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Izuku has felt pain. He has felt the pain of all bones in his fingers and arms breaking, his legs snapping, his face pressed into concrete. Izuku has felt the pain of his dreams being crushed, the moment when his mother sobbed and apologized for something she could not control, every day when Bakugou made fun of him, hit him, called him weak. Izuku thought he had been in as much pain as possible, but that was before this. It was their first day as official pros, out on patrol in a fairly quiet part of the city. It should have been simple, quiet, a good chance for him to spend time with Todoroki and maybe steal a kiss or two. But then they got a call about a robbery a few blocks away and ran over, preparing for the worst. According to the dispatcher, there were two robbers, one with an animalistic quirk, the other with a wind quirk. It should be simple take down, they figured, especially since the robbers weren’t going to be expecting them. But Izuku had never been so wrong.

“Todoroki! Watch out for his claws!” Izuku shouted, dodging a blast of wind from one of the robbers. He was unscathed so far, a few scratches from the other robber along his body but nothing else. He went into Full Cowl and sprinted forward, nabbing the wind quirk user and tying him up quickly. Todoroki shot a blast of ice at the remaining robber, just barely missing him.

“Hang on, I’m coming!” Izuku secured his robber and ran over, only to be kicked directly in the face by a third robber. Izuku cried out and Todoroki looked over, his focus wavering. Izuku tried to warn him but it was too late, he had let his guard drop and three razor sharp claws stabbed through his chest. Izuku watched in horror as they went through Todoroki like butter, blood dripping from the tips until they retracted and Todoroki fell to the ground. Izuku screamed, unintelligible words that even he didn't even realize he was saying. Todoroki tried to sit up, biting his lip through the pain until the unfamiliar man stepped towards him.

“Practically fuckin kids, easy as pie. Heroes these days are such washouts, I figured at least this one would be trouble, he's that stupid flame hero's kid!” The man kicked Todoroki's side, close to where he had been stabbed, making him cry out again. Izuku shot up, running towards him and preparing to punch him with as much force as he dared. This wasn't right, the call had said two men, not three, and this one didn't have any visible sign of his quirk, meaning it could be anything. But his move was anticipated and he was grabbed by the neck, breath forced out of him.

“Kill the other one, I'll handle this one and then we split, got it?” Izuku was made to watch as the other two ganged up on Todoroki, the one mans claws still red with blood.

“No!” Izuku tried to yell, squirming in his captor's grip. But one touch to his arm and it felt like it was on fire, burning and twisting in a way that shouldn't have been possible.

“Don't fight, it'll only make it worse when I kill you.” He muttered, yanking Izuku's hair so that he watched as a single claw traced Todoroki's neck, a well-placed kick hitting his temple with a sound that would haunt Izuku forever. His arm mangled and the hand still around his neck, Izuku knew he didn't have much time left, that fiery pain slowly beginning to spread.

“S-Shouto...” He whispered, vision dancing with spots. The last thing Izuku saw was someone bursting through the window, someone with blonde hair and an all too familiar smirk.

When he woke up, Izuku was in a hospital bed with bandages on his arm and neck, feeling tired but not in much pain.

“Ngh...” He groaned, sitting up and glancing around. Its the area hospital, one he knows well, he'd been here enough times to know exactly which flavor of Jello is the best. But that wasn't what Izuku cared about, the memory of the fight hitting him hard and sending him scrambling out of bed. He quickly realized he was attached to a monitor, not to mention the needle in his arm. But that was easily fixed, Izuku grimacing at the loud noise the emanated from the heart monitor after he detached it, along with the I.V. But he hardly cared, stumbling down the hallway to the nurse's desk.

“T-Todoroki, the one I was with, w-where is he?!” Izuku almost shouted, gripping the desk tightly.

“Sir, please-”

“I-I need to know, I need to know!” The nurse sighed, pointing to a nearby door.

“He's in there, but-” Izuku didn't stick around to listen, moving as fast as his tired body would let him and bursting through the door.

“Shoucchan, are you-” His eyes widen at what he sees, blurring with tears. “...okay?”

Todoroki was all but motionless, breathing softly as he laid against the pillows.

“O-oh, so you're sleeping, sorry...” Izuku smiled, sitting down in the chair nearby. Someone, a doctor by the look of it, walked in with a concerned look in his eyes.

“So, I'm going to assume you're Midoriya, am I right?” Izuku nodded, smiling apologetically.

“Y-yes, sorry about running from my room like that, I just...”

“I understand, your injuries were fairly minor. You were only out for a day or so, mostly because of the healing process, which from what I've heard, is nothing unusual for you. As for Todoroki-san... he's still in a coma and we aren't sure when or if he'll wake up. We can't heal him because-” Izuku didn't hear any of it, his mind filled with nothing but static as he stared at Todoroki, who was laying there peacefully as if he was just having a nap. Izuku didn't see the bandages around his head or the cannula feeding oxygen into his nose, he didn't see the bruise on his cheek or the way he was paler than he should have been. All Izuku could see was his boyfriend, stuck in a coma with nothing he could do but wait and hope that he would wake up.

“Sir, are you alright? You should probably go back to bed, it's only been a day and-” Izuku shook his head quickly, pulling the armchair closer to Todoroki's bed and sitting with crossed legs.

“I'm fine, don't worry about me. Um, could you bring me my things, I should call a few people.” The doctor nodded, giving Izuku another glance over to make sure he didn't need to be healed further before heading out. Immediately Izuku's hand was over Todoroki's, the one with no monitors or needles in it.

“I'm so sorry... Shouto, I'm so sorry that this happened. Please wake up, okay? P-please?” Izuku bit his lip and said nothing more, just squeezing Todoroki's warm hand and praying he would squeeze back. But he didn't, so Izuku waited. A nurse came in and handed him a bag with his clothes and phone inside. There were plenty of missed calls and messages waiting for him, including many worried ones from his mother and his friends who had seen the news. Another call came in just as he was going through the texts, the fifth one from his mom.

“Izuku? Izuku! Oh, thank goodness you finally picked up! I saw what happened on the news and-”

“Mom, it's okay! I'm totally fine, I swear! I was knocked out for a day because of how they healed me, but I'm fine now, just a little tired.” Izuku could hear the relieved tears in his mother's voice as she sighed.

“Baby, what hospital are you at, I'll come get you and you can spend a few days recovering at home.” Izuku shook his head before remembering she couldn't see him.

“I can't, Mom, Shoucchan's still here... I won't leave without him.”

“When is he being discharged? I can pick him up too if he wants, he's always welcome here.” Izuku was silent for a little too long, unsure of what to say or how to force the words out of his dry mouth.

“Mom, h-he's... he'll be here a while. You can come by but I can't... I can't leave him, Mommy, I can't.”

“I'll be there tonight, after my shift. Is it the hospital downtown? I can pick up that ramen you two like for dinner.” Izuku's breath hitched and Inko heard it, knowing something much worse than a broken bone or two was keeping Todoroki in bed.

“N-none for him, but I'm sure he'll like to see you. Thanks, Mom, I love you.” Izuku hung up quickly, replying to the rest of his messages quickly, making sure they all knew that he was alright and he wasn't sure when he would be leaving. All-Might seemed especially worried, he knew more about what happened than anyone else thanks to his police connection.

All-Might: Are you sure you're alright? I heard about the quirks those villains had, the one holding you had a particularly nasty one.

Young Midoriya: Don't worry, they had plenty of healing quirk users around to fix me up, my arm hardly even scarred

All-Might:I realize, my boy, but there's more to it than that. It was your first patrol as official pros and you ended up in the hospital, not to mention young Todoroki's condition

Young Midoriya: You heard?

All-Might: I was there while you were passed out, they told me there isn't much for them to do right now, unless he wakes up

Young Midoriya: He will, he'll be fine. He's always fine.

