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Selfish for Once

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Chapter 23

“MOTHER” Killian screamed as he woke up. It hadn't been a dream. He got up and put his dressing gown on before rushing through the corridors to check on his ailing mother.

It had been a week since Princess Alice fainted in Killian's room and ever since, Killian felt so guilty for what happened. For making his mother suffer. And he tried hard to make amends, tried to explain to his mother nothing happened with DeVil, tried to find a way to make things better but all he could think about was Emma and their baby.

What would happen when she finds out I've destroyed Emma's family and she's pregnant with my child. He thought. And although a part of him dreaded her reaction, another part was excited to tell her she would be a grandmother soon.

Emma had sent him many letters and he had yet to answer. She knew what had happened. Everyone knew by then, thanks to Wendy Bell and her daughter, and many people tried to come visit Princess Alice and show their support to her and her family.

People knew about the rumor at that point, but most didn't believe that a man as honorable, aloof and discreet as Killian Jones could actually be associated with Baroness Cruella DeVil. But then again there were many rumors about him and nobody knew what to believe or not. The only thing they were sure of was that he was very close to Princess Alice and Princess Alice was a great woman, in all ways a woman, mother and wife could be.

“I'm sorry mother” he said to her as she was still sleeping.


Emma was sat in her room, surrounded by many crumpled papers.

She had sent Killian many letters, trying to find out how his mother and him were. Trying to find out what was happening. Was he having second thoughts about them ? Was their plan not in order anymore ?

What should I do ? She didn't know if she should write Neal that letter, or what to put in it. Nor did she know if she should write Killian another one and what to say in it. She felt truly lost and nothing seemed certain in her mind anymore. Nothing but her love for Killian and above all, for her son, Henry.

Suddenly, she felt dizzy and had a horrible stomach pain “Snow ? SNOW !”


“She's getting better. She'll be alright, she's a fighter” The doctor said leaving the room. “ at the moment she needs to rest and breath fresh air” He said.

“Thank you doctor Whale” Killian said, shaking the doctor's hand.

“Doctor Whale, you're needed at the Nolan's estate quickly. Their carriage is waiting for you outside”

“Alright” Doctor Whale said ending the handshake “ I'll be back in 2 days, in the meanwhile, you should rest too lieutenant, your hand isn't fully healed either.” and with that, the doctor left the room.

“Will ? What's happening ?” Killian said once the doctor left the Manor. “What's happening in the Nolan's estate ?”

“I don't know lieutenant, just that their valet came and asked for the doctor urgently” stated Will Scarlett.

“ prepare my horse Will, I need to go”

“Of course sir.” Will said as he rushed out of the room.

What's happening, was it Emma, was she hurt ?