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To Voyage Again

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Rachel woke to the familiar smell of coffee filling her quarters.

Grabbing her robe, Rachel walked out to the main living area.
“Good morning Rachel.”
“Morning. Is this one mine?”
“Yes, white, 2 sugars?”
“2 sugars.”
“2 sugars! You are so much like your father.”
“I don’t know how you can drink it black.”
“It’s an acquired taste. I bet the Borg with it.”
“So you always say.”
“What time are you due on the bridge?”
“In half an hour.”
“Well, you better get a move on kiddo.”
“Are you going to be fine here? By yourself I mean.”
“I should be. You don’t mind if I use your replicator rations to replicate some books?”
“Considering you used it to replicate the coffee, that’s fine.”
Rachel watched her mother reposition herself on the chair.
“I’ll see you later then. Stay out of trouble!”
“Yes, Captain.”


Rachel sat at her desk in her ready room going through reports.
The door chimed.
“Come in.”
“Fair few reports there!”
“You could say that again! What can I do for you, Naomi.”

Naomi took a seat in front of Rachel.

“Not much. Just wanted to see how you were doing.”
“I’m okay. Just getting through the days. 3 weeks is a little longer than I had hoped. I’ve had this nagging headache and a bit of nausea though. Probably due to all the stress.”
“Maybe. You should still have a check up down at sick bay. Hey, I wanted to ask you something.”
“Go on.”
“You can throw me in the brig for digging too deep here, but like when did your parents actually get together? And why have they never married?”

Naomi nervously stared at Rachel.

“Hm well, not long after voyager reentered the Alpha Quadrant, Dad ended things with Seven and probably moments later, in this very room, consoled my mother, who, after seven years finally let out all her emotions.”
“All before they got back to earth?”
“Yep. Dad likes to joke that I was conceived in the ready room which makes mom really angry.”

Naomi immediately felt a wave of awkwardness flood her.

“Sorry. You probably didn’t need to know that! Mom just never wanted to marry though. Dad did. And still does probably. She never wanted something binding between them as if it would be a permanent reminder of everything that happened and the rules she broke. But they spend so much time apart. More since I moved out. It’s almost like these days they both try to go on away missions so they are apart.”

“Right. How do you think she is coping now?”
“Actually, you can ask her herself.”
“Care to join me for a walk to my quarters.”

They stood up and began their journey.

“Don’t be so scared, Naomi.”
“She’s actually here!”
“Yep. Arrived yesterday.”
“I’ll explain later.
“Why are you so nervous?”
“It’s been a while since I saw her last. I may have been her unofficial assistant but she has always scared the crap out of me. It’s maybe been like 10 years since I saw her last.”

“She’s not that scary! I mean, I think we actually made progress in our relationship last night. Got a lot of things off our chests. She even slept in my bed with me because I couldn’t be bothered setting up the lounge.”
“Are we talking about the same Admiral Janeway? What do you call her anyway?”
“Depends on the environment.”


They arrived out Rachel’s quarters.

“Just breathe Naomi.”

The doors opened.

Kathryn was fast asleep on the lounge.
Rachel and Naomi exchanged glances.

Rachel crept slowly to the lounge, knelt down, and whispered into Kathryn’s ear.
“Mom, wake up.”
“Hm, what. Rachel your back early.”
“I’m still on duty actually. There is someone here who would like to say hello though.”

Kathryn sat up and smoothed down her hair and uniform.

Naomi reluctantly moved forward.

Rachel smiled down at her shoes.
“Remember Naomi? She is Voyager’s pilot now, serving as my first officer.”
“Finally made it to Captain’s assistant!”

Kathryn stood up and hugged Naomi.”
“It’s good to see you, Naomi.”

Naomi had no idea what to do.
The hug was broken by the sound of something hitting the ground.
“Rachel!” Kathryn called, “Naomi, grab me a tricorder.”
Kathryn knelt down and lifted up Rachel’s head.
“Sweetie, are you okay.”
“I...I don’t know. Everything went black.”

Rachel tried to get up.
“Hey, easy honey.”
Kathryn took the tricorder from Naomi and began scanning.
“When was the last time you had a checkup with the Doctor. I know he can be irritating but it’s important.”
“Like you can talk.”
Kathryn’s eyes widened as she read the readings.
Rachel sat up, “What? Mom, what is it?”
“Rachel you're... you' you're pregnant.”
“What! I can’t be! Jason and I have been so careful! Show me.”
“Just down here, look. It’s showing two life signs. We better get you to sickbay.”


First ensuring sickbay was clear, Kathryn, Rachel and Naomi site to site transferred to sickbay.

“Is it safe to say the secret is out of the bag?”
“Not yet Doctor. I need you to do some scans on Rachel.”
“Of course Admiral. Is something wrong?”
“She just fainted and the tricorder… the tricorder is displaying a second life sign.”
“Let’s see. Hm, well, the Admiral is certainly right! You are indeed pregnant. 6 weeks to be exact.”
Rachel shot up from the biobed.
“Are you sure?”

Kathryn pushed herself up to sit next to her daughter on the biobed.
In a motherly motion, she pushed Rachel’s hair behind her ear.

“It’s okay honey, we will handle this.”
“I’m the acting Captain. Who knows how long it will take to find them. Jason and I have only been together for six months. We just got engaged before we left. I swore I was up to date.”
“These things happen. Look at your father and I. One swift move in the ready room and look here we are.”

Naomi blushed and wished she was absent from this situation.
“I thought that was a myth!”
“Well, considering your dad and I didn’t speak for two months after till I told him I was pregnant. Pretty sure it actually happened that way. Yep, your father got his Captain pregnant in her ready room!” Kathryn noticed Naomi’s nervous foot movement. “Sorry, Naomi. A little too much information there!”
“Ah um it’s fine. I may have had a similar related conversation with Rachel earlier. If you don’t mind, it’s been a long day, I’m going to head to bed. Good night.”
“Good night”


Rachel rested her head on Kathryn’s shoulder.
“I’m not going anywhere, sweetpea.”