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Green Eyes and Blue Engines

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The boy’s feet hit the ground roughly, and the scary darkness above him closes. The boy looks around frantically, his dark green curls bounce as he does so. He’s in a small house, or maybe a basement? He doesn’t know.

The boy looks up, and a man with a hand on his face stares at him, after a minute he says something to the darkness behind the large table. Tears slip down and stain the boys shirt, he shakes violently while the two people talk.

“Why did Sensei give me a brat?”
The man with the hand on his face says. He sounds mean, and that scares the boy.

A TV turns on, and the man with the hand turns quickly towards it. The man watches the TV very closely, but all it shows is static, the boy can't see anything anything interesting to watch.

But then the boy hears heavy breathing.
The TV is talking.
The boy unknowingly walks forward, maybe it's All Might on the other side!
“A-All Might?” He asks hopefully.

His hopes are dashed when the TV chuckles. The TV also sounds mean. All the people here sound mean.
“No, I am, Sensei to you.” The TV replies.

The boy frowns. “I wanna go home.” Maybe the TV is nice?

The TV chuckles again.
“This is your home.”

The boy decides the TV is in fact, not nice.

The TV is a liar.

The boy knows this isn't his home.

Mommy isn't there cooking Katsudon, and the soft All Might blanket with ‘Plus Ultra’ written on it isn't there either.

This isn't home.

I want to go home.

Izuku watches the man with the hand on his face, Shigaraki, play with a strange box, it looks like a TV, but its smaller with little red buttons. Shigaraki makes a displeased noise and the box plays a sad tune.

Shigaraki lets his middle finger down onto the strange box, and it starts to decay, pathetically dropping into a pile of ashes.

Izuku backs up against the brick wall and clutches at his forearms. He flexes them experimentally, and a large helicopter-like wing protrudes from each arm. They’re a metallic grey, and each has a light green stripe on the edge of each wing.

Izuku winces at the small cracks littered on his wings, Shigaraki did that whenever Izuku misbehaved.

Or when he was mad at his games.

Or when he was bored.

Or whenever he felt like it.

Izuku relaxes his arms, and the wings fold back inside them.

Izuku has another part to his quirk, but Shigaraki doesn't know that. If Shigaraki did, he would try to break it.

Izuku shivers at the thought.

Izuku frowned. hadn't gotten used to his quirk much yet, he doesn’t get to leave the basement, so he never gets to practice.

The last time Izuku used his quirk was on his third birthday.

He’s pretty sure he’s four now.

Izuku really wishes a hero would come and save him.
Maybe All Might will punch through the wall with a ‘Texas Smash’, and save Izuku from the dirty basement.

Izuku waits for a minute.

Nothing happens.

Izuku frowns, and he kinda wants to cry.

Maybe he could try escaping again? Izuku considers.

If Kurogiri walks me around Hosu.. maybe then i could escape? There are plenty of hero agencies around.

It’s worth a shot, since the worst that could happen is him getting sucked into a portal.. Right?

Izuku pumps his fist into the air, and he approaches the big table.

Kurogiri looks down at Izuku, and Izuku does his best puppy eyes. “Kurogiri, c-can we take a walk?” Izuku says with confidence he doesn’t have.

Kurogiri looks at Izuku for a moment. “As long as Sensei approves of it.” Kurogiri walks over to the TV and he waits.

A crackly voice comes out of the TV, and it makes Izuku’s skin crawl. Izuku doesn’t like that voice.

“It’s nice to see you Kurogiri,” The TV pauses. “Why do you require my assistance?”

Kurogiri bows, “Midoriya would like to go on a walk, but i'm not sure that would be a good idea, given his..”

Kurogiri pauses and he eyes the dents in the bar door.

“..History.” Kurogiri finishes.

The TV is silent.

“If he misbehaves, his dear mother will pay the price.” The TV says smoothly.

Kurogiri nods.

Izuku doesn’t understand what the TV means by ‘pay the price’, but it won’t be too bad..


