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To Voyage Again

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“Come in Naomi.”
Namoi arrived on the dot for her breakfast with Rachel.

Rachel placed the three plates on the table.
“Are we being joined by someone else?”
“My mother actually. Are you okay with that?”
“Um yeah sure.”

Kathryn walked out of the bathroom and joined them.
Naomi rose.

“Good morning Admiral.”
“Good morning Naomi. Please sit. You don’t need to stand like that. We are friends. Close friends, I hope.”
“Ah, yes, of course.”
“Naomi, I have known you since you were born. You don’t need to be so anxious around me. Okay?”

Naomi smiled down towards her plate.
Kathryn reached forward and grabbed her hand.
“Sorry. It’s just… it’s been awhile since those original Voyager days.”
“I know.”

“Is everything okay honey?”
“Sorry. I just forgot I had to meet someone this morning. Um… are you two right here while I duck out for a bit?”
“Of course Rachel. Naomi and I will be fine.”
“Thank you. I’ll be back soon.”

As the doors closed behind Rachel, Kathryn gave Naomi a reassuring smile.

~Guest quarters~

“Sorry, I’m late Dad.”
“That’s okay honey. Your Mother and Naomi?”
“Finishing their breakfast as planned.”
“Good. Hopefully she can break down Naomi’s walls. We have less than 12 hours.”
“Yes, but Mom doesn’t know that part remember? Okay, so why exactly am I here? I left my breakfast for this.”
“Trust me, you will be glad you did. Care to join me for a walk?”

Chakotay gave Rachel his arm, and she hooked hers over as they left the quarters.

“And where are we heading?”
“The holodeck.”
“Wedding venue?”
“You could say that.”

At 0600hrs, the corridors were virtually crew free.

“What do mean by that.”
“I originally created it for another reason.”
“Go on.”
“A reason that never came to light, unfortunately.”
“Care to enlighten me?”
“We are almost there. You are so much like your mother!”
“And what do you mean by that?”
“You both hate surprises.”

They reached the holodeck door and Chakotay activated the program.
“Close your eyes.”
“Just close them.”

Chakotay took his daughter’s hand and walk her in.

“Okay. You can open them.”

As she opened her eyes, she slowly spun around, trying to work out where they were.
“Is this… is this New Earth?”

“As soon as we got back from New Earth, I spent every second I could writing down everything about it. And then months creating this. I thought one day, your Mom would let her walls down just enough for me to take her here, but, it never happened. I used to visit here often, and just remembered what it was like. What it was like being there, just the two of us. But as the years went by, I stopped visiting. By the seventh year, I was tempted to delete it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I thought I could bring her here when we got back to the Alpha Quadrant after we confused our love for each other in the ready room. But, as soon as we finished making love to each other, she put her walls back up and shut me out again.”

Chakotay looked down at his hands and sighed

“So, she… she has never seen this?”
“Never. Tonight will be the first time.”
“Dad, this is incredible. She is going to love it.”
“I just hope she's okay with the surprise. I don’t want to wait any longer.”
“I think she will agree about the waiting part. But getting her here! That might be a bit more of a struggle!”

~Rachel’s quarters~

“Hungry Naomi?”
“I was starving!”
“I wanted to ask you something.”
“I want you to be my maid of honor when I marry Chakotay.”
“What about Rachel?”
“We are getting married on Voyager. Soon I hope. So Rachel will be officiating the service. We have already talked about it.”
“Are you sure?”
“Naomi, I remember when you were born. Voyager was split into two. Some sort of temporal shift. We went through our fair share of them over the years. On our ship, you died during childbirth, and Harry was sucked out into space. So before the other Voyager was destroyed, we brought you and Harry back. From that day, I promised I would keep you safe. You were a perfect Captain’s Assistant, and you have grown into an impeccable Starfleet officer. I have enjoyed getting to know you again these past few weeks. It would make me so happy if you stood by my side on my wedding day.”
“How can I say no to that. I would be honored to, Admiral.”
“Please Naomi, Kathryn.”


Rachel entered her quarters to find her mother and Naomi sitting on the lounge sharing a laugh.
“I see breakfast went well.”
“Yes, and yours went cold.”
“Lucky I’m a Janeway and I can survive on very little.”
“Yes, but you're a pregnant Janeway. I kept it warm. It’s on the bench.”
“Thank you.”

“I better go. I’m due on the bridge in 15. Enjoy your day off Rachel.”
Just before Naomi walked out, Rachel whispered.
“1900, don’t be late.”
“Yes, mam.”

“So how did everything go?” Rachel sat down next to her mother.
“Perfect. She agreed. Though, I wish it was you.”
“I know, but Naomi needs this. She looks up to you but you scare the crap out of her.”
“Hopefully not anymore!”