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To Voyage Again

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Rachel awoke refreshed and ready to command Voyager’s journey home.
Walking along the corridors, she had a sought of spring in her step.
That was until she reached the bridge.

Stepping out of the turbolift, Rachel was shaken to the ground.
“Hull breach, deck fourteen. Comm. lines to Engineering are down. Trying to re-establish.”

“Repair crews, seal off hull breach on deck fourteen.”

“Casualty reports coming in. All decks are reporting mass casualties, Captain, some fatalities too.”
“Captain, there's something out there.”
“I need a better description than that, Ensign.”

“I don't know. I'm reading. I'm not sure what I'm reading.”
“Can you get the viewscreen operational?”
“I'm trying.”

“Captain, if these sensors are working, we're over seventy thousand light years from where we were. We're on the other side of the galaxy.”

Rachel’s eyes widened as she stared at Ensign Walker.
“Sickbay to the bridge”
“Doctor, we have mass casualties and fatalities.”
“I am aware Captain. Myself and Tom Paris are setting up triage in sickbay and the mess hall. I’ve just read our sensor scans Captain...I think you should hold a senior officers meeting… and by senior officers… I mean Voyager’s original senior officers.”


After the bridge was cleared of debris, Rachel retreated to her ready room, reading through causality and facility reports. She had lost a fair amount of senior officers. She peered out of the viewport. They certainly weren't in the alpha quadrant any more. A firm kick rippled through her belly. At least their littlest crew member was doing okay. She was sure the Doctor would have her report to sickbay to check on the little one, but she knew that he knew that there were more important things to be addressed.

Rachel made the short walk from the ready room to the briefing room. Inside she was greeted by the Voyager family.

“Oh Rachel, are you okay?”

"I’m fine Mom. But there are a few things we have to address. It appears Voyager has returned to the Delta Quadrant. Things are a bit different than last time, and I know we'll make it home a lot sooner, but we are still out of range from Starfleet and I have lost some vital members of my crew. Tuvok, I need you to take tactical. B’Elanna, you’ve got engineering. Tom, you’ve got operations. Chakotay, Admiral, Harry, I’m going to need your help in command. I know this is not ideal, but we have lost a great deal of crewman, and Voyager is going to need all the help she can get.”
“Doctor to Captain Janeway.”
“Go ahead, Doctor.”
“I need you to report to sickbay.”
“On my way, Janeway out. Report back here in two hours. Dismissed.”

“Rachel, wait! I’ll go with you.”
“No Mom. I need you here on the bridge with Dad, Harry and Naomi.”


“Well, Captain… it’s a very happy 17 week fetus.”
“Thank you, Doctor.”
“If you don’t mind me saying, it feels like history is repeating itself.”
“It sure seems that way.”
“Well, you’ve got Voyager’s three former captains so I think we’ll be fine.”
“Admiral Janeway to Captain Janeway.”
“Go ahead.”
“Rachel, could you meet at holodeck two.”
“On my way. Thank you again, Doctor.”


Rachel was impressed by her crew’s fast ability to repair Voyager and get her on her way home. With Voyager’s advanced technology, the high hope was that it would be a quick and easy journey home.

“This better be good Admiral. I can't afford to be playing around with holo characters.”
“Rachel, please. I assure you this will be good. How was your checkup?”
“Doctor gave us both the all clear. What is this?”
“I set this up when I was lost in the Delta Quadrant.”

Rachel’s eyes glanced down the line of figures. They were some of Starfleet's most famous.
“Kirk, Spock, Picard…”
“Riker, Troi, Sisko, McCoy, Scott. These guys saved me. When I was stuck on a decision, I would come here and pick these guys knowledge. I thought you could use it.”
“Mom, I’m scared. What if we can’t get Voyager home. I have no experience with being a captain really. Plus, how am I supposed to be the captain whilst raising a child!”

“Rachel, you are the daughter of Voyager’s longest serving Captain and First Officer. You will be fine! So trust me, you will get us home. Voyager was my first command as Captain, I had no experience. I got Voyager home, didn’t I? With a little help of course. Sure, I was an Admiral and not on a starship when I had you, but I managed, and you will too. We will all help you, especially your father and I. Don’t forget that honey. Okay?”

“I don't know what I would do without you! Honestly! Come on, we have a senior staff meeting to attend!”