Izuku felt bad for talking like that to All-Might, his responses so short and clipped, but he didn't want to talk lest he lose his composure. He didn't want to start crying or let his smile falter, he had gotten that from All-Might. A few more messages came in from Uraraka and Iida, but he ignored them, weaving his fingers with Todoroki's. “I love you, Shouto, I'm not going anywhere, okay? I'm going to be the first person you see when you wake up, so don't be scared. I'm here for you...”

His eyes were heavy and sleep was calling to Izuku, but he didn't want to give in. Because if he gave in... Izuku could miss something important. He could miss a lifetime. But his body and his mind didn’t cooperate and he finally wound up slumped over the bed, his hand in Todoroki's as his breathing evened out.

Todoroki woke up with a start, glancing around and trying to get a feel for his environment. His vision was blurry and his body felt heavy, like he was trudging through mud. But when he looked down, there was nothing, just pure darkness. All he could see was himself, walking naked through the emptiness. He kept walking, calling out Izuku's name, his friend's name, anyone. But nothing came back, not even an echo. Todoroki didn't even remember falling asleep, hadn't he been on patrol?

“Shouto? Baby, there you are!” It was his mother's voice, and when he turned around, she was there. She looked exactly as she always had, tired and a little sad, but with a smile on her lips. At first, Todoroki felt the need to cover himself in her presence, but he looked again and realized his body wasn't... his. He was more like smoke from the neck down, a vaguely human-shaped cloud. Todoroki's attention turned to his mother, smiling at him calmly. A wave of emotion rushed through him, something like fear, something he hadn't felt in a long time.


“Its okay, Shouto, I've got you.” His mother pulled him into her arms, hugging him close. It was warm, and Todoroki suddenly realized how cold he was.


“Don't be scared, baby, everything is okay.”

“Where am I?” Only silence followed until his mother pulled back, her smile taking on a worried edge.

“You have to figure that out for yourself, love, I'm sorry. But when you do, you have to make a decision, okay? I know you'll make the right one.” Before Todoroki could ask for more, his mother pressed her lips to his forehead and the world went white.


“Shouto? Are you okay, you're, um, steaming...” Todoroki jumped at the familiar voice, blinking a couple times and seeing Izuku looking up at him nervously, a little blush across his freckles. He tried to speak, but the words came out completely different than what he was intending.

“Midoriya, can I-I ”

“Just call me Izuku! You let me call you Shouto, it's only fair!” Todoroki felt himself nod and the realization of where he was hit him. This was their second year at UA, one of the scariest days of his time there, the day he confessed to Izuku. He remembered it well, the noisy beat of his heart filling his ears, the way his hand's shooks and his body burned.

“Izuku...” The name tasted familiar on his tongue, but he remembered the weight that fell off his shoulders when he said it. If he had control of his own body, Todoroki felt as though he would cry, seeing this again. It was one of the best decisions he had ever made, putting himself out there, and as the words came tumbling out of his mouth, he remembered how much he loves Izuku.

“Y-you... like me? As in, as friends, or...” He shook his head, knowing exactly what he was going to say next.

“I've never cared about anyone the way I do you, Izuku, and I... I-I...” Oh god, he remembered this too, the way he fumbled over his words, trying to say the right thing and instead skipping over everything he wanted to say.

“Shouto, I-I ”

“Will you go out with me? On a date?” Todoroki watched as Izuku's eyes lit up with hope and filled with tears, nodding ever so slightly. He remembered how happy he felt, the way adrenaline surged through his veins and he wanted nothing more than to kiss Izuku in that moment. But he didn't, not this time, instead letting a smile creep onto his face.

“You mean l-like a date, date, right? Like... b-boyfriends?” Izuku sounded worried but happy, inching closer to Todoroki.

“Like... Yeah.” Todoroki felt Izuku's arms wrap around him tightly, face buried into his chest with tears wetting his shirt.

“I n-never thought you'd ask... I was going t-to confess, but...” He brought his hand to Izuku's hair, just as he had that day, listening to this little dark-haired boy cry against him, the boy who had changed his life. When Izuku lifted his head back up to meet his eyes, he couldn't look away, entranced by the sparkling green orbs. Finally, he was forced to blink and the world went white and cold and he couldn't see anything but light.

Izuku woke up with a jump when a hand touched his shoulder, nearly startling his mother into a heart attack.

“Huh? Oh, Mom, hi...” Izuku wiped his bleary eyes and smiled, smelling the cartons of takeout food she had brought along.

“Baby... You're all beat up, I-I ” Izuku shook his head, his smile taking on an edge.

“I'm fine, Mom, don't worry. Starving, but fine. What did you order?” Inko didn't speak for a moment, her eyes turning to Todoroki, who looked much worse for wear. Any other person and she'd be more concerned about Izuku, but Todoroki was like her own child.

“Baby, is he...”

“He'll be fine, don't worry, he'll wake up later! So, how have you been since I've seen you?” Inko gave him a look but sat down, handing him a couple containers of food and a fork. It was obvious Izuku was holding back immensely, but she trusted her son, trusted that he would let her in when she was ready. They talked for a while, in between bites of rice and pork, about anything that wasn't Todoroki, until Inko couldn't take it anymore.

“Hey, baby?” Izuku looked up from his rice, a bite halfway to his mouth.

“M’yeah?” Normally she would have scolded him a little for talking with food in his mouth, but this time she just smiled.

“Could you run and get me a drink from the machine? Here, get one for yourself too, just don't move to quick. I don't want you falling over, okay?” She handed Izuku some money and sent him off none the wiser, waiting until he was gone to look at the chart at the foot of Todoroki's bed. Even though she had never finished her nursing classes (a tiny green-haired baby will have that effect on you), Inko remembered enough to decipher the medical terms on the paper. It wasn't good, the head injury had put Todoroki in a coma with little chance of waking up, and it was too risky to use quirks on someone whose injuries were unclear. Overall, the prognosis was grim unless a miracle happened, but at least he was stable.

“Shouto... you poor boy. Come back to us, okay? My Izuku needs you, and I love you like my own, so don't you die on us.” She pushed Todoroki's bangs off his forehead, the white and red strands hampered by the bandage on his head, and pressed a kiss to his chilly skin. By the time Izuku came back, Inko was back in her chair and stealing a piece of Izuku's pork.

“Ma!” Izuku pouted a little, handing her a warm juice and setting down his own.

“Sorry honey, but I only took one bite! It's so spicy, I can't handle much of it!” To make her point, she took a sip of juice and grimaced a little at the warmth.

“Sorry, they didn't have any cold ones left... Normally Shoucchan could-”

“We should talk about him, baby, I looked at his chart. And-” Izuku shook his head, clutching his juice tightly and looking over at Todoroki.

“Please, no.”

“Izuku...” Inko reached out a hand but Izuku didn't take it, much to her shock.

“You can talk to me, you can let it out. It scares me too, but we should-”

“I-I can't, Mom, it's not that bad, anyway. He'll wake up, I promise, he just needs a little time, then he'll come back.” Izuku said firmly, reaching out and touching the tips of Todoroki's fingers. Inko sat for a moment, tears welling up in her eyes. But she understood how Izuku felt, how he was smiling to hide the pain, just like a certain blonde hero she knew well.

“Do you want anything from home? I could bring you some clothes, or something to read.” Izuku shook his head, finally turning away from Todoroki to hug Inko tightly.

“I'm okay, Mom, don't worry. I'll talk to you soon, don't work too hard, okay?” Inko nodded, kissing her sons hair and picking up her coat.

“Be careful, baby, call me for anything. I don't have a lot of shifts this week, so I can be here as much as you need me.” Izuku nodded and smiled, sitting back in his chair and waving as his mother left. When the door was closed, Izuku let out a breath he hadn't meant to be holding, trailing fingers up Todoroki's right arm until he reached his cheekbone.

