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Dreaming About You

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Majima's gloved hands wandered on Kiryu's half-exposed body. He palmed at his tensed abdomen and Kiryu gasped. Majima let out a laugh at that – a breathy sound that echoed in Kiryu's ears in an exhilarating manner. He said something, but Kiryu couldn't make out the words coming out of his mouth. Majima didn't seem to care – he squeezed at the front of Kiryu's tented pants, making the younger man let out a hiss. Kiryu wanted to do something about the situation he somehow found himself in – the situation that somehow felt so right. But Majima's hand pressed hard against his crotch and his lips pressed on his -  so forceful – seemed to steal him of his strength-  

Kiryu woke up with a jolt. He felt disoriented, staring at the ceiling of the cramped room he currently resided in. He had to blink, slowly, before he realized what was going on. 

A dream, huh

Consider how much of his time Kiryu spent pounding Majima in the ground with his fists, it was no wonder the man was forcing his way in his dreams too. Honestly, Kiryu was more surprised it hadn't happened before with how persistently the older man followed him around, looking to fight him. 


What the hell kind of dream was that supposed to be? 

The events of his dream flashed through Kiryu's mind. Suddenly, he could feel it very clearly – the way Majima had touched him, the way his cock had throbbed against the older man's gloved hand. 

The way his lips had felt against Kiryu's. 


Kiryu was now painfully aware of the persistent way his dick pressed at the front of his boxers. He closed his eyes. His eyebrows knit together when he couldn't shake off the snippets from his dream, assaulting his brain and going straight to his cock. He sighed in resignation, moving a hand to attend his aching erection. 

Even when he tried his best to keep his thoughts off  Majima, the other always found a way to his pleasure hazed mind. 

Kiryu really hoped coming to the thought of Majima jerking him off instead of himself wasn't going to make their next fight too awkward. 






Walking around the busy streets of Kamurocho was an ordeal as usual to Kiryu Kazuma. Some punks followed him around, wanting to get their ass kicked. Of course, they weren't near as annoying after Kiryu had smashed their faces in which a nearby motorcycle.  

He ran into three separate people being harassed. All three of them thanked him after he had polished the ground with the street thugs (who really should get something better to occupy their time with), and Kiryu now carried a gold plate, a swiss watch and a battered energy drink in his pocket. From which two were absolutely useless to him.  

A homeless man told Kiryu that he was cold, and that he could use a new jacket. Kiryu couldn't make any promises, but he'd keep an eye out for one. 

Getting anywhere around this town was near impossible with all the interruptions Kiryu had.  

And the only interruption missing from his usual ones was – from which Kiryu was grateful for – was--  


Hold up

Was that.... 

Kiryu stopped on his tracks when he noticed the large traffic cone in the side of the road. He watched the unnatural way it shook, and he felt his eyebrows draw together. He sighed. 

He could just. He could just walk past. No, that's exactly what he should do. Kiryu was ready to walk away from the cone, and he took a step forward. 

"Wait, fuck", Kiryu heard a muffled, familiar voice from the traffic cone. 


Kiryu still very much wanted to walk away. And he still could have, though Majima would most definitely come after him.  

It would probably be less bother to deal with the Mad Dog before he'd need to run away from him. 

Kiryu watched quietly in place as Majima managed to – with some trouble – appear from the big traffic cone.  

"You weren't tryinna sneak past me, were ya?"  

Kiryu's eyes scanned over the other's body. He saw what was exposed of Majima's torso twist with his movements, and he felt... weird. His stomach twisted in a strange way, and he could feel his fists besides his body. He realized, for the better or worse, that he needed to stop... looking.  

"The eye's up here, Kiryu-chan." 

Kiryu could feel his face flush, and he quickly lifted his eyes to meet the one Majima had left. He could see the other was, amused. Shit. From all his encounters with the older man, this was already the worst one Kiryu had had. 

"Sorry... I got lost in thought", Kiryu said. He gulped, when the other arched his dark eyebrow with a grin. Kiryu hoped he managed to keep a straight face. 

"Can't say there ain't a lot to get lost in", Majima said, gesturing to his lean body. He blinked conspicuously, and Kiryu had to wonder if it was intended to be a wink. Kiryu felt hot and he had to force himself to not look away from the other. 

"What do you want, Majima-san?" Kiryu asked even though he already knew what Majima wanted. He always wanted the same thing; that's why he kept coming up with these obnoxious ways to surprise him. 

"You hafta ask?" Majima barked a laugh. "Ya took yer sweet time findin' me an' my body's all stiff from bein' there so long", he said, stretching his arms high above his head and keeping his eye on Kiryu. "A good li'l fight with ya should warm me up nicely, don'tcha think?"  

Kiryu watched the other take a fighting stance and his body stopped momentarily. He didn't think he had too many choices. He raised his fists, ready to clash them with Majima's.  

When Kiryu's knuckles met wherever he managed to hit with them Kiryu couldn't really focus to make any actual damage. Snippets of his dream came into his mind every time the two were close enough for physical contact – meaning, he could hardly stop thinking about it. Just looking at Majima's gloved hands reminded him of the pleasure they had made him feel in his dream. And worse than that, in his imagination, right after. 

