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We Are The Aliens

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"I still don't understand how this happened," Keith was saying. "I mean... I haven't even been gone that long, right?"

Lance was standing next to him, except he didn't look like how he remembered him looking. He had little marks on his face, and his hair was white. He seemed taller too, come to think of it. 

"Well you can't be the only alien on this team, Keith."

"Actually," Pidge piped up suddenly. "We're all aliens on the team."

"What?" Keith furrowed his eyebrows. 

Pidge continued then. "If you think of it using the human definition, an alien is a being that doesn't belong to our world, right?"

"So what?" said Lance. 

"So! We don't belong to all the planets that we've saved. So that means for all those people..."

Lance and Keith's eyes widened. 

"We are the aliens."

"Wait wait wait." Lance suddenly thought of something. "Does that mean Allura and Coran think of us as...?"

Pidge nodded. "Yes! Aliens! Well wait. Not you now I guess, Lance, you're Altean."

"...I think I need moment."