“You can wake up now, Shouto, you know? But I'll be here till you do, I promise. How about I talk to you for a bit, hospitals are so boring!” Izuku nuzzled his face into Todoroki's neck, leaning at an odd angle to get closer to his boyfriend. He went into a story about something that had happened when he was a kid, where he had been wandering around and stumbled upon a hurt dog. He had only been a puppy and Izuku had wrapped him up in his jacket and brought it home, hiding it in his room for days. Izuku had even fashioned a little splint for his leg, which had only been sprained, as he later learned, and he'd spent every possible moment with the puppy. When his mother had finally figured out where all the food was going, she was sympathetic, but the reality was that they couldn't afford to keep him. They got him checked out at the vet and found him a new home, but Izuku was still bawling as the dogs new family drove away.

“I named him, ahh...” Izuku yawned loudly, his nose tickled by a few pieces of Todoroki's hair.

“Mmm, doesn't matter about his name, it was silly. But I wonder where he is now, you know?”

“I know where I am, Mama,” Todoroki said softly, walking around the white plain beside his mother.

“Already? I figured you would need longer, but you always were so smart.” Todoroki just smiled softly, looking off into the distance.

“Well, I figured this could be a dream, but I've never had a dream like this. And I just saw the moment when... when I...”

“When you were truly happy?” Todoroki nodded, feeling his heart flutter a little.

“Yeah... Um, anyway, I figured... this is what they talked about when they say talk about your life flashing before your eyes, albeit it's a little slower, I suppose. So I must be... dead.” His mother shook his head, slipping an arm around his shoulders to pull him a little closer.

“Not quite, baby. You can still wake up. Or... You could stay with me.” Todoroki pulled back, blinking at his mother in shock.

“Think about it! I can show you you're best memories, I can make sure you never have to think about the bad things again, you never have to hurt... But only if that's what you want, that's your choice. So... think on it a while.” Again, Todoroki felt his mother's lips touch his skin and he blinked, his eyes opening to an entirely different scene.

It was a tiny little cafe that Izuku had been frequenting for years, a little hole in a wall if Todoroki had ever seen one. But Izuku had insisted on planning their first real date and Todoroki smiled at the memory. It didn't carry through, though, and he felt himself sipping some tea, which he was using as a distraction from Izuku's eager smile. It wasn't like he didn't want to see it, but it made his heart jump every time their eyes met.

“Shoucchan? Is it good? I can order you something else if you want!” Todoroki shook his head, reliving every moment of this happily. He loved this date, awkward and fumbling as it was, because he felt at home with Izuku. He felt relaxed, even when his hands shook and little puffs of steam left his body. So Todoroki didn't dare to blink, or to look away, hoping this wouldn’t end.

“I'm fine, thank you, just...”

“Nervous? M-me too, um, should I have picked a better spot? I mean, I like it here cause it's quiet and all the workers know me and I figured that would be nice but if I-” Todoroki speared a bite of the strawberry cake Izuku had ordered for him and held it up near Izuku's mouth, hoping to quell his rambling. He nodded when Izuku gave him a confused look, the smaller boy finally opening his mouth and taking the bite. He giggled and went red, grabbing his own fork and offering a strawberry to Todoroki, who gingerly wrapped his lips around it, nearly spilling his tea in the process. It was a miracle he didn't burst into flames, though, what with the intense heat running through his body. They quickly switched to small talk, sharing the cake and sipping at their drinks, Izuku looking jittery when a waitress came over.

“Hey, Izu-chan! Who is this? You never come here with anyone, is this a-” He shushed the girl quickly, nearly falling out of his chair thanks to his exaggerated motions. She just laughed and waved as she made her way back to the counter, winking at Todoroki, who smiled to himself.

“S-sorry, she likes to tease me a lot...”

“It's cute, you're cute, Midoriya,” Todoroki said softly, barely getting the words out before his brain decided to melt a little.

“U-uh, Shouto, um, thank you! I, you're cute too!” Izuku went red and shut himself up with a few messy bites of cake, getting pink frosting on his face in the process. It was cute, a smear on his cheek highlighting his freckles, and Izuku didn't seem to notice it. Todoroki was distracted by it, however, hardly noticing when Izuku asked him a question.

“Shouto, Shouto? Are you okay?” Todoroki blinked, a rush of emotion going through him when he saw the worry in Izuku's eyes.

“There's frosting on your face.” He muttered, Izuku thumbing at the wrong side trying to get it off.

“No, wrong side, here.” Todoroki reached out with a visibly shaky hand and wiped away the frosting with two fingers, lingering longer than was strictly necessary.

“D-did you get it?” Izuku breathed, unwilling to move or even blink, no one wanting to break contact. But finally, Todoroki nodded and pulled back, kitten-licking the frosting off his fingers with a curious noise.

“Sweet...” He murmured, feeling Izuku’s eyes burning through him, hyper-focused on his lips as he licked the last of the frosting from them. Izuku kept watching his mouth, though, and Todoroki remembered the sudden thought that came to his mind. Izuku wanted to kiss him. He wanted to kiss him, the kid with the nasty scar and chronic daddy issues, and yet this beautiful boy, the one he loved to death and back, wanted to kiss him. And god, he wanted it too, maybe even more than Izuku did, but there was no way he could just reach across and do it. So he held back and tried to keep his quirk in check, smiling into his cup. It was quiet after that, both boys finishing their drinks and making short work of the last of the cake, awkward silence stretching between them.

“Want to get out of here? I'll pay and we can-”

“N-no, you don't have to pay! I chose the spot, I should pay!” Todoroki shook his head, already going up to the counter and taking care of the bill.

“Shoucchan, that was cheating!”

“You can get the next one, then, if you really want to.” Izuku blushed as they left the coffee shop, swinging his hands and brushing them against Todoroki’s every so often.

“So… you want there to be a next time, then?”

“Yes, very much so, if that's okay? I can find a nice place, or we could just go to the park.” Izuku perked up, taking Todoroki’s hand in his own and walking backward so that they faced each other.

“A picnic!! We can both bring something and watch the clouds and, u-um, yeah!” In hindsight, Todoroki knew that Izuku had faltered when he thought about the two of them cuddling and kissing out on that blanket, which was exactly what they had done, but for now his body was more concerned with walking Izuku to his mom's apartment, pausing when they reached the staircase that led to the door.

“So, um, this is me…” Todoroki nodded, suddenly very aware of how their fingers laced together perfectly and the way Izuku’s calluses felt against his palms. There was a moment of silence, where Todoroki was sure Izuku was going to pull away and the date would end, but something clicked between them and no one pulled back. Rather, Todoroki leaned in and pressed his lips to Izuku’s gently, his inexperience obvious. But Izuku let out a soft little squeak and Todoroki knew that he had made the right call, pulling back and licking his lips.

“You taste sweet too. Text me tonight?” Izuku nodded, awestruck, both reluctant to break the link between them. Todoroki remembered spending this moment trying to commit it all to memory, the feel of Izuku’s lips on his, the warmth of his hand, the glitter in his eyes, the way he had so much he wanted to say but not the words to say it. But finally, they both let their fingers slip away, and the world went white all over again, leaving Todoroki with the ghost of his first kiss lingering behind.

The morning light woke Izuku up, along with a sharp pain in his neck that only worsened as he sat up, pulling a groan from him as he stretched and tried to loosen his muscles. “Morning, Shouto, did you sleep well?”

No response aside from the beeping from several monitors, much to Izuku’s dismay. But he just smiled and pressed a kiss to Todoroki’s cheek, standing up and twisting to pop his back. He asked a nurse for a pair of pajamas and slipped into them to run down to the cafeteria, sprinting back upstairs with a coffee in one hand and a danish in another. On his way he ran into a familiar face, All-Might, in his natural form, baggy clothes hanging off his body.

