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In the two years the Legends started using the Bureau’s couriers, the team realized that those pesky watch-like objects actually needed more maintenance than one would imagine.

Or they would malfunction in the weirdest of ways.


The first courier the team stole was Rip’s and they never returned it, thinking they must’ve somehow broken it. They only managed to use it a couple of times, before it left Nate and Martin stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1675.

It took Gideon two weeks to track them down.

The two men never really spoke of what happened and, while Martin never ate anything with coconut in it again, Nate developed an irrational fear of crab legs.




The team’s second courier was Ava’s.

It worked perfectly for over two months, faithfully taking them on missions and, thus, allowing them to fix multiple anachronisms at the same time. Sara began to rely on it, as it was so much easier to spread the team out through time with a courier, the jumpship and the Waverider.

Until, one day, instead of New York’s roaring twenties, it delivered Zari and Mick on the edge of an active volcano. Both got back to the ship safe and sound, but they were a little too enthusiastic about the accident, so Sara decided it was time to return it to its owner.

Two days later, the now Director of the Time Bureau walked in her office to find the courier on her desk, with a note that read:

“Thanks! Have someone take a look at it.”




After Mallus’ defeat, the Bureau and the Legends – or better Sara and Ava – agreed that working against each other wouldn’t benefit any of the parties involved. There were anachronisms to be fixed and time demons scattered across realities and time: they needed to cooperate if they wanted to be successful.

The first thing the two heads of the agencies did was sit down and develop a careful plan. The first day – and night – of the negotiations turned out to be unsuccessful, because of “unforeseen circumstances”, as the two women divulged upon exiting the conference room, with ruffled hair and disheveled clothes.

The next day, Zari suggested other people attend the meeting as well, in order to avoid an endless reiteration of these “circumstances”.


After a full week of negotiations, the two parties finally came up with a solid accord: the teams would trade members when necessary, the Bureau would have access to Gideon’s knowledge and the Waverider’s resources when needed, while the Legends would be granted two Time Couriers, with the promise to bring them in for maintenance every two months or one hundred trips, whatever came first.

“What happens if we don’t?” asked an uneasy, but still curious Ray Palmer.

“It’s better if you don’t find out,” the technician asserted.

The Legends shared a knowing look that left Ava very confused and mildly concerned.




It was Christmas Eve and the Legends were setting up the table for dinner, when Ray realized he had forgotten everyone’s gifts at the apartment he still owned in Star City. He was always usually very careful not to abuse work resources, but, after all, this was an emergency.


On New Year's Eve, the team found him in the garbage compactor.


Fortunately, the courier had transported him in time as well and for him it had only been six hours.

Once the courier was analyzed, the Bureau tech found 354 trips to Aruba 2018.

Everyone looked at Mick.

He never denied anything.




“It’s just lunch, babe,” Sara was leaning against the doorframe, her arms crossed, as she was taking in the image of her very nervous half-naked girlfriend who was frantically lurking inside every possible drawer for the second if not third time. 

Ava turned to face her, frowning. “Are you kidding me?” She protested incredulous.

Sara couldn’t hide the huge grin curving her own lips. “Don’t you dare mock me with that grin, Sara Lance,” Ava looked dead serious and that only made Sara smile wider. The other woman turned back to the wardrobe and grabbed the seventh shirt that morning.

While Ava was studying the button down as if it was an ancient scroll to decipher, Sara uncrossed her arms and moved closer. She stopped behind the woman and pressed her torso against Ava’s back, softly resting her palms on the woman’s naked belly. Sara brushed her lips in between Ava’s shoulder blades and rested her chin in the same place. As she did so, she felt Ava’s whole body relax against her own.

As she turned to face her girlfriend, Ava put the shirt back on the hanger. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes still wouldn’t meet Sara’s. “I… I just… don’t want to screw this up, you know?” She looked up, concern manifest on her gaze.

Sara turned her grin into a soft smile and pulled Ava closer. “You couldn’t possibly screw this up even if you tried," she paused, drawing Ava towards her. "My mom’s going to love you,” as she finished the sentence, Sara stood up on her tiptoes and pecked the taller woman on the lips.

They both opened their eyes at the same and Sara glanced at the clock on the wall.

Her loving smile soon turned into an impish smirk. Catching some sort of silent agreement in Ava’s expression, she thrust Ava against the wardrobe, pushing the door shut in the process. She put her hands on Ava’s hips and started placing soft and steady kisses on the woman’s skin, tracing her jawline with her lips and with the tip of her tongue, her fingers gradually outlining Ava’s spine. As she felt her girlfriend try to suppress a moan, Sara started moving her mouth slowly, just half an inch at a time, only to linger on the woman’s neck for a few more seconds.

Sara was surprised when Ava’s hands pushed them apart. She lifted her head, confused and anxious she crossed a line when she didn't explicitly ask her girlfriend if they were both on the same page. “Is everything alright?”

“No…” Sara’s eyes widened in terror. “I mean, yes!” Ava blurted out, evidently a little out of breath. Sara tilted her head and gave her a questioning look. “It wasn’t anything you did. I, uhm, just… don’t really want to meet your mom with a hickey on my neck?”      

“Oh!” Sara relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. “Well, then,” she started, her mischievous look back in place. “I guess I’m going to have to work on somewhere less… noticeable. Only if you want.”

Sara waited for the other woman to acknowledge her offer and, as soon as Ava smiled, she started to softly press her lips first on her collarbone, then on her chest. Maintaining her descent steady, she tried to avoid the obnoxious bra she knew Ava wouldn’t let her remove lest them be late for lunch. She progressed, leaving a trail of wet kisses on her stomach and her belly. As Ava caressed her hair, Sara’s thumb brushed against an old scar Ava had on the right side of her abdomen.

Before going any further, Sara looked up at the other woman, who smiled down at her, softly. “As much as I hate to say this-”

“… we’re going to be late?” Sara teased.

“Yep,” Ava bit her lip and reached down to helped her up, pulling her close. It was her turn to place a tender kiss on Sara’s lips, as she whispered into her ear. “But if you behave, I’ll make sure to make it up to you later.”

Sara’s grin grew wider.

She pulled the taller woman into a short but passionate kiss, before hissing “I’m counting on it.”


Sara reluctantly broke contact and sat on the bed. She watched as Ava opted for a white sundress, that Sara knew would highlight every inch of Ava's perfect body. 

As she sat waiting for Ava to dress up, her eyes caught the scar on Ava's side again. “You know,” she paused. “I never asked you how you got that scar,” she continued as she pointed to it.

Ava looked down.

Clearly perplexed, she hesitated for a moment before answering. “I, uhm... I don’t really remember. I went on this mission a couple of years ago, I got separated from the unit and knocked unconscious pretty soon,” she paused, brushing it with the tip of her finger. “I came to a couple days later in the Bureau’s med bay, all stitched up,” she let out a small laugh, as if to dismiss a fond memory. “I guess, I got lucky.”

Sara stood up and placed a kiss on the woman’s cheek. “We both did,” she cooed as she headed towards the adjacent room.