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Something About Her

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Juilliard was exactly how Veronica had expected it to be. 

An exciting whirl of diversity compared to the halls of Westerburg High School, a place that Veronica had; in the end, come to appreciate in her own way. Preferring to overlook the early years of wandering its halls, drowning out the increasingly snarky insults with sharp words of her own. 

Instead, she looked back upon the final years. 

Where she had found herself drawn into the presence of the Heathers, women who understood Veronica's potential. And drew her into their circle, changing the direction of her life completely. 

The Orchestra opened to Veronica, at the Heathers' request. 

For never had Veronica seen Music, as a way forward into life. She had looked upon it like a hobby, a hobby she just happened to be pretty amazing at. But to experience the dedication and adoration that the Ensemble felt for their talent, brought a thrill to her. 

And with the Orchestra and the Heathers both in her life, Music would open up a path to Julliard of all places. Veronica allowed to walk through the campus’s clean, modern hallways. 

Crisp, new, and fresh. 

Her Cello, now  an everyday part of her life, carted between school and Dormitory. Her mornings and mid-afternoon hours dedicated to classes, while the rest of her day remained open. 

A schedule that the Heathers shared with minimal difference, allowing the foursome to experience dorm living together. And while residing within each other's zones of comfort, Veronica stumbled her way into an already established relationship. The Heathers having dated for several years, before Veronica even came along. Having had time to grow accustomed to each other, and learn the ins and outs. 

And Veronica…she was new at relationships.

Like… very new. 

In fact, before this she had never taken part in a serious relationship. So with her very first one, she went all in. And entered a relationship with not one, but three women. Veronica walking upon the tips of her toes at all times, waiting to be ambushed within her personal bubble. A Heather behind almost every door, willing to engage her in conversation. To smile and laugh, or look up at her through lowered lids. 

Veronica becoming efficient at dating The Heathers, not just as a whole, but singularity as well. Melding into their preexisting relationship seamlessly. Going from sharing a living space, to sharing a bed. 

Often her own, but sometimes someone else's. Veronica the only one of them to bring her own bed along, replacing the double bed with a queen size. Meaning that while her furniture did fit a bit snugger, for Veronica it was perfect. Becoming rare for Veronica to spend a night alone, the brunette happy to fall into a pile of warm bodies at the end of the night. Or to just fall into the grasp of a single Heather, the sleeping arrangements spontaneous at best. 

Veronica experiencing another first in her life, with the Heathers. 


A conversation Veronica had dreaded having, her nonexistent dating life mirroring her non-existing sex life. Error, error… experience not found. But much to Veronica's surprise, her admittance was met with only the barest of ribbing from Heather Duke. 

The dark haired Heather the most patient out of them all, when it came to Veronica. Shy and slow to open up, fighting to keep her vulnerability safe. Taking several semesters, before Heather Duke would even consider sleeping beside Veronica, the two enjoying a more casual relationship. Heather coming and going as she pleased, with Veronica simply enjoying the brunettes weekly visits to her room. Claiming Veronica's bed for a handful of hours, just long enough to cuddle and perhaps have sex. 

Often have sex.

A night time activity that Veronica; just like her taking to the Cello, took to with ease. Enjoying herself, after the initial awkwardness of it all. Acing the basics, and starting on the slightly more advanced stuff. Getting to know the Heathers in an entirely personal manner, right to the very root of them. 

Just as she became a slowly opening book to them. 

Learning of their differences and eccentricities, the Heathers becoming human before Veronica's eyes. Heather Chandler by far the most confident, in her wooing of Veronica. Claiming Monday night of each week to invade Veronica's bed. 

Taking Monday night without fail, followed by one or two nights at random. Their blonde haired leader more than willing to make herself an unexpected third party to Heather Mcnamara and Heather Dukes nights, politely greedy in her wants. Making sure she wasn't imposing, before setting into the sheets of Veronica's bed. 

Heather Chandler’s schedule changing little, in the two years the foursome had been living together now, showing the same confidence she had gone into the relationship with. Listening with patience when Veronica had first brought up her lack of experience, before turning the tall brunette into putty beneath her talented fingers. 

Veronica losing her virginity to Heather Chandler three weeks into their newly established relationship, months before Heather Duke would even consider moving passed second base with Veronica. But only a couple weeks before Heather Mcnamara would find herself making out with Veronica in the kitchen at three in the morning, fingers sore from practicing and eyes strained from staring at music sheets all evening. 

The foursome falling into a comfortable coexistence, in the bustling streets of New York. Spending their first Halloween together, followed by their first Christmas. Veronica continues to busk a couple times a month, always on the lookout for a good corner to haunt during her free time. 

The Heathers occasionally joining her, if they were free. 

Though more often than not, Veronica would finish up her playing and then catch a late night coffee in some ever changing cafe. From swanky little library bars, to smoky french cafe’s. Enjoying the freedom their Juilliard acceptance offered them, without worry when it came to tuition and rent. 

Their time spent working under Miss Fleming having been both harder and more stressful than anything Juilliard had thrown at them so far, Veronica earning more than her fair share of praise from the teachers. Her hard work awarded with the occasional solo, and the first chair in the cello section of the Orchestra. Just within reaching distance of her girlfriends, unsurprising that Heather Chandler was first chair in her section, Heather Duke and Mcnamara right beside her. 

Where they had always been, the three of them. 

Or, the four of them now.

Talented women that over the last two years had gained quite an interest, and even a bit of a following in Juilliard's Orchestral section, the end of their final semester just a couple months away. The four of them having raced their way through Juilliard's Masters program, finishing the program in exactly the minimum required time. 

Taking five or six classes per semester, a killer load for most people.

Perhaps that was why in the last two months of school, it was The New York Philharmonics that got in touch with the girls first, and not the other way around. Showing interest, before they could even graduate with their Masters degree in Music.

Offering not only a chance, but an assurance. 

That when their time at Juilliard had finished, The New York Philharmonics would be waiting for them, if they were interested. An opportunity that was full of promise and advancements, with an Ensemble that was without a doubt one of the best in the world.

Overflowing with talented men and women that took their craft seriously, spending hours a day practicing. A dedication that Veronica and the Heathers understood. 

Their lives revolving around each other, and the music that surrounded them. 

Veronica’s old secondhand Merano perched upon its stand in the living room of their dorm apartment, in the safe company of three near identical Violins. A tinkering giggle escaping Heather McNamara's lips, as she settled into the plush blankets of Veronica's bed. Mindful of the lightly snoozing Chandler and the snoring Duke, the girls having already claimed part of Veronica's bed for that night. Unaware that the littlest of their group would decide to join their pile of limbs in the early hours of the morning.

Her giggling waking Veronica from sleep, a blurry blink to her eyes as she took in the sneaking blonde, who was successful at looking innocent. A yawn to Veronica’s lips, as she lifted up the blankets and ushered the blonde into the overflowing bed. 

The little blonde kicking off her pants and socks, before settling into the cramped space. Her fingertips pressing into the dip of Veronica’s hip, thumbing at the blue boxers the lanky brunette had taken to wearing. 

Letting sleep take her from Veronica's arms.

Veronica managing to muster a sleepy smile, as she took in the Heathers. 

Sleeping soundly around her, in varying levels of undress. Flesh and fabric pressed together, as Veronica slipped off to sleep to the quiet sound of Heather Duke snoring. 

Her smile unwavering.