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To Voyage Again

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“So, what your saying is we just mysteriously travelled back to the Delta Quadrant? No entity like the caretaker or wormhole responsible? Nothing that matches Voyager’s original Delta Quadrant journey?”
“Nothing Captain.”
“Thanks for trying Seven. B’Elanna, what’s the status of the warp core?”
“Naomi, Harry, Dad; anything on a way to get us out of here? Wormholes? Anything?”
“Great. Tom, Miral, I want you to work on a course. Doctor, prepare the pods for our fallen. We’ll hold a memorial service at 2100hrs.”

“Captain, there is one thing that I picked up from Voyager’s original time in the Delta Quadrant.”
“Go ahead Seven.”
“Supernovas in nearby gaseous clouds.”
“The continuum....”
“Last time Voyager encountered supernovas in gaseous clouds, Q was behind it.”
“Q?” Rachel questioned.

“Wasn’t that the time he wanted to mate with you because he thought a child could save the continuum?” Chakotay smirked.
“Chakotay, please, not now!” Kathryn snapped.

“So what happened?”
“There was fighting in the continuum, Q’s fault, obviously. They eventually sorted it out with the help of these guys, and then, the supernovas stopped. God, I hope Q is not behind all this!”
“At the moment, it might be the only logical explanation.”
“Dad, Harry, Mom; you guys have clearly dealt with Q before. Run every type of scan you can to see if that is why we are here. 2100hrs we’ll meet in the mess hall for the memorial service. Dismissed.”

Rachel’s hands rested on her temples, clearly trying to ease her harsh headache.
“Rachel, honey, take a break. There are enough former captains on duty that I think Voyager will be fine for a couple of hours.”
“Don’t make me get the Admiral to order you!”
“Fine, but mak-”
“Yes yes okay. I’m going!”
“I’ll see you at 2100hrs kiddo.”
“Thanks, Dad.”


But taking a break was almost impossible. She paced up and down her quarters. The Delta Quadrant. Pregnant. Q. Away from Jason. 70 years.
Before her legs gave way, she collapsed down on her lounge.

A flash of light appeared in front of her.
“Ah, you must be baby Kathy?”
“The one and only!”
“Send us home!”
“I can’t do that!”
“You managed to send us here, surely you can send us back!”
“That’s not exactly true.”
“What do you mean.”
“The continuum is fighting again. Q junior clearly didn't learn anything from his aunt Kathy. Anyway, to get to the point, a supernova just happened to appear right on top of Voyager. Don’t ask me why! So that’s how you got here. I just can’t send you back!”
“Your kidding.”
“Nope, I never kid!”
“Look Q, I’ve got somewhere I have to be. I’ve heard what you can do! Surely you can just click your fingers and send us back or help us at least! It’s your war, not ours!”
“Hm. I’ll think about it.”

A with a flash, he was gone.


Almost everyone who could, turned up for the memorial service.
Rachel was received with a hug from both her parents.
“When your ready Captain.”
“Thank you, Naomi. I want to thank you for being here tonight. I know we are all busy trying to fix all this, but it’s important to remember those we lost along the way. Lieutenant Harper, Lieutenant Sheridan, Lieutenant T’sen, Ensign Sarun, Ensign Aena, Ensign Wright”

Rachel continued to read through the names as the mood became more and more sombre.

“Release the pods.”

The bosun's whistle is blown, as the crew watches the pods being released into space.

Kathryn placed a hand around Rachel’s shoulders.
“They were fine Starfleet officers Rachel.”
“I just hope their deaths were not in vain.”

Rachel looked deep into her mother’s eyes, “There is something I need to talk to you about.”

Rachel dragged Kathryn out into the corridor.
“Rachel, what’s going on?”
“I had a visit from Q.”

Kathryn rolled her eyes back, “Of course you did. And?”
“The continuum is fighting again. He said something about Q junior being involved and that a supernova appeared on top of us and that’s how we got here. He kept calling me baby Kathy which was weird too.”
“I am going to kill him!”
“Okay… before you do that, can you tell me what he is talking about?”
“My godson, Q Junior. He is worse than Q. He left me with him once because he needed guidance. Voyager was lucky to make it out alive. Did you say anything about getting us home.”
“He said he couldn't do it.”
“Well, we're going to make him do it! Come on!”