking moron.” Hawks sighed, rubbing his temple. Yagi bowed his head sadly.


“But, you want to make it up to Izuku? Prove it, show us that you aren’t a threat to our kind.” Katsuki said


“Yeah, but right now, you should leave. You did scare Izuku.” Hawks crossed his arms. Izuku looked up at him, chewing slowly.


“I…” Yagi began


“Yesterday was pretty hard on these two, so please. Make today easier by leaving them alone.” Hawks said, Yagi sighed but got up and left. Izuku stopped eating and looked up at Katsuki.


“He wants to make things better.” Izuku said, Katsuki looked back at him, Yagi also stopped, looking back.


“I know Zu… but right now… after last night, we don’t want him here…” Katsuki told him, Izuku looked thoughtful.


“Okay Kacchan.” Izuku nodded in agreement. Yagi frowned a little and left the angels alone.


“Think he might cause issues by trying to get Izuku to believe his dad is a bad guy? I mean, he’s a villain but…” Hawks muttered.


“I know Papa is a bad guy.” Izuku said and smiled happily. “But he did nothing bad when I was there, he kept me safe! And-and everyone was super nice.”


“I know… but… He won’t understand that…” Katsuki sighed. “He’s been a hero too along, to him a villain is a villain, no matter how nice they are to others.”


“Oh…” Izuku frowned.


“It’s not your fault Zu…” Katsuki hugged him. “Anyway, how about we finish breakfast, then you, me and Hawks can check out the new angel village?”


“Yes please!” Izuku beamed, eyes shining excitedly. Hawks sat down to talk to Katsuki as they finished up their breakfast.




“Wow…” Izuku gasped happily, Hawks smiled and looked over the progress with a happy smile.


“They have already finished a few places!” Katsuki said with a grinned.


“Yep, and it brings me to another reason I wanted to show you this place today.” Hawks grinned. “Come with me.” Hawks lead them into the village, leading them to the side where there was already 5 cottage like homes were built.


“Are they functional, like electricity and water?” Katsuki asked


“They are all fit for Angel habitation.” Hawks beamed, he walked over to one house and knocked on the door. Izuku and Katsuki stared as the door opened, a woman peeked out nervously, she sighed and opened the door.


“It’s going to take some getting used too, not being in danger every time we open the door.” She sighed. “How are you, Keigo?”


“I am great, I am actually here to introduce you to… well… two very important angels.” Hawks looked over at Izuku and Katsuki, the woman turned and gasped.


“I haven’t seen any young angels in generations.” She gasped and hurried over, hugging them both. “I am so pleased to meet you.”


“I am Bakugo Katsuki, Avenging Angel.” Katsuki bowed politely.


“I’m Izuku, I’mma soul angel!” Izuku grinned, she froze.


“A soul angel…” She gasped, looking to Hawks.


“Believe it or not… a bunch of villains found him and protected him from society.” Hawks smiled. “Until All Might caught his dad and Izuku was accidently left behind, but now he is staying with Katsuki as a favour and a promise to the villains to keep Izuku safe.”


“Villains… well, I guess there is faith found in mysterious ways.” She smiled and bowed. “I am  Tomizuka Reka. I am a Life angel.”


“A life angel…” Katsuki repeated as Izuku gasped happily, running over to her, his little wings fluffing up happily, Reka happily revealed her own wings, curling them around the child. 


“I haven’t met a life angel before!” Izuku said.


“Well, why don’t you all come in for tea… my neighbours will be joining shortly, and I think we can do a full introduction then.” Reka smiled.


“More angels have moved in?” Katsuki looked at Hawks, who grinned.


“Your parent’s mine, Reka, a married couple, and a family of four.” Hawks told him. “We have informed all angels of the situation here, they are all preparing for a move, we are moving those furthest from here first, but soon, this will be a burst village for our kind.”


“Amazing…” Katsuki muttered and followed Reka into her home. Izuku rushed to his side and took his hand.


“Kacchan?” He asked


“Yeah Zu?” Katsuki looked at him.


“I am happy.” Izuku cuddled into his leg, Katsuki smiled and ruffled his hair.


“Yeah, I am too bud.” Katsuki agreed. The two of them claimed seats on the sofa, it was just time to wait for the others to arrive.

Chapter Text

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Izuku was happy drinking a glass of milk, Reka and Hawks were talking happily as Katsuki was taking in the home. He was impressed with how it looked in such a short time. I guess Nezu is concerned about the government picking up on the amount of people moving… the faster we can get this done the more can be moved in and protected… Katsuki thought to himself, only leaving his thoughts when there was a knocked on the door. Reka headed to the door as Izuku peeked over his glass.


“Kacchan?” He asked, Katsuki turned to him and smiled. He sat next to Izuku, covering him with one wing. Izuku relaxed greeted under the wing, feeling safe and warm.


“Ready to meet some more angels?” Katsuki asked him, Izuku nodded lightly.


The Bakugo’s were the first to enter, Mitsuki happily cuddling Izuku in greeting. Masaru stood back chuckling, but Izuku soon escaped to snuggle under Masaru’s larger wings.  Eight new angels joined them in the room. Katsuki looked at them nervously, even the youngest of them was older then Katsuki, older then Hawk. Izuku noticed them too, and ended moving closer to Katsuki again, feeling safer under the safety of his amber wings.