“A-All-Might!? What are you doing here?”

“Young Midoriya, good to see you’re up and around! In much better shape than when I last saw you, how are you feeling?” Izuku kept walking to Todoroki’s room, setting down his food and sitting down, offering All-Might the other chair.

“I'm alright, tired, but I'm not really in pain. They said I can go home anytime but…” He motioned to Todoroki with a sad look in his eyes, picking at his danish with no real intention of eating it.

“I haven't heard exactly what his injuries were, just that they weren't able to heal him in this state.”

“They say he might not wake up, but he will. Shoucchan is strong, I bet he’ll wake up today, they’ll heal him, and we’ll get back on patrol next week! I feel bad, he's missing out on missions and stuff, the agency that hired us mentioned that they were going to be sending us on something big soon, he’d want more time to prepare and plan.” Izuku set down his danish and found Todoroki’s hand, squeezing softly and not looking away from him.

“You understand how severely he was hurt, right? I've seen more seasoned heroes die from less, we’re lucky he’s-”

“H-he’s not going to die! Please, don't say that, he doesn't need to hear it.” Izuku’s voice trembled and he squeezed Todoroki’s hand harder than intended, recoiling quickly and wincing at the sight of the half moons his nails had left behind.

“Alright, alright, how about we don't talk about him, then. Tell me about the fight, what went wrong?” Izuku nodded and took a breath, willing his smile to return. After all, this was his mentor, his idol, the least he could do was take what he had taught him and put it to work, smile through the fear and the pain to put everyone at ease, even if it killed him. Izuku launched into his recollection of the robbery, pausing near the end to keep his composure.

“So, you’re vision was fading? Did you see young Bakugou before you passed out?”

“Kacchan? He was there?” All-Might nodded, bones cracking a bit as he stretched his arms.

“Backup got called in and he was the closest to the scene, he made quick work of the remaining villains since they were distracted. Just in time too, they were quite close to-” Izuku nodded quickly, not needing to hear the rest. He remembered, faintly, that someone had burst in through the windows just as he was passing out, yelling loudly. Of course it was Bakugou, now that he thought about it.

“Has he visited you?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, I don't think so, not while I was awake anyway.”

“Hmm, I thought he would, he wouldn't stop yelling at us to tell him how-” A loud noise startled them both into yelling, All-Might biting his tongue and dripping blood down his chin. The sound had come from the door being kicked open none too gently, Bakugou standing behind it with an unreadable expression, dressed in jeans and a tank top.

“Fucking hell, there you are. Should fucking tell people if you aren't going to be in your room, jesus.” Uraraka and a few others trailed behind him, waving nervously.

“Bakugou! You can't go around bursting into hospital rooms and yelling obscenities!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Bakugou waved Iida off, perching himself on the bed. The others found their own places in the room, asking Izuku questions till he started fidgeting, his stress making his anxiety soar.

“All you fuckers, out. Deku and I-”

“Katsuki, don't you dare yell at him for this! It wasn't his fault.”

“I wasn't going to, Round Face, you’ll get your time with him later. Now shoo, all of you.” Izuku sighed softly as everyone left, All-Might letting him know he was leaving and he would be in contact later.

“Spill, Deku. What happened? By the time I got there, you were knocked out and Halfie was fucked to hell and back! God, I know it was your first time but what the hell?” Bakugou crossed his arms and glared, Izuku fidgeting nervously.

“We got the call… they said there were two villains, Kacchan, not three… I tried to save him… but the one that grabbed me, his quirk-”

“You’re arm was twisted like a fucking pretzel.” Izuku nodded, rubbing the bandages on his arm.

“What’d they say about him?”

“They can't heal him till he wakes up, but it’ll be soon. But Kacchan, um, what if it was her?” Bakugou gave him an odd look, hopping off the bed and staring at Todoroki, who was as motionless as ever, looking battered behind his bandages.

“Round Face? What are you getting at?”

“What if she had gotten hurt? What would you do?” Bakugou thought for a moment, twisting the bangle around his wrist that Uraraka had given him.

“I'd kill the fuckers that hurt her, for one. Blast them into fucking bits.”

“And after?”

“Id make damn fucking sure that the doctors were doing everything for her, and that I was always there. So don't fucking give up on him, got it?” After all, they had been through, Bakugou knew Izuku well enough to know that a lecture would just upset him. They were something like friends now, having moved forward and bonding over the years training together, not overly close but much more than they once were.

“You’re in love with him, aren't you?” Izuku nodded, staring at Todoroki’s slim fingers.

“Then make damn sure he knows it when he wakes up.” Bakugou left, letting the others stream in, this time much more reserved, finding seats where they could and chatting about their own patrols and what the others were up to. Izuku smiled the whole time, responding when someone asked him something, but his heart wasn't in it, his focus on Todoroki. Within an hour the room began to empty till it was just Uraraka and Izuku, sitting in comfortable silence. Her phone pinged with a text and she frowned, standing up and pressing a soft kiss to Izuku’s hair.

“Let me know what's going on, okay? And if I can do anything, let me know.” Izuku nodded and pulled her into a hug, Uraraka had always been so close to him and her presence was comforting. He only let go when her phone made another shrill noise, Uraraka sighing.

“I'm on call tonight for the area, I'll try to swing by later, okay?” Izuku nodded and before long it was just him and Todoroki, silent aside from the constant noise of the machines. Izuku tried to relax in his chair, sipping at his long-forgotten coffee and wincing at the taste. It was cheap and honestly, he was a bit picky when it came to coffee, which Todoroki found endlessly hilarious.

“You break your bones on a weekly basis, you eat nearly anything, but you’re a coffee snob?”

“Hey! I like it a certain way, okay? If it's not sweet enough I can't stand it but if it's too sweet it hurts my teeth. And then you have to factor in the milk and chocolate and other- mmph!”

Todoroki had kissed him to quell his ramblings as he often did, the memory making him smile. Just as he took another sip of coffee an alarm went off from one of the machines hooked up to Todoroki, beeping wildly and sending several nurses in to assess the situation. Izuku was frozen, standing with his coffee cup in one shaking hand, eyes wide as nurses and doctors started yelling things in a language he didn't understand, something about paddles and irregular rhythms. At some point he was led out of the room by a nurse, watching from the doorway as patches were placed on Todoroki’s bare skin and two paddles pressed against them, sending a shock of electricity through him that made his body jump briefly.

“Shouto!!” Izuku shouted, knowing he wasn't being heard, but he felt helpless. He didn't know enough to understand what was happening, he couldn't help, all he could do was watch.

“Again, charge.”

“Clear!” Another shock had Todoroki’s body bouncing, head falling back against the pillow with his hair splayed out in a halo, red and white strands mixed together. Beyond the din a new sound caught Izuku’s attention, standing out against the yelling. A flat, unending beep, high pitched, like a warning call. Except, that warning had come a little too late.

When Todoroki’s vision had turned white, he began to blink violently until finally, his world burst into color, making him stumble back. Or well, he would have if he could. Instead, he was once again trapped inside a memory, his feelings washing over him all at once. Anger, on top of it all, but also deep sadness, and fear. Todoroki scanned the room but didn't need to look far to realize what was going. He was in Izuku’s dorm, standing in front of the boy, who looked pissed despite the tears dripping down his cheeks.

“How could you say that? After all this? Shouto, I told you, you’ve never hurt me!”

“It's just a matter of time! My quirk will get loose or my father will go after you, I'm not going to just let it happen! You’re better off without me!” Izuku shook his head, grabbing Todoroki’s shirt as he turned to leave.