Kurogiri opens up a warp, and Izuku tentatively steps inside.

Izuku steps out onto a rooftop, Kurogiri isn’t here yet.

Izuku flexes his arms, and in a split second decision, he jumps off the building.

The wind whips through Izuku’s hair as he glides down towards Hosu. His arms are outstretched, allowing him to glide.

Izuku then realizes he didn’t plan his landing.

Izuku swerves and lands roughly on another rooftop, he then scrambles to get behind a chimney.

Izuku clamps a hand over his mouth so he won’t make any noise. Kurogiri is shouting for him, and he sounds close.

Kurogiri can’t see you, so he can’t get a portal beneath you. Izuku’s mind reminds him. This calms Izuku just enough to peek out from behind the chimney.

Kurogiri stares down Izuku.

Time seems to slow down for Izuku.
He’s faintly aware of a warmth spreading through his back, before he rockets off the building, narrowly avoiding one of Kurogiri’s portals on the way down.

“Your son’s quirk is quite peculiar,” The doctor says while holding up a clipboard. “..But it's an impressive movement quirk.”

Inko smiles down at Izuku, while she runs a hand through his messy curls.

Izuku is feeling the thruster, (or is it a rocket?) in between his shoulder blades. It’s cylindrical, grey, and really warm.

“Your son will make an excellent hero given time to grow.” The doctor finishes.

Izuku beams up at Inko and he flexes his arms, his wings swing out gracefully.

“Mama, i get to be a hero!”

Tensei loves patrolling Hosu.
It’s beautiful this time of year, and he hasn’t had to stop too many villains today.

It's peaceful..

Until a child literally barrels into his back.
Tensei stumbles forward due to the impact, and he spins around, ready to attack-


A green haired boy is wheezing on the concrete below, probably from the impact of hitting Tensei’s armor.

Tensei kneels down and he picks up the boy.
Small scars litter the boy’s hands, they look like cracks.

“Hey, you alright?” Tensei asks softly.
The boy opens his eyes and his breathing becomes erratic.

“S-Shigaraki-“ A breath. “H-he’ll come for me-“

Tensei activates his earpiece, the boy appears to have scratches on his arms, and he probably has a concussion.

“Ingenium reporting in, i need an ambulance,” Tensei pauses as he listens to one of his sidekicks. “I’m sending you my coordinates now.” He finishes.

Tensei carefully adjusts the boy in his arms. “Here, breathe with me okay?”

The boy looks up, and he nods blearily.

“In.. one.. two.. three..”

The boy follows along as best he can.

“Out.. one.. two.. three.”

Tensei does this for a couple minutes, until the child’s breathing is no longer irregular.

As soon as the ambulance arrives
The little boy-Midoriya as Tensei was told- is given a checkup, and is found to be mostly healthy. Tensei leaves the boy with the paramedics, and he turns to leave.

But Tensei stops when Midoriya calls out to him.
“T-Thank you Ingenium!”

Tensei turns around and he smiles.
“No problem.”


Kurogiri really screwed up this time.

The boy is gone.

Sensei is going to be pissed.

Kurogiri contemplates his impending doom while he warps back to the bar.

Inko stirs her soup absentmindedly while she looks at a door.

Izuku’s door.

She can feel tears well up in her eyes.
It had been a year since he was declared missing.

Her home was so lonely.
Sometimes she half expected Izuku to walk straight through the front door-

The door opens.

Inko turns, disbelief in her eyes.

A needle lodges itself into her neck.
Inko whimpers pitifully as she falls to the ground.
She struggles to stay conscious, but its ultimately futile.

A man with a black helmet and finely tailored suit sits idly on her living room couch.
“I’m sorry Miss Midoriya,” his metallic voice crackles. “Your son hasn't been acting very well lately.” He finishes smoothly.

Inko’s vision is flooded with dark spots, until she can barely see.
The man kneels before her. He presses a hand onto her forehead.