“He’s adorable! He’s the Soul angel, right?” One asked, beaming excitedly, Izuku let out a small whimpered as they step forward, Hawks stepped forward.


“Please, be patient…” Hawks said. “Izuku needs a little time to get used to you, seeing how we are introducing him to eight new people at once. Let’s all sit down and actual introduce ourselves calmly.”


“Sora is right, we need to be calm, and we still need to introduce ourselves to each other, seeing how we will all be living in a community from now on.” A woman smiled.


“Right, everyone sit down, I made tea and some cookies for a treat!” Reka beamed. Masaru took the seat on Izuku’s other side, the child relaxing between the two Bakugo angels. Tea was handed out and a large plate of cookies placed on the table.


“So... who…” Hawks began.


“I may as well start, get me out the way and all.” Mitsuki said. “I am Bakugo Mitsuki, just a normal human. My husband and son are earthen angels.” Mitsuki beamed.


“Oh, did you find out before or after marrying him?” Reka asked


“After, when Katsuki accidently summoned his sword for the first time, Masaru had a lot of explaining to do. But now, I made sure that I will throw hands with anyone who brings harm to my family.” Mitsuki said. “Government be damned.”


“I like your attitude!” A man grinned.


“Well, me now then. I am Bakugo Masaru, a Guardian angel.” Masaru bowed his head, a woman gasped.


“Mom?” Hawks asked


“You wouldn’t happen to be the Guardian of Silent fury… would you?” She asked, Masaru nodded. She clasped her hands together.


“The Guardian of Silent Fury?” Katsuki looked at his dad.


“A story for after introductions.” Masaru told him.


“Fine, I’m Bakugo Katsuki, Avenging Angel, a student from U.A’s heroic class 1-A.” Katsuki said.


“Okay, us next!” The girl from before beamed “I’m Hirabayashi Saki! And I am a Aqua Angel. It’s really great to meet you all!”


“I’m Hirabayashi  Yuudai, Saki’s husband. I am an Ignis Angel.” The man next to her replied quietly.


“We’re quite a big family…” The next woman blushed lightly. “I am Teshima Sayuri, a Guardian angel.”


“I am Teshima Masa, I am an Archangel.”


“Teshima Atsushi! I am an Avenging angel too!” Their son beamed and looked at Katsuki  “Come to me if you want help!”


“Ignore him, my brother thinks he is so cool. I am Teshima Mizuki, I am a Life Angel. I hope we can be friends!” The girl smiled.


“I am Tomizuka Reka, I am also a Life angel.” Reka said softly.


“I am Takami Miho, I am a guardian angel.” Hawks’ Mother bowed her head.


“I am Takami Tadashi. Archangel.” The man next to her.


“I’m Takami Sora! Avenging angel, and called the Angel hidden in plain sight, the government has no idea about my nature. That’s everyone!”


“Me!” Izuku lightly raised his hand, the angels looked at him. “I’m Izuku! Um… my here Daddy, and Here Mommy are villains, and they protected me really well, my Nii-chan is also villain… um… my actually daddy is a hero with a demon… and my Heaven-Mommy is a fate Angel!” Izuku said proudly.


“Do you remember what your angel type is?” Katsuki asked, Izuku nodded.


“I’m a Soul Angel!” Izuku said proudly “And I want to find the Spirit Angel!”


“The Spirit angels vanished…” Masa began


“They vanished with the Soul Angels. A Soul angel was born… we must believe a spirit angel was born alongside him or a few years before or after.” Masaru said.


“But we would need to be careful… A spirit angel can be mistaken for a demon… whilst we have no evidence the government is interested in demons; we should still consider the chance that any Spirit Angel is already in their grasp.” Tadashi sighed softly.


“Um…” Izuku hummed, his wings twitched.


“Izuku?” Masaru asked


“I think they are trapped.” Izuku mumbled. “But, not by the government…”


“Have you… Soul and Spirit have always had a strange connection…” Saki said “Being there rarest kind of angels…have you actually been able to locate them?” Izuku shook his head and blushed.


“I was dreaming, and Heaven Mommy spoke to me. Said to…” Izuku motioned wit his hands, trying to think of the word.


“Meditate?” Masaru offered. Izuku nodded.


“To help calm mind and to help me connect… They are hurt…” Izuku frowned sadly.


“… Izuku… do you know the actual connection between soul and Spirit? Cause it might just help us find away to find them?” Hawks asked, Izuku bowed his head sadly.


“The connect between Soul and Spirit has been there for Eons. The two angels forever representing Balance, peace. When the two come together, they could end wars, and bring peace for many Eons more…” A voice said, the angels got to their feet ready to fight, only to spy the owner of the voice, Izuku stared with wide Eyes. Inko stood in the door way, emerald eyes burning with the light of the heavens, she smiled sadly. “But, for the balance they bring… there is always something taring them apart… Are you sure you want to learn the true connection… it is not a happy tale to tell?” Inko asked, the angels glanced at each other nervously.