“No, I won't! I'll be miserable! Even when we were just friends, at least I had you! Shoucchan… I'm not scared of you hurting me.” Todoroki sighed, grabbing Izuku by the wrist. Internally, he was screaming at himself, cursing himself for letting this fight get this bad over something so trivial. If he had just listened, let Izuku talk to him and calm him down, maybe they both could have avoided the pain that followed. But no amount of struggling would make his body do anything that it had not done in that moment, so Todoroki was stuck shoving Izuku’s hand in his own face.

“Remember this? You should be.” He let go and turned away, but the tone of Izuku’s next words made him pause.

“You still think that that fight made me scared of you? You saved me for fuck's sake, Shouto! You don't get to feel bad about that!” He turned around and started yelling back, the fight escalating and shifting until it was about the most trivial and silly things. A month later, they laughed about it, but right now Todoroki was doing his damndest to tune out both their voices, wish he could just cry right now. But his body was having none of it, flooding him with overwhelming emotion. His control over his quirk gave out and a blast of heat blew Izuku’s hair back, startling him into silence.

“If… I-I if you’re that scared, then leave. Do whatever you want.” Izuku turned his back to him and Todoroki left, slamming the door. But the loud sound did little to muffle the sob that left Izuku the second he was gone, nor the pitiful cry that escaped Todoroki’s throat as he went back to his door, skirting past anyone who came to investigate. The second his own door shut, much gentler this time, he burst into quiet tears, shoving his face into a pillow. It was the first time he had cried since he was young but it was raw, every ounce of his energy going into the tears that seeped into the cotton pillowcase. Todoroki remembered passing out eventually, and not leaving his room the next day. He was still angry, but more than anything, he was scared of what he had done.

He had nearly burned Izuku and screamed at him, could he fix this? Or had he ruined his only true relationship, lost his best friend over something so silly? The next few days had been a blur to Todoroki then and came back to him in pieces now, showing up to class but not really paying attention, focusing more on watching Izuku when he wasn't looking. He looked just as bad as him, if not worse, and it was clear he was miserable. The third day of their silence their eyes had met for a second and Izuku had burst into tears in the middle of class and ran off. Todoroki’s heart had stopped beating at that moment, reminding him of just how badly he had messed up, and how much he wanted to make it up to his boyfriend, if he could even call him that now. But Todoroki was scared, paralyzed with fear, and so the silence continued. People asked questions but he brushed them off until, finally, Uraraka cornered him and convinced him to explain.

“You have to talk to him.” She had said firmly, crossing her arms over her chest and making sure Todoroki didn't have a good escape route.

“I cant.”

“You need to, or you're going to lose him. Don't let a silly little fight like this get between you two, you’re meant to be! It took so long to get you guys together after all the pining and all the nights Deku kept me up by talking about you, I'm not about to let you guys break up three months in!” Before Todoroki could object she had him in the air, tugging him by the shirt all the way to Izuku’s room and knocking. When the door opened she pushed Todoroki inside, releasing her hold on him and sending both boys to the floor on top of one another.

“No one is leaving til you get this figured out, got it?” She giggled and shut the door, leaning against it and leaving Todoroki to stare awkwardly at Izuku, who was stuck under him. Even just that little contact had all the loneliness and sadness from the past few days rush back to him, Todoroki remembered getting a little lightheaded as he moved off of him and sat cross-legged on the floor, Izuku sitting up and running a hand through his clearly neglected hair. There was a tense silence, both wanting to speak but not having the words to say, but when they finally managed to speak, they started at the same time. Izuku looked like he had to swallow a giggle, smiling for the briefest of seconds before his face fell. Todoroki’s heart jumped and his internal self, watching with bated breath, was reminded of just how much of a staple that smile was in his life.

“You go, um, it's fine.” Todoroki shook his head, rubbing a sore spot on his arm from his awkward landing.

“You start, I was the one who yelled like that.”

“But I yelled too! And I said a lot of really mean things a-and-” He had to pause and wipe his eyes, taking a deep breath.

“I'm sorry for how it ended, and what I said. But Shoucchan,” Todoroki hiccuped at the nickname, biting his lip to keep from getting emotional, a losing battle.

“I can take care of myself. I got that scar because of me, not because of you. Yes, you were there, but it was my fault. I rushed into the fight and you saved me, I would have probably died, Iida and I both. So if you're scared, tell me. Don't try to pull away. Because I'm not scared. Not of you, or Endeavor, or your quirk. The only thing that scares me is losing you.” Todoroki took a breath, steam leaving his mouth as evidence of his nerves.

“You deserve better than someone like me, especially after what I said to you.”

“That's the thing, Shouto, there isn't anyone better. That's why I want you.”

“I'm s-sorry…” Todoroki muttered, but Izuku had already shot forward to pull him close, hugging each other tightly. It was much-needed contact, Todoroki felt the tension he had unknowingly been holding in leave his body, burying his face in Izuku’s shoulder and letting out a shaky sigh. Izuku rubbed his back and eventually laid down with Todoroki on top, content to lay on the floor. Things got hazy from there, Todoroki heard Uraraka check on them and coo at the sight of them, only to be quickly shooed away before she brought Todoroki out of his quiet daze.

“I forgive you, Shouto, and I'm sorry too. A-are we okay? I mean, still together?” Todoroki nodded, not pulling back so that Izuku wouldn't have to see the tears in his eyes.

“If you’ll have me.”

“Well, I'm not about to let you get away that easily, so you're stuck with me.” Todoroki chided himself for not being able to say what he wanted, those three little words too much for him to get out. This time, his vision went dark as he fell asleep, peaceful and exhausted in Izuku’s arms.

At some point, Izuku had dropped his coffee. He hadn't noticed it, too concerned with the Todoroki’s body was jolting and the flatline of the machine. They shocked him a third time and this time it seemed to work, the steady beeping returning.

“Sinus rhythm, keep an eye on him.” The room cleared out and Izuku made his way back in, sitting in his chair with wide eyes. A nurse made her way over, writing a few things down before turning to Izuku.

“His heart is straining, we may need to consider taking him into surgery soon if he doesn't wake up. It's not a great outlook, but we may be able to learn more and help him if-”

“Is he stable?” She nodded, but the light in Izuku’s eyes was too hopeful for her tastes.

“You should know that-”

“Really, I don't need to know, he’ll be up soon! I'll make sure he knows what happened, he’ll be confused.” It was blind optimism and they both knew it, the nurse choosing not to comment as she left the room. She ran into a woman with snow white hair who looked a bit nervous, quickly apologizing and letting her through. Her heart skipped a beat when she made it to the doorway, seeing Todoroki laying still on the bed, clothes still messed up from before. But there was someone else there, whose face she recognized pictures and the news.

“Are you… Midoriya?” Izuku blinked and sat up, dropping Todoroki’s hand.

“I, um, yes! I'm sorry but, who are you?” He asked, realizing who the woman was just as he said it. There was no mistaking it, between the long hair and the tired grey eyes, this was Todoroki’s mother.

“Wait, I'm so sorry, you’re Shoucchan’s-”

“That’s a very cute nickname, I'm sure it embarrasses him.” She smiled and sat in the other chair, her body thin and unused to much walking.

“It does, he goes pink every time.” Izuku smiled softly, fiddling with his fingers nervously. He had never met Todoroki’s mother, but it wasn't for lack of trying. But Todoroki had insisted on waiting till he made enough money to get her out of the hospital and into her own apartment. So they had waited, and in the meantime, Todoroki would tell Izuku about her, various stories of the time before she was committed.

“May I call you Izuku?” She asked softly, fidgeting with the sleeve of her shirt, which was plain and uniform-like.

“Of course, ma’am.” Izuku smiled, but Todoroki’s mother seemed unnerved.

“Oh, love, Yuki is fine. Ma’am just feels… weird.” Izuku nodded, glancing at Todoroki, Yuki doing the same.

