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To Voyage Again

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Rachel walked out of her bedroom to find her mother curled up on the lounge staring out the viewpoint.
“You're up early.”
“So are you. How are you feeling?”

Rachel sat down.

“Okay. For now. What are you thinking about?”
“I’ve been onboard for a month now Rachel. I’m fine hiding out here you know. The last thing I want to do is scare young ensigns, but we really need to tell the crew. About me, and the baby. You 10 weeks now honey.”
“I guess you're right. Naomi and I were talking about this yesterday at breakfast too.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Come with me to this morning's senior staff meeting. I’ll send a message to the rest of the crew after.”

Kathryn ran her hand along her daughter’s cheek.
“You’ll make a brilliant ‘captain’ one day you know.”

Rachel blushed.

“I think I’d like to get back to earth and have this baby before I venture down that path.”
“Fair enough. Anyway kiddo, what time’s this meeting?”
“In 15 mins, so we are already practically late!”

Rachel sat in her chair at the empty briefing table. Kathryn stood behind her, coffee in hand, staring into space.
“They will be here any minute. Are you sure you want to do this?”


Kathryn moved her gaze to her coffee.
“I’m sure. But your acting Captain, you have the last call,” and with a smirk, turned her head to catch her daughter eyes, “for now.”

Within seconds senior officers filled the room. The all tried to identify the figure with dyed light brown shoulder length hair standing behind their commanding officer.


“Please, sit,” Rachel spoke, with her usual Janeway hand mannerisms.
Kathryn remand still. Naomi nervously played with her hands.


“Good morning. There are some things that I wish to inform you all of.”


Miral eyes widened, becoming the first to recognise the figure.
“Before this gets weird, I suppose I should reveal the person strangely standing behind me.”


Rachel rotated her chair to look at her mother.
“And please, keep your comments to the end. I have a few things to get off my chest. Admiral?”


Kathryn slowly revealed herself. A few gasps entered the room. Miral smiles widely, before getting up to give Kathryn a hug.


“Hey, stranger! How long have you been hiding in here?”
“Just a month.”
“A month! Wow! You must be bored at of your brain! Where’s she got you locked up hey?”
“Yes sorry.”

Rachel’s eyes followed as Miral retook her seat.


“The Admiral has been staying in my quarters.”


A few officers looked as if they were going to vomit everyone at this new news.
“Don’t worry, she ensures me she will be staying out of trouble. She is only here for private reasons. Which leaves me to my other bit of news.”
“Good news?” One crewman piped
“Good news. I would like to inform you all that I am 10 weeks pregnant.”


Cheers erupted.
“Wait? Is that it? Can we comment now mam?”
“Yes, Lieutenant.”
“That’s fantastic news! And welcome back Admiral.”

After rounds of congratulations and greetings, the crew were dismissed back to duty.
Kathryn sat at the end of the table. Rachel walked over and rested her head on her mother’s shoulder.


“Well, that went better than I hoped.”
“Certainly. Want to join me in the ready room and help me pen a formal message to the rest of the crew?”
“By ready room, you mean the place you were conceived?” Kathryn smirked. Rachel blushed.
“I’m kidding. But yes, I would love to help you.”

Rachel and Kathryn walked through the bridge to the ready room.
Kathryn paused for a moment to take in her former bridge. She glanced at the first officer's chair and the captains one.

Damn, she missed him.
At that moment she promised herself she would open up when they got him back.

The doors swooshed behind them and they took a seat on the lounge.
Rachel stared at Kathryn, who was smirking.


“I don’t even want to know what you are thinking about.”
“That’s probably best.” Kathryn stared down at her hands.
“You miss him?”
“More than you can imagine. I have no idea why he has stuck around all these years. I pushed him and pushed him, kept my feelings mostly covered. I don’t deserve him, really.”


“Mom, it’s because he loves you. More than anything. Remember his angry warrior speech? He used to tell me that story every night. Even when you were fighting and spent the night at your office. That’s why he loves you. Because he promised that your needs would come before his own. He loves you that much.”


Kathryn stared blankly out the viewpoint.
“I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank god you got your dads sense of reason!”
“Ok come on, let’s get started on this message!”