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I shouldn't have watched the greatest showman and star wars (in the same day)

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It all started when Luke and Leia where roaming around in the New York's downtown area, both twins looking around at everything and nothing at the same time. The air was filled with smoke from the pipes around the block and the people were, or at least seemed like, to be screaming but it was just the many voices that filled in at the same time.

Leia looked tired, she was desperate to get a job and earn enough to get food for two mouths, hers and her brother; Luke was already working, but he didn't earned enough, they barely had for a good and large piece of bread that was cutted in half for each of them and cheese along with some water and that had to do it for a whole month. They really needed money.

But besides that, there was nothing new, nothing to see. Except—

“Leia look!” the young blond said excited, pointing at a poster glued in a wall that said “Wanted! unique persons and curiosities, male or female, young or old” he read as Leia looked at those big, bold letters that stood out of everything else that was in the brick wall “don't you think we should try?” Leia sighed.


She and her brother have loved to do trapeze since they were kids, their mom encouraging them to do what they loved to do but sadly, what they loved wasn't paid enough and they couldn't eat out of their dreams, so they dropped the show and started to work as anything they could to help out their tired mother.

But time goes on and waits for no one; in their early years of their teenage lifes, their mother, Padme, died out due to the fatigue of working long hours at the sewing factory leaving the twins on their own but at least with a tiny apartment to their names; a roof to sleep under at night when it got cold and lonely.

“Take care of each other” said Padme in her last moments “you are all the family you got” she spoke, looking at her children one last time before she had to go, smiling to herself because she might be leaving but she knew they could handle it; her motherly instinct told her so.


Leia was still looking at Luke, her gaze transfixed in the poster that her brother was still babbling about but she wasn't sure if she could handle another fake and broken dream that wouldn't last more than a month. A month where she and Luke had to eat. “I don't know Luke...” she spoke hesitant “it doesn't seem very trustworthy” Leia said as she teared off the sign, looking at it like if something magical would happen if she kept it on her hand for long enough.

And Luke saw it, that flash of hope he needed to convince Leia to join the act.

“What do we lose if we go and try?”

Leia smiled a little. Luke had won.


“Well” P.T. spoke out “Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, brother and sister?” he then asked, looking at them with a welcoming smile.

“Yes sir” Leia answered without a waiver in her voice.

“Terrific. What do you do?”

“Trapeze” she answered with the same confidence while Luke just stared at the man in front of him.

“Okay” he said.

Luke soon to interrupt with his thoughts “Do you think they'll like us if we go on stage? I don't think they'll like it.” he said, Leia looked at him as if he had gone mad.

He was the one who convinced her to go and try in the first place and now he wants to back up because he's afraid of what other people say? Bullshit, Luke had nothing to fear of a little bit of judgment if he had his sister by his side.

But all those doubts faded away when P.T. smiled warm to him.

“I count with that.”


Later that week, they saw their own posters.

‘World's greatest trapeze! Leia and Luke!’ it read out, the twins smiled with glee, they felt like they have made the right decision.