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To Voyage Again

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Kathryn stood in the middle of the guest quarters, staring out the viewport.
Warm hands grasped around her middle.
She leaned her head back into the familiar body.

“Come to bed love.”
“Is that an order?”

He grinned.

Kathryn turned, staring into Chakotay’s dark eyes.
“What a day hey!”
“Our daughter, captaining Voyager! Officially this time. She really is a chip off the old block.”
“Hope you're implying something good there.”
“Always Admiral.”

Kathryn ran her hands down Chakotay’s arms, with her eyes following.
She glanced back up at him.

“I know we talked a lot last night; about the past, and I know, I have struggled to be open with you, but I meant every word. If I could take back the last 32 years I would. I can’t lose you. I love you.”
“I know.”
“No, you don’t. I love you so much. From the moment I got to know you, I knew you were something special. I can’t lose you.”

“Kathryn, Kathryn, honey, breathe.” Chakotay wiped the tears from her eyes.
“Our daughter is the Captain of Voyager! Isn’t that crazy!”
“You know what I think is crazy.”
“Hm, what?”
“You much I love you. How much I want you. Please, Kathryn, let’s stop talking.”

Eye contact remaining, their lips met in a passionate, deep movement.
“What were you saying earlier about bed?” She broke.



Rachel walked into her parents quarters, to join them for breakfast.
“Um excuse me! Just because you are the Captain now honey does not mean you can just walk in without chiming!”
“Sorry, Mom.”
“We could have been having sex on the dining room table.”
“If you had of walked in half an hour ago Rachel, you may have faced just that.”
“Chakotay again! Seriously” Kathryn blushed.
“Okay. Stop! I get it! Really! Please. So you guys are like good then?”

Kathryn approached Chakotay, drawing him in so their lips met, “Very good.”
“I can see that.”

They kept their embrace going.
“Could you two like put it on pause for a bit? I thought we could have breakfast as a family? Hello?”
“Hm….” They broke apart, laughing.
“Yes, of course. Chakotay you get started on breakfast, that’s if you want it to be edible.”
“Yes, mam.”
“Rachel, I want to show you something.” Kathryn lead Rachel towards her bedroom.

“Is it even decent in here?”
“Seriously, we are not teenagers! Just teasing you a little.”
“I know, I’m not used to you both being so, I don’t know. Open and affectionate I guess.”
“That’s okay. And to be honest, neither am I!”
“So what did you want to show me?”
“The party tonight. I have a dress for you.”
“I was just going to wear my dress uniform.”
“It’s strictly no uniforms, remember!”
“I know, but, with this bump, I’m struggling to find something nice.”
“Rachel, your tiny!”
“What do you have that could fit me anyway?”
“I have a dress, from my Voyager days”
“It wouldn’t fit me though.”
“It will now. I’ve fixed it up a little. Expanded the waist.”
“Okay, so where is it?”
“In this box. Don’t open it till you get back to you quarters okay.”
“Is this one Dad’s going to remember?”
“He might…” she husked
“What are you going to wear?’
“You’ll have to wait to find out.”
“I hope you treat yourself. Dress up nice and stuff you know.”
“I will.”
“Come one you two! Breakfast is ready!”

“Dad! This looks amazing”
“Better than my cooking!”
“Anything is better than your cooking, Mom”
“Wow, thanks”


Rachel arrived early at the party.
Her Hawaiian style dress, or her mother’s Hawaiian style dress, fitted perfectly.

“You guys made it!”

Rachel was greeted by Tom and B’Elanna Paris and Tuvok.
“Our shuttle dock this morning. Look at you. Typical Janeway! Captain of Voyager! Pregnant. Relationship saver!”
“Thanks, Tom. It’s good to see you both. Your daughter is a chip off the old block too. Greet pilot!”


The room began to fill.

The doors swooshed open.
Arm in arm, Chakotay and Kathryn walked in.

Chakotay wore his best dark suit, with Kathryn in a navy blue dress, with a lace overlay.
Their eyes sparkled, as did those who stared at them.
Rachel practically ran up into their arms.

“I’m so glad you are both here.”
“Wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” Kathryn whispered into her ear.
Kathryn’s eyes found her three dearest friends and dragging Chakotay, ran over to great them.

Rachel stood back, watching her parents.
Her father seemed awfully nervous, his hand playing around in his suit jacket.

Then, she noticed.

His hand was playing with a box. The outline of it could be seen sticking into the pocket’s fabric.
He was going to do it.
And he was going to do it tonight!
She could barely control her excitement.


The night continued.

Without warning, Chakotay ran over to the stage set up at the front of the holodeck.
He grabbed the microphone and began.

“Hi everyone. Um, it’s been a wonderful evening, celebrating my daughter’s promotion, and her taking over Voyager. Mother like daughter hey. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the other lady in my life.”

Rachel crossed the room to stand by her mother’s side.
Kathryn began to blush, knowing he was about to talk about her,

“Kathryn Janeway. I have known you for 32 years. 32 years, we have stood side by side. Well, most of the time. Yes we fought, argued, disagreed. But we loved, understood, and listened. Kathryn, you gave me a daughter, a home, a second chance. We built a life together. You built parameters to protect you but learned you didn’t need them in the end because I will always protect you. So, Kathryn Janeway. I would get down on my knee right now, but I don’t think I would be able to get up.”

She began to walk towards him, laughing.

“Kathryn, will you marry me?”

Kathryn took his hand, looking into his eyes.
“Chakotay, I never wanted to fall in love with you. It would never have been right. But you agreed to be my first officer, by my side, easing my pain. And, at some point, I caught your smile, and damn I blew it. There is no other man I wanted as the father of my child. No other man I wanted to comfort me at night. No other man I wanted to ease my burden. And no other man I want to spend the rest of my life with. So yes, Chakotay, I will marry you.”

She lent up, arms wrapped around his neck, bringing her lips to his.