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I want you back in my dreams again

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Simon's phone was ringing, and he was completely sure it was telemarketers. He was at the kitchen table, eating a lunch of dry cereal and a couple of slightly old strawberries.

The phone rang again, and Simon sighed, deciding that it was possible that it wasn't telemarketers. He walked over and picked the phone off the hook, expecting it to be somebody equally as uninteresting like his great aunt Maggie, asking him if he needed her to make him more jam, as if he didn't already have plenty.

"Hello?" Simon asked.

"Hi, Simon." Came an extremely familiar voice that shook Simon's heart in his ribcage.

"Robert?" Simon said loudly, hardly believing it.

"I've missed you so very much." Robert said softly, drawing tears immediately to Simon's eyes, "And I've been thinking-"

"Shut the fuck up with your thinking." Simon interjected, "I've missed you too."

"Oh god, why did we do this? This was so stupid." Robert sighed, the quality of his voice reminding Simon of quiet, midnight conversations where he and Robert sat on the bed together, moonlight coming through the blinds in streaks which reflected silver in Robert's blue eyes.

"It really was stupid." Simon agreed.

"Want to get dinner together?" Robert asked shyly.

"Absolutely fuck dinner." Simon responded.

"Are you home?" Robert asked tentatively.

"I am."

"I'm coming over now." Robert said excitedly.

"Please do. We've got so much to catch up with." Simon responded, grinning into the receiver.

"One last thing, Si." Robert said, the softness in his voice returning.

"What's that?"

"You're my best friend." Robert said firmly, "You always will be, and I love you."