With one last thought, Inko closes her eyes.

I-I’m sorry Izuku!



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The police department gets the news of Inko’s disappearance a couple minutes later when Bakugou Mitsuki visits the household.

Mitsuki knocks on the door, expecting Inko to come to the door, but becomes paranoid when she tries to enter and finds the door is unlocked.

Mitsuki then searches the household, calling out for Inko, but as she reaches the kitchen she finds a pot of burning soup, an empty needle, and a cryptic note.

These are the consequences, Midoriya Izuku.

Bakugou Mitsuki calls the police.

Naomasa lifts the yellow caution tape up and he enters the small household.

Small yellow markers litter the floor of the living room, one sits near a syringe, and another near a note.

Naomasa steps around the other detectives working, and he picks up the note carefully.

Tsukauchi frowns as he inspects the writing.


The handwriting is very poorly done, it's messy and uncoordinated.

Almost as if the person writing it had trouble using their hands.

His phone buzzes in his coat pocket, and he sighs before walking outside to answer.

“This is Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi-”

“Do you know the current home of a woman by the name of Midoriya Inko?” Tensei interrupts hopefully. He has her records pulled up on his office computer.

Naomasa turns back to look at the house.

That was a very specific question.

“I don’t think I can tell you anything over the phone Ingenium.” Naomasa pinches the bridge of his nose.

Tensei’s hopeful tone drops. “..Did something bad happen to her?”

Naomasa sighs. “I'll send you the details.”

Tensei feels something horrible settle into the pit of his stomach as he reads the information Naomasa sent him.

He has Midoriya’s file pulled up beside it, he has to re-read it a couple times just to make sure he isn’t seeing things.

Midoriya Inko reported missing: 6:54 pm.

Midoriya Izuku found: 6:23 pm.

This is bad.


This is really bad.

Tensei goes home and doesn’t sleep that night.

The big lizard man said he was going to an orphanage.
Izuku doesn’t know what an orphanage is, but the lizard man said it was a place where kids without mommies and daddies would go to get a new mom and dad.

Izuku fiddles with his shirt as he’s walked into the building.

There are lots of other kids here.

Some are talking to moms and dads.

Some are reading books alone.

Some look sad.

The lizard man talks to a lady behind a big table.
She takes Izuku’s hand and leads him to a small room with two bunk beds.

“Here you go, Honey.” She says softly while taking a set of blankets from a closet.

Izuku looks up at her. “Why am I here?”

She smiles sadly. “Your mommy can’t take care of you anymore.”

Izuku scrunches up his face. Mommy always took good care of him. She always cooked good Katsudon.

The lady leaves the room and she closes the door softly.

Izuku walks over to a bunk bed.

They’re all empty.

He sits down on the bottom bunk of one, the blanket on it is kinda scratchy, but it’s ok.

I guess.

Izuku lays against the wall, and he brings his knees up to his chest.

I don’t like it here.

Weeks had passed since Inko Midoriya was announced missing.

Tensei can’t focus properly when he knows that her child is stuck in an orphanage somewhere, suffering silently.

He leans back in his office chair and he groans. He sets his pen down next to the paperwork sits on his desk, long since forgotten.

Tenya looks up from his homework and he frowns.
“Brother are you alright?”

Tensei pats Tenya’s head. “Yeah, I’ve just got something on my mind.”

Tenya bats the offending hand away, but soon his frown is replaced with a smile.

“Maybe I could help resolve whatever’s on your mind!” Tenya proposes, closing his booklet.

Tensei thinks about that for a moment. “Maybe you could..” He murmurs.

Tenya perks up at that, and he walks over to sit next to Tensei, he hops up onto Tensei’s lap and sits patiently.

“Do you think having a brother your age would be a good idea?” Tensei questions.

Tenya chops his hands robotically, “I do not think that mother could have another child my age.” He replies automatically.

“Geez, what are you a robot?” Tensei grumbles half-heartedly while rubbing his temples. “Never mind.” Tensei gestures wildly with his hands. “I-I mean, would you like to have a brother your age?”