Cursing under his breath, Kiryu managed to successfully block a bat – when did he take that out? - coming for his face with his arms. 

This was not going well. 






Kiryu had to lean against a nearby building when he finally took the Mad Dog down. It had taken more effort than usual, and not only because the older man was holding back his strength less and less with every fight they fought. 

Majima was breathing heavily on the ground. Kiryu looked over at him, busy catching his own breath. He could see Majima frown at the grey sky hanging over their heads. 

"The fuck's wrong with you?" 

Majima sat up, looking at Kiryu with a displeased face. 

"I know yer out of shape but shit, man." 

Kiryu shrugged, trying his hardest not to avert his eyes from Majima's. 

"Sorry. Had my mind on something else", Kiryu frowned, not knowing why he felt necessary to apologize. 

Majima clicked his tongue, not trying to hide his irritation in the slightest. 

"When I'm fighting ya", Majima started, getting on his feet with one, fluid movement, "I expect yer full attention 'n' nothin' less." 

Majima was was close, too close for Kiryu's comfort all the sudden. His words were a low growl when he stood in front of Kiryu, slightly taller, trapping him between himself and the wall behind him. Kiryu said nothing – his eyes dropped to peak at the older man's lips. Suddenly, his throat felt very dry. 

Majima let out a loud sigh; Kiryu could smell the tobacco in his breath. 

"Fightin' ya's never a waste of time but try to make it worth my while, will ya?" 

Kiryu nodded, quiet. With the other's body so close to him, he was distracted in the worst of ways. 

"Get your head outta yer ass next time, Kiryu-chan", Majima patted Kiryu's cheek with a leather-clad hand. 

With that, Majima was off. Kiryu watched him walk down the street, whistling and dragging the bat that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere during their brawl with him. 

Unconsciously, Kiryu raised his hand to where Majima's had been only moments before. A warmth spread on his cheek, and a confused scowl came upon his features. 

He really should get on with his day, now when that's gotten over with. Hopefully, by their next fight, Kiryu's dream would be long forgotten. 






Kiryu  leaned against a wall of a narrow alley. He could hear people talk in the distance, blurred out and echoing without actually managing to hear the words they were speaking. It was irrelevant. In this moment, all that mattered to  Kiryu  was the-- 

"Fuck", he hissed between his teeth. His hands clenched harder in the black hair as he looked down, seeing his hard cock disappear in the other's warm mouth. He watched his cock slide slowly out of the mouth in a way that made him gasp. 

" Ya  like that,  Kiryu-chan ?" 

Kiryu  felt frustrated when  Majima  licked along his length, not taking him back in his mouth. His fingers tangled in his hair that was becoming a mess, and he let out a moan as the older man  nibbled  softly at the head of his hard, leaking dick. His hands clenched again, pulling the other's hair when he felt teeth.  Kiryu  looked down, alert. 

" Don't... do that again." 

Majima  kissed where he had let his teeth graze  Kiryu's  skin. 

"Aww,  you can't say  ya  weren't into it",  Majima  said with a grin that  Kiryu , for the first time, found attractive. 

Still, he looked down at the man on his knees with a stern face. 

"Geez, I got it." 

A tongue darted out to lick at the precum leaking form  Kiryu's  hard cock.  Kiryu's  hips jumped at the sensation, and he felt himself  twitch  against the other's tongue.  Majima  gave the head of his dick a kiss before he took him back into his mouth. 

Kiryu  moaned again, breathless.  Majima's  mouth sucked hard on the head of his erection. It was hot, wonderfully so, and yet  Kiryu  craved more of the  breath-taking  sensation of it. 

" Majima -san... d-deeper",  Kiryu  breathed out, his voice almost pleading. 

Majima  paused, taking  Kiryu's  hardness out of his mouth for a moment.  

"If  ya  want  somethin' you should just take it,  y'know ." 

When he went back to sucking him off,  Kiryu  did just that. He pulled, softly first,  Majima  closer, thrusting deeper into his tight throat. He had to bite down a choked sound when he felt the older man swallow around him, making his cock throb.  

Kiryu  fucked  Majima's  throat with slow, hard thrusts, and  Majima  seemed to appreciate it, if his muffled moans and gasps were of any indication. 

The fact that  Majima  looked like he enjoyed getting his throat fucked sore on a public alleyway – combined with the  way  his hot, wet throat felt around him – made  Kiryu  come cock buried inside of him, a low  groan  leaving his lips. 

" Ain't  nothin' better than a guy takin' what he wants",  Majima  said, sounding oddly satisfied. 

Kiryu  looked down at the other. 

"You're hard", he noticed himself saying out loud. 

Majima  sat back, spreading his legs and shooting  Kiryu  a challenging smirk. 

"Then come down here 'n' do  somethin' about it." 

Kiryu  descended to his knees, joining the other, and--- 

When Kiryu woke up, he squinted at the ceiling of the backroom of Serena. He tried to kill the bang of disappointment he could feel for not getting to finish his dream. He could also feel the urgency of his cock standing stiff against the fabric of his pants. 

Grudgingly, Kiryu reached to tend to his erection. 

Seeing more than one wet dream of a person – and Majima, from all the people – probably couldn't mean anything good.