“I-i'm really happy to meet you, I just wish… it was under better circumstances.” Yuki nodded, getting up and looking at Todoroki’s chart. She wasn't all that versed in medical terms but all these years in the hospital had given her more than enough time to read and take in the environment, allowing her to understand most of her son's chart. But the more she read the less she could see, tears clouding her vision til a sob escaped her.

“S-Shouto…” She whimpered, her legs trying to buckle, but Izuku quickly got up and caught her before she could fall. Yuki latched onto him, burying her face in his shoulder and sobbing.

“Shh… it's okay, h-he’ll be okay.” He muttered, rubbing her back awkwardly and supporting most of her weight, which really wasn't much. Yuki continued to cry into his shirt even as Izuku eased her back into her chair, pulling away only to sink to his knees and hold her hands.

“Ma- um, Yuki… Shoucchan’s mom, it's okay, really. I'm sure he’ll wake up any time now, it's been a few days, but I'm sure he’ll be glad to see you! He’s been wanting us to meet for a while now, but things kept getting in the way, he wanted you to get out first. I think Shoucchan wanted me to see you outside of the hospital, but I'm here so often, it's practically a second home to me.”

That got her to smile a little, taking one hand from Izuku’s to wipe her eyes, Izuku passing her a couple tissues. “He tells me all about you when he visits. About how you trained together, how you got him to accept his quirk. I still feel so horrible about what I did, he deserves so much better, but I'm grateful he has you.”

“Does… does he say much else?” Izuku moved back to his chair but pulled it closer to Yuki so they could chat properly.

“Oh, Shouto never stops! He’s most talkative when he’s talking about you, or his other friends. I'm the one who had the idea to take you ice skating, actually, but my Shouto was the one who did it all.” Izuku smiled fondly, remembering that date. It hadn't been that long ago, six months at most, Todoroki had made a perfect ice rink for them to share, just big enough for the two of them. He had taught Izuku to skate, but they wound up in each other's arms after Izuku had lost his balance with Todoroki beside him.

“He takes after you so much, I really see the resemblance. He's sweet and kind, so caring. Shouto liked to tell me about when he was little, his happy memories with you. There was this one that I've heard a thousand times,” Izuku repeated the story Todoroki would always bring up when Izuku asked about his mother or he was reminiscing, a time, soon after he got his quirk, where Yuki had taken him to a field of flowers for a picnic and to practice the gentler side of his quirk on pieces of old tree bark and berries in his palm. And once they started talking, they didn't stop for hours on end, both of them having stories to share that neither had heard before. It didn't end till a nurse knocked on the open door, smiling softly.

“Mrs.Todoroki? We’ve been looking for you, it's time for dinner and we wanted to make sure it got to you.” Yuki smiled with a sad look in her eyes, standing up slowly.

“Izuku, sweetie, it's so nice talking to you. And… I'm so happy that you and my Shouto are together, he deserves someone as kind as you. Please… let me know if he wakes up, or if anything happens.” She went to the bed and pressed a long kiss to Todoroki’s forehead, combing back his white bangs.

“I love you, Shouto, please come home to me. And sweet Izuku as well.” Yuki hugged Izuku briefly before leaving, Izuku pushing his chair back to Todoroki’s bedside.

“Your mother is amazing… so much like you, Shoucchan! I wish we could have met her together like we talked about, take her to an apartment and help her move in her things, but we can still do that, when you’re better…” Izuku snuggled close to Todoroki as best he could while still in his chair, lacing their fingers together and nuzzling into his shoulder. Todoroki only breathed softly, barely audible over all the machinery. He started to doze off, moving his head to Todoroki’s chest to listen to his heartbeat, slightly off from the noise of the heart monitor.

“Sir? A doctor will be with you soon to discuss some treatment possibilities and to conduct tests, I was instructed by All-Might not to contact Endeavor, is that still the case?” Izuku nodding, accidentally digging his nails into Todoroki’s hand.

“Yes, don't call him, please. He’s an adult, that man doesn't need to know.” She nodded and left, Izuku pressing ever closer to Todoroki, thumbing over his knuckles.

“See? They’ll make it easier for you to wake up, then they can do tests and whatnot, make sure you’re alright, and we can go home! You’re staying with me, though, I'm not letting you out of my sight.” Izuku muttered, grabbing his phone and checking it briefly til finally, the doctor walked in, glancing at his chart.

“Todoroki Shouto, yes? We need to discuss treatment options considering the high likelihood that he won't come out of this coma.”

“Mama, why would you show me that? If you wanted me to stay…”

“I do, love, but you needed to see that part too. But you got past it, and made up, and now you two communicate better, right? Sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better. Do you remember how bad it felt, being apart from him? How much you missed him?” Todoroki nodded, rubbing his arm and walking along the white plane. He had never forgotten that time when he and Izuku had been separated, the hurt in Izuku’s eyes every time he looked over, the fear that he would never get back what he had before. They hadn't fought like that since, every now and then they would argue but Todoroki had learned to let Izuku in, to talk about his feelings rather than letting them overwhelm him till he got upset. It still wasn't easy for him after being closed off for so long, but Izuku was very understanding and didn't push him more than he could take, which certainly helped.

“I have one more thing to show you, baby, then you have to choose. Think on it, but don't feel bad for where your heart leads you. You’re my son, I know you’ll do what feels right.” Todoroki had to fight the urge to tear up as Yuki laced their fingers together, her touch feeling final. But he just nodded and closed his eyes, feeling his mind drift into another memory as she pressed a kiss to his knuckles.

This time, Todoroki wasn't sure what he was seeing. There were no immediate hints to this memory like the others, but he knew he was in Izuku’s room at home. He had to be, what with all the All-Might merchandise around. They were cuddled together closely while a movie played on Izuku’s laptop, something Todoroki had seen before but wasn't paying a lot of attention to, rather paying more attention to the hand on his thigh. Izuku wasn't trying to drive him nuts but Todoroki's skin was buzzing under the cotton of his sweatpants. And then, he realized what memory he was a part of, the one where he finally found the words he had been searching for. The movie was a sappy romantic tragedy and Izuku had been sniffling for the past ten minutes, little whines leaving his throat as the movie began to close in on its ending, the male leads illness progressing. Todoroki ran his hands through Izuku’s soft curls, brushing them back in a comforting gesture.

“I-its so sad… she knows he's going to d-die but… she can't leave.” Todoroki just hummed and closed his eyes, feeling Izuku snuggle ever closer the more intense the movie got. When the saddening music played and the movie started to close, Todoroki pressed a kiss to Izuku’s hair as a little sob left him.

“I wouldnt have left your side either.” He muttered, Izuku sitting up and wiping his eyes.

“Y-you mean it?”

“Of course I do. I love you, Izuku.” Todoroki hadn't meant to say it, hating himself in the silence that followed, but internally he knew it had been the right time. They had just started their third year at UA a couple months ago, dating for a little under a year. It was a miracle it hadn't slipped about before, it was all Todoroki could think about whenever he was around Izuku. But in the moment, he had rarely felt so anxious, Izuku’s wide eyes staring at him.

“S-say it again.”

“Izuku, I never meant to le-”

“Please say it again.” Izuku’s voice was soft and shaking, his cheeks pink.

“I love y-you.” Todoroki finally replied, meeting Izuku’s eyes as they filled with tears. He was going to apologize, tell Izuku that he hadn't meant to say it so soon, but before he got the chance, Izuku was pouncing on him, kissing him hard. Todoroki almost pulled back in shock but wound up kissing back as Izuku settled in his lap, arms around his neck. The laptop was blindly moved off the bed to a (hopefully) soft landing, neither boy willing to break the kiss to check.