Tenya is silent for a moment.
“It does get lonely around the house when you aren’t home brother.”

Tenya lowers his head shamefully.

“Having a brother to play with at school would be nice..”
Tenya mumbles while bouncing on his heels.

Tensei turns and he picks up the adoption papers on his desk. “Hey, Tenya..”

Tenya looks up, expectant.

“I think you’ll get a brother soon.”

Tenya blinks.

Then he beams, and he runs off shouting. “I’ll get his room prepared!” The boy leaves a trail of smoke behind, and a loud ‘smack’ is heard a couple seconds later, followed by an, “I’m okay!”

Tensei smiles at his brother's antics before leaving to go talk to his mother.


Two cups of steaming tea sit in front of Tensei, his mother picks one up.

The adoption papers are sitting on the coffee table in front of Tensei’s mother.

She takes a sip of her tea, and she looks Tensei in the eye. “I believe Tenya would love to have another brother.”

Tensei opens his mouth to agree, but he’s stopped by a hand.

“But did you act on impulse when you saw the child?”

Tensei pauses, mouth agape.

“I.. It was a gut feeling..” Tensei admits, gaze cast downwards.

Tensei’s mother sets down her tea. “I’m sensing a ‘but’ here.”

“Maybe, just maybe I could give this little boy a family he no longer has.” Tensei pauses, and he smiles sadly. “I could give Tenya the brother he doesn’t have.”

She takes Tensei’s hands in her own.

“Tensei, you’re a fantastic brother.”

He looks up.

“And a fantastic hero.”

She sighs softly and takes the papers in her hands.

“I’ll do it.”

A couple days later, Izuku stands in front of the Iida’s residence with a small bag of belongings in hand.

Izuku fidgets nervously with the hem of his shirt, and he looks at the imposing residence before him.

Tensei looks down, eyebrows drawn together. “Do you not like it?”

“N-No- It’s just..” Izuku glances down at his All Might themed bag. “Will Tenya like me?”

Tensei blinks, then he grins. “Of course Izuku! He’s gonna love you! He’s super excited to meet you!” Tensei assures, setting his hands on Izuku’s shoulders.

“And if he doesn’t,” Tensei warns, “I’ll punch him for ya.”

“Nonono- you don’t have to do that!” Izuku shrieks, flushing red. He doesn’t want to be the reason anyone gets punched.

“Ok then, I’ll just pinch him!”


As Izuku enters the house, he gawks at the interior.

The walls are high, with beautiful stained glass windows on about every single wall. Izuku looks up and he blinks. One section of the roof is made out of glass as well.

Plush couches take up every corner, with the occasional bookcase in between. There’s even a fish tank taking up an entire wall!

“I-It’s huge..”

Tensei grins and he pats Izuku’s head. “It’s really pretty huh?”

Izuku nods furiously in agreement.

“Just wait till you see your room!”

Tensei spots a figure waiting in the hallway leading to Izuku’s new room, and he tries not to giggle as Tenya practically vibrates with excitement.

“Tenya, you can come say hi.” Tensei says, getting out of Izuku’s way as Tenya barrels through, quirk activated, as he slams into Izuku.

Izuku yelps and crashes to the ground as Tenya knocks him over. He flexes his arms and lets his wings out quickly, they make a dull thunk as he hits the floor.

“Oh, i’m sorry new brother-“ Tenya smiles at the words new brother, then he gets up and reaches out a hand to help Izuku up.

“I’m just really happy to finally meet you!” Tenya chirps as Izuku takes his hand, mumbling a small thanks as he hides his flushed face in his arms.

Tensei quietly observes his brothers, smiling like an idiot the whole time as he watches the two introduce themselves to each other.

“I’m gonna show you to our room okay?”


Tensei awakes later that night to the sound of muffled laughter and chatter coming from his brother’s room.

He thinks about going to reprimand them, but decides against it.