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Thinking about you

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You were always there. You didn't notice me but I was there too. In the same hall, same room, same class, you were everywhefe and I was just behind you. I wished for you to wait. I wanted to walk beside you, but you didn't want that. Honestly I don't know what you wanted.

I remember the first time i saw you. It was in the simulator you were flying like a professional, it was kind of magical, i felt like i was flying with you. I wanted you to feel the same with my performance. You left as soon as the simulation finished. I failed mine.

I was angry at you after that, no matter what you did everyone knew you were there, you were a shining star. You could do everything. I couldn't.

I tried to shine like you. But it was difficult when you sucked at everything. It was hard but i did it, it wasn't the best method but people looked at me, though it wasn't the same way they looked at you.

Even after becoming the class clown you didn't saw me. That hurt and made me hate you more. I hated you. You were perfect i was not. You were shining i was drowning.


Why didnt you look at me?


And then......


Then You left.


And still no one looked at me. So i hated you even more.

'I hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you...'


I hate you because I'm not perfect like you.


I hate you because no one looks at me.


I hate you because I cant fly like you.


I hate you because I'm not you.


I hate you because...because... Because you are not here.