“I love you too. So much.” Izuku whispered, pulling back only to breath for a moment before reconnecting their lips. Sure, they had made out like this before, but the warmth in Todoroki’s stomach gave him a sense of something new. They had taken the relationship slowly, all things considered. Between Izuku’s general shyness and Todoroki being so horribly touch starved, neither of them had been keen on rushing into intimacy. And they were fine with not having sex, they made out every chance they got with brief touches and quiet little moans when things got more heated, but they both made sure to stay behind an unspoken line. Izuku spent more than a couple hours getting Todoroki used to his touch, several nights spent doing nothing more than roaming Todoroki’s bare skin in soft, slow movements till he leaned into the touch and adjusted to it.

But he had long since gotten used to (and started searching for) Izuku’s hands on him, so this was mostly a welcome change, aside from the anxiety rising in his throat. The messier things got, the more the memory blurred for Todoroki, aside from the distinct pleasure, til everything suddenly became clear. Izuku was still on top of him, but both of them had lost their shirts and Izuku’s hand was flat against the front of his pants, which were strained.

“Shouto? I-is this okay? I know we haven't done, well… t-this before, but…” Todoroki just nodded, a few snowflakes drifting down from the ceiling in his excitement, Izuku giggling when he saw them.

“Baby, you’re making it snow, you must… really want this.” Todoroki went red, internally remembering how embarrassed he was to have lost control already.

“I want to do this… I want to be with you.” Todoroki was at a loss for proper words, even more so when Izuku’s palm rolled against him.

“How… how much? I mean, we never really talked about it… what we wanted.” Todoroki sat up, already missing Izuku’s touch but knowing that going further wasn't the best idea at the moment. Izuku moved off of him, his movement making it clear that he was just as hard as Todoroki.

“I want… Shoucchan, we don't have to go all the way tonight, just because you-”

“Said I loved you. But I want to, if you’re okay with it.” Izuku nodded, cheeks heating up easily when he realized the implication of his agreement.

“J-just don't feel like you can't change your mind, okay? It took you so long to get used to me touching you at all, if it turns out you need more time, just tell me, okay?” What followed was a night of fumbling and embarrassed giggles, neither of them knowing at all how to do what they wanted. But Izuku led more than Todoroki did, finding himself a little more confident as Todoroki succumbed to his touches. He was sensitive, too, Izuku’s callused fingers on his naked flesh making him moan and squirm. And his mouth… his mouth pushed Todoroki over a line where memory and reality blurred, forgetting that he was simply stuck in the moment rather than living it. The pleasure was real, though, an exact mirror of every feeling he had had that night.

It wasn't til Midoriya took him inside him that he came to his senses with a gasp that was the same as the one he had let out at the time, watching in vivid color as his virginity left him, leaving behind nothing but ecstasy and pure love. The act itself didn't take long, not with what they had been doing before. Todoroki remembered the realization that Izuku seemed unfazed by having Todoroki inside him, while Todoroki was moaning into his neck and pulling him as close as possible, their bodies becoming one in nearly every sense of the statement. And then it was over, all too soon, Izuku panting and crying out against his lips that he had captured at some point, eventually breaking apart so he could move off of Todoroki’s lap and lay on his back, arm flung over his eyes as he breathed hard. Todoroki was in no better condition, having to focus on keeping his quirk in check as he came down from his high, sitting up on one elbow to look at Izuku.

His boyfriend was littered with hickeys, along with a few faint burns on his hip in the shape of fingers that Todoroki had no intention of leaving. He felt a little bad for it, knowing it must have been a little painful in the moment, but Izuku didn't even seem to take notice, catching Todoroki’s eye and giving him a bashful smile.

“T-that was… I love you, Shouto.” Todoroki leaned in and kissed Izuku’s swollen and bruised lips, smiling gently.

“I love you too, Izuku.” It was as if, now that they had gone all the way, gotten the awkwardness and nervousness out of the way, nothing could hold them back now. Todoroki had bared his heart, soul, and vulnerable body to Izuku, who had treated him with care and love and left him more whole than he had ever felt. If they had been able to, the duo would have been content in bed, nuzzled together as they chatted until they fell asleep. But just as they were getting over the initial ‘oh my god we just had sex’ moment, Izuku heard a car door close and jumped, not realizing his mother would be home this soon (in reality it was simply later than he realized, but neither of them was prepared).

“Y-you, um, crap! You should shower, I-I I’ll get this cleaned up and tell her you’re here for the night.” Izuku started muttering as he stripped the bed, completely oblivious to his own appearance, naked and clearly debauched.

“As cute as you are right now, you might want to get dressed before your mom gets inside, she’ll figure us out pretty quickly when she sees you like this.” Izuku jumped and scrambled to find pajamas, pushing Todoroki towards the bathroom at the same time to get him into the shower quickly. Todoroki went to shut the door but Izuku suddenly stopped it with a hand, lips in a pout. It wasn't the first time he had made that gesture whenever Todoroki had to go do something and Todoroki hummed as he leaned down a little and pecked his lips in a chaste kiss, making them both turn a little pink. Todoroki liked the feeling that, even after having seen every bit of one another, little kisses still made Izuku blush. But then there was the sound of a key unlocking the door and they had to break apart, Todoroki hopping in the shower and Izuku running back to his room to get dressed and hide the messy sheets in a hamper till he could get them into the laundry.

It was still fairly obvious that something had gone down, between the hickeys on them both and the way Izuku’s hair was sticking up in all directions, but Inko didn't say a word aside from the little smile she sent Izuku’s way as he helped her unload groceries, hearing the shower running. But she soon retired to the living room with the promise of dinner within an hour or two and Izuku slipped back into his own room, blushing and rubbing his neck. Todoroki had just gotten out of the shower, towel around his waist and another rubbing his hair dry. He had spent the entire time thinking about what they had done, having to make the water run cold before things got out of hand. He let the towel fall from his hair to pull Izuku into a tight hug, thumbing his hip where he had accidentally burned him.

“Thank you.” Izuku relaxed into the hug, wrapping his arms around Todoroki’s bare waist and making a noise when his wet hair went icy on one side.

“F-for what?”

“For loving me. For giving me a chance. For making me who I am.”

“Shoucchan, you don't need to thank me for loving you, I couldn't stop that even if I wanted to. Is this because… of what we did?” Todoroki nodded and Izuku led him to the bed, grabbing a brush and gently running it through Todoroki’s hair.

“In a good way, I mean.” Todoroki murmured, suddenly speechless. He didn't know what words could possibly convey what he was feeling, but Izuku didn't push him to find them, instead finishing with his hair and setting the brush down to push Todoroki’s bangs back.

“I love you so much, Shouto, and today was amazing. A mess, but it was so good.” Izuku flushed as Todoroki leaned in for a kiss, which was happily returned til Inko knocked on the door.

“Boys? Is curry okay for dinner? Or I can order something?” They broke apart and Izuku went to the door to let his mother know that curry was fine, Todoroki finally finding his shirt, although it was a little more tattered than it had been before.

“Um… Izuku, I might need to borrow a shirt, if you don't mind.” He held up the shirt and Izuku went pink, not realizing he had actually ripped it off. Todoroki smiled and sat down as Izuku looked around for something that would fit, eventually giving Todoroki his hoodie when he realized he didn't have much clean laundry. He pulled it on and snuggled into it, trying to hide how much he loved it. Internally, Todoroki remembered that he had kept it for nearly a month before returning it to Izuku, by then it had stopped smelling like him. The memory faded into giggles and soft kisses until Todoroki opened his eyes and saw his mother looking back at him fondly, reaching out to touch his flushed cheek.

“You’re so cute with him, it's nice to see that someone can make you flustered like that, I was worried I had killed that part of you.”

