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Best For You [Yandere! Jimin]

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Jimin spoiled you so much. He gave you everything that you ever wanted no matter how expensive or difficult it might’ve been to obtain it. Since the commencement of your relationship, Jimin was always displaying grand gestures in order to show you his love. On your first date, he greeted you with flowers and chocolates, and took you to an extravagant restaurant. Personally, that was a bit too extra for your taste for a first date. However, he was a total gentleman, and you had a pleasant time with him, so you weren’t complaining. This led to the second date and once again, he greeted you with flowers and chocolates. Only this time, the bouquet was bigger. This development continued because with each date, the bouquet of flowers would be bigger than the one before. Afterwards, when you finally asked him to stop giving you flowers, he began to give you expensive pieces of jewellery. It was as if Jimin was trying to make you love him by showing you how much he could give you, rather than being his true self.


It was an obvious insecurity to notice, and after talking to him about it, you got him to stop giving you unneeded expensive gifts. Subsequently to this, you were finally beginning to have a normal relationship. From your perspective, you wanted to reassure Jimin that you liked him for who he was, rather than the materialistic objects he bought for you. However to Jimin, it felt as if you were just manifesting his insecurities, and you were being ungrateful about the fact that he wanted to provide for you.


He was really infuriated with you for this. He just wanted to take care of you so that you could live a life of comfort and not be stressed about working. He wanted to do everything for you so you would become completely dependant on him. You were a free bird that liked to fly, but he was like a self-centred owner who only wanted you to fly within the ‘safe haven’ that he provided for you.


He isolated you so he would be the only person in your life.


Jimin put up a facade of a ‘normal’ person and displayed the type of personality that you wanted, so you would become completely smitten with him. Once you were, and the two of you had been dating for a while,   he suggested that you two should get married. At first, you were reluctant about this because you had not even lived together. However, you seem to always get your way, so this time, you agreed.


Afterall, the past few months with Jimin had been a blissful time. So, what could possibly go wrong, right?


It was an exciting day when you were wearing a magnificent white wedding dress, and Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist. He brought you closer to his form, and kissed you passionately.  The cheers from close friends and family were heard in the background.


That was the last time you ever saw them.


From the moment you entered your new prison home, you never left again.


After celebrating your marriage, and becoming exhausted, you went to sleep in yours and Jimin’s shared master bedroom. You slept on a large bed where you were sprawled out freely, taking up a lot of space. There was a black bed sheet laid beneath you, and crimson duvet covers engulfed you.


However, when you woke up, you found yourself in a room that was a lot more smaller than the master bedroom. Your hands and feet were bounded, and while the bed sheet beneath you was still black, this time, white duvet covers covered your form.


Your eyes widened and you tried to pull your wrists and ankles free from the restrains.


“That’s useless,” Jimin said, as he opened the door to your bedroom, with a tray in his hands. On the tray, it was your breakfast. There were two pieces of toast, two full-fried eggs, a variety of few fruit slices, and a glass of orange juice. He walked towards your tied up form, and settled the tray on the side table besides your bed, before he kissed your cheek. He sat down on the bed next to you, and picked up a fruit slice that he held out for you to eat.


“Honey, say ah~” He said, and opened his mouth, as if he was a parent who was showing their infant how to eat.


You were so baffled with your situation that the confusion was overwhelming and it caused you to be still. You did not respond to Jimin for a few moments, until you finally snapped out of your trance. You furrowed your eyebrows, and pushed Jimin’s hand away from your face with your chin.


“What is the meaning of this?” You hissed, as you gestured towards your hands and feet.


Jimin’s eyes flickered to your tied hands, before his gaze shifted back to you.


He gave you an ear-to-ear grin, but the smile never reached his eyes.


“You should stay healthy and eat [Name]. I only want the best for you, so listen to whatever I say, okay?” Jimin said, as he tried to feed you some food, but you turned your head away from him.


You growled and began to struggle in your confinements once more.


“Let me go!” You screeched, and continued to thrash in your bindings.


Jimin simply watched you, until you became tired and ceased your struggling. Subsequently to this, he brushed your cheek with his hand as an assuring gesture.


“I’m afraid I can’t do that, [Name]. I did whatever you wanted, and now, it's time for you to do what want.  You’re mine, and I am never going to let you go.”