“Mama…” “You don't have to comfort me, love, don't feel bad. I'm just happy, seeing you like this. It's time to decide now, though. Stay here, with me, and we can live through all of your happiest moments, over and over, together. No more pain, no more sadness, we can even make new memories.” Things started to blur as his mother moved closer, cupping his cheek with a hand.

“Or you can go back, with Izuku, with your friends, and all the pain and love that comes with that.” His mother's voice went dark, evil, it wasn't her own and Todoroki knew it, but he was frozen. Quite literally, his mother's hand had frozen itself to his cheek, his own quirk doing nothing.

“Stay with me, Shouto, don't leave me.”

“Sir, you need to consider the fact that it's just not likely he's going to wake up. We can do an exploratory surgery to see what the damage is, but it's a very big risk as we don't know what we’re looking at. We can keep him comfortable, and see if there's any sign of him waking up, we can re-assess, but you should also consider signing paperwork with instructions for what to do should his heart fail again. We can bring him back, but it may be more kind to let it pass and let his body make its choice.” The doctor said gently, sitting in the other chair across from Izuku, giving him a moment to consider his options.

“I-I… I could never do that to Shoucchan… Please… I'm sure he’ll wake up on his own, r-right?” Izuku turned to Todoroki, who obviously didn't reply, not even so much as shifting.

“There have been cases before, yes, where patients in similar situations woke up, but it's uncommon, and I don't recommend putting too much stock in those cases, those were miracles. I'll give you some time, there's no rush to make a decision unless we see his health declining. We can also provide you with someone to talk to, if you want, who can help advise you.” Izuku just shook his head with a noncommittal sound, the doctor leaving after a moment or two.

“S-Shouto… please… you have to wake up… It's time now, b-before they decide you need surgery… please don't leave me…” His voice barely a whisper, close to Todoroki’s ear, his eyes burning with the effort to not cry. He had kept up his smile so long, and Izuku tried to bring it back again now, forcing his mouth upwards despite the tears blurring his vision.

“If you come back… we can move in together… we can get m-married and do all those things we said we would do when we got our careers settled. We can go to that shelter you looked up and find a kitten, I know how much you want one. W-we can do anything you want, Shoucchan, but you have to wake up! P-p-please, I love you, I n-need you! D-don't go…” Izuku broke down, finally letting down the wall that he had put up when he learned of Todoroki’s condition. All of the fear, the pain, the sadness, it all escaped him in loud, messy sobs, curled over Todoroki’s still form. He didn't bother trying to wipe away his tears, there were too many and they flowed too fast, dripping down his cheeks till they gave way to gravity and splashed onto Todoroki’s face, glittering in the harsh hospital lighting.

“I-I can't do this without you… I d-don't want to be a hero without you…” He could barely get the words out, holding one of Todoroki’s hands between his own tightly as sobs shook his entire body.

“Shoucchan!” Todoroki spun on his feet at the familiar voice, his mothers sigh following.

“Looks like the choice isn't yours now… but it's okay. Your heart belongs to him now, you would have chosen him in the end.” Izuku’s voice got louder, sobs and desperate begging for Todoroki to come back, his vision rapidly distorting.

“I love you, Mama, I'm sorry.”

“Don't be sorry, my love, I'll see you in life. Go back to him, Shouto, it's time to wake up.” Yuki pulled her hand back and Todoroki felt himself drifting away, consciousness seeping into him.

Izuku’s crying was so loud and violent that he didn't even notice Todoroki’s hand twitching in his own, his head tilting slightly to reveal that Izuku’s tears had dripped onto his cracked lips.

“I… Izuku…” He breathed, just barely audible, Izuku wouldn't have caught it had he not felt Todoroki’s breath on his face.


“Why… you’re crying…?” Todoroki muttered, groaning as he tried to move, only to find his limbs heavy and weak. Izuku pulled back, watching with wide eyes as Todoroki turned to look at him, blinking slowly.

“Oh god, Shouto, you’re… Shoucchan, you’re awake, oh my god! Say something, please, Shoucchan!” Izuku continued to mutter and freak out, giggling when Todoroki squeezed his hand and nearly bouncing out of his chair with glee.

“You stayed… I love you so much…” Todoroki murmured, his voice hoarse.

“O-of course I stayed! I-I can't believe you’re awake, t-they said it wouldn't happen… Oh god, Shouto…” Izuku burst into tears again and hugged Todoroki as tightly as he let himself, knowing his body was still injured. Todoroki hugged back with one arm, the best he could manage at the moment.

“I was so s-scared…” Izuku managed to get out between the sobs, Todoroki rubbing his back with the tips of his fingers. The nurses, hearing the commotion, came in to check, immediately calling for the doctor and asking Izuku to move aside so they could look him over and run a battery of tests till the doctor arrived. Todoroki was focused on Izuku, though, holding his hand tightly and speaking with him softly as his blood was taken and his reflexes tested, scans being ordered to check the extent of his brain damage, if any. Izuku didn’t stop crying for even a minute, bringing Todoroki’s hand to his lips to kiss it, only for him to trace his fingers along the freckles that littered his cheekbones.

“In my dream… I saw my mother, she showed me… she showed me you?” “Me?” Todoroki nodded, wincing a little in pain.

“Memories, you and me… like our first date… that fight… she said I had to choose. But then I heard you…” Todoroki’s voice faded, exhausted, and a hand touched Izuku’s shoulder.

“We need to take him for some scans to see what we’re working with so we can properly heal his wounds, you’ll have to stay here. It won't take long, but in the meantime, you can call anyone you need to let them know that he's awake. Without tests, it's hard to tell, but it seems like a quirk is what brought him out of the coma.” Izuku blinked in confusion, a quirk? One for All didn't have any sort of healing capabilities, he knew that for sure.

“We’ll do more tests to be sure, but it looks like you’re crying had some sort of effect on him, perhaps a quirk relating to your tears?

“M-my quirk doesn't… it isn't…”

“Perhaps a secondary quirk? It's been known to happen, having a quirk with such a specific function that it isn’t discovered until later in life.” The nurses went to move Todoroki’s bed, but he stopped them briefly, pulling Izuku down for the briefest of kisses.

“I love you, I'll be back soon, alright? Let my mom know I'm alright, we can talk more when I'm back, okay?” Izuku nodded, tears pricking at his eyes once again.


“Shh, don't cry, I'm okay. You saved me, Izuku, and I'll be back after these tests.”

“I-I love you too, Shoucchan, so much… I'll see you soon…” Izuku smiled at Todoroki as his bed was wheeled away, still smiling even when Todoroki left his sight. He shot texts to his friends and family, writing a note and asking a nurse to give it to Todoroki’s mom, letting her know he had woken up and she could come see him in the morning if she wanted. And between responding to messages and pinching himself to make sure that he wasn't in a dream, time passed quickly and before long Todoroki was being brought back in, tired but perfectly fine.

“They’ll give us results in the morning, but they say I'm fine as long as nothing changes. They did some healing, too, but not too much since I'm already exhausted.” Izuku stood up, nervously fingering the thin blanket covering Todoroki.

“Can I…” He went pink and smiled shyly, motioning to the bed. Todoroki scooted aside and Izuku climbed in, snuggling under the blankets and as close to Todoroki as he could, feeling the warmth radiating from his quirk.

“Sorry, I just… I was scared I wouldn't get to do this again…” Todoroki just nuzzled into Izuku, humming softly. He was so tired after the healing that he could hardly talk, but he managed to lace his fingers with Izuku’s firmly.

“I won't let you go again, I'm sorry…”

“Don't be sorry… I love you, Izuku, I'm so glad I'm here with you.” Another tear slipped down Izuku’s cheek but he wiped it away and kissed Todoroki’s scar softly, letting his eyes close as the tension he had been holding in left his body.

“I love you too, Shoucchan, and I'll be by your side as much as possible